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									                                              EdIN Position Paper

EDIN Deployment
It is important that the EdIN Project, including the Genesis administrative portion, start pilot distribution to
remaining schools now and execute full deployment August 2004. This long term project moves us off the
expenses of the City mainframe, significantly expands capability to schools, improves management and
reporting capability, and significantly reduces teacher administrative time. Full deployment will yield
significant long term savings and soft benefits as follows:

Benefits of deployment:
    More powerful scheduling package for all and reliable scheduling for middle and elementary schools
    Integrated solution: combines functionality of mainframe, microSIMS, and ADC
            o Single point of entry (no dual entry): eliminates wasted effort, more accurate data
            o No cumbersome uploads, downloads
            o Accurate unified database
    Provides elementary schools the functionality secondary schools have long had to enhance daily
    Cost effective, allows teachers and staff to work more efficiently, cuts down time spent on
        administrative tasks.
    Redeployment of hardware for instruction
    “Hooks” to other technologies --- PDA’s, wireless, etc.
    Has “look” and “feel” of familiar, modern software
    High availability of information for Data Driven Decision-making
            o Able to interface with MS Office productivity software (e.g., Word, Excel)
    Classroom Manager
            o Grades and attendance taken from the teachers’ laptops (eliminates scan sheets)
            o Provides teachers with data and statistical analyses for improving instructional decisions
    Parent Portal increase interaction between families and schools

Disadvantages of delaying deployment:
    DOS microSIMS is obsolete and unsupportable
    Dual maintenance of systems (e.g., adding new data elements from DOE) cost extra
    Dual development of program requirements cost extra
    Two distinct data locations requires extra labor to manage
    Development and maintenance of data bridges for movement of data between mainframe and EdIN
       cost extra
    School scanners are becoming obsolete and unsupportable; will need to be replaced
    Legacy maintenance of ADC, T-27, Remote Print
    Continuing dual tasks of employees are costly and wasted “throw-away” efforts
    Expense

    See ROI Spreadsheet

Deployment Decision Points:
    Taking attendance/discipline on 2 places of origin-creates discrepancies and major data migration
      resulting in additional dual tasks; schools can only come on in August or January
          o Bring schools on in “batches”: since every time new schools are brought onto EdIN to do
               attendance before the complete cut-over mainframe programs/batch processes must be
               modified to handle new data
   Since 03-04 is an FTE audit year, we will not start schools mid-year. Reporting from two different
    systems on two different surveys may create data inconsistencies. Schools will only come on in
    August 2004.
   We plan no deployments during FCAT prep and testing to minimize interruption of instructional

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