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Roi on Equipment Purchase

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					                                              Ekahau RTLS – ROI examples

                                                                                                                                          ROI example sheet
                                              in hospital environment
                                              There are tremendous financial and operational benefits to be gained in hos-
                                              pitals from Wi-Fi based RTLS (Real Time Location System) solutions which
                                              allow hospital assets and resources to be managed more efficiently. These
                                              two case examples illustrate the rapid ROI that can be achieved by using
                                              Ekahau RTLS for hospital asset tracking.

                                              CASE 1 – Reduction in the number of existing assets:
                                              A mid size US hospital is using 180 ICU grade ventilators in their daily operation.
                                              Departments are only using on average 100 ventilators full utilized but the hospital here
                                              has purchased 80 extra units, to secure the on-time availability of these devices, due
                                              to maintenance down-time, loss, and continuous misplacement of these units.
                                              Leveraging the existing hospital Wi-Fi network, and the Ekahau RTLS software and
                                              tags for real-time assets tracking, the hospital will improve the ventilator availability
                                              and utilization. They decide to reduce the number of excess ventilators from 80 to
                                              50 units, resulting savings of $325k after reduction. Additional savings are achieved
                                              over time, through reduction of maintenance programs, reduction of the short-term
                                              equipment rental programs and reduced number of lost equipment.

                                                                            ICU Ventilator       Cost each                  Total cost
                                              Initial Plan                            180         $25,000                 $4,500,000
                                                                            ICU Ventilator       Cost each                  Total cost
                                              Plan with Ekahau RTLS                   150         $25,000                 $3,750,000                               Savings with Ekahau (assume 50% depreciated value)                            $375,000
                                              Investment in Ekahau RTLS-100                                                  $50,000
West Coast Ekahau, Inc.
           12930 Saratoga Avenue, suite B-8
                                              Savings after investment                                                      $325,000
           Saratoga, CA 95070                 Payback time                                                                 Immediate
           Tel: 1-866-4EKAHAU                 ROI                                                                               650%
           Fax: 1-866-435 2428

East Coast   Ekahau, Inc.                     CASE 2 - Capital cost savings during equipment purchase:
             1851 Alexander Bell Drive        Hospital needs 500 new IV pumps. Due to low utilization of these equipment, they
             Suite 150
                                              first plan to purchase 100 extra units, to secure the IV Pump availability. Instead, they
             Reston, VA 20191
             Tel: 1-866-4EKAHAU               decide to invest in Ekahau RTLS to track 500 IV pumps real-time, to improve their uti-
             Fax: 1-703-860-2028              lization, and calculate that therefore they only need 530 pumps, creating immediate
           $200k savings at equipment purchase. Additional savings with the Ekahau RTLS are
                                              achieved over time, through reduction of the short-term equipment rental programs
Europe       Ekahau, Inc.
             Tallberginkatu 2
                                              and reduced number of lost equipment.
             00180 Helsinki, Finland
             Tel: +358-20-743 5910                                                    IV pumps           Cost each          Total cost
             Fax: +358-20-743 5919
             Initial Plan                                 600             $5,000         $3,000,000
                                                                                      IV pumps           Cost each          Total cost
Asia         Ekahau, Inc.                     Plan with Ekahau RTLS                        530             $5,000         $2,650,000
             Suite 1002, Chuang´s Tower
             30-32 Connaught Road Central     Savings with Ekahau                                                           $350,000
             Hong Kong                        Investment in Ekahau RTLS-500                                                 $150,000
             Tel: +852 3426 4770              Savings after investment                                                      $200,000
             Fax: +852 3426 4061
               Payback time                                                                 Immediate
                                              ROI                                                                               133%

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