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									April 2005
PETRONAS eLearning Course List

                      PETRONAS eLEARNING Solutions Sdn Bhd Course List
       Category          Code                                           Title
Accounting and Finance   48501   Financial Management Series: Fundamental Accounting Concepts
                         48502   Financial Management Series: Understanding Financial Statements
                         48503   Financial Management Series: Budgeting Essentials
                         48504   Financial Management Series: Cash Analysis and Management
                         48505   Financial Management Series: Analyzing Financial Statements
                         48506   Financial Management Series: Inventory Costing and Depreciation
                         48511   Business Finance: Risk Analysis
                         48512   Business Finance: Time Value of Money
                         48513   Business Finance: Valuation of Stocks and Bonds
                         48521   Business Accounting: Accounting for Assets
                         48522   Business Accounting: Accounting for Liabilities
                         48523   Business Accounting: Accounting for Stockholders Equity
                         48531   Financial Statements: Financial Statements Analysis
                         48532   Financial Statements: Reading and Analyzing an Annual Report
                         48533   Financial Statements: Analyzing Cash Flows
                         48541   Budgeting: Creating and Analyzing a Budget
                         48542   Budgeting: Operating and Manufacturing Budgets
                         48543   Budgeting: Capital Budgeting
Communication            19108   Communication Media and Etiquette Series
                         19110   Thinking on Your Feet -- Handling 11 Types of Difficult Question Types
                         19114   Everyone Sells -- Selling Skills for the Non-Salesperson
                         19115   Managing Your Pipeline - Accounts - Time
                         19109   Developing Winning Proposals Series
                         19113   Negotiate So That Everyone Wins
                         19111   Write to your Buyers -- E-mails - Letters - Reports
                         19112   Create and Deliver Sales Presentations with Impact
                         45002   Interpersonal Communication: Effective Communication
                         45003   Interpersonal Communication: Listening Skills
                         44003   Interpersonal Communication: Telephone Skills
                         45015   Effective Presentations: Planning a Presentation
                         45016   Effective Presentations: The Presentation Process
                         45017   Effective Presentations: Essentials of Persuasion
                         45101   Advanced Interpersonal Communication: Building Relationships
                         45102   Advanced Interpersonal Communication: Communicating with Co-workers
                         45103   Advanced Interpersonal Communication: Communicating to Build a Positive
                         45107   Business Writing - The Fundamentals
                         45108   Business Writing - Writing Effective Proposals
                         45201   Communicating with Difficult People: Working With Difficult Employees
                         45202   Communicating with Difficult People: Handling Difficult Co-workers
                         45203   Communicating with Difficult People: Communicating With Your Manager
                         45211   Emotional Intelligence: Developing Emotional Intelligence Skills
                         45212   Emotional Intelligence: Applying Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
                         45213   Emotional Intelligence: Emotional Intelligence for Executives
                      PETRONAS eLEARNING Solutions Sdn Bhd Course List
       Category          Code                                             Title
                         45221   Cross-Cultural Business Communication: Understanding Cultural Differences
                         45222   Cross-Cultural Business Communication: Developing Cross-Cultural
                                 Communication Skills
                         45223   Cross-Cultural Business Communication: Addressing Cross-Cultural Business
                         45231   E-mail Etiquette: E-mail in the Workplace
                         45232   E-mail Etiquette: Using E-mail to Communicate Successfully
                         45233   E-mail Etiquette: Writing Effective E-mail Messages
                         45241   Organizational Communication: The Fundamentals
                         45242   Organizational Communication: Communicating in the Workplace
                         45243   Organizational Communication: Managing Communication
                         45251   Business Etiquette: Office Protocol
                         45252   Business Etiquette: Communicating in Today's Workplace
                         45253   Business Etiquette: Business Functions and Travel
                         45271   Advanced Business Communication: Guidelines for Effective Communication
                         45272   Advanced Business Communication: Business Writing for Results
                         45273   Advanced Business Communication: Effective Business Communication
                         45281   Telephone Skills: Professionalism Through Basic Skills
                         45282   Telephone Skills: Handling Difficult Calls
                         45283   Telephone Skills: Effectively Managing Inbound and Outbound Calls
                         45291   Listening Skills: The Fundamentals of Listening
                         45292   Listening Skills: Listening Challenges
Customer Service         44004   Excellence in Service: Fundamentals for Managers
                         44005   Excellence in Service: Fundamentals for Employees
                         44006   Excellence in Service: Providing Superior Customer Service
                         44007   Excellence in Service: Working With Upset Customers
                         44008   Excellence in Service: Communicating With Your Customers
                         44009   Excellence in Service: Establishing Service Standards
                         44010   Excellence in Service: Building a Customer Service Team
                         44011   Excellence in Service: Creating Customer Loyalty
                         44002   Call Center: Inbound Customer Service
                         44021   Call Center Management: Managing an Inbound Call Center
                         44022   Call Center Management: Measuring Quality and Performance
                         44023   Call Center Management: Managing and Motivating Your Staff
                         44031   Customer Relationship Management: Fundamentals of CRM
                         44032   Customer Relationship Management: Implementing CRM
                         44033   Customer Relationship Management: eCRM
                         19099   Basic Customer Contact Representative Skills
                         19102   Customer Contact Center Functions
                         19106   Customer Service and Support Series
                         19107   Customer Service and Support Practice Series
Human Resources          47008   Diversity: What Managers Should Know
                         47009   Diversity: What Employees Should Know
                         47010   Interviewing Skills: Preparing for an Interview
                         47011   Interviewing Skills: Conducting an Interview
                         47012   Interviewing Skills: Laws Governing the Interview Process
                     PETRONAS eLEARNING Solutions Sdn Bhd Course List
       Category         Code                                            Title
                        47014   Exit Interviewing Skills: Preparing for an Exit Interview
                        47015   Exit Interviewing Skills: Conducting an Exit Interview
                        47016   Exit Interviewing Skills: The Termination Process
                        47101   Workplace Aggression: Recognizing Aggressive Behavior
                        47102   Workplace Aggression: Defusing Aggressive Situations
                        47103   Workplace Aggression: Taking a Proactive Approach
                        47111   Recruiting and Retention: Staffing Your Organization
                        47112   Recruiting and Retention: Internet Recruiting
                        47113   Recruiting and Retention: Keeping Your Good Employees
                        47201   360-Degree Feedback: Experiencing 360-Degree Feedback
                        47202   360-Degree Feedback: Implementing a 360-Degree Program
                        47203   360-Degree Feedback: Maximizing the Benefits of 360-Degree Feedback
                        47301   Sexual Harassment: What Employees Should Know
                        47302   Sexual Harassment: Preventing Sexual Harassment Claims
                        47303   Sexual Harassment: Resolving Sexual Harassment Claims
Human Resources         47311   Human Resource Law: Management Role
                        47312   Human Resource Law: Americans with Disabilities Act
                        47313   Human Resource Law: Equal Employment Opportunity Law
                        47314   Human Resource Law: Family and Medical Leave Act
                        47315   Human Resource Law: Fair Labour Standards Act
                        47316   Human Resource Law: Understanding Privacy Rights
Leadership              46001   Decision Making and Problem Solving: Decision Making Fundamentals
                        46002   Leadership Development: Delegation
                        46003   Leadership Development: Goal Setting
                        46004   Leadership Development: Leading the Way
                        46005   Leadership Development: Motivation
                        46006   Decision Making and Problem Solving: Problem Solving Fundamentals
                        46010   Leading the Way: Learning to Lead
                        46011   Strategic Decision Making: Preparing to Make Decisions
                        46012   Strategic Decision Making: Making the Right Decision
                        46013   Strategic Decision Making: Advanced Decision Making
                        46021   Business Problem Solving: Problem Solving Fundamentals
                        46022   Business Problem Solving: The Problem-Solving Process
                        46023   Business Problem Solving: Critical Thinking and Information Analysis
                        46024   Business Problem Solving: Problem Solving Teams
                        46031   Goal Setting: Reaching Individual Goals
                        46032   Goal Setting: Goal Setting Tools for Managers
                        46033   Goal Setting: Organizational Goal Setting
                        46041   Delegation: Understanding Delegation
                        46042   Delegation: Utilizing The Delegation Process
                        46043   Delegation: Monitoring and Evaluating Results
                        46101   Frontline Leadership: Preparing to Lead
                        46102   Frontline Leadership: Knowledge in the Workplace
                        46103   Frontline Leadership: Positively Influencing Workplace Culture
                        46111   Managerial Leadership: Creating a Vision
                     PETRONAS eLEARNING Solutions Sdn Bhd Course List
       Category         Code                                              Title
                        46112   Managerial Leadership: Leading Though Change
                        46113   Managerial Leadership: Motivating Employees
                        46121   Motivation: Fostering Employee Motivation
                        46122   Motivation: Motivating Through Rewards and Recognition
                        46123   Motivation: Empowering to Increase Motivation
                        46201   Executive Level Leadership: Becoming an Executive Leader
                        46202   Executive Level Leadership: Change and the Executive Leader
                        46203   Executive Level Leadership: Leadership and Communication
                        46301   Succession Planning: Elements and Approaches
                        46302   Succession Planning: Setting up a Succession Planning Program
Leadership              46303   Succession Planning: Successors, Plan Evaluations, and Planning Tools
Management              41003   Change Management: Managing Change
                        41006   Essentials of Management: Negotiating Skills
                        41009   Conducting Meetings: The Meeting Process
                        41010   Conducting Meetings: Managing a Meeting
                        41011   Conducting Meetings: Effective Meeting Communication
                        41012   Change Management: Adapting to Change
                        41015   Employee Performance: Managing Difficult People
                        41016   Employee Performance: Providing Feedback
                        41017   Employee Performance: Resolving Conflict
                        41020   Essentials of Management: Succeeding as a New Manager
                        41021   Essentials of Management: Creating a Positive Workplace
                        41022   Essentials of Management: Maintaining a Productive Workforce
                        41031   Facilitation- The Effective Facilitator
                        41032   Facilitation- The Facilitation Process
                        41033   Facilitation- Facilitating Challenging Situations
                        41041   Coaching: Building Relationships
                        41042   Coaching: Applying the Coaching Process
                        41043   Coaching: Communicating with Employees
                        41051   Managing Performance: Establishing a Performance Plan
                        41052   Managing Performance: The Performance Appraisal Process
                        41053   Managing Performance: Overcoming Performance Appraisal Challenges
                        41061   Correcting Performance Problems: Identifying Performance Problems
                        41062   Correcting Performance Problems: Addressing Performance Problems
                        41063   Correcting Performance Problems: Disciplining Employees
                        41071   Business Ethics: Ethics Decision Making
                        41072   Business Ethics: Managerial Business Ethics
                        41073   Business Ethics: Organizational Ethics
                        41081   Negotiating: Preparing for a Negotiation
                        41082   Negotiating: The Negotiation Process
                        41083   Negotiating: Advanced Negotiation Tactics
                        41091   Mentoring: Implementing a Formal Mentoring Program
                        41092   Mentoring: Developing Your Mentoring Skills
                        41093   Mentoring: Using a Mentor to Your Advantage
                     PETRONAS eLEARNING Solutions Sdn Bhd Course List
       Category         Code                                           Title
Management              41101   Organizational Behavior: Organizational Dynamics for Individuals
                        41102   Organizational Behavior: Organizational Group Dynamics
                        41103   Organizational Behavior: The Organizational System
                        41201   Managing the Expert: Understanding Experts
                        41202   Managing the Expert: Developing a Successful Environment
                        41203   Managing the Expert: Managing the Unique Needs of Experts
                        41210   Managing Generations in the Workplace: Understanding the Generations
                        41211   Managing Generations in the Workplace: Generations Working Together
                        41212   Managing Generations in the Workplace: Recruitment and Retention
                        41221   Managing High Performers: Talent Retention Strategy
                        41222   Managing High Performers: Identifying, Competencies and Interviewing
                        41223   Managing High Performers: Training, Career and Rewards
                        41231   Managing Change: The Change Process
                        41232   Managing Change: Overcoming Change Obstacles
                        41233   Managing Change: Managing Yourself Through Change
                        41261   Organizational Crisis Management: Planning for Crises
                        41262   Organizational Crisis Management: Managing a Crisis
                        41263   Organizational Crisis Management: Resolving Crises in Organizations
Business Law            46601   Essentials of Business Law: The Legal Environment
                        46602   Essentials of Business Law: Contract Law
                        46603   Essentials of Business Law: Employment Law
                        46604   Essentials of Business Law: Cyberlaw
                        46610   Business Code of Conduct: Ethical Responsibility in the Workplace
                        46611   Business Code of Conduct: Bribery and Kickbacks
                        46612   Business Code of Conduct: Insider Trading
                        46614   Business Code of Conduct: Sarbanes-Oxley Act 2002
                        46615   Business Code of Conduct: Confidentiality and Company Assets
                        46616   Business Code of Conduct: Conflicts of Interest
Personal Development    43001   Organizational Skills: Managing Information
                        43003   Creativity and Innovation: Thinking Creatively
                        43004   Organizational Skills: Time Management
                        43005   Stress Management: Fundamentals for Managers
                        43006   Stress Management: Fundamentals for Employees
Personal Development    43010   Self Development: Balancing Your Personal and Professional Life
                        43011   Self Development: Motivating Yourself to Perform
                        43012   Self Development: Increasing Your Assertiveness
                        43013   Self Development: Developing Rapport Through Communication
                        43014   Self Development: Improving Your Memory
                        43015   Self Development: Positively Influencing Others
                        43021   Time Management: Developing a Plan
                        43022   Time Management: Planning Your Day
                        43023   Time Management: Overcoming Challenges
                        43031   Creativity and Innovation: Increasing Personal Creativity
                        43032   Creativity and Innovation: Fostering a Creative Environment
                        43033   Creativity and Innovation: Promoting Team Creativity
                            PETRONAS eLEARNING Solutions Sdn Bhd Course List
        Category               Code                                          Title
                               43041   Career Development: Developing a Career Strategy
                               43042   Career Development: Excelling in Your Career
                               43043   Career Development: Professional Networking
                               43051   Achieving Success Without Authority: Focusing on Results
                               43052   Achieving Success Without Authority: Personal Accountability
                               43061   Business Travel Safety: Domestic Travel
                               43062   Business Travel Safety: International Travel
                               43063   Business Travel Safety: Forming a Corporate Travel Safety Program
                               43064   Business Travel Safety: Safety Measures for Travelers
                               45104   Grammar Skills - An Introduction to Basic Grammar
                               45105   Grammar Skills - Writing Effectively
                               45106   Grammar Skills - Punctuation, Mechanics, and Spelling

IT Professional Skills         43490   Moving from Technical Professional to Manager: Getting Started
                               43491   Moving from Technical Professional to Manager: Managing Personnel
                               43492   Moving from Technical Professional to Manager: Managing the IT Department
Project Management             41512   Advanced Project Management: Building Productive Stake Holder
                               41513   Advanced Project Management: Project Estimating Techniques
                               41514   Advanced Project Management: Managing Accelerated Projects
                               41515   Advanced Project Management: Setting Up a Project Office
                               41516   Advanced Project Management: Portfolio Management
                               41517   Advanced Project Management: Project Management Maturity
                               41521   Project Leadership: Leading the Project Team
                               41522   Project Leadership: Communicating Within a Project Team
                               41523   Project Leadership: Overcoming Obstacles
                               41524   Advanced Project Leadership: Organization, Strategy and Business Needs
                               41525   Advanced Project Leadership: Navigating Corporate Structures
                               41526   Advanced Project Leadership: Bringing Home the Value
                               41527   Advanced Project Leadership: Selling Project Management to the Organization
                               41531   Managing IT Projects: Project Fundamentals and Initiation
                               41532   Managing IT Projects: Project Planning and Execution
                               41533   Managing IT Projects: Project Control and Closure
                               41551   Project Management Essentials: Planning a Project
                               41552   Project Management Essentials: Project Scheduling and Budgeting
                               41553   Project Management Essentials: Controlling and Closing a Project
                               41561   Project Management: The Fundamentals
                               41562   Project Management: Scope
                               41563   Project Management: Time Management
                               41564   Project Management: Estimating Costs
                               41565   Project Management: Quality Standards
                               41566   Project Management: Risk Management
                               41567   Project Management: The Team
                               41568   Project Management: Communications
                               41569   Project Management: Contracts and Procurement
                               41570   Project Management: Coordination
                               41571   Project Management: The Process
                        PETRONAS eLEARNING Solutions Sdn Bhd Course List
        Category           Code                                           Title
Team Building              42001   Team Management: High Performance Teams
                           42002   Team Participation: Teamwork Fundamentals
                           42003   Team Participation: Team Communication
                           42004   Team Participation: Resolving Conflict in Teams
                           42005   Team Participation: Decision Making in Teams
                           42101   Virtual Teams: The Fundamentals
                           42102   Virtual Teams: Communicating Effectively
                           42103   Virtual Teams: Participating in Virtual Meetings
                           42201   Team Leadership: Developing A High Performance Team
                           42202   Team Leadership: Conducting Productive Team Meetings
                           42203   Team Leadership: Promoting Your Team's Effectiveness
                           42211   Team Conflict: Resolving Team Conflict
                           42212   Team Conflict: Working in Diversified Teams
                           42213   Team Conflict: Overcoming Conflict with Communication
                           42221   Project Team: Participating on a Project Team
                           42222   Project Team: Applying Team Building Techniques
                           42223   Project Teams: Building a Project Team
                           42231   Cross-Functional Teams: Goal Setting in a Cross-Functional Team
                           42232   Cross-Functional Teams: Selecting Cross-Functional Team Members
                           42233   Cross-Functional Teams: Cross-Functional Team Development
                           42301   Virtual Team Management: Developing Virtual Teams
                           42302   Virtual Team Management: Managing Virtual Team Relationships
                           42303   Virtual Team Management: Coaching Virtual Team Members
Support Professionals      43301   Administrative Assistant Skills: Understanding Basic Skills
                           43302   Administrative Assistant Skills: Enhancing Your Skills
                           43303   Administrative Assistant Skills: Excelling as an Admin Assistant
Knowledge Management       44601   Organizational Learning: Developing a Knowledge Management System
                           44602   Organizational Learning: Transferring Knowledge within an Organization
                           44603   Organizational Learning: Deploying a Knowledge Management System
                           48301   E-Learning Essentials Pt. 1 - E-Learning and Successful Strategy
                           48302   E-Learning Essentials Pt. 2 - Marketing to Your Key Players
                           48303   E-Learning Essentials Pt. 3 - Deploying and Measuring Your Solution
Consulting                 19103   Consultative Selling I Series
                           19104   Consultative Selling II Series
                           19105   Consultative Selling Practice Series
                           44551   Consulting Skills: Building Consulting Relationships
                           44552   Consulting Skills: The Consulting Process
                           44553   Consulting Skills: Serving as an Internal Consultant
Strategic Planning         42501   Strategic Management: Establishing Strategic Focus
                           42502   Strategic Management: Analyzing Strategic Options
                           42503   Strategic Management: Developing a Successful Process
                           42511   Competitive Intelligence: Implementing a Competitive Intelligence System
                           42512   Competitive Intelligence: Analysis and Dissemination
                           42513   Competitive Intelligence: Researching Online
                           42521   Managing Business Risk: Developing a Risk Management Plan
                         PETRONAS eLEARNING Solutions Sdn Bhd Course List
        Category            Code                                           Title
                            42522   Managing Business Risk: Risk Assessment and Control
                            42523   Managing Business Risk: Financing and Contingency Planning
Sales and Marketing         42401   Principles of Marketing: Fundamentals of Marketing
                            42402   Principles of Marketing: Product Strategy
                            42403   Principles of Marketing: Distribution Strategy
                            42404   Principles of Marketing: Promotion Strategy
                            42405   Principles of Marketing: Pricing Strategy
                            42406   Principles of Marketing: Writing a Marketing Plan
                            42411   Brand Management: Fundamentals of Brand Management
                            42412   Brand Management: Building Brand Equity
                            42413   Brand Management: Managing Brand Equity
                            42414   Brand Management: Developing a Brand Strategy
                            42415   Brand Management: Integrated Marketing
                            42416   Brand Management: Branding on the Web
                            44501   Sales Skills: The Fundamentals
                            44502   Sales Skills: Prospecting and Addressing Needs
                            44503   Sales Skills: Overcoming Obstacles
                            44504   Sales Skills: Gaining Customer Commitment
                            44505   Sales Skills: Developing a Winning Strategy
                            44506   Sales Skills: Effectively Closing a Sales
                            44511   Professional Selling Over the Phone: Preparation and Strategies
                            44512   Professional Selling Over the Phone: Prospecting
Sales and Marketing         44513   Professional Selling Over the Phone: Closing a Sale
                            44520   Sales Management: Building a Championship Sales Team
                            44521   Sales Management: Leading a Sales Team
                            44522   Sales Management: Motivating Sales Teams to Win
Operations                  44711   Quality Management: The Quality Management Process
                            44712   Quality Management: Quality Management Tools
                            44713   Quality Management: Business Process Improvement
                            44721   Operations Management: Fundamentals of Operations Management
                            44722   Operations Management: Operations Components
                            44723   Operations Management: Operations Management Tools
                            44731   ISO 9001: 2000: Overview of Standards
                            44732   ISO 9001: 2000: Implementing Standards
                            44733   ISO 9001: 2000 : The Auditing Process
                            44741   Value Chain Management: Elements of the Value Chain
                            44742   Value Chain Management: Managing a Value Chain
                            44743   Value Chain Management: Managing the Transition to a Value Chain
                            44751   Six Sigma Part 1: Six Sigma Essentials
                            44752   Six Sigma Part 2: Deploying Six Sigma
                            44753   Six Sigma Part 3: Managing Six Sigma Projects
                            44851   Total Quality Management: Essentials of TQM
                            44852   Total Quality Management: Principles
                            44853   Total Quality Management: Implementation and Tools
International Business      46501   International Business Essentials: The Global Business Environment
                       PETRONAS eLEARNING Solutions Sdn Bhd Course List
        Category          Code                                            Title
                          46502   International Business Essentials: Succeeding as a Global Manager
                          46503   International Business Essentials: Conducting Business in Europe
Safety and Regulatory     14987   Industrial Safety - Hazard Communication
                          14988   Industrial Safety - Personal Protective Equipment
                          14993   Safety and Health - Office Ergonomics
                                 PETRONAS eLEARNING Solutions Sdn Bhd Course List
                                           INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
         Category                  Code                                             Title
E-Commerce                         13183   Introduction to e-Commerce
                                   13184   Evaluating e-Commerce Options
                                   13185   e-Commerce Security
                                   13186   e-Commerce Implementation Issues
                                   13187   Building an e-Commerce Business Case
                                   13782   e-Business Part 1: Facing the e-Business Challenge
                                   13783   e-Business Part 2: Building the Infrastructure
                                   13784   e-Business Part 3: Choosing Tools and Technologies
                                   13785   e-Business Part 4: Securing Your Infrastructure
                                   13786   e-Business Part 5: Understanding the Applications
                                   13787   e-Business Part 6: Working with Employees
                                   13788   e-Business Part 7: Satisfying the Customer
                                   13789   e-Business Part 8: Supply Chain Management and e-Procurement
                                   13494   Database Technologies Part 1: Relational Database Fundamentals
                                   13495   Database Technologies Part 2: Introduction to SQL
                                   72551   Microsoft Access 2000 Designing and Implementing Database Applications Part 1 -
                                           Database Design
                                   72552   Microsoft Access 2000 Designing and Implementing Database Applications Part 2 -
                                           Handling Data
                                   72553   Microsoft Access 2000 Designing and Implementing Database Applications Part 3 -
                                           Creating Applications
                                   72554   Microsoft Access 2000 Designing and Implementing Database Applications Part 4 -
                                           Debugging Applications
                                   72555   Microsoft Access 2000 Designing and Implementing Database Applications Part 5 -
                                           Completing Applications

                                 PETRONAS eLEARNING Solutions Sdn Bhd Course List
                                              DESKTOP COURSES
        Category                   Code                                             Title
PC and Windows User                14318   Introduction to PCs and Software
                                   15100   Basic Troubleshooting
                                   72006   Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional User Fundamentals
                                   72007   Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Advanced User
                                   74001   Microsoft Windows XP User Fundamentals
                                   74002   Microsoft Windows XP Advanced User
                                   13596   ICDL and ECDL Part 1
                                   13597   ICDL and ECDL Part 2
                                   13598   ICDL and ECDL Part 3
                                   14716   ICDL and ECDL Part 4
                                   14717   ICDL and ECDL Part 5
                                   14718   ICDL and ECDL Part 6
                                   14719   ICDL and ECDL Part 7
Microsoft Office                   75010   Microsoft Office 2003 - New Features for Office Users
                                   75001   Microsoft Office 2003 - Introduction to Office 2003
                                   72101   Microsoft FrontPage 98 Proficient User
                                   72102   Microsoft FrontPage 98 Expert User
                                   75022   Microsoft Word 2003 Fundamentals

For internal circulation only.                     Private and Confidential                                        - 11 -
                                 PETRONAS eLEARNING Solutions Sdn Bhd Course List
                                              DESKTOP COURSES
           Category                Code                                             Title
                                   75023   Microsoft Word 2003 Proficient User
                                   75024   Microsoft Word 2003 Expert Part 1
                                   75025   Microsoft Word 2003 Expert Part 2
                                   75032   Microsoft Excel 2003 Fundamentals
                                   75033   Microsoft Excel 2003 Proficient User
                                   75034   Microsoft Excel 2003 Expert Part 1
                                   75035   Microsoft Excel 2003 Expert Part 2
                                   75041   Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 Fundamentals
                                   75042   Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 Proficient User
                                   75050   Microsoft Access 2003 Fundamentals
                                   75051   Microsoft Access 2003 Proficient User
                                   75070   Microsoft Outlook 2003 Fundamentals
                                   75071   Microsoft Outlook 2003 Proficient User
                                   75081   Microsoft Project 2003 Fundamentals
                                   75082   Microsoft Project 2003 Proficient User
                                   75091   FrontPage 2003 Proficient User

Microsoft Office                   75092   FrontPage 2003 Expert User
                                   75060   Microsoft Visio 2003 Proficient User
                                   75061   Microsoft Visio 2003 Expert User
                                   74010   Microsoft Office XP: New Features Part 1: Overview, Word, Excel and PowerPoint
                                   74011   Microsoft Office XP: New Features Part 2: Access, Outlook and FrontPage
Internet                           15042   NetMeeting
                                   15119   Internet Fundamentals
                                   15124   Surf and Communicate with the Internet
                                   15125   Secure E-mail
                                   74016   Microsoft Internet Explorer 6: User Fundamentals
                                   85101   Introduction to the Internet and World Wide Web
                                   85102   Netscape 6 User Fundamentals
Lotus                              12889   Lotus Approach 97 Fundamentals
                                   13190   Lotus Notes R5: Collecting and Organizing Information
                                   13191   Lotus Notes R5: Messaging and Working Remotely
                                   13192   Lotus Notes R5: Calendaring and Scheduling
                                   13193   Lotus Notes R5: Managing and Sharing Information
                                   13400   Lotus Domino R5: Migrating from R4.x
                                   13401   Lotus Domino R5: Configuring and Optimizing the Environment
                                   13403   Lotus Domino R5 Development Part 1: Basic Concepts
                                   13404   Lotus Domino R5 Development Part 2: Application Development Fundamentals
                                   13405   Lotus Domino R5 Development Part 3: Creating User Interfaces
                                   13406   Lotus Domino R5 Development Part 4: Making Your Application Run
                                   13407   Lotus Domino R5 Development Part 5: Advanced Application Development
                                   13408   Lotus Domino R5 Development Part 6: Developing Applications for Web Clients
                                   13409   Lotus Domino R5 Development Part 7: Developing Applications for the Notes R5
                                   13410   Lotus Domino R5 Development Part 8: Application Architecture
                                   13411   Lotus Domino R5 Development Part 9: Web Site Design
                                   13420   Lotus Domino R5 System Administration Part 1: Planning a Notes/Domino
                                   13421   Lotus Domino R5 System Administration Part 2: Replication and Mail Routing

For internal circulation only.                     Private and Confidential                                          - 12 -
                                 PETRONAS eLEARNING Solutions Sdn Bhd Course List
                                              DESKTOP COURSES
        Category                   Code                                          Title
                                           Basics and Strategies
                                   13422   Lotus Domino R5 System Administration Part 3: Server Setup and Configuration
                                   13423   Lotus Domino R5 System Administration Part 4: User Setup and Configuration
                                   13424   Lotus Domino R5 System Administration Part 5: Advanced Notes Mail Routing
                                   13425   Lotus Domino R5 System Administration Part 6: Advanced Internet Mail Routing
                                   13426   Lotus Domino R5 System Administration Part 7: Security Planning and
Lotus                                      Implementation
                                   13427   Lotus Domino R5 System Administration Part 8: Internet Connectivity & Security
                                   13428   Lotus Domino R5 System Administration Part 9: Managing a Notes/Domino
                                   13429   Lotus Domino R5 System Administration Part 10: Monitoring a Notes/Domino
                                   14390   IBM® Lotus® Domino 6: Preparing Domino R4 Administrators
                                   14393   IBM® Lotus® Domino Designer 6: Preparing Domino R4 Developers
                                   14391   IBM® Lotus® Domino 6 for Release 5 Administrators Part 1: Preparing
                                   14392   IBM® Lotus® Domino 6 for Release 5 Administrators Part 2: New Features
                                   14394   IBM® Lotus® Domino Designer 6 for Release 5 Developers Pt 1: New Features
                                   14395   IBM® Lotus® Domino Designer 6 for Release 5 Developers Pt 2: Enhancements
                                   14396   IBM® Lotus® Domino Designer 6 for Release 5 Developers Pt 3: Tools
                                   14403   Lotus Notes 6 - Moving to IBM Lotus Notes 6
                                   14404   Lotus Notes 6 - New Features of IBM Lotus Notes 6
Macromedia                         13886   Macromedia Flash 5
                                   13887   Macromedia Dreamweaver 4
                                   13888   Macromedia Dreamweaver UltraDev 4
                                   15025   Macromedia Dreamweaver MX Part 1
                                   15026   Macromedia Dreamweaver MX Part 2
                                   15027   Macromedia Flash MX Part 1 - Flash MX Fundamentals
                                   15028   Macromedia Flash MX Part 2 - Animation Basics
                                   15034   Macromedia Fireworks MX Part 1
                                   15035   Macromedia Fireworks MX Part 2
Adobe Technologies                 14362   Adobe PhotoShop 7: Fundamentals
                                   14363   Adobe PhotoShop 7: Advanced
                                   15010   Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Fundamentals
                                   15011   Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Intermediate
                                   15015   Adobe Illustrator 10 Part 1
                                   15016   Adobe Illustrator 10 Part 2
Consumer Technology                15000   Digital Photography
                                   15001   Digital Video Editing
                                   15002   Home Networking with Windows XP
                                   15019   CD and DVD Creation
                                   15020   PDA and Pocket PC Fundamentals
                                   15029   Wireless Networking for Small Business

Consumer Technology                15050   Capturing Digital images
                                   15051   Transfering Digital Images
                                   15052   Manage, Edit, and Share Digital Images: Adobe Photoshop Album 2.0
                                   15053   Organize, Edit and Share Digital Images: Pinnacle Instant Photo Album
                                   15054   Manage and Store Digital Images

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                                 PETRONAS eLEARNING Solutions Sdn Bhd Course List
                                              DESKTOP COURSES
        Category                   Code                                             Title
                                   15055    Display Digital Images Electronically
                                   15056    Protect and Share Digital Movies: Pinnacle Instant Video Album
                                   15058    Norton Antivirus 2004
                                   15059    Norton AntiSpam 2004
                                   15072    Discover Your Tablet PC
                                   15104    Preventative Maintenance
Consumer Financial                 15004    Microsoft Money 2003 - Managing Your Finances
                                   15005    Quicken 2003 Deluxe - Personal Finance Management
                                   15022    QuickBooks 2003 - Getting Started
                                   15023    QuickBooks 2003 - Basic Accounting
                                   15043    Basic Personal Finance
                                   15047    Quicken 2004 Deluxe - Managing Your Personal Finances

                                 PETRONAS eLEARNING Solutions Sdn Bhd Course List
                                       TECHNICAL OIL AND GAS COURSES
          Category                  Code                                            Title
Health, Safety and                 AT 7201 Permit To Work
Environmental Range
                                   AT 7202 Confined Space Entry
                                   AT 7203 PETRONAS Authorised Gas Tester
                                   AT 7204 Manual Handling
                                   AT 7205 USECHH Awareness
                                   AT 7206 Hydrogen Sulphide Awareness
                                   AT 7207 Pressure Testing
Oil and Gas Processing             AT 7210 Pressure and Temperature Instrumentation
                                   AT 7210 Flow and Level Instrumentation
                                   AT 7210 Overview of The Process of Seperation
                                   AT 7210 Seperator Construction and Internal Fittings
                                   AT 7210 Seperator Start-Up and Shut-Down
                                   AT 7210 Process System Ancillary Equipment
                                   AT 7210 Centrifugal Compressors and Knock-Out Drums
                                   AT 7210 Basic Turbo Expander Process
                                   AT 7210 Produced Water Part 1
                                   AT 7210 Produced Water Part 2
                                   AT 7210 Produced Water Part 3
Electrical Range                   AT 7211 Power Production Capacity
                                   AT 7211 Power System Design Options
                                   AT 7211 Safety in Design
                                   AT 7211 Electrical Standards and Analysis of Plant Loads
                                   AT 7211 Motor Performance
                                   AT 7211 Introduction to Power System Design
                                   AT 7212 EX (Explosive Proof)
                                   AT 7213 Electrical Safety Rules
Seismic                                      Seismic Modules (12 courses)
                                       AND MANY MORE, Please contact us for details

For internal circulation only.                      Private and Confidential                                 - 14 -
         Category                Code                                    Title
                                        PETRONAS Vision, Mission and Shared Values
                                        PETRONAS Corporate Brand Essence
                                        PETRONAS Health, Safety and Environment
                                        PETRONAS Human Resource
                                        PETRONAS Corporate Activities
                                        PETRONAS Quality Principles

For internal circulation only.                Private and Confidential               - 15 -
About PETRONAS eLearning Solutions
PETRONAS eLearning Solutions Sdn Bhd (PeLSSB), or better known as PETRONAS eLearning, is
Malaysia’s national petroleum corporation’s eLearning company established in 2004. Wholly-owned by
PETRONAS, it is vested with the online training and professional development of the corporate
professionals not only limited to PETRONAS but also covers the academic, public, government and other
industries in Malaysia and the international markets. It is entrusted with the responsibility of developing and
adding value to these resources by utilizing technology and its proven standards and methodology.

PETRONAS eLearning is engaged in a wide spectrum of eLearning activities, including the offerings of
standalone and subscription based on-line Soft Skills Courses, which includes Business and Professional
Development Skills Courses; IT and Desktop Courses; Technical Oil and Gas Courses; English Language
and specially developed courses which we developed and customized according to our clients’ needs.

                                         PETRONAS eLearning PRODUCTS and SERVICES
         Soft Skills                            Desktop                  Languages                         Technical
  Business and Professional                       and                     Courses                         Oil and Gas
    Development Courses                       IT Courses                    (1)                             Courses
            (361)                                (139)                                                         (38)

  Accounting & Finance (18)       Desktop                                      English Language   HSE (7)
  Communications (45)             PC and Windows User Fundamentals (13)                           Oil and Gas Processing (11)
  Customer Service (19)           Microsoft Office (26)                                           Electrical (8)
  Human Resources (26)            Internet (7)                                                    Seismic (12)
  Leadership (35)                 Lotus (35)
  Management (51)                 Macromedia Technologies (9)
  Business Law (10)               Adobe Technologies (6)
  Personal Development (29)       Consumer Technology (17)
  IT Professional Skills (3)      Consumer Financial Management (6)
  Project Management (30)
  Team Building (23)              Information Technology
  Support Professionals (3)       E-Commerce (13)
  Knowledge Management (6)        Database (7)
  Consulting (6)
  Strategic Planning (9)
  Sales and Marketing (24)
  Operations (18)
  International Business (3)
  Safety and Regulatory (3)

                                 PETRONAS Corporate Courses (PETRONAS ONLY)

      Client Customized           PETRONAS Vision, Mission and Shared Values
         Coursewares              PETRONAS Corporate Brand Essence
          (Bespoke)               PETRONAS Health, Safety and Environment
                                  PETRONAS Human Resource
                                  PETRONAS Corporate Activities
                                  PETRONAS Quality Principles

                                    PETRONAS eLearning Learning Management System (LMS)
                                  (Via: &
                                           PETRONAS eLearning Consulting Services
                                             PETRONAS eLearning Facilities (eLCs)

                               Exhibit 1.0 – PETRONAS eLearning Products and Services

Some of the examples of Bespoke Courses that we have developed are PETRONAS Vision, Mission and
Shared Values courses, PETRONAS Corporate Brand Essence Courses, PETRONAS Health, Safety and
Environment Courses, PETRONAS Human Resource Courses, PETRONAS Corporate Activities courses,
and PETRONAS Quality Principles courses. These coursewares fall under what is termed as PETRONAS
Corporate Courses. Since its establishment, the Company has grown to be an integrated eLearning
company with online course offerings of more than 500 titles and growing. These courses are delivered
through subscription to the Company’s Learning Management Systems (LMS); an application system that
enables learning delivery, learners registration, training tracking and manages training report generation via
our hosting services.

For internal circulation only.                     Private and Confidential                                                - 16 -
PETRONAS eLearning also develops, manages, and operates several eLearning Centres (eLCs) for
PETRONAS. The eLCs are equipped with access to the Company’s Learning Management Systems (LMS)
through its state-of-the-art computer labs, meeting and classroom facilities to facilitate on-line or blended
learning programs.

PETRONAS eLearning provides project development, implementation and management expertise in the
development, construction and training of our online courses, bespoke courses and eLearning Centres
according to specifications and requirements of our clients.

All of our products offerings are complemented by our consulting and advisory services including eLC
construction, LMS integration, ID (instructional design), learning needs assessment, content construction,
courseware development analysis, online training analysis and blended learning.

Contact Us:
PETRONAS eLearning Solutions Sdn Bhd
Level 5, Tower 1
PETRONAS Twin Towers
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
50088 Kuala Lumpur

General Line: +603 2331 8000
Helpdesk Line: +603 2331 3333


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