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					                                   RMA Required Information
                                             For customers in USA only

                                                    Shipping Information
Company Name:                                                  Address1:
Contact Name:                                                  Address 2:
Contact Phone:                                                 City, St Zip:
Contact Fax:
Contact Email:

Are there any special instructions regarding the return? If you send a PO, we will return to the Ship To on the PO.

RMA number Issued by Product Support:

For all items being returned, please list:
Model #            Serial #                                     Model #               Serial #

Please describe the problem you are experiencing with as many details as possible:

If sending a PO, the following information must be on the PO or it will be rejected.

The PO should be made out to:                                   We can no longer accept a Purchase Order made out to the
Emerson Process Management LLLP                                 name of Computational Systems Inc or CSI

Please note the analyzer serial number or RMA # on the PO.      Payment terms NET 30

Correct dollar amount , $0 and $0.01 will be rejected.          Ship To address

         Note: We will ship to the Ship To address provided on the PO regardless of the return address provided above.

Please return equipment to:                                     Turn around time is 8 - 10 business days unless
                                                                informed otherwise. If it is a billable repair, TAT
Emerson Process Management                                      starts when the PO is approved or the analyzer is
RMA#                                                            received, whichever is later. If you need faster turn
835 Innovation Dr.                                              around, ask about the 72 hour expedite fee.
Knoxville, TN 37932

   To check the status of your RMA, please email or call 800-833-8314.

If returning a 9420, the power module must be removed before shipping the 9420 back to Knoxville. The
power module is a primary lithium battery and considered a dangerous good [regulated shipment. DO
NOT SHIP THE POWER MODULE TO KNOXVILLE. It is the shipper’s responsibility to ensure
compliance with all transportation regulations. Failure to do so may result in hazardous conditions, loss
of life or property, and refusal of receipt by Knoxville receiving department.

                     Please print a copy of this form to ship with returning equipment.
                       Email to or Fax to 865-218-1416
   If this repair requires a PO, email to or fax to 865-218-1406

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