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                                                         MainStay Funds
                                                         Money Market Checkwriting Service Form

      Complete this form to add or change checkwriting privileges on your MainStay Money Market Fund Account.
      Checkwriting is not permitted on Retirement Plans [i.e. 401(k)] or IRA’s and 403(b)(7)’s with New York Life Trust Company
      as custodian.
      Although MainStay Money Market Fund seeks to preserve the value of your investment at $1.00 per share, it is possible to
      lose money by investing in MainStay Money Market Fund. An investment in MainStay Money Market Fund is not FDIC
      insured or guaranteed by any bank.
      Once this option is established, additional checks may be ordered via the MainStay Investments Audio Response System
      (1-800-MAINSTAY) or on the Internet (

          ▲ Fund Name                                                                           Class                    Account Number

          ▲ Name of Individual, Custodian, Corporation, or Trust (exactly as it appears on your statement)

          ▲ Name of Joint Tenant(s), Minor, Trustee(s), Corporate Officer(s) (exactly as it appears on your statement)

          ▲ Signature of Shareholder                                                  ▲ Signature of Shareholder

          ▲ Signature of Shareholder                                                  ▲ Signature of Shareholder

          All shareholders whose names appear in the account registration must sign this form. Only shareholders whose
          names appear in the account registration are authorized to sign checks.

            Check the appropriate box for the number of signatures required on each check presented.

            ■ One Signature
            ■ Combination of any               Signatures
            ■ All Signatures

          The payment of monies is authorized by the signature(s) appearing in Section 1. If more than one person signs this card,
          all checks will require all signatures unless a lesser number is indicated. If no indication is given, all checks will require
          all signatures. Each signatory guarantees the genuineness of the other signature(s).

          By signing this form above I/we agree that State Street Bank & Trust Company (The “Bank”) is hereby appointed agent by
          the person(s) (the “Shareholder(s)”) signing this form and, as agent, is authorized and directed to present checks drawn
          on this checking account to the MainStay Money Market Fund or MainStay Investments as requests to redeem shares
          registered in the name of the Shareholder(s) in the amount of such checks and to deposit the proceeds of such redemp-
          tion in this checking account. I/We authorize MainStay Money Market Fund to redeem shares thereof in my/our account
          upon receipt of and to the amount of such checks. The Bank will be liable only for its own negligence. The Shareholder(s)
          agree(s) to be subject to the rules and regulations of the Bank pertaining to this checking account as amended from time
          to time. The applicable rules and regulations will be made available by the Bank, upon request, when a shareholder estab-
          lishes checkwriting privileges. The Bank reserves the right to change, modify, or terminate this checking account and
          authorization at any time. Neither the Bank nor MainStay Money Market Fund, nor The MainStay Funds, NYLIFE
          Distributors LLC, nor NYLIM Service Company and their affiliates, shall be held liable for any loss, liability, cost, or
          expenses for acting in accordance with the above terms.
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   professional or call toll-free   P.O. Box 8401           c/o BFDS                     169 Lackawanna Avenue
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   1-800-624-6782 / option 2                                Canton, MA 02021-2809

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