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					                                        Michael Milligan
                                  California State University, Fullerton

       MBA, Pepperdine University, 2004.
         Major: Finance

Professional Positions

       Lecturer, California State University, Fullerton. (January 31, 2005 - Present).

   Outside Employment

       Founder and President, Quantified Systems. (October 2004 - Present).

       Head of Research, Liverpool Derivatives Group. (January 2006 - March 2007).

Licensures and Certifications
       Commoditiy Futures Trader (CTA), National Futures Association. (January 2007 - December

       Commodity Broker Series 3, National Futures Association. (June 2004 - December 2007).

Professional Memberships
       Commodity Trading Advisor, National Futures Association. (January 1, 2006 - Present).


Teaching Experience
   California State University, Fullerton
       Fin 320, Business Finance, 2 courses.
       Fin 332, Theory Of Corporate Finan, 2 courses.
       Fin 340, Intro To Investments, 4 courses.


Published Intellectual Contributions
   Journal Articles

       Milligan, M. (2007). Insuring your futures position against risk. The Trader's Journal, 3(3),74-75.

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      Milligan, M. (2007). Increasing your leverage and reducing your cost. The Trader's Journal,

Research in Progress
      "Do Commodity Indices Reflect the Commodity Markets?" (Writing Results)
          There are three major commodity indices. These three indices do not reflect the overall
          movement in the commodities markets. All three indices have a high correlation coefficient
          with one underlying commodity. These indices also do not take into consideration the flow of
          funds in and out of the underlying markets.


Department Service
      Committee Member, Curriculum committee. (September 2008 - Present).

University Service
      Faculty Advisor, Student Managed Investment Fund. (November 2006 - Present).

Professional Service
      Guest Speaker, Genesis Financial Technologies Inc, Los Angeles, California. (March 19, 2008 -
         July 30, 2008).

      Guest Speaker, Genesis Financial Technologies Inc, Los Angeles, California. (January 2007 -
         August 2007).

      Trading Strategies, Alvin Mance/Hedge Fund, New York. (September 2008 - Present).

      Trading Stratergies, Alex Assadour Ebkarian, Northridge California. (October 2008 - December

      Triad Securities Corporation and I did joint research on the performance of IPO equities in the
          after market., Triad Securities Corporation, New York. (July 2008 - October 2008).

      Consult with programmer on an options trading platform, GenesisFT, Colorado. (September 2007
         - September 2008).

      Trading Strategies, Dianna Kibbey, Virginia. (February 2008 - March 2008).

      Weekly Newsletter, Los Angeles. (June 2006 - December 2007).

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