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Roadmap Technology Billing


Roadmap Technology Billing document sample

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									Comverse Converged Billing
   Vision and Roadmap
                  Raghu Prasad
   CTO - Asia-Pacific, Converged Billing Solutions
                                       Comverse Converged Billing Roadmap
Our Vision

Approach to Convergence

Our Roadmap

                          Comverse Converged Billing Roadmap
Convergence can have many meanings …
                                       Mgmt                        Offer
       Business              •   Balance exchanges              Convergence
        Model                •   Open items and
                                 running balances           •    Multiple services
   •   Wholesale/Retail                                          on one bill
                             •   Credit and spend
   •   Consumer/Enterprise                                  •    Cross product
   •   Single View of                                            promotions
                             •   Liability control
       Customer                                             •    Up sell/Cross sell
   •   Etc.                                                      opportunities

        Network                                                   Service
       Technology                  Device                       Convergence
                                 Convergence                     •   Voice
       •   GSM
                                                                 •   Data
       •   CDMA                   •    Mobile device             •   IPTV
       •   Fixed Line             •    PDA                       •   Content
       •   ADSL, FTTH             •    TV                        •   Applications
       •   IMS                    •    Computer                  •   Etc.
                                  •    Single Numbers
                                  •    MNP

                                                        Comverse Converged Billing Roadmap
   What the Analysts Say
“Wireless carriers will remain steadfast in their strategies
to bring hybrid prepaid and postpaid services to their
customers. As a result, we expect to see carriers continue
to focus on uniting postpaid billing and OSS with prepaid,
intelligent networking (IN)-based infrastructure.” (Yankee,
Feb 2007)

“It is virtually mandatory for telecom charging solution
suppliers to have a solution strategy for pre-paid and
post-paid convergence. If they do not have a well defined
strategy in this area they are unlikely to get very far in
most charging system selection processes.” (Juniper,
Oct 2006)

“The convergence of postpaid and prepaid will be one of
the primary drivers of the rebounding billing
market.” (Dittberner, July 2006)

“A converged billing engine that addresses both prepay
and postpay requirements is the most significant business
driver for CSP spending on core billing for both the
Wireless and Wireline sectors.” (Stratecast, Jan 2007)

                  By 2008 there will be over 200 converged billing deployments

                                                               Comverse Converged Billing Roadmap
The bottomline on Convergence
(from a Customer Care and Billing point of view)
                                       It IS NOT about just converged charging or single
Convergence needs to be end-to-                          rating engine.
  •   Network-to-the-GL                It IS about entire spectrum of functions, including
                                       rating, charging, product management, customer
                                          management, ordering, mediation, activation,
The key entities in the system       promotions, bill calculation, bill/statement generation,
need to have common and                        journal posting, self-care, reporting.
singular data models.
  •   Customer                       It IS NOT about patching together a CRM application
  •   Subscriptions/Services         and a billing or IN application and mapping their data
  •   Products                                               models.
                                          It IS about using a common data model and
Convergence needs to result in       representation of customers and products across the
                                          entire converged business support system.
tangible benefits to the operator

The path to converged operations
needs to be “evolutionary” more
than “revolutionary”.                     It IS NOT about following an industry hype.

                                      It IS about deriving specific marketing, operational
                                         and business advantages through a converged
                                               customer care and billing system.

                                                       Comverse Converged Billing Roadmap
The Comverse Vision
 Provide True Convergence
       •   Seamless transactions from “Order-to-the-Network-to-the-Bank”
       •   Support for all dimensions of convergence

 Enhance Carrier’s Competitive Edge
       •   Increased Marketing flexibility
       •   Allow for Personalized offerings
       •   Capture consumer at the “moment of opportunity”
       •   Reduce Time to market of new offers

 A Product Suite covering all dimensions of convergence
       •   Single solution providing for all facets of convergence
       •   Upgradeable – benefit from R&D spend
       •   Allow for phased implementation towards full convergence
       •   Low-touch, cost efficient operations
       •   Pre-integrated with numerous VAS and content offerings from Comverse
 Real-time control is important for future success
       •   Real-time update to customer’s service and financial states
       •   Interactive care on multiple channels
       •   Multiple wallets with individual balances (pockets)
       •   Authorization and financial management available for all subscribers and accounts

                                                           Comverse Converged Billing Roadmap
Our Vision

Approach to Convergence

Our Roadmap

                          Comverse Converged Billing Roadmap
Six Tenets of a Scalable, Convergent Billing Platform

 Single representation of a customer
   •   Across all services and payment modes
   •   Across online and offline functions

 One product catalog and data model
   •   Single definition of rates, discounts, bonus etc

 One set of rating processes
   •   Same rating functionality across online and offline processes
   •   No degradation in real-time performance or functions

 Common and consistent balance management
   •   Multiple balances, balance limits irrespective of payment modes
   •   Balance exchanges and sharing

 Converged authorisation
   •   Authorise any type of service
   •   Consistent authorisation policies

 End-to-end financial management
   •   Network-to-the-GL
   •   Always-on, real-time

                                                                Comverse Converged Billing Roadmap
Convergence – Industry Evolution
               Over the past few years, Intelligent Network vendors as well a Packaged Billing
                System vendors and operators have invested considerable time and effort in
              engineering convergent billing solutions with different architectural approaches.

First truly                                       Convergent
                                                    Billing         Comverse Converged
2006-                                              Platform         Billing Solution

Early                               IT Based                      Intelligent
convergent                           Billing
attempted          Kenan FX                                    Network Platform     Comverse
                                 With real-time                 With flexible       RTBS
2002-2006                                                       rating engine

Traditional IN /
IT Solutions
1990-2002             IT Based                                                    Intelligent
                       Billing                                                     Network
                      Platform                                                     Platform

                                                                      Comverse Converged Billing Roadmap
Comverse’s End-to-End Convergence Coverage

                                      One customer repository, one customer data model, hierarchies,

            Customer Management       common customer care environment and processes, interactions

                                      and trouble management, one self-care infrastructure

                                      One order fulfillment system for all services, common workflow and
              Order Management        provisioning management, consolidated number inventory

                                      Bill and statement calculation capability, common financial

             Billing and Financials   capabilities for adjustments, refunds, payments, collections, liability
                                      management, taxation, journalising

                                      Single product catalog, common rates and promotions for prepaid
            Products and Promotions   and postpaid services, single point of configuration and lifecycle

             Rating, Charging and     Single rating engine, common promotions for prepaid and postpaid
                                      services, unified balance management, balance sharing and
                   Balances           transfers across different customer and service types

            Application and Network   Standardised, common interface technology and protocols for
                   Interfaces         different services

        The Comverse approach allows CSP’s to choose the
              dimensions that they want to focus on.
                                                       Comverse Converged Billing Roadmap
Our Vision

Approach to Convergence

Our Roadmap

                          Comverse Converged Billing Roadmap
Roadmap disclaimer

 All information relating to Comverse's product roadmap is
 provided solely as a non-binding expression of
 Comverse's present intent and is not and should not be
 deemed to constitute any form of commitment, promise or
 legal obligation to develop, offer or deliver any product,
 upgrade, enhancement, software, hardware,
 documentation or functionality whatsoever. The
 development, release and timing of any feature or
 functionality is and will remain at our sole and absolute

                                     Comverse Converged Billing Roadmap
Comverse Converged Billing Suite 2.0

   Functional Integration
 Results in new product-line

 RTBS 4.6UR17        Kenan FX 1.4

                Comverse Converged Billing Solution 2.1
     •   Transaction integration for CDRs and other events
     •   Customer Center changes to support prepaid activities
     •   Use of java workflow
     •   Database mapping and admin data synchronization
     •   Methodology is use-case-based changes (vs. all features that
         “happen” to be present in RTB or Kenan FX)
                                            Comverse Converged Billing Roadmap
   Converged Billing 2.1 : Functional View
                        USSD      USSD                         Real-time            Customer           Self-Care
                                               Vouchers      Data Store
                                  self-care                                           Care              EBPP

                                   IVR           Rating      Redundant RT          Provisioning         Orders
                                  self-care                  Data Store

       NETWORK                                  Balances                               THS              Billing
                     CAP3 / OSA   Data &                     Integration
                      Diameter    Content     Promotions                            Discounts         Collections
                       CAP2       Session
                                              Accumulators                           Mediation         Journals
                     WIN, INAP
                                  Control                    Notifications

Common Customer Care and Ordering for all                     Key customer care/ordering functions enabled for
customers via one GUI (Customer Center)                       prepaid subscribers (in addition to postpaid
   •   Kenan FX handles all subscribers (prepaid and          subscribers)
       postpaid)                                                   •       Customer acquisition
   •   RTBS handles prepaid subscribers and their                  •       Change orders, customer profile changes
       processes                                                   •       Adjustments
All real-time rating for prepaid subscribers done in               •       Balance modifications
RTBS                                                               •       Voucher actions (reload, bar, unbar etc)
Mapping of product data models                                     •       Account Information Enquiry : Balances, Usage
                                                                           details, Billing details

                                                                               Comverse Converged Billing Roadmap
Live at Playmobil (Poland)
• Build a full UMTS network, combined with national roaming,
  to compete against 3 established mobile SPs

    BSS                         VAS         Results:
 Customer Care                  InSight     •  Real-time rating of all services
      Billing                  SMSC/MMSC     • Unified product catalog
 Real-time Rating
   (pre & post)                  Fun Dial    • Billing invoices for postpaid,
                                               statements for prepaid,
                Core-Network                   financial reporting covering
                                        Cf=6 everyone

                  With Comverse Product Solutions:
                 Go Ahead to Go Live within 12 months

                                                   Comverse Converged Billing Roadmap
Our Objective (2007 – 2008)
                              Modular system with
                              multiple deployment

                                                        Prepaid and Postpaid
   Be an evolution path for
                                                         available standalone,
   current RTB and Kenan
                                                        leveraging Converged
        FX Customers
                                                           R&D investment

          Evolved                                           Entirely New
     - Detail admin data                                   Product Catalog,
   mapping and synch are                                 Dealer Management,
          obsolete                                       RC/NRC server, Point
   -Configuration tools are                               of Sale, Advice of
        revised anew                                           Charge

                              Customer Center, API
                                    set, Rating

                                                     Comverse Converged Billing Roadmap
                                                                                            Customer Management                                  Self-Service                            Partner Services

                        Converged Billing Suite 3.0

                                                        Order                           Customer                   Inter-     Trouble-       Consumer     Enterprise     EBP            Dealer        Point of
                                                        Entry                             Care                    actions      Ticket                                                   Mgmt           Sale                Alarms &

                                                                             APIs                                                                                                                                          Process
                                                                                                            Business Logic                      Data Connectivity                            Interfaces                   Scheduling

                                                                                                                Order Management                                           Product                  Offers /                Services
                                                                                        Adaptors                                                                         Management



                                                                                                            Workflow          Inventory                                                                                      Error
                                                                                        Formats                                                                         Lifecycle    Rules        Configuration           Management
                                                                                                          Dwelling              PPV                Customers
                                                                                        Queues           Management          Management
                                                                                                                                                                       Collections    Taxation

                                                                                              Rating &

                                                                                                                Offline                                                                               Journals
                                                      Apps Interface Units

                                                                                                                                                                        Payments       Vouchers

                                                                                              Charging          Rating                            Rating Data
                                                                                                                                                     Store                                                                Settlements

                                                                                              Authorization       AoC        Notifications                               Cyclical                   Billing

                                                                                              RT                RT                RT                                    RC/NRC        Invoice         Invoice

                                                                                             Rating          Balances          Promotions                              Generation                    Formatting


                                                                                                                                                    Network                                                                 Roaming
                                                                                                                                                                         Mediation                  Formatting
                                                                                             CAMEL              Network Interface Units
                                                          Service                                                                                          USSD                                                           Interconnect
                                                          Broker                                                                                                       Collection    Validation      Correlation

                                                                                              WIN        INAP      SIGTRAN        Diameter                                                                                 Settlement

                                                      Network                                                       Fixed           IPTV            IMS
                                                                                                   Mobile                                                           IP / Data
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Proprietary and Confidential
                                                                                                                                                                                               Do Roadmap
                                                                                                                                                                       Comverse Converged Billingnot copy
Value for the CSP

     Lower                      Timely                      Increase
   Operational                  Flexible                    Revenue
    Expense                    Marketing                   Realization

• One Billing System to    • Enables converged          • Risk Reduction: Real-
  handle all subscribers     market offers                time authorization &
                                                          credit control available
• Streamlined internal     • Real-Time promotions
                                                          for all customers
  processes (product         & notifications
  launch &                   increases customer         • One source of data
  management, usage          interaction & loyalty        reduces revenue
  processing, customer                                    leakage
                           • Decreased Time-to-
                             Market for new offers      • Increase Integrity:
• Lower integration                                       Network to GL control
                           • Manage full cycle
  costs, staff costs,                                     of transaction
  training costs,
                                                        • Strong internal
  infrastructure costs     • Personalization of

                                                     Comverse Converged Billing Roadmap
Value for the Consumer

   Freedom of
                           Management                   User Friendly
                           “No Surprises”

• Control of services:    • Customer can have         • Straightforward Self-
  can buy bundles or “A     mix of invoices &           Care
  La Carte” offers          statements/one or
                                                      • Targeted bundles
• Personalized Self-                                    focused on market
  Care                    • Customer can control        segments
                            what accounts get
• Control of                                          • Comprehensive
  notifications: when &                                 market offers
  how to be contacted     • Customer can control
                                                      • Can realize value for
                            spending limits
• Not limited by                                        services
  payment method

                                                   Comverse Converged Billing Roadmap
   Raghu Prasad
   (Mobile : 65-97844857)

       Comverse Converged Billing Roadmap

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