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					             Ice Cream War
I.   Major Hindrance for Ice Cream Sales
II.  Major Players: Unilever and Nestle
III. Changes in Competition: Dryer
IV.  New Market Segment to Pursue & Why?
V.   Channel Strategy for the new market
VI. Dryer’s competitive advantage
VII. Dryer: “Our intent is to be the Frito-Lay
     of Ice Cream”
       Small Brand Hitch a Ride
I.   Major Hindrance for Small Brands
II.  How to overcome the hindrance?
III. Example: Honest Tea + Coke bottlers
IV.  What do small brands get?
V.   What do Coke distributors get?
VI.  New development: Distributor-
     developed brand
VII. Key Takeaway: Brand + Store 
            Customer Health Care
1. Current Healthcare Delivery System

2. Problems of the current system

3. Business Model of a walk-in clinic:
   Accessible and affordable health care: 90%
    satisfaction rate

4. Challenges for this idea
  1.   Doctor Skepticism & Resistance
  2.   Recruiting Nurse Practitioners
  3.   Customer Awareness
  4.   State Regulation!
     Wal-Mart To Expand In-Store Clinics
1. 400 Clinics by year 2010

2. Delivered by local health care practice
   Co-branding

3. No proven track record so far  What do
    you think?
    - Pros: Convenience and Cheap
   - Cons: Can you trust them?
                 Move Over, Coke
1. Key Challenges for small guys

2. Describe Bikoff’s Product Strategy

3. Describe Bikoff’s Marketing Strategy
       * Positioning of vitaminwater

4. Describe Bikoff’s Marketing Channel
  1. Structure: types of stores, intensity, level
  2. Management: support & relationship
         After the Sale is Over
1. Brand Ownership Change

2. What happened to existing distribution
   network of Vitaminwater?

3. What is the problem here?

4. How would you solve the problem?

5. Learning from the past: Snapple
Beer Distributor Want More than Bud (WSJ article)

1.    A-B’s Dominance through exclusive distribution:
     “100% Share of Mind”

2. Impetus for change: Consolidated Market to
     Fragmented Market  More Demand for Craft beer
     and Import Beer

3.    A-B Distributors’ Sales Go Down  Began carrying
      non A-B products.

4.    What really matters for beer distributors?
                  Ping Golf Club
1. Through what type of channel intermediary are
   Ping Clubs being sold?

2. What are key factors that drive Ping’s channel

3. What is the intensity of their distribution?

4. How would you describe Ping’s channel
   Relationship management?
  The Monster that Ate Hollywood

• Changes in Movie Studios
• Changes in Studios’ Competitive
• Changes due to alternative movie
  distribution channels: channels,
  products, and markets
• Importance of Marketing vs. Movie

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