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					                                                                                    ROI Calculator

A   Purchase the Equipment
    Basic info                                        Values      What to do
    Price of system                                  $94,999.00   Enter in the total cost for this item
    Interest rate                                       11.93%    Estimated interest rate
       $1.00 buyout                                     0.02630   Leasing value multiplier for monthly payment
    Months of payback                                        48   Number of months for payback
    Monthly expense                                   $2,498.47   Estimate monthly cost of the system
    Days in the month                                        22   Enter the number of days working per month
    Hours in use                                              3   Number of hours in use per day (average)
    Cost per usable hour                               $37.86 Estimated cost per usage hour
    Cost per working day                              $113.57 Daily costs

B Producing the output                                            To generate Revenue
  Basic info                               Values    Values       What to do
  Hours Printing per day                                      3   This is from the above equipment cost
  Printing speed                                            100   Enter the print speed used for output
  Ink cost - average                                      $0.17   Estimated cost for these items
  Media Cost - average                                     0.33   Estimated cost for these items
  Labor cost per hour average                            $20.00   Enter the hourly labor cost
  Prepress time - est. average              0.9          $18.00   Estimated cost for these items
  Post print time - est.                    0.6          $12.00   Estimated cost for these items
  Packaging and Handling                    0.6          $12.00   Estimated cost for these items
  Pre and post Printing Labor costs                      $42.00
  Enter misc. cost to make sellable output               $35.00 This amount is a catch all value for expenses
  Total all Labor                                       $102.00
  Supplies cost total                                   $150.00
  Total Estimated Production costs           3          $287.00 Total expense for this number of hours per day

C Equipment and Production Costs Estimates
  Production Costs (average daily)         $287.00 Total from above
  Equipment daily Costs                    $113.57 This is from the Basic monthly cost page
  Section 179 Tax savings -
  Enter 1 for Credit or 0 for NO Credit 0    $0.00 This amount is a Tax credit - Section 179
  Total systems business costs             $400.57

D Revenue and Profit Estimates
  Estimated sellable output (sq/ft x total)             80.00% Estimate of the printed output that is sold
  From the sq. footage
  Sellable output - total square feet                       240 Results - this is est. sellable sq footage
  Dollar value per sq. (Estimated average)                $4.00 Enter the sellable sq ft price

    Revenue from output/per day aver.                   $960.00 Daily revenue from this scenario
E Profit - DAILY - after all costs                      $559.43 +/- profit or loss after costs are considered
         Profit - Annually                          $147,690.32
This section is for the value of using Section 179

Dollar amount of Purchase                                 Value from Basic Cost tab =
       Maximum purchase deduction for Section 179 is:                  $250,000.00
               Allowable amount of the purchase price =                 $94,999.00
Percentage of this amount for credit                                       90.00%
Difference if the dollar amount greater than $250,000                            0
   50% Bonus Depreciation Deduction:
   Depreciation Deduction:                                                  20.00%
Amount for tax credit
Tax bracket percentage deduction                                 30.00%
   (assuming this percentage tax bracket)
Annual Tax credit value
  This is a cash Savings on your Equipment Purchase:
Monthly value
                                                                          This number use in the "Can You make $$" works
Daily value

For detail or additional reference please got to:
     Dimension Funding LLC - or call David Goldstein 800-755-0585 Ext 225



              Annual Cash Tax Credit
This number use in the "Can You make $$" worksheet

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