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									                        Workplan progress chart - updated monthly, with activity since last meeting shown in red italics
             STUDIES                                  DONE                                       DOING                                 DO NEXT                       WORKING TOWARDS

1 Customer flow/process            Collected previous "maps".                   Davids Bosser reviewing,                  Prepare graphics for               Succinct portrayal in Report,
  mapping                          Experimented with different                  completing data collection, and           BWS@W report.                      due Feb 2004
                                   file formats for storage and display.        preparing display tables.

2 Client cohort outcomes/          David and Donna/Abbe to fill in.             Discussed at Nov WSEC meeting.            Decide which                       Clients: (1) outcomes by tier and
  employer groups study            Donna presented draft report at              MOED digesting feedback.                  sections can go into BWS@W         service; (2) picture of who is and
                                   Sept WSEC meeting.                           Staff met with Donna to suggest           report, which tables become        who is not being served.
                                   Committee members submitted                  additional tables to throw light          regular features for reporting     Employers: (1) pathways to hiring
                                   feedback for Oct WSEC meeting                on question of "who are the               to WSEC.                           by skills; (2) retention patterns
                                                                                'successful' clients" Donna has                                              by hiring group; (3) identified
                                                                                provided these data.                                                         groups of employers by hiring
                                                                                                                                                             patterns, for use in target
                                                                                                                                                             Sections to
                                                                                                                                                             go in BWS@W report

3 ROI on customized/ITA            Reviewed other people's work.                Producing tax tables by income level      Solicit ideas from WSEC            Refined and tested methodology
  training                         Discussed with outside experts.              and family status                         on additional angles to pursue.    on pilot study.
                                   Drafted methodology.                         Writing up intro, review, and metho-      Select from multiple results for   Numeric results to discuss.
                                   Agreed steps with MOED, JFI.                 dology sections for draft final report.   inclusion in BWS@W report.         Understanding of what the
                                   Sent request letters to other                Consulted with Cynthia Taueber                                               results are sensitive to.
                                   data-holders. Discussed agreements.          of US Bur of Census and JFI, over         Complete public sector ROI         Cost-effectiveness completed
                                   Developed and sent additional                possible "baseline" income-by-            portion of study                   Jan 04. ROI to be completed Feb 04.
                                   explanation requested by three               educational-attainment stats.
                                   other agencies.                              Basic data files on training clients
                                   CCA is third and final agency giving         received from MOED and JFI, 12/3/03.
                                   permission for data to be used.              Integrating data into one main SPSS
                                   City attorney agreed to data release.        file for analyses.
                                   Donna Safely prepared data                   Mopping up problems with 4 cases
                                   dictionary for MOED data.                    showing incorrect dates.
                                   Attended "ROI in the Public Sector"          Analyzing income and training cost
                                   conference in Miss. to hear                  data alongside taxes and welfare
                                   state-of-the-art.                            support data, for true ROI analysis
                                   Produced summary memo on results,
                                   and supporting data file, for WSEC
                                   review, Jan 04 WSEC meeting.
                                   Finished tax and welfare data fixes,
                                   Feb 10.

4 Performance support plan for     Reviewed RFP.                                PJ convened "System Barriers              Develop and implement              Template for evaluation
  intensive services contractors   Attended meeting with MOED staff.            subcommittee" for conference call,        performance support plan for       component of future contracts.
                                   Attendend grantee workshop.                  9/11/2003.                                contractors.                       Increased capacity of Tier 2

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                               Wrote and presented draft                       Chris reviewing WIA, DoL regs,                                                  providers..
                               memo with recommendations                       TEGLs/TEINs for possible ways to                                                To be completed Jan 2004?
                               to MOED.                                        register without full documentation.
                               Prepared 2-3pp memo for MOED
                               on findings.

5 Private sector performance   Developed draft survey.                         Nothing this month.                       Make appointments with private        Recommendations for transferable
  practices                    Circulated for feedback.                                                                  employers.                            practices.
                               ID'd potential recipients.                                                                                                      Increased engagement of
                                                                                                                                                               private employers.
                                                                                                                                                               To be completed 2004.

6 Comparable cities            Compiled potential cities list.                 Continuing research on scorecard,         Agree on on some standard             Quarterly reporting framework.
  performance benchmarking     Drafted template of measures.                   FutureWorks, other systems.               information to replay                 Balanced scorecard of agreed
                               Test drive of FutureWorks.                      Performance discussed at BWIB Retreat.    each quarter.                         relevant practical measures
                               Researched use of Scorecards                    Subscribed to FW. Contract drawn up       Decide strategy for embedding         useful for strategic oversight.
                               in workforce system.                            for Allison Kreisberg                     in continuous improvement             Section of BWS@W Report,
                               Presented concept to WSEC.                      to produce baseline comparative data      systems.                              Feb 04.
                                                                               for section in BWS@W report.              Receive, review and integrate
                                                                               CT and DB produced "desired               Allison's additonal tables.
                                                                               tables list" for Allison to work on.

7 Survey of LWIB responses     Wrote survey, incorporated                      Collecting WSEC member                    Distribute report to LWIB             Report on findings.
  to fiscal stress             feedback.                                       feedback on draft report.                 respondents and local partners.       Sound-bytes on findings.
                               Posted survey online.                           Revise draft into final report.                                                 Picture of type and frequency
                               Invited LWIB participants                                                                                                       of use of particular strategies
                               nationwide.                                                                                                                     elsewhere.
                               Followed up with non-respondents                                                                                                Recommendations for
                               and states. Closed survey.                                                                                                      strategies to adopt in Baltimore.
                               Analyzed results.                                                                                                               Dissemination of findings.
                               Wrote draft report.                                                                                                             To be completed Sept 2003.
                               Presented to WSEC.

8 Role of temp help staffing   Background research on                          Nothing this month.                       Use as "filler" when other projects   Report on findings.
  agency intermediaries        statistics of contingent workforce.                                                       stall.                                Sound-bytes on findings.
                                                                                                                                                               Plan for how to best leverage for
                                                                                                                                                               public system.
                                                                                                                                                               To be completed 2004

9 Identification of employer   Not started                                     Nothing this month.                       Review existing work for models,      Picture of tools and systems
  needs                                                                                                                  examples.                             used elsewhere.
                                                                                                                         Survey LWIBs for what they use.       Recommendations for
                                                                                                                                                               adoption/adaptation in Baltimore.
                                                                                                                                                               To be completed 2004.

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10 "Baltimore's Workforce     Draft table of contents shown to         Developed more detailed content           Assess what will be available       Last WSEC group review at Feb 04
   System at Work" report     Committee and approved.                  description at Exec Comm's suggestion,    for Report, realistically.          meeting.
                              Subcommittee formed, met 9/90/03,        so volunteers can see where they          Enlist volunteers for preparing,    Have complete draft ready to present
                              revised table of contents and            might contribute.                         contributing content, and editing   at March '04 BWIB meeting.
                              chose new title.                         Developed another enhanced outline        Revise drafts based on sub-comm-    Revise with BWIB input for wider
                              First draft of Intro, Past Reports       of report, at Exec Comm's request.        ittee's and WSEC's input.           release.
                              sections written and reviewed            Completed first draft of "Performance"    Prepare remaining sections.
                              by Subcommittee.                         section for discussion at Dec meeting.    Exec. Comm.decided four
                              Attending "Performance Management        DB working on workforce system map.       additional meeting-and-review
                              in Workforce Development" meeting        Completed 4 other sections for            dates for early 2004.
                              in Albany NY, 11/18-19.                  Report Subcommittee review Feb 6.         Decide production and dissemina-
                                                                       Liaised with Diana Spencer and Brice      tion strategy and plan.
                                                                       Freeman of MOED re MOED sections
                                                                       and production assistance.
                                                                       Liaised with David Stevens re employer
                                                                       hiring section.
                                                                       Collected and supplied Pam Paulk
                                                                       with backgorund info for employer

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