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									                       Scott Robert Schreckengaust
             Project Manager – Systems Architect – Database Developer – Software Engineer

     Over 10 years of software development experience in Microsoft and UNIX.
     Proficient in design and architecture skills from concept and augmentation through
       documentation, testing and implementation.
     Comprehensive technology specialist with superb technical abilities in latest database
       platforms, scripting languages and compiled languages.

       Seeking position with the ability to apply my elaborate skill set in an innovative
     environment to create and advance science and technology. Unite my optimism,
     enthusiasm and motivation with my managerial competence and multidisciplinary
     awareness to achieve goals. Lead persons, by example, to persevere in challenging and
     stimulating atmospheres. Develop my career path to continue to be a helpful, responsible
     and trustworthy individual.

            Compiled Languages: C#, Java, C++, C, Pascal, and Visual Basic.
            Operating Systems: Red Hat, FreeBSD, IRIX, Solaris, DOS, Windows, Palm,
             PocketPC, SmartPhone and Macintosh.
            Standards and Technologies: HTML, XHTML, PICS, P3P, Web Services, XML,
             XSL, CSS, Flash, WML, HDML, voiceXML, HTTP and WAP.
            Scripting Languages: Unix shells and utilities, Windows Scripting Host, JavaScript,
             VBScript, PHP, python, ASP, ASP.NET, Perl, and WMLScript.
            Databases: Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, dBase, postgreSQL,
             SQLite and MySQL.
            Mechanical Engineering: Electrical circuitry, CAD design, machining, mechanical
             design and parts specification.
            Applications: Microsoft Internet Information Server, Microsoft Office, Microsoft
             Visual Studio, Microsoft Frontpage, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Project, Apache Web
             Server, Apache JAMES, Oracle Database, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop,
             Macromedia Flash, Firefox, Mozilla and many more…
            Security and Administration: desktops, firewalls, wireless networks, WANs, LANs,
             WEP, PKI, PGP, P3P, encryption, digital signatures and certificates.

                                         September 1990 – June 1994
         Harvard University – Student, Research Assistant                  Cambridge, Massachusetts
           Graduated cum laude June 1994 in Biomedical Engineering. Dean's List. Played
         varsity football, rugby, and intramural sports. Participated in student television
                         1212 Crest Drive, Encinitas, California 92024
                        Home: (760) 942-4151 or Mobile: (858) 945-2483

                                     August 2000 – Present
     Schrecktech, Inc. – President                                     San Diego, California
         Founded consulting business. Operated and controlled a corporation. Advised and
     counseled companies on technology aspects. Analyzed, conceived and constructed
     business requirements. Budgeted and recommended hardware and software. Planned
     and estimated projects. Modified or constructed solutions. Managed and coordinated
     resources. Normalized database schemas. Developed and maintained websites.
     Automated manual processes. Built, monitored and refactored systems.

                                  January 2000 – August 2000, Inc. – Internet Engineer                              San Diego, California
         Created and maintained databases. Programmed websites. Collaborated with
     designers and engineers. Administered networks. Monitored, repaired and installed
     technology operations. Organized teams and managed projects. Drafted business plans.

                                September 1999 – January 2000
     Robert Half International, Inc. – Software Developer            San Diego, California
        Evaluated and augmented database repositories. Improved internal workflows.
     Migrated legacy systems. Wrote algorithms. Scripted websites.

                                 August 1996 – November 1998
     Sales Staffers International, Inc. – Microsoft Sales Associate
        Demonstrated and sold software. Facilitated purchases. Trained customers.

                                  March 1995 – September 1999
     Warner-Lambert – Research Software Developer                     San Diego, California
     Agouron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. – Research Software Developer
     Alanex Corporation – Research Scientist – Systems Engineer
         Designed and drafted inventions. Systematized chemical inventory system reducing
     inefficiencies. Reengineered equipment. Experimented in laboratory. Programmed
     robotics. Restructured workflows. Implemented electronic notebooks. Initiated

                                  September 1992 – June 1994
     Harvard University – Research Assistant                     Cambridge, Massachusetts
         Researched biomedical engineering principles. Researched and apparatus designs.
     Participated in experiments.

Memberships and Publications
     IEEE Society                                             
     Internet Society                                         
     Sourceforge                                     
     Thawte                                              
     Patent 5,811,665                                       

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