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									 BIMLink - ROI Calculator

1. How many projects per year does your firm do?                                                        40

2. Typical Employee Salary                                                                           $65,000

3. Select BIMLink tasks for a typical project (mark all that apply with an "x"):
                   Review & Edit Door Data                                Rename Families/Types
            Review & Edit Room/Space Data          x                      Create Unplaced Rooms
              Review & Edit Equipment Data                     Push Construction Data into Project
        Renumber Views, Sheets, Doors, etc.                       Push Structure Data into Project
             Push Occupancy Data into Tags         x                   Push MEP Data into Project       x
                  Push Other Data into Tags                    Review & Edit Sheet or View Fields       x
         Organize Detail Component Naming          x                     Spellcheck Entire Project      x
                                                                      Total BIMLink Tasks:              6

4. How often is each task performed?                                                                   3.25

5. Estimated time saving per task (hrs):                                                               0.75

                                                                                    Per Project      Per Year

                                                              Total Tasks:               20            780
                               Time Savings for all tasks selected above (hrs):          15            585
                                                Value of Increased Productivity:       $457            $18,281

6. # of Seats of BIMLink:                         10            BIMLink Software Investment:           -$8,500
                                                                 BIMLink Training Investment:            -$469
                                              First Year ROI (including subscription cost):            $9,312
                                                       First Year ROI as % of Investment:             103.8%
                                                             2nd Year ROI on Subscription:            $15,731                                                    12.2010

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