Cranberry Fruit Thermo Exfoliator by liaoqinmei


									Cranberry Fruit
& Thermo Exfoliator
Product Line:              PHYTOGEN

                 Cranberry Fruit & Thermo Exfoliator is an argillaceous earth-based, skin-
                 smoothing mask enriched with the dried and crushed components of
DESCRIPTION      cranberries. Peeling and care mask go “hand-in-hand” in this product. This
                 takes place under special physical circumstances: On application,
                 CRANBERRY FRUIT & THERMO EXFOLIATOR has a perceptible warming effect.
                 With a temporary “hot flash”, application of this product is a very special

                 The crushed cranberry seeds and skins offer an outstanding exfoliation
                 medium, whilst the micro-fine powder comprised of dried cranberries is the
                 ideal form for presenting all of its biologically active substances. Even the
                 fruity, fresh fragrance is naturally retained.

                        Kaolin: Absorbent, healing earth
                        Panthenol: Soothes the skin and regenerates
INGREDIENTS             Cranberry extract: Rich in polyphenols and tocotrienols, providing its
                        extraordinary potency as a radical interceptors; the omega 3 & 6
                        content (unsaturated fatty acids) protects the skin’s moisture retention
                        capacity, its anti-microbial properties combat tendencies towards
                        Cranberry granulate: Exfoliation medium
                        Grape seed oil: Smoothes and tautens the skin regenerates

                 Distribute Cranberry Fruit & Thermo Exfoliator over the skin in the same way as
                 a pack, and massage in with the fingertips. After “peeling” for approx. 3
PROFESSIONAL     minutes allow the creamy paste to remain on the skin for a further 5-10
     ONLY        minutes in the same manner as a care pack,

                 For all types of skin looking to regain freshness and smoothness, secure in the
                 knowledge of protection against premature skin ageing
SKIN CONDITION        • Frees the skin of surface skin cells
                      • Increases skin moisture
                      • Clarifies even skin profiles which have a tendency towards impurities

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