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Michigan State University                                                                                                      APPOINTMENT
Name___________________________________________ Soc. Sec. # ________________ Date ___________ Position # __________

Name to be printed in Faculty/Staff Directory (if different from above)
                                                                                                LAST,    FIRST   MIDDLE

Appointment Dates: Begin                                End                                     Probationary Appointment End Date*
Appointment Basis: G Academic Year or G Annual Year                                          Appointment Status - Check one in each box:
Position/Rank 1                                                                     G Faculty            G with tenure            G contract
Position/Rank 2                                                                     G Librarian          G tenure system prob     G rolling contract
Position/Rank 3                                                                     G MSU Extension      G with continuing
Title 1**                                                                           G NSCL               G continuing system prob
Title 2**                                                                           G Specialist         G fixed term             G on-call
Executive Management? G Yes                                                         G Other              G rolling fixed term     G no-pay
Position/Rank/Title (freeform, optional)

  Primary Department Name       Code        Second Department Name          Code       Other Department Name                 Code        Other Department Name            Code

  Primary College Name          Code        Second College Name             Code       Other College Name                    Code        Other College Name               Code

Date of Birth (m-d-y)________________       ***
                                   Ethnicity*** G Black                            G Asian/PI       G Hispn               G Am Ind/Alaska               G Caucn
G Male         G Female
United States Citizen: G Yes G No   If No: Type of Visa:                                        Country of Citizenship:

Previous University Experience (Institution, Position, Years):

Other relevant experience:
Current License(s):                                                                             Specialty Certified in:
                           DEGREE                       MAJOR FIELD OF STUDY                                                SCHOOL                                 DATE
Most Relevant
Highest Degree:
Other Degree:

Any relative employed in same unit or under same supervisor? G No G Yes
   If Yes: Name/Relation: _______________________________Conflict of Interest form is: G Attached G On File (submitted with
                                                                                                                                                         previous appointment)
Annual Salary Rate $ __________ Percent time employed ____________ % (in all departments involved)
Administrative Increment $________ For overseas appointment: Campus Salary Base $ ________ Overseas Salary Base $ ________
Account Number
%       (& Acct Name)
Adm. By Dept/Coll
                            PRIMARY                             SECONDARY                               OTHER                                   OTHER


Waiver Reason #_____________ (See reverse side for reasons) If using reason 18 explain:

                                                                                                                          AA Compliance & Monitoring Signature       Date

Recommended by:

Primary Chairperson/Director Signature     Date         Second Chairperson/Director Signature       Date                  Other Chairperson/Director Signature     Date

Primary Dean/Adm. Head Signature           Date         Second Dean/Adm. Head Signature             Date                  Other Dean/Adm. Head Signature           Date

Academic Human Resources                   Date         Provost Signature                           Date                  President Signature                      Date

    RESET                                   MSU is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Institution                                                           APPT1199
Waivers of the posting and search requirements of the Academic Hiring Procedure may be used in the following

1.        Appointment for less than two semesters (9 months), or appointment for a full year at 50% time or less

2.        Shift from fixed term status to tenure or continuing appointment system for faculty/academic staff previously
          screened. The previous screening must have been for an appointment posted as a tenure or continuing
          appointment system position. Attach a copy of the Affirmative Action Report from the previous screening to
          this appointment.

3.        Reappointment of fixed term faculty/academic staff

4.        Adjunct/Visiting/Clinical faculty/academic staff

5.        Retired faculty/academic staff rehired on a fixed term basis

6.        Research Associate appointment due to emergency or jeopardy of the grant
7.        Research Associate appointment with highly limited availability due to specialty
8.        Research Associate appointment in position with unique circumstances that limit open candidates

9.        Research Associate appointment with documented evidence of good-faith affirmative action effort on the
          part of the principal investigator or unit (Deans monitor and approve.)

10.       Resident/intern selected from national pool

11.       Assignment of an internal candidate to an administrative position in which the administrative duties are 50%
          or less of the total duties

12.    Emergency appointment while search committee acts

13.       Shift from other appointment category

14.       Appointment of woman in unit underutilized for women

15.       Appointment of minority in unit underutilized in the aggregate for minorities or underutilized for the
          minority group to which the appointee belongs

16.       Appointment necessary to recruit/retain spouse/partner

17.       Special opportunity (unique qualifications)

18.       Other cases where waivers of posting/search are appropriate.

Waivers due to reasons 1 through 12 above are approved by the Dean. Waivers due to reasons 13 through 18 above
are approved by the Assistant Provost/Assistant Vice President for Academic Human Resources and the Senior
Advisor to the President and Director, Affirmative Action Compliance and Monitoring.

Use appointment form for all new appointments and shifts from fixed term to continuing status. Use for fixed term reappointments only if the most
recent appointment was effective prior to September 1, 1990.
   * If probationary period is other than four years for an Associate Professor, prior approval from Provost and President is required.
  ** There is no tenure in administrative assignments.
 *** Type "X" for the race/ethnicity to which the employee is usually regarded in the community as belonging or with which they identify the most. If
       employee provides information on multiracial status, type asterisk(s) for additional race/ethnicity(ies) corresponding to the additional
       race/ethnicity(ies) of employee's parents.

                                  MSU is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Institution                                                   APPT1199

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