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									Congratulations on your interest in opening a roller skating center. Today’s family-friendly
environment means it is a great time to contemplate entering the roller skating industry.

On the following pages, you will find important information that will help you make the best
decisions when it comes to your new business.

• A list of rink consulting services that can provide you with critical guidance, support and
  research as you embark on your goal to open a roller skating center. Rink consultants are your
  key to finding out all the information you need to open a skating center.

• An order form for the Roller Skating Association International’s Industry Guide, a 300 page
  book developed by the association to assist individuals in opening up a skating center. The
  book contains information on every aspect of opening a center.
• A link to the location of our bi-monthly magazine, RSB, which contains a listing (in the back)
  of the numerous member businesses that service the roller skating industry. We
  recommend you contact these companies to get information on flooring, concession stand
  equipment, skate supplies and other supplies, equipment and services that you will need.

• Current facts and figures about the roller skating industry.

• Information on membership in the Roller Skating Association International. Membership in
  the RSA will provide you with invaluable tools to help your business become a success. Once
  you have taken title of the skating business you are purchasing or broken ground on the
  skating center you are building, you are eligible to join the association.
           Here are great reasons to join the RSA:
• If you pour Pepsi and                                  • Great publications
participate in the National Pepsi                        and newsletters to
program, you will receive a $500                         keep you up to date on
                                                                                           RSA TODAY
signing bonus, plus $1.90 for                            our industry, along with          Operators and Coaches Edition

every gallon of Pepsi you sell.                          money making ideas and
If you sell only 16 gallons of Pepsi                     promotions.
per month, you pay for your membership.

•Insurance                                                                • Excellent staff at the
Looking for insurance programs? RSM members                               RSA office to help you help
such as JBL Trinity Group, Hanasab Insurance and                          your business.
Meadowbrook Insurance Group, have a variety of
insurance programs available and offer discounts to
RSA members.                                                              • Networking and
                                                                          connecting with operators
                                                                          and owners throughout the
     Already know about 1 & 2?                                            country and world.
 How about these great member benefits?

• Free clip                                              • Scholarships awarded each year by the
art and photo                                            Roller Skating Foundation to members staff or
CDs with more than                                       children.
1,000 images,
a roller skating
font and animated
images for use on your
Web site.                                                • Music licensing discounts that can save
                                                         hundreds of dollars a year.

             • Monthly Web site
             promotions designed to build                  The RSA is here for you, and helping
             enthusiasm in your skating center.          your business make money is our goal. Just
                                                         the money saved by the Pepsi program and
                                                         insurance benefits alone will put up to $1,000
                                                         back in your pocket the first year. You will
• RSA                                                    save much more than your RSA dues each
Convention                                               year with discounts and benefits. Start putting
with plenty of
information to help                                      money back in your pocket and join the RSA
make your center                                         today!
more profitable. Meet new people, find out about new
promotions, attend seminars, industry updates and so
much more.
                                      Roller Skating Association International
                                       6905 Corporate Drive Indianapolis, IN 46278
                                          Ph: 317-347-2626 • Fax: 317-347-2636
                     FUN AND ENTERTAINMENT FACTS
Roller skating centers have always provided high energy, fun and entertainment for people of all
ages. The roller skating industry promotes family values and community involvement to offer a
good, clean environment for all.
Skating is one of the most affordable activities for the entire family. Whether entertaining a
family of five or dropping off older kids with a few dollars, skating is enjoyed at an affordable
price. Admission fees and skate rental have remained low, while other forms of entertainment
and sporting events have continually increased. The average skating center charges between
$.99 to $3 for skate rental and $3 to $6 for adult admission.

•   Roller skating provides a first experience in independent socialization for kids. In consumer
    surveys, skating has been voted the best place to date “without dating” – it is the best first
    date and the place where many have met their future mate.

•   Today, skating centers are full entertainment centers with more interaction on the skate floor,
    fast paced skating and hip music coupled with alternative activities inside the rink like laser
    tag, video games and much more. Although skating is still the focal point, the environment is
    one of a full-service family fun center.

•   To cater to each age group, skating centers play music that is age-appropriate and typically
    schedule skating sessions at appropriate times for different groups. For example, Friday
    evening may be teen night, while Saturday afternoon is family skate for all ages.

•   Because the environment is family-friendly and full of youth, skating centers provide an
    attractive place for young adults to land their first job.
ENTERTAINMENT: Celebrities and superstars enjoy roller skating, too.
•   2004 NBA Slam Dunk champion Fred Jones credits roller skating with his incredible vertical
    leap. According to Jones, he developed strong leg muscles and learned some of the
    acrobatics from his days on roller skates.

•   Olympic gold medal speed skater Derek Para started his career on roller skates before
    switching to ice skates to compete in the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. Olympic speed
    skater Apollo Ono also began competing in quad skates before switching to ice blades to
    compete in the 2002 Winter Olympic Games.

•   Grammy winner and pop music star Beyonce Knowles hosted her 21st birthday party at a rink
    in Atlanta, and actor John Stamos threw a 30th birthday party for wife Rebecca Ramijn-
    Stamos in Los Angeles. Janet Jackson and Kim Bassinger both host star-studded birthday
    parties at a skating center in California.

•   Rapper Missy Elliot sported quad skates in her music video, Work It. The musicians from
    Matchbox 20 shot their most recent video in a roller rink where they skated on quad skates.
     RSA International is the voice of the roller skating industry
       The Roller Skating Association (RSA) International is a trade association representing skating
center owners and operators; teachers, coaches and judges of roller skating; and manufacturers and
suppliers of roller skating equipment. In addition to promoting roller skating and in-line skating, the
association provides its members with educational materials and the opportunity to save money through
various programs. Through seminars, trade shows, publications and local sectional meetings, RSA
International members receive the latest information about skating equipment, promotions, maintenance,
insurance and more.
       Just before World War II, a group of skating center owners formed the association to promote
roller skating and establish good business practices for skating rinks. They named their organization the
Roller Skating Rink Operators Association (RSROA). The first RSROA office was located in Detroit,
Mich. Just as the roller skating industry has flourished, so has the association grown since its
establishment in 1937.
       Skating center owners began to utilize the new market by renting in-line skates and promoting the
safety benefits of skating indoors. During this decade of change, many skating centers began to expand
into entire family entertainment centers by offering a wider variety of entertainment choices. Though
many skating centers now offer video and redemption games, laser tag and soft play, operators insist that
roller skating will always remain the anchor of their business.
       The association has since relocated to Indianapolis, Ind., changed its name to “RSA International,”
expanded its membership and enhanced its benefits to members. Operators from around the world now
exchange ideas and learn from each other at section meetings and conventions. Hundreds of roller skating
center operators and vendors flock to the RSA Convention and Trade Show each year to see new products
and learn the latest trends in the industry.
        Now over 1,000 skating centers strong, the RSA International has become the voice of the roller
skating industry. Through membership in the RSA International, skating center owners, operators,
suppliers, coaches and manufacturers accomplish more together than any one business could on its own.
The connection the association provides for members allows the skating industry to provide the public
with a growing sport that offers safe, affordable and fun entertainment. in-line skates to the public in the
90s, people became excited about roller skating again. By the mid-90s, in-line skating and in-line hockey
had become two of the most popular sports in America.
A Belgian inventor introduced the first recorded roller skate in 1760. The first patent ever
taken out on a roller skate was in 1819 for an inline skate. In 1863, a Massachusetts
businessman invented the first roller skate that allowed skaters to turn. Within 20 years,
roller skating had become a popular pastime for men and women, with people participating
in speed, dance and figure skating contests, and roller polo.

With the 1970s came significant improvements in the roller skating industry. Skating floors
improved, resulting in easier maintenance, and plastic wheels enabled smoother skating. Music
and lighting systems at skating centers were also modernized. By 1977, disco’s popularity
spread to rinks, and another big skating boom exploded, especially among adults.

After the disco boom, roller skating among adults began to diminish, although the industry
remained a consistent source of indoor entertainment for children – especially between the ages
of 7-14 year olds. Today, 73 percent of individuals who skate indoors are between the ages of
five and 15. Even with changing times, kids view roller skating as a fun activity where they can
listen to popular music, hang out with friends, and play games.

• Roller skating centers host 23 million visits per year from kids in grades fifth through seventh
   and 18 million visits annually by kindergarteners through fourth graders.

• A National Sporting Goods Association report revealed that over 2.5 million individuals
   participate in roller hockey. Other roller skating team sports like rollerball have also
   increased in popularity.

• An American Sports Data survey revealed 10.8 million people roller skate (traditional quad
   skating). Another 29 million inline skate.

• Most skating center facilities range anywhere from under 14,000 square feet to more than
   21,000 square feet.

• Birthday parties are very popular at skating centers. Members of the Roller Skating
   Association (RSA) host about 47,000 parties each month or 564,000 parties each year
   nationwide. The average RSA member rink hosts anywhere between 20 and 40 birthday
   parties per month with 11-15 children attending each party. Many of the larger skating
   centers host 50 or more parties every week.

• More than 20 percent of indoor skaters skate between 31 and 99 times per year, while 12
   percent go at least 100 times per year, according to a study conducted by the Matrix Group.

• Participants in the Matrix Group’s survey ranked the following reasons as to why they go
   skating: It is fun (94%); My friends go (82%); I like the music (82%); I want to get out of the
   house (79%); I meet new people (70%); and, It is a healthy activity (67%).
     Looking to buy a skating center or already own one? This guide is for you!

Roller SkatingIndustr y Guide
     Your #1 Resource for buying
     & operating a skating center

Organized by topic in a sturdy three-ring binder,
the Industry Guide is packed with over 300 pages of
everything you need to know for opening and oper-
ating a skating center. Topics include:

   Upgrading to an FEC               Scope of the Industry             Lockers
   Skating Floors                    The Market                        Pro Shop
   Rental Skates                     Anticipated Income                Snack Bar
   Security                          Site Selection                    Games and Redemption
   Maintenance                       Cost of Operation                 Novelty Shop
   Sound Systems & Lighting          Obtaining Financing               Competitive Skating
   Personnel Management              Standards of Operation            Roller Hockey
   Computer Software                 Skating Center Design             Party Business Profits
   Marketing                         Construction Costs                Legal Issues
   Rehabilitating buildings          Parking                           Insurance

For more information on the Industry Guide call 317-347-2626 or visit

To order your copy of the Roller Skating Industry Guide, mail this form with $300 for non-members
(shipping & handling included within continental US) or $100 for RSA members (plus shipping and
handling) to the Roller Skating Association, 6905 Corporate Drive, Indianapolis, Indiana 46278; or
order online at Due to the nature of the material included in the guide and its
intended use, this product may not be returned.

Name ___________________________________________________________________________________
Address _________________________________________________________________________________

City ____________________________________________ State _____________ Zip __________________

Check Enclosed (made payable to RSA)            Pay by Credit Card
Name on Credit Card ____________________________ Credit Card No. __________________________
Expiration Date ________________ Signature _________________________________________________
                            RINK CONSULTING SERVICES
A rink consulting service can provide invaluable assistance whether you are purchasing an existing
skating center, converting an existing building into a skating center, or building a skating center from
the ground up. Rink consulting services can provide you with feasibility studies, market analysis,
building design, interior layouts, equipment selection, rink appraisals, financing, insurance, and much
more. The following rink consulting companies are members of the Roller Skating Association

Express Skate Supply                                     Southeastern Skate Supply #2
John and Joe Nazzaro                                     David Ramsey
1001 S. Main                                             PO Box 336
Euless, TX 76039                                         Mableton, GA 30126
800-243-3900                                             800-241-8060
817-354-6393                                             770-944-2631                                                      

Profit Sense Consultants                                 Southeastern Skate Supply Inc
William Carlson                                          Glenn Ramsey Jr.
16458 Bolsa Chica Street, #114,                          PO Box 12448
Huntington Beach, CA 92649                               Roanoke, VA 24025-2448
714-504-7742                                             800-444-7528                                    540-342-7873                           
RC Sports Incorporated
Dale Hanson                                              Western Skate Supply
9910 Lakeview Avenue                                     John Nazzaro
Lenexa, KS 66219                                         189 Constitution Drive
800-255-6588                                             Menlo Park, CA 94025
913-894-5179                                             800-366-1800                                      650-323-2818                           
Rink Planning & Consulting Services
Steve Shumaker
PO Box 155
S Milford, IN 46786

                                                                       G:\Press Kits\Opening Rink\Consulting 6-05.doc
                                                   You Should Attend

1. Ways to increase revenue
One of the biggest requests we receive is to “Give ideas to help us make more money.” Each year, we develop
seminars and recruit speakers to address this issue. Previous seminar topics have been geared towards
increasing food sales, Friday and Saturday night business, group sales, walk-in traffic and much more.

2. Gain new ideas
If you pick up just one new idea to implement at your skating center, isn’t it worth the expense to attend the
convention? With the amount of seminars offered each year, we know you’ll pick up more than one new idea!

3. Learn about your customer’s needs
It is more important than ever to understand your customers and their ever-changing needs. At the convention
and trade show, you’ll learn how other skating centers are succeeding as they share with you where to find out
about new trends, how they incorporate these trends in their skating center, and the achieved results.

4. See new industry-related products
The trade show brings together over 150 suppliers and manufacturers - companies that support the roller
skating industry. As a full delegate, you gain entry into the trade show where you will be able to learn about
their products, see demonstrations and sample food items. You will also see the newest and innovative
products and services available to the skating industry, so you can stay ahead of the game!

5. Attend the General Assembly
The convention kicks off with the General Assembly, where you will hear the latest news about the RSA and
valuable information on the state of the industry. The General Assembly also features a different dynamic
keynote speaker each year. Previous speakers have included Bob Eubanks and Steve Rizzo.

6. Network
What better place to catch up with your roller skating friends from around the nation? More time has been
allotted in the agenda for you to spend time with the people you want to see. Plus, the convention is a great
opportunity to meet new people and talk to them about what is working in their skating center and what is not.

7. Attend Roller Skating University
This concentrated, full day seminar explores a different module each year that is aimed at helping skating
operators become better business persons. The concentrated seminar is packed with valuable business tools.

8. It’s affordable
Each year, the RSA strives to make the convention affordable for our members. The Convention Planning
Committee and the national office negotiate with the host hotel to obtain the best possible rate.

9. Rejuvenate
The convention and trade show offers you a chance to get away! The daily operation of business can start to
wear anyone down. By coming to Reno, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to rest, relax and rejuvenate. You’ll
come home with a refreshed positive attitude and plenty of new ideas.

10. Have fun
Most of all, the RSA strives to make the convention/trade show an enjoyable experience. You can play in the
annual Roller Skating Foundation Golf Tournament, attend the Newcomer’s Reception, catch up with friends at
the social reception, enjoy an elegant meal at the President’s Dinner, and spend time with family and friends at
the many attractions in and around the convention venue.
G:\Press Kits\RSA\Top Ten Reasons for Convention.doc 11/2/2005
                              RSA & Pepsi -Cola
The Roller Skating Association International and Pepsi-Cola have teamed up in a national beverage
partnership to help you build your business, improve your bottom line and enhance your
profitability. Your participation in the RSA-Pepsi National Program provides you with great Pepsi
products at national account pricing, opportunities to participate in exclusive RSA-Pepsi
promotions, access to roller skating themed Twist ‘n Go cups, superior service, and dynamic
marketing efforts - all aimed at turning your successful roller skating center into an even stronger
profit center.

The RSA Pepsi National Program provides RSA members with $1.90/gallon in marketing and
merchandising support rebates. For a skating center that pours 500 gallons of Pepsi per year, this
adds up to $6,650 in Pepsi support over seven years.

     In addition, Pepsi will provide a $500 new agreement sign-on bonus to all RSA members.

Available exclusively to RSA-member skating centers, the RSA-Pepsi National Program is designed
with you and your skating center in mind. Sign on now to start rollin’ for higher profits!

    RSA Member Funding Seven Year Agreement
The RSA-Pepsi National Program is a seven-year agreement based on exclusive Pepsi fountain and
vending. Marketing/Merchandising funds are paid annually.

Designed to support the members’ local marketing and merchandising programs. Pepsi provides
members with a $1.90 per gallon rebate on all Pepsi corporate brands.

Members who sign the agreement and serve Pepsi products in their skating center will receive a
one-time $500 sign-on bonus.

       PepsiCo vs. Pepsi Bottlers Responsibilities
PepsiCo Responsibilities
Headquarter funding and marketing support, operator funding, national fountain pricing,
agreement management. PepsiCo provides marketing/merchandising funds to support local

Pepsi-Cola Bottler Responsibilities
Installation of equipment, service, product delivery, invoicing (credit terms), bottle and can pricing,
vending commissions, local marketing (Pepsi bottlers have no direct obligation to support local
marketing programs.

Please send all agreements to: RSA, 6905 Corporate Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46278 - Attn: Jennifer
Small Business Administration offers resources

If you are considering opening up a skating center, or are an existing skating
center owner/operator and want information and resources that will help make
your center more successful, visit the website for the Small Business
Administration at

The SBA provides free information and resources for starting a business,
obtaining business financing, managing a business, disaster recovery and
business opportunities. Every state in the U.S. has at least one SBA district office,
with multiple resource partners to support the needs of the small business
community. SBA has numerous programs and services designed to help small
businesses succeed.

For information, contact the SBA at:

Small Business Administration
409 Third Street, SW
Washington, DC 20416

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