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					                                       THE FACTS                                       THE ROADCOVER SYSTEM
Introducing          There are currently 8.6 million vehicles on South African   RoadCover is a service based offering, allowing members
                                                                                 who become motor vehicle accident victims, to be compensated
ROAD COVER           roads, but only 7.3 million licensed drivers. As many as
                     half have obtained their licenses fraudulently, according
                     to the Department of Transport.
                                                                                 by the RAF at NO cost to themselves!

                     Each year sees an average of 550,000 accidents, which                                                             100% of RAF
                     account for 220,000 injuries and/or fatalities.                                                                    settlement*
                         THE ROAD ACCIDENT FUND
                     The Road Accident Fund was set up to deal with injuries
                     and fatalities associated with motor vehicle accidents.
                                   THE PROBLEM                                                           * see point 8 under ‘Limits of Services’ on reverse side

                     •   Injured victims are faced with huge challenges, when                 A TYPICAL CLAIM
                         processing a claim to the Road Accident fund, at a
                         time when they can ill afford additional stress.           Below is an example of a typical claim against the
                     •   The process is extremely costly, long, complicated         Road Accident Fund and the resulting payout. Notice
                         and an administrative nightmare.                           how the hypothetical RoadCover member is receiving
                                                                                    more than 5 times the amount of actual cash-in-hand.
                     •   7 out of 10 claims are fraudulent, leading to claims
                         time being on average 36 - 48 months.
                                                                                       TYPICAL CLAIM FOR NON-MEMBER
                     •   Pending of the new law has moved the Legal faternity
                         away from processing claims because victims receive                TOTAL PAYOUT BY RAF                         97,300.00
                         settlement directly.
                     •   In most instances, injured victims are unaware of the        Less contingency/legal fees @30%                  29,190.00
                                                                                        Less 2 medicolegals (+interest)                 15,600.00
                         advantages offered by the Road Accident Fund.
                                                                                             Less all/any medical costs                 27,900.00
                                                                                                         Less sundries                   5,400.00

                                                                                                 TOTAL REMAINING                        19,210.00

                                                                                        In contrast, a RoadCover member
      the solution                                                                             would have received

                                         GENLIB                                                     R97,300.00
                       RoadCover works for Individuals
                       Because there is no cash layout at any time, the
                       membership protects the victim from the costs of lodging a
                       claim against the RAF. At the end of the claim period,
                       individuals receive the full benefit of the RAF payment,
                       with no hidden deductions. In addition, RoadCover
     Toll free         undertakes to do all administrative management of the
                       claim, from start to finish, effectively halving the time
                       period to process the settlement. For the duration of the
                       claim, the individual receives -

 0860 726 837          • free legal representation;
                       • free administration and claims management;
0860 RCOVER            • free required medicolegal reports from RoadCover
                         medical experts, as approved by the RAF;   • free required future loss of earnings reports.
                       • free accident reconstruction

                       RoadCover works for the Road Accident Fund.
                       RoadCover is seen by the RAF as a company that would
                       only prepare legitimate, fair and balanced claims. This
                       results in -
                       • the claimant receiving the full amount of money;
                       • halving of the claim period;
                       • reduction in fraudulent claims;
                       • RoadCover takes no party-to-party costs from the Road
                         Accident Fund.

   the solution


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