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					                   CHECKING STUDENTS IN/OUT OF SCHOOL
                                                                                                                      PERFECT ATTENDANCE GUIDELINES
All students must be checked in and out by an adult (18 years or older) through the office and have a
check in/check out slip to give to the teacher. Please provide a valid photo id and be on the
emergency sheet.
                                                                                                            A student must be in attendance all day, every day. (No absences, no late
We welcome parents and visitors to our school campus, but by order of the U. S.                         check-ins, no early check-outs---including dentist/doctors appointments).
Justice Dept’s division of Homeland Security, we have heightened security at our                        However, if the school bus is late or doesn’t pick up the child, it is not counted
All adults must check in and out of the school office and wear a badge while on campus.                 as a tardy.

During an evacuation for an emergency every adult and child on campus at the time                              If severe weather prevents a student from attending (street flooding,
must be accounted for in order to be sure no one is overlooked.                                         hurricane, tornado warnings, national emergencies) the tardy is not counted.
                                                                                                        These events are out of the family’s control.
Parents who check out students during dismissal (3:20 – 3:30) often block the bus
lane so that students cannot walk through the dismissal routes safely. Check
out students before 3:00 P.M. You must have a check out slip from the office, take it
to the student’s classroom, hand to the teacher and quietly leave the campus.
We teach every minute of the day. We will not lose teaching time to check out                                    MERITORIOUS ATTENDANCE GUIDELINES
                                                                                                        A student who has had perfect attendance except for three or less days may
Students who have repeated unexcused tardies will be referred to the Truancy Assessment Center.         receive meritorious attendance.
                                    ARRIVAL AND DISMISSAL OF STUDENTS

No student should arrive at school before 8:00 AM in the morning.
        Bus arrivals and departures will be made from the front of the school.

                ALERT       ALERT        ALERT



. Do not block the driveway AT ANY TIME.
All visitors to our campus should park in the FRONT and enter the school campus from this

                                                                                                                              MORNING ROUTINES
                                                                                                   Our school day is 8:00 AM – 3:25 PM
                                                                                                   Students may not arrive on our school campus before 8:00 AM. Students who
Conferencing with your child’s teacher helps the family, teacher, and student get                  arrive by bus will unload in the front of school . Students who are brought by
 the best education possible for the child. However, teachers will not stop teaching students to   car or day care van unload in the front of the school. For safety reasons
hold parent-teacher conferences. This takes the teacher away from students and their learning.     children should not be dropped off in the middle of the parking lot. Please
                                                                                                   do not pull up to the left side of the buses and cars in the process of unloading
Conferences will be held before or after school unless there is an urgent need,                    and loading children at the curbside and drop off or pick up your student. This
which requires the teacher’s attention during class time. Conferences are scheduled through the    put your child and other children in danger of being hit by a car or bus.
office (357-5953) so that the teacher can be ready with necessary
materials regarding your child and his progress.                                                   Students may eat breakfast free on any school day, or
We do not take teachers away from instruction with all students to conference with parents         Students report to the following areas before class begins:
unless there is an emergency, which requires immediate action. Teachers are happy to                      Pre-K & K…………                          Report to Pre-K classrooms
conference with parents by phone if there is a minor problem requiring attention.                         All other students report to the cafeteria for breakfast,
                                                                                                          then to their assigned grade level area in the gym.
SBLC (School Building Level Committee) meetings are held during the school day when there is       Students move to their classrooms by 8:25 so that instruction begins
an important decision being made regarding the child’s education. SBLC’s usually include the       promptly at 8:30 AM.
parent, principal, guidance counselor, teacher, and other personnel as needed making important
decisions for the child.                                                                           If a student arrives at school after 8:30 AM, the parent must come into the
IEP (Individualized Education Plan) decisions also require meeting during the school day when      school office and sign the check-in log. A student who reports to class after
there is an important decision being made regarding the child’s education.                         8:30 AM must return to the office for a check-in slip.

                                            DRESS CODE

                                                                                                                  Parent/Teacher Conferences
East Baton Rouge Parish student dress code:
    1. Navy blue pants, uniform shorts, skirt, skort, or jumpers that are not more than 5 inches             There will be two scheduled days for Parent/Teacher
        above the knee. No jeans, biking shorts, tight-fitting stretch pants or leggings, Capri or pedal    Conferences.
        pusher length pants and sweat pants are to be worn.
    2. Burgundy (dark red) shirts or blouses with a collar. Turtlenecks are acceptable in winter. T-
        shirts (underwear) as outer wear are never acceptable.
    3. Sneakers or shoes with closed toes. Sandals or flip-flops are never acceptable. Shoes with laces                    Parent conference days:
        must be tied at all times.
    4. Belts must be worn on clothing that have belt loops. Shirts and blouses must be tucked in at                                Oct. 20
        all times. Pants must be worn at the natural waist-line and not dropped below waist.
    5. Navy blue, burgundy and/or white coats, sweaters and sweatshirts are preferred, but student’s                               Feb. 23
        existing winter clothing in other colors is acceptable. Jackets should be plain with no logo or
        artwork. Students may not wear coats, sweaters, or sweatshirts in class throughout the day.        Conferences will be scheduled at parent or teacher request.
Fridays are Brookstown Spirit Days!
Students may wear a Brookstown Spirit T-shirt with their regular navy bottoms.

Brookstown Elementary School has adopted these additional guidelines:
       Designs shaved into the hair, ―Mohawks‖ or extreme hairstyles are not for school.
       No jewelry allowed for girls or boys. It is a distraction and safety hazard.
       Make-up is considered inappropriate for elementary students. Lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner,
       mascara, fingernail polish, fake fingernails are unacceptable at school.
       Oversized belt buckles are not allowed (ex: nameplate belt buckles)
       T-shirts worn under uniform shirts must be plain white.
       Shoes must be laced to the top hole and tied at all times. Velcro flaps must be
       securely fastened.
       Hooded sweatshirts, over-sized sweatshirts, sweatbands, bandanas, do rags and hats are not
       Hair curlers or rollers must never be worn to school.


                                     EMERGENCY DISMISSAL                                                                       HOMEWORK
Families must keep on alert in times of severe weather or other emergencies that may require the
closing of school. Such emergencies will be reported on radio and television, and students will    Students are assigned homework Monday – Thursday for three reasons:
be dismissed by the usual methods unless you come or call the school with other directions.                   1. To practice skills that were taught during the school day.
Please be aware that during an emergency, contacting the school by phone may not be useful                    2. To let families know what skills are being learned.
with the number of calls coming in. Discuss with your family how your child will leave school                 3. To develop study habits that help the child organize his
in an emergency.                                                                                                  thoughts and time.

Brookstown Elementary has a well-developed Crisis Plan which outlines
procedures for emergencies. If we must evacuate the school, the shelter is Oasis.Church. It is
next door to the school. The second is Jesus Christ is Lord church on Prescott drive.              If a child does not understand how to do his homework, sign the
                                                                                                   homework and ask the teacher for more help. If your child says he did
                                     EMERGENCY Cards                                               his homework at school, he should bring home the completed
                                                                                                   homework for his family to check. If your child says he has no
Families are asked to complete an emergency card so that the school can contact them in case of    homework, make an assignment yourself. Remember, parents are
an illness, emergency or problem that comes up. Families must keep the information current so      teachers, too.
that they can be notified of a problem.
                                                                                                   If you think your child has too much homework, this simple guideline
Families must designate by name who is authorized to pick up their children on the                 may be helpful:
emergency sheet. No other persons may pick up your child. Authorized persons may be asked                          Kindergarten – 25 minutes of homework
to present a picture I.D. in order to take the child away from the school building.                                First grade – 30 minutes of homework
                                                                                                                   Second Grade – 35 minutes of homework….
Calling the school to give authorization by phone for another person to pick up your child
will not be permitted.
                                                                                                   A good rule is 5 minutes of homework for every year old.
Your child should know a FAMILY PASSWORD that is known only to those who are                       So that a 10 year old can handle 50 minutes of homework.
permitted to pick him/her up.


                                                                                                                     LOST AND FOUND
                                1NJURIES AND ILLNESS

                                                                                            Every effort is made to help your child take care of his belongings.
Faculty and staff at our school make every effort to insure the safety and health of our
students and staff. When illness, accidents and injuries happen, our trained staff          It is important that your child’s belongings are labeled with his name
administers first-aid/CPR. We have a registered school nurse and Nurse’s Assistant on       and his teacher’s name so that we can return items that are lost. Found
call if an emergency requires their attention.                                              items are placed in the auditorium so that students can locate items left
                                                                                            at school.
Parents will be called whether the injury or illness is minor or major so that the parent
can make a decision to come to the school to examine the student and determine whether
further treatment is needed.

It is important that the Emergency Sheet has accurate information regarding your child’s
allergies and physical conditions that might affect his treatment in case of emergency.
Minor illnesses such as cuts, bruises, and nosebleeds are treated in the same manner.
Any wound is washed with water and an appropriate Band-Aid is applied. No
antiseptic/first aid cream can be applied to student injuries.

                                                                                                                        PARTIES AT SCHOOL

                                                                                                         Each class has two (2) parties yearly at school. They
                                                                                                         are: Christmas and End of the Year..
                                               MEDICATION POLICY
                                                                                                         Treats being brought at the very end of the day on
                                                                                                         special occasions, like Halloween, are not considered
Medication (prescribed by a physician or over the counter) can be administered at the school by          parties and will be allowed. Pre-Kindergarten and
trained school personnel in the office with approved written directions by the child’s physician. This   Kindergarten students may share a birthday snack with
policy includes medication for:                                                                          classmates on their birthday or the day nearest their
                                                                                                         birthday if it falls on a weekend or school holiday. First
                 1.   Behavior modification
                 2.   Insect sting allergy
                                                                                                         -Fifth grades will not have Birthday Parties at
                 3.   Anticonvulsive conditions                                                          school. Check with your child’s teacher regarding the
                 4.   Asthmatic conditions                                                               appropriate time in the late afternoon. (Remember:
                 5.   Diabetes control                                                                   Food items are not allowed on the bus.)

Written approval consists of a Parental Consent and a Physician’s Order Form. The medication must
be taken to school by the parent or guardian in a container labeled by the pharmacist. Unlabeled
medications may NOT be brought to school. Students may NOT have medication in their
possession for any reason on our school campus. If found, teachers and the principal will take the
medication and contact the parent to return to them. At the beginning of the school year or anytime      NO STUDENT GIFT EXCHANGES AT SCHOOL.
there is a change in medication, a new form from the physician should accompany the prescription.          1. A treat at the very end of the day on Halloween.
                                                                                                           2. Parties at Christmas and end of the Year.
No more than a week’s supply of medication should be kept at school; the empty bottle will be sent         3. A treat at the end of the day for Valentine and
home with the child. All medication administered at school is documented in the Medication Log.               Easter .
Medication is kept under lock and key in a secure, central location.

Antibiotics and other short term medication such as non-prescription medicines (aspirin,
acetaminophen, cough remedies, and antihistamines) will NOT be given at school.

Parents who want students protected against mosquito bites or sun exposure must spray preventatives
on their children before coming to school or come to school to spray preventatives on their child.
Students may not bring repellents to school to self-administer.

                                                                                                                  PROMOTION AND RETENTION

                          PROGRESS OF STUDENTS
                           REPORT CARDS                                                            All students in East Baton Rouge Parish Schools are held to the
                                                                                                   same standard for promotion to the next grade.

Students and their families will be able to track the progress of students through careful watch   Students must master the skills at their grade level to be
over daily homework, work packets sent home every two (2) weeks, progress reports sent each 4      considered for promotion to the next grade. These skills are
½ weeks, and report cards sent every nine (9) weeks.                                               listed on the Grade Level Expectations which are completed
                                                                                                   every 9 weeks. Your child must master 70% of these skills by
Teachers can also communicate other details through conferences and phone calls as the need        the end of the school year.
arises. Families can help students by giving them the expectations that they must do their best.
                                                                                                   Students may also have to show a level of proficiency on local
Students achieve to their family’s expectations. Let your child know that he/she is expected       and state tests to be promoted to the next grade.
to do his/her very best!
                                                                                                   K, 1, 2, 3 & 5 Annual average of 60% in Reading,
Families can keep up to date on school happenings through our School Newsletter, which is sent     Mathematics and two other subjects
home monthly.

You can visit Brookstown Elementary Website at                                 Grade 4 LEAP passage (Basic/Approaching Basic in ELA
                                                                                                   and/or Math)
Click on schools, select Brookstown in ―select a school.‖                                          Annual average of 60% in Reading, Mathematics and two other
Read all about us.                                                                                 subjects

                                                                                                   It is the goal of East Baton Rouge Parish and Brookstown
                                                                                                   Elementary that every student be able to perform at grade level
                                                                                                    in reading and mathematics.


                                                                                                   Brookstown ELEMENTARY SCHOOL RULES
In accordance with EBRP Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook, the Brookstown
Elementary School principal and staff have designed and written the Discipline Policy consisting   At Breakfast:
of rules and regulations governing the behavior of students. These rules apply to all students     Students will:
attending school, coming to school, and while riding on the school bus.                                1. Go directly to the cafeteria with their booksacks, and
                                                                                                           proceed to the line.
Rules and regulations shall be explained and reviewed with students early in the school year and       2. Pick up their paper items and plates going through
will be posted in prominent locations within the school.                                                   the serving line.
                                                                                                       3. Sit in assigned seats as directed by the duty teacher.
 Brookstown Elementary is also a Positive Behavior Support School. This will be explained and          4. Eat quietly.
reviewed with the students and parents.                                                                5. Use good manners, such as keeping mouth closed
                                                                                                           while chewing and using napkins to clean face and
Students will:                                                                                             hands.
        Demonstrate respect and obedience to teachers or designees.                                    6. Leave their area clean, placing unused food and paper
        Show courtesy to others                                                                            in the trash container.
        Respect rights, property and opinions of others                                                7. Report to the grade level area and sit in assigned area.
        Observe class and school rules
        Practice self-discipline                                                                   At Lunch:
        Work quietly                                                                               Students will:
        Use time effectively                                                                               1. Walk to the cafeteria in a quiet, straight line.
        Keep desk area neat and clean                                                                      2. Wash hands and take a paper towel to dry hands.
        Report promptly to class                                                                           3. Pick up paper items and plates going through the
        Not use verbal abuse or bullying of others, including but not limited to                               serving line.
        slurs, name-calling, or derogatory statements to another person because                            4. Observe table manners at all times; keeping
        of that person’s race, color, religion, national origin, disability, physical/                         elbows off the table, talking in low voices,
        personal appearance or sexual orientation.                                                             keeping mouths closed while chewing, and using
                                                                                                               napkins appropriately.
                                   RESTROOM RULES                                                          5. Clean up table and floor area where seated.
Students will:                                                                                             6. Place unused food and paper in the trash cans and
                     1.   Use proper disposal for waste.                                                       place trays in the appropriate place.
                     2.   Not do any loud talking, giggling, or whistling.                                 7. Line up at the exit door.
                     3.   Leave restrooms immediately upon completing use                                  8. Leave the cafeteria with teacher or teacher
                     4.   Wash hands before returning to class.                                                designee.


                                               CAFETERIA RULES
                         EAST BATON ROUGE PARISH BUS RULES
              (PER EBR STUDENT RIGHTS & RESPONSIBILITIES HANDBOOK)                                                       Leaving the bus:
                                                                                                                                 Stay seated until the bus stops.
                                                                                                                                 Do not push or shove, but move quickly.
Before leaving home:                                                                                                             Exit by the front door only.
                                                                                                                                 Use the handrail and take steps one at a time
Check to be sure you have everything you need for the school day to keep from having to return home. Check                       If you do not have to cross the street, walk immediately away from the bus.
weather conditions so that you can dress appropriately.                                                                          If you must cross the street:
                                                                                                                                 a. Walk at least 10 feet in front of the bus.
Waiting for the bus:                                                                                                             b. Stop when you are even with the traffic side of the bus and look carefully both
If you cross the street to get to the bus stop before the bus is in sight:                                                       c. Cross the street quickly but do not run.

         a.   Check traffic in all directions.                                                                           If you drop something in front of the bus or close beside the bus, get the driver’s attention
         b.   Before starting to cross the street, be sure there is ample time to cross without having to run.           before you try to pick it up.
         c.   Once you have crossed the street, remain at the bus stop until the bus arrives.                            Never run back to the bus when the door has been closed and/or the bus is beginning to move.

Wait quietly for the bus to come.                                                                                        Bus passenger conduct:
Do not play in the street.                                                                                                       1. Students on the bus must:
Do not damage the property of others.
Do not leave litter at the bus stop. Stand back from the street/road as the bus approaches and give the driver room to                    a.   Respect and obey the driver at all times.
stop.                                                                                                                                     b.   Remain in their seats.
Be at the stop a few minutes before pick up time.                                                                                         c.   Talk softly.
                                                                                                                                          d.   Not fight or scuffle.
Boarding the bus:                                                                                                                         e.   Keep hands to themselves.
                                                                                                                                          f.   Keep feet out of the aisle.
If you must cross the road after the bus is in view:                                                                                      g.   Never use profane or indecent language.
                                                                                                                                          h.   Not put hands, feet or head out of the window.
         a.   Wait until the driver stops the bus and signals for you to cross the street.                                                i.   Not throw articles on the bus or out of the window.
         b.   Check traffic in both directions.                                                                                           j.   Not disturb the driver.
         c.   Walk at least 10 feet in front of the bus.                                                                                  k.   Not possess harmful items (glass objects, knives, weapons, cigarettes, or
                                                                                                                                               other tobacco products, matches or lighter, drugs, etc.)
Form a single line and do not crowd or push.
Use front door only.                                                                                                             Students must present to the bus driver a written note signed by a parent and the
Use the handrail and take steps one at a time.                                                                                   school principal or designee in order to get on or off the bus at a stop other than the
Go directly to your seat and remain seated                                                                                       assigned stop or to ride a bus other than his/her assigned bus.

                             Brookstown ELEMENTARY                                                         SERIOUS, DISRUPTIVE OR DANGEROUS
                               PLAYGROUND RULES                                                                         BEHAVIOR

Students will:                                                                              Students who choose to disrupt instructional time will be assigned to the Time
                                                                                            Out Room. Each infraction will be for an increased amount of time. The TOR
   1. Stay in designated play area.                                                         moderator will telephone the parent/guardian to inform them of the incident.
   2. Practice good safety habits in all play activities.                                   Repeated infractions can result in more consequences including: requirement
   3. Obey directions of duty personnel promptly.                                           that the parent attend a conference with the child before they are admitted to
   4. Demonstrate courtesy and respect to others.                                           class, ―shadowing‖ the child through a day, suspension and assignment to the
   5. Practice self-discipline.                                                             Alternative School, in-school suspension, loss of other privileges.
   6. Report all misunderstandings to the teacher on duty. Duty teachers are expected to
      handle situations that occur. Fighting WILL NOT BE TOLERATED and is punishable               Serious Infractions
      by suspension. Children must accept responsibility for reporting disagreements when
      they occur.                                                                               1. Fighting behavior (hit, kick, punch, push, throw objects)
   7. Not bring guns, knives or similar items to school.                                        2. Profanity (obscene physical gestures, touching others, exposing self,
   8. Not chew gum at school.                                                                        verbally expressing profanity.)
   9. Not bring toys or playground equipment to school.                                         3. Blatant disrespect to teacher or other adult (argumentative, yelling at
                                                                                                     teacher, sarcasm.)
                                                                                            Please refer to the EBR ―Student Rights and Responsibilities‖ handbook for
                                                                                            the list of serious infractions that can result in expulsion from the school.

                                                                                             In all cases of disciplinary infractions, parents will receive a copy of the
                                                                                            Behavior Report, sign it and return it to the classroom teacher the following

                                                                                            If the student chooses to continue serious, disruptive or dangerous behaviors, a
                                                                                            School Building Lever Committee (SBLC) will meet with the parent and
                                                                                            student to develop a Behavior Plan, which will help the students, decrease
                                                                                            inappropriate behaviors.


                                                                                                         Brookstown Elementary has a Technology Plan that keeps pace with
Each student will receive a school supply list. Folders, notebooks, of required types will be            developing events. Calculators, printers, digital cameras, scanners and
supplied through Title I funds. No hand-held pencil sharpeners.                                          computers with networked capabilities as well as Internet accessibility
                                                                                                         are provided to every student. Students are expected to use the
Please remember that some supplies are consumable (crayons, paper, glue, etc.) and will need to          technology provided to integrate with their learning.
be replaced during the year.                                                                             Every precaution is taken
                                                                                                          to provide technology for
All payments for photographs, lost books,etc.must be made in cash for the exact amount, no                students use with safeguards
checks can be accepted. Please: Send any payments in an envelope, labeled with the student’s              against inappropriate use.
name and the purpose of the payment.

Every student needs a sturdy book bag to bring materials back and forth to school. We have
found that booksacks with rollers cause concerns with bus drivers and classroom
teachers. We have reported a number of injuries with the rollers hurting other students.

                                                                                                       TELEPHONE MESSAGES TO STUDENTS AND TEACHERS

                                                                                                  Only messages of urgent importance will be relayed during school hours to
                                                                                                  keep from interrupting the learning of students. If you must deliver a message
                                                                                                  or bring an item to your child, report to the school office, get a Visitor’s Pass
                                                                                                  and quietly take care of the business without disturbing the learning going on
                                                                                                  in the classroom. Students are permitted to use the office telephone only with
                                                                                                  written permission from their teacher. Calling home to get books left at home,
                                                                                                  homework or other school supplies will not be allowed.

                                                                                                  We have an average of 400 students enrolled at Brookstown. The telephone
                                                                                                  calls can often number into the hundreds each day. We have only one person
                                                                                                  who responds to calls. Please be considerate and understand that we will
                                                                                                  respond as quickly as humanly possible.
                                                                                                                       VISITORS TO SCHOOL CAMPUS

Textbooks and library books are provided for students to use while they are enrolled at
Brookstown Elementary. Books are assigned to students with a bar code so that we can track         Parents are always welcome at Brookstown Elementary. However, all visitors
usage. Students must take reasonable care to protect the books assigned from damage.               must sign in at the office before going into classrooms. When you sign in you
                                                                                                   will be given a VISITOR’S BADGE which must be worn while on campus.
Students who misuse, lose or damage textbooks or library books are responsible for paying for      Please sign out when you leave our campus.
their replacement.
                                                                                                   Visitor passes are available in the school office except during Reading Block
Help your child learn respect for books by seeing that textbooks are covered and used              (9:00-10:30) and dismissal time (2:45 – 3:20) PM. Every attempt is made by
appropriately.                                                                                     our school staff to monitor carefully so that strangers have no access to the
                                                                                                   school. We can keep a secure, safe campus only if visitors are identified.

                                                                                                   When parents visit the classroom, teachers and students continue working. If a
                      TOYS, GAMES AND ELECTRONIC DEVICES                                           conference needs to be scheduled, please do so in the school office.

Students must NOT bring beepers, pagers, games, gum, trading cards, Dragon Ball Z pictures
and candy to school. These items are not permitted at school. They distract from our goal to
keep students active and learning. Radios, CD players, hand-held video and other entertainment
devices will be collected and returned only to the parent. Students drawing, trading or selling                                   VOLUNTEERS
such items will face disciplinary action.
                                                                                                   Families of students are always welcome to volunteer at Brookstown
Do not allow any items to be brought to school for sharing unless directly requested to do so by   Elementary. There are many tasks that must be done to help our students do
the teacher in writing.                                                                            their best learning. If parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, or friends of the
                                                                                                   family have time to volunteer, please call or come to the school office. Sign in
                                                                                                   with the School Secretary or Volunteer Coordinator to get your volunteer

                                               23                                                                                         12
                        BROOKSTOWN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL
                              Baton Rouge, LA 70805
                                   August 2010                                                      The Parent’s Pledge

                                                                                                1. I will set a good example for my child.

To the Principal and Teachers-Brookstown Elementary:                                            2. I will show my children that I love them
                                                                                                   every day through words and physical
        My family has read the Student Family Handbook. We will help our child understand the      attention.
policies and procedures for this school year.
                                                                                                3. I will listen to my children and let them
      We promise to help our child do his best to follow all policies and procedures in this       know I value what they say.
                                                                                                4. I will praise my child’s accomplishments
                                                                                                   and efforts towards accomplishments.

                                               Sincerely,                                       5. I will have realistic expectations for my
                                                                                                   children. I will allow them to make their
                              ___________________________                                          own mistakes and learn from those
                              Parent’s Signature                                                   experiences.

                              ___________________________                                       6. I will avoid being too critical or focusing
                              Child’s Signature                                                    on my child’s shortcomings.

                              ___________________________                                       7. I will encourage my child to meet new
                              Teacher’s Signature                                                  challenges and have new experiences.

                                                                                                8. I will respect my children as individuals
                                                                                                   even if I don’t always agree with them.

                                                                                                9. I will love my children unconditionally. I
Sign and cut out this page. Then return to school as soon as possible.                             will let them know they are lovable,
                                                                                                   worthwhile and valuable human beings.

Brookstown Elementary                       Elementary
4375 E. Brookstown Dr.                    Student-Family
Baton Rouge, LA 70805
 225-355-0832 PHONE                          Handbook

                                             Brookstown Mission Statement
                         Brookstown Elementary is committed to the academic excellence and
                         safety of all students in a positive, caring, and structured

                                 East Baton Rouge Parish Schools
                                        “The School System of Choice
                                          with High Expectations for All”
               Dear Students and Families:
                      Welcome to the 2010-2011 school year.

Yes, we can!
                       We have exciting times ahead of us this year. We are
               implementing the Comprehensive Curriculum—asking more of
               students and parents. We will continue to implement the EBRP
               Strategic Plan—making sure that students have a safe, orderly
               school to attend in which they feel safe and respected.

                      Take time to read this handbook with your family so that
               you can help your child have the best learning year ever. We want
               you and your family to share in the partnership of learning.

                       We want to be a part of your family. Visit us regularly and
               often. Call when there is a problem or concern. We are here to
               serve your family.

                                              Mrs. Weaver

Introduction                                                                    3
Policies and Procedures
Exceptional Student Services 4                                          Mission Statement
Food Service 5
Morning Routines 6
Check Out Procedures 7
Homework 8
Dress Code 9
Promotion Standards 10
School Rules 11                                                       Brookstown
Visitors 12
Supplies 13                                                           Elementary is
Parties 14
Injuries and Illness 15                                               committed to the
Behavior Infractions 16
Bus Regulations 17-18                                                 academic excellence
Playground 19
Lost and Found 20                                                     and safety of all
Medication at school 21
Telecommunication, etc.22                                             students in a positive,
Textbooks, Electronic Devices 23
Cafeteria 24                                                          caring, and structured
Progress Reporting 25
Early Dismissa 26                                                     environment..
Emergency Information 27
Attendance Awards 28
Conferences 29
Student Absence 30
Co-Curricular Programs 31
Mission statement 32
Signature Page
                *Please sign and return the letter on the last page
                      and retun to school as soon as possible.
                                                                                                                 Co-Curricular Courses and Services
                Exceptional Student Services and LEAP Rmediation                                      (All programs listed below are free of charge to all students)
                  (All programs listed below are free of charge to all students)
The following programs are designed to provide special activities for students who need           The library instructional program is designed to stimulate reading for
experiences beyond the regular year, regular classroom or Comprehensive Curriculum:               pleasure and for study by having materials suited to each child’s reading
                                                                                                  ability, interest, and age level. Accelerated Reader is available to
                                                                                                  students who read, answer questions and meet a reading goal. Cele-
Speech: The speech program is designed to remediate students with speech and language             brations are held each nine weeks to recognize these Accelerated Readers.
deficits as identified through a pupil appraisal evaluation. A parent or teacher can ask for a
screening to determine the need for a referral.                                                   Guidance
                                                                                                  The guidance program emphasizes the total development of the child. Each
                                                                                                  class attends a regular session with our counselor. She can conduct small
Resource: The resource program helps reinforce and remediate skills taught in the regular class   group and individual sessions to help students cope with divorce, separation,
and is available for students who have been evaluated through pupil appraisal as having           anger, conflict, death and adjustment problems. She screens students for
exceptionalities.                                                                                 gifted, dyslexia and coordinates building level committee meetings.

                                                                                                  Physical Education
Other: Adaptive Physical Education, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and services to        The physical education program incorporates a variety of activities in the
Visually and Hearing Impaired students are available for students who qualify and have            development of physical fitness, music coordination, gross and fine motor
evaluations that require these programs.                                                          skills, team sports and lifetime sports. PE grades come from factors such as
                                                                                                  skill, sportsmanship, team cooperation, group effort and behavior.
Extended Year (Summer Classes) provided by State funds for LEAP remediation-Fourth                TENNIS SHOES ARE REQUIRED FOR PARTICIPATION.
grade students who are not able to reach 70% mastery on Grade Level Expectations in English
Language Arts and Mathematics during the regular school year and need to prepare for the          Music
LEAP Retest in June or need to accelerate their learning to get ready for the next grade may
participate in summer classes to extend their learning. These classes are held to help students
catch up. Students are recommended for Extended Year classes by the classroom teacher and the
School Building Level Committee (SBLC)


                                                                                                    Elementary students missing more than 19 days per year will not be promoted
                                      FOOD SERVICE                                                  to the next grade. Whether the absences are excused or not, students must
Parents will receive a monthly calendar for cost of lunches. Payments are due on the 1st of the     attend school daily and regularly to make the progress in their studies.
month or week. Lunch payments may be sent to the classroom teacher.                                 Children are expected to be in school every day unless the student has an
Separate lunch pyments should be made out for each student. Each should be placed in a sealed       illness or circumstances that represent an extenuating circumstance.
envelope with the child’s name and his/her teacher’s name printed on the envelope. (The menu
is published daily in THE ADVOCATE as well as read on the morning news.)                            Excused absences
                                                                                                    Absences from school will be excused if the parent/guardian sends a written
Breakfast is available at school each morning at no cost. Carpoolers and walkers who intend to      note for each day missed no later than five days after the student returns to
eat breakfast should arrive at school by 8:00 AM in time to be served, eat and be ready for class   school. After five school days are missed, the absences will have to be
at 8:25 AM.                                                                                         excused by the Supervisor of Child Welfare and Attendance. Work missed
                                                                                                    during the absence must be made up and turned in to the teacher as quickly as
Applications for Free/Reduced Lunch were mailed to most EBR students, by applications are           possible to guarantee the child will be able to keep up with his class work.
also sent those with students. Students must reapply each year. Forms must be completely filled
out before they can be approved. Follow the instructions provided with the form carefully.          Absence from school may be excused for the following reasons:
                                                                                                          1. Personal illness
Parents are welcome to eat at school with their child. You must let                                       2. Serious illness in the student’s immediate family
Food Service Staff know before 10:30 AM so that a meal is prepared for you. Plan to come on               3. Death in the student’s immediate family
any day except for the Christmas/Thanksgiving/Easter meals. Adult meals are $3.25.                        4. Recognized religious holidays of the student’s own faith, or
                                                                                                          5. Natural catastrophe and/or disasters
Juice as an alternative to milk is available only to those students who are allergic to milk. A
current written doctor’s excuse must on file in the Food Service Manager’s office before a child    Students must be in attendance at school for at least 50% of the school day to
will be served juice. Extra milk may purchased for $.50.                                            be considered present. Students who check into school late or check out of
                                                                                                    school early must be in attendance for ½ of the school day (or 3.5 hours).
Students may bring lunches from home provided that they eat the lunch in the school cafeteria.
Students may not bring soft drinks in their original containers. Fast food lunches (McDonald’s,     Unexcused absences
Burger King) are not permitted in the cafeteria.                                                    Students who miss school for non-essential reasons can not make up the work

                                                5                                                   Whether excused or unexcused, absences from school cost students important
                                                                                                    learning time. Students should be at school unless seriously ill.


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