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					Interpersonal Skills
Chapter 10

          Marketing 1

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Human Relations
 It is very important in business to work well
  with others. If you are able to get along with
  your peers, you have a better chance of
  success within your company.
 #1 reason people are fired from their jobs is
  because they cannot get along with others.
 “Make friends; not enemies.”

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Body Language
 Body language is the gestures, posture,
  mannerisms, and eye contact through which
  a person communicates thoughts to others.
 60% - 80% of what is communicated comes
  from body language.
 Be aware of your posture when you are at
 Learn to control/manage your facial

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“Soft Skills”
 Skills that are not easily taught and learned
  are called soft skills. Soft Skills will help you
  succeed in business. Examples are:
      Friendliness, Courtesy, and Tact
      Personal Ethics
      Creativity, Initiative, and Responsibility
      Attitude
      Self-Control and Orderliness
      Self-Awareness and Willingness to Change
      Empathy
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 Move out of your comfort zones and strike up
  conversations with people you do not know.
 The key to schmoozing is sincerity. When
  talking to others, always be sincere with
 Many people at the top of their fields are
  great schmoozers. This is how they make
  new contacts and create new business.

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 A team is a group of people that work
  together in order to achieve a goal.
 Teamwork is the skill they use to achieve that
 Successful teams are good at:
     Training
     Team Planning
     Setting Team Goals
     Assigning Roles for Team Members
     Sharing Responsibility and Shared Leadership
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Being a Valuable Team Member
 Make the team’s goals your top priority.
 In meetings, listen actively and offer
 Build positive group dynamics with team
 Communicate with team members outside of
 Resolve conflicts among team members.
 Respect all members of the team
 Inspire other employees to get involved.
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In-Class Assignment
 This chapter is about getting along with
  others and showing sincerity in compliments.
 Your assignment is to select a teacher,
  administrator, or coach that has made an
  impact on your life.
 Then, hand write that person a thank you
  letter telling them how they impacted you and
  how they have improved your life.
 Letters will be distributed to the teacher

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