Room for Living Agreement in Pennsylvannia

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					Saint Joseph
       338Manor Avenue,
    D owni ngt own, PA 19335
                                 Telephone Numbers
    July 5, 2009                 Parish Office ..............................................................................610-269-8294
      14th Sunday in             Parish Office Fax .......................................................................610-269-2487
      Ordinary Time              School .......................................................................................610-269-8999
                                 PREP ........................................................................................610-873-8798
     Rev. William J. Smith,      Web site
 Rev. Msgr. Robert T. McManus
        Pastor Emeriti           Sunday Masses
                                    Saturday, 5:00 pm
Rev. Monsignor William J. Lynn      Sunday, 6:00 am, 7:30 am, 9:00 am, 10:30 am, 12 noon, 4:00 pm
           Pastor                Daily Masses
                                     Mon-Fri 7:00, 9:00 am; Sat. 8:00 am
     Rev. Brian M. Kean
      Parochial Vicar            Holy Days of Obligation
                                    As Announced
   Rev. Matthew W. Guckin
          Resident               Exposition and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
                                    Perpetual Adoration in the Holy Family Chapel
 Deacon Edward R. Schiappa
         Permanent Deacon        Reconciliation
                                    Saturdays, 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm; Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:30 am and 8:30 am;
                                    Wednesdays, 6:30 pm

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                  BAPTISMS                                                ANNOUNCED MASSES THIS WEEK
MACKENZIE MARYANNE DEMARCO, JUSTIN                                  SATURDAY, JULY 4
RYAN DUDRICK, JESSICA LEA KOLBAY,                                   5:00 PM-Baby DelTito by Family
NICHOLAS MCLAUGHLIN, JR., NELAINA                                   SUNDAY, JULY 5
PANTOJA, BRYCE ANTHONY RIBERIO, AUSTIN                              6:00 AM-For the Parishioners
P. VERLINGHIERI AND ADDISON MONTGOMERY                              7:30 AM-Onorina DiPietro by Muriel Andress
                                                                    9:00 AM-John M. Baker, Jr. by Wife & Family
Parents of babies to be baptized are asked to please register for   10:30 AM-Cesare Fersini by Antonietta DiFrancesco
Pre-Jordan, a three-week program at St. Joseph Parish,              12:00 PM-Steve Leeper by Ondish & McGeehan Families
recommended by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia for the              4:00 PM-George J. Costa (1st Anniv.) by Son, Steve
formation of parents having their children baptized. Meetings       MONDAY, JULY 6
are normally held on Mondays, 7:00-8:30 PM. To get the most         7:00 AM-Pacana Brothers by Mr. & Mrs. Frank DiOttavio
benefit from these sessions, we encourage you to attend during      9:00 AM-George March by Alice & Family
your pregnancy. Please visit our web site for further details and
for registration information or call the parish office.             TUESDAY, JULY 7
                                                                    7:00 AM-Michael Findley by Mark Zacarelli & Girls
                                                                    9:00 AM-Deceased Members of the DiMartin & Menna Families
                                                                            By DiMartin Family
                                                                    WEDNESDAY, JULY 8
                                                                    7:00 AM-Mark Elgin by Maureen McOsker
                                                                    9:00 AM-DiEuliis & Pomento Families by Agnes DiEuliis
   Please call the parish office (each month) if you                THURSDAY, JULY 9
 would like to remove someone’s name from this list.                7:00 AM-Felipe Ponce by Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Gonzales
                                                                    9:000 AM-Rosa & Domenico DiCarlo
…those who are sick: Karen Batty, Carmeline Farnum                          by D’Anzi & Napoleone families
Bende, Anthony Bianco, Patrice Blasdell, Rosemary Brady,            FRIDAY, JULY 10
Beryl Broadbelt, Steve Campbell, Lorraine Carlin, Laura, Carter,    7:00 AM-JoAnn Antonelli by Karen Trotman
Sheila Caseley,      Anita Conant, Florence Ceulers, Agnes          9:00 AM-Michael-Anthony Reyes by Nathan & Marie Reyes
Cummings, Sharon Danguiro, Gino DiBernadetto, John
DiBerardinis, Mario DiFrancesco, Frank DiOttavio, Mary Dunkin,      SATURDAY, JULY 11
Joe Dunn, Irene Evrard, Martha Fauls, Rosemary Fernandes,           8:00 AM-Cesare Fersini by Mr. & Mrs. Francis Bonaduce
John Francis, Vincent Gazzo, Mary Rose Giambrone, Elizabeth
Grande, Al Greco, Don & Dorothy Habermann, Lewis Heffner,
Sr., Eileen Heller, Mason Ippolito, Ann Johnson, Chris Jones,
Loretta Kirchner, Fred Koerber, Anne Lewis, Gerald J. Lyons,                         Sanctuary Candle in memory of
Frank Mariani, Bill Marquardt, Charles Marquardt, Marie                                      John Belnomi
Marquardt, Murial McCann, Roberta McCormick, Mary McCoy,
Gwen McHale, Kaitlyn McLaughlin, Jay McManus, Andrea
Mento, Barbara L. Mento, Fr. Francis Mulranen, Ross Murphy,
Linda O’Donnell, Joanne Pak, Carmela Pietrinfreni, Martha Poff,          ANNOUNCED MASSES NEXT WEEKEND
Mila Ramil, Jacob Replogle, Bob Sabatino, Dave Sankula,
Christopher Sauk, Mary Sharrow, Robert Sheddy, Mary                 SATURDAY, JULY 11
Sheridan, Mario Spoto, Sister Mary Stanislaus, Cynthia Teer,        5:00 PM-Jean O’Neill by Fabrizio Family
Debbie Theurer, Carolyn Van, Joan Walsh, Betty Ward, Bill           SUNDAY, JULY 12
Ward, Zachary Weaver, Richard Whitehead, Molly Zahner.              6:00 AM-For the Parishioners
…and those who have died: Joyce Martin                              7:30 AM-Florence Pomento by Gary & Donna DiBerardinis
                                                                    9:00 AM-Francis & Alexander Zembrowski
                                                                            by Zembrowski Family
                COLLECTION TOTALS                                   10:30 AM-McDonald & McCauley Families
                                                                            by Mary Rosenhagen
        Sunday, June 28 Collection: $25,463.60                      12:00 PM-Rose Putric by Alicia & Steve Johnson
               Weekly EFT: $2,737.00                                4:00 PM-William Morris IV by Robert & Patty Childs
          Sunday, June 28 total: $28,200.60
     Thank you for your continued generosity to the parish.
     2nd Collection for Peter’s Pence: $7,346.56                                       MANNA ORDERS
           POOR BOX for June 28: $288.67                              All online orders are due by 11:00 AM on Mondays.
         May & June Poor Box total: $2,420.34                              Orders are ready for pick-up on Thursday
The Poor Box for July is for St. John’s Hospice in Philadelphia.
This is a shelter service for 40 men. The Day Services Program
offers noon meals, clothing, and services to over 300 homeless
men a day.                                                                       PARISH REGISTRATION
                                                                            SUNDAY, JULY 26, AT 10:00 AM IN THE
               SPECIAL COLLECTION                                                PARISH MEETING CENTER
          NEXT WEEKEND, JULY 11 & 12                                           Located behind St. Joseph School
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                     Last week, I informed you of the results of the Financial Feasibility Study done by Federico
                     Associates for a new church. Federico Associates have been involved in these kinds of studies
                     for many, many years and have a proven record with regards to determining philanthropic
                     potential for capital campaigns. Below is a synopsis of the study done for our parish in the first
                     week of May. Copies of the full report are available at the Holy Family Center for any
                     parishioner who wishes to read the report in its’ entirety in the parish library.
•   Federico Associates conducted 71 interviews with 123 parishioners.
•   When asked, “Do you feel at home at St. Joseph Parish?” 95.8% responded they felt very much at home. There is no
    one who indicated not feeling at home. This is a spectacular response!
•   The top perceived strengths of our parish include:
      ο Pastor/Priests
      ο People
      ο Activities
      ο Atmosphere
      ο Spirituality/Worship
•   The most frequently mentioned areas for improvement include:
      ο Facilities, with the new church overwhelmingly being the area to address to improve the parish
      ο Liturgy/Masses
      ο Parishioner Involvement
      ο Activities
      ο School
•   There is very strong interest in and support of the plans as presented. 55 people agree with an additional 12 people in
    agreement but asking questions and voicing concerns. In essence, 67 people or 94.4% are favorably disposed to the
    plans in concept. There are 4 people who are not in favor.
•   70.4% of those interviewed agree outright with a capital campaign to raise the funds. An additional 28.2% agree with
    reservations. People resonate with a capital campaign being an opportunity to energize the parish. They look
    forward to what a campaign can do for this parish.
•   Federico Associates determined that the philanthropic potential for a capital campaign is $4-$5 million (the study
    tested $10 million).
•   88.7% of interviewees are interested in moving forward into campaign mode ASAP and that Fall 2009 is good,
    assuming the parish can be ready.
•   Many interviewees showed interest in serving in some capacity for the capital campaign. Some look forward to
    leading; others serving on a committee; and others are interested in being solicitors / storytellers. Federico Associates
    predicts that upwards of 250 – 300 volunteers can be recruited for the campaign.

•   We are pleased to announce that Barbara and Fred Travaglini have accepted an Honorary Chair position for our upcoming

•   We have been working with the architect to revisit the cost to build a new church. We have been told that due to
    current economic conditions, the cost to build the new church has decreased from $9.2 to $7.23 million. Additionally,
    our parish goal for the Archdiocesan Capital Campaign is $1.17 million.

                                                    God Bless You All!

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            SAINT JOSEPH COMMUNITY                                     Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
                                                                       In Pope Benedict XVI’s encyclical Deus caritas est,
               SAVE THE DATE August 4-8                                our Holy Father wrote that “within
                                                                       the community of believers there can never be room
⇒ Any parishioner interested in helping with
                                                                       for a poverty that denies anyone what is needed for
  preliminary set up Building Day will be                              a dignified life.”
  taking place on Saturday, July 11 at 9am
  behind school.                                     The lives and futures of 37 million Americans who are living in
⇒ The festival committee is pleased to               poverty are at stake. For nearly forty years, the Catholic Campaign
  announce that all booth captains have been         for Human Development has stood with poor and low-income
  filled except for one; the Bake Booth is still     peoples, helping to create permanent solutions to poverty. One by one
  looking for a booth captain.                       people are joining local community groups to break the cycle of
⇒ To volunteer any night of the festival is          poverty – and Catholics across our country are part of that change.
  only a one hour commitment of your time            In the Archdiocese of Philadelphia the annual collection to support
  to work a booth or run a game. The                 this domestic antipoverty program of the Church will take place on
  festival is still in need of many volunteers.      the weekend of July 11-12, 2009. Through the collection,
                                                     contributions of the faithful become tools of self-reliance, self-
Please call the Holy Family Center Monday-
                                                     sufficiency and self-determination as anti-poverty projects are
Friday 4pm-8pm, Saturday 9am-5pm and                 implemented across the country and in the communities and
Sunday 9am-2pm.                                      neighborhoods of our own Archdiocese. The annual collection also
⇒ Please check out the festival webpage for          raises consciousness about poverty and the Church’s social mission.
    more information at                              The Catholic Campaign for Human Development is committed to              helping people find permanent solutions to the problem of domestic
                                                     poverty. On behalf of literally thousands of citizens and neighbors
 Please keep watching the bulletin for further       whose lives will be offered hope through this program, I thank you
      updates for this years 2009 festival.          for your response to this appeal. May God bless you for your
                                                     Sincerely in Christ,
                                                     + Cardinal Justin Rigali
                                                     Archbishop of Philadelphia

Congratulations to the following Bishop Shanahan Students from St. Joseph Parish who have achieved either first or second
honors on the End of Year Report.
                                                      Class of ‘09
Ryan Alderman, William Chim, Anthony DePalo, Anna DiBerardinis, Francis DiGennaro, Francesca DiValerio, Alberto
Giardini, Elizabeth Greim, Megan Henderson, Samantha Husband, Katelyn Hutchison, Kathy Lynn Kissinger, Cassidy
Luebbers, Katherine McGarry, Maura Regan, Brendan Reilly, Hilary Sech and Elise Vietri.
                                                      Class of ‘10
Robert Carden, Michelle Dougherty, Christopher Ferri, Alessandro Giardini, Ryan Haney, Michael Kitchens, Christine
Manta, Kieran McCauley, Megan Murphy, Sarah O’Brien, Emily Pisano, Courtney Redding, Molly Shaw, Ryan Soulas,
Danielle Toussaint, Hannah Velez, Alexander Wentzel and Stephen Williamson.
                                                      Class of ’11
Theresa Forcellini, Alissa Galgano, Caroline Giordano, Hannah Goforth, Maureen Greim, Kathleen Hayn, Kelly Hutchison,
Nicholas Krapf, Elizabeth Krohn, Kayla Lampe, Kelly Leimkuhler, Rachel March, Catherine McKee, Kaitlyn Meier, Kevin
Minsker, Nicole Murphy, Jeffrey Newton, Lily Quiroz, Stephanie Resendiz, Vanessa Resendiz and Rebecca Sech.
                                                      Class of ‘12
Michele Corry, James DiBerardinis, John Dougherty, Robert Dunleavy, Ann Gill, Claudia Green, Alexander Karlovitz, Brian
McDonald, William Morrissey, Jonathan Nguyen, , Erin O’Shea, Nicole Roldan, Abigail Roselli, Adam Solnosky, Emily
Warren, Matthew Williamson, Patricia Wood and Jerad Zaccarelli.
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       HOLY FAMILY PERPETUAL ADORATION CHAPEL                                                CYO REGISTRATION
                                                                                       2009 CYO ONLINE Registration for
                                                               Day            Time     Cheerleading, Cross Country, Field
                             “Without Eucharistic
                             worship as it’s beating                                   Hockey, Football, Soccer and Volleyball is
                                                             Sun          1-2 am
                                                                                       now OPEN on our website http://
                           heart, the parish dries up.”      Sun          2-3 am
                               Pope John Paul II
                                                             Sun          6-7 am
                                                                                       •    Non-football athletes must be
                                                             Sun          9-10 am
                          The most important thing                                     registered members of St. Joseph parish or
                                                             Sun          1-2 pm
                           that you will do this week                                  school and must be entering grades 5th
                                                             Mon          1-2 am
                              is spend an hour with                                    through 8th in the fall 2009.
                                                             Tues        11-12 pm
                               Jesus in the Blessed           Sat         3-4 am       • Football athletes must be registered
                                 Sacrament. Your                                       members of St. Joseph parish or school or
                                                              Sat         4-5 pm
                            willingness to choose an                                   members of PJPII (Regional) school or it’s
                          assigned hour is a precious                                  affiliated parishes and must be entering
                                                             To sign up for one of     grades 5th though 8th in the fall 2009.
                            expression of your belief
                             in Jesus present in the        these hours, please call   Registered parishioners in private, public
  Jesus is calling you                                          Julie Wiant at         or home school are eligible.
                          Blessed Sacrament. Please
  to “watch one hour       consider filling one of the          610-269-8294.                           Questions?
       with Me.”                 open hours listed.                                               Contact Nancy Roselli at
                                                                                                       or Joan Carr -
             BRING YOUR BAT AND PLAY FOR MATT                                        
                         Co-Ed Softball Tournament
                         In honor of Matt Ciarlone
       9 AM Saturday July 18 to finish Sunday July 19                                        CONGRATULATIONS
                      Ages 16 & up
                        $10/player                                                     Congratulations to the following St. Jo-
                Downingtown Little League                                              seph Parishioners who achieved honors
                         Contact:                                                      at Saint Joseph’s Preparatory School for
           Danny @                                             the 2008-2009 School Year.
          Bubba @                                                       Timothy Buckey
            Proceeds to establish scholarship for a Senior Baseball Player.                          Joel Buckey
                       Help families struggling with Leukemia                                 Keep up the good work!!!

                            JULY 10, JULY 17, AUGUST 14 AND AUGUST 21.
                                  Light movie refreshments will be served.
          There is no admission fee. Join us for some fun and inspiring entertainment this summer!
                                                JULY 10: MIRACLE OF MARCELINO
            from the USCCB: A foundling left at a Franciscan monastery in 19th-century Spain is spoiled by the attention of
            all the monks who raise him until, as a mischievous five-year-old, the lad's disobedience leads to a miraculous
            encounter with the crucified Christ. The Spanish production's story of childhood innocence and the power of faith
            is told simply but with sincerity and good humor. Dubbed in English, all can enjoy its picture of a child in unusual
            circumstances. A-I – general patronage (nr) ( 1955 )Filmed in black and white, is far superior to the later color
                                               JULY 17: THERESE
from the USCCB: Earnest period piece which reverently dramatizes the life of St. Therese of Lisieux known more
affectionately as the "Little Flower." Based on her posthumously published autobiography, "The Story of a Soul,"
the film is not so much a textured spiritual portrait of the young French nun considered by Pope Pius X "the
greatest saint of modern times" but a series of hagiographic tableaus which many Catholic viewers may find
edifying. The beauty of Therese's inspirational life and words still shine through the film's production limitations.
Thematic elements involving parental death, and a criminal execution. Years in the making, it is evident that the
project was a labor of love, which in the end -- as Therese would undoubtedly agree -- is the most important
thing. A-II -- adults and adolescents. (PG) 200
                                                       Coming in August:
                                                       Bernadette – August 14
                                                The Passion of Bernadette – August 21                                 138 Page 5
                                                                       WANTED: CO-CATECHISTS FOR
                                                                            PREP CLASSES.
                                                                       Contact the PREP Office for more details at
                                                               We have openings on several grade levels for anyone
                                                               wishing to share their love for our faith with the children of
                                                               Saint Joseph Parish. Our goal is to maintain small class sizes
                                                               and we need your help to do that. 95% of our co-catechists
                                                               are people who enjoy working with the children and being
                 LET FREEDOM RING                              further enriched in knowledge of our faith. Please consider
                                                               offering your gifts of time and talent to the children. Classes
                                                               begin again September 13-15.
         We are all called as citizens of this great
        country to be stewards of freedom for all.
         Our freedom is a gift from God that not
           everyone in the world enjoys today.
           Today give thanks for our ability to
        worship freely as Catholics, live without
        government oppression in all of its many                             Sellers signed up to date are:
        forms, speak freely, and all of the myriad                        Joan Angiulo                 610-486-6552
         other ways in which we enjoy freedom.                            Joe Cipollini                610-269-2714
                                                                          Lisa Cozzone                 610-269-2319
                                                                          Howard Crawford              610-380-1912
                                                                          Maureen Curry                610-269-8483
                                                                          Paul DiFonzo                 610-269-2218
                                                                          Bob Dohoney                  610-873-3172
                                                                          Bill Dunn                    610-269-8458
                          Please remember
                    St. Joseph Parish in your will.                       Gert Dunn                    610-269-8458
                                                                          Sheila DeSpirito             484-888-8694
                                                                          JoAnn Funkhouser             610-269-2294
                  PARISH LIBRARY                                          Rose Graveno                 610-269-0165
                                                                          Marge Jacobson               610-269-4677
                                                                          Gene Kaster                  610-269-3480
                           The Parish Library                             Tom Keenan                   610-873-0912
                           Now located in the                             Donna Kneisly                610-269-3724
                           Holy Family Center
                                                                          Monsignor Lynn               610-269-8294
          NOW OPEN MONDAY TO FRIDAY                                       Alice March                  610-269-8105
               8:30 AM - 4:00 PM                                          Diane Mehlmann               610-909-7998
Some of the new items in the parish library: (All these                   Gerard McNaughton            610-209-4571
are on the shelf on the left as you come in the door with in              George Pastino               610-269-8446
the “New Books” section.)                                                 PREP Office                  610-873-8798
                                                                          Gene Saja                    610-269-1152
Evening Prayerbook – Sunday Vespers – Liturgy of the
        Hours (# 265.6 Pat)                                               Mae Swarner                  610-269-0342
C.S. Lewis and the Catholic Church (#921 Lew)                             Marianne Willacker           610-873-1527
Authentic Devotion – Introduction to the Devout Life                      Madeline Woodruff            610-269-1757
        by Francis de Sales (# 248.4 Ban)                                 Maureen Worrell              610-269-6159
The Church on Earth – The Nature and Authority of the
        Catholic Church, and the Place of the Pope within         There are 16 prizes including: 1-$10,000, 1-$5,000,
        It. (#262.02 Kno)                                         1-$2,000, 3-$1,000, 10-$500 winners! Tickets must
Handmaid of the Lord (#233 Von)                                   be paid in full to be eligible for the drawing that will
A Handbook of Catholic Sacraments (#264.02091 Bal)                take place at the parish picnic on September 20 at
G.K. Chesterton – The Apostle of Common Sense                     3:00 PM. Please call the parish office before Septem-
        (#828.01209 Ahl)                                          ber 1 to attend the picnic. Questions? Please call Joan
The book of Catholic Prayer – Prayers for Every Day and           Angiulo at 610-486-6552.
        all Occasions (#242.802 Fin)
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                                                                                    PLEASE PRAY FOR PRIESTS
                           PLEASE PRAY                                             Dear Lord,
                             FOR THE                                                 we pray that the Blessed Mother
                      SAFETY OF OUR SOLDIERS                                         wrap her mantle around your priests
                                                                                     and through her intercession
         Almighty & eternal God, those who take refuge in you will be glad           strengthen them for their ministry.
         and forever will shout for joy. Protect them with the shield of your
                strength and keep them safe from all evil and harm.                We pray that Mary will guide your priests
         May the power of your love enable them to return home in safety,            to follow her own words,
           that with all who love them, they may ever praise you for your            “Do whatever He tells you”
                                 loving care. Amen                                   (Jn 2:5).
      Spc. Amber Baldwin, Steve Bigos, Andrew Bowser, Douglas                      May your priests have the heart of
      Borrell, Jr., Christopher Daily, Sarah DeBarberie, Capt. Pamela                St. Joseph, Mary’s most chaste spouse.
      DeFazio, Christopher Deutfch, Ian Deutfch, Frank DiMartini, III,             May the Blessed Mother’s own pierced
      Peter Forner, Danny Fuller, Spc. Matthew L. Gehrke, Joshua
                                                                                     heart inspire them to embrace all who
      Horrocks, Phillip Johnson, John & James Kurtz, Capt. Paul D.
      Lang, Pvt. Francis Misantone, 2nd Lt. Ryan Misero, Lt. J.G. Brian
                                                                                     suffer at the foot of the cross.
      Muka, Sgt. Bradley Panichelli, Matthew Riggio, Alex Rozon, Lt.                May your priests be holy, filled with the
      Chris Schwarz, M/Sgt. Barry Snyder, Lt/Cmd. Peter Snyder, S/                   fire of your love seeking
      Sgt. Rebecca Snyder, Spc. Christopher Thompson, Bryan                          nothing but your greater glory and the
      Williams, Staff Sgt. Matthew Williford, Vincent Yarch                          salvation of souls.
                 If you have a family member who is currently an                                     Amen
                  active soldier and you would like their name to                        Saint John Vianney, pray for us.
                 be recognized and prayed for, please contact the
                           parish office at 610-269-8294.
                    If your loved one has returned home safely,
                          please let us know. Thank you!

                        Come and see; come and learn.
Classes for adults wishing to learn more about the Catholic Faith through RCIA,
the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, are held on Wednesday evenings from
7:00-8:30 PM in the Community Meeting Room of the Holy Family Center,                                  VBA
adjacent to the Parish Offices. Come any Wednesday and see what RCIA is all
                                                                                   Thank you, parents, for your wonderful
about. Contact Kathy Thomas at 610-873-8798 or
                                                                                   campers! The Son Rock Kids Camp adult
                          Summer Meeting Schedule                                  and teen Counselors very much enjoyed
                July 8 - Rosary and August 12 – Lectio Divina.                     spending this past week with them. Our
                                                                                   experiences of coming to know we all are
                                    PREP                                           accepted by Jesus, that Jesus will protect
                                                                                   us, building a solid foundation of faith on
If you are new to the parish and have children of catechetical age who will not    Jesus, and knowing that Jesus forgives
be attending Saint Joseph School (preschool through grade 12), please contact      helped everyone to learn what it means to
us in the PREP Office at 610-873-8798 for more information about religious         live for Jesus. We are especially grateful
education classes. Registration forms can be downloaded at                         for the children’s good deeds and your A copy of your child’s record of Baptism is also           generosity toward this year’s VBA
required.                                                                          mission…helping to put a new roof on
Not yet re-registered for 2009-2010? Lost your forms? Can’t stop by when           Saint Joseph House right here in
we are in the office? Go to our web page ( to               Downingtown. As one of our younger
download blank registration forms. Fill them out and return via email or regular   campers put it, “This was fun!”
mail.                                                                               A big thank you also goes out to our adult
To our Home School and Private School families: Please remember to update          and teen volunteers. We say this every year,
your family’s information with the PREP Office. Let us know if you have            but truly mean it. We cannot offer such a
children who will be preparing to receive sacraments in the coming year so we      great experience to the children of this parish
can be sure to get all the appropriate information to you.                         without you. You are the best!

                                                                                                                    138 Page 7
                                    NEWS FROM THE PARISH GROUPS

                                                YOUTH MINISTRY NEWS

                         UPCOMING EVENTS                                                     UPCOMING EVENTS

                  BBQ - July 21                                                               JAM SESSION
Crew sponsored event welcoming the new freshmen!                                             Sunday, July 12
                 7-9 PM - FREE!                                       Snacks, Friends, reviewing the Sunday Scripture
               (R.S.V.P. required)                                                     & Volleyball!
                       July 24-26
                                                                                    July 22
                    Steubenville East
                                                                                  FUN ZONE!
                     August 11                                                  10 AM - NOON
                     GolfZone!                                          $17, includes 2 Go-Carts on the
                Go-Carting & Mini Golf                                            Python track
                                                                           & a round of Mini-Golf!

    Registration for these events are available in the parish office. For more information/questions, please contact Christ
                            Friel at 610-269-8294 or email at Thank you!

                                                  AID FOR FRIENDS
If you make meals for Aid For Friends please continue to do so throughout the summer. Remember, our friends need our
meals every day.
If you would like to make a few individual meals for local, homebound needy neighbors, call Debby at 610-269-8032 for in-
formation on this parish outreach project. It's as simple as making an extra portion of your own family dinner.
Aid For Friends was started in Philadelphia and now helps over 2000 people receive meals and other necessities every day.
Read about this amazing organization at

           ****REMINDER****                                                  MERCY HOSPICE
          MONDAY AT NOON                                                  The Menu for July
  ANY REQUESTS AFTER THAT WILL BE IN                           Group 1: Beef Puffs with Mushroom Sauce
                                                                   Group 2: Swiss Potatoes & Ham
                                                  Please return your frozen meals to the parish office the last week of the month.
                  H.O.P.E.                        Thank you to all those who continually participate in this program. Questions,
            Helping Other People                                   please call Gail at 610-269-9574. Thank you!
Do you have an appointment for the doctor or
lab and have no way of getting there? Do you
need assistance with food shopping? Let the
volunteers from HOPE assist you! Kindly
allow 48 hours for us to arrange a ride for
                                                                 JOSEPH'S PEOPLE
you. HOPE is currently in need of new                        VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES
drivers. Please contact Helen Lyons for more     Now in our 15th year of serving the unemployed and
i nfor ma t i on a t 61 0-8 73- 80 41 or         underemployed, this growing parish mission could use your Thank you.                help! Examples of volunteer positions include: secretarial
 If you need a ride for this week (7/6-7/12),    assistance for our leadership meeting 2nd Tuesday each month, two greeters
Contact Nancy Coccetti at 610-269-3036 or        to welcome members into the meetings 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month,
       Leslie Curtis at 610-518-5403.            as well as other opportunities. For more information, please contact Dyanne
If you need a ride for next week (7/13-7/19),    Delaney at the Joseph's People Hotline 610-873-7117 leaving your name and
  contact Georgeann McGarry at 484-955-          phone number.
    4278 or Helen Lyons at 610-873-8041.
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                                           SPIRITUAL OPPORTUNITIES

     THEOLOGY OF THE BODY FOR HIGH                                          CELEBRATE THE FEAST OF
            SCHOOL TEENS                                                       GOOD SAINT ANNE
Teens are often thinking about their sexuality as they search
for meaning in their lives. Now there is program for Catholic    The parish of Saint Ann, 2328 E. Lehigh Ave. (at Memphis
Teenagers based on Pope John Paul II’s revolutionary             St. & Lehigh Ave.), Philadelphia, PA 19125, will hold its
Theology of the Body that helps them understand the              annual novena in Honor of Good Saint Anne from July 18-
meaning of their bodies, the significance of their sexuality,    July 16, 2009. Novena services are at 3:00 in the afternoon
the purpose of their lives, and how they were uniquely created   and 7:00 in the evening. Rev. Joseph Lea will be the
for greatness. Theology of the Body for Teens is a relevant      homilist. A solemn closing ceremony will take place on July
and dynamic program being taught this summer to high             26 at 7:00 PM, the Feast Day of Saint Anne. It will be an
school students.                                                 evening of great solemnity. Hope to see you there - and
                                                                 bring a friend. The church will be open all day on the Feast
         Dates: Wednesdays, July 8-August 12                     Day of Saint Anne for the veneration of the relic until 6:00
           Location: SS. Peter & Paul Parish                     PM.
  Cost: Early Bird Special is $39 by June 15. $49 after.
     For more dates, locations and information go to or or call Christine at               MIRACULOUS MEDAL SHRINE
                     610-918-1177.                                         SUMMER NOVENA OF HOPE
         CHURCH MINISTRY INSTITUTE                               All are invited to the Miraculous Medal Shrine for their
                                                                 Summer Novena of Hope. Each day a different preacher
Are you interested in a little more background in your faith?    will speak on the Virtue of Hope in our lives. The Novena is
Do you want to fill in some learning gaps for personal reasons   daily from Friday, July 10 to Saturday, July 18. The
or to enable you to volunteer with confidence? Then consider     Mass, Novena Prayers, and Sermon are at 9:00 AM., 12:05
attending the Church Ministry Institute, a three-year            PM and 7:30 PM. Confessions will be heard 30 minutes
certificate program offered by the Archdiocese. There are no
                                                                 prior to each Mass. Monday, July 13 is the regular Novena
papers to write or tests to take. Meet committed faculty, and
                                                                 Monday schedule. The Shrine is location at 500 E. Chelten
enjoy excellent texts. For a brochure, call 215-587-0551 or
                                                                 Avenue, Germantown, 19144. Security and off street
visit our website.
                                                                 parking on premises. For more information, call 215-848-     1010.
                                                        OTHER NEWS

              ITALIAN FESTIVAL 2009                                    THE CARDINAL O’HARA REUNION
   Celebrating the 85h Anniversary of Our Lady of Mount          “Lions in the Sun” All Class Reunion will take place on
                    Carmel, Bridgeport                           Saturday, July 25 at LaCosta’s in Sea Isle City, NJ from
  Friday, July 10, Saturday July 11 and Sunday July 12           3:00 – 7:00 p.m. Tickets my be purchased at O’Hara or at
 Italian Food * Refreshments * Dancing * Games of Chance         LaCosta’s. $25 per person includes beer, wine, food, live
 Visit our NEW TENT AREA at Union Avenue & Bush St.              music and a great time! Reduced hotel rates are available at
            -Comfortable Dining for our Festival Guests!         LaCosta to all O’Hara reunion attendees. Hope to see you
   For more information or for a complete listing of events,     there!
        call 610-272-3479 or
                                                                 WEST CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL
     SUMMER BIOLOGY CAMP HELD AT0                                  “BURRS AT THE BEACH”
        IMMACULATA UNIVERSITY                                    The 22nd Annual “Burrs at the Beach”
                                                                 celebration, presented by the Alumni and
                 Monday through Thursday
                                                                 Friends of West Philadelphia Catholic High School, will be
            July 13-16 from 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
                                                                 held, rain or shine, on Sunday, July 12, 2009 from 1:00 PM
                  Middle School Students
                                                                 until 7:00 PM at Westy’s Irish Pub, in North Wildwood, NJ.
The focus of the program will be on human body systems,          Proceeds assist needy Catholic Students with tuition financial
allowing students to discover how each system interacts to       support.
form a living individual. The class is limited to 20 students          Tickets: $20 in advance and $25 day of the affair.
with a fee of $150. More information about the class & a
description of each day are available on Immaculata’s            For tickets and/or information about bus transportation from
Website at                                    the Philadelphia area to North Wildwood, please contact West
                                                                 Catholic School at 215-386-2244.                138 Page 9
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