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									CAE Room Hire booking form
Thank you for your enquiry about CAE Room Hire. Please complete
this form and email to or fax to 03 9650 9754.                           Print form and sign
If you have any queries please call 03 9652 0623 or 03 9652 0749

Contact details                                               Equipment
Organisation                                                  Each	room	is	set	up	with	TV/VCR/DVD	unit,	whiteboard,	
Department                                                    flip	chart,	overhead	projector	&	screen.
Postal Address                                                Other equipment requirements:
Contact person
Contact Number
Mobile                         Fax
Email                                                         Please specify software you require:

Room hire
Dates required

                                                              Please note:
                                                              CAE requires a copy of any additional software to
Rooms required (if known)                                     be tested on-site a minimum of 7 working days prior
                                                              to date of room hire. Your specialist software will be
From	(am	/	pm)	 	    	    	    	   To	(am	/	pm)               deleted out of the CAE server after hire.
Number of people
Title for signs
                                                              An itemised quote will be emailed within 2 working days.
                                                              CAE	reserves	the	right	to	alter	and/or	revise	a	quote	
Room Set up                                                   based	on	change	of	date/s,	room	size,	equipment	and	
                                                              catering requirements.
All rooms have a standard u-shape layout. Rooms are
available	in	meeting,	classroom,	café/cabaret	or	theatre	
 style – set-up costs apply.                                  Signature
  Meeting              	Classroom	        Cafe              Title
   Theatre              	Computer                            Date									/											/		
 Other

Catering required?      Yes       No                           
If yes, please complete the Catering form at                     How did you find out about CAE room hire?                                                    Course Guide                    Word of mouth
                                                                Advertisement                     Brochure
           imetable (am/pm)                                      CAE website                    	Other
Arrival		 	 	 	 	    	    	    	   	       am	/	pm                 Colleague
Morning tea                                am
Lunch                                      pm
Afternoon tea                              pm
Departure	 	 	 	     	    	    	   	       am	/	pm

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