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					           Use of Private Road Permission Agreement

  The Carteret County School System and ______________________________________
  do hereby enter into this agreement granting permission for school buses to travel on the
  latter's private roads. Said Association/owner understands and agrees that the Carteret
  County School System will assume no responsibility or liability for damage or
  maintenance of these roads. The private roads in question must meet or exceed the
  following specifications, but exceptions may be made by the Transportation Director if
  the exception can be made without jeopardizing safety of the students or the school bus:

  1. The width of the road must be that of which the D.O. T. would approve for - state
  maintenance (not less than 18 feet wide).

  2. Streets must be open to public vehicular traffic (no gates).

  3. Each intersection must be clearly marked with stop signs that are comparable to state
  approved signs.

  4. Intersections must have adequate sight distance in all directions.

  5. A bus must be able to travel the road without tree limbs or bushes brushing the vehicle.

  6. The road must be kept in good repair as determined by the Transportation Director.

  7. Failure to maintain all the aforementioned items could result in temporary or
  permanent suspension of services on these roads.

  We/I, the officer/owners of ___________________________________________________________
  which has been duly registered with the Register of Deeds and has provided the
  Transportation Director a copy of rules and bylaws, do hereby give written permission to
  the Carteret County School System to have their buses travel on our private roads for the
  purpose of picking up and dropping off resident students.

Association Officer/ Mobile Home Park owner signature _______________________ Date_____________
                                      Phone number_________________________________________

Carteret County School Representative__________________________________ Date ____________

                             67                             Rev. 6/98

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