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					                                                                                    Issue 63
                                                                                 November 2010

    Reading and
    West Berkshire

       MND Race Day raises £80,000
                                    professional polo player David
                                    Heaton-Ellis, who lost his fight with
                                    the disease, aged 39, and who set
                                    up the Heaton-Ellis Trust.

                                    The day featured seven sponsored        Inside...
                                    races and a gourmet Champagne
                                                                            Brenda Rayner on    2
                                    lunch for guests in the Pavilion        making a difference
                                    before the main auction which
                                                                            Story and pictures       3
                                    raised £43,000.                         behind Race Day
                                                                            Berkshire County         4
A charity race day at Newbury   Lunch guests also bid at a                  Show Spotlight
racecourse, inspired by a man   successful silent auction which ran
                                                                            Barging about on         5
who lost his battle with MND last
                                throughout the day and netted               the canal
year, raised £80,000 for world- £14,500. It was run by Jan
leading research work.          Gryglaszewska and Joanna Knott,             Drop-in, don’t drop- 6
                                                                            out, exhorts
                                from the MND Association’s
                                                                            Val Pearson
TV racing presenters Clare Reading and West Berkshire
Balding and Willie Carson branch.                                           Kings of the Road host   7
                                                                            a right royal Quiz
persuaded punters to part with
their money to help find a cure A team of branch volunteers also            Old Banger is just       8
                                                                            the Italian Job!
for the devastating disease.    sold raffle tickets around the race
                                    course and collected at the gates A stairlifting
                                                                      Experience with                9
Clare Balding, whose family live in as the punters left for home.
                                                                      Colin Moss
Kingsclere, near Newbury, hosted
an auction with prizes including a Delighted event organiser, Clair
                                                                      Netta and David                10
                                                                      Thorne’s Holiday
holiday to the Seychelles and a Southwell, of the Heaton-Ellis Trust,
work experience package with declared afterwards: “It all went
                                                                      Line up to dance               11
                                                                      with Carol and Reg
the Daily Mail.                     really well.”
                                                                            On their bike to         11
                                                            Jane Gilbert raise cash
The charity race day on More information                  and   pictures
September 28th was inspired by on page 3...                                 Diary Dates              12

Registered Charity No 294354
          Reading and        Nov
          West Berkshire

Together we can make a Difference                                                                             2
                                  extremely interested and                received both sound practical
                                  shared in our tales of DIY acci-        and emotional help. We have
                                  dents, frustrations, numerous           shared tears and laughter –
                                  hospital visits for both minor          the latter now being the
                                  and major injuries and of               ‘norm’!
                                  course the humour that just
                                  had to prevail throughout               Over the years Jan and
Brenda and Brian           Rayner these trying times.                     husband Ed, along with Val
wi th  Asso ci ati on Vi si tor,                                          (Pearson) have become firm
Jan Gryglaszewska, who, with Brian and I both felt that it was            friends and we now often
the local branch, has made
                             so important for fellow visitors             meet up to share meals as well
such a difference to them.
                             to understand just how men-                  as advice!
On Saturday October 16th, tally, emotionally and physi-
Brian and I were asked if we cally drained we both were                   Brian and I both feel that we
would be available to take until Jan came into our lives.                 have also benefited from
part in the 2010 Inaugural Having coped for some 10                       attending drop in meetings
National Association Visitor years on our own we were                     and fundraising events etc.
Forum as the Keynote definitely sent our very own                         Everyone who works for the
Speakers.                    angel!                                       Association, especially in our
                                                                          local branch has been
To explain the huge differ-         We were able to explain the           instrumental in helping us to
ence in our lives that our          complete transformation to            enjoy and live our lives to the
Association     Visitor, Jan        our lives that followed Jan           full!
Gryglaszewska, had made             Gryglaszewska’s first visit and
was not difficult, but we felt      how we were soon able to              I just wish we could give every-
that in order to fully under-       acquire, from Social services,        one a snapshot of our before
stand the incredible benefits       Occupational Therapists and           and after life then we could
we have enjoyed, it was im-         the branch itself, several            definitely say...Together we
perative to highlight our           pieces of equipment, that not         CAN make a difference.
journey leading up to that all      only made daily living easier,                         Brenda Rayner
important time.                     but also helped Brian retain
                                    his dignity – especially in the               Get your flu
We both then realised that          bathroom.
                                                                                   jab now
recalling a lot of those
memories was a painful and          Jan was available every                In the next few weeks, the
                                                                           infirm, elderly and those with
emotional      business,            minute of the day whether by
                                                                           illnesses such as Motor
especially as Brian was             telephone, email or mobile.
                                                                           Neurone Disease should be
diagnosed with Kennedy’s            Her visits were looked forward         advised by their doctor/
disease – a rare form of            to with anticipation. Jan gave         district nurse to get the
Motor Neurone – some 15             us hope, encouragement and             latest influenza vaccination.
years ago.                          re – established the will to live.
                                                                         G e t th is N e ws l e tter b y em ail .
                                                                         C o n t a c t    V a l      P e a r s o n
However, the audience was           From    day    one    we    have
               Reading and        Nov
               West Berkshire

David Heaton-Ellis-the story behind Race Day
The      MND       Race         Day    on three-year-old             son        Geordie
September 28th was inspired had a 50 per cent chance of
by    professional       polo     player inheriting the familial type of
David Heaton-Ellis, who lost his MND.
fight with the disease, aged 39,
and who set up the Heaton-Ellis He and a group of friends set
Trust, after becoming the third out to raise £1.4m to fund
person in his family to be struck research                 –    an    MND         gene
down by MND.                                 hunting project- led by Profes-
                                             sor   Chris       Shaw        at     King’s
Despite his battle with rapidly
                                             College Hospital in London.
deteriorating health he was                                                                The late David Heaton-Ellis
determined          to    help        fund                                                 with his wife Sophie and son
                                             For every £1 raised by the
genetic research work into the                                                             Geordie   at   their   Headley
                                             Heaton-Ellis Trust, a further £3 is
causes of MND which also                                                                   home in December 2008
                                             awarded            by     t he       MND
killed   his     racehorse        trainer
                                             Association, together with its                 For more information
brother Mikie Heaton-Ellis, aged                                                             on the appeal, visit
                                             American          counterpart        ALSA
41, and their late aunt Cairnie.                                                 
                                             and   the     Medical          Research
David was also aware that his
                                                                      Jane Gilbert Our pictures from the Newbury
                                                                                           Race Day show Clare Balding
                                                                                           and Willie Carson doing their bit
                                                                                           to get punters to part with
                                                                                           their cash!

                                                                            Trevor Sprules (below)
                                                                            and team MND (above)

                                               What do you fancy??

  Sophie Heaton-Ellis and
  Professor Chris Shaw from
  Kings College Hospital
          Reading and      Nov
          West Berkshire

MND in the County Show Spotlight                                                              4
                                  agricultural show and Truffle, All was not lost and instead
                                  the show’s pig inspired a porker the team sat outside the
                                  of a theme for the stand. marquee with collecting
                                                                    buckets and handed out
                                  Visitors were able to guess the balloons and sweets to
                                  number of pennies in our piggy children. Donations quickly
                                  bank, guess its name and even f o l l o w e d   and     the
                                  race a pair of “oinking” piglets. Association’s profile was
MND was in the spotlight at       There were raffle tickets and again given a boost.
this year’s Royal County of       Christmas cards for sale and our
Berkshire Show thanks to our      Association Visitors were on Branch chair Margaret Moss
dynamic team of hard-             hand to give advice and an- paid tribute to all the helpers
working volunteers.               swer questions about MND.         saying it was great to see
                                                                    how the stand developed,
The stand at the two-day show                                       evolved and adapted over
near Newbury was a new                                              the two days.
venture for the Association’s
Reading and West Berkshire                                        She said: “We have all had
branch and proved to be a                                         time now to assess the
steep learning curve.                                             success of our venture into
                                                                  the show. We have learned
                                         Pinky and Perky showing
Our team of show novices                                          a great deal from our initial
                                           their sporting colours
arrived to set-up on Plot 290                                     visit – the first is always the
and quickly transformed a         The racing pigs proved an hardest!
patch of grass into an impres-    instant hit with the younger
sive showpiece displaying our     visitors but when volunteers “Overall we believe that we
vision of a World Free of MND.    turned up for duty on the had a good result; useful vis-
                                  second day to find Perky had a its to the stand, many ques-
                                  broken leg some quick-thinking tions asked and answered,
                                  was required to save our with orange, blue and white
                                  bacon!                          balloons all over the show-
                                                                  ground, followed up by vol-
                                                                  unteers in their blue t-shirts
                                                                  raising awareness as they
                                                                  went around and about.”
    Ann Minks with son Rob,
   secretary Val Pearson and
    AV, Wendy Gouldthorpe                                             Our     patron,
                                                                      Newbury      MP
Orange, blue and white MND                                            Richard Benyon,
Association balloons soon                                             was among the
spread among the 70,000-          Above and right: A visit from our   many visitors to
strong crowds at the 101st        patron, Newbury MP Richard          the stand and
                                  Benyon, with chair Margaret Moss    said he was very impressed
            Reading and       Nov
            West Berkshire

with all the work done by
Berkshire     volunteers
                                      Barging about on the Canal
throughout the year.
                                                                      enjoy the smells, sights and
Now the branch manage-                                                sun. The team from the Rotary
ment committee is already                                             Club navigated the canal
thinking of having a stand at                                         locks with skill but did suggest
next     year’s      show      –                                      we take to our seats and hold
September 17    th and 18th – to
                                                                      on at this point which turned
build on this success.                                                out to be good advice as it
                                                                      did become rather bumpy on
                                      In August this year, the Branch an otherwise peaceful trip !
*The cost of raising the MND          accepted the Newbury Ro-
Association’s profile meant           tary Club’s offer of the use of A few heavy showers didn’t
a small financial loss to the         their barge to travel from dampen the atmosphere and
branch but this could be              Woolhampton to Sulhamp- I think we all agreed that it
avoided with sponsorship in           stead and back along the was a very pleasant day with
2011.                                 Kennet and Avon canal.          plenty of good humoured
                                                                         banter !!
Please consider how your              It was a bright summer’s                                 Ann Minks
personal or business con-             morning and the boat was
tacts may help us to work to          moored at the lock gate near
secure a World Free of MND.           the Row Barge pub. Several
                                      PlwMND and their partners
                   Jane Gilbert       arrived and were carefully
                                      lowered onto the lower deck
                                      and along with some helpers
                                      and plenty of sustenance,
                                      (non-al of course!) we set off
                                      on our “adventure”.            Our pictures show The Rotary and
                                                                         MND barges at the lock gates
                                      One of our party decided to        (above), and Anne Smith (front
                                                                         left), with Shirley and Mike Dann
                                      enter into the spirit and had      (foreground) and Bernie Baker
                                      her wheelchair put at the          and Joyce           (back left).
                                      pointed end of the boat to         Ann Minks is at the sink!
Enjoying the racing are Maisie,
aged 8, and six-year-old Tilly Pink
Costello from Maidenhead, and
Brian Rayner with wife Brenda
                                                 Waitrose collects for MND
and Jan Gryglaszewski.                Grateful thanks to all the staff   This money will be wisely spent on
                                      and customers at Waitrose in       helping people in West Berkshire
                                      Newbury who supported us           living with MND. Waitrose has also
                                      during the store's charity token   helped us to raise vital awareness
                                      collection during August.          of this devastating disease.
                                      We received £465 from the
                                                                Please continue to help us do
                                      monthly £1,000 share-out
                                                                something optimistic to help.
                                      under    the  successful
                                      Community Matters scheme.                         Ann Minks
           Reading and      Nov
           West Berkshire

The Branch goes Wild (West) to volunteer                                                                6
                                   We’ll hitch up our wagon and          to join us.
                                   mosey down to the Corn
                                   Exchange, Newbury, on 15              Come to the hoe down and
                                   January. Dressed in our best          see us in Newbury, tell your
                                   western garb, we’ll do our            friends and neighbours we’ll be
                                   pesky best to be part of the          there!
                                   fun    volunteering     day.
                                                                                CORN EXCHANGE,
                                   Any of you (especially those                SAT 15 JANUARY 2011
                                   with costumes) are welcome                      10 am to 3pm

Drop-in , don’t Drop-out!
You   know  how  the                   our two Association Visitors,
unexpected    always                   escorted the party to the
happens when you are                   nearest pub, and everyone
totally  unprepared?                   w a s      p l i e d    w i t h
                                       alcohol and sandwiches, so
                                                                            Sam Brown, a Drop-in
This happened at the last they were more than satisfied.                    regular, who, after a visit
drop-in in when I arrived see a                                             from a paramedic, a
small group of drop-inners E l i z a b e t h          Bowran      and       doctor and, of course,
standing outside the church Gwenda Charman, two of our                      Jane Gilbert, rallied round!
hall     looking       f o r l o r n . stalwarts, drew the short straw
                                       and stayed by the church           thought it wasn’t serious, just a
The church hall was quiet – door to redirect those strag-                 reaction to the flu injection
doors locked, no warm glers who had turned up, all                        Sam had been given that
welcome and no sign of life. expecting                 support    and     morning.
Appeals by mobile phone sandwiches.
were left unanswered and I                                                Sam was already beginning to
was aware that I needed to As for Sam. fortunately, we                    perk up, helped by the arrival
rise to the occasion and find were literally around the cor-              of Jane Gilbert (He has a
a solution.                            ner from the nearest doctor’s      weakness for blondes, does
                                       surgery and the staff there        Sam!)
A further concern was Sam were warm, friendly and abso-
Brown, one of our Drop-in lutely wonderful. A paramedic                   Thanks to everyone for rallying
regulars, who was beginning arrived within minutes, al-                   round and particular thanks to
to look very unwell, not at all though Sam was adamant he                 the doctors and staff of
his usual cheerful, cheeky self. did not want to go to hospital,          Burdwood Surgery, who were
                                       so the paramedic stayed with       professional, understanding
But the MND team pulled itself him until Dr. Bahia of Burd-               and kindness itself.
together and re-organised. wood Surgery could give a
Joanna Knott and Ann Minks, second opinion. Luckily, he                                       Val Pearson
           Reading and        Nov
           West Berkshire

Kings of the Road host a right royal Quiz
‘A good time was had by all’!!
Certainly true of the recent
                                                                                         Alex McColl,
Quiz Night at the Wagon and                                                              his    father
Horses Pub in Pinkneys Green,                                                            and      their
Maidenhead, on Thursday 9th                                                              attendants
September to raise funds for                                                             helped make
                                                                                         the Quiz Night
MND.                                                                                     a right royal
The night was arranged and
hosted by Alex MacColl
(pictured, right, with car) –          stages of fancy dress were        wishing to take part and there
great nephew of our friend             also     avidly      selling      was even a team sitting at a
and colleague Cath Hazel               tombola tickets – and some of     table outside braving the
who sadly lost her battle with         us were lucky to win              chilly evening weather.
MND last year.                         several prizes on an extremely
                                       fun evening.                      Alex and his father were
Alex and his father took part in                                         dressed as kings and were
a trip by car starting at Staples                                        helped by a team of willing
corner and finishing in Naples –                                         helpers who all worked really
hence the name ‘Staples to                                               hard to make the evening a
Naples’ in order to raise funds                                          success.
for the association.
                                                                       In all a total of £788 was
We arrived to find the very car        The MND local branch team       raised on the night – a
that was to be used for the trip       with Brenda 3rd from left.      fantastic result to a fantastic
taking pride of place on the                                           evening!
forecourt of the venue –               In all, approximately 20 teams                     Brenda Rayner
sporting fantastic red sparkly         took part and entered into the
paintwork – they obviously             spirit of things with gusto. As
mean to be noticed!!                                                   There is still time to support Alex
                                       the evening got going, both
                                                                       and Calum’s fundraising - see our
                                       bars were filled with those story also on page 8...
Local   students      in    various

 Raffle raises £770                   The new National Office
                                      scheme has meant that the
                                                                         To know that you have
                                                                         personally helped towards
  for local funds                     proceeds of the tickets sold       the cost of a stair-lift or a
                                      within a certain series of         wet-room for someone living
                                      numbers from this year’s raffle    with MND is the best
                                      have gone directly to our          Christmas present you could
                                      local branch.                      give, both to the family
                                                                         concerned and yourself!
                                      Many thanks to those of you
                                      who took part and raised Many thanks to you all.
                                                                               Val Pearson
           Reading and        Nov
           West Berkshire

Old Banger is just the Italian Job                                                            8
Maidenhead’s Alex MacColl has driven 5,000     in foreign places never visited, experiencing
miles to Naples and back in a rusty old        cultures, meeting new people, and then the
banger to raise thousands of                              trip back with my best mates.
pounds      for  the   MND                                I wouldn't change a thing.
                                                           “Above all, using this opportunity to
He and his dad Calum not                                   raise over £5,000 (including prize
only made it to the finishing                              money) for the MND Association.
line but they won the four-day                             What an experience!”
rally’s first prize of £1,000.
                            The Lancia Beta HPE before     The enterprising pair who run on-line
                            (above) and during the
The dynamic duo has so far race (below). See Alex and      computer sales firm Macking UK far
collected £5,000 from their the car also on page 7and      exceeded their fundraising target
epic adventure in a 1981 Alex and Calum, below             to help fight MND – a cause close
Lancia Beta HPE             which                            to Alex’s heart as he lost his great
cost . . . just £125.                                        aunt Catherine Hazell to the
Twenty-year-old Alex said
after their incredible trip:                                 They put in a lot of work getting
“It's been expensive. I know I                               the old banger ready for the big
spent about £800 on the trip                                 run to Naples and made sure it
(not including the car!), but                                looked the part by decorating it
every penny was worth it.                                    in sparkly glitter.

“It's been one of those ex-                                    There is still time to sponsor
periences that I'll never                                      Calum and Alex - http://
forget, and one of the                               
best times of my life. It was                                  UK-Does-Italy-In-A-Lancia - as
great to spend the rally                                       the fund is being kept open un-
with my dad, chatting                                          til they have received their
about things past and pre-                                     prize-money from the rally
sent, (the odd argument                                        organizers.
too), drinking and eating                                                          Jane Gilbert

                                                    branch. Go on, do it now, you
Christmas Shopping?                                 have nothing to lose!

                     Buy your Christmas Cards,       If you don’t have a catalogue
                     wrapping paper and so much     you can view the available merchandise
                     more to raise valuable funds   by visiting
                     for the MND Association. Buy   but don’t forget to order through the local
                     through our local branch and   branch by contacting Mary Davidson
                     save postage as well as        on     0118     983     2605      or    by
                     earning money for the          email
            Reading and        Nov
            West Berkshire

A Stair lifting Experience                                                          by Colin Moss
                                        make any seating transfers. This          two years seemed the best
                                        is often a better long term               option for me.
                                        solution but only providing the
                                        bathroom and bedroom is also              I applied for a Disabled
                                        wheelchair       accessible.              Facilities Grant but didn’t
                                                                                  meet the (lack of) income
                                        In our case this was not so and,          criteria. Thankfully the MND
                                        more crucially, there simply              Association stepped-in and
                                        wasn’t space to locate a                  sent me a cheque for more
                                        through-floor lift, which was             than half the total purchase
                                        also expensive (at almost                 price, which enabled me to
                                        £10,000) and would be a very              order it immediately and
                                        prominent feature in two rooms            Bespoke delivered it within a
                                        of the house, upstairs and                week.
                                                                                  There were many challenges
                                            So we opted for a stairlift, but      during installation, including
                                            the ‘million dollar’ question         the two 90 degree bends in
Shan and I moved home was, could a stairlift be made                              my staircase, and I wish I
recently        after     r e a l i s i n g to fit       a difficult staircase?   had     considered           an
we     needed          something                                                  automatic swivel seat, as my
more      disabled          f r i e n d l y I surfed the internet for             push-down handle is easy
in    the       longer           t e r m . potential suppliers and read           enough when sat in the
                                            reviews. Despite finding many         chair, but tricky to operate
After casually looking for a suppliers, there are very few                        at the top of the stairs if you
bungalow or more suitable actual manufacturers in the UK                          need to send the lift back
house, a discussion with my OT and my first choice manufac-                       down so others can use the
prompted us to step-up our turer (purely from an aesthetic                        stairs.
search and, although the viewpoint) was Freelift (made
house we decided on is not in Holland) for the simple rea-                        Three weeks after installa-
entirely wheelchair friendly at son that their curved stairlifts                  tion, the lift is working
present, it is ideal for us in many run on a single tubular rail and              perfectly and I am pleased
other respects.                             look neater than the two-rail         with it. It has a 12 month
                                            stairlifts.                           guarantee and , being a
Our first priority was to ensure                                                  Stannah lift, which has been
we could find a way for me to Finally, from four companies                        in production for several
safely negotiate the steep, selected, Bespoke Stairlifts                          years, spare parts are readily
curved staircase. Fortunately, (who specialise in recondi-                        available,       as     is  a
my physical decline has been tioned Stannah lifts for difficult                   comprehensive        lifetime
quite slow and we have plenty curved staircases) gave me                          warranty/ service cover
of space to build a downstairs t h e                   most     competitive       option.
bedroom plus wet room in the price and I was impressed by
medium term.                                the rep who carried out
                                            the         initial      survey.          Colin Moss shares
We considered two solutions to                                                        his experience of
the staircase problem. The first I had considered rental, but, at                   ordering and installing
was a through-floor lift, which £950 for six months rental, the                        a stairlift for his
can accommodate a wheel- break even period for buying a
                                                                                          new home.
chair and avoids the need to reconditioned lift of less than
          Reading and      Nov
          West Berkshire

Our Levelling Out Experience                                            by Netta Thorne               10
                                   and you will not be surprised to      amenity, which many will
                                   learn that it took over 2 hours       know can be a big hurdle
                                   before I could get through. I         when trying to find holiday
                                   left our details without much         accommodation.
                                   hope of being lucky. Imagine
                                   our delight when 2 days later There were about 5 acres of
                                   we were rung and told we      grounds for us to roam and
                                   had been allocated a week in  a large decking area
                                   August!                       surrounding the house,
                                                                 which provided a great
                                      We were accompanied by our space for Dave and our
Netta, David and family at the two sons, their partners and 2½ grand daughter to play
adapted farmhouse in Somerset- year-old grand daughter and ' c h a s e '    -   wheelchair
the Levelling Out Project offers free 1  year-old   grandson. a g a i n s t   scooter.
short breaks to PlwMND and their
families and carers
                                   The spacious detached                  4-
My husband David was               bedroom house stands in an
diagnosed with MND in              e l ev at e d   p o s it io n      w it h
November 2007.      For one        stunning panoramic views of
reason and another we had not      the Somerset Levels which can There was even a hot tub
had a holiday since February       be      seen      from         e v e r y outside, from which could
2008. So when we heard about       window of the house. be seen the stars at night
the Levelling Out Project                                                     and the views during the
we were very keen to               The owner and her project day.
b e     c o n s i d e r e d .      co-ordinator, who lived
                                   nearby (who was very warm The fridge and freezer were
The project was created by a       and welcoming and on hand fully stocked with fresh
wonderfully generous lady, who     throughout the week) had locally sourced foods and
having cared for her       late    thought        of      a b s o l u t e l y the pantry was also full of
husband, wanted to give            everything to make our stay fresh vegetables and staple
families the opportunity to        enjoyable          and         s t r e s s food stuffs. Again all free.
spend time together and            free. The master bedroom
experience the 'magic' of her      with large en-suite bathroom It truly was an amazing week
beautiful family home - and it     was on the ground floor and and we will be forever
was free! It was to be run in      was      accessed           t hrou gh grateful to the gener-
conjunction       with   MND       double         doors           f r o m ous owner who has given
Connect - she had made             the       decking.             D a v e us the opportunity to spend
13     weeks      available        could        even rest in bed precious time together, in
throughout the summer.             and see the views from there. such beautiful surroundings,
                                                                              especially for Dave with the
We had to phone on a certain       From a 'disabled' point of view grandchildren.
date and register our interest,    the house offered every
                                                                                               Netta Thorne
          Reading and      Nov
          West Berkshire

Line up to dance with Carol and Reg                                                                 11
                                                                    bring and buy sale. And the
                                                                    bottom line was that we made
                                                                    a profit of just under £500 – a
                                                                    very encouraging result!

                                                                    Many thanks to Steph and Julie
                                                                    of Steps and Stetsons,
                                                          , for
Carol Bishop and I are keen       have done this every summer       their support, and especially
line-dancers, and attend les-     since. Proceeds have gone to      for the loan of music CDs
sons every Wednesday at           the MND Association in mem-       as this was vital to the
the Crescent Resource             ory of my wife, Susan Watson,     success of the evenings.
Centre in Lower Earley.           who was a keen line dancer,
                                  and who died of MND in 2006. Also, thanks to Ellie and Mary for
                                                                   assisting, to the staff at the Cres-
In August our instructors         The dances are now official
                                                                   cent Centre for their co-
Steph and Julie of Steps and      MNDA sponsored charity
                                                                   operation, and of course to all
Stetsons take a well-earned       events, so we can hire the hall
                                                                   the line dancers who came to
break, but this leaves us with    at the charity rate. It was only
                                                                   the socials.
a gap in our lives. Four years    available for three of the Au-
ago Carol had the idea that       gust Wednesdays, but atten-                              Reg Watson
we could run Charity Socials      dance was good, and we
                                                                   Ever     wondered         what    is
to take up the slack and we       also organised a raffle and a discussed and decided by our
                                                                    B o a r d       o f T r u s t e e s ?
On their bike to raise cash                                         about_us/board_of_trustees_reports
                                                                    for highlights.

Grandmother, Catherine             George Pearce, Matthew's
Smith, from the Newbury area,      grandfather, who lived in the
has every reason to be proud       Newbury area and died from
of grandson, Matthew, who          MND five years ago. Elisa’s
recently     completed      a      grandfather has also had MND
sponsored bike ride from           for nearly 15 years.
Ludgershall, near Andover, to
Newbury, a distance of about       The trio raised £256 from family
40 miles.                          and friends, which is being
                                   forwarded to the Lancashire
Matthew and friends, Elisa         branch of MND Association, as
Morris and Alex Topham, who        that is where Elisa's grandfather     Matthew Smith (centre)
are still at school, set out to    lives. Many congratulations to        with friends Elisa Morris (left)
raise money for the MND            all three of them for showing         and Alex Topham, prepare
Association in memory of           such spirit and determination.        for their 40 mile ride.
            Reading and         Nov                          Thank you Holiday Inn Reading West, Bath Road, Padworth
            West Berkshire
                                2010                            and Kall Kwik Printers, Reading for your ongoing support.

                Picture Perfect                                                                                                    12
                                                                                           Diary Dates
THE Disabled Photogra-                  They host an online forum
                                                                                          Drop - ins                     Tues
phers’ Society wants to                 where    you   can     ask                        St Luke’s Hall, Theale         9 Nov
enable photographers in                 questions    and    share
the UK who may need                     information         with                          Cornerstone,    Norreys        Tues
                                                                                          Avenue,     Wokingham          11 Jan
advice on how to over-                  other    photographers.                           RG40 1UE (next to All          2011
come    difficulties  and                                                                 Saints Church)                 12.30 -
take   great     pictures.              The website also provides                                                        3pm
                                        details of events, gallery
                                                                                          Wokingham                      Sun
If photography is your                  displays and how to enter                                                        28 Nov
passion, or you would like to           competitions, with a selec-
                                                                                          Winter Carnival
                                                                                          Wokingham Town Centre
                                                                                                                         11am -
explore     this  medium,               tion of inspiring images from                                                    5.30pm
please visit their site.                previous award winners.                           In aid of MND Association
                                                                                          and McMillan Cancer

                                                                                               40 bucket collectors needed
Need Help getting to Hospital?                                                                  between 3pm-5pm. Please
                                                                                              contact Val Pearson if you are
                                                                                                     willing to help.
THE MNDConnect team is                 available towards the cost
aware that increasingly                of taxis for these kinds of                        Christmas Tea                  Wed
                                                                                                                         8 Dec
more people with MND are               appointments, and we can                           Party
                                                                                                                         2.30 -
having problems using hos-             group         together                                                            4.30pm
pital transport to attend              requests from a number                             St. Luke’s Hall, Englefield
                                                                                          Rd, Theale, Reading
c l i n i c    o r   o u t             of   people      requesting                        RG7 5AS
patients    appointments.              help     in    this   way.
                                                                                           O pen t o al l but pl ease
                                                                                           contact Val Pearson on
They are often expected to             We would urge anyone in                             0118 9789063 if you would like
be ready for collection very           this situation to contact                           to come, need a lift or have
                                                                                           any     special     needs.
early in the morning and               your local branch or
may experience a lengthy               contact us direct.
                                                                                          Wild West                      15 Jan
travel time as other people                                                                                              2011
are collected across the
                                                                                                                         10am -
area. They may also have a
                                                                                          Show                           3pm
long wait for transport to
                                                                                          Corn Exchange, Newbury
take      them      home.                                                                 - don’t forget your stetson
However, financial support is                                                             and spurs!

       Branch                Branch Contact            Secretary                            Events                  Newsletter
                             Beth Drury                Val Pearson                          Coordinator             Mary Watson
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       Margaret Moss         Fiona Turner              Ed Gryglaszewski                     Jane Gilbert            Mary Davidson
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