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					                                                                 IEEE Consultants' Network of Northern NJ

                                         IEEE-CNNNJ Professional Resource Center

       Name                             Expertise                                                Tel                       EMAIL
       Pat Banker                       Embedded Systems Firmware Design                         (201) 307-9212  
       Jim Boyd                         PIC Microcontroller-based Products                       (973) 584-0329  
       Arthur R. Cote                   Embedded Systems Hardware Design                         (201) 307-9212  
       Laurie Cox                       Software, Embedded Systems, DSP                          (973) 627-2503  
       Steven R. Garfinkel              Power Electronics & Motor Drives                         (973) 432-7401  
       Ralph A. Giffone                 Analog, Mixed and Embedded Systems                       (973) 553-1650  
       George Hacken, PhD               Software, Systems & Physics                              (973) 449-5590  
       Eric Holme                       Power Generation                                         (201) 568-5717  
       Ed McCauley                      The Xilinx FPGA Experts                                  (888) 945-4691  
       Chris Mesibov                    PSOC Microcontroller Designs                             (914) 584-2659  
       Paul Ngai, P.E.                  Telecom Network & Sys. Engineering                       (732) 348-5258  
       John R. Redmon                   Power Transmission & Distribution                        (973) 271-5963  
       Tom Roe                          Embedded Electronic Development                          (616) 481-3025  
       David W. Rogers                  Power Electronics and Magnetics                          (201) 836-4666  
       Peter K. Schutz, PE              New Product Design / Eng. Services                       (908) 638-3300  
       Warren Umholtz                   Power Distribution Switchgear                            (908) 236-0779  
       Randall P. Vendetti, PE          Product Technology Management & NPD                      (973) 886-4470  
       Robert Walker, PE                Analog, Mixed & Embedded Design                          (973) 728-0344  

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IEEE-CNNNJ                                                                                                                                         Last Update: Apr 23, 2011

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