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									                             Nadcap Management Council Meeting
                              UNCONFIRMED MINUTES
                                   JULY 21, 2004
                           CROWNE PLAZA UNION STATION
                              INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA

These minutes are not final until confirmed by the Task Group in writing or by vote at a
subsequent meeting. Information herein does not constitute a communication or
recommendation from the Task Group and shall not be considered as such by any


1.0   Opening Comments
      1.1 Call to Order / Quorum Check - quorum established
      1.2 Introductions
      1.3 Routing of Attendance List
      1.4 Approval of minutes from Previous Meeting-minutes approved
      1.5 Membership
      1.6 Action Items Review

             The following NMC representatives were in attendance:

             Dianna Berube               Pratt & Whitney
             Jon Biddulph                Rolls-Royce PLC
             Chet Date                   Honeywell
             Chris Diepenbrock           The Boeing Company
             Ed Englehard                Owego Heat Treat Inc.
             Alan Fletcher               US Air Force
             Debra Harrison              DCMA
             John McBrien                GSA
             Jay Park                    Northrop Grumman
             Manfred Podlech             MTU Aero Engines
             Chatt Rhodes                Cessna Aircraft
             Dan Smith                   GEAE
             David Soong                 Hamilton Sundstrand
             Camille Valmy               Airbus
             Gerald Wahlin               AAA Plating
             Kevin Ward                  Goodrich

             PRI Staff in Attendance:
             Anne Allen
             Jerry Aston
             Mark Aubele
             Jim Bennett
             Don Buehler
             Jeff Conrad
             Apryle Craig
             Bill Dumas
             Michael Forman
             Lisa Glavan
             Mike Graham
             Arshad Hafeez
             Judy Herilla
             Jennifer Kornrumpf
             Jim Lewis
             David Luoni
                Nadcap Management Council Meeting
Heather Meyer
Scott Nelson
Mike Ploucha
Keith Purnell
Seema Saleem
Glenn Shultz
Ian Simpson

Meeting attendees:

John Abrahams               Vought Aircraft
Chuck Alvarez               Goodrich
Reha Aktas
Windsor Amundsen            Honeywell
Didier Argence              Snecma Moteurs
Peter Atwell                Airbus
Ward Barcafer               The Boeing Company
Lloyd Barker                Alcoa Forged Products
Eric Barreau                Snecma Moteurs
Brent Bartlett              Sulzer Metco
Stephen Bauer               Northrop Grumman
Wayne Beard
Pierre Beaulieu             Bell Helicopter Textron
John Blanco                 Northrop Grumman
Mark Brown                  Suncoast Heat Treat
Wayne Canary                Rolls-Royce Corp
Larry Casillas              Honeywell
Susan Centea                Allen Aircraft
Ben Clark                   Eaton Aerospace
Russ Cole                   Northrop Grumman
Joe Cox                     Rolls-Royce Corp.
Phillip Cox                 Rolls-Royce PLC
Cindy Crass                 Cincinnati Thermal Spray
James Cummings              Metal Finishing Co.
Susan Cummings              American Brazing Corp.
Robert Custer               AAA Plating
Mike Davis                  GEAE
Leonard Diamond             Eaton Aeroquip
Uta Dietrich                Airbus
Jim Doherty                 GEAE
Tom Downes                  Hamilton Sundstrand
Donald Dziachan             Eaton Aeroquip
Rainer Endress              MTU Aero Engines
Yves Esquerre               Airbus
Aleck Featherston           Bell Helicopter Textron
Tom Flanagan                Ladish Co. Inc.
Doug French                 Vought Aircraft
Richard French              Alcoa Fastening Systems
Howard Fullilove            Northrop Grumman
Steve Garner                Eaton Aerospace
James Gano                  Product Evaluation Systems
Mark Gleason                GEAE
John Gourley                Honeywell
Subodh Govardhan            Eaton Aeroquip
Paul Grevatt                Airbus
                Nadcap Management Council Meeting
Dale Harmon                 Cincinnati Thermal Spray Inc.
Gerald Harvey               Chem-Fab Corporation
Jonathan Hebben             Alcoa Fastening Systems
Clyde Hilton Herrington     Eaton Aerospace
Jon Higgins                 Rolls-Royce PLC
Trevor Hiscox               Airbus
Patrick Hogan
Edward Hohman               Bell Helicopter Textron
Frank Horton
Andy Iesalnieks             Rolls-Royce Corp.
Michael Irvin               The Boeing Company
Bruce Jones                 Alcoa Fastening Systems
Richard Kana                PTI Industries Inc.
Keith Kastner               Cessna Aircraft
Phil Keown                  GEAE
Jacque Kennedy              Rolls-Royce Corp.
David Kimber                ATK Composites
David Kindel                Unison Industries
Earl Koechig                The Boeing Company
Ralph Kropp                 MTU Aero Engines
John Kunkle                 Howmet Corp.
Richard Landt               SPS Technologies
David Leadley               Major Tool & Machine Inc.
Bob Lehnen                  Bodycote Thermal Processing
Frank Lennert               The Boeing Company
Johanna Lisa                Continental Heat Treating
Bill Lodwick                Praxair Surface Technology
Lance Loeks                 The Boeing Company
Don Lowman
Matt Lucas                  GEAE
Steven Mackenzie            Applied Thermal Tech.
Christian Masson            Airbus
Andreas Mastorakis          GEAE
Doug Matson                 The Boeing Company
Stephen Maus                Rolls-Royce Corp.
Jennifer McPeek             Suncoast Heat Treat Inc.
Bruce Melville              Textron Systems
Dave Michaud                Fountain Plating Co.
Walt Moorhead               Product Evaluation Systems Inc.
Aaron Montoya               Alexco LLC
Tom Murphy                  Sikorsky Aircraft
Ed Nellans                  Rockwell Collins Inc.
Mitch Nelson                Cessna Aircraft
Ronn Nelson                 Howmet
Roger Ng                    Sulzer Metco Canada
Dinh Ngo                    GKN Aerospace Chem-tronics Inc.
Drew Nosti                  N>TEC
Sorgius Pascal              Messier Services France
Julio Perez                 Airbus
Victor Perez                The Boeing Company
Eddy Pham                   Northrop Grumman
Jeremy Philips              Cessna Aircraft
Larry Phipps                Alcoa Fastening Systems
Joe Pleitt                  E/M Coating Services
Philippe Pons               Airbus
                             Nadcap Management Council Meeting
             Tim Pruitt                  Rolls-Royce Corp.
             John Riddell                St. Bernard Composites Ltd.
             Elena Ritoli                Metallurgical Processing Inc.
             Carl Roche                  Textron Systems
             Brian Rossiter              Messier-Dowty Ltd.
             John Sattler                Raytheon Aircraft Co.
             Jack Saunders               Honeywell
             Christian Schwaminger       MTU Aero Engines
             Stuart Sherman              Metallurgical Processing
             Frank Shetterly             Major Tool & Machine Inc.
             Dale Simpson                Bell Helicopter Textron
             Mike Stolze                 Northrop Grumman
             Jerry Stutzman              Goodrich
             Vitorio Stana               Avcorp industries Inc.
             Andres Steen                Rolls-Royce Corp.
             Erik Stoker                 Honeywell
             D. Scott Sullivan           Rolls-Royce Corp
             Laetitia Tonnerlier         Airbus
             Peter Torelli               The Boeing Company
             James Vannatta              Bell Helicopter Textron
             Chuck Waddingham            Eaton Aerospace
             Steve Webster               Hamilton Sundstrand
             Helmut Wielenberg           Airbus
             Brian Worley                Unison Industries
             David Yates                 Alcoa Fastening Systems
             Shen Yeh                    Northrop Grumman

1.0 Opening Comments
      1.1 Call to Order / Quorum Check
      1.2 Introductions
      1.3 Routing of Attendance List
      1.4 Approval of minutes from Previous Meeting
      1.5 Membership
      1.6 Action Items Review

   A motion was made to approve the NMC minutes from the April 2004 Nadcap meeting. The
   motion was seconded and the minutes were approved as written.

   John Biddulph replaced Mehmet Doner as an NMC voting member. Kevin Ward was
   welcomed as a new voting member to the NMC. Mike Higgins was welcomed as a new
   supplier voting member to the NMC. Several members of AECMA-PRO were recognized
   and welcomed to the NMC meeting.

   An appreciation award was given to Tom Murphy. A leadership award was presented to
   Julio Perez.

2.0 PRI/Nadcap Status Report
           - Introduction of new staff
           - Audit Projections
           - Auditor Projections
           - Prime Subscriptions
           - eAuditNet Status
           - Europe and Asia Progress

   The PRI/Nadcap Status Report was given by Arshad Hafeez. Nadcap is currently at 96% of
   the 2004 plan for audits scheduled. Audits scheduled in Europe have exceeded the 2004
                               Nadcap Management Council Meeting
   goal. Two certifications were issued to suppliers in Asia. The composites task group was
   launched. Two new staff members, Apryle Craig Staff Engineer for the Electronics task
   group and Jennifer Kornrumpf CSR for AQS and Welding were introduced. For more details
   please see the attached presentation.

3.0 NMC Chairpersons’ Report
      - Planning & Operation and NMC Steering Committee meeting summary

   A presentation was given by Chet Daté new NMC Chair. The NMC task group metrics were
   reviewed. At this time the Board of Directors has indicated that like the selection of top-level
   metrics, initiatives and actions. The Board of Directors has directed the NMC to focus on
   global engagement, proactive problem solving, and improving first pass yield and reduction
   in accreditation cycle time. For more details see the attached presentation.

4.0 Supplier Support Committee report

   The SSC is currently working on a newletter and coordinating an SSC NDT sub-group. The
   SSC still has concern regarding pre-assessment audits and proposed that the NMC
   reconsider options for conducting pre-audit assessments with the necessary controls to
   ensure a clear distinction between auditing and consulting. A motion was made to re-look at
   the pre-assessment audit issue, the motion was seconded and approved.

   ACTION ITEM: A sub-team is to be formed to discuss the reconsideration of the pre-
   assessment audit policy. Dan Smith, Jerry Wahlin (team leader), Don Buehler, Bob
   Custer, Chatt Rhodes and Jim Cummings are to be team members.

5.0 Task Group Reports

   AQS – The task group finalized the development of quality system elements recommending
   to task groups to be tested during special process audits. The task groups will receive a visit
   from an AQS member to review the quality systems elements. The task group is developing
   auditor training for October and are also enhancing the 7004 questionnaire.
   CP – The task group is working on the reduction of cycle time and on time accreditations.
   The task group asked the NMC for help with resources to create a database of questions for
   baseline requirements in eAuditNet. eAuditNet would then, pick questions automatically
   according to the scope picked for the audit and generate a customized checklist for each

   ACTION ITEM: Ward Barcafer to forward CP Task group concise proposal regarding
   baseline questions for eAuditNet to NMC members before the next Nadcap meeting.

   CT – The task group is working on checklist revisions as well as the cause and effect
   analysis action items to reduce cycle time. The task group is piloted its baseline audit criteria
   and are analyzing the results.

   COMP – The task group was launched in June of 2004. Currently 9 primes and 5 suppliers
   are participating. Airbus and Goodrich are mandating for Composites. The task group
                              Nadcap Management Council Meeting
   nominated Richard Kana as a new NMC supplier voting member. A motion was made to
   accept the nomination, the motion was seconded and Richard Kana was accepted as the
   Composite NMC supplier voting member.

   SEALS – The task group is re-looking at job audits and making technical changes to

   FLU – The task group is working on four goals for 2004.
            1. New audit checklist for hose assembly
            2. New checklist for high pressure titanium tubing
            3. Basic checklist review
            4. Cycle time reduction plan

   HT – The task group is working on baseline checklists. They group has approved Laura
   Fisher for delegation of majors and minors, and John Ewing for delegation of minors. They
   have also approved 5 AECMA-PRO auditors who went through the Nadcap auditor hiring
   process to become Heat Treating auditors.

   MTL – The task group is working to reduce cycle time. The group has a face to face meeting
   with NACLA/A2LA in August.

   NDT – The task group is working on baseline checklists and standards. The group has had
   excellent supplier participation at the July Nadcap meeting. The group will also be
   appointing volunteers to use the cause and effect template to work on expired

   NMSE – The task group is working to improve their metrics. The group approved Michael
   Forman for full delegation. NMSE is working on baseline checklists.

   SLT – The task group is working on training supplier base to AS9100 and are revising

   WLD – The task group is currently working on revising slash sheets for Rev. D.

   FAST – The task group will meet at the end of the week and will work on auditor criteria and

    ETG – The task group has been having regular webex meetings and have completed their
    checklists. The first pilot will be held on August 18-20, 2004. The task group has also
    selected two auditors.
6.0 Report on Oversight Audit

   The Oversight Audit will be held July 27-29, 2004 at PRI Headquarters in Warrendale,
   Pennsylvania. The auditing team consists of the following members: Debra Harrison, Ken
   Prather, Chatt Rhodes, Dan Smith, Juan Trillo, Camille Valmy, and Chris Diepenbrock.
   Results of the Oversight Audit will be reported at the October meeting.

7.0 New Business
         Next Meeting, October 25-29, 2004, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
         Hotel: Pittsburgh Marriott City Center
                112 Washington Place
                Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15219
         Rate: $114 Single or Double Reservation
         Reservations: +1-412-471-4000
                             Nadcap Management Council Meeting
      Discussion arose regarding the hiring of Prime auditors as Nadcap auditors. It was noted
      by some to be a conflict of interest issue. Second party auditor guidelines were
      discussed by Arshad Hafeez. It was noted that in the instance of a Prime auditor
      applying to become a Nadcap auditor, this Prime employee must show Prime company
      approval before they can even be considered to go through the Nadcap auditor hiring

8.0 Adjournment

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