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Roi Franchise Business document sample

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									   Franchisee presentation


           Franchisee :Definition

Franchising is the practice of using another firm's
  successful business model.

Independent, non-franchise businesses have a much higher
  chances of failure within their very beginning year than
  franchise oriented businesses.
One of the most compelling reasons is that, in a franchise
  operation, the franchisor provides business expertise like
  marketing and advertising plans, management guidance,
  financing assistance, administrative support and training
  that otherwise would not be available to businesses
  starting from scratch.
        SERVICES Franchise
    All time and stable business
1   Low Risk, Investments to start
2   Among the most Organized Industry
3   Highest ROI
4   Max PE Funding
5   Knowledge Industry
6   No Major Inventory Cost
7   High Scalability of Business
        Vision Advisory : A Unique
          Franchise Opportunity

1. Unique Combination of franchise and networking concept. All the
   Business Partners are centrally managed.
2. Its lowest Revenue Sharing Module between franchisor (Vision),
   and franchise (Business partners)
3. The Business, Investment Services: ALL TIME BIZ
4. Low Cost Entry with Services attitude.
5. Unique Master Franchise options
6. Successful Business Module :Over 45 franchisees in State of MP.
7. Diversification is Products and services leads to greater
   opportunity to Business Franchise.
8. Impressive body of work with professionals and experience over 7
                   Company Profile
                                Think HRD
   Started Operations in2004   Franchisee
 Consultation

              S.R.F          Vision Advisory   Vision Consultancy
             Financial           Services            B2B Partner
             Education           Pvt LTD              Airtel

                         RE/MAX Vision, REALTORS
                               Real Estate
Vision Advisory Services (P) Ltd


             Networking Clubbed with Franchising.

             Associating with us, will automatically give you benefit of
              „Franchisee‟ like training support, Knowledge Sharing,
              Experienced body of work.

             The embedded concept of networking “growing together” will
              make you an inevitable part of our growth story.

             Business partner avails all the basic benefits of selling the
              products, also entitled to all new Business Partner/Business
              Associates associating through them in any geographical area ,
              thus to provide additional financial benefits the liability still
              remains with the company.

              Proven Concept.
              Brand Recognition.
              Training and Media Support.
               Networking leads to strong association of people and satisfied
               customers , which turns out to be the biggest asset of the
               company .
               The entrepreneur can have unlimited earning potential regardless
               of the background and experience.
               No back office cost.
               Quick availability of data.
               Common goal leads to teamwork and better approach towards
                business .

   For Madhya Pradesh / C.G )


    CITY                    Franchise Fee   Support (6 Mon)

      A Grade City         Rs 100000          8000
      B Grade City         Rs 80000           6000
      C Grade City         Rs 60000           5000
      D Grade City         Rs 50000           3000

   A = Metro + Semi Metro
   B = Big cities
   C = Districts

   FOR A:
   One time cost: 2 lakhs – BP (Investment)
   With          : 15,000/- per month for 6 month as support (Total 80,000)
                                  Or Money paid back 25000/-
   Agreement For: 3 years

   FOR B:
   One time cost: 1.5 lakhs – BP
   With          : 10,000/- per month for 6 month as support. (Total 60,000)
                              Or Money paid back 25000
   Agreement For: 3 years

   FOR C:
   One time cost: 1 lakhs – BP
   With          : 8000/- per month for 6 month as support (Total 48,000)
                               Or Money paid back 25000
   Agreement For: 3 year

             AREA              : 300 Sqft to 500 Sqft.
            ELIGIBILITY        : Certification of both
            the exams of capital market

            A = Region (Big cities or states)
            B = District
            C = Tehseel
            D = Town

            Condition Apply:
            With ICICI direct Terminal
            Agreement for 3 years.

             Master franchise buys the exclusive right to operate
             in the particular region. It will operate as a business
             network development and sales manager .

            Investment : 5 Lakh ( one time )

            Scope of Operation : Depend on the Business
             Capacity , Preferably State

            Agreement : Minimum I year in the system
             ( performance is reviewed after 1 year )
               START –UP SUPPORT:
                Business Management Training
                Marketing and Advertisements support
                Sales Training
                Recruitment Support
                Product Knowledge
                Promotions through brochures and websites
                Speech Training

                   ON GOING BUSINESS SUPPORT
                  Annual Training and meet
                  Email News letters
                  Regular News letters
                  Communicative operation support
                  Advertising and Marketing
                  Feedback Analysis
           •   Technical Support and assistance
           •   All the Fundamental, technical support at one
               place with minimum cost.
           •   Centralized web based back office support through
               a dedicated team of professionals assigned for the
               routine queries through Chat-Phones-Emails and at
               almost neglible cost
           •   Technical Support related to product ( Terminal /
               Financial products )
           •   Regular Technical analysis

           • Entitled for all the schemes incentives.
           • All new product range, which will be added into the
             company‟s profile.
           • All most same commission as specified by the
                Subject              Quantity (approx)   Amount               Total

                              (All calculations based on 3yrs figure)
Revenue Sheet   BP development       25 outlets          10000/- All Over     2.25 Lac

                Terminal+ Other      36 months           10,000               3,60000/-

                Revenue Sharing      1000 per month      1000 * No. of        3,60000/-
                of earning per       per outlet          business partner *
                outlet of 6 months                       No. of months

                Interest             5,00,000            9% per year          1,35000/- in 3 years

                Refund               -                   -                    4,00,000/-
                (Minimum 1 year)                                              Renewal Fee After 3 Year   2
                TOTAL                -                   -                    14,80000/- Total Income.
Join Us

          Step 1 : The applicant has to be fill one application
            forms, along with the basic documents like Photo
            identity card, residence address proof, and one

          Step 2: The company will scrutinized the documents
            and conduct the verification and reference checking.

          Step 3: On satisfactory verification report the company
            will appoint the Business partner/Franchisee.

          Step 4: Appointment Letters will be issued

          Step 5: We welcome the business partner in Vision
                 Thanks for Your Time

                        We are Available at
                                                 Munnvar :+91 9826275477
  Pradeep : +91 9826223075
                    E-7/455, Infront Of Hanuman Mandir
                     Opposite Habibganj Police Station,
                       Arera Colony, Bhopal - 462016
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