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             titlealternative           contributor faculty      departmentproject       subject     description date
                           Ingvarsson, T.M.
CCDM and Open Source Applications                                                                                 2005
GML and Complex Features   Monteiro, F.                                                                           2001
                           Tomko, M.
Spatial Databases for Mobile GIS Applications                                                                     2003
                           van 3D features
An algorithm for overlaying der Most, A. using a tetrahedral network                                              2004
                           Louwsma, J.H.
Constraints in geo-information models; Applied to geo-VR in landscape architecture                                2004
                           Kaliszka, K.B.
                                        Vuik, problems
                                                    Electrical M.B.
                                                                 Applied Mathematics Domain Decompostion; Additive investigate the
                                                                                                     In this master
Developing a parallel solver mechanicalC.; Van Gijzen, Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Sciencethesis I Schwarz Metho
                           Sze, M.T.
Master of Science (Architecture) Kaminer, T.Architecture         Architecture                                     2011-06-29
                           Boel, J.     Van Dijk, Civil          Watermanagement microfiltratie
Microfiltratie van Maas-Waalkanaal water J.C. Engineering and Geosciences                                         1999-04-01
                           Vermeij, M.J.
Development of a Topological Data Structure for On-the-Fly Map Generalization                                     2003
                           Wijnands, P.P.A.
Jasmine; Spatial modelling with an object oriented database system                                                2001
                           Pu, S.
Managing Freeform Curves and Surfaces in a Spatial DBMS                                                           2005
                           van den Berg, A.H.H.J.
Harmonisation of distributed geographic datasets; A model driven approach for geotechnical & footprint data       2004
                           Gonen, M. Trott, P.; Hartmann, L.;Innovation Capital
                                                     Patents andPolicy and Management
                                                                    Venture Systems Patents; Venture Industry     2010-05-11
An Explorative Study on the Relation betweenTechnology,Festen-Hoff, B.H. in the Semiconductor Capital; Semiconductor Industr
                            management of non-profit organizations
                                        L.          Architecture Real
Strategy for real estateMichielsen,Arkesteijn, M.H.; Volker, L. Estate & HousingCentralization                    2010-06-22
Inverted Urbanism                                   Architecture
                           Ando, M. Van der Velde, J.R.T. Urbanism                       landscape                2010-06-30
                           Li, P.       Hemmes, K.; Mayer, I.S.; Ravesteijn, W.
                                                     using socio-technical scenarios & Sustainable scenarios; multi-level perspective
                                                                 Technology Management
Explore the future of electric vehicles in ChinaTechnology, Policy and Dynamics socio-technicalDevelopment        2010-08-23
                           Guldemond, P.L.
                                        Steenhuisen, B.
                                                    Technology, Policy and Management
                                                                 SEPAM                   process managament; 2010-10-08
                                                                                                                   Dutch Railways; multiple
NS Stakeholder Management: A study of the complex relationships between Dutch Railways and decentral governments when d
                           Veres, T.Z.Onur, E. Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Information Dissemination in Vehicular Networks                  Wireless and Mobile Communications               2011-05-31
                           Jiajian, Y. Meijer, G.C.M.
                                                    Electrical Signal Processing& Computer Engineering master
                                                                 Microelectronics        time-gain-compensation
                                                                                                     This is a 2010-02-22
Time-Gain-Compensation Amplifier for Ultrasonic EchoEngineering, Mathematics and Computer Science thesis about the time
                           Veugdenhil, to Hoog, M.; De Wit, Urbanism
                                         B.         ArchitectureS.; Tummers, L.          metropolitan landscape; metropolitan groundform
                                                                                                     How to structurea park
                                                                                                                   with the metropolitan
The metropolitan Landscape: HowDe structure the metrepolitan developments in the haarlemmermeer 2010-11-02 system. dev
                           Asoodeh, S.  Lapidoth, A. One Single Bit with Feedback Capacity per unit cost 2010-12-13
                                                    E            Telecommunications
On Achieving the Minimum Energy for Sendinglectrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
                           Gerding, L.T.Meijers, W.L.E.C.
                                                    Architecture RMIT                                This master ghana; a full plan for the
Transformation of the Kumasi Zoological Gardens, towards a 21st century zoo. transformation; kumasi; thesis iszoo; dierentuin; z
Platformwoning             Rutten, W.               Architecture                                                  2009
Hypertower                 Kiremitci, M. Alper      Architecture                                                  2008
                           Alblas, R.
The transformation of Saint Lazare                  Architecture                                                  2008
                           De Booij, T.P.
                                        Schaap, S.;Technology, Policy and Management analysis; Stakeholder analysis; Floods Dire
                                                     Hermans, Policy Analysis
                                                                 L.M.;                   actor       In this      2010-10-13
One for All, All For One: Actor analysis research in practice Broekhans, B.; De Bruin, E.F.L.M. master thesis report research
                                                                                                     With Science
Finite Element Analysis of Human Sips, H.J. Electricalthe Cell Broadband& Computer Computerthe current advances in bone im
                                         V.                      Microelectronics Engine
                           Elangovan, Bone Structures on Engineering, Mathematics and Engineering                 2009-12-22
                           Gong, Y. Vredenberg, T. (mentor); Janssen,Mathematics Sodoyer,This master thesis presents (senior m
                                                    Electrical Engineering, M.
                                                                 Software Technology                  B.R. Science2008-09-18
Architecting High Performance Multi-tier Enterprise Information Systems (mentor); and Computer (mentor); Dietz, J.L.G. an empir
                                                                                                     The            Breda; explores reasons
                           Dekker, D. Vande Putte, H.; Wigmans, Estate & HousingBenelux Breda master‟s thesisLocation factors
Breda, decent village across the border: Reasons for Benelux G.  Real Headquarters to locate in Headquarters;2011-04-07
                                                                                                     This report 2010-06-16
                                                                                                                  is part
Bentonite cavities in diaphragmA.J. case studies, Tol, A.F.; Fraaij, A.L.A.; Chassagne, C.; Van Dalen, J.H. of my master thesis
                                        Bosch, J.W.; Van process decomposition, scenario analysis and laboratory experiments
                           Lubach, walls:                        Geotechnology
                                                    Civil Engineering and Geosciences    diaphragm walls; bentonite
                           Mollen, M.J.M.
                                        Nottrot,    Architecture Architecture                        perpetuating resilience by safeguardi
An alternate strategy in tsunami mitigationR.J.; Van der Zaag, E.; Kennedy, J. tsunami; escape building; Aceh     2010-01-26
                           Meijer, J.P.Arkesteijn, Architecture research & Housing
                                                    An evaluation Estate of the Dutch
                                                                 Real                                             2011-04-08
Organizational performance and Real estate: M.H.; Binnekamp, R.; Koster, H.M. method'NTA 8021, Performance measuremen
                           Bajpai, A. Packet Modulation Engineering,
                                                    Electrical Telecommunications Channel Equalization; Wavelet Packet Modulatio
                                                                                                     This thesis 2011-06-30
Channel Equalization for Wavelet Nikookar, H.; Lakshamanan, M.K. Mathematics and Computer Science presents design and
                           Liu, Y.      Onur, E. Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science Dual-Radio wake-up ra
Green Routing Protocols Employing Dual-Radio Cooperation                                             This thesis 2011-06-30the Cooperatio
                                                                 Telecommunications Green Routing Protocols;      introduces
                            and WaterKortmann, L.J. (mentor);Policy and Management
                                                    Technology, Lukszo, Z. (mentor);carbon footprint;thesis mentor) combined; orga
The Combined CarbonDessens, J. Footprint of Organizations        Systems and Simulation               A. (senior states the development of
                                                                                          Verbraeck,This water 2009-10-22
                           Stegers, E.M.Quak, H.J.;Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Routinggoal of2009-12-11is developing a
                                                     Rothkrantz, C.J.L.; Mathematics Vehicle
                                                                 Applied Aardal, K.I.                The Science thesis
A Solution Method for Vehicle Routing Problems with Time-Dependent Travel Times ComputerProblems; time dependent trave
                            analysis of military involvement inBouw
                                         C.P.M.     A.; Barjis, J.; Ertsen, Geosciences
                                                                  civil engineering reconstruction The theoretical underpinning of this r
A project managementHodiamont,Verbraeck, Civil Engineering andM.W.; Rietjens, S.J.H. projects during counterinsurgency oper
                           Wieman, R. to Detect Anti-Patterns and Design Violations
                                        P                        Computer Science        Antipattern;In this Master's
                                                                                                      scanner 2011-05-10
Anti-Pattern Scanner: An Approach inzger, M.Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science Thesis Project, two C
                           AlBaqir, M. Koz, A. (mentor); Lagendijk, R.L. (senior mentor) fingerprinting; motion vector; perceptual sim
                                                    Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer thesis,
                                                                 Media & Knowledge Engineering
                                                                                         video                    2009-07-13
Video fingerprinting in compressed domain: Fingerprinting method based on motion vector In this Sciencea novel video fingerprin
                           Van and improvementTechnology, Policy and Management pharmaceutical organizationlogistics; system
Demand Planning: Analysisder Bent, M.                of the demand planning process supply chain; demand planning; on the applicatio
                                        Tavasszy, L.A.; Van Duin, J.H.R.; Meijer, a                        2010-04-08
                                                                                                     Master thesis project
                           Balidemaj, E.Remis, R.F. lectrical Engineering, of ElectromagneticBalidemaj; residual; present scattering; e
                                                    E            Laboratory Mathematics and Computer Science
                                                                                         Krylov; Research Minimization
                                                                                                     In this      2010-06-21
A Krylov Subspace Approach to Parametric Inversion of Electromagnetic Data Based on Residualthesis we inverse; a Krylov sub
                           Nieuwendijk, J. der Helm, F.C.T. BioMechanical Engineering
                                        Van         Mechanical, Maritime of shoulder prosthetics;Body
                                                                                         movement hydraulics;2010-08-20 mechanism; a
A New type of body-powered prosthesis: Using wrist flexion instead and Materials Engineering powered prostheses have many
                                                                                                     Personal network Service federation
                            Service Zhou, J.; Ibrohimovna, Electrical Engineering Federated Personal Network;and theirProvisionin
                                                    Electrical Engineering, Networks
                                                                 M.; Groot, Mathematics and Computer Science
Flexible and AdaptableLiu, B. Provisioning for Federated PersonalS.                                               2011-01-13
                           Stronkman,Houben, during incidents
Exploiting Twitter to fulfill information needsG.J.              Software Technology Twitter; incident can Twitter be exploited to fulfill
                                                                                                     How Science  2011-06-29
                                                    Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computerdetection and tracking; informati
                           Kibria, M.S.Zlatanova, S. (mentor);GIS Institute M.J. (mentor); Itard, L.C.M.Master2008-02-10 thesis states
                                                    OTB Research technology
Functionalities of Geo-VE to visualize Urban Projects             Van Dorst,                                        of Van Oosterom, P.J.M
                                                                                                     This (mentor);Science
                           Kibria, M.S.Van Oosterom, Research projects
                                                    visualize GIS Technology                         This           of Science
Functionalities of geo-virtual environments to OTBP. urban Institute for the Built Environment Master2008-02-10 thesis states
Park Laakhaven             Van der Linden, M.       Architecture                                                  2008-04
                                                                                                     Met als bijlage: A0 poster
                           Van ter Meij, M.         Architecture
Herbestemmingsproject Berckepoort & Statenschool te Dordrecht                                                     2009-01
                           Van Nederpelt, S.        Architecture
Stedenbouwkundig plan spoorzone; MultiMediatheek Delft                                                            2007
                           De Rooij, R.             Architecture
Aanpasbaarheid ter verhoging van de multifunctionaliteit                                                          2008
                           Van Sabben,
Hybrid buildings: spoorzone Delft R.                Architecture                                                  2008-04-20
                                        Roos,       Architecture
Radiostation Kootwijk Spruijtenburg, B. J. (mentor); De Ridder, A. (mentor)                                       2008
                                                                                                     Met als bijlage: A0 poster
Chaining history           Hacquebord, A.           Architecture                                                  2008
Hybrid buildings                        B.          Architecture
                           Meijerman, Korpershoek, M. (mentor); Caso, O. (mentor); Mihl, H. (mentor)              2009-01-15
                           Wang, Q.                 Architecture
Back to street life: redevelopment of old harbour area - Singapore steers for a knowledge-based city 2008
                            of folding movement, time, material and functions into one form
(S)trip of health: a way Kramer, C.G.               Architecture                                                  2008
                           Dijkstra, W.
Transformatie voormalig Noorderpershuis te AntwerpenArchitecture                                                  2008-01-25
                                                                                                     Met als bijlage: A0 poster
                           Derksen, J.; Windt, D. Architecture
Stedenbouwkundig plan centrum noord in Haarlem. Ontwerp stationsplein Haarlem                                     2008
                           Mulder, N.
Recreatie Terminal aan de Toekomstige A3 Architecture                                                             2008
                           Frederiks, M.
F.I.S.H. Fully Immerseable Swarming Hotel Architecture                                                            2008-01-17
                                                                                                     Met als bijlage: A0 poster


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(c) 2008 M. Frederiks Master thesis            Student-theses
                                   application/pdf        uuid:8f673340-c3d2-4dbb-a8b5-acfe733641c8


                         Verheijden, infrastructure as an intervention within a post-war area in London 2008
Elephant and Castle library: a new A.-M.          Architecture
                         Saint lazareW.E.         Architecture                     swimming sport centre2008-10-28
Swimming sportcentre Schotanus,Pham, N. (senior mentor); Collauti, F. (mentor); Bokel, R.
                         Andriany, A.             Architecture
Urban lounge: hybrid building at NDSM Wharf Amsterdam                                                       2008
Conditions Istanbul      Polman, B.-J.            Architecture                                              2008
                                                                                               Met als bijlage: A0 poster
                         Van living environment: urbansuburban
Architecture and modernity:Dijk, W.               Architecture                                              2009-03-31
                         Ten New H.
Red Star Line: Antwerpen -Kate, York              Architecture                                              2008
                         Pinzon Latorre, A.A. Architecture
Dommel: centre of ecological technology, Boxtel                                                             2008
                                                                                               Met als bijlage: A0 poster
Amster-dance             Vrielink, K.             Architecture                                              2008-04-04
                                                                                               Met als bijlage: A0 poster
Knots, a living bridge Oosterbaan, I.             Architecture                                              2008
Scheveningen-haven Van Mil, Y.                    Architecture                                              2009-01-01
Zakelijk hotel Antwerpen Mansjur, A.I.            Architecture                                              2008
                         Bol, B.
Hybrid buildings: spoorzone Haarlem               Architecture                                              2008-06-26
                         Brand, S.                Architecture
Quinze-vingts; Centre Hospitalier National d'Ophtalmologie                                                  2002
                                                                                   afstudeerproject Missing Link
Extreme sports world Veldman, E.                  Architecture                                              2008-07-01
Het Dordrechtsmuseum     Feddema, N.              Architecture                                              2009-01-23
                         Verheij, T.; Den Burger, R.
Culturele accommodaties Maastricht: een muziektheater aan het Vrijthof                                      1979
Wonen in domeinen Westerveen, R.                  Architecture                                              2008-10-31
                                                                                               Met als bijlage: A0 poster
                         en stad: Zeeburgerpad, Amsterdam
Knooppunt voor studie Wiersma, D.                 Architecture                                              2008
Wonen in Tarwewijk Kwong, H.C.                    Architecture                                              2008-04-03
                                                                                               Met als bijlage: A0 poster
                         Van der - Paramaribo -Suriname
Blue Note Theater - Waterkant Drift, L.           Architecture                                              2008
                         Droog, S.                Architecture
Architectonische beleving: een yogacentrum in de binnenstad van Delft                                       2008-10-30
                         Schijns, W.H.M. G. (mentor); Van Eesteren, C. (mentor)
                                      Holt,        (N.H.)
Ontwerp voor een Europese school in BergenArchitecture                                                      1967
Centre for performing arts, NDSM Löhmann, H. (mentor); Pimlott, M. (mentor); Van der Zaag, E. (mentor)
                         Dees, J.P. wharf         Architecture                                              2009
Multireligieus Gebouw Kouwenhoven, Y.             Architecture                                              2004-01-24
Bouwen en toch openlaten Hoogenberk, E.J.         Architecture                                              1973-10
                         Van der Loo,
Marokkaans met een zachte geej T.                 Architecture                                              2008
't Hof te Dordrecht      Van Enter, R.E.          Architecture                                              2009-01-01
                         Koers, T.
Interventie terrein bisdom Paramaribo             Architecture                                              2008
                         Van publicHavik, K. public realm
                                       building: P.
Architectuur and modernity:Delft Westerhof,(mentor); Veldhuisen, S. (mentor); Engels, J. (mentor)           2008
                         De Graauw, J.            Architecture                                              2008-07
Stadsherstel in Unesco-gebied: openbare verblijfsruimte en nieuwe stadswoningen voor het centrum van Paramaribo
                         de marketing van         Architecture                                              2006-10-24
(H)eerlijk ontspannen: Van Ettekoven, J. duurzaam bouwen d.m.v. een positieve duurzaamheidsbeleving in vrijetijdswoningen
                         Van Tol, A.              Architecture                                              1955
Ontwerp van een receptie-centrum op een terrein bij het voormalige KLM-gebouw, thans Direktie RijksWaterstaat te Den Haag
                         Butzelaar, W.; Amsterdam
Uitbreiding van het Stedelijk Museum Van Son, M.  Architecture                                              1988-06-07
                         Gruijters, A.
Border conditions: Inside out                     Architecture                                              2009-01-27
                         Van voor een L. L. (mentor); Koopman, F.W.A. (mentor)
                                      Meijers,    Architecture
KunStad Ostra; herontwerpMeerkerk,markthal in Dresden                                                       2007-04-04
Hotel aan het Zeeburgerpad M.J.                   Architecture                                              2008-10-30
                         Blom, S.
Dance Centre Amsterdam Noord                      Architecture                                              2008
                         Meulblok, M.
Cultureel Centrum Dordrecht                       (mentor); Mihl,
                                      Mooren, B. Architecture H. (mentor)                                   2008-07
                         in architecture
Sensory intensification Van Kreij, K.             Architecture                                              2008
                         Kalkhoven, J.            Architecture
Interventie terrein bisdom Gravenstraat Paramaribo, Suriname                                                2008-04-03
                         Boodt, L. Loehmann,Architecture Holtrop, A. (mentor); Meijs, M. (mentor) bijlage: A0 poster
Dans centrum: beweging & voorstelling             H. (mentor);                                 Met als      2008
Het Laaken               De Bruin, A.             Architecture                                              2008
                         Lopez Garrido, L.
Saint Lazare modern art museum                    Architecture                                              2009-01-01
                         Bron, P.      de den Berg,
Noordzeestad; grens en poort vanVanmetropool R. (mentor); Bobbink, I. (mentor); Hermans, W. (mentor)        2004-06-22
                         Langereis, D.
Hybrid building: Zeeburgerpad                     Architecture                                              2009
Urbansurban: living onDencher, R.                 Architecture                                              2008-07-04
                         Van der Statenschool Dordrecht
                                      Meijers,    Architecture
Herbestemming Berckepoort & Knaap, J. L. (mentor); Koopman, F. (mentor)                                     2009-01-22
Filmhuis Falcon en hetSpoelstra, J.               Architecture                                              2008
                                                                                               Met als bijlage: A0 poster
Renovatie kantoorpand "Chiquita" A.               Architecture                                              2008-06-30
                         Majoor, J.C.C.M.
Centrum voorzieningen Vlaardingen Holy            Architecture                                              1975
Abstractie aan de Vecht der Bijl, R.              Architecture
                                      Graafland, A. (mentor)                                                1985-06-21
                                                                                   bouwkunst; ontwerpanalyse; stedebouw; architec
                         Vermeulen Van Gelderen, M. (mentor);
                                      Windsant, X.Architecture
De Bunker: speciale zittingszaal van de rechtbank AmsterdamJansen, R. (mentor)                              2004-06-25
                         bij Ridder, D.           Civil Engineering and Geosciences
UV/H2O2 behandeling De drinkwaterbereiding; onderzoek enontwerp                                             2006-06
                         Dietz,                   Architecture
Brinkmann Hoven Haarlem L. Nottrot, R. (mentor); Van Dooren, E. (mentor); Vitner, D. (other person involved)2007-03
                         Maaskant, A.P.J.V.A. ArchitectureFroger, J.H. (mentor)
Technische natuurkunde Dreinerlo      Tauber, P.H. (mentor);                                                1963
Digital tools for design Mulders, S.              Architecture                                              2008-10-30
Theater Saint Lazaire, Schaap, D.                 Architecture                                              2008-10-28
                          zaken nemen wél keer: een herontwerp voor de badplaats van den Haag
Scheveningen, gedaneDe Boer, J.                   Architecture                                              2008-04
                         Wetzel, bouwblok W. Architecture
                                                  (mentor); Koopman, F. (mentor)
Kruiskade live: herontwikkelingJ. Willers, Oude Luxor theater Rotterdam                                     2008
Tussen wonen en werken                Van         Architecture
                         Grootveld, B. Zwol, J. (mentor)                                                    2008
                         Voets, A.A.M.            Generaal te
Uitbreiding van de Tweede Kamer der Staten Architecture Den Haag                                            1978
                         Van Beek, J. Macel, O., dr. (mentor)
Representatie in de architectuur van ambassades   Architecture                                              2005


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                          Konraadt, J.J.
Direkteurswoning Plantage Morgenstond              Architecture Architecture                                       1981-01-01
                                                                                         Situering Plantage Morgenstond; schetsen; Surin
Park Laakhaven            Van der Linden, M.       Architecture Architecture                                       2008-04-01
                          Dijkgraaf, J. omossa, domain
                                      K            Architecture
Shock therapy, reviving contemporary public S.; Marzot, N.      Architecture                                       2008-11-21
Community Centre Deurne                             P.; Mihl, H.Architecture
                          Sonmez, E.Vermeulen,Architecture                                                         2011-04-12
                          Derksen, M.met een Koopgarantwoning H. (senior mentor)
De wooncarrière van koopstarters Elsinga, M. Architecture       Housing
                                                   (mentor); Westra,                     Koopgarant                2009-11-06
                          Geurtsen, S.Bollen, R. Research of    Architecture             faculty
Design of a new Faculty of Architecture [AR]. Architecture a glass Facade stabilized by internal strung 2011-01-21 cables [BT]
                          Freling, te Van Hagen, B.Architecture
De Sint Nicolaas- of NieuwkerkW.;Dordrecht of de Nieuwkerk in de Bleije Hoek                                       1982-02-28
                          Gkoni, D.
Small scale public spaces in Bow, Tower Hamlets    Architecture Architecture                                       2011-07-29
Station Zuid              Aygun, A. Cavallo, R. Architecture    Hybrid Buildings                                   2011-06-17
                          Qiu, Y.     Bantal, S.; Architecture
Temporary urbanism in contemporary BeijingZandbelt, D.          Urbanism                                           2011-06-29
                          Knegt, M. as rural I., Architecture
Afslag Midden-Delfland,poldergolf Bobbink,strategy                                       golf; Delfland; network;2008-05-20 polder
                                                                                                      Part of double graduation
                                                   ir. (senior mentor); Geerts, F., ir. (mentor); Hermans,aW.J.A., ir. (mentor) in Archite
                          high dense B. environments
Artificial landscapes in Meijerman, Korpershoek, M. (mentor); Caso, O. (mentor); Mihl, H. (mentor)                 2009-01-15
                          Swinkels, toward
                                      Colombo, F.F. (senior mentor); Hermans, W.J.A.
                                                   Architecture                          airport; park; Van Nes,2009-01-16 the area aroun
                                                                                                      Thesis how to develop
                                                                                                                    A. (mentor)
The airport as a new urban node W.R. a strategic and sustainable development (mentor); mobility; globalisation; sustainable
                          Jochemsen, A.
                                      Theunissen, E. (senior mentor)
                                                   Electrical Engineering, Mathematics an Computer integrity; synthetic
                                                                                         terrain database Science  proposes terrain detection
Exploring an alternative concept to cope with unknown terrain database integrity inand SVS This thesis 2009-02-26 vision system
Precast double curved Huyghe, K.;Vollers, K.; Architecture D.; Grünewald, S.
                                        Schoofs, A.
                          concrete panels                       Building Technology                                2009-06-26
                          Khawar Sarfraz, K.S. Electrical Engineering, Systems SRAM
                                      Doorn, T.S.; Van der Meijs, N.P.45nm technology
SRAM power reduction: An ultra-low-power SRAM architecture inandMathematics and Computer Science                   2009-06-30
                          Pedal, M. Westrik, Architecture       Urbanism                 Urban Regeneration; 2009-07-03
From Rotterdam Center to Good City Life J. (mentor); Hulsbergen, E. (mentor); Geerse, A. (mentor) Rotterdam; Urban Vitality; C
                          Chiriacescu, I.
                                      Rothkrantz,Electrical Man Machine Interaction      emotion recognition; speech; HCI
Automatic Emotion Analysis Based on SpeechL.J.M. Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science                     2009-10-02
                          Delfi Nanosatellite
                                      Gaydadjiev, G.; Bertels, K.; Verhoeven, C.; Wong, S. ; Amini, R.
                                                   Electrical Computer Engineering
Fault Detection for the Cornejo, N.E.B. Programme Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science                    2009-07-06
                          Barbieri, S.Pouwelse, J. (mentor) Microelectronics & Computer Computer Science
                                                   Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Engineering Real Time; Python; wxPython
CoopViz: Real Time Visualization of BitTorrent Swarm Dynamics                            Peer-to-Peer; P2P;        2009-09-09
                          Abikhaled, A.M.
                                      Gaydadjiev, G.
                                                   Electrical Engineering,K. (mentor); and Computer Science
                                                                Computer Mathematics                               2009-10-02
Code Integrity Check targetting RISC Processors (mentor); Bertels, engineering Wong, S. (mentor); Popov, M. (mentor)
Tychy - dreams and reality: a short story of the second Polish socialists‟ city
                                      R            Architecture
                          Koziol, M.K. iedijk, M.R. (mentor) Public Building                          The project is based on
                                                                                         Brussel; mundaneum 2009-06-26 a research o
                          Spruijtenburg, E.J. C.G. (mentor);toPolicy and Management to PrivateOpportunities?mentor)
                                      Chorus,      Technology,Veeneman, W.W. (mentor); Van Wee, B. (senior
The Road to Personal Intelligent Travel Assistance: How TLO                              PITA
                                                                   Bundle Public Interests                         2009-12-07
                          Sadeghi, M.H.
                                      Verhoeven,Electrical Engineering,
                                                    transmitter Microelectronics & Computer Engineering
New architecture for remote powered wireless C.J.M.; Monna, G.L.E.Mathematics and Computer Science                 2009-11-30
Architecture of changeJansen, H.S.                 Vollers, K.J.
                                      Teuffel, P.; Architecture Architectural Engineering                          2009-11-06
                          Asghari, H.Schmidt, A.; Van Eeten, PolicyOrganization, Law
                                                   Technology, into the role and incentives of Internet Service Providers in
                                                                Policy, and              botnet; Gaming            2010-01-28
Botnet Mitigation and the Role of ISPs: A quantitative studyM.; Ortt, R.Management and malware; Internet; security; ISP combatin
                          Diaz Cano, the           Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
                                                                Electrical Power Engineering
Impact of Offshore Wind Power onC.M.Stability of the Dutch Electrical Grid                                          Dutch Electrical Grid
                                                                                         Offshore; Wind Power;2010-07-09
                          Li, L.      Sanden, M.; Dankelmann, J.; of the ACTA-DelltaTech C.
                                                   Applied case study Education Wehrmann, collaborative2010-08-27
                                                                Science                    Communication            research strategic comm
Academia-Industry collaborative research project -- A Sciences Wentink, M.;andacademia-industry collaboration; on the training
                          Bahlen, T.M.Bronsvoort,Electrical Engineering, on the basis CAD/CAM Group
                                                    W.F.        Computer Mathematics and Medial Axis
Extraction and Visualization of Dimensions from a Geometric ModelGraphics and of its Computer Science              2010-06-09
                          Lange, T. Kolfschoten, G.L.; Mayer, I.S.; and Management
                                                   Technology, Policy Engineering
An Exploratory research to Workshop Participant Engagement Verbraeck, A. facilitation; workshops 2010-08-18
                          Jin, K.     Sanders, F.M.; Ports of Rotterdam and J.H. and Logistics
                                                   Civil Engineering and Geosciences
                                                                Transport, Infrastructure
Modeling of inland shipping competition: between Verhaege, R.J.; Baggen,Antwerp                                    2010-08-01
                          Noroozi, A.Gaydadjiev, G.; of Microcontrollers Verhoeven, and Computer
                                                   Electrical Engineering, for Delfi-n3Xt delfi-n3xt; nano; nanosatellite; satellite; com
                                                                Microelectronics & Computer Engineering
Evaluation Methodology and Systematic Selection Van Genderen, A.;Mathematics C.Nanosatellite Science               2010-10-01
                          Mui, Using Software Repository Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Studying Late PropagationsH.H. Zaidman, A.E.                    Software Technology code clone
                                                   Electrical Mining                                               2010-10-06
                          Chen, S. Wu, H.; Wolffenbuttel, Microelectronics & Computer Engineering
                                                    Gas Sensors For Hydrogen Detection
Surface-Micromachined Thermal ConductivityElectrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science                 2010-10-28
                          Cheplygina, V. D.M.J.Electrical Pattern Recognition and and Computer
                                      Tax,                                               one-class classification; random subpsace; class
Random Subspace Method for One-Class Classifiers Engineering, Mathematics Bioinformatics Science                   2010-11-15
                          Corina, M. Bertels, K. Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Engineering
                                                                 patterns                Memory Access Science     2010-10-06
Quantitative analysis and visualization of memory accessMicroelectronics & Computer ComputerPatterns; Reconfigurable Comp
ALL Inclusive             Houtman, L.              Hulsbergen,  Urbanism
                                      Bois, P.G.; Architecture E.D.; Hermans, W.J.A.                  Een ontwerpend onderzoek naar fysi
                                                                                         parochialisatie; bonding; bridging; publiek domei
                          Koutsoupakis, C.
                                      Colombo, F.; Hermans, W.; Fernandez-Maldonado, A.M. suburban area of Thessaloniki
                                                   Architecture Urbanism                 sprawl; the               2011-01-28
Defining islands of innovation: High-tech clusters as an urban development strategy for network; knowledge economy; adaptation
                          Nieboer, D.Cooke, R.M.   Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science new metric for the hea
Heuristics of heavy-tailed distributions and the Obesity index                                        In this thesis
                                                                Applied mathematics heavy-tailed distributionsa    2011-01-12
                          Antenna Ezhil, A. A.Electrical Engineering, Mathematics andantenna design 2008-04-22
Millimeter-Wave UWB Shenario Design in LTCC Technology          Telecommunications UWB Computer Science
                           Planning Process
                                      Verbraeck, Technology, Policy and Management
                                                   A.           Systems Engineering Chemical Industry; Lean Six Sigma; chain Stak
                                                                                                                   Polyols' supply
Efficiency Analysis of aVan Oss, R.M.T. in Chemical Industry: Improving the Planning Process of the 2011-03-04 SIPOC; usin
                          Dannenberg, F.G.W. Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science of streams under tra
Symbolic dynamics and automata Fokkink, R.J.                                                          The equivalence
                                                                Applied mathematics automata theory; transducer equivalence; symbo
                          Grashuis, M.A.
                                      Serdijn, W.A.Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
A fully differential switched capacitor wavelet filter          Microelectronics & Computer Engineering            2009-07-03


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                           develop a De Greef, T.; Neerincx, M.A.
                                                    Electrical for collaboration at a distance Computer Science
                                                                Man Machine Interaction
Ecological approach toSam, M.P. shared mental model Engineering, Mathematics and during a crisis situation        2009-09-23
                          transmission system A. (mentor); Electrical Powerinterconnected power systems
                                                    Electrical Engineering, for Engineering Kling, W.L. (senior
                                                                 Gibescu, M. (senior mentor);
New method for future Mahes, A. Ciupuliga,bottleneck indentificationMathematics and Computer Science mentor)      2009-10-06
                          Sadegh Azad, for
                                      Kuzmanov,Electrical Engineering, Mathematics
                                                    G.; Bertels, K.
A Custom FFT Hardware Accelerator R. Wave Fields Synthesis Engineering and Computer Science                       2009-11-25
                          Gevers, radar der Woude, J.W. Applied mathematics rain; mask; In this thesis we
                                      Van                                                             rain-mask; 2010-04-06
                                                                                                                  rain-filter; bird-radar
A rain-mask for the ROBIN Lite E.Q.A.system Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science describe the develop
Edgeless Silicon Sensors M.                          C.I.M.     Microelectronics & Computer Engineering
                                                                                         Edgeless Silicon Science
                                      Beenakker,Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Sensors          2010-02-19
                                      BerghauserArchitecturethe Complexity of the urban block; Along Case Studies in [Paris]
Tracing Scopes of Action: Design Principles toPont, M.; Viganó, P.; Meyer, H. Urban Block: urban morphology; micro businesse
                          Hausleitner, B.             Approach Urbanism                                           2010-01-19
                          Kukner, Element based MemoryEngineering, Mathematics and Computer Science architecturememory
Generic and Orthogonal March S.H.     Hamdioui, S.              Computer Engineeringmemory; BIST; MBIST;2010-09-24
                                                    Electrical BIST Engine                           A Memory BIST  SRAM; testing; and imp
                          Apeldoorn, Simeoni, parabolic reflector antennas
                                      M.A.          E           IRCTR                                Radio telescopes are quite often use
Characterizing reflector-feed interaction for M. lectrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science          2011-01-11
                          Smits, T.C.Sloff, Lek' Civil Engineering andEngineering deltacommissie ; Nieuwe Lek; extreme rivierafvo
                                                                Hydraulic Geosciences
Rivierkundige gevolgen van de 'Nieuwe C.J. bij extreme rivierafvoeren                                             2011-03-01
                          Van de Walle, L.C.J. C.M.; Calabrese, L.M.
                                      De Hoog, Architecture     Urbanism                 Shrink (krimp);
Krimp als uitdaging: Herontwikkeling krimp regio Parkstad Limburg - Shrinkage as Challenge Parkstad Limburg       2011-04-13
                          Post, J.W. Van met J.C. Engineering and
                                                    Civil       Watermanagement nanofiltratie; recovery 2000-11-01
Recovery+ : naar een hogere recoveryDijk, capillaire nanofiltratie Geosciences
                          en goedkoperVan           Civil Engineering and Geosciencesder Meer, Membraanfiltratie is een waterzuiveri
Nanofiltratie efficienter Riemersma, M. Dijk, J.C.; Verberk, J.; De Koning, J.; Vanmembraan W.G.J.   filtratie    1997-08-01
                          Dependency and Spatial Modeling of Wireless Channels Channel modeling; Frequency dependency
                                                    Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
A Study on Frequency Chen, J. Nikookar, H.; Irahhauten, Z.      Telecommunications                                2011-06-15
                          Foryś, cast iron pipes Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science Science cast iron ra
                                                                                                     This thesis 2010-07-19
                                                                                                                  concerns grey
Gas explosion model for grey M.B.Kurowicka, in Amsterdam B. Engineering, risk; gas main; probability; corrosion; corrosion ga
                                                    D.; Peppelman,                        Mathematics and Computer
                          Quoc performance J.K.; Koppenjan,in Vietnam: A Case Study from BOT important of PPP model to the de
                                      Vrijling, of PPP projects J.F.M.; Verlaan, J.G.
Policy analysis for improving Cuong, T.                         Bouw
                                                    Civil Engineering and Geosciences                             2010-06-24
                                                                                                     The Phu My Bridge Project
                          De Bree, S.Ten methods: The Koppenjan, andMooi, H. Organizational learning; Organizationalits role in
                                                    Technology, Policy J.; Management
                                                                Management                           Rijkswaterstaat is adapting change
Learning an organization new working Heuvelhof, E.; system based contract control method at Rijkswaterstaat as example
                          Al Umairy, S.A.H.
                                      Van Amesfoort, A.; Sips, H. on Programmable and Computer Sciencedone in the framework
                                                    Electrical Model
                                                                Microelectronics & Computer Engineering
                                                                                         multi-core; This thesis 2010-02-08
Accelerating Computational Electromagnetic DiffractionEngineering, MathematicsGraphics GPU; CUDA; 2D Convolution; 2D FFT
                                                                                         Sigma-Delta this thesis,
                                      Makinwa, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Sciencethe development and im
                          Sarhangnejad, with K.
High-precision Sigma-Delta ModulatorN. improved linearity       Microelectronics & Computer Engineering           2010-11-30
                           the den Muijsenberg, J.B. for a hot desert climate
                                       Cavity Façade
Experimental testing ofVan ClosedBergsma, A.C.; Bokel, Design and Construction
                                                    ArchitectureR.M.J.                               Shorted      2010-10-25
                                                                                         Double Skin facade thesis on testing a new kind
                          Arikan, S. Heynderickx, I. Using Mediamatics
                                                    Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
                                                                 mentor)                             Electron microscopy makes it possibl
Improving Quality of Electron Microscopic Images(senior Post-Processing Filterselectron microscopy; electron microscope; scann
                          Lurinks, R. Baggen, J.H. of Engineering and en improvements E.W.B. (mentor); 2008-12-01 situation
                                                    Civil the congestion and Planning Bolt, within the current Klap,
                                                                 De Boer, Geosciences                              infrastructural
Reducing congestion at the Afsluitdijk: Analysis (mentor);Transport E. (mentor); reducing; Aflsuitdijk; analysisC.Q. (mentor); Sand
                          management within municipalitiesICT
                                                    Janssen, M.F.W.H.A.; with Web 2.0 technologies: Exploring opportunities to contri
                                                                  Policy and Management   M.L.C.                  2010-04-12
Supporting knowledge Verheij, A. Ubacht, J.; Technology,and CJG's De Bruijne, knowledge management; Web 2.0; public sector
                          Actors in the Network Technology, of University Spin-offs
                                                    C.; Scholten, V.E.; and Management
                                                                Innovation Systems university spin-offs; university actors; network de
The Role of University Indra, R.A. Van Beers,DevelopmentPolicy Groenleer, M.P.                                    2010-08-16
                                                                                                     This exploratory and explanatory rese
                          Marte, P.R.Haikola, theHackauf,modelWhy Factory
                                                     eco-city U.; after the energy revolution" A quantitative study about eco cities,
An Energy Abundant Eco City: "Optimizing P.;Architecture Maas, W.; Plomp, H.                                      2010-10-08
                                                                                         sustainability; abundance; energy; eco-city; mate
                          Ungureanu, G.M.
                                      Sepulveda, between the
                                                    D.A.; Harteveld, M.G.A.D.; Van Kop van J.
                                                                Urbanism                 social-spatial integration; public space network
A revitalized Kop van Zuid: Bridging the gaps Architecture development of theder Vegt, Zuid and its transforming surrounding ne
Better scope management J.            the initiative, design and construction phase of
                                                    H.A.J.; Mooi, H.G.; Koppenjan, J.F.M.; Loeve,Nine out of 2010-09-07
                                                                Bouw                                   A.R.       ten
                          Dix, during De Ridder, Civil Engineering and Geosciences infrastructure projects infrastructure projects
                          Kempen, Stadium Projects: Design, Cost, and Construction Welbrenninck, S. 2008-06-01 (inception st
                                      De            H.A.J.; Özsariyildiz,Finance, and Operating knowledgethe initial stage application
                                                                Design S.S.; Soeter, J.P.;
Inception Support for Integrated S.W. Ridder, Civil Engineering and Geosciences          stadium     I studied captured in one
                          Zimmerman, D.R.I. J.;ArchitectureMaldonado, Feijenoord Spek, spatial barriers; Rotterdam Zuid; pub
                                      Westrik,      FernandezUrbanism                     der
New Centrality in the making: Working towards an integrated Kop van A.M.; Vanintegration;S.                       2010-11-05
                                      Margallo Balbás, E.; Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Micromachined lamps for tissue spectroscopyElectrical French, P.J. Instrumentation Laboratoryimplant designed tolight source; F
                          Amor Rio, J.                          Electronic                           An            Blackbody
                                                                                         Micromachined lamps;2009-12-14 treat glioblast
                          Aarts, W.T.M. J.R.; Van der Duin, Policy Philips Shaving and Beauty
                                      Ortt,         Technology, P.A.; and Management
                                                                Technology, Policy and Management
                                                                                         contextual J.
Managing Contextual Innovation: An expert based case study at De Bruijne, M.L.C.; Dalen,innovation 2010-03-02
                          M. Caelers,Lousberg, Architecture architecture
                                       D.           the faculty of
                                                                Real F.A.M.                          This research is focussed on a projec
Crisis Project Management: The relocation ofL.H.M.J.; Hobma,Estate & HousingFast tracking; Project management; Crisis mana
                           magnet radial flux concentrated coil generator for a range and Computer Science
                                      P                         Electrical Power Processing
                                                                                         permanent-magnet machines; fractional-pitch wi
                                                                                                      application 2010-08-19
Design of a permanentStrous, T.D. olinder, H.Electrical Engineering, Mathematics extender The main disadvantages of currently
                                                                                         Retail        centres; Shoppinggoes
                                                                                                                   thesis centres; measurin
The Best Choice: Translating consumers‟ choices for inner city shopping centres
 ; CityThe master2010-10-26 into Discrete
                                      Van           Delft University of Technology
                          Warners, R.W. Oel, C.J.; Kooijman, D.C.; Ruigrok, A.G.N.
                          De Rooij, L.Calabrese, Architecture A.
                                                    L.; Van Nes,Urbanism
Analysis methods for the regeneration of Dutch problem neighbourhoods                                This research is looking for an integra
                                                                                         regeneration; Pendrecht; Space Syntax; problem
                          Apperlo, S.Geerts, F.; Fokkinga, J.
                                                    ArchitecturePublic Building
Industrial Site Redevelopment of a Nuclear Powerplant in Tihange, Belgium                            In the former industrial backbone of B
                                                                                         Tihange; Belgium; Nuclear Redevelopment; Indu
                          Grond, M.O.W.
                                      Gibescu, M.; VoltageEngineering, Mathematics and | ElectricalScience load profiles; network p
                                                    Electrical Networks
                                                                 E.                      medium voltage report 2011-07-01
                                                                                                     This Power   describes the
Impact of Future Residential Loads on Medium Veldman,Electrical Sustainable Energy Computernetwork; Systems impact of fu
                          Egberts, J. Bilow, M.; Van Timmeren, A.; Heinzelmann, F.
Cool with adiabatic cooling principle               Architecture                                     Besides this master thesis is house;
                                                                Building Technology adiabatic cooling; facade; indirect; revolt a recom
                          Warmerdam, Hoog, Architecture
                                      and attractive seaside Urbanism
Return to the coast! Creating vital DeM.M. M.; De Wit, S.       towns                                             2011-06-30
                                                                                         seaside towns; regeneration; multifunctional barr
Project Greenwalk                                   Architecture
                          Kraak, K. Caso, O.; Mihl, H.                                   Greenwalk The line for2011-06-21
                                                                Architecture Hybrid Buildings                      the High Speed Train is e
                          De Koning, Colombo, F.F.; Balz, V.E.; Van Zuylen, H.J.; Van Nes, R.; Deelen,physical and mentalenginee
Reconnecting Rotterdam Port            A.P.         ArchitectureUrbanism                             How the C.2010-04-09
                                                                                         Port of Rotterdam; public transport; civil connec
                          Zhu, D.     Gaydadjiev, G., prof.(senior mentor); Strydis, C. and consumption; implantable medical device
                                                    Electrical Engineering, Mathematics (mentor)The amount of Implantable Medical D
Profiling symmetric encryption algorithms for implantable medical devices                power Computer Science   2008-12-22
                          Jurgens, R.G.
                                      Sodoyer, Electrical Engineering, R.W. (mentor); Ir. R.G. Slot Science
                                                                Computer Science         Enterprise Architecture; Architecture;
                                                                                                     Applying architecture implies that En
The Added Value of Enterprise Architecture B.R. (mentor); Feenstra, Mathematics and Computer MBA 2008-06-20 DEMO; it p
                                      Theunissen, E.; Van based operations - A study of needsA HMI element of the operational conc
                          Van den Dungen, 4D-trajectory Engineering,
                                                                Telecommunications 4D; SESAR;for the A30X         2009-11-25
An airborne human machine interface forF.W.Electrical Genderen, P. Mathematics and Computer ScienceHMI in the ATM target c
                          Jousta, S.B. Heerema Technology, Policy and Management HMC project risk management to cope mar
                                      K             Marine Contractors. Verbreack,
                                                                Systems "How to improve               management; developed an approac
Risk-based Project Management at ortmann, R.; Cunningham, S.; engineeringA.project risk The thesis hascomplex projects;with r
                          Van Games as a J.A.; Qu, urban der Hoeven, F.
                                      Westrik, Architecture     urbanism                 Olympic This master thesis is the result of a g
Olympic aftermath: Olympicder Sande, S. catalyst for L.; Vanregeneration in Rotterdam Games; Olympic legacy; Rotterdam Sou
                          Guo, X.     Nihtianov, with (mentor); Immunity J. (mentor);Interference
                                                    Electrical Engineering, to External and Computer Science
                                                                Microelectronics & Computer Engineering mentor)
                                                                                                       (senior    presents the
Investigation on Capacitive Sensor Interface S.N. Improved Spronck,MathematicsMeijer, G.This thesis 2009-09-01 results of the
                          Van save service?
                                      Van D.J.E.A.J.Technology,Tavasszi, L.ManagementServicesThis thesis 2009-12-04 advice mode
                                                                  Policy and Systems Safety
                                                                                          &           Department  work times;
Safety Stock: save stock or De Gazelle,Duin, R. (mentor); Infrastructure(seniormentor) stock; stochastic leadprovides a stock lev
                          Van der the difference between NEN 6771 and NEN-EN plate buckling; plooi; design codes ; normen ; NE
                                      Bijlaard, F.S.K.          Design and Construction
Plate buckling in design codes: Burg, M.J.M. Civil Engineering and Geosciences                                    2011-05-31
                                                                                          1993-1-5 Slender steel plates loaded in compre
                          Hau, B.S. Rajaraman, Piezoresistive Detector for Pull-in Acceleration Sensing new
                                                     V.         Microelectronics & Computer Engineering a 2011-07-06
Design & Modeling of a MEMS Contact-modeElectrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science kind of acceleromete
                          Hoogendorp, G.der Sluis, L., (senior mentor)
                                      Van           Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and model
                                                                                         hybrid Computer Science  2009-02-06
Hybrid Modeling for inter-turn voltage computation in layer type distribution transformers The aim of this thesis is to calculate t
                          Gebrekiros,Morshuis, P.H.F., Electrical Power Engineering
                                       Y.T.          space charge measurements and breakdown tests
                                                                                         DC ramp breakdown strength; space charge; na
                                                                                                     This thesis 2009-10-02
Characterization of epoxy nanocomposites byElectrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science with characterizatio
                                                                                                     This thesis presents a
RAFFS: model checking a robust abstract flash file store DepartmentMathematicsTechnologychecking;2009-08-19case study in m
                                                                                         flash; Computer Science store
                          Taverne, P.Pronk, C. Electrical Engineering, of Software andmodel;                        file;
                          Support Bouwman, W.A.G.A.; Overbeek, Information and Communication Technology process of de
                                                    Technology, Policy and Management
                                                                Section of The case ofdecision supportthesis 2010-08-05
                                                                                                     This system; outlines the
Developing a Decision Daas, D. System for Business Model Design:S.J.; Hartmann, L.; Hurkmans, A.A.M. network-centric busine
                          Van Rijn, O.W.M.
                                      Vermolen, contraction Applied mathematics wound;Computer Science
Mathematical modelling of angiogenesis and F.J.                 occuring during wound healing in soft tissues 2010-08-30 angiogenesis
                                                                                                     Wound contraction and
                                                    Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and angiogenesis; contraction; healing
                          Sun, various representations of Dynamic and knowledge engineeringThere Science
An empirical comparison of F.                        L.J.M.     Media Systems
                                      Rothkrantz,Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer exist 2010-12-16several formalisms for rep
                          Karczewski, M.P. A.J.H.
                                      Hidders, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Temporal Preference Analysis in Recommender Systems             Web Information Systems              The thesis 2011-01-19
                                                                                                                  temporal effects; user pre
                                                                                         recommender system;presents the results of res
                          De Rooij, R.F.C.
                                      Walraven, J.C.; Engineering and Geosciences
                                                    Civil concreteslabs C.; Construction
Loading capacity of laterallyrestrained prestressedVan der Veen,and Houben, L.J.M.                   Research about the prestressed con
                                                                                         compressive membrane action; influence of com
                          Dikamba, T. Term Evolution (LTE)
                                      L                         Telecommunications LTE
Downlink Scheduling in 3GPP LongO, A.C.C. Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science                2011-03-18
                                                                                                     LTE is the evolution of the Universal
                          Kok, W.J. Nottrot, R.J.; Van Timmeren, A.; Architecture,urban
                                                    ArchitectureFaculty of                 SMART Architecture 2011-04-14 is space; urb
                                                                                                     The theme of my thesis
The Urban Interior Setting: Towards a Habitable Urban Landscape Van Esch, M.M.E. landscape; microclimate; publicthe develo
                          Zhao, A. Al-Ars, Z.; Mhamdi, L. Telecommunications switch; FlexRay; Science new generation in-veh
                                                    Electrical                                       FlexRay is the
Reliable In-Vehicle FlexRay Network Scheduler Design Engineering, Mathematics and Computer scheduler; scheduling; algorithm
                          Agah, A. Bult, K.; Long, J.
                                                    Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computererror rate; BER; ADC; measurem
Bit-error rate measurement setup and comparator designmicroelectronics                               Bit-error rate (BER) of comparators is
                                                                                         Comparator; Bit Science  2009-07-01
                          Hawas, M. Vaziefehdan, J. Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and protocols; personal network; MAC layer;
                                                                 in personal networks                In this project
Evaluation of dependability of MAC and routing protocolsTelecommunications routingComputer Sciencewe have investigated h


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(c) 2011 Karczewski, Master thesis                      uuid:c51c0e1d-1a6f-4098-83d4-086e42d9cdc6
                      Master thesis
(c) 2011 De Rooij, R.F.C.                               uuid:bf3dcd94-c512-4849-9bbc-ccf3b0913925
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(c) 2011 Kok, W.J. Master thesis                        uuid:17ff53b8-149c-4f94-b91e-306252d12093
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(c) 2009 Agah, A.     Master thesis                     uuid:388babf0-9db0-40df-be95-5c1ecc072254
(c) 2009 Hawas, M. Master thesis                        uuid:f03cd486-4d9c-49d5-b4f6-09ef4525d8b3


                         Van Beekum, D. L.C.M. (mentor); Transport &E. (mentor); Verhaeghe, R.J. (mentor); Sanders, F.M. (senio
                                      Itard,       Civil Engineering and Geosciences
Development of District Heating Networks in Urban Areas                                                The development of
                                                                Hasselaar, Planning energy saving; CO2-emissions; district heating n
                         protect      Bot, J.J. (mentor); Reinders, M.J.T. (senior mentor) dataIn this thesis web services; database
                                                                Mediamatics              Ibidas;         integration; we
Ibidas: to serve and to Van Kouteren, H.J.W. Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science present the database
                         Nieuwenhuizen,der Lubbe, J.C.A. Information Mathematics and Computer Science
                                      Van M.C. Electrical Engineering, and CommunicationXRF; Classification; Image Processing;
Virtual reconstruction of hidden paintings based on XRF images                                         This thesis 2010-01-29method that us
                                                                                         Painting; Theory           presents a
                         Ammerlaan, A.L.M.
                                      Stikkelman,Technology, Policy & Van der Panne, G.; Real This thesis aims to uncover the requi
                                                     R.M.; A conceptual Industry
                                                                Energy and Management     adopt Weijnen, M.P.C. Project Management; Imp
Implementing Real Options in Engineering Projects: Herder, P.M.; framework to Real Options Analysis;2010-04-09
                          loss measurements for life consumption and Mathematics and Computer Science a description of diag
Application of dielectricJin, H.                   Electrical Engineering, future life estimationloss; life consumption; future paper insu
                                      Gulski, E.; Chmura, L. Electrical Power Engineering              This thesis 2010-06-02
                                                                                         dielectric modeling of oil-impregnated life estima
                          Model-DrivenGross, H.G. lectrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
A Selection Method forLuitwieler, R. Development ToolsEWI                                MDD                        project helps
                                                                                                       This thesis 2010-06-25 Logica adop
                         Bajnath, S.S.Bharosa, N.; Meijer, S.A.; Janssen, ManagementServicesThis thesis 2010-07-26 the system
                                                   Technology, Policy and M.F.W.H.A.; Den Hengst-Bruggeling, M.
                                                                Infrastructure Systems &   Network-Centric Crisis Information Managemen
DIOS: Disaster Interagency Orchestration System: Developing and Evaluating acrisis management; information quality;extent toq
                         Visser, A.D. anssen, G.J.M.                                                   This thesis, analyses the
                                                    Ranging Engineering, Mathematics andFMCW Ranging 2010-07-05 performanc
Noise Analysis of an Ultra Wide Band FMCW Electrical Receiver   Telecommunications UWB Computer Science
                         Van den design
The added value of sustainable Tol, P.             ArchitectureJ.L.; Wilms Floet, W.W.L.M.             The thesis contains Sustainable liter
                                      Koppels, P.W.; Heintz,Real Estate & HousingSustainable Office; Valuation ofan extensive Rea
A Precision RC-lockedKaya, O. Makinwa, K.
                          Oscillator                                                                   In precision;
                                                                                         oscillator; RC;this thesis, locked; FLL
                                                   Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Sciencethe development and im
                                                                Microelectronics & Computer Engineering             2010-11-15
                                       P.J.M.      Architecture
Dealing with leisure Rosmulder,Van der Velde, J.R.T. Urbanism                                          A quest for 2011-01-28
                                                                                                                    tools to
                                                                                         leisure landscape; recreation revise the Dutch i
                         Liem, Y.A.B.F. calculating Turrin, M. Building Technology graphic statics; complementary energy;methodol
                                                     force equilibrium through complementary energy thesis 2011-01-26 new adaptive
Graphic statics in funicular design:Borgart, A.;Architecture                                           This         develops a
                         Hoogewerf,Hackauf, U.; air quality in cities
                                       S.          Architecture Architecture             air           Working on the Urgency of air pollutio
A Catalogue of Urban Strategies towards betterPlomp, H.; Maas, W.; Nevzgodin, I. quality; air pollution;2011-04-06 Urgency
                          synchronization for F.A.broadcasts
Inter-destination mediaMekuria, R.N.  Kuipers, TV               Network architecture and ServicesThis thesis presents an
                                                                                         Inter-destination Science   synchronization Social T
                                                   Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computermedia2011-04-12 experimental
                         Etemadrezaei, Speed Permanent Electrical Power Engineering
                                      Polinder,                  Magnet Machine          Permanent The purpose of this thesis is to prese
                                                                                                        magnet; Eddy
Design and Optimization of Ultra High M. H.Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science current         2011-05-27
                         Ba, A.       Long J.R. for Event-driven Transmitter & Computer Engineering
                                                                Microelectronics         ultra-low-power digitally-controlled oscillator ULP
                                                                                                       Event-driven wireless communication
Ultra-low-power Digitally-controlled Oscillator Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science            2011-07-20
                                                                                         MV-piles; This code investigates,
The investigation on the formulation of Tol, A.F.; Broere, W.; Spruit, Geosciences J.H. designthesis 2006-10-17 whether the
                                      Van           design code for MV-piles
                         Van Hof, R.L. a new Civil Engineering and R.; Van Dalen,
Geef het terug aan de stad:Mourik, M.                 de Kop J.Urbanism
                                      Stouten, P.;Architecture                                                       Isselt in Amersfoort is he
                                                                                                       De Kop van compactheid;
                         Van Transformatie vanWestrik, van Isselt in Amersfoort stedelijke vernieuwing;2011-06-28 dichtheid; f
                         Krijgsman, S.Wong, J.S.S.M.
PRAGMA: A Partial-Reconfigurable Audio Platform                 Microelectronics & Computer EngineeringAs the area2009-07-02
                                                   Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science applications for Field P
                         Strijdhaftig,Dietz, J.L.G. DEMO Theory Within Mathematics and Computer Science
On The Coupling Of Architectures:D.     Leveraging              Software Technology demo; aris; architecture        project has
                                                   Electrical Engineering, The ARIS Framework This thesis 2008-09-18 been carried o
                         for Arbitration and
                                      Goossens, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Low Power Evaluation Benjaminsen, R.E. MPSoC                    Microelectronics & Computer Engineering
                                                   K.G.W.; Duarte, F.                                  arbitration; 2010-10-01
                                                                                         low power; This thesis mpsoc a power analysis
                         Reijerse, M.A. Solingen, of an Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science software
                                      Van          Electrical Software Software Company                In 2009 model;
Capturing and Predicting the Integration ProcessD.M. Embedded Technology feasibility; maturity; TomTom developed a model
                         Thallam Premixed B.J.
                                      Boersma, Mechanical, Maritime and Vessels
                                                                Process and Energy
A Validation Study for TurbulentThattai, A. Flame Propagation in ClosedMaterials Engineering                        2010-10-27
                                                                                                       Pressure rise in closed containments
Market liquidity risk and market risk measurement
                         Tian, Y.                                                                      The main aim
                                                   Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science of the thesis is to formu
                                      Oosterlee, C.W.                                                               2009-07-10
                                                                Applied mathematics market liquidity risk; MSDC; portfolio value; mark
                         Yukang, T. estimation of ambient Telecommunications seismic; spectrum; estimation
                                                    Alle-Jan, V. seismic noise                         In oil Science
Wavenumber-frequency spectrumXander, C.;Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computerand gas exploration, seismic arr
                         Nie, L.      Polinder, System for Increasing Power G. (senior mentor) generator promises to turbine
                                                     (senior mentor); Shrestha,Turbine Reliability Wind Science
                                                                Electrical Wind Engineering
                                                                                         fault tolerant;            2009-08-27
Design of Fault Tolerant Energy conversion H.Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer energysystem; wind become an
                         protect      Bot, J.J. (mentor); Reinders, M.J.T. (senior me; and Data integration; Web services; database
                                                                Mediamatics              Ibidas;       In this thesis we
Ibidas: to serve and to Van Kouteren, H.J.W. Electrical Engineering, Mathematics ntor)Computer Science present the Database
                         Emmerich, Witteveen, Electrical Software Technology plan repair;Airports will2009-11-20
                                      S.           C.                                                   temporal decoupling; simple tempora
Plan repair in decoupled Simple Temporal Problems Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science congestion problem   face
                         Ruevekamp, S.Noomen, R.; Ambrosius, B.A.C.
                                                   Aerospace Space Engineering
                                                                 Engineering             stability of orbits thesis 2009-08-28
                                                                                                       This         presentation
Orbital stability assessments of satellites orbiting Small Solar System Bodies - Astrodynamics and Space Missions will discuss s
                         Zhang, T. Polinder, H.                 Electrical Power Engineering
                                                                                         Magnetic bearings, wind turbine, control to larg
Control of magnetic bearings in wind turbines Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science               generators
                                                                                                       Direct drive2010-04-19 applied
                          ApplicationsHouben, Delft             Software Technologie linked data;A lot of (legacy) dataset; transform
Designing Linked DataSchoenmakers, B. G.J. University of Technology                                                 2010-09-06
                                                                                                        semantic web; datasets can be com
                         Kuijpers, M.J.
                                      Hidders, Analyzing Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science is becoming
                                                    Houben, G.J.; Hendriks, E.
                                                                Computer Science         video         Video support2010-10-13
Supporting the Tennis Coach: AutomaticallyJ.;Electricaland Evaluating Tennis Footage analysis; tennis software; SQL an indispe
                         Veerappan,Charbon, E. Single-photon Image SensorComputer ComputerTime-to-digital Converter sen
                                          a        E            Microelectronics & with and Engineering
                                                                                         SPAD; TDC; ps acquisition system; image
Data Acquisition System Design forC. 160x128 lectrical Engineering, MathematicsOn-pixel 55 dataScience image sensors enablin
                         Van rendering on the Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science energy of General-Pur
                                      Jansen, F.W.
Unbiased physically based Antwerpen, D.G. GPU                                                          Since the introduction redistribution; G
                                                                Software Technology path tracing; bidirectional;    2011-06-14
Design for Disassembly of Facades
                         Bloemen, M.L.             Architecture
                                      Bilow, M.; Van Timmeren, A. ; Hildebrand, L. waste
                                                                Building Technology                                 is motivated
                                                                                                       This thesis 2011-04-15 by the fact th
                         Reijtenbagh, R.
                                       drinking water supply system on Bonaire, St Eustatius and 2008, the authorJ.Q.J.C.
                                                   Civil Engineering and Swinkels, F.A.M.; Broekhans, B.; Verberk, has conducted a
                                                                Watermanagement drinking water Saba 2010-10-10
Towards a design for an improvedThissen, W.A.H.; Hermans, L.M.; Geosciences                            In
                         Beijer, A.J. Bosch, J.W.; Van der Veen, C.; Van der Woude, S.;
                                                   Civil method for and Geosciences
                                                                Geotechnology                          With J. 2010-07-20
Ultra Rapid UnderPass: the adaption of the URUP Engineeringthe Netherlands URUP Boneveld,the URUP (Ultra Rapid UnderPa
                         Van Semantic Web ApplicationsEngineering, Mathematics and Computer Science amount of datasets tha
Model-driven Generation ofTol, M.Houben, G.J.                                            Semantic Enrichment 2011-02-16
                                                                                                       An Systems
                                                   Electrical Software Techology, Web Informationincreasing
                         Henrichs, M.R.            Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and
                                                                Parallel and Distributed Systems object library; thesis describes graph
                                                                                         distributed This master's  2009-06-02
A Conceptual Framework for Constructing Distributed Object Libraries using Gellish Computer Scienceconceptualizationthe pro
                         Postma, G.M. Bijker, E.W.,
                                                   Civil Engineering
Wave reflection from rock slopes under random wave attack and Geosciences                                           1989-12
                         Hurkxkens,Geerts, F. (mentor); Milani, S. (mentor); Fokkinga, S. (mentor); Gipsen, O. (mentor)
                                       I.          Architecture
Paradise Regained: the Watchman, the Sleeper, the Dreamer, and the City                                             2009-01-01
                                                                                         Hondsbossche Zeewering; Petten
                         Oijevaar, K.J. findingArchitecture the small scale slum
                                      Van            a solution for                                    Met als bijlage:
Bangoco - a Bangalorean Community: Timmeren, A., (senior mentor); van Dooren, E.J.G.C. (mentor) A0 poster    2008-04
                         Terrile, E. sediment M., Prof.; Verhagen, H.J., Ir.; Stive,
                                                   Civil Engineering non-breaking waves
The threshold of motion of coarse Brocchini, particles by regularand GeosciencesM.J.F.,                 2004-09
                         Weve, N. Weeber,            (mentor); Van
Huis van de tijd: ontwerpen op levensduur C.Architecture Leeuwen, T. (mentor); Ravesloot, C. (mentor)               2001-10
                         De Beer, R.Heijne, R. (mentor); Van de Voort, J. (mentor)
De lijn: woningbouwproject + commerciele ruimte    Architecture                                                     2008-10-31
                                                                                                       Met als bijlage: A0 poster
                         Spits, M. Komossa, and culture
City flavours: a contemporary forum for food S. (mentor); Marzot, H. (mentor); Fokkinga, J.D. (mentor) 2008-06-24
                         Oostendorp, W.
Architecture in Limbo: the Bijlmer it never stops M. (mentor); Verheijen, F. (mentor); Harteveld, M. (mentor)       2009
                         Antener, T.Pimlott, M., Architecture Zeinstra, J. ir. (mentor); Buijsen, A. (mentor); van Dijk, H. (mentor)
A sports centre for Osdorp                          prof. (mentor);                                                 2006-04-07
                         Fousert, M.W.Vrijling, J.K., Prof. wave Molenaar, system
                                                   Civil Engineering and Geosciences
Floating Breakwater: Theoretical study of a dynamic drs. ir.attenuating W.F., ir. van Kessel, J.L.F., ir.           2007-01
                         Djoyoadhiningrat, K. Architecture                                             Met als M. 2008-02-01
The backstage of Buenos Aires Van Timmeren, A. (mentor); Westgeest, G., (mentor); van Dorst, bijlage: A0 poster     (mentor)
Cité Noord: elderly housing Wijngaarden, F.J. Architecture
                         Van          Zeinstra, (mentor); Pimlott, M. (mentor); Van der Zaag,Met(mentor)            2008-10-31
                                                                                                        E. als bijlage: A0 poster
                         Van der Lans, I.Reeth,Architecture Vermeulen, P. (mentor); Somers, D. als bijlage: A0 poster
Urban architecture, hybrid buildings: Studio BeverenB. (mentor);                                                    2008
                                                                                                       Met (mentor); Mihl, H. (mentor); Fern
                          van theater                (senior mentor); Engels, J.F., ir. (mentor); Veldhuisen, S., ir. (mentor); Komossa, S
Het dubbele verlangenJansen, R. Havik, K.M.Architecture                                                             2008-01-31
                         Stegink, center
Masterplan binnenvaart serviceB.A.                 Civil Engineering and Geosciences                                2002-08
                                      Ligteringen, H.,; Groenveld, R., Ir.; Heijbroek, M.R., Ir.; Dekker, S. Ir.
De efficiëntie van de bouwprocesorganisatie Design & Construct: een onderzoek naar de invloed van Design & Construct bouwp
                         Vasters, R.Prins, M. (mentor); Koppels, P.W. (mentor); Vitner, D. (mentor)                 2009-03-01
                         Van der      Ligteringen, H., Engineering and Geosciences
Barge Terminal MTC Valburg Maaten, E. Civil; Groenveld, R., Ir.; Rijsenbrij, J.                   2002-10
                         Gardner, the diagrammatic nature
                                                    (senior mentor); Kroes, P.A. (mentor); Van Dijk, H. (mentor)
Reasoning in architecture: aboutE.Heintz, J.L. Architecture of thinking with real and imagined objects 2009-01-21
                         De Roon, L.A.Patijn, W., (senior mentor); Westerik, J., ir. (mentor); Hogeslag, A.J. Rotterdam; Blaak;
Inrichtingswerk Oude Haven, Blaak, Rotterdam       Architecture                                                     1995
                                                                                         inrichtingsplan; Oude Haven; (mentor)
                         Uittenbroek, A. O. (mentor); Korpershoek, M. (mentor); Mihl, H. (mentor); Van2009-01-15E. (mentor)
                                      Caso,        Architecture
Foyer Zeeburgerpad: jongerenhuisvesting in Amsterdam                                                                 der Zaag,
                         Heerdink, J. tive, M.J.F.,; Van and Geosciences
                                      S                                                                             2003
Shoreline response to offshore breakwaters Civil Engineering de Graaff, J.,; Uijttewaal, J.S.W.,; Reedijk, J.S., Ir.
                         Vink, L.     Stuhlmacher, M. (mentor); van der Zaag,
Primary community school in Amsterdam Noord, Mosplein: back to school E. (mentor)                                   2008-03-28
                                                                                                       Met als bijlage: A0 poster
Station Dordrecht                     Mooren, Architecture                               station; hollandse stad;E.H., ir.(mentor) sleutel
                                                                                                       Nieuw station voor Dordrecht,
                         De Waaijer, D.A. H.G. ir.(senior mentor); Mihl, H. ir.,(mentor); Gramsbergen, 2008-07-01 transformatie


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                         Paulino, T. Ambrosius,Aerospace Engineering
Analytical representations of low-thrust trajectories mentor)                                      2008-12-18
                                                                                        low-thrust; analytical representations; interplanet
                         Prinsen, A.F.
                                     Ligteringen, H.,; ir. R. Groenveld, R., Ir.;
                                                  Civil Engineering                                                2004-07
Brunei maritime masterplan. Muara port development strategy and Geosciences Noppen, J.P., Ir.; Vellinga, T., Ir.; Clarke, R.
                                                   P.,                                   (mentor)                  2008-03-28
De wand: ontwikkeling Burger, J.M. te Beveren ir. (senior mentor); Mihl, H., ir.Beveren Met als bijlage: A0 poster. Stedelijke
                         Yokoi, A. Rocco, R.; Fernandez-Maldonado, A.M.,dr.(mentor); Hermans, W.J.A.,ir.(mentor)
                                                  Architecture                                                     2008-06-27
Pedal city: alternative urban system of mobility and accessibility to urban services for self-organizing economic acitvities in slums
                         Snoei, G. Koppels, energiezuinigheid nader beschouwd
                                                  Architecture                                                     2008-10-24
Huisvestingsvoorkeuren kantoorgebruikers:P.W., drs. (senior mentor); Bijleveld, S.W., ir. (mentor); Van Oel, C., dr. (mentor)
                         Van der Wal, zones inAerospace Engineering
Geoid anomalies due tolow-viscosityW.              glacialisostatic adjustment
                                     Vermeersen, L.L.A., dr.(senior mentor) modeling                               2003-03-18
                                                                                        glacial isostatic adjustment; geoid anomalies; low
                         Dekkers, M. Paramaribo: ruimte voor jongeren bij de Meurs, P. (mentor)als bijlage:
                                     M            Architecture                                        Met          2008
Regeneratie van de binnenstad van eijers, L. (mentor); Colautti, F., (mentor); St. Peter en Paul kathedraal A0 poster
                         Van Bodegom,Claessens,F., (senior
Kunsthal Zeeburgerpad te AmsterdamH.H.H. Architecture mentor)                           kunsthal zeeburgerpad2008-07-01
                         Brocatus, J. tive, M.J.F., littoral cell
                                     S            Civil Engineering and Geosciences anta barbara; littoral drift; delft3d; erosion; input
Sediment budget analysis of the Santa Barbara (senior mentor)               s                          2008-09-16
                         Teerink, S.J.W.P. P. (mentor); Klaasen, I.T. (mentor); Schrijnen, P.M. ruimtelijke planning
                                     Drewe,       Architecture
Een Provinciaal Omgevingsplan voor Zuid-Holland!? Een onderzoek naar integrale regionale (mentor);2002               Hobma, F.A.M.
                         Nipius, Egmont           Civil Engineering and Geosciences                                2002-07
Evaluation of nourishments at L. Stive, M.J.F.,; Aarninkhof, S.G.J., Ir.; Hoogewooning, S., Drs.; Klopman, G., Ir.
                         Spigt, J. Jürgenhake, intimiteit
Een geleidelijke verknoping: van openheid naarB. (mentor); Kuitenbrouwer, P. (mentor); Cuperus, Y. (mentor)
                                                  Architecture                                                     2009-01-30
                         Font Freide, D.; Peek, F.Architecture                                                     2009
Een onderzoek naar hoe binnenstedelijk infrastructurele knooppunten kunnen worden getransformeerd tot een kwalitatieve hybr
                         Talstra, H. Stelling, G.S.,; Roelvink,van estuaria
                                                  morfologische gedrag J.A.,; Hibma, A., Ir.
Numerieke modellering van het lange-termijn Civil Engineering and Geosciences                                      2003-01
                         Jansen, F. Ligteringen, H.,; Groenveld, R., Ir.; Journée, J., Ir.; Mol, A., Ir.2003-01
Ontwerp cruisehaven te Larnaca, Cyprus            Civil Engineering and Geosciences
                         Hofstra, R. Vrijling, bepalenEngineering and Geosciences Fontijn, H.L.,
                                                  Civil van troskrachten bij S.,;                           2004-03
Verbeteren van ontwerpformules voor het J.K., Prof. drs. Ir.; van Baars, binnenvaartschepen; van der Molen, W., Ir.
                         Huisman, E. Van der Voordt, D.J.M., (senior mentor); Westra, H., ir. (mentor)
Ziekenhuisvastgoed: van LTHP naar Strategisch huisvestingsdocument                                                 2008-10-23
                         Wiehink, R.Havik, K. (mentor); voor het N. (mentor); Engels, Haven
"Sittin' on the dock of the bay": een publiek instrumentDeboutte,district ScheveningenJ. (mentor)                  2009-01-01
                         Van of Suriname L. Architecture mentor); van Dorst, M.J. (mentor); vansocialToorn, M.W.M. environm
                                     Vollebregt, A.G. (senior                                         Met den 2008  stimulating and
Polycentric northern region den Elshout, to generate emerging development: economical viable,als bijlage: A0 poster (mentor)
                         Wijdeven, B.Stive, delta Civil Engineering and Geosciences
Coastal erosion on a densely populated M.J.F.,; Verhagen, H.J., ir.; Toms, G.; Huisman, P., ir.        2002-10
                         Van den Heuvel, F.A., Architecture
                                     en lichtreguleringsprincipe in kunststof composiet               Met als bijlage: A0 poster
Procuctontwikkeling van een zon- Veer, N. (senior mentor); van Swieten, P.M.J. ir. (mentor); Koster, R.P., ir. (mentor)
                         Delft CS met de Berg, F. tunnel in Vambersky, J.N.J.A.(mentor)
                                     Van          Architecture
Delft 21: nieuw station Smits, J.E.P. ondergrondse (mentor); twee tunnellagen                                      1994
                         Carree, an internal streetcorner
Fashion Institute of Rotterdam:N. Komossa, S., ir. (mentor); Marzot, N. (mentor); Fokkinga, J. ir. (mentor)        2008-06-24
                         Ampatzidou, C.
                                     Vollebregt, Architecture Schuetze, Perica, Suriname
                                                  A.G. (mentor);
A seed, a forest and 50 tourists; podosiri production and eco-tourism in T. (mentor); Poelman, W.A. (mentor)       2008-04-01
                                     Vermeersen, L.L.A., dr.(senior mentor)
                                                   of terrestrial bodies
A comparative study ofStiefelhagen, M.motionAerospace Engineering                       polar motion; mars         2002-06-07
Wonen in domeinen Veenstra, S.D.                  Architecture
                                     Heijne, R., ir. (mentor); Van de Voort, J., ir. (mentor)                      2008
                         Wevers, N.De Bruin-Hordijk, G.J., dr. (mentor); Mooren, H.G. ir. (mentor); Mihl, H. ir. (mentor)
Daylighting an underground trainstation           Architecture                                                     2008
                         Hummel, B. eraedts, R.P., ir.(senior mentor); Wijk, M., naar woonzorgcomplex 2008-06-24
                                     G            Architecture
Zorg voor leegstand: scan ten behoeve van de transformatie van kantoorpandir.(mentor)
                         Van Haastert, M.
                                     Ligteringen, H.,; Groenveld, R., Ir.; Horstmeier, T.H.W. Ir.; Koster, E.
                                                  Civil Engineering and Geosciences
Planningsmodel voor de scheepvaartafhandeling bij de Noordersluis in IJmuiden                                      2003
Transitional stage       Bleumink, R.             Architecture
                                     Garritzmann, U. (mentor); Robles-Duran, M. (mentor); Meijs, M.H., ir. (mentor)2008
                         Kooman, A.Arkesteijn, Architecture                             fusies; overnames;van 2006-07-05 fusies en ove
                                                                                                      De Rol vastgoed
                                                                                                                    vastgoed bij
Rol van vastgoed bij fusies en overnames M.H., (hoofdmentor); Krumm, P.J.M.M. (eerste mentor); Geerts, F. (gecommitteerd
                         Peng, Chi-Hsuan
                                     Carmona, Taiwan
                                                  Architecture                           F.F., ir. revitalization; city competitiveness; regio
Rediscovery of city potentiality, Hsinchu City,M.I., dr. (senior mentor); Colombo, Taiwan; (mentor); de Haan, H.P., ir. (mentor)
                         Ruyters, J. Korpershoek, M. (mentor)
Korenkantoren; kenniscentrum voor de Euregio Maas-Rijn                                                Een landschap; bedrijventerrein; pat
                                                                                        kantoorontwerp;studie naar en een ontwerp voor
                         Strö hle, A.
School experience / experience school             Architecture
                                     Stuhlmacher, M. (mentor); De Vylder, J. (mentor); Van de Voort, J. (mentor)   2009-01
                         Algera, A. Grass         Civil Engineering and Geosciences                                2006-04
Run-up Reduction through VetiverStive, M.J.F., Prof. dr. ir.; Verhagen, H.J., Ir.; Fontijn, H.L.,Dr. Ir.; Ursem, W.N.J.,
                         Van Barneveld, theoretical framework for altimetry data to determine ocean presence
                                     Naeije, M.C., ir.(senior mentor); Vermeersen, jupiter moon europa; tidal deformation
Europan tidal deformation: providing a P.W.L.Aerospace Engineering                       L.L.A., dr.(mentor)       2005-03-24
                         herstructurering van het ir. (senior
                                                  Architecture                                                      Van
Hart van Heerenveen: Gout, A. Westrik, J.A.,centrum mentor); Van der Spek, S.C., (mentor); 2008Nes, A. dr. (mentor)
Cultuur Platform Zeeburg                          Architecture                          platform Het ontworpen icoon (mentor)
                         Zwaan, D. Wilms Floet, W., ir. (senior mentor); Zuiderveld, D., ir. (mentor); Holst, S.T., ir. van de culturele
                         De Wit, G. Komossa, de binnenkant van het stedelijk blok als publieke als bijlage: A0
Breakpoint Rotterdam - Breuklijn Rotterdam: S., ir. (senior mentor); Engels, J., ir. (mentor) Metruimte 2008 poster
                         Stolk, onderzoek naarArchitecture (senior mentor); de Bois, P.G., prestatienormen: casus
                                                   en                                                   van den Toorn, M.M.W.,
Onderste boven: ontwerpendE.H. De Jong, T.M., de toepassing van 12 stedebouwkundigeir. (mentor); 2005-02-04 Almere Houti
                         Van der     De Wit,      Architecture
Project SPAMAM Rotterdam Linden, J. L. (mentor); van Dooren, E., (mentor); Plomp, H. (mentor) 2008-01-29
                         Quast, P. Komossa, S. (mentor); Engels, J. (mentor); Havik, K. (mentor) bijlage: A0 poster
Center for performing arts                        Architecture                                        Met als      2008-01-25
                         Campesato, strategy K. (mentor);
                                      A.                                                                           2008
Hyperbody: form-finding as designOosterhuis,Architecture Biloria, N.M. (mentor); Killian, A. (mentor); Bier, H. (mentor)
                         Post,                    Architecture
Xanadu: a dream come true M. Van den Berg, F. (mentor); Engels, J. (mentor); Boot, F. (mentor) 2004
                         De of a Rotterdam cityblock
                                     S.P.         Architecture                                        Met als bijlage: A0 poster
Outside In: transformation Goede, Komossa, S., ir. (senior mentor); Marxot, N. (mentor); Fokkinga, J. ir. (mentor) 2008-01-16
Cité Noord AmsterdamBos, E.                       (mentor); Pimlott, M. (mentor) Van der Zaag, E. (mentor)2008-10
                                     Zeinstra, J. Architecture
                         Wagenaar, M.
Restauratie en renovatie Opstandingskerk, SchiedamArchitecture                                                      betreft een
                                                                                                      Het project 2001-03-08onderzoek naa
                         Buitenhuis, C. Dorst, M. (mentor); Grafe, Chr. (mentor); Collauti,
                                      op          Architecture
Nieuwbouw voor een raambordeelVan de Amsterdamse wallen: architectuur en prostitutieF. (mentor) 2009-01-01
                         Corcoi, J.R.the new Perspex block based BioScope
                                                  Applied Sciences
Setting-up and characterisation of Mashego, M.R.; Van Gulik, W.M.; Heijnen, J.J.                                   2003
                         Getrouw, Z.E.R.
Wonen en werken in de Binckhorst                  Architecture                                        Met Y., ir. (mentor); van Dooren, E., i
                                     Knappers, R., ir. (mentor); van Zwol, J. ir. (mentor); Cuperus, als bijlage: A0 poster
                         Corten, P. Zuiderveld, D. (mentor);                                          Met als bijlage: A0 poster
Transpop: poppodium als transportconcept Architecture Wilms Floet, W. (mentor); Mihl, H. (mentor) 2008-04-04
                         Van Erp, T.M.
                                     Zandbelt, of a (senior mentor); European high-speed train network 2009-03-27project
                                                  Architecture                          hst; Copenhagen; strategy; urban
                                                                                                      Sustainablein Copenhagen
Catching the train: sustainable development D.D. connection to theHermans, W.J.A. (mentor); Rocco, R.development of a connec
                         Alblas, M.A. an Doorn,Architecture
                                     V             A.J., ir. (mentor); Van
Construction briefing and the relation to the design process (poster) der Voordt, D.J.M., (mentor) 2008-10-31
                          Mark te Breda
Wonen aan de NieuweValkenaars, M.                 Architecture                          Breda
                                     Leupen, B.A.J., (senior mentor); Cuperus, Y.J., ir. (mentor)           2008-01-29
                          Grays Harbor littoral cell Engineering and Geosciences
                                     Stive,       Civil
Morphologic modelling Meijs, M.J.A.M. M.J.F.,; Stelling, G.S., Prof. Dr.Ir.; Roelvink, J.A.,    2002-11
                         Boer, A.J. Vrijling, J.K., bij bestaande waterkerendeIr.; van
                                                  Civil Engineering Vries, J.T., kunstwerken                       2005-11
De beoordeling van onder- en achterloopsheid Prof. drs. Ir.; de and Geosciences Baars, S., Dr. ir.; Bezuyen, K.G., Ir.
                           dance: M.Dawson, on (mentor); Van Dooren, E.J.G.C. (mentor); Nottrot, R. (mentor)
Conception of space inKersten,another viewJ.P. the architecture of dance theatres                                  2008
                         Suurenbroek, R.          Architecture
Community school: back to schoolStuhlmacher, M. (mentor); van der Zaag, E. (mentor)                                2008
                          of Simone, A.
                                     Visser, P.N.A.M., (senior mentor) micro mems; gravity gradiometer; accelerometer
                                                  Aerospace a MEMS based
Design and realization Dea setup for mechanical tests onEngineering                     gravity-gradiometer 2008-09-09
                         Sheng productionin the 21st century and Geosciences
New process of drinking waterLi                   Civil Engineering                                                2006-06
                          a casino hotel and passive water treatment in an abandoned openmine in South Limburg, The Netherlan
                                     Geerts,      Architecture
Troubled environment:Van der Waal, J.H. F. (senior mentor)                              casino                     2009-04-01
                         Smal, A.W.Koutamanis, uitvoeringsfase van Geraedts, R.P., een onderzoek naar automatisering van he
                                                  Architecture                                                     2003
Toepassing van ICT en Robottechnologie in de A., ir. (hoofdmentor);het bouwproces: ir, (mentor); Boelhouwer, P.J., prof.dr. (gec


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                         in de Vlaamse nevelstad
                                      D.             (mentor); Hermans, W. (mentor); De Josselin de Jong, F. (mentor); Vitner, D. (me
Ruimtelijke verdichtingNelemans, Brandes, E.Architecture                                                          2008-10
De Santenkraam                        K            Architecture                                                   2002-12-10
                        De Haar, C. leijer, E., ir.(senior mentor); Engels, J.F., ir.(mentor); Scheers, P.M.C., ir.(mentor)
                          jaren zeventig           Architecture                                        Met als
De woonerfenis van deBreimer, Y.Hermans, W. (mentor); Brandes, E. (mentor); Heinz, J. (mentor) bijlage: A0 poster 2008-04-09
                        Krook, D. Concentration on the Metabolism of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
                                                   Applied Sciences
Effect of Disolved Carbon Dioxide Mashego, M.R.; Van Gulik, W.M.; Heijnen, J.J.                                   2004
Dwelling on Dense City  Moran, D.W.J.              Architecture                         apartment (mentor)         AO poster.
                                      Kuitenbrouwer, P.A.M., ir. (senior mentor); Holst, S.J., ir. Met bijlage:2008-02-22 High density
                        Bloemen, wonen en werken bij vaste ontsluiting(mentor) uitwisselingOnderzoek 2008-01-24
Onderzoek naar uitwisseling van D.                 Architecture
                                      Knappers, R. (mentor); van Zwol, J.                                          naar verschillende ontslu
Op het breukvlak        Van Beek, E.               Architecture                         breukvlak; Met als bijlage: Petroleumhaven; Laa
                                                                                                       S. (mentor); Velthuisen,
                                      Havik, K. (senior mentor); Engels, J. (mentor); Komossa,conservatorium;A0 posterS. (mentor)
                        Groen, R.A.                Civil Engineering and Graaff, J.,; Fontijn, H.L.,; Schiereck, G.J., ir.
Mangroven als kustverdediging d'Angremond, K.,; Van de Geosciences                                       1993
Masterplan Tallinn      Beurze, A.C.               Civil Engineering and Geosciences                              2001-12
                                      Ligteringen, H.,; Groenveld, R., Ir.; Groenveld, R., Ir.; Meijer, S.F., Ir.
                        Jager, A. Mijk, M. (mentor); Van der Hoeven, K. (mentor); Engels, J. (mentor) 2001-12-01
Het Netwerkpark: wonen, werken en recreëeren in de netwerkeconomie
                        Chan, K.F. Heijne, R. (mentor); Van de Voort, J. (mentor)
The acoustic home: architecture and modernity      Architecture                                                   2008
                        de Rooij, Vriend, H.J., Prof. dr. ir.; van Vuren, S., Ir.; Barneveld, H., Ir.; Baptist, M., Dr. ir.
Baggeren op de Nederlandse Rijntakken              Civil Engineering and Geosciences                              2005-07
                        Van Beek, J.  Komossa, S., ir. Verenigde Staten in het hart van Den Polko,
                                                   Architecture                                                   2006-04-07
Standing ground: een nieuwe Ambassade voor de (mentor); De Wachter, J., ir. (mentor); Haag P., ir. (mentor); Gramsbergen, E
                        Kuiken, A. Ligteringen,into the suitabilityand Geosciences
                                                     H., Engineering of the YangtzeRiver S. Ir.; Oostinga, H., Ir.; Reedijk, J. Ir.
Container transport in China: an investigation Civil; Groenveld, R., Ir.; Dekker,for container transport from Shanghai Portan
                        Sieswerda, Robles-Duran, M. (mentor); Verheijen, F. (mentor); Harteveld, M. (mentor)
                                       J.           Bijlmerflat
Architecture in Limbo: the redevelopment of aArchitecture                                                         2009
                        Balasubramaniam, L., ir. (mentor); Arkesteijn, M., ir. (mentor); Van Doorn, A., ir. 2008-11-14
                                      Volker, G. Architecture
Tussen twee rollen: een onderzoek naar de Ontwerpgerichte en Projectgerichte rol van de projectmanager            (mentor)
                        Houbiers, M. Duin, L.,, (mentor); van Dooren, E., ir. (mentor) als bijlage: A0 poster
                                      Van          Architecture
Langzame stad-A13 Delft: beweging en ontmoeting door cultuur en kennis                                 Met        2008-01
                          trainshed                Architecture                                                   2008-03
The railway station: theWevers, N.Mooren, H.G., ir. (mentor); Mihl, H., ir. (mentor); de Bruin-Hordijk, G.J. dr. (mentor)
                        Van Soolingen, M.
                                      Korpershoek, M.C., ir. (senior mentor); Caso, O., dr.arch. (mentor) 2008
Hotels: a functional, typological and programmatic research
                                      Vrijling,    Civil Engineering and Geosciences                              2006-03
Stormvloedkering in devan der Meer, J.M. J.K., Prof. drs. Ir.; Molenaar, W.F., Ir.; Romeijn, A., Dr. ing.; Boorsma, K., Ir.
                        De Jong, M. erhagen, H.J., Ir.; Fontijn, H.L., Geosciences
                                      V             manoeuvrerende schepen
Schade veroorzaakt door boegschroeven vanCivil Engineering and bij verticale kademuren                     2003-07
Lapidarium                                         Architecture                           H., (mentor)
                        Kania, K.D.Schoonderbeek, M., ir. (senior mentor); Sohn,perception; Met als bijlage: A0 poster. Graduation
                          becoming                 design for a                         school; amsterdam north; park
Thoughts on a buildingMuller, M. a school: a Architecture grammar school in Amsterdam North                       2009-04-03
                        Kleuskens, Vermeersen, L.L.A., dr. (senior mentor)
                                      M.H.P.       Aerospace Engineering                icy                       2006-10-12
Tidal deformation of Europa andPhobos: implications on their structure and history moon europa; tidal deformation; phobos
                        van den Broek, M.T.B. morphology.
Effects of softwood vegetation on groyne fieldCivil Engineering and Geosciences                                   2007-01
                        de Bondt, D.  Ligteringen, H., Prof. Ir.; Groenveld, R., Ir.; Noppen, J.P., Ir.; Uiterwijk, U., Drs. MBA.
                                                   Civil Engineering and
De In- en Uitbreiding van het Haven- en Industriegebied Moerdijk Geosciences                                      2006-01
                        Rengelink, M.AOosterom, Prof. Engineering and Geosciences adaster, gis-technologie
                                                   Civil Dr. ir. P van; Verbree, ir. E; k
Automatisch afleiden en classificeren van woningen uit kadastrale gegevens Quak, drs. W                           2000-12-01
                        Delgoshaie, N. Beers, Technology, Policy and Management F.,(mentor)
ICT and innovation: a Firm level analysis           C.,(mentor); Ortt, R.,(mentor); Zand,                         2007-08-20
                        Dashorst, M. Wit, L. (mentor);
                                      De           Architecture
Fear(less): an architectural response to fear in the city Van Dooren, E. (mentor); Doucet, I. (mentor) 2008
                        Saers, W.T. structures Civil Engineering and Geosciences
                                                   under irregular waves
Erosion of rubble mound near-bedStive, M.J.F., Prof. dr. ir.; Verhagen, H.J., Ir.; Fontijn, H.L., Dr. ir.         2005-01
                         and performance centre in Amsterdammentor); Meijs, M.H., ir. (mentor)
Waterfront theatre: art Chitchian, S.              Architecture
                                      Garritzmann, U., ir. (senior Noord                theatre building          2008-10-31
                        Capel, A. Stelling, Civil Engineering and Geosciences                                      Roelvink,
Tropical Cyclone-induced Storm Surges G.S.,; Battjes, J.A.,; Gerritsen, H.,; 2001-12 J.A.,
                        Gijzel, R. Brandes, de Zuidvleugel
                                                   Architecture                                        Met als Berg, R.G.P., ir. (mentor)
Storm op Zuid: integratie Hollandse Delta inE., ir. (mentor); Hermans, W.J.A., ir. (mentor); Van den bijlage: A0 poster
                          rethinking Theunissen,neighbourhood
                                      the housingArchitecture(mentor); Cuperus, Y.J., ir. (mentor)
Dwelling on dense city:Van Veen, M.S.D.               K.M.P., ir.                                                 2008-07-04
                        Beimers, B.Ligteringen, H.,; Groenveld, R., Ir.; Stoop, J.A.,; Wulder,2002-11
Interne Nautische Risico's Maasvlakte 2            Civil Engineering and Geosciences                                J.H.,
                        Groothuizen, M.
                                      Kresnowati,pH under dynamic
                                                     M.T.A.P.; Van Winden, W.A.;
Using Benzopic Acid to measure intracellular Applied Sciences conditions Heijnen J.J.                             2004
                        Van of Suriname L. Architecture mentor); van Dorst, M.J. (mentor); van den 2008
                                      Vollebregt, A.G. (senior                                                     stimulating and environm
Polycentric northern region den Elshout, to generate emerging development: economical viable, socialToorn, M.W.M. (mentor)
                        Meer, V. van der J.C.A. Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science for a suitable system
                                      Lubbe,       Electrical
Security of the European Electronic Patient Record van der                                             This is record
                                                                                        electronic; patient; a search
                        Oostendorp, W.; Sieswerda, J. and collective spaces in the Bijlmermeer
                                      Van Dijk, H. private
                                                   Architecture                                                   2007
Architecture in Limbo: a short history of public, (mentor); Van Dorst, M. (mentor); Robles-Duran, M. (mentor); Harteveld, M. (men
                        Van der Linde, mentor); Meijs, M.H., ir.(mentor); Van den Engel, P.J.W.,
                                      Nijs, L.     Architecture
Akoestische aspecten in klaslokalen met betonkernactivering                                                       2005-01-03
                        Huijsmans, on the stability of;
                                       M.A.        Civil Engineering and Geosciences
The influence of flow acceleration Stive, M.J.F.,Prof.stonesVerhagen, H.J., Ir.; Fontijn, H.L., Dr. ir.           2006-10
                        Wong, tot Mooren, (mentor); Borgart, A.(mentor); Vollers, K. (mentor); Mihl, H. (mentor); Rosenboom,
De plaatselijke toegangspoort K. kennis B. Architecture                                                           2008-03-28
                          a treat                   R.W.,(mentor); Westerveld, R., (mentor); Rood, H.,(mentor)
Mobile VoIP a threat orKhan, K Wagenaar, Technology, Policy and Management                                        2005-09-14
                        Felici,                    (mentor); Mihl, H. (mentor); Hulsbergen, E. (mentor) bijlage: A0 poster
NDSM: cultural warehouse E. Cavallo, R. Architecture                                                   Met als    2008-10-30
                        van Huijstee, S.M.
                                        bulk terminal Engineering and Geosciences
                                                   Civil                                                          2004-01
Capaciteitsanalyse van een drogeLigteringen, H.,; Groenveld, R., Ir.; van der Leer, T., Ing.; Versteegt, C., Ir.
                        Hoekstra, D.J.Ligteringen, H.,; Mississippi Ir.; Noppen, J.P., Ir.Ing.
                                                   Civil Engineering and Geosciences
Strategies to reduce the maintenance dredging cost of theGeense, M., River Gulf Outlet Channel                    2003-01
                          concrete landscape Architecture
                                      Vollebregt, A. (mentor);                                         Met als M. (mentor); Rommens, O. (m
From edge to border: aGarcia Marta, A.E. Fatih-Istanbul Hermans, W. (mentor); Schoonderbeek, bijlage: A0 poster   2008
Layers + folds                                     Architecture                         border conditions; (mentor); van der modeling
                                                                                                                   cadd; computer
                        Lans, B. Bier, H.H. (senior mentor); Rommens, O. (mentor); Hoekstra, F. cnc;2009-01-27 Dobbelstee
                        AmsterdamGarritzman, U., ir. (senior mentor); Klein, T., (mentor); Meijs,presentation (Powerpoint
Stadsdeelraadkantoor Lurvink, M.L.      Osdorp Architecture                                            G            M., ir. (other
                                                                                        presentation raduation 2008-02-01 person invo
                        van den Berg, joint Civil Engineering and Geosciences
                                      Stive, M.J.F.,
Single toplayer of cubes with granularS.G. fillingFontijn, H.L.,; Verhagen, H.J., Ir.; Dorst, C.J., Ir. 2004-10
                        De Witte, D.W. Gameren, D. (mentor);
                                      Van          Architecture the Dessie Referral Hospital caseWestgeest, G. (mentor); Wagenaar, C. (mentor)        2009
                        Huang, T. Oosterhuis, alternative mentor); Biloria, N. (mentor); Vollers, K. (mentor)
                                                    K. (senior approach to sound perception in existent fabric
Sound understanding and urban topology: an Architecture                                 sound                     2008-07-04
                        Mauer, interface           Architecture
Inhabitable border: from veil toJ. Jurgenhake, B, (mentor); Kuitenbrouwer, P. (mentor); Cuperus, Y. (mentor)      2009-01-01
                        De homes Nottrot, R., Architecture Engels, J., ir. (mentor); Mensinga, P., ir. (mentor); van Dorst, M., ir. (m
Dwelling for people: familyVries, P.W.             ir. (mentor);
                                       in Rotterdam city centre                                                   2008-04-01
                        Jongmans, Korpershoek, M.C., ir. West
                                       M.          Architecture                         bibliotheek;Met Osdorp; Amsterdam
Bibliotheek met aanvullend programma voor Amsterdam (senior mentor); Mihl, H., ir. (mentor) bijlage:2008-01-18     A0 poster.Ontwerp voor e
                        De Grijp, P.A.Bouwman, H.,(mentor); Policy G.M.,(mentor); Den
                                                     small firms
The selection process of IT outsourcing withinTechnology, Wijers,and Management Hartigh, E.,(mentor)              2007-05-01
                        Kleijer, de
Het ontwerpen van een kerk inE. 21e eeuw Architecture                                                             2004-01-20
                                                                                                       Het ontwerpen van een kerk die voldo
Cultuurzone in Paramaribo Langen, F.               Architecture                          (mentor); Luiten, E. (mentor)
                                      Meijers, W.L.E.C. (senior mentor); Collauti, F.cultuurzoneMet als bijlage: A0 poster. Cultuurzon
                         of titan's (sub)surface Aerospace Engineering
                                      Visser, P.N.A.M., (senior the composition of the lakes using a MEMS micro gradiometer m
Gravitational signature Spiteri, R.M.C.            lakes: discovering mentor)           titan; gradiometer        2008-09-22
                         MaasvlakteK.   Twee       Civil Engineering and Geosciences                              2002-05
Binnenvaartontsluiting Grippeling, Ligteringen, J., Prof. Ir.; Groenveld, R., Ir.; Klazinga, D.N., Ir.; Noppen, J.P., Ir.
                        Van Rooijen, L.A.W. Civil; Ir. R. and Geosciences
                                      Ligteringen, H., Engineering Groenveld, deelstudie 1 - nut Zijlema, M.,
Wenselijkheid en haalbaarheid van verwijdering van de Rozenburgse sluis:R., ir.; Mooij, M., ir.;en noodzaak
                        city between  Sepulveda, anddr. (senior Social Bekkering, H., prof. (mentor); housing model for higher
                                                    D., integration:                                               Haan, H., ir.
The case of Leipzig: a Buhmann, C.migration Architecture mentor);cohesion through a mixed-use de 2008-06-27 (mentor) city


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                           in stedelijke
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De kwaliteit van wonenHermans, L. dichtheid:Architecture ir. (senior mentor)                                       2008-01-25
                                                                                         kwaliteit A0 poster enclosed
                         De Krieger, J.             Architecture                                                   2009
Remolishing as a design concept Nottrot, R. (mentor); Van de Voort, J. (mentor); Van den Dobbelsteen, A. (mentor); Vitner, D. (
                         de Wit, L. Stelling, G.S., Prof. dr. ir.; Heemink, in hydraulic engineering               2006-04
Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics. A Study of the possibilities of SPH A.W., prof. dr. ir.; Zijlema, M., Dr. ir.; Labeur, R.J., ir.
                          de lining van een J.K., Prof. drs. Ir.; Bakker, K.J., Dr. ir.;
                                                    Civil tunnel
Axiale voorspanning inKoek, A.J. Vrijling,geboordeEngineering and GeosciencesBlom, C.B.M., Dr. ir. 2005-01
                         Verbunt, R.Geraedts, R.P., ir. (senior                          transformation; risk management; transformatie;
                                                                                                      A Risk       2008-08-29
Risk Management for transformation projects Architecture mentor); Bijleveld, S.W., ir. (mentor) Scan is developed for indentif
                         Moons, L. Cavallo, R. Architecture
                                                    (mentor); Center
Beauty in the margin; XBH Amsterdam Beauty & HealthClaessens, F. (mentor); Van de Voort, J. (mentor)               2005
                         Roest, H. Lö hmann, H. (mentor); Pimlott, M. (mentor); Van der Zaag, E. 2009-01-23
Centre for Performing Arts, Amsterdam               Architecture                                                   (mentor)
                         de Nationale Assemblee (DNA)
                                       Meijers,     Architecture
Surinaams parlement: Van Rijsewijk, A.S. L. (mentor); Colauttie, F. (mentor)                                       2008-02-01
                                                                                                      Met als bijlage: A0 poster
                         Burgers, J.J. Ligteringen, H., Prof. BV
                                                    Civil Engineering and Geosciences
Logistieke analyse duwvaart ThyssenKrupp Veerhaven ir.; Groenveld, R., Ir.; Verhaeghe, R.J., Dr. ir. 2005-06
                           Art: Eliel Saarinen en Architectureop een
                                       Van          zijn invloed
Cranbrook Academy ofKramer, C.G. Bergeijk, H., dr. (mentor) 'Amerikaanse academie'                                 2008-07-29
Cultuurhuis Zeeburgerpad Es, D.J.                   Architecture                         cultuurhuis;Een visie op de stedelijke ontwikkelin
                                                                                                       Zeeburgerpad; Amsterdam
                                       Wilms Floet, W.W.L.W. (senior mentor); Zuiderveld, D. (mentor); Holst, J.P.G. (mentor)
                         Timmer, R.Komossa, S., ir. (senior mentor); Marzot, N., (mentor); Fokkinga, J.D., ir. (mentor)
Relaxation Centre: a place to retreat in the centre of Rotterdam                                                   2008-01-16
                         De Jong, S.W estrik, J.A. (mentor); Luiten, E.A.J. (mentor); Harteveld, M.G.A.D. (mentor)
The Clover-leaf of Blijdorp: connecting a disconnected part of Rotterdam                                           2009-04-03
                         Blauw, L. Schoonderbeek, M. (mentor); Bier, H. (mentor); Hoekstra, F. (mentor)
Study and design based on New York subway           Architecture                                                   2009
                          Waal                      Civil Engineering and Geosciences                              2005-05
Navigability of the riverHetzer, S. de Vriend, H.J., Prof. dr. ir.; van Vuren, S., Ir.; Sloff, K., Ir.; Havinga, H., Ir.; Wieprecht, S., Prof
RAC-hallen: poppodium                  Havik,       Architecture                         RAC; poppodium; bijlage: A0 poster.
                                                                                                      Met (mentor) 2008-01-31
                         Poelstra, S.L.A. K., (senior mentor); Engels, J., (mentor); Komossa, S.,alsdamwand; kelder Powerpoin
                         Konings, R.V.E.
                                       Thissen, en onderhoud aan deand Management
                                                    Technology, Policy openbare ruimte                             2007-04-03
Doelmatigheid en doeltreffendheid: beheer W.A.H.,(mentor); Enserink, B.,(mentor); Mayer, I.S.,(mentor); Mureau, A.,(mentor)
Undular hydraulic jumps                             Civil Engineering and Geosciences                              van Overloop, P.J., Ir.
                         Wols, B.A. Stelling, G.S., Prof. dr. ir.; Uijttewaal, W.S.J., Dr. ir.; Labeur, R.J., Ir.; 2005-06
                         Hendriks, F.P.G.
Courtyard housing at the NDSM-werf                  Architecture                         courtyards; (mentor) 2009-01-15
                                       Korpershoek, M.C. (mentor); Caso, O. (mentor); Mihl, H. Design for housing on the NDSM-wer
                         basis van proceskwaliteit: deir. (senior mentor);een selectie-instrument voor Europese aanbestedingen
                                       Van           A.J., ontwikkeling van Chao-Duivis, M.A.B.,Met als bijlage: A0 poster
Architectenselectie op Nowee, V.P.A. Doorn,Architecture                                                             (mentor); Hobma, F.A.M.
Cité Noord: senior housing             J.           Architecture                                      E. (mentor)2008-10
                         Oosterwijk, Zeinstra, j. (mentor); Pimlott, M. (mentor); Van der Zaag, Met als bijlage: A0 poster
                         een studie naar de karakteristieken van twee-fasen ir.; Kreutzer, M.T. ir.
                                                    Civil Engineering and Geosciences                              2002-01
AirFlush in capillairen: De Roo, C.Van Dijk, J.C.,; Verberk, J.Q.J.C.,stroming bij toepassing op capillaire membranen in de
                         Hendriksen, W.Poelman, W.A., (senior mentor); Ebbert, T., van een (mentor)
                                                    Architecture                                                   2008-10-24
Een gevel voor bestaande appartementengebouwen: een onderzoek naar de relevantieDipl.-Ing. geprefabriceerde gevel voor re
                          for a mission to
                                       Ambrosius,Aerospace Engineering
                                                     B.A.C.,                    interplanetary; optimization; gravity assist; swing
Trajectory optimizationMelman, J.C.P. Neptune and Triton (hoofdmentor); Noomen, R., (mentor); Ortega, G., dr. (mentor); Bies
                         Bouwer, D.Geraedts, R.P., ir. (senior mentor); Hobma, de transformatie als bijlage: A0 poster
                                                    Architecture                                      Met van beschermde
Een maatpak of toch confectie?: de invloed van de monumentenwetgeving opF.A.M., (mentor) 2008-04 monumenten
Senior - ulterior                      Pimlott,     Architecture
                         Van Duijkeren, J. M. (mentor); Zeinstra, J. (mentor); Van der Zaag, E. (mentor)           2008-10
                         Dorresteijn,Macel, O., dr.(seniorder
                                        S.D.         de loop mentor)
De ontwikkeling van restauratieopvattingen inArchitecture eeuwen.                                                  2006-10-31
                                                                                                      In deze scriptie zet ik de verschillend
                         Stegers, P.Mulder, A. (senior mentor); Van Oel, C. tussen maatschappelijke partijen in de welzijnssector
Woningcorporaties in welzijnsland: een onderzoek naar de samenwerking(mentor)                                      2009-03-01
                         Nooij, in Stelling, hoses Engineering and Geosciences
Feasibility of IGW technologyS. offloading G.S., Prof. dr. ir.; Booij, R., Drs.; Meek, J., Prof. ir.               2006-06
                         Ruis, M. Van Duin, L. (mentor); Steenbergen, in Stadskanaal
(Indoor)bergsportcentrum: klimmen, mountainbiken en wildwatervaren C.M. (mentor); Van Weeren, C.1998                (mentor)
                         Stoop, E.-J.Löhmann, Architecture
Centrum voor moderne dans in A'dam-NoordH. (mentor); Meije, M. (mentor)                                            2008
                         Van der Meulen, M. Civil Engineering and Geosciences
Deeltjestellingen in een drinkwaterVan Dijk, J.C.,; Verberk, J.Q.J.C., ir.; Vreeburg, J.H.G., ir.         2004-10
                         Farchi Nachman, Y. U. Architecture
learning from nature: thermoregulation envelopes                 Building Technology building (mentor)             2009-06-25
                                                    (mentor); Bokel, R. (mentor); Badarnah,; facade ; systems
                         Van een procesmodel Architecture J.D.M.; Bouwman, E. van monofunctionele kantoorlocaties
Tenminste houdbaar tot... : Vuuren, S.              voor duurzame gebiedsontwikkeling
                                       Franzen, A.J.; Van Hal,   Real Estate & Housing                             2009-06-22
                         Korenstra, M. Arkesteijn, M.H.; Hubers, J.C.; Lousberg, sleutel voor het succes van projecten.
                                                    Architecture Real Estate & Housing
Bouwen aan teamwork: de bewustwording van de werking van het team als L.H.M.J.                                     2009-06-25
Urban centre                                        Architecture Urbanism
                         Al Saifi, J. Komossa, S.; Marzot, N.; Fokkinga, J.D.                                      2009-06-26
                         Farchi Nachman, Y. U.;Architecture
Learning from nature: thermoregulation envelope                  Building Technology thermoregulation envelopes
                                                     Bokel, R.; Badarnah, L.                                       2009-06-25
Diagonaal op de Diagonal Feunekes, R.W.             Architecture Architecture            woongebouw;  Ontwerp voor 2009-06-30
                                       Cornelissen, J.G.A.; Cuperus, Y. and Modernity, dwellingsBarcelona een woongebouw in Ba
                         Hagg, R. Vermeulen, andStudent
                                                     P.; Mihl, H.Architecture
University of Amsterdam - Conference centre Architecture hotel                           Urban Context             project for
                                                                                                      Graduation 2009-06-26Hybrid Building
                         Maessen, Sohn, H. (mentor); Plomp, H. (mentor); Bruyns, G. (mentor); Robles-Duran, M. (mentor)
Improving social housing in ChileA.                 Architecture DSD Urban Asymmetries                             2009-06-30
Urban Permeation                        , I.Z.      ArchitectureM.R.D.
                         Zveibil IdanRobles-Duran Miguel , DSD - Urban Asymmetries                                 2009-07-02
                                                                                                      Urban permeation and local integratio
                         new craft E.  Schreurs, E. (mentor); Interiors, Buildings and Cities
                                                    Architecture Van
Space for Everyone: A De Warle, school in Amsterdam Noord de Voort, J. (mentor); Stuhlmacher, M. (senior mentor)   2009-07-02
Water transversal networkBizzarri, S.B.             (mentor); Robles Duran, M. (senior mentor) Ecatepec, Mexico city. Through the a
                                       Sohn, H.S. Architecture   Urbanism                water                     2009-07-02
                         Jansen, S. Garritzmann, U. Architecture Interiors, Buildings & Cities                     2009-06-26
Music city: centre for music makers - Amsterdam (mentor); Poiesz, P. (mentor); Meijs, M. (mentor); Schrijver, L. (mentor)
                         De Danschutter, M. Architecture Mihl, H. (mentor); Fernandez-Maldonado, A.M. (mentor)
Beveren, tussen dorp en stad           Vermeulen, P. (mentor);   Architecture                                      2009-06-26
                         Krul, S.      Colombo, F.F. (mentor); Schuetze, T. (mentor); Bobbink, I. (senior in2009-07-03
                                                    Architecture Urbanism
From glass city to hybrid landscape: the transformation of a historic grown glasshouse concentration mentor)        the Randstad
Mundaneum Brussels :Glas, S. LeopoldparkArchitecture             Architecture                                      2009-07-10
Lungs of the city                                   (mentor); Kurvers, S.R. (mentor); Mihl, H. (mentor); Alturk, E. (mentor); Claessens
                         Beuker, T. Cavallo, R. Architecture     Architecture                                      2009-07-01
                         Jiang, C. Tang, S. Electrical Engineering, Systems P2PTV; traffic pattern; 2009-07-10 peer selectio
                                                                 Embedded Mathematics and Computer Science
Analyzing P2PTV Traffic Via Measurement (mentor); Kuipers, F. (mentor); Van Mieghem, P. (senior mentor)            super-peers;
SiloCentre                             Kilian,      Architecture Architecture
                         Van Esbroeck, N. A. (mentor); Van der Zaag, E. (senior mentor)                            2009-06-26
                                                                                         silo; reuse; industrial archeology; Leuven
                         Vreljanski, R. Soeten, H. (hoofdmentor); Haak, H.J.A. (hoofdmentor); Hobbelman, G.J.; De Klerk, L.J.
Uitbreiding van het Stedelijk museum te Amsterdam   Architecture Architecture                                      1990-01-23
                         Pigat, E. Vermeulen, P.
Lecture & Conference Building Roeterseiland Architecture         Architecture                                      2009-06-26
                                                                                         roeterseiland; hybrid buildings; uva
                         Lin, up       Geers, K.; Architecture
Mundaneum: an idea to setL. a world city Riedijk, M. Architecture Public Realm Brussels Mundaneum                  2009-07-10
                         mound breakwaters Civil Uijttewaal, W. Geosciences
                                       Verhagen,                 Hydraulic                            Measurements of flow velocities due
Flow velocity at rubble Nammuni-Krohn, J. H.J.; Engineering andEngineering toe structure; rubble mound; breakwater; waves
                                                    N.; van het architecture
Herontwerp voor Radio Kootwijk als buitenplaats Colautti,Kröller-Müller Museum en de Rijksakademie 2005-06-29
                         Oomen, S, Hermkens, Architecture F.                                                       van Beeldende Kunsten
                         Schoonhoven, P.R. Architecture
                                       centrumgebied             Urbanism
Inbreiding en revitalisatie van een Sterenberg, J.J.van een na-oorlogse woonwijk                                   1988-06-01
                                                                                         inbreiding ; revitalisatie; centrumgebied; na-oorlo
Centre for Performing Arts de Graaf, R.             Architecture Architecture
                                       Lohman, H.; Pimlott, M.; Van der Zaag, E.                                   2009-07-03
                         Molenaar, S.  Noomen, R. deep space maneuvers - and Satellite Systems
                                                                 Engineering             Deep Space Maneuvers; Orbital Uranus orbiter m
Optimization of interplanetary trajectories withAerospace Astrodynamics Model development and application to a Mechanics; Gen
Art academy NDSM-Wharf                              Architecture Architecture
                         Osinga, S. Alturk, E.; Cavallo, R.; Mihl, H.; Maratilova, R.K.                            2009-07-02
                         Dabbagh, H.   Wang, J. (mentor); Niemegeers, I. Mathematics and Computer Science
                                                    Electrical Engineering, (senior mentor)
Free-space Emulator of 60GHz Directional Antenna Equipment       Telecommunications                                2009-08-18
                                        Bolhuis, J.Architecture  Architecture
An Urban Playground Dieben, T. ;Pimlott, M. (mentor); Zeinstra, J.S. (mentor)                                      2005-01-01
                                                                                                      Uittreksel van het afstudeerproject In
                                                    M. (mentor); Rops, C. Mathematics and Computer(senior mentor);
Silicon MEMS Micro-Evaporator Mihailović , Electrical Engineering, M. (mentor); Creemer, J. F.Micro-Evaporator Sarro, P. M. (se
                         Hao, J.                                                         Silicon; MEMS; Science
                                                                 Microelectronics & Computer Engineering           2009-08-27


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                         Van 't Wout,the interactive wave model of Mathematics variational
                                       E.          M.B. (mentor); Vuik, real-time ship and Computer Science
                                                               Applied a C. (seniormentor)
Improving the linear solver used inVan Gijzen,Electrical Engineering, Mathematicssimulator Boussinesq2009-08-20   model; conjugate gradien
                         De Warle, Schreurs, E.P.N. (mentor); Van de Voort, J. (mentor); Stuhlmacher, M.E. (seniormentor)
Craft School Amsterdam Noord E.                   Architecture Interiors, Buildings and Cities                   2009-07-02
                          kloppend Van der Meer, K. (mentor); Dietz, J.L.G. (seniormentor)
                                                  Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Documentbeheer - HetStoker, R. hart van de organisatie Software Technology                                       2009-09-30
Innovatieve waterkeringen            Bezuyen, M. Engineering andEngineering dike; sea defence; geotechnical stabilty; levee; fl
                                                  Civil        Hydraulic Geosciences                             2000-09-21
                         Nonhebel, F.; De Wit,K.G. (mentor); Nurmohamed, S. (mentor); Oostveen, J.P. (mentor); Vrijling, J.K. (sen
                         Abruzzo L.E.M.
                                     Van          Civil Engineering and Geosciences mentor) Kustmorfologische berekeningen van
                                                               Hydraulic M.J.F. (senior                          2002-01-01
Morfologische analyse Barends, Kust de Graaff, J. (mentor); Stive,Engineering Italy; coastal zone management; Abruzzo; coasta
                         Sint rock Meermans,Civil(mentor); Kalff, F.R. (mentor); Rosin-Rammlet; Quarry;analysis of the control of
Grading control on quarriedNicolaas, W.                        Hydraulic Geosciences                 Probabilistic grading control
                                                   W. Engineering andEngineering Vrijling, J.K. (senior mentor)  1997-08-01
Romeinen & Natuur Klok, K.                        Architecture
                                     Rutte, R. (mentor)                                Roman; Nature; Klok 2009-11-05
                                                               Architecture/ Hybrid Buildings/ History three Roman buildings, Cavus T
                         Chen,                    Architecture border condition        decay                      architectural
Decay as a architectural fact Y. Bier, H. (senior mentor); Rommens, O. (senior mentor) decay as a 2009-10-27 fact / mirco t
Creative Cube                        Komossa, ArchitectureMarzot, N. (mentor); Fokkinga, J. (mentor) 2009-10-29
                         Bonnemayer, M.B.C. S. (mentor);Architecture
The Stitch                                        Architecture Architecture
                         Huijs, A. Marzot, N. (mentor); Komossa, S. (senior mentor)                              2009-10-29
                                                                                       vertical cityDealing with the densification in the W
                         Roos, A. Battjes, van tegen mentor) andEngineering wav run-up; wave overtopping
                                                  Civil Engineering
                                                               Hydraulic Geosciences                             1972-10-01
Experimenteel onderzoek naar het gedragJ.A. (seniortaluds oplopende regelmatige golven Experimental research on wave run-u
                         University               Architecture Hybrid Buildings
A new campus core at Markou, K.of Amsterdam, Roeterseiland complex                                               2009-10-01
                         Breure, D. Van der Flier, huurwoningenMulder,verkoop door
                                                  Architecture Real na de A. (senior mentor)sociale ; huurwoning; Amsterrdam; doo
De doorverkoop en prijsontwikkeling van socialeC.L. (mentor);Estate and Housing de Amsterdamse woningcorporaties 2009-11-04
                         Van Hilten, Hilberink, A.; Tol,
                                     J.M.         Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering
                                                               Offshore Engineering On-bottom R.                 2009-06-19
On-bottom stability of high temperature pipelines G.; Hommel, G.; Willemse, C.A.; Peek, stability; Pipelines; Buckling; Hilbert-h
Zichtbare privacy        Groot, R.W.N.            Architecture Modernity, Dwelling, New Concepts                 2009-06-01
                         Margry, W. Jurgenhage, B.; Cuperus, Zandvoort
                                                  Architecture Modernity , Dwelling, kust; duurzaam;             2009-11-06
De nieuwe strategie voor kustbebouwing, Middenboulevard, Y.; Van Zwol, J. The new House zee; coast; Zandvoort; zeespieg
                         Pals, H.    Booij, N.; Tutuarima, W.H.; Vrijling, J.K.
                                                  Civil haven  Hydraulic Geosciences                             1998-02-01
Ontwerp en optimalisatie van golfbrekers voor eenEngineering andEngineering port development; India; Hiswa; breakwater; risk
                         Goudsmit, J.W. Keulen, element model of and Microsystemselement
                                     Van          Mechanical, Maritime and mechanics Engineering
                                                               Precision               finite                    2009-03-06
The mechanical behavior of orbital fat in a finiteA.; Van Keulen, A. orbilatMaterials Engineeringmodel; orbital fat
                                     G.           ArchitectureBier, H.
Nomadic/Settlement Destefanis,Biloria, N.; Sobota, M.; Architecture                                              2010-01-22
                                                                                                     Proposal for the new Gipsy Camp of
Waterslot in het Spui Dijk, A.                    Architecture Architecture
                                     Lassen, A.K.; Rijcken, T.; Nillesen, A.L.                                   2010-01-18
                                                                                                     Een architectonische verkenning van
                          es SalaamBierman, J.Architecture
Nationaal Museum DarD'Ancona, K.                               MIT                                               2010-01-26
The Water Temple: a compact cité,E. interiorized world Interiors, Buildings, and Cities
                                                   Pimlott, M.;
                         Kamphorst,Zeinstra, J.;Architecture Van der Zaag, E.                                    2010-01-22
                         Hoope,                    Willers, W.R-MIT
Vierhavens en Katoenveem J. Coloutti, F.;Architecture                                                Redevelopment of a former cottonwa
                                                                                       katoenveem; Keilehaven; Rotterdam; Keilestraat
                         Susebeek Teuffel, P.; Architecture
An architectural update for public ,environments  Nimish, N.M. Hyperbody               non-standard-architecture 2010-01-22
TIC TAC TOE                          Cavallo, R.;Architecture
                         Van Tienen, K.                        Architecture
                                                   Alturk, E.; Mihl, H.                                          2010-01-21
Cité Mosveld: A City Around the Road              ArchitectureZaag, E.J.; Pimlott, M.
                         Brons, M. Zeinstra, J.S.; Van der Interiors, Buildings and Cities                       2010-01-22
                         Azarbad, S.Bruil, I.; Prins, M.
                                                  Architecture Real Estate & Housingcooperation
Cooperation between different parties within developing building companies                                       2010-01-28
                                                                                                     How to improve the cooperation betw
                         Ren, City Rommens, Architecture
                                                   O.; and cemetery
Prescence of the Abscence:Q. history museum Schoonderbeek, M.  Architecture                                      2010-01-26
                         Van Dort, S.Mihl, H.; Vermeulen, P.& Hotel
Design for University of Amsterdam - Conference center Hybrid Buildings                              Design for a conference center, study
                                                                                       Architecture; Hybrid Building
                         Placella, N.Sohn, H.; Plomp, H.; Bruyns, G.
Santiago de Chile: Prototypes of ColonizationArchitecture      Architecture                          The project's de is the
                                                                                       social housing; Santiago aimChile implementatio
                         Messnig, Hertzberger, H.; Van Schagen, H.; Verster, H.
Nieuwbouw in een oude stad D.H.                   Architecture Architecture                                      1975-06-30
                                                                                                     Met Delft als voorbeeld heb ik onderz
                         Van Gruijthuijsen, C. Architecture
The rise of "The Unturned Stone" Engels, J.; Schnater, F.      Architectural Engineering                         2010-04-09
Risicomanagement is een keuze Lousberg, L.L.; Gruis, V.H. Estate and Housing
                         Clausen, M.              Architecture Real                                  Onderzoek door middel
                                                                                       Risicomanagement 2010-04-06 van casestud
                         Rijsewijk, C.
                                     Nillesen, the Grevelingen lake
                                                  Architecture A.K.
Ecological and tidal experiance museum at A.L.; Lassen ,Explore Lab - Climate Adaptation Lab                     2010-04-15
                         Schaberg, L.M.
                                     Hordijk, G.J.; in daglichttoetreding
                                                  Architecture                         dynamic                   2010-04-13
Dynamisch Daglicht: Een studie naar dynamiek Klein, T. Climate research and design daylight; daglicht; gevel; facade; adapta
                         Moniaga, L.Nillesen, A.; economic, and A.
                                                  Architecture Architecture            Geothermal; Spa; Indonesia2010-04-15
Geothermal Spa: an attempt to connect social, Van Timmeren, environmental solutions for Samosir region in North Sumatra, Indo
                         Karelse, C.M.
                                     Kaminer, spatial livingArchitecture
                                                  Architecture Sohn, H.
Recapturing the community : towards a newT.; Plomp, H.;model in Newark                 Social Housing U.S.A. 2010-04-15
De droom van Karel Appel             Nottrot, R.; Architecture
                         Lambert, J.E.                         Architecture
                                                  Engels, J.; Olsthoorn, B.                                       of Karel Appel, a museum
                                                                                       Karel AppelThe dream 2010-04-13
                         Jonauskis, T.
                                     Read, S.A.;ArchitectureM.G.A.D.;
                                                   Harteveld, Urbanism                 city centre;              2010-06-22
Lost in the city: Searching for urban vitality in city centre of Kaunas Van der Hoeven, F.D. public space; infrastructures; Eastern
                         Ter Laak, P.J.H.Loon, P.P.; Bruil, A.W. Estate & Housing
                                     Van          Architecture Real                                              2010-06-24
The Infrastructural Decision Room: 'A Simulation Instrument for Group Decision Making in Infrastructural Projects'
De Brakke Grond                      G            Architecture
                         Smyth, M.P. rafe, C.; Loehmann, H.    Architecture            Culture                     the culture
                                                                                                     A house for2010-06-25 of the Low Co
                         Van der Dam R. , J.; Pimlott , M.
Food Paradise, A market hall onZijde , square Architecture                             market
                                                               Interiors Buildings & Cities                      2010-06-25
Pomona Docks in transition H.                     Architecture Architecture
                                     Geerts, F.; Milani, S.; Fokkinga, J.                                        2010-06-30
                                                                                       Manchester; territory; post industrial
                         Holvast, centre of N.; Architecture Fokkinga, J.
                                                  Komossa, S.;
HUSH: a relieve area in the cityL. Marzot,Rotterdam            Public Building         public realm              2010-06-29
                                                                                                     graduation poster
                         Hou, Y.     Sarro, P.M.; Mol, H.A. Microelectronics & Computer Computer Science
                                                  Films for Engineering, Applicationstrain Engineering           2010-07-19
Aluminum Nitride and Chromium Nitride Thin Electrical Strain Gauge Mathematics andgauge; chromium nitride; aluminum nitride
                          Defense Policy Making Process in Policy and Management
                                     Enserink, B.; Ravesteijn,Indonesia
Evaluation of the FloodSimanjuntak, I.R.                       Policy Frantzeskaki, N.; Schaap, S.
                                                  Technology, W.; Analysis                                       2010-08-18
                                     Zeman, M.;Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computermanagement,; TCO,; a-Si:H,; uc
                                                   Jäger, silicon solar cells
                         Ap Man interfaces in thin-film K.; Westra, J.M.
Light management using roughNek, C.                                                    scattering,; light Science
                                                               Microelectronics & Computer Engineering           2010-08-25
                         Sewdoelaré, D.
Rain-wind-induced vibrations of cablesHorssen, W.              Applied mathematics rain; wind; vibrations; perturbation theory; resona
                                                  Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science       2010-10-01
                         Knuit, J. Hermkens, A.W.  gebouwen R-MIT
Herontwerp van de voormalige Red Star Line Architecture Antwerpen                                                  van de voormalige Red S
                                                                                       Antwerpen Herontwerp2010-07-02
Mundaneum: PerformanceJ.                          Architecture Architecture
                         Du, Space Redijk, M.; Plomp, H.; Deboutte, N.; Alturk, E.performance space; mundaneum   2010-06-25
                         Avwaghwaruvwe, E. of In-Situ Combustion Geosciences
                                     Reaction Civil Khoshnevisgargar, N.
Numerical Simulation of ChemicalRudolph, E.S.J.;Engineering andUsing SARA Fraction                               2010-08-23
                         Van der Lee, en                       Hydraulic Geosciences
                                     Velsink, H.;Civil Engineering andEngineering
                                                   Bouwmeester, J.; Lindo, M.H.                      Dimensionering van de sluis als func
Dimensionering zeesluis Terneuzen E. kanaalprofiel Kanaal Terneuzen-Gent sluis; schutsluis; ship lock; oeverbescherming
                         Oehlmann, Bosch-Rekveldt, M. Technology, Strategy and
                                     I.           Technology, Policy and project management of project 2010-09-16 Bergermeer
                                                                                       sustainability; the Bergermeer Gas
The Sustainable Footprint Methodology: Including sustainability in theManagement Entrepreneurship management;Storage proje
                         Schaberg, L.M.
                                     Hordijk, G.J.; in daglichttoetreding
                                                  Architecture                                                   2010-04-13
Dynamisch Daglicht: een studie naar dynamiek Klein, T. Building Technology dynamic daylight; daglicht; gevel; facade; adapta
                         Walta, in het Kanaal Civil Engineering andEngineering België)                sluizen; Strépy; Canal
                                                                                                                  naar kunstwerken om shi
Scheepvaartkundig kunstwerkO.J.Glerum, A.van het Centrum (Canal du Centre,scheepslift;Onderzoek 1982-04-01 du Centre; gro
                                                               Hydraulic Geosciences
                         Van Dijk, BerghauserArchitecture Rosenboom, H.J.; Wagenaar,post war
Densifying post war Randstad M.R.                  Pont, M.Y.; Urbanism                density; C.               2010-10-25
                                     Duijvestein, Linde, R.
                                                   C.A.J.; Heimans, A.; Karsten, S.; De Vries, H.
Heerenveen centrum Hellinga, G.J.; Van derArchitecture                                                           1980-06-01
                         Van der
Lightweight Modules offshore Elst, J.             Architecture Building Technology                               2010-10-29
                         Yao, 2030: A political civic hybrid for a
                                                  Architecture Urbanism
Culture Landscape Nanjing W. Read, S.; Luiten, E.; Qu, L. historical city              political civic           2010-10-29
Reconcile railway with Hu, R.                     Architecture Urbanism                              Integrate Schiedam Centrum Railway
                                     Rosenboom, H.; Hermans, W.; Van Nes, A. Schiedam Centrum Railway Station Surrounding
                         Muijderman, of Structural VacancyP.W.
                                     Remoy,       Architecture in Haarlemmermeer
To rent or not to rent: Determinants W.S. H.T.; Koppels,Real Estate & Housingstructural vacancy                  2010-10-29
Traffic Accelerator                  Salij,       Architecture
                         Cornelissen, C. T.; Plomp, H.         Architecture                          Model that generates an optimized ur
                                                                                       traffic; acceleration; speed


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Green Culture                           Marzot, N.; Architecture Fokkinga, J.
                           Cornelis, M.A.            Komossa, S.;  Architecture                                    2010-10-29
                           Hsiao, A. Biloria, N.; Architecture cultural,
                                                      of scientific,
                                                                   Hyperbody                                       2010-11-04
Pyla Dune Observatory: An accessible libraryBier, H.; Sobota, M. educational, historical and environmental knowledge
                            winkelstraten. Een                                            lijnbaan; Rotterdam; naoorlogs; de Lijnbaan te R
Vreugde in naoorlogseVan Rijsbergen, J. vergelijking van de Lijnbaan met de Prager Straße vergelijking van dresden; prager
                                        Wagenaar, Architecture     History                                         2010-11-04
                           El op de huurprijs van Architecture Van Oel, C. Housingleegstand; huurprijs; vacancy; rent price
De invloed van leegstandMesslaki, S.                   Remoy, kantoren
                                        Koppels, P.;naburige H.;   Real Estate &                                   2010-10-29
                           Stoopman, M. Wireless
                                         for         Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
                                                                   Microelectronics &     UWB; Engineering
A Sub-GHz UWB Pulse GeneratorSerdijn, W.A. Biomedical Communication Computer Sub-GHz; biomedical communication; imp2010-12-13
                           Lu, Architecture
Back to School_Faculty of T.                         Architecture  Architecture            J.
                                        Stuhlmacher, M.; Schreurs, E.; Van de Voort, mixed atmosphere               school design
                                                                                                       A technical 2010-01-28 at Amsterd
Lifted Trainstation        Bouma, S. Caso, O. Architecture         Hybrid Buildings                    Lifted      2011-01-18
                                                                                          Lifted trainstation railway and trainstation in hybri
                           Verster, M.P. Ridder, Civil Engineering anda ConstructionOost,chain management
                                        to           H.A.J.; organisation: Geosciences Processes
                                                                   Design Ludema, M.W.;   supply I.                2009-07-01
A supply-driven approach applied Dethe Contractor's Vrijhoef, R.;and view on supply chain management for medium-sized contra
Gare de Mons transition hub             Geerts,
                           Saarloos, S.M.C. F. Architecture        Architecture           station                  2011-01-25
                                                                                                       A new station for the city of Mons, Be
                           Segers, T. Meijers, L.; ArchitectureA.; Hermans,
                                                     De Ridder, architecture
Suiting the city-P5 presentation: transformation the wall of Kumasi Zoo W.                                         2011-01-25
                                                                                          Ghana; Kumasi zoo; tine segers
                                         P.A.         P.; Mihl, H.Architecture
Districtshuis te DeurneSmeulders,Vermeulen,Architecture                                                Ontwerp stad2011-01-25
                                                                                          Natuur integreren in voor een hybride gebouw in
                           Koyuk, A. - kwaliteiten van dichtheden
Maak ruimte in de bestaande stadNottrot, R.J. rchitecture          Architecture                                     op een aantrekkelijke ma
                                                                                          verdichting Hoe kan er 2011-01-28
Yenikapi Transer Platform               Cavallo , Architecture Mihl , H.
                           Rozemuller, M.G.H. R.; Caso , O.;Building typology                                      2011-01-27
                                                                                          hybrid buildings; Istanbul
Deurne Community Center                               P.; Mihl, H.Hybrid Buildings
                           Hodzic, A. Vermeulen,Architecture                                           Hybrid building,
                                                                                          Deurne; Antwerpen; hybrid Antwerpen.Districtsh
VINEX: A future perspectiveBonnike, M.M.             L.M.; Van Dorst, M.J.
                                        Calabrese, Architecture    Urbanism                                        2011-01-25
                                                                                          sustainable liveability; Ypenburg
                           Van Ommeren, J.I.
                                        post-Olympic Livable stadium for the Bijlmermeer
Homo Ludens post Olympicum: a Nottrot, J.N. rchitecture            ExploreLab                          Homo Ludens Bijlmermeer; transform
                                                                                          Olympic Games; Stadium;post Olympicum-a pos
                           Thepen, J. Zarzar, K.M.   Architecture
City Port Bridge Rotterdam: In search of perpetual state of motion Explore Lab                                     2011-01-28
                                                                                          City Port Bridge Rotterdam
                           Van den heat pump systems: Configuration and & dynamic modeling
                                        Infante Ferreira, C.A. Process & Energy
Hybrid adsorption compression Heuvel, C.M. Mechanical, MaritimestudyMaterials Engineering              compression; heat adsorption comp
                                                                                          adsorption; Evaluation of hybridpump; heat transf
                           Wang, Y. De Jong , W.E.; Meng,Process and Energy tar; syngas;Experimental study towards selective
                                                     Mechanical,X.; Verkooijen,Materials Engineering cleaning
Catalytic heavy tar reduction in synthetic natural gas reduction     Maritime and A.H.M.                gas        2010-10-15
                           Mensah, F.K. Meijer, S. Electrical Engineering, Mathematics andpower systems 2011-02-18
Condition assessement of electrical contact of disconnectors       High-Voltage components & Computer Science
Loosdrecht door het lint                             Architecture                         Loosdrecht; stedenbouw
                           Bos, J.A. Van der Pol, A.; Tummers, L.J.M.; Verbeek, R.R.F.; Arends-Smit, W.G.          2002-02-22
                           Kaput, N. De Ridder, Civil Engineering B.; Verlaan, J.G.; Staal-Ong, P.L.
                                                     H.A.J.; Enserink, and Geosciences
                                                                   Design and Construction
Integraliteit bij ruimtelijke vraagstukken: Turning stakeholders into shareholders stakeholders; participatie      2009-11-05
                           Aajoud, Een verkennende Engineering and Geosciences het management der Elsken,
                                                     H.A.J.; Ravesloot, mogelijkheden project Ingenieursbureau Amsterdam
                                                                   Design and Constructiondie
Project Portfolio Management: M. De Ridder, Civilstudie naar de C.M.; Verhaeghe, R.; Kleeven, T.; Van2009-05-19 J. heeft om te
                           Smit, S.I. de Ridder, Civil Engineering and Construction
                                                     H.A.J.; Vrijhoef, R.;and
                                                                   Design Beemster, P.; ouderenwoningen
De bouwondernemer proactief op De markt voor ouderenwoningen Geosciences                  Koenders, E.A.B.         2008-02-28
                           Lever, A.W. e van Rijkswaterstaat: Ontwikkeling van een A.; Arends, G.
                                        D            H.A.J.; Bosch, R.M.; Geosciences
                                                                   Design and ConstructionRijkswaterstaat          2006-12-01
Functioneel specificeren bij projecten Ridder, Civil Engineering andVan de Kuilen,kader voor evaluatie en advisering
                           Meijer, O. De ondernemer bij technologischeConstruction
                                                     H.A.J.; VanDesign and Start Ups patent; start up
                                                                    der Tempel, J.; Joseph,
De samenwerking tussen uitvinder enRidder, Civil Engineering and Geosciences B. een patent met                     2006-08-01
                           Schunck, R.M. Ridder, Civil Engineering and Koppenjan, J.F.M.; een PPS-model
                                        De           H.A.J.; Vermey, P.B.; Geosciences
                                                                   Design and ConstructionPPS
Verhoging van de haalbaarheid van weginfrastructurele projecten door toepassing van Visser, G.A. 2006-03-17
                           Weisz, G.H.S. Model Civil Engineering and Geosciences cycle management2006-06-01
                                        De           H.A.J.; Horstmeier,and Construction
                                                                   Design T.H.W.;         life
Ontwikkeling Life Cycle Management:Ridder, voor kademuurconstructies Molenaar, W.F.; Van der Toorn, A.
                           Van initiative in the Netherlands Design and Construction
                                         M.D.        H.A.J.; Noppen, and Geosciences
Lessons for private finance Geest,De Ridder, Civil EngineeringJ.P.; Stelder, R.; Hobma, F.A.M.                     2005-09-01
                           in South Africa A.G. H.A.J.; Soeter, J.P.; Horstmeier, T.H.W.;Africa
                                        De                         Design and Construction
Property development Van Deventer, Ridder, Civil Engineering and Geosciences              South Strasheim, B. 2005-01-01
                           Voerman, J. e effecten van ICT in de bouw teConstruction
                                        D            H.A.J.; Beheshti, and Geosciences
                                                                   Design and bepalen ICT
De impact van ICT: Een model om deRidder, Civil Engineering M.R.; Dado, E.; De Jonge, M.F.                         2005-02-09
                           Visser, S. De Ridder, Civil Engineering and Geosciences
                                                     H.A.J.; Horstmeier,and Construction
                                                                   Design T.H.W.; Vercouteren, J.; Krijgsman, J.D. 2005-04-11
Voorwaarts voor betere marges: De samenwerking tussen het ontwikkelend bouwbedrijf en de woningbouwcorporaties in een ni
Vrijheid en frictie        Bacchini, J.              Architecture  Architecture                                    2006-02-23
Schiphol Courtyard                      Grafe, C.; Architecture    Architecture
                           Van den Hoven, O. Zijlstra, H.; De Boer, M.                                             2005-05-01
                           Gmelig Meijling,der Voordt, D.J.M.; Wagenaar,& Housingziekenhuizen; poliklinieken; beleving
                                        Van ziekenhuizen Real Estate C.
Ruimtelijke beleving van poliklinieken inC.P.W.      Architecture                                                  2011-04-06
                           Spijkers,                 Architecture
Science Business Centre - DelftJ. Bollen, R.C.; Van de Voort, J.A. Architecture                                    2011-04-14
                                                                                          science business centre; sbc
                           Kahmann, M.F.
The Ruijsenaars Function Transform                     W.G.M. Applied mathematics Ruijsenaars; function transform; hyperbolic hype
                                        Groenevelt,Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science        2011-05-12
                           Alberts, J.W.Kuitenbrouwer, P.; wooncomplex in Jurgenhake, B.
                                                     Architecture der Zaag, E.;                                    2011-04-11
Grens als plek van samenkomst en uitwisseling: Een VanArchitecture Berlijn berlijn; woningbouw; samenkomst; uitwisseling; r
                           Oosterholt, Lans, W.; De Haan, aan de waterlinie
                                         M.          Architecture  Architecture
De Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie herzien: Utrecht, stadH.; Van den Heuvel, B.; Heijligers, M.                        2004-03-11
                           Van der      Bollen,
Science Business Centre SaDDMeer , A. R.; Gremmen, B.Architecture  Architecture                        design centre; museum; conference
                                                                                          Science; business;for the Science Business Cen
                           Planken, L.R.Witteveen, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics dtp; tcsp; temporal2008-01-28
                                                     C.; De Weerdt, M.M. Technology stp;
Temporal Reasoning Problems and Algorithms for Solving Them: literature surveyand Computer Science                  reasoning
                            Simple Temporal Problem Weerdt, M.M. Technology stp; stn; simple temporal problem; simple tempor
New Algorithms for thePlanken, L.R.                  C.; De        Software
                                        Witteveen, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science        2008-01-28
                           Nizami, M. Vercouteren, J.; Voordt,design Vitner, D.
                                                     Architecture D.J.M.;
Adapting flexibility in decision-making process of buildingReal Estate & Housingdecision-making; point 2009-06-25   based design; set based
                           Hellemons,Tiberius, C.C.J.M. (mentor); Hanssen, R.F. (senior mentor)
                                         J.F.L.      Aerospace Geomatics Engineering
Moblie Rail Survey System: een nauwkeurig en betrouwbaar systeem voor spoormetingen?                               2009-08-19
                                                                                          GPS; INS; Laserscanner; Kalman filter
                            Valuation of Embedded Options using MonteMathematics and Carlo,; Heston Hull-White; Efficient simula
                                        O            Electrical Engineering, Carlo Simulations
                                                                   Applied Bragt, D.D.B. Monte Computer Science
Effcient Simulation andSingor, S.N. osterlee, C.W. (mentor); Van mathematics (mentor)                              2009-07-10
Wind Speed Modeling Lojowska, A.L.                   D. (mentor); Papaefthymiou, G. (mentor); Van arma; garch;(mentor);
                                                                   Applied mathematics wind speed; der Science energy storage
                                        Kurowicka, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and ComputerSluis, 2009-10-06 Cator, E. (me
                           Klok, K.     Alturk, NDSM-wharf Architecture
                                                     Architecture                         theatre; NDSM; klok; hybrid; architecture
                                                                                                       A stainless 2009-11-05
P5-presentation: IJ-opener Youth theatre E. (mentor); Mihl, H. (senior mentor); Cavallo, R. (senior mentor) youth theatre on the
                           Leung,                    Architecture  Architecture
De-codification of the rituals C. Bier, H. (mentor); Schoonderbeek, M.G.H. (senior mentor)rituals                  2009-11-03
                                                                                                       Through mapping the social behavior
Movement in space-time                  Bier, H.     Architecture  Architecture           topography; (mentor) 2009-11-03
                           Bergambagt, P.R. (mentor); Rommens, O. (mentor); Groenewold, S.excavation and excavation
The Travellers Perspective              Van          Architecture  Architecture
                           Homburg, J.M. Dooren, E. (mentor); De Wit, L. (senior mentor)  Liege                    2009-11-03
                                                                                                       Design for a hotel in Liege.
                           Jansen, T. Rocco, R.; Stolk, E.; Portugali, J.
                                                     Architecture  Urbanism               flexible neighbourhoods; diversity; complexity the
                                                                                                       The development
Emerging Neighbourhoods: or why piece-by-piece urbanism leads to flexible and diverse city development of flexible neighbou
                            motor: EenHermans, W. (mentor); Van Ees, C. (mentor); Westrik, Amsterdam 2009-11-06
                                          P.         Architecture  Urbanism
Amsterdam de schoneBaalbergen,'lightrail' traject naar stedelijke leefbaarheid lightraillijnJ. (senior mentor)
                           Oh, S.        Kiev        Architecture  Architecture                        Urban Nomade2009-08-25
Urban Nomad In Urban Context InOscar, O. (mentor); Marc , S. (senior mentor) nomad; domestic activities in Urban Conditions t
                            at Royal W.J.E.
                                        De From aTechnology, to corporate strategy
                                                      pilot project De Glopper, K.; Weijnen, M.P.C.
                                                                   Energy and Management                           2009-12-21
Industrial Solar EnergyBeneker, DSM:Vries, L.J.; Barjis, J.; Policy and Industry Industrial; Solar Energy; DSM; Capua; Italy
                           Moonen, J.De JosselinArchitecture
                                                       De Jong, F.O.T.; De Wit, S.I.; Maassluis (Theexclusion; 2009-11-06innovation; urb
                                                                   Urbanism               cemeteries; Netherlands)
Cemetery for the City: Creating an Urban Integrated Cemetery for the City of Hulsbergen, E.D.                       Maassluis;
Katoenveem 2.0             Plevier, R.R.             Architecture
                                        Collautti, F.; Willers, W. RMIT                                Redevelopment of a former cottonwa
                                                                                          Katoenveem; Vierhavengebied; Rotterdam; Keile
Media, Arts and the Citéoeffen, J. Van der Zaag, E.; Pimlott, M.; Zeinstra, J.
                           L                         Architecture  Architecture                                    2010-01-22
                                                                                          Cite Noord; Media; Arts; Interior; Cite; Courtyard
building/BLOCKS                         P             Zeinstra, J.Interiors, Buildings andcité
                           Verdoold, L. imlott, M.; Architecture                            Cities                 2010-01-29
                           Derksen, M. een Koopgarantwoning: Estate & Housingkoopgarant
Wooncarrière van koopstarters metlsinga, M.;Architecture Een onderzoek naar de wooncarrière van 2009-11-06
                                        E              Westra, H.Real                                               (oud-)bewoners van Koop
                                                     Architecture  Architecture
Symbiotic (in)formal Limburg, N.Bier, H.; Rommens, O.; Groenewold, S.                                              2010-01-26
                           De Boer, T.Khan, S.; for Microassembly Applications
                                                     Mechanical, Maritime and Materials EngineeringMicroassembly; Haptic
                                                                   Precision              Microgripper;
Design and Testing of a Haptic MicrogripperMunnig Schmidt, R.H. and Microsystems Engineering                       2010-02-03
                           Schrijver, Port
                                        Plomp, H.; Nottrot, R. Architecture
An Olympic Wind: ScheveningenE.J. of Sports          Architecture                                                  2010-04-06
                                                                                          Olympic A design for an Olympic harbor for Sc


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                         Herder, A. Engels,         A
Transformable office tower RDM campus J.F. rchitecture           Architecture                                       2010-04-09
                                                                                         flexibility Project for a breeding place at the RD
                          Drijvend zwembad J.; Architecture
Presentatie afstuderenVan den Broek, B.J.M.Kamerling, W.         Architecture                          Ontwerp 2010-04-09
                                                                                         drijvend zwembad uitleg over hoe het drijvende
                         Hietland, IFD-bouwen: Civil A.C. Structural Engineering akoestiek Onderzoek 2009-06-24
                                      Van           Onderzoek naar and Geosciences                                  naar de
Bouwakoestische aspecten van A.M.J. der Linden, Engineering de huidige kwaliteit en verbetermogelijkheden bouwakoestische
Social Sustainability - Afrikaanderwijk Rotterdam   Architecture
                         Calis, J.R. Schuetze, T.; Lassen, A.K.; Nillesen, A.L.
                                                                 Explore Lab                           Design aim:
 Swimming pool; Atrium
                                                                                         Social housing; ModularKeep social potential in t
Newyse CMS               Vreeke, E. Van der Meer, K.             Computer Science        CMS; Computer Science een geschikt CMS v
                                                                                                       Onderzoek naar
                                                    Electrical Engineering, Mathematics andKeuze; Newyse 2009-01-29
                         Blokland, S. olweg, steering
                                      H             Mechanical, Maritime and Systems and Control
                                                                 Delft Center            steering system;           2010-01-20
Modelling, simulation and identification of aE.G.M. system actuator forMaterials Engineering brushless electric motor; senso
                         Vittaldev, V. and E.; Naeije, M.C. Astrodynamics and Space Missions
                                      M             Aerospace Engineering
The Unified State Model. Derivation ooij, Applications in Astrodynamics and Navigation.  Astrodynamics              2010-05-27
Ziekenhuizen in de competitie
                         Leenders, L.               Architecture
                                      Van der Voordt, T.         Real Estate & Housingzorgvastgoed                  naar de mogelijkheden om
                                                                                                       Onderzoek 2010-06-22
                         Hage ,                     , P.
Joris Hage Hybrid Building (A)J.O.Vermeulen Architecture         Hybrid Building                                    2010-06-18
                         Abayazid, M. French, P.J.; Wicaksono, D.H.B. and Materials
                                                    Mechanical, Maritime surgical drilling
Modelling heat generation and temperature distribution during dentalEngineering Engineering                         2010-06-17
                         Hwang, C.S.  Riedijk,
Broadcasting and cultural mundaneum M.; Architecture             Deboutte, N.;
                                                    Plomp, H.; Architecture Alturk, E.                 we need mundaneum
                                                                                         broadcasting station;our own broadcasting statio
Project Greenwalk        Plugge, R. Caso, O. Architecture        Architecture            Station                    2010-06-28
                                                                                                       Design for a High Speed Train Statio
                         Kang, entrance to Hoeven, F.; Van der
                                                    Architecture Urbanism
Amersfoort train station as anN. Van der landscape theater Velde, R.; De Hoog, M.                                   2010-06-25
                                                                                         landscape metropolism; train station; urban desig
                         Mannaerts,Komossa, S.
Graduation presentation Public Realm Rotterdam      Architecture Architecture                                        public building in Rotterd
                                                                                                       Design of a2010-06-29
                         Kanjanapanyakom ,D.G. .; Van der Hoeven, F.D. .; Van Dorst, M.J. . A research 2010-06-28 package deve
Metropolitan informal mobility        Cejudo, R.Architecture     Urbanism                                           and design
                                                                                         mobility; informal sector; multimodal
                         Van city' H                A.; Koopman,
Stadskade 'Connecting the Zon, G. ermkens, Architecture F.       RMIT                                  Graduation 2010-07-01
                                                                                         Roosendaal; connection     project.
                         Kelderman,Van Tsoukalas, Y.
Living + At Home in the City           D.; Zwol, J. Architecture Architecture            flexibility                2010-07-01
                         Qi, L.       Junctions Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Engineering analysis techniques are intr
                                                                                         ultrashallow junctions; 2010-07-23
                                                                                                       Electrical electrical analysis
Electrical Analysis of Ultrashallow Lorito, G.; Nanver, L.K.Micro Electronics & ComputerComputer Science
                         Lee, H.
Child Friendly Neighbourhood                        Architecture
                                      Nadin, V.; Westrik, J.A.   Urbanism                              To regenerate neighbourhoods of No
                                                                                         child friendly neighbourhood
                         Stekelenburg, E.
                                      Riedijk,      Plomp, H.; Architecture Alturk, E.
House of Non-European Art and Culture M.; Architecture           Deboutte, N.;                         Cultural building; cultural institution
                                                                                         Mundaneum; publicinstituation for non-European
                         Altin, I.A.                Electrical Engineering, Channels separation of erasures; new low complexity deco
                                                                 Electrical Engineering                We present2010-08-19
New Decoding Methods for LDPC Codes on Error and Error-ErasureMathematics and Computer Science flipping; LDPC decode  bit
                         Nijssen, J.M. der Weide, J.A.M.Applied mathematics Assets
                                      Van           Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Dynamic Portfolio Choice: A Simulation Approach with an Application to Multipleportfolio; dynamic; simulation       2010-09-17
                         Kaspers, E.J.Vrijling, J.K.; Metrikine,Hydraulic Geosciences
                                                    Civil         A.V.                                 Feasibility study on a floating thoroug
Traffic induced vibrations in floating thoroughfares Engineering andEngineering Multi-body system; Wave diffraction model; Wien
                         Macedo Juca, L. O.
High Speed Graduation Lab, Hybrid BuildingsArchitecture          Hybrid Buildings                      An           2010-06-28
                                                                                         Hybrid Buildinginternational transport hub in the h
Smartformation                          L.A.        Architecture
                         Van Ooijen,Engels, J.; Van Timmeren, A.                         transformation; energy2010-01-21
                                                                 Architectural Engineering                          neutral
                                                                                                       Combining Transformation of an offic
                                       S.           Architecture
Forgotten LandscapesRochowski,Bier, H.; Rommens, O.Public Building                                     Archaeological museum
                                                                                         archaeology; museum;2010-10-27 situated und
                          Brakke Grond - Cultural centre de      Interiors, buildings andinteriors
Vlaams cultuurhuis DeKroner, M.I.Grafe, C. Architecture Brakke Grond                      cities                    2010-11-05
Let's make a jump!                                  Architecture
                         Stoer, H.J. Nottrot, R.J.; Lassen, A.K. architecture            rooftop                    2010-11-04
                                                                                                       Design for dwellings on top of formal
                         Rietdijk,                  Architecture Architecture
Science Business Centre: Delft P. Van Bennekom, H.; Gremmen, B.; Koorstra, P.                                       2010-11-04
Parkway Transition       Smeding, S.                Milani , S. Architecture
                                      Geerts , F.; Architecture                                                     2010-11-04
                                                                                         transition; park; dansschool; Manchester; bridge
hyway                                               Architecture hyperbody
                         Jacobs, J. Biloria, N.; Bier, H.; Sobota, M.                                   swarm; voronoi; design and swarm
                                                                                         parametric;Using paramatrichyperbody; highway
                         Van den Heuvel, N.W. Electrical using the F.J.; set method
 Computer level 2010-11-11
Simulation of drying and flooding in a tidal embaymentVermolen, level Heemink, tidal embayment; Science method; shallow wate
                                                                 Applied mathematics A.W.
                                      Schuttelaars, H.M.; Engineering, Mathematics and                              set
                         Meijer, R.H.E. Zwol, Architecture
TUSSENRUIMTE en de kracht van overlap J.R.; Cuperus, Y.; Jürgenhake, B. transitions Flexible dwellings in Berlin
                                                                 Dwelling                                           2010-11-04
                         Boersma , K. Surwinata , Architecture
                                                    D.           Architecture                          A in to an era of sustained growth
Slum booster: Investigation of reciprocating economics systems to boost urban infomal areasVision: how a top-down strategy ca
Adaptable U-value Facade C.                         Architecture Building Technology U-value; adaptable
                                      Bergsma, A.; Van der Spoel, W.                                                2011-01-11
                         Zhu, D.                    Architecture
MSC4 Science Business Center Bollen, R.C.; Van de Voort, J.A.    Architecture                          P5           2011-01-13
                                                                                         P5 of SaDD presentation PPTP5 presentation
                         Jaspers, J.A.              Architecture
Science Business Centre (SADD) Bollen, R.C.; Van der Voort, J.   Architecture            SBC                        2011-01-20
                                                                                                       Design of the Science Business Cent
                         Van          Stouffs,      Architecture Building                              Een herbruikbaar wandsysteem wat g
Herbruikbaar wandsysteemde Water, B. R.M.F.; Schnater, F.R. Technology wandsysteem; flexibel;2011-01-25 in kantoren wand; wonen
Science Business Centre                             Architecture Materialisation and Design Development of a2011-01-20
                         Breda, F.A.Korpershoek, M.C.; Van de Voort, J.A.                SBC           Design        Science Business Centre
New BK Faculty                        Van Bennekom, H.A. Materialisation
                         Taminiau, J.P.A.P.         Architecture                                       architecture; school; new
                                                                                         bk; faculty; New BK Faculty (new architecture sc
                         Van de Ven, J.E.G. W.L.E.C.;
                                      Meijers,      Architecture RMIT
Transformation of the former Artillery Depot in Delft Colautti, F.                       Transformation             2011-01-25
                                                                                                       Transformation of a closed complex i
                         Castelijn, T.for freeform building envelopes
                                                    Architecture Building                               CAM; for a epoxy; CNC wire-cut
Self-supporting sandwich element Stouffs, R.M.F.; Schipper, H.R. Technology parametric;DesignCNC; customEPS; algorithmsa
                         Henckel, G.J.Grafe, C.; Architecture
Flemish house of culture, The Brakke Grond Lohmann, H.; Meijs, M.                         cities       Flemish house of culture,
                                                                 Interiors, buildings andBrakke Grond; culture 2011-01-28 The Brakke
                          a rehabilitation clinic inArchitecture
                                                     Oświęcim Bier, H.B.
The quality of excess : Fabre, N.F.Schoonderbeek, M.S.; Architecture                     border conditions; rehabilitation clinic; Oświęcim
                         Van der Burg, T.J. van de gebouwde Estate
                                      Van der       Architecture Real omgeving van verpleegafdelingen.              2011-01-27
Sturen op arbeidsproductiviteit door middelVoordt, D.J.M.; Volker, L. & Housingarbeidsproductiviteit; verpleegafdelingen
                          museum Cavallo, R.;Architecture
                                                     Caso, O. Architecture               museum; Istanbul; hub; hybrid building
                                                                                                       Istanbul 2011-01-27
Glocalization: a historyBoon, J. and transportation hub in a complex urban environment in A history museum and transportation
Ambachtsschool Mosveld                Stuhlmacher, M.; Schreurs, E.; Van De Voort,back to school
                         Schoemaker, H.             Architecture Architecture             J.                        2011-01-27
                                                                                                       Ontwerp van een ambachtsschool aa
                         Koop, J. Grafe, C.; Löhmann, H.; Meijs, M.
A Flemish House of Culture: In the Silhouettes of Amsterdam      Architecture            De Brakke Grond            2011-01-28
                                      Meijers,      Colautti, F.;RMIT
Reclaiming the City Schoenmaker, R. L.; Architecture Pham, N.                            transformation              transformation of a factor
                                                                                                       Design of a2011-01-25
House for the city Haarlem I.J.W.                   Architecture Architecture
                                      Cuperus, Y.; Vollers, K.; Asselbergs, T.                         Het ontwerp van een cultureel centru
                                                                                         architectural engineering; architecture; building t
                         De Bree, R.Ligteringen, H.; Engineering andEngineering
                                                                 Hydraulic Geosciences
Neka Harbour: seperate port development Civil Groenveld, R.; Soons, F.A.M.; Welvaarts, W.A.C. 2006-12-01
                         Klomp, N.C.R.Heynderickx, I.; Lagendijk,
                                                    Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
                                                                 Mediamatica             artifact; ringing; texture H.
Design of a no-reference perceptual ringing artifact metric R.L.; Brinkman, W.P.; Hindriks, K.V.; Liu, 2008-11-25    masking; luminance mak
                                      Goossens, K.G.W.; Vermeulen, aethereal platform
Monitoring of and traffic generators for networks on chip using the B. Mathematics and Computer Science
                                                                 Computer Engineeringnetwork on a chip
                         Valdez Solorzano, E.E.Electrical Engineering,                                              2008-12-07
                         Van Lon, R.R.S.; Van Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
                                      Oomes, A.H.J. web
The Furn: organizing furniture throughout theder Meer, J.P.M.                            crawler; furniture; floorplanner
                                                                 Information and Communication Theory Group         2008-10-24
                         Hansen, R.Prins, M.; Straub, A. Real Estate & HousingInnovatie; DBFMO; PPS011-04-07
Innovatie binnen DBFMO projecten                    Architecture                                                    2
Vlaams cultuurhuis de Wesselink, Grafe, C.; Löhmann, H.; Meijs, M.
                          Brakke Grond R.           Architecture                          Cities                    2011-04-15
                                                                 Interiors Buildings and culture; vlaams; brakke grond
                         Boomstra, W.I.
TALL kwaliteit en dichtheid                         A
                                      Bollen, R.C. rchitecture   Materialisation                                    dichtheid; Rotterdam
                                                                                         Highrise; Tall; density; 2011-04-07
                         Bijster, J. Meijers, Ayigya, a sub-urban A.; Hermans, of
                                                    Architecture RMIT
Bese Saka: Implementing urban farming inW.L.E.C.; De Ridder, neighborhood W.Kumasi, Ghanaurban farming              2011-04-12
                         De Grond Grafe, C. Architecture
Cultuurcentrum de BrakkeWit, M.R.                                                         cities
                                                                 Interiors, buildings andarchitecture               2011-04-15
                         Wetzel, B.M. Komossa, S.   Architecture
Invitation of the city: Design of a public building in Rotterdam Architecture                          The          is a hybrid
                                                                                         public building project2010-04-08program in Ro
New BK Faculty                        J.J.W.        Architecture Architecture
                         Nederstigt, Van Bennekom, H.; Gremmen, B.                                     Design for a new Architecture faculty
                                                                                         faculty; architecture; social interaction; routing; v
Huis van Gemert          Kuijt, P.                  A
                                      Brouwer, H. rchitecture    RMIT                                               2011-04-15


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                          Jousma, Y.Lassen, A.K.; Van der Architecture
                                                   Architecture                                      Design for a floating and
Architectuur op waterbasis - Architecture on water-base Zaag, E.; Schuetze, T. sustainability; floating architecture sustainable
A temple of knowledgeBent, C.J. Nottrot, R. Architecture        Architecture                                     2011-04-15
                                                                                                     An innovative but traditional, global y
                          Arts' Interiors
                                       Lohmann, H.;Architecture
'Center for Performing Janssen, B.K. in Context Pimlott, M.     Architecture                         Interiors Graduationproject 'Center fo
                                                                                        interior; center for performing arts; performing ar
                          Boshuisen, Van Eijk, J.Mechanical, 450mm Wafer Chuck Engineering
                                       R.                       Precision and Materials Wafer Chuck
Analysis and Performance of a Lightweight Over-ActuatedMaritimeand Microsystems Engineering                      2010-06-09
                          Bots, J.W. Munnig Schmidt, R.H. Precision High Materials Engineering
                                                   Mechanical, Maritime and Precision Alignment Tool
                                                                                        Alignment; E-beam
Alignment Tool for E-beam Projection Lens Assembly: Design of a and Microsystems Engineering Projection; Assembly2010-07-06
Brake-by-steer Concept    Jansen, B. Spronck, J.W.              Precision and Materials Engineering
                                                                                        Brake; Steer
                                                   Mechanical, Maritimeand Microsystems Engineering              2010-03-25
                          Self-assembly of M.Mechanical,Foils
                                       Tichem,                    Maritime and Materials Engineering Chips; Foils
Passive Airflow Based Van Leeuwen, B. Silicon Chips on Precision and Microsystems Engineering                    2009-07-08
                          Mutsaerts, J.T.M.
Tunable Optofluidic Aperture                       Mechanical, Maritimeand Microsystems Engineering
                                       Spronck, J.W.                                    Optofluidic; Aperture 2011-02-17
                                                                Precision and Materials Engineering
                          Ultra-thin Tichem, M.Mechanical, Maritimeand Microsystems Engineering
Magnetic Alignment of Poiesz, T.Chips                                                   Magnetic Allignment; Chips
                                                                Precision and Materials Engineering              2010-01-15
                          Schutten, E.H.C. U. Mechanical, Maritimeand Microsystems Engineering
                                       Staufer,                 Precision and Materials Engineering
Handheld Micro-mechanical Indenter for Probing the Elasticity of Biological Tissue      Micro-mechanical         2010-12-10
                          Modeling of a Reduced Order Optical Element CurvatureModeling; Optical
                                       Valentin, C.L.           Precision and MaterialsManipulator
Dynamic Performance Van Wuijckhuijse, J.B. Mechanical, Maritimeand Microsystems EngineeringEngineering           2010-07-09
                          Verbogt, Hermkens, Architecture
Seniorencomplex te Antwerpen P.J.A.                                                      F., ir. (mentor)        2008-04-03
                                                   A.W., ir. (senior mentor); Colautti, Antwerp Met als bijlage: A0 poster. 135 aanleu
                          Solkesz, M.J. Vries, E.J.H.
                                        of         Mechanical, Maritimeand Microsystems Engineering Control
                                                                Precision and Materials Engineering Roll
                                                                                        Roll Damping;
Design and Performance AnalysisDe a Roll Damping Function for an Electro-mechanical Active Roll Control System   2010-06-15
                          Timmers, D.  Mun, R.H. Mechanical, Maritimeand Microsystems Engineering
Realization of Ultrasonic Transducer Test Set-Up                                        Ultrasonic; Transducer2010-07-07
                                                                Precision and Materials Engineering
                          Winters, J. Munnig Schmidt, 3D-ICMaritime and Materials Engineering 3D-IC 2010-04-01
                                                   Mechanical,                          Pick and Place;
Conceptual Design of a Pick and Place Machine forR.H. Precision and Microsystems Engineering
                          Nivillac,                Architecture
Science Business Center Delft R. Bollen, R.; Van de Voort, J.   Materialisation                      The design 2011-06-16 Business Ce
                                                                                                                  of a Science
                                                                                        science business center; sbc; science; business
                          Ostimization of der Valk, P.L.C. Turbine Monosile Sussort Structure
                                                   Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering
Integrated Design and Haghi, R. Van an Offshore Wind Precision and Microsystems Engineering                      2011-04-21
                          Visser, R.J.Van Ostayen, Automotive Turbochargers
                                                   Mechanical, Maritime and Materials EngineeringBearings; Automotive Turbocharge
                                                                                        Floating Ring
The Dynamics of Floating Ring Bearings used inR.A.J. Precision and Microsystems Engineering                      2011-06-23
Treevillage                                        Architecture Architecture
                          Scheffe, A. Cuperus, Y.; Van Timmeren, A.                                                is a green
                                                                                                     This project2011-06-17village betwee
De Rentevrije Hypotheek                            Architecture
                          Gam, M.A. Boelhouwer, P.J.                                                 De Rentevrije hypotheek kansen en b
                                                                Real Estate & Housingrente; islam; hypotheekmarkt2011-06-20
                          Pons, T. Van der Flier, C.L.; Arkesteijn, M.H.
                                                    restructuring Estate
                                                                Real                                             2011-06-24
Quality of housing associations stock policy inArchitecture districts & Housingstrategic stock management; internal process qu
                          Hong, L. Lei, Q.; Strategy to strength economic
                                                   Architecture Urbanism                Unbalanced development; Concentrated econo
                                                                                                     Analysis & Strategy to and the local
Grow up Songjiang New Town: Analysis &Van der Hoeven, F.; Rocco, R. position of songjiang in regional networkstrengthDecen
                          Van der      Bollen,
Science Business Center Delft Horst, T. R. Architecture         Architecture                                     2011-06-23
                                                                                                     Dit plan bevat de ontwikkeling van ee
Housing Energy            Roosma, R.S.             Architecture
                                       Cuperus, Y.; Broersma, S.                                     The          addresses
                                                                Building Technology Housing Energyproject2011-06-24 the issue of en
                                        woning Architecture der Zaag, E.;
At home in the city: tussen stad enKuitenbrouwer, P.; VanArchitecture Jürgenhake, B. berlin; friedrichshain; in-between; wonin
                          Stolk, A.                                                     dwelling;                2011-06-28
ECB                                    R
                          Zwartbol, T. iedijk, M. Architecture  Architecture                                     2011-06-24
                                                                                                     Studio Brussels
Koeien in de Kerkstraat iersema, S.B.               Koopman, Architecture
                                       Willers, W.;ArchitectureF.                                    Interventie in voormalige sigarettenfa
                                                                                        Koeien; Kerkstraat; Zevenaar; TURMAC; BAT; L
                          Jonker, J.S.             Colautti, F. RMIT
Revitalizing the Schie waterfronts Meijers, L.; Architecture                                         Transformation of an industrial hall al
                                                                                        transformation           2011-06-28
                          Ballantine, A.
Architecture-Hybrid Building: Bottom up urbanism Mihl, H.Hybrid Building                             Architectural design that works at the
                                                                                        urban architecture       2011-06-24
                          Scholtz, L.A.Stuhlmacher, M.; Somers, D.;
                                                   Architecture Architecture
Cultuurfabriek: Cultureel centrum voor studenten met zwembad Mihl, H.                   cultural centre          2011-06-30
                          Van Cairo Bier,          Architecture
SoundSpaces: A Bridge for der Neut, J. H.; Hoekstra, F. Public Buildings                             Mapping spatio-acoustics in Cairo, Eg
                                                                                        sound; space; Border Conditions; bridge; archite
Katoenveem                Aalbers, H.A.             Colautti, F.Architecture
                                       Willers, W.;Architecture                                      Re-development of the Katoenveem,
                                                                                        Katoenveem; Vierhaven; Rotterdam; Keilestraat;
                          Performing Marzot, N. Architecture
Educational Centre Of Belt, S.          Arts ECOPA              Public Building         density                  2011-07-01
                                                                                                     Within the highly urban city centre of
                          Barendregt,  Engels,     A
Autotechniekmuseum aan de MaasK.W.M.J.F. rchitecture                                    Architectural Engineering; AE; Autotechniekmus
                                                                Architectural Engineering                        2011-06-28
                                                                                                     Ontwerp van een Autotechniek muse
                          Fang, A. Bantal, S.; Architecture
                                                   a desired solution for social spatial integration
From nowhere to now here: Walking towards Zandbelt, D.          Urbanism                                         2011-06-29
                          Van den Berg, H.J. Architecture
                                       Sepulveda, D.A.; Bekkering, H.C.
                                                                Urbanism                informal Aires           2011-06-28
Integrating the informal: Developing an integrative strategy for slum upgrading in Buenossettlements; Buenos Aires; integration
                          Van der Veen, Hoog, C.M.; Colombo, F.F.
                                       De A.       Architecture Urbanism                 quality in problem areas dealing with migratio
                                                                                                                  quality; selective
Regenerating Rotterdam South: Improving socio-economic diversity and spatial problem areas; spatial 2011-07-01 selective m
Science Business Center                Van der     Architecture
                          Klinkenberg, M.C. Zaag , E.                                   Science; Business;for Science Technopolis
                                                                                                     Design Center; Delft;
                                                                SADD ( Strategic Architectural Design Development ) Business Center,
                          Kist, J.C. Van
United Nations Environmental Council der Zaag, E.J.Architecture Architecture                                      for en centre
                                                                                        U.N.E.C. The design 2011-07-01 for sustaina
Re-claiming Amsterdam     Yang Yiyi, Y.Bruyns, G. Architecture                                                   2011-06-27
                                                                Delft School of Design urban; asymmetry ; Amsterdam; right to the city;
Art & Technology Center                Komossa, K.S.; Marzot, N.; Fokkinga, J.D. restructuring urban block; creative class; interact
                          Anaityte, R.A.           Architecture Public Buildings                                 2011-07-01
                          Drentje, A.C.Boelhouwer, huidige woonbeleid & Housingpolicy; rent control; valuation; housing
                                                   Architecture Real Estate
De rol van het Woningwaarderingsstelsel in hetP.J.; Soeter, J.P.; Boumeester, H.J.F.M.                           2011-07-01
                           GROFLOD: Tweedimensionale grondwaterstroming in een dijklichaam metdijk; grondwaterstroming; phre
                                                                Hydraulic Geosciences                Model eenhet simuleren
                                                                                                                   gesloten bekleding
GebruikershandleidingTalens, J. Verruijt, A. Civil Engineering andEngineering groundwater flow; voor 1982-12-01 van grondw
                          Vegt, N.H. Remoy, H.T.; Straub, A.
Een monument als kantoorhuisvesting                Architecture                                       kantoor; kantoorhuisvesting; meerwa
                                                                Real Estate & Housingmonument;In dit onderzoek wordt de meerwaard
                          Jadhav, M.S. Koutamanis, A.; Prins, M. processes
                                                   Architecture and
Better buildings through digital practice: Changes in rolesReal Estate & Housing                                 2011-06-30
                                                                                                     Study of changes in the processes du
                          Liang, X. Colombo, space for local people
                                                   Architecture Urbanism                public space             2011-06-24
Re-public City: A strategic planning of public F.F.; Calabrese, L.M. in the context of globalization in Shanghai Lujiazui Finance &
                          Haring, W. Verruijt, A.F.; Massie, W.W. andEngineering pile load; offshore structure voor een proefbela
                                                   Civil Engineering
                                                                Hydraulic Geosciences
Dynamisch proefbelasten van funderingspalen in de offshoretechniek                                               1988-11-01
                          Simpson, S.G.Somers, D.; Architecture Architecture
Contiguity in the Collective Memory of AntwerpStuhlmacher, M.; Mihl, H.                                          2011-06-30
                          Segers, S. Van Tol, A.F.; Everts, H.J.; Visser, P.J.; Ter Huurne, A.; Van der Wal, A.
Uretek Deep Injection Method: Full scale test Civil Engineering and Geosciences                                  2006-04-01
                                                   Architecture Architecture
From public to public Kang, S.H. Stuhlmacher, M.; Somers, D.; Mihl, H.                               This graduation project has Antwerp
                                                                                        public space; culture center; courtyard; the goal t
                          Geskus, J. Dietz, J.L.G.,Electrical (senior mentor); Pluimert, and Computer Science
                                                                                        demo; qms; qualityManagement Systems are to
                                                                                                     Quality management systems; enter
DEMO applied to Quality Management Systemsprof.dr. Engineering, Mathematics N., ir. (other person involved); INQA (company
                          Verhaar, T.M. J., using SU8 mentor); Sarro, P.M., prof.dr. har cavities; mems
                                       Wei,        Electrical                           su8; (mentor) this master
                                                                                                     In          2009-02-27
Pattern transfer on vertical cavity sidewallsMsc. (senior Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Sciencethesis, a process to rea
                          Wang, Y. Albani, A. (senior format
                                                   Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
                                                                                          person involved)
                                                                                                     Globalized business development req
Transformation of DEMO models into exchangeablementor); Dietz, J.L.G. (otherdemo metamodel; transformation; exchangeable
                          Manta, Cameras           Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer master's
                                                                                        3d television; image processing; a framework fo
                                                                                                     In this     2008-11-12
3DTV Rendering from MultipleA. Hendriks, E.A., dr. (senior mentor); Redert, A., (mentor) Science thesisrendering; video
                                       Groenewegen, J.P.M. (mentor); Fens, T.W. (mentor); in Dutch households are responsible te
                                                                                        micro-CHP the Netherlands
                                                                                                      (μCHP); I. (mentor); Gnutek, R.I. (me
Feasibility, beneficiality, and institutional compatibility of a micro-CHP Management plantBouwmans, virtual power plant (VPP); fo
                          Landsbergen, P.                       Economics virtual power
                                                   Technology, Policy andof Infrastructures                      2009-06-30
                          Ejigu, A.G. Baalbergen,  Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and
                                                                Electrical Power Sluis, Noord-Holland grid; RTDS; of Electrical Power
                                                                                         L.          The HCPS 2009-10-02
Implementation of Noord-Holland Grid in RTDSJ.F.; Gibescu, M.; Van der Engineering Computer Science Wind power plant
                          Al-Ahdab, S.             (mentor); Lotfi, R. (mentor)
                                       Serdijn, W. Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Engineering heart
                                                                for Pacemakers                       When the 2009-08-28
An Ultra Low Power Fully Integrated Sensor Interface IC Microelectronics & Computer Computer Science does not function pro
                          Van Bennekom-Minnema, J.(mentor); Van Oosterom, P.J.M. (seniormentor) domain model; survey packa
                                       Lemmen, C.H.J. Research Institute
                                                   OTB          GIS technology          land administration       of science
The Land Administration Domain Model 'Survey Package' and Model Driven Architecture The master2008-05-30thesis project
                          Larooij, infrastructure Technology,Ruigh-Van der Ploeg, road infrastructure projects ;F.B. (mentor); Van W
                                       B           projects by procurement
                                                                  Policy and Management  M.P.M. (mentor); Creemer, sustainble procurem
                                                                                                     The         2009-11-10
Improving sustainability of roadG.J. aggen, J.H. (mentor);Infrastructures, Systems and Services Dutch government has declared
                          Van Zundert, H.C.W. .J.H.R.; Scholten, V.E.; Policy the situation at Amsterdam 2010-08-26 problems of c
                                       Van Duin, Technology, Policy and for and Logistics Tavasszy, congestion;face
                                                                Transport Vander Meûlen,baggage; terminal L.A. airport Logistics
Off-Airport Baggage Check-In: A Logistics Network & Business ModelManagement R.; Organization Airport Schiphol Network
                                                                                                     Many large
                           for A.O. Babuska, in Lopes, G.A.D.; Simonetto,&
                                                   Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Engineering
                                                                Microelectronics A. Communication Science libraries that are crea
Software InfrastructureIsik,Communications R.;Distributed Robotics SystemsComputer ComputerLibrary; Distributed Robotics; Mu
                                                    Van der Spek, S.C.; hubs in the multimodal transport hub; multimodal transfer no
From transfer node to urban node:D.F.M.R.M.;Architecture transportLipsius, fabric The position ofurban sub centre; hum
                                        Integrating multimodal
                          Heimeriks, Rooij,                     Urbanism                                         2011-04-14


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                         Tuinema, WindGibescu, M.; Kling, W.L. the Dutch Power Energy availability; offshore wind energy; reliabi
                                                   Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and
                                                                and                    network      In the future, a
Reliability Evaluation of Offshore B.W. Energy Networks Electrical Sustainable System Computer Science large-scale expansion
                         Tukker, A.A. Dankelman, J.; Van Meurs, J.C. and Materials Engineering
                                                   Mechanical, Maritime
                                                                BioMechanical new micro tissue; adhesion ; Induced Attachment ey
                                                                                       heat;        Indirect     2010-03-24
Heat induced attachment and detachment of delicate tissues: Towards aEngineeringtissue gripper Heatdetachment; damage;and
                         Van Eijnatten, R.
                                      Sodoyer, B.R.; Jansen,services
                                                   networked WIS  V.                   directory; protocol; networked services; infrastruc
Creating a Directory protocol specification for Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science and economical develo
                         for the collection, analysis, and delivery of information about emerging or existingTI; STIP; QTIP; technolo
                                                   Technology, Policy S.C.; De Bruijne,
                                                                Policy Analysis        technology intelligence; technology intelligence
                                                                                                    Walde, P. 2010-06-28
Upscaling the process Wilbers, W.Thissen, W.A.H.; Cunningham,and Management M.L.C.; Standardized technologies for enhanc
                         Van de Ven, O.S. Schmidt, R.H. Precision and Microsystems Engineering
                                      Munnig       Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering thesis 2011-05-18 main work t
Actuator and Sensor System Design of a Haptic Parallel Robot                                        This         describes the
                                                                                       Sensor System; Haptic; Parallel Robot
                         Hurdugaci, Zaidman, A.E.
                                      V.           Electrical Software Technology software evolution; software is an expensive p
Aiding Software Developers to Test with TestNForce Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science engineering; softwa
                         Tian, Z.     Van Lier, condition Watermanagement MBR; AnMBR;
                                                   Civil Engineering and Geosciences                Membrane 2010-12-02
                                                                                                                 fouling problem is
Membrane fouling of AnMBR in hyper salineJ.B.; Spanjers, H.L.F.M.; Yang, J.; Kleerebezem, R.saline; membrane fouling one of
                                                   A.W. gevangenisziekenhuis uit 1834 naar mediatheek te Parijs een voormalig g
Médiathèque St. Lazare: Herbestemming voormalig(mentor); Koopman, F.W.A. Architectuur; Herbestemming; Mediatheek
                         Bulten, W. Hermkens, Architecture      RMIT                   (mentor) Herbestemming van2009-07-03
                         Hoang, its B capacity to Civil Engineering andEngineering Vietnamese ports; Far 2009-07-03
                                                   compete with , M.J.F.Geosciences
                                                                Hydraulic (senior mentor)                        East container transhipme
Vietnamese port economy andV.T. ichou, K. (mentor); Stiveother ports in Far East area. In this Master dissertation the capacit
                                                                Chair University of Technology Research byTechnopolis; field of
                                                                                                                    design in
BK City: a Design for the Future R.C. Bennekom, H.; Gremmen, MaterialisationFaculty of Architecture;2010-04-16theBK city arc
                                      Van          Architecture
                         Van Dijk, Faculty of Architecture at Delft of B.; Schnater, F.R.
                         Topal, M. Boswell, and Peninsulas
                                                    Stive, M.J.F.
                                                                Hydraulic Geosciences               This thesis 2010-10-29methods of Ex
                                                                                                                 shows two
Extending the Coastline: Manmade Islands L.;Civil Engineering andEngineering coastline; manmade islands; manmade peninsul
                         Chi, C.C. Meenderinck, C.; Juurlink, B.
                                                   Electrical Engine
                                                                Microelectronics & Computer Engineering
                                                                                       H.264; Cell How Science
                                                                                                                  Engine; parallel; decodin
Parallel H.264 Decoding Strategies for Cell Broadband Engineering, Mathematics and Computerto develop effcient and scalable
                         Boessenkool, H.
                                      Van der Helm, F.C.T.; Abbink,towards Engineering in direct controlguidance; haptic shared co
                                                   task performance D.A. performance
                                                                BioMechanical          tele-operation; haptic 2011-01-26
Haptic shared control improves tele-operated Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering tele-operation, haptic feedback fro
                         Daman, E. Rothkrantz,Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Collaborative Robot Agents                          L.J.M. (senior mentor)                          This thesis 2008-10-14
                                                                                       agents; cra; aibo; aibocommopenr how methods
                          surfbeat Battjes, J.A.,; Van Dongeren, A.R.,; Reniers, A.J.H.M.; Roelvink, J.A., Dr.
Numerical modelling ofSteenhauer, K.               Civil Engineering and Geosciences                             describes
                                                                                                    This thesis 2003-09 a numerical stu
                         Kodde, M.PSimons, Prof. dr. D.G.; Engineering B.G.H.; Pfeifer, Prof.
                                                   Aerospace Gorte,             Glacier, crevasses, Dr.techn. N.; scanning
Glacier Surface Analysis. Airborne Laser Scanning for monitoring glaciers and crevasses Dipl-Ing. airborne laserLindenbergh, d
                         Put, inversions using Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometry sar; interferometry;presented in this M.Sc.
                                                   Aerospace Engineering               radar;       The research earthquake; inversion
Earthquake slip distribution S.C. Hanssen, R.F., mentor); Zwieten, G.J., ir.(mentor)
                          in current methodologies: describing guidelines for using RUP and AIM forthesis a comparison solutions a
SOA principles appliedCobben, R.T.                 Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
                                                                                       soa; principles; rup; aim
                                      Dietz, J.G.L. (senior mentor); Vermeulen, H. (mentor)                      2009-02-04
                                                                                                    In this implementing SOA is made
                         Mahran, A. Geraedts, R.P. projects: an exploration in claims, conflicts and J.C.2009-01-07
Cross-cultural collaboration in Arabic construction(senior mentor); Kroesen, I.O. (mentor); Hubers,delays          (other person involved);
                         Zhao, D. Design for Electrical Engineering,
                                                   Pulse mentor); Veenstra, H. (mentor); PhilipsBeamforming Netherlands (compan
                                                                                       beamforming; pulse doppler radar; transmitter
60 GHz Beamforming Transmitter Long, J.R. (seniorDoppler Radar Mathematics and Computer Sciencesystems operating at m
                         Knegt, M. the drivingArchitecture
                                                    range                              driving range; golf;a double graduation in Archite
                                                                                                    Part of polder; Delfland; highway
                                                                                                                 ir. (mentor);
Afslag Midden-Delfland, rethinkingGeerts, F., ir. (senior mentor); Bobbink, I., ir. (mentor); Holst, J.P.G., 2008-05-20 Hermans, W.
                         Wang, CMOS Pipelined Analog-to-Digital Converter
                                                    Lotfi, R.; Serdijn, W.
                                                                Circuit Design         Pipeline ADC4-bit 250MHz
                                                                                                    a            2009-05-15
4 Bits 250MHz Sampling RateJ. Serdijn, W.;Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science sampling rate pipeline
                         Ebem, D.U.Van Vugt, J.M.; Beerends, J.G.; Kooij, the tonal and Computer Science
                                                   Electrical Engineering, on R.E. speech quality
                                                                Computer engineering                 Igbo        2009-07-10
Validating perceptual objective listening quality assessment methodsMathematics languageMeasurement of the quality of Igbo sp
The leisure walls: Berlin and A. death of Leisure Madrazo , F.; Maas , W.
                         Bua , the Calabrese ,Architecture know it
                                                    L.; City as Urbanism
                                                                we                                  Defining Berlin as non-productive and
                                                                                       Berlin; leisure           2009-06-26
                         Diephuis, L. oppels, retention of knowledge workers
Corporate real estate and the attraction andP.W.; De Vries, J.C.; Jürgenhake, B.; Vande Putte, H.J.M. (hoofmentor)
                                                   Architecture Real Estate and Housing                          2009-06-23
                         Ngana, P.J.K a 52MHz MEMS Gyroscope P.J. (seniorComputer Engineering Simulation; Mechanical Sens
                                                    (mentor); French, Device in& mentor) Gyroscope;
                                                                Microelectronics 1.5um and
                                                                                       MEMS         In this thesis ,
Design, Modeling and Simulation ofoning, J.J.Electrical Engineering, Mathematics SOI Computer Science a simulation model of a
                         Wille, J.    a generic F.J. (mentor); Vuik, C.inMathematics and
                                                   Electrical flow model (senior mentor)
                                                                Numerical a porous Discontinuousthis ThesisTwo-phase flow; Porous
                                                                                                    In Galerkin; 2009-07-08
Discontinuous Galerkin applied to Vermolen,two-phase Engineering,Analysis mediumComputer Sciencethe Disonctinuous Gale
                         control of aKiss, A.A. (mentor); Keesman, K.J.Mathematics and Computer J.W. (mentor); Heemink, contr
                                       Dividing Electrical Engineering, (mentor); petlyuk; Woude, Science column; wall
Multivariable feedback Van Diggelen, R.C. Wall Column Applied mathematics Van der DWC; dividing2009-08-26 MIMOA.W. (
Interactief drukvlak                               Architecture Building (senior mentor)            Creation an interactive
                         Tiggeler, L.Stouffs, R. (mentor); Borgart, A.Technology thrust surface; shellsof 2009-10-28 thrust surfa
                         Van Aalten,Bijker, E.W. (senior Hydraulic Geosciences
                                       J.V.        Civil Engineering                                Thesis on a1986-03-01construct
Onderzoek naar de haalbaarheid van onderspuitdam mentor) andEngineering closure dam; geotextile;method to sand fill a da
                          and Receiver Composition Engineering and Geosciences
                                      Ranada       Civil for Electro-Kinetic Measurements
Source DecompositionVan der Burg, D.W. Shaw, A.; Wapenaar, C.P.A.                                   At seismoelectric; wavefield modelin
                                                                                       electrokinetic; interfaces between porous media
                         Commandeur, S.E.R.; Architecture
                                      Rocco,        Europe      Urbanism                            The social-spatial and
                                                                                                                  squares; history; criteria f
Today's Main City Squares: in North-WesternHarteveld, M.G.A.D.; Dawson, J.P.North-western Europe;2010-01-28spatial-function
                         Van der Sanden, R. Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
                                      Hemel, from static programmingTechnology
Accessing Azure: Using Cloud databases Z.; Van Deursen, A.      Software environments                            2009-12-03
                                                                                                    Cloud databases generally use a data
                                                                                                     on Dutch electricity grid is considere
                                                                D.; Smit, Power Control: A StudyTheWireless
                          Sensor Nikookar, H.; Djairam, Electrical J. Mathematics and channel; sensorChannel, power system
                                                   Electrical Engineering,             wireless                  2009-11-27
Application of WirelessLouh, A. Networks in Power System Monitoring andEngineering Computer Sciencenetwork; Interference a
                         Briels, S.A. Evers, L.G.; Simons, D.G.
                                                   Aerospace Remote location
                                                                Engineering            infrasound; By recording infrasound signals one i
                                                                                                     source detected by microbarometer
Infrasound source location: An automated method to estimate theSensing of infrasound sources aslocation; sonic booms; explos
                         Koenen, M.H.J. in Noordwest Van Dooren, E.; /Ebbert, T.
                                      Van          Architecture
Bamboe als constuctief bouwmateriaalTimmeren, A.; Europa                               bamboo; bamboe; expo; innovation; bamboo san
                                                                Explorelab 8 Architeture                         2010-04-09
Making a Point                                     Architecture Architecture & Urbanismrban network
                                                                                       U            Urban and 2010-04-13
                         Versluis, L.Wilms Floet, W.W.L.M.; Hermans, W.J.A.; Mihl, H.; De Hoog, C.M. . Architectural design for Ze
                         Kranenburg, R. C.
                                      Vuik,                     Applied mathematics Kalman filter the Rijnmond area around Rotter
Kalman filter in the Real Time URBIS model Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science For          2010-06-11
                         Georgiou, S.                                                                               differential
                                                                                                    The specific polarimetric radar
                                                    specific Telecommunications radar; X-band Doppler2010-06-21 phase (Kdp)
                                      Russchenberg, H. Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Estimation and assessment of differential andElectricaldifferential phase with the IDRApolarimetry; X-band
                          choices: Vande Putte, H.; Koppels, Estate & Housinglocation; agglomeration economies this research
                                                   drivers for clustering and dispersal of functions across geographicalof
Organisations' locationSingh, R. The demand Architecture P.     Real                                             2010-07-02
                                                                                                    The primary objective area
                         Badinrad, F.B.             Infrared Engineering, Mathematics system This channel;
                                                                Telecommunications wireless optical thesis 2010-08-18 the channel
System Design for a High Data Rate WirelessElectrical Multi language Distribution and Computer ScienceOFDM; opticalfeasibility
A parametric structuralOosterhuis,Borgart, A.;Architecture Veenendaal, D.
                          design tool M.R.
                                       for plate structures R.;                                     This paper introduces a parametric s
                                                    Stouffs, Building Technology plates; parametric; structural; designtool; grassh
                         De Lange, M.
Extraction Force Xbloc: Model Tests                Civil Reedijk, J.S.; Muttray, M.
                                                                Hydraulic Geosciences               This force;describes the influence a
                                      Verhagen, H.J.; Engineering andEngineering Xbloc; extractionreport 2010-09-29 golfbreker;of
                          to productivity der Voordt, D.J.M.; Geraedts, & Housingziekenhuisvastgoed; courantheid; productiviteit
                                      Van          Architecture Real
Marketability in relationTaverne, F.N. in hospital real estate Estate R.P.                                        naar de relatie tussen de
                                                                                                    Onderzoek 2010-11-03
                         Szklarz, Kalman Filter Electrical Field
History Matching via Ensemble S.P.                 of Norne Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
                                                                Applied                             The very popular method, namely, En
                                      Heemink, A.W.; Hanea, R.G. mathematics Ensemble Kalman Filter ; norne; history matchin
                         for Rijn, R.M.C.          H.A.J.; Soons, F.A.M.; Leijten, efficiency of the “Aronsohn in this thesis is about th
Towards a New Model VanCollaboration: Evaluation of the effectiveness and M.; Van den Boom,researchcontracting vision”
                                      De Ridder, Civil Engineering and Geosciences                  The P.J.F. 2010-11-15
                         Zhao,                     Electrical Engineering,
                                                                Telecommunications Mobility model;; Human mobility;; Preferred area
Analyzing mobility models Y. Gu , Y.; Venkatesha Prasad, R.R. Mathematics and Computer Science                   2010-12-06
                                                                                                    By analyzing characteristics of human
                          Models J.A.T. Tol, A.F.
                                      Van          Civil        Geo-Engineering
Laterally Loaded Piles,Ruigrok, and MeasurementsEngineering and Geosciences                         A thesis presentedBrinch; compariso
                                                                                                                  Blum; on the
                                                                                       Laterally; Loaded; Pile;2010-12-14 Broms; MP
                         Meijer, R.J.Goeman, J.J.; Reinders, M.J.T. lasso
                                                   Electrical ridge and Mathematics and Computer Science approximation metho
                                                                Media and              Engineering this thesis an approximation met
Efficient approximate leave-one-out cross-validation forEngineering,Knowledge cross-validation; ridge;2010-11-09  lasso;
                          loads       movementsCivil Engineering and GeosciencesC.; Leendertz, Plate-girder bridge
                                                    of a steel plate-girder Construction
                                                                Design Van der Veen,
Traffic induced bearingBos, V.and Bijlaard, F.S.K.; Kolstein, M.H.;and bridge.                      Structural bearings in Houben, L.J.M
                                                                                       Bearing; Wear; J.S.; Freundt, U.; bridges are sub
                         Van der Veeken, climate Ploeg, M.P.M.; and Management Broekhans, B.; Thissen, W.A.H.; Enserink, B
                                      Ruijgh-van Technology,
                                                   der          Multi Actor Systems     J.;         This thesis 2011-02-21
                                                                                                                 discusses several solution
Technical and organizational aspects of L.C.A. scenario. Policy Bessembinder,climate scenarios; climate adaptation; deep unce
                         Pietersz, J.W.H.
                                      Olivero, radial compressor J.P. and Energy Optimization;
                                                    Van Buijtenen,
                                                                Process                             Optimization is the mathematical proc
Optimization of the preliminary design of a M.;Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineeringradial ; compressor 2010-11-19
                         Van de of ammonium Mechanical,alfa-lactose monohydrate
                                      Soare, A. sulfate andProcess and Energy Sonocrystallization; lactose; nucleation to inves
                                                                  Maritime Stankiewicz, Engineering Experiments were conducted
Sonocrystallization, NucleationGraaf, J.; Soare, A.; Kramer, H.J.M.; and MaterialsA. due to ultrasonic irradiation
                         Bensdorp, S. Budko, thin film solar cells
                                                                Telecommunications thin film solar this thesis we
                                                                                                    In cell; computational electromagneti
Comparative study of light trapping strategies Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science perform a in-depth c
                         Thyssen, J.Van Estate Architecture Understanding how a corporate society; corporate ; management ;
                                                   Management: Estate &
                                                                Real                                The possibility to introduce Corporate
Corporate Socially Responsible - Real der Voordt, D.J.M.; Rocco, R.C. HousingCSR; CREM;real estate object interacts with soc
                          Consequences for theElectrical Engineering, MathematicsMathematics research is fund at Hewitt Assoc
Longevity Risk and thePlomp, D.J.                                                      longevity; actuary; pension
                                                    Actuary Delft Institute of Applied and Computer Science done 2009-04-08
                         Go, S.Y. Brouwer, G.F.; Gill, E.K.A.
                                                   Aerospace Space
Mechanical Design and Arrangement of nanosatellite Delfi-n3Xt Systems Engineering                   Design of the different elements in th
                                                                                       Delfi-n3Xt; Structural Subsystem; Arrangement S
                         Van Zomeren, M. awareness inMan urban search and rescueComputer Awareness; situated Cognitive E
                                      situation Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and domain current2009-07-01
RubbleViewer: communicating for Oomes, A.H.J.; Neerincx, M.                            USAR; Situation Science of communicating si
                                                                 the Machine Interaction            The            way
                         Aarts, S. Kooijman, D.C.; Lousberg, L.H.M.J.
                                                   Architecture Real Estate &                       branding; Dutch inner-cities; the bran
                                                                                                                 is concerned
The Dutch shopping place 2 be, clever city branding or just good luck? HousingRetail; City This thesis 2009-07-01 withCity use
The Heston model withLi, J. structure              Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science thisCOS method; cali
                                      Oosterlee, C.W.                                               The purpose of
                                                                Applied mathematics Heston model; term structure; project is to exten
                         Ypma, R.J.F. Fokkink, R.J.; Dekking, F.M.
                                                   Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and periodicity
                                                                                                    We investigate
Periodicity and a problem of powers a p-adic perspectiveApplied mathematics p-adic;Computer Science an old number-theore
                         Van Essen, network W.J.M. (mentor); Aardal,Mathematics and Computer Science are considered to solv
                                       J.T.        Electrical Engineering, K.I. (seniorfleet
                                                                Optimization             mentor) Two heuristics
Heuristics for the hub location andMeuffels, designproblem with a mixed vehicle hub allocation problem2009-06-26


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                      Master thesis
(c) 2011 Van der Veeken, L.C.A.                         uuid:72300679-5b82-4c08-84e3-f97a7aeed96e
                      Master thesis
(c) 2010 Pietersz, J.W.H.                               uuid:1c741d01-8a3f-45b7-abe9-f32456791dc3
                      Master thesis          Student-theses
(c) 2011 Van de Graaf, J.; Soare, A.; Kramer, H.J.M.; Stankiewicz, A.
(c) 2011 Bensdorp, S. aster thesis                      uuid:f98c3774-9246-4093-bab6-ae6d532e4b53
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(c) 2009 Ypma, R.J.F.Master thesis                      uuid:f66d697d-474d-42db-a3d5-64a64c2f32cc
                      Master thesis
(c) 2009 Van Essen, J.T.                                uuid:6779f2c0-5b7e-42e6-87c8-7b299efd982f


                            Wang , for Companding Baseband Processing in Wireless Applicationpipelined 2009-06-30
                                                      (mentor) Microelectronics & Computer Computer Science core consumes 28m
                                                                                          ADC; Engineering
A 10-bit 25Msps Pipeline ADC S. Serdijn, W. Electrical Engineering, Mathematics andpipeline; OTA; noise; linearity   ADC
                            Weeda, the city of J.A.; Van der Spek, S.C.; Van Nes, A.
Transforming a mobility node inA. Westrik,Zwolle     ArchitectureUrbanism                              When area; node user-friendliness a
                                                                                          transport ; station it comes to ; zwolle; space syn
                            Gerritsen, P.Moraes in an era (mentor); Milinovic, Back to School With criteriaArchitectural Theory;princ
                                                     Architecturedeconstructivism: Deconstruction of the tectonic structure as a way of
The abuse of architectonics by decorating Zarzar, K.after Interiors; StudioS. (mentor)                                based on
                                                                                          Architectural Thinking; 2009-07-02Derrida's Dec
                            Muhammad I.H. intelligent transportation (senior mentor) and Computer Science
                                         Papp,       Electrical Engineering, Mathematics traffic simulation; hierarchical control; impa
                                                                 Mediamatics              ITS;         Traffic sensing
Multi agent-based control architecture in Z. (mentor); Jonker, C.M.system with infrastructure-basedcongestion has negativeintellig
                            Maris, C.M.Hanea, R.G. (mentor); Applied mathematicsmentor); Caers, J.aim of this work to use a distan
                                                       Matching Heemink, A. (senior history-matching; Science
                                                                                                       The distance-based;
Distance-based Parameterisation and HistoryElectrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer(senior mentor)is feature-space
                            Stasinopoulos, V.
                                         Heusdens, Electrical Engineering, J. (mentor);speechComputer Science
                                                     R. (mentor); Erkelens, Mathematics and enhancement; 2009-09-24 (seniorconve
Post-Processing Method for Single Channel Speech Enhancement Systems                                   Boosting the performance of a ment
                                                                                                                     Biemond, J.
                                                                                            Wiggers, P. (mentor); linear prediction analysis;
                            Chow, Carving a Volume into the World of Darkness
                                                     ArchitectureArchitecture             senses       The          2009-10-28
Body, Senses & Architecture: K. Engles, J. (mentor); Nijs, L. (mentor); Lee, S. (senior mentor) building is the combination of dw
                            Visser, A. Bouwman, W.A.G.A.; De Reuver, G.A.; Lemstra, W.
                                                     Technology, Policy and Management
                                                                 ICT                      Telecom; an LTE-Envrironmentproject into busin
                                                                                                       Qualitative research
The Voice Imperative: Providing Real-Time Person-to-Person Communication Services inLong Term Evolution; Value Network; S
                              Francisco Bay Wee, G.P.; Chorus,Policy Hartmann, Is Sprenger, M.J.V.thesistheory; forecasting; marke
                                                     Technology, C.G.; and Management
                                                                 Transport and Logistics' Organisation utility 2010-02-18
                                                                                          discrete choice;
                                                                                                       This         presents
Water Taxis in the SanVerpoort, J.Van Area: From travel time to quality time: L.; there a viable service concept? a discrete-choice
                            Zeilemaker, combining Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and a semantic overlay
                                          N.S.M.      .torrent metadata and Distributed Systems group
                                                                 Parallel                              Developing2010-02-19
Improving P2P keyword search byClements, M.; Pouwelse, J.A. and user preference inComputer Sciencenew similarity function f
                            Yang, J. Nanver, Embedded Non Volatile Mathematics and Engineering of 2010-04-01
                                                      Tao, G.    Microelectronics & Computer gate
                                                                                          floating     The task this
Reliability study of the Floating Gate BasedL.; Electrical Engineering, Memory (eNVM) Computer Science project is to investiga
                            Manufacturing Timmeren, A.; Bilow, M.; Strauss, H.
                                         Van         Architecture                                      Additive manufacturing (AM) is a rela
                                                                 Building Technology rapid a preferable future      2010-04-09
The Future of Additive Volkers, J.N. in Facade design: a strategic roadmap towards manufacturing; facade design; innovation
                            Wiek, E. Verhoeven,Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
                                                       C.J.M.; Monna,
                                                                 Electronics              OLFAR                     2010-06-17
OLFAR: a low frequency radio receiver for space applications G.L.E.Research Laboratory An entire front-end IC has been desig
                            Van der Weide, M.C.A.Electrical Engineering,
                                         Cotofana, S.D.          Microelectronics & Computer Engineering
                                                                                          Mobile graphics; Science Tile-Based Rasteriza
                                                                                                       Investigation on
Exploring Tile-Based Rasterization Alternatives for Mobile Devices Mathematics and Computer Low-Power Design; GRAphics
                             and Experimental Evaluation         Telecommunications GPR; Computer Science
                                                                                                        detection; antennas
                                                                                                                     covers the
GPR Antennas DesignPoley, H.G.Caratelli, D.Electrical Engineering, Mathematics andutility This Thesis2010-06-30 expermimenta
                            Yang, T. Van Nes, A.; De Jong, Urbanism der Spek, S.public transport; natural movement; urban config
                                                     Architecture T.M.; Van                             upcoming public transportation syste
From nodes to centralities : Creating new pedestrian urban vitality under the background ofTwo new rapid public transportations
                            Gheorghe, M. Hanea, A.M. Electrical ensemblemathematics (EnKF) in reservoir simulation
                                                                 Applied Kalman filter
Non parametric Bayesian belief nets (NPBBNs) versus Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science                   2010-10-01
                                                                                                       The thesis is concerned with applying
                            Imamdi, R.M.A.
                                         Kuipers, F.A.; of the Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science two main topics. On t
                                                     Electrical KPN (PS) Mobile
                                                                 Telecommunications robustness;This thesis 2010-09-17 cdge-connec
Robustness Analysis and Capacity ManagementVan Mieghem, P.F.A. Core Network                                         has
                            Fongers, T.S.Veeneman,Technology, Policy Ten Management
                                                       W.W.; Lukszo, Z.; and Heuvelhof, E.F.
                                                                 SEPAM                    Sustainability;case study research was executed
                                                                                                       A Rijkswaterstaat;
Improving the sustainability of project organisations: Making the activities of Rijkswaterstaat more sustainable Project-oriented o
                            Van Vliet, B.Jonker, a robot by using subgoals in Materials Engineering
                                                     Mechanical, Maritime and a hierarchical framework
Accelerating flat reinforcement learning onP.P.; Schuitema, E.   BioMechanical EngineeringReinforcement             2010-10-28
                                                                                                       Learning a motor skill task with Reinf
                            Sapoutzi D. der Velde, J.R.T.; Urbanism M.G.A.D.; Geerts, F. landscape design
                                         Van         ArchitectureHarteveld,               metropolis; Athenian Metropolis
Metropolitan Landscape Park of ,Athens: Re-costructing the Landscape at Hellenikon in the This diploma thesis focuses on offerin
                            Van Buuren, M.
                                         Aardal, K.; Van der Mei, Medical N.; Vuik, With EMS modeling results
                                                     Electrical Engineering, Mathematics TheoryEmergency2011-01-17
                                                                 Optimization and Systems                            Medical Amsterdam are
TIFAR Modeling Package for the Evaluation of EmergencyR.; Post, Services: C. and Computer Science for theServices are an
                            Baltus, M.T.A.
                                         Rosenboom, H.J.; Dutch countryside
Catching People?: How to deal with shrinkage at the Hermans, W.J.A.                                    During Zeeuws-Vlaanderen; Sluis; li
                                                                                          shrinkage; decline;the past 200 years urban plan
                            Tang, K.F. French, P.J.  oxygen andMicroelectronicssensorO2 sensor; Optical sensor has been introduced t
                                                                   carbon dioxide & Computer EngineeringCO2 Science 2011-02-24
Early detection of anastomotic leakage using Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer sensor; anastomotic leakage; le
                            Tang, K.F. French, P.J.  oxygen andMicroelectronicssensorO2 sensor; Optical sensor has been introduced t
                                                                   carbon dioxide & Computer EngineeringCO2 Science 2011-02-24
Early detection of anastomotic leakage using Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer sensor; anastomotic leakage; le
                            Tang, K.F. French, P.J.  oxygen andMicroelectronicssensorO2 sensor; Optical sensor has been introduced t
                                                                   carbon dioxide & Computer EngineeringCO2 Science 2011-02-24
Early detection of anastomotic leakage using Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer sensor; anastomotic leakage; le
                            Tang, K.F. French, P.J.  oxygen andMicroelectronicssensorO2 sensor; Optical sensor has been introduced t
                                                                   carbon dioxide & Computer EngineeringCO2 Science 2011-02-24
Early detection of anastomotic leakage using Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer sensor; anastomotic leakage; le
                              bij drinkwaterbereiding - Onderzoek en ontwerp
                                         D.          Civil Engineering and Geosciences                 Voor dit afstudeerwerk
UV-H2O2 behandelingDe Ridder, Rietveld, L.; Martijn, B. Watermanagement UV/H2O2; drinkwater 2006-06-01 is onderzoek v
                            Meijer, L. Van Dijk, J.C. Engineering and mogelijkheid
                                                     Civil       Watermanagement RWZI; drinkwater      In dit afstudeerwerk wordt een RWZI
Duurzame bron of onnodig risico?: Verkennend onderzoek naar de Geosciences om het secondair effluent van de nieuwe cases
                            Tan, and Van Dijk, J.C.; Rietveld, L.C.; Koelman, N.; Babuska, R. WRK III zuivert IJsselmeer water tot e
                                                     Civil III   Watermanagement coagulatie; sedimentatie; filtratie; actievekoolfiltra
Modeling of water transport S.G.treatment at WRKEngineering and Geosciences                                         2001-03-01
                                                                 Watermanagement ammoniumBacteriën De de Nitroso-groep kunn
Nitrificatie in snelfilters:Van der Aa, L.T.J. Rivier-Plassenwaterleiding GWA en modellering Kooij, D.; vanKoning, J.
                                         Van Dijk, Civil Engineering Hofman, J.A.M.H.;
                              Praktijkonderzoek J.C.; Rietveld, L.C.;and Geosciences Van der                        1999-04-23
                            Oud, G.T. Hart, K.P.; Gerritsma,Engineering, Mathematics
                                                     Electrical M.I.
                                                                 Analysis                 discrete differential geometry; spectral element m
An Application of Discrete Differential Geometry to the Spectral Element Method and Computer Science                2011-06-24
                                                                                                       The thesis describes how differential
                            Klomp,                   Civil Engineering and De Koning, J.;
                                                                 Watermanagement anaerobe; Meer, W.G.J.Pluimveeslachterij Frisia
Anaerobe membraan filtratie J. Van Dijk, J.C.; Verberk, J.Q.J.C.; Geosciences Van der membraan; 1997-11-01 heeft Water
                            van der probleem?
                                         Van         Civil Engineering and Geosciences
                                                                 Watermanagement spoelwaterslib        Bij          1998-04-01
Slibafzet in Gelderland: (g)een Zel, S. Dijk, J.C.; Verberk, J.; Nederhof, M.M.; Koreman, E.A. de drinkwaterbereiding uit grondw
                            Hijlkema, B. an Dijk, J.C.; Bekkers, A.J.M.E.;GeosciencesVan
                                         V           Civil Engineering and Feij, L.A.C.;
                                                                 Watermanagement                       In dit rapport wordt J.Q.J.C.; Verstee
Hybride ultrafiltratie Nuland - Een haalbaarheids-onderzoek naar kleurverwijdering Paassen, W.C.; Verberk, het onderzoek be
                            Krijgsman, Van           Civil Engineering and Geosciences
                                                                 Watermanagement waterhuishouding      J.Q.J.C. 1999-03-01
Industriewaterproject Roermond J. Dijk, J.C.; Ernes, J.P.P.M.; Ruiters, C.J.M.; Verberk, Het onderzoek betreft de aanpassing
                                                                 Watermanagement ultrafiltratie;In 1998 L.P.; Waterwinningbedrijf Bra
                            Martijn, A.J. an Dijk, ijzerchloridedosering Breemen, L.W.C.A.; Wessels, heeft Nederhof, M.M.; Verber
                                         V           Civil Engineering Van
Ultrafiltratie van Biesboschbekkenwater metJ.C.; Waals, J.M.J.;and Geosciences                                      1999-02-09
                                                                                                        ijzerchloride; Biesbosch
                            Oterdoom, S.P. Dijk, J.C.; De Koning, J.;and het GWG Van
                                         Van         Civil Engineering Rietveld, L.C.; diepinfiltratie; R.T. uitbreiding van de oppervlak
Inpassing mengbekken en uitbreiding oppervlaktewaterzuivering bij Geosciences der Velde,ultrafiltratie Voor de      1997-08-01
                            Van den Ende, B.T.; Stouffs, R.F.M.
Standard Principles: Double Curved Facades Architecture
                                         Klein,                                                        This research pursues to find a arch
                                                                 Building Technology double curved facades; facades; blob; blobform
EDR te Leiduin                           M.          Civil Engineering and Geosciences
                                                                 Watermanagement elektrodialyse reversal 1997-08-01
                            de Koning, Van Dijk, J.C.; Verberk, J.; Nederhof, M.M.; Van der Hoek, J.P. Voor capaciteitsuitbreiding van Geme
                            Dung, P.H. Van Tol, A.F.; Brinkgreve, R.B.J.; De Gijt, J.G.;
                                                      by Hypoplasticity
                                                                 Geotechnology            hypoplasticity;
                                                                                                       Driven piles have
Modelling of Installation Effect of Driven Piles Civil Engineering and Geosciences Dijkstra, J. driven piles been selected as a
                              neighbourhoods: M.J. genericDorst, interventions can realizespace; livable; the an investigation into the
                                         De Bois, P.G.; Van spatial
Public space for livableVan Lievenoogen, HowArchitecture M.      Urbanism                              The report is development of public s
                                                                                          public conditions for postwar neighbourhoods; in
                            Vons, G.J. Van den Dobbelsteen ,Building Technology Broersma,; concept; holiday resort;conc
                                                     energy concept for der Zaag, E.; sustainable;
Sustainable Energy Concepts: A Sustainable Architecture A.; VanSafari Resort Beekse Bergen                          2011-06-28
                                                                                                       Research to sustainable energy gree
                                                      D.; Harteveld,
                            Huang, Y. Sepúlveda,Architecture M.  Urbanism                                            focuses on
                                                                                                       The project2011-06-24 how to combi
                                                                                          public space network; local Mega landscape
"Eroding on the edges": Integration Stategy for Western Fringe of Xi'An City as a supportive urban tissue in value; City Plan 2020
                            Kumarswamy, S. P.L.J. ivil Engineering Applied Earth Sciences A number of core flow experiments w
                                         Zitha,      C           Section
Polymer injection in poorly consolidated heavy oil reservoirs and Geosciences                                       2011-06-29
                            Exchange Oosterlee, C.W. Electrical Engineering, Mathematics
                                                                 Mathematics              Variable Annuities; Heston to White
                                                                                                       This project2011-11-04
An Equity and Foreign Wang, G. Heston-Hull-White model for Variable Annuities and Computer Science Hull develop and valid
                            Wessels, for the
                                         Westgeest, income (mentor); Fernandez-Maldorado, A.M.The main topic of my (mentor);social
                                                      A.T.M. groups of Santaand Building Technology
A sustainable, productive house R.M. lower Architecture                                   sustainability; Latin Veer, F.A. thesis is Cruz
                                                                                                        (mentor); 2009-06-29
                                                                 Architecture Cruz de la Sierra in Bolivia American cities; Santa Stroe
                                                                                                        Software maintenance; Data softwa
                                                                                                                    covers the
                             in a data distribution service with complex event processing CEP; This thesis 2010-06-25topic ofDistribu
Software maintenance Pesman, T.                                  Software Technology DDS;
                                                     Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
                            Shaikh, Drilling Mud Heimovaara, T.J. and Geosciences
Environmental Management ofA.M.                                  Geo-Engineering Section
                                         Madai, F.; Civil Engineering                                  With day mud; waste
                                                                                                                     day increase
                                                                                          environment; drilling to2010-06-19 in demand f
                                                                                                       This thesis 2010-07-02 sustainable
                                                                                                                    reviews ice;
Impact of climate change on trans-arcticE.; Arntsen, a NorthernandEngineering arctic transformation; arctic seaArctic developme
                                          N.H.M.     Civil Engineering SeaGeosciences
                            Haddaden, Dale, navigation; O.; Stive, M.J.F.Route case study
                            Nigam, A. Van der Meijs, N.; Berkelaar, M. Mathematics and Computer are moving toward nanometre
                                                     Electrical Engineering,
                                                                 Microelectronics         STA; SSTA; digital circuit;
                                                                                                       As we        2010-06-30
Standard Cell Behavior Analysis and Waveform Set Model for Statistical Static Timing Analysis Science timing analysis; EDA;
                            Hosseini, M.  enabling Smart Living Network Architectures & Services (NAS)Science
                                                     Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer
                                                                                           P.K.                     investigates
Telecom and Energy, vital sectorsBaken, N.H.G.; Van Boven, E.F.M.; Veenstra,smart livingThis thesis 2010-10-28 the past, pres
Between Walls and Informal Settlements: Affordable HousingSepulveda, D.
                                                       Bekkering,Urbanism                                           is a housing
                                                                                                       This migration; specific Mexican Bo
                                                                                          industrialization;thesis 2008-10-31 research of th
                            Rendon, G.Stouten, P.;Architecture H.; as an Urban Regeneration Strategy in the North-Westdeficit; densi
Spatial Navigation for Context-aware Video Surveillance Mediamatics
                                                     Electrical G.                                     An increasing
                                                                                          video; Computer Science number of cameras is
                            Piguillet, H.Post, F.H.; De Haan, Engineering, Mathematics and surveillance; camera; navigation; 3D envir
                            Ajagbe, A.O. Noldus, R.A.C.J.
                                                     Electrical Engineering, Mathematics andover IP; IP Multimedia Subsystem; Video o
Video over Internet: Analysis using SIP, RTP/RTCP Protocols                                            The goal of2010-10-29
                                                                 Electrical Engineering Voice Computer Science project is to analyze v
                            Van der Linde, P. M.J.F.; Walstra, Hydraulic Geosciences Boer, G.J.
                                         Stive,                  D.J.R.; Schouten, J.J.; De
                                                     Civil set-up gradients                            During the fall of 2003, an extensive m
Modelling nearshore currents driven by waves andEngineering andEngineering Delft3D; NCEX; refraction; set-up gradient; wave
Charge Domain InterlacingY.               Image Sensor (senior mentor) Mathematics and Engineering charge binnning; interlace
                                                     Electrical Engineering,              CMOS image sensor; 2009-08-31CMOS image
                            Xu, CMOSTheuwissen, A. Design Microelectronics & Computer Computer Science This thesis presents a
                            Chin, for Assessing IT-Systems Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science IT-systems like an
                                                       A. (mentor); Dietz, J.L.G. (senior mentor) enterprise ontology; of Suriname,
                                                                 Software Technology DEMO;
A Well-Founded Framework A.B. Wijnerman,Electrical by The Suriname Ministry of Finance                              2008-06-30
                                                                                                       The government
Shifting Gravity            Viscaal, J.H.            ArchitectureUrbanism                               densification; research is axis deve
                                         Rocco, R.; Berghauser-Pont, M.; Van Nes, A. Post-Vinex;The aim of thisurbanization;to find an
                            Van to Horst, P. , A.J.H.; Van Engineering, Mathematics and
                                         Hidders     Electrical Santbrink, J.
                                                                 Software DEMO and Business processes years
                                                                                                       For many 2010-11-15
From business transactionsder business process work flows: UsingTechnology BPMN Computer Science Capgemini has been
                            Veltman, mobiele architectuur (senior mentor); Bollerey, F., prof.dr. (mentor); Nottrot, onderzoek en d
Het Atelier: een onderzoek naar W.                   Architecture
                                         Van Timmeren, A.,                                             Deze thesis2008-07-03R., ir. (mentor)
                                                                                                                      bevat het
                                                                                          mobiele architectuur; ontwerpen op locatie
                            Goel, N. processing Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
                                                      on a multicore
                                                                 Computer Science
OS evaluation for real time image Sips, H.J.; Bronneberg, P. architecture                              systems; Operating systems; Real tim
                                                                                          Embedded Traditionally embedded applications w


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(c) 2009 Goel, N.      Master thesis                     uuid:e36d3aba-e35b-457e-8dae-5a6fcdd4d86b


Abstract reduction operation models in the LIME H.
                          Zandifar, M. ips, H.; Sips, programming model
                                                                 Computer Science                       Dataflow; operations are frequently u
                                                                                           Reduction; ReductionLIME; 2009-06-22
                                                    Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science LIMEclipse; Parallel;
                          Van Wijnen, P.A.
                                        Gaydadjiev,of Pattern Recognition AlgorithmsHardware Accelerator; 2009-07-31feasibility Algo
                                                      G.N.       Microelectronics & Computer Engineering
Feasibilty Analysis for Hardware Acceleration Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science                Pattern Recognition anal
                                                                                                        This thesis presents a
                          Schoneveld, G.J.
                                        a TranslatorElectrical Engineering, Mathematics and (senior mentor)SystemC are both languag
                                                                  (mentor); Van der Computer Engineering
                                                                                           VHDL; SystemC; translator;
                                                                                                        VHDL and 2009-08-27
VHDL to SystemC: The Design of Van Leuken, T.G.R.M. Microelectronics & Veen, A.J. Computer Science converter; compiler
                          Aqeel, S. Leus, G. Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Localization; Partially networks are becom
A noise subspace approach for localization (mentor)                                        WSN; Engineering sensor
                                                                                                        Wireless 2009-08-27
                                                                 Microelectronics & Computer Computer Science Connected Network
                          Woldegebreal, G.
                                        Akesson, B.Using Latency-Rate Servers
                                                      (mentor); Goossens,EngineeringFront-end; composable; predictable; resource sh
                                                                 Computer Mathematics and               In this thesis,
Front-End for Composable Resource SharingElectrical Engineering, K. (seniormentor) Computer Sciencethe design and impleme
FPGA Hardware acceleration of co-occurring Electrical Engineering, Mathematics (senior mentor) Science
                          Van der Leije, M.R. M.J.T. (mentor);aCGH data
                                        Reinders, aberrationsComputer EngineeringFPGA; Computer
                                                                   in Van Genderen, A.J. and DNA        Unbalanced transaction can lead to a
                            of Palembang: Riverworks and dredging in the (mentor); Van der Schrieck, G.L.M. (mentor); Verspuy, C.
                                        S.A.         R. (mentor); Wang, Z.B. Musi river
                                                                 Hydraulic Geosciences                  This thesis 1997-08-29 7 chapters.
                                                                                                                     is divided into
Accessibility of the portHeukelom, Groenveld, Civil Engineering andEngineering Musi river; Indonesia; Access channels; Palemba
                          Houtgast, E.J.Isaza, for Multicore Architectures Mathematics and Engineering
                                                    Electrical Engineering,
                                                                 Microelectronics & Computer
Scalability of Bioinformatics Applications S.(mentor); Gaydadjiev, G.N. (senior mentor) Computer Science               growth in biological sequ
                          Weststrate,Groenewegen D. (mentor); Visser, E. (senior mentor) The web has become a popular targe
                                         M.C.       Electrical Engineering, Informatica
                                                                 Technische                WebDSLx; WebDSL; Ajax
Abstractions for Asynchronous User Interfaces in,Web Applications Mathematics and Computer Science                   2009-11-19
                          Raut, S. Van Leuken, T.G.R.M. Microelectronics &
                                                     DC-DC Converters in Mathematics and Engineering technology is scaling down
Semi-custom VLSI Design and Realization of Electrical Engineering,UMC90 Computer Computer Science       As CMOS 2010-03-05
                           Imaging Emadi, A.; Wu, H.W.;Engineering, Mathematics and Computer thesis, image sensor; cohere
                                                    Electrical Wolffenbuttel, R.F. Computer Engineering CMOS
                                                                 Microelectronics &        microspectrometer; 2010-01-28
A Double-mode LinearLiu, C. System for IC-compatible Microspectrometers in Visible Light this Sciencea double-mode linear im
                          Berkhoff, M.J.P.
                                        Gaydadjiev, G.N.
                                                    Electrical Engineering, engine Computer Engineering
                                                                 Microelectronics &                     In this thesis we
Analysis and Implementation of the H.264 CABAC entropy decoding Mathematics and Computer Science present an FPGA so  2010-03-03
                          Stafylarakis, D.
                                        Gaydadjiev, for
                                                    Electrical Engineering, in RFID systems Computer Science
                                                                 Microelectronics & Computer Engineering addresses the
                                                                                           RFID;        The thesis 2010-05-20
Security in RFID Systems: theory and practice G. enhancing securityMathematics and Elliptic Curve; RFID Guardian topic of sec
                          Van der Sluijs, R.
                                        Van Leuken, T.G.R.M. Circuits andMathematics and Computer Science transmission pipelines
                                                    Electrical Engineering, Systems FPGA; DSP; VHDL; Linux; PCI-Express
                                                                                                        Inspections on
Hardware implementation of digital signal processing algorithms for long distance pipeline inspections 2010-06-28
                          De Wit, A.T.  Morshuis, P.H.F.
                                                    Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and
                                                                 Electrical                GIS; streamer; simulations;
                                                                                                        This thesis 2010-06-22way to
                                                                                                                     presents a
The application of dielectric coatings in gas insulated switchgear Power Engineering Computer Science coating; gas asses t
                          Mushtaq, H. ertels, K. Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Engineering
                                        B                                                               Reconfigurable
A Runtime Profiler for Polymorphic Computing Platforms Microelectronics & Computer Computer Science systems map the com
                          Kearey, R.F.  Verhoeven,Electrical class E power amplifiers class Computer power amplifier;the
                                                     C.J.M.; Engineering,
                                                                 Microelectronics & Computer Engineering
                                                                                            in nano-satellitesScience
                                                                                                        This         describes Analog IC; IC d
A high-efficiency switch-mode amplitude modulator forMonna, G.L.E.Mathematics andD; class E;thesis 2010-07-01 design, sim
                           Municipalities: A measurement toolPolicy and Groenleer, M. of citizens field of eParticipation is in the
                                                    Technology, for the online participation
                                                                 ICT                       eParticipation; the
                                                                                                        As eGovernment; municipality; Nethe
eParticipation in Dutch Boon, A. Janssen, M. .; Van Veenstra, A.F. ; Management ; Leenaerts, M. 2010-07-27
Precision Current Mirror                            Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Scienceabout an innovative tec
                                                                 Electronic and Instrumentation (EI)
                          Bajoria, S. Makinwa, K.A.A.; Snoeij, M.; Ivanov, M.                           This thesis 2010-07-27
                                                                                           Preicision Current Mirror is
                          Maregeli, C.N.Kleiberg, T.;on a network infrastructure
                                                      Omic, J. Computer EngineeringDoS; DDoS; TCPScienceOver SYN; Internet Security
A study on TCP-SYN attacks and their effectsElectrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer the years, the Internet has evolv
                                        Mesbah, A.Delft University of Technology
                          Groeneveld, F.P.                                                              Web applications are rapidly becomin
Automatic Invariant Finding in Dynamic Web ApplicationsSoftwaretechnologie invariants; web applications; javascript; dom; aut
                          Huisman, J.A.  CUDA-enabled Van Engineering, Mathematics and Engineering
                                                    Electrical Genderen, A.J.; Units CUDA; OpenMP; GPU; Parallelization; the use o
                                                                 Microelectronics & der Heiden, M.S.    A new trend in
High-speed parallel processing onJuurlink, B.H.H.; Graphics Processing VanComputer Computer Science computing is HPC 2010-08-24
                                                                 Software Engineering multi-agent In this thesis we
Solving the Plan Coordination Problem T.B. Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science focus on implicit coo
                          Scharpff, J.C.D.                                                                           2010-08-30
                                                                                                         planning; coordination mechanisms;
                          Roumi, Extraction Algorithms onEngineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
                                                    Electrical FPGA
                                                                 Computer                               Feature extraction is a key function in
Implementing Texture Feature M. Gaydadjiev, G.; Shahbahrami, A. Engineeringimage processing; feature extraction; texture; FP
                          Aditya, J. Gulski, E.; Erbrink, J.J.Electrical resistance measurementchanger; dynamic resistance measu
                                                    Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and tapThis thesis 2010-08-31
                                                                                           on-load                   is
Influence of test parameters on the on-load tap changer's dynamic Power Engineering Computer Scienceaimed to analyze the ef
                          Van de Bovenkamp,F.A.; Hoffmans, J.A.
                                        Kuipers, forElectrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
                                                                 Telecommunicastions capacity management 2010-09-23 developmen
A simulation and capacity management toolR. KPN's Ethernet network                                      This thesis describes the
                          Resoort, P.G. Kidd Mine, Engineering and Geosciences
                                        De          Civil
The root causes of Stope Slippage at Ruiter, J.J. CanadaSection Resource Engineering                    Kidd Mine has a
                                                                                           mining sequence; planning production target of
                          Sakunia, S.Makinwa, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Ping-Pong-Pang Instrumentation Amplifier K.A.A.; Pertijs, M.     Microelectronics & Computer Engineering             describes the
                                                                                                        This thesis 2010-09-01 implementa
                          Meeuws, R.J.  Bertels, K.L.M.
                                                    Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Engineering
                                                                                           reconfigurable computing; System Developmen
A Quantitative Model for Hardware/Software Partitioning Microelectronics & Computer Computer Science regression analysis; s
                          Wadman, W.S.the multi-asset Engineering, of Applied and Computer Sciencean extension of the Hes
                                         for        Electrical Delft Institute             finance; Heston; thesis,
                                                                                                        In this
An advanced Monte Carlo methodOosterlee, C.W. Heston model MathematicsMathematics Monte Carlo; QE; multi-asset; n    2010-11-05
                          Evers, R.P.Witteveen, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science stn; develop algorithm
Algorithms for Scheduling of Train Maintenance Huisman, B.                                               resources;2011-01-28
                                                                 Software Technology scheduling;In this thesis we will ilp
                                                                                                        This thesis explores the
Loosely-coupled user-friendly interface: A window towardBouwM.W.; Huitema, S.; Van de Ruitenbeek, 2011-01-28 potentials of
                                        De Ridder, Civil Engineering and Geosciences
                          Vahdatikhaki, F.          H.A.J.; Ludema,                                                  M.
                                                                   a better application of knowledge-based system in architecture, engine
                           of Stochastic Diagnosis Engines ST/SE
                                        Van         Electrical                             Model Computer Science are complex, consist
                                                                                                        Critical systems
Performance ModelingJanssen, T.P.M.Gemund, A.J.C. Engineering, Mathematics and Based Diagnosis; MBD; Stochastic; Safar
                          Godana, B.E.  Leus, G.; Barroso, A. Engineering, Mathematics radar Human activity classification; Dopple
                                                    Electrical Telecommunications human movement;                    2009-07-10
Human movement characterization in indoor environment using GNU radio based and Computer Science characterization base
                          De Ridder, S. Energy Management Capabilities of a WingedSpace genetic algorithm; the Terminal Area re-
Study on optimal Trajectories and Mooij, E. (mentor)             Engineering                 Re-Entry Vehicle during Energy management;
                                                                                                        The          2009-07-06
                                                    Aerospace Earth Observation and TAEM; Systemsunpowered entry of a winged
                          Van de Lisdonk, R.H.M. Rothkrantz, L.J.M.
                                        Wiggers, P.;Electrical networks
                                                                 Mediamatics               automatic speechScience
                                                                                                        New recognition; dynamic bayesian
Automatic speech recognition using dynamic Bayesian Engineering, Mathematics and Computerideas to improve automatic spee
                          He, J.                    Electrical Engineering,
                                        Guo, C.; Jacobsson, M.; Niemegeers, I.                          Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is b
                                                                 Telecommunications Testbed; wireless sensor
Design and Implementation of a Wireless Sensor Network Testbed Mathematics and Computer Science network; IEEE802.15.42009-07-27
                          Budhysutanto, W.N. Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science USB; ARM7TDMI; R
                                         Framework               Microelectronics & Computer Engineering control;
                                                                                           embedded; motion; 2009-09-28 K.G.W. dev
                                                                                                         S. (mentor); Goossens,
Modular RT-Motion USB SoftwareJuurlink, B.H.H. (mentor); Haagh, G.P.M. (mentor); Izmit,Philips Applied Technologies has(sen
                                                                                                        critical implant thesis project seeks
A Literal Intervention inUcaroglu, G. of Centro Architecture CollectiveM. (senior in between The graduationnexus transformation t
                            the Context              Habana: The Architecture
                                        Bier, H. (mentor); Schoonderbeek, (In)Between      mentor)                   2009-10-27
                          Ebskamp, M.C.J. forTechnology, Most, and Management
                                         method      flood risk management?
                                                                 Policy Analysis           explorator modeling; uncertainty J.H.; Thissen, W
                                                                                                        This thesis comparesanalysis; flood r
Exploratory modeling: a promisingRuijgh, M.P.M.; Van der Policy H.; Mens, M.J.P.; Marchau, V.A.W.J.; 2009-12-17       Kwakkel, exploratory mo
                          Uitendaal, M. Zandbergen, B.T.C.; a record breaking
                                                    Aerospace Space Engineering
The stratos rocket: design, simulation and production ofAmbrosius, B.A.C. rocket                        On March 2009-07-15
                                                                                           DARE; rocket; Stratos17, 2009, a rocket named
                          Noordermeer, R.H.J. Projects: Luscuere,Engineering high-rise; a The Wijnia, of using lifts for evacuat
                                        Vambersky, J.N.J.A.; An International Pasterkamp, S.; building;Perspective
                                                                 Building P.G.; Discussion              Dutch evacuation;
Usage of Lifts for the Evacuation of High-RiseCivil Engineering and Geosciences from Wit, J.;concept J.F. emergency; egre
                          Al Zaher, R. ieringa, P.; De Groot, Maritime andsteady state model and comparison to radial flux perman
                                        W           Mechanical, S.; analysis, Materials Engineering thesis 2010-04-12
                                                                 BioMechanical Engineering motor
Axial flux permanent magnet motor Csiro: New frame design, Polinder, H.                    electric     This         work analyses, models an
                          Bieleveld, M.J.M. J.S.S.M.
                                        Wong,         Protocol/Internet Protocol stack within a small Field Programmable Gate Array
                                                                 Computer Engineering                   This thesis 2010-07-06
Exploring and implementing a User DatagramElectrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Sciencepart of the Arachne proj
                          Houtepen, S.A.A. AC Voltages High Voltage Components and Power Systems
                                        Gulski,                                            Dielectric Losses; High2010-06-01 components
Dielectric Loss Estimation using Damped E. Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science                    Voltage HV
                                                                                                        Insulation failures in Technology; Dam
                           Multi-point Videoconferencing Engineering, Mathematics and Computer the 80s, with the rapid developm
Measurement Study ofZhao, Y. Lu, Y.                                                        videoconferencing;
                                                                                                        From Science 2010-06-24
                                                    Electrical Microelectronics & Computer Engineering survey; mechanism; QoE
                          De Boer, basedLigteringen, data
                                                      H.; Engineering Seignette, R.W.P.; data; vessel C.; Koldenhof, Y.onwards every
                                                                 Hydraulic Geosciences                   Tak, December 2004
An analysis of vessel behaviour T.M. on AISCivil Daamen, W.;andEngineering AISVan derFrom behaviour; maritime models; sta
                          Shen, J. Long, J.R.; Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
                                                    Veenstra, H. Microelectronics & Computer Engineering controlled oscillator (VCO)
60GHz Quadrature Voltage-Controlled Oscillator for Radar Application                                    A voltage 2010-08-31
                                                                                           Quadrature; Voltage-Controlled Oscillator
                          Pham, T.A.Bertels, Algorithm
                                                     Shahbahrami, A.
                                                                 Microelectronics & Computer Engineering the pattern of processing; p
                                                                                           Texture Feature Science
                                                                                                        Texture, 2010-10-01
Optimization of Texture Feature ExtractionK.; Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and ComputerExtraction; image information or
                          Volkov, mitigation Veen, A.J. Engineering, Mathematics and Engineering
                                                    Electrical Microelectronics            LOFAR        Radio frequency
Radio frequency detection and M. Van derfor LOFAR telescope system & Computer Computer Science interference detectio 2010-08-27
Thermal collector façade  Hariharan, S.             Architecture                                                      façade
                                                                                                        Existing building stock,
                                                                 Building Technology Solar thermal collector 2010-06-28 represented b
                                        Klein, T.; VanTimmeren, A.
                          Wenneker, Houben, G.J.
                                         B.         Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and
                                                                 Computer Science          citation-metadata-enhancement; data-integration
                                                                                                        A citation in2010-09-06
BibMix: Enrichment of Citation Metadata Based on Integration of Bibliographic Data Computer Science academic text provide
Modular RT-Motion USB                               Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and ComputerControl; Prototyping; Electronics
                          Keijser, S. Gaydadjiev, G.N.; Izmit, S.                                       During the course of this thesis, RTM
                                                                 Computer EngineeringModular; Motion Science         2011-02-08
                          Naeimi, A. TFT. (SG-TFT)  Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (ECTM) Single whic
                                                                 Electronic                OLED; Organic Light current diode;
                                                                                                        OLED Materials
OLED Display with Single Grain SiIshihara, R.; Beenakker, C.I.M. Components, Technology and is aemitting based device,grain
                           financial risk der
                                        Van         Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
                                                                                                        This thesis 2011-05-26
                                                                                                                     project considers
Validating a short term Vrolijk, M.W. model Weide, J.A.M.Applied mathematics financial risk model hypothesis testing validatio
                          Hemminga,Varbanescu, Kernels Engineering, Mathematics and Computer ScienceCell BEthe computing in
Programmability Analysis of Image S.                Electrical on Multi-/Many-core Platforms
                                          Processing A.L.                                               In the last few
                                                                 Software Technology OpenCL; GPU; GPGPU; years,      2011-06-08
                          Bajpai, A. Packet Modulation Engineering,
                                                    Electrical Telecommunications WPM Channel Science Modulation (WPM) is
Channel Equalization for Wavelet Lakshmanan, M.K.; Nikookar, H. Mathematics and;ComputerEqualization                 2011-06-30
                                                                                                        Wavelet Packet
                          Peters, R.R.  Zaidman, Software System using Software Repository Mining Science smells; Software repos
Evaluating the Lifespan of Code Smells in a A.E.                 Software Technology Software evolution;An anti-pattern
                                                    Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Code is a commonly occurr
                          Ulloa, C. Westrik, J.;Architecture
                                                     Van Nes, drivers of urban regeneration inOrientedthesis 2011-06-27 links betwee
Transit Oriented Regeneration: Stedenbaan stations as A.         Urbanism                                south wingexplores the
                                                                                                                       of the Randstad
                                                                                           Transit theThis Development; urban regeneratio
                           load bearing concrete J.C.; Schipper , H.R.; Geosciences
Double curved precastJanssen, B. alraven , Civil Engineering and Vollers, K.J.; Grünewald, S. constructiondouble curved ; elem
                                                     elements Design and Construction                   The          2011-03-31
                                                                                           flexible formwork; concrete; of free form building
Structural feasibility of the Rotating TowerR.; Braam, C.R.; Terwel, K.C.; Bos, M.J.
                          Den Besten, P.            Civil
                                        Nijsse, Dubai Engineering and Geosciences
                                                                 Design and Construction                The Feasibility; Dubai; Structural des
                                                                                           Rotating Tower;main objective of this graduation
                          Geerlings, J.C.S.
                                        Ligteringen, H.; Engineering Soons, F.A.M.
                                                                 Hydraulic Geosciences                  Currently there are 20,000 to 40,000
                                                                                                                       Master plan;
Master plan coastal havens, "Nikas", Kuwait Civil De Jong, M.; andEngineering Kuwait; Coastal haven;2010-03-10 Nikas; Yach


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                           in a hyper Stive, M.J.F.; DeEngineering andEngineering salt;G.H.J. In order to build structures in the hype
Salt based dam designWierda, C.H.                 Civil Gijt, Hydraulic Geosciences
                                      saline environment J.G.; Heeres, O.M.; Peters, halite; dam design; tectonic     2010-05-04
                         De Hoop, M. Gemund,
                                      Van         Electrical                  cost estimation; microcontroller; of microcontroll
                                                                                                        In the today's2008-10-29
Analytical cost estimation for embedded systemsA.J.C.,Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Sciencemarket power consump
                         Adejuwon, A.O.
                                      Janssen, G.J.M. (mentor); Van den Ende, B. (mentor); Niemegeers, 2009-07-15
Cognitive Radio in a Regulatory Environment Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science                   widely recognized that the
                                                                                                        It has been I.G.M.M. (senior mentor)
                         Architecture at TNT Post
Introducing Enterprise Smeets, M.Dietz, J.L.G.                  Computer Science          Enterprise Architecture; Project Architecture; DY
                                                                                                        Many Science   organizations
                                                  Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer large 2009-07-14 encounter g
                         Wu, J.       Hernandez,Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Evolving Properties of Growing Networks                         Telecommunications complex network      Complex 2009-11-09
                                                    J.M. (mentor); Van Mieghem, P.F.A. (senior mentor) networks describe a wide ra
                                                                                                        The sport of breakwater; surf sport; su
                                                                                                                         surfing has
Improving surfing conditions with floatingM.J.F.; filters X.G. andEngineering surf conditions; floating2009-06-01 increased tre
                                      Stive, wave Cobos, Hydraulic Geosciences
                         Arrea Steinvorth, R. Civil Engineering
                         Skalis, N. Bertels, K. Tradeoffs of a High Performance Partially Buffered Science to build high-speed rou
                                                                                                        Why it hard
Performance Analysis and Cost-PerformanceElectrical Engineering, Mathematics and ComputerisCrossbar Switch
                                                                Computer Engineeringswitch; router; scheduling        2010-07-01
                         Weldemichael, K.S. de Groot, S.M.; Lo, A.C.C.; De Graaf, and Computer ScienceTETRA
                                      Heemstra Electrical Engineering, Mathematics H.G. mesh networks;
Integrating TETRA with Wireless Mesh Networks                                                                         2010-12-08
                                                                Telecommunications wireless Terrestrial Trunked Radio(TETRA) is
                         Ma, C.       San Segundo Bello, Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
                                                  Electrical Microelectronics & Computer Engineering    smart pixel;presents the
Pixel ADC Design for Hybrid CMOS Image Sensors D.; Theuwissen, A.J.P. Pixel ADC; This thesis 2010-08-31 design of a p   dynamic range enhancem
                         Khalaf, K.I.M.I. CMOS technology
                                       90nm        Wambacq, Microelectronics & Computer Engineering RF;2010-08-31
                                                                 P.                       60GHz; mm-wave; atreceiver; QVCO; frequen
60GHz front-end receiver chain in Long, J.R.; Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science  Operation millimeter-wave Divider;
                         Janssen, R.G.J.
                                      Rothkrantz,Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Real Time Eye Blink Detection using a Configurable Processor                              eye blink This thesis 2010-10-13 approach d
                                                                                                                      describes the
                                                                Man-Machine Interaction Group detection; perception processor; face to
                         De Jong, A.N. Gemund, A.J.C. Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Sciencediagnosis wireless sens
                                        for       Electrical (mentor); Technology model-based diagnosis; (senior mentor)
                                                                Software                                Model-based   2009-06-09
Evaluating model-based diagnosisVan wireless sensor networks Kluit, P.G. (mentor); Langendoen, K.G.diagnosis; is a technique
                         for distributed agile Gameren, B.J.A. ; Sodoyer, B.R., ir. ; Global software development; agile between the
                                       K.; Solingen, D.M.,
                                                  Electrical Software Technology Van Deursen, A.        Because of2009-06-17
Technological support Dullemond,VanVan developmentEngineering, Mathematics and Computer Science distance software dev  the
                         Wireless Langendoen, K.G. Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
                                                  Electrical Software Technology localization; multipath effects sensor; role in wire
                                                                                                          indoor; wireless;
Indoor Localization for Bor, M.C. Sensor Networks; Applying multiple frequencies to mitigateLocalization has an importnetworks; f
                                                                Information Management
                                      Van Framework to assess Operational Performance.                  The Enterprises Systems
                                                                                           Davarynejad, M.; Roskott, section) market has
                           - Introducing a den Technology, Policy Van Duin, R.; Inventory Technology (ICT B.
Inventory ManagementVan Heck, G.F.N. Berg, J.; Vrancken, J.;andand Communication management; Operational Performanc   2009-12-11
                                                                                                        With Science
Development of a workloadRijk,forAl-Ars, Z. Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computerthe rise of multi-core chips in co
                         Van set E. multi-core architectures                              amdahl; benchmark; 2009-03-30
                                                                Microelectronics & Computer Engineering bioinformatics; chud; cpu; h
                         Hiseni, S. Sawigun, C.; Serdijn, Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
                                                  Electrical W. Action PotentialComputer Engineering potential or spike detector i
Ultra Low-Power Analog Integrated Circuits for ExtracellularA.  Microelectronics & Detection            An action 2010-01-13
                         Maheshwari, D.
                                      Heijden F.; Van
                                                  Electrical Engineering, Kuipers , F.
                                                                Telecommunications Offshore Comunication; Robust transmission ne
Robust Offshore Networks for Oil and Gas,FacilitiesMieghem, P.F.A.;Mathematics and Computer Science                   2010-01-28
                                                                                                        Offshore Communication Networks u
                         Steen, R. Langendoen, K.G. Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Networks; reliable transport; ac
Reliable Transport for Wireless Sensor Networks                                           Wireless Sensor
                                                                                                        Wireless sensor
                                                  Electrical Computer Science, Embedded SoftwareScience networks (WSNs) ar
                         Oldenhuis, Noomen, R. erospace Astrodynamics and Space Missions November 2003 the Voyager 1 spa
                                      R.P.S.      A              Engineering                                          2010-04-16
Trajectory Optimization for a Mission to the Solar Bow Shock and Minor PlanetsTrajectory optimization; Minor Planet; Interstellar
                         Mehairjan, Djairam, forElectrical Engineering, Mathematics andManagement; Distribution Approach Cable
                                      Analysis      Smit, Joints in Voorden, A.; Arts,Asset Computer Science
                                                                 Van MV Power Engineering   H.            Asset Management Network; custo
Application of Statistical Life Data R.P.Y. D.; CableJ.J.; ElectricalDistribution Networks: AnThe greater2010-11-29     pressure from both
                         Verschoor, Van Leuken, T.G.R. Engineering, Mathematics and Engineering
                                      M.          Electrical Microelectronics &           SoC; Security; Interconnect;
                                                                                                        Interconnect centric security in on Ch
Design of a Crypto Core for Securing Intra System-on-Chip Communication Computer Computer Science NoC; System multi c 2011-03-04
                         Krouwel, M.R.Dietz, J.L.G.; from aEngineering, Mathematics and System, and Engineering Methodology en
                                                  Electrical DEMO
                                                                Software Technology DEMO; Design applied2010-12-15 needs of fo
                                                                                                        Because of the changing
Towards the agile enterprise: A method to comeOp 't Land, M. model to a Normalized Computer Science Government Subsidy Sto
                         Kazzaz, A. Nadin, V.; complex area development: Learning to anticipate thesis 2011-04-12development;
The performance of spatial planning within a Sepulveda, D.A.; Van Loon, P.P. spatial planning;the spatial strategy formation in
                                                  Architecture  Urbanism                                              is the outcome of an ongo
                                                                                                        This complexity; area
                         Cimenti, M.Geerts, F.; Fokkinga, J. D. Building
                                                  Architecture  Public                                  The thesis has been developed within
Along the Ring's Conditions: Intervening on the Infrastructural Edge of CharleroiCharleroi; Wallonia; Belgium; Territory in Transit
                         Van Nuland, B.
                                      Zaidman, Gaming Simulation Suites
                                                  Electrical Engineering, Mathematics
                                                                Software Technology serious games; software
                                                                                                        Serious Gaming is becoming a popul
A Service Oriented Architecture Solution for A.E.; Van Deursen, A.; Verbraeck, A. and Computer Scienceengineering; software a
                         Tigelaar, J.A.A.
                                      De Vries, E.J.H.
                                                  Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering        Anti-lock 2011-05-13
Design and Vehicle Implementation of an Adaptive ABS Precision and Microsystems Engineering Brake Systems (ABS) are o
                         Overal, and Lighting Architecture      Building Technology Bamboo; Hypar;thesis 2011-06-30 research do
Bamboo Pavilion: ConstructionJ.J.Veer, F.A.; Heinzelmann, F.; Borgart, A.                                             describes the
                                                                                                        This Pavilion; Construction
                         Biyaye, M. Wiggen,         Geers, M.;Media and Mathematics and Computer Science is an extremely
                                                                  Rothkrantz, L.J.M.      Engineering human face
                                                                                                        A             2009-07-09
The non-verbal emotional dictionary NED P.;Electrical Engineering,Knowledge emotion; emotional; non-verbal; dictionaryimporta
                         Lee, L.A. Rooij, R.M.;Architecture
                                                    De Hoog, C.M.; Hermans, W.J.A.metro station environments;their Neighbourhood
                                                                Urbanism                                This Master and metro with metro s
EnvironMETROmix: Strategic Design Proposals for Amsterdam Zuid-Oost. Metro station environments2010-01-26 station redevethesis deals
                         Van Offeren, R.A.W.L.,Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and (mentor); Pelgrum,
                                           (senior electricity system power Computer Science Science powerecono
                                                                                          M. (mentor);In dit dispatch; power system syste
  Vries, L.J., of
Integration of large scale wind power generation in the Dutch mentor); Gibescu, with interconnections to neighboring onderzoek n
                                      Kling,                                                                          2008-09-05
                         De Jong, M.               R. (mentor); Schreuder, M.H. (mentor); De Jong, subject1997-08-08
                                                                Hydraulic Geosciences                    planning of investigation in this stu
The Ulsan port development plan Groenveld, Civil Engineering andEngineering Korea; PortThe G.C. (mentor); Ligteringen, H. (se
                         Wu, P.       Read, S.; Van der Spek, S.; Bantal, S. Social Integration in the Post is startedAge the doubt w
                                                  Architecture Enders towards
MILE END CIRCUS: Exploring A New Centrality For EastUrbanism                                            The Project2010-06-24
                                                                                                                        Olympic with
                                                                                          social segregation; centrality; infrastructure; post
                         for Barbers I.K. Harbour, Hawaii
                                       Point      Civil Engineering and Geosciences                     This master; Petit, H., Ir.; Roelvi
Long wave case study Van Giffen,Battjes, J.A.,; Ligteringen, H.,; Van Dongeren, A.R.,2003-01       thesis project focusses o
                           low-crestedd'Angremond, K., (senior mentor); Tutuarima,rear of a low-crested breakwater Master
                                                  Civil Engineering and at front, crest and W.H., ir. report is the result of the
                                                                                          b             This (mentor); van der
Wave transmissions atde Jong, R.J.structures. Stability of tetrapods Geosciences reakwater; tetrapod 1996-08-30 Meer, J.,
                          for a M.N.Rizvi, U.H. (mentor); Janssen, G. (mentor); Habibullah The main target of I. (senior transcei
                                                  Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and (mentor); Science
Antenna Beamforming Khan,60 GHz Transceiver System Telecommunications Leus, G. Computer Niemegeers, a 60 GHz mentor)  2009-08-31
                                                                Real Estate (mentor); Chen, Y. (seniorlegacy 2009-11-05 Games; Lega
                                                                                                        The Legacy; Van Hardevelt, I. (seni
                                                                                                                      of Olympic
                                                   (mentor); Limonard, E. & HousingOlympic Legacy;mentor); the Olympic Games pro
                         Bakker, theKoppels, Success
Olympic Legacy Development, I.O. Road to P.Architecture
                          and learning of traditional vs. Stylus input for Brazilian Dutch Children present study was aimed at com
                                                  Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science Brazil; Netherlands; co
                                                                Man-Machine Interaction
Collaboration, usabilityTerra, D. Brinkman, W.P.; Heynderickx, I.E.J.R.                                 The
                                                                                          Stylus; keyboard; mouse;    2010-04-07
                         Demmenie,Dignum, M.V.; Van den Berg, from Management                             M.
Workflow Mining: a stepwise Approach for extracting Event logs J.; Vrancken, J.L.M.; Israël,For (forensic) auditing purposes it is u
                                       G.P.                     ICT                         Network Corporate Network Data; Event Logs;
                                                  Technology, Policy and CorporateWorkflow;Data                       2011-02-17
                         Dekker, R. D' beach hydrodynamics: A 2DV approach
                                                  Civil Engineering and Geosciences J.A.; Rivero, F.J.
                                                                  de Graaff, J.; Jiménez,
Submerged breakwater influence on Angremond, K.; VanHydraulic Engineering longshore transport; coastline ; coastal morpholo
                                                                                                        This master's thesis is written using d
                         Van Werven, F.H. M.E.; Verbraeck, A.; Van Gulijk, C.; Van der Boom, Airport2011-03-15 Aviation Se
                                      Warnier, Technology, Policy and Management
                                                                Systems Engineering Collaborative Business Schiphol: Applying and E
Development and Evaluation of 100% Security Screening Concepts for Supplies at AmsterdamR.                              Thesis Project
                                                                                                        This Master Engineering; has been
                         Roorda-van Veen, A.G. Central station area based on therailway station; network city; station area redevel
                                      Hermans, W.J.A.; Rooij,   Urbanism                    theory of Planning and designing
Leading the city; the redevelopment of LeidenArchitecture R.M.; Wilms Floet, W.W.L.M. the urbanism of networksbased on net
                                                                                                        The main problematic of San Joaquìn
Socioeconomic and Spatial Integration Strategies for Improved Housing and Modes of Production in La Victoria and the study alte
                                      Sohn, H.; Sepulveda, D.A.; Bruyns, G.
                         Jaffri, S.S.F.           Architecture  Urbanism                                              2009-11-20
                                                                                          social-spatial segregation and fragmentation; are
                         Safari Asl, H.; Tang, C.; Sodoyer, interdepartmental organizationComputer knowledge; workflow; rules, sta
                                      Kleipool, Y.F.
                                                  Electrical B. Information Architecture and
                                                                                          D             Our daily life is
Document Management System design architecture forEngineering, MathematicsMS; Archimate; Science governed by SharePo  2009-12-16
                         Nai, T.Y. Herder, J.L.; Tuijthof, G.J.M.
Design of a compliant steerable arthroscopic punch              BioMechanical Engineering Meniscectomy; Meniscectomy compliant; arthroscop
                                                  Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering Steerable; is a medical procedure
                         Chang, Y.T. erder, J.L.; Kragten, BMechE and Materials Engineering particular category
                                      H           Mechanical, Maritime
                                                                 in                                     The            fixed finger
Design of an Underactuated Gripper for the Item PickingG. Distribution Centers Underactuated gripper 2010-03-23 of the undera
                                      Holweg, Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering evaluation of steering systems ca
A new neuromuscular driver model for steering ‐ Happee, R.
                         Droogendijk, C.G.I. E.G.M.;            BMechE
                                                     system development                ‐                The           2010-04-09
                                                                                          driver modeling; neuromuscular; steering system
                                                                  Maritime and for colonoscopy To diagnose and treat colon cancer t
Development of PlastoLock overtube with temperature controlled rigidityMaterials Engineeringovertube; variable stiffness; glassa
                         Bosma, J.H.              Mechanical,A.J.
                                      Dankelman, J.; Loeve, BioMechanical Engineering     colonoscopy;                2010-09-07
                         Crisbasanu, on
                                      Bijlaard, load bearing behavior ofGeosciences
                                                  Civil         Structural a spindle shaped Tensairity beam a lightweight
                                                                                                        Tensairity is
The effect of discrete reinforcementM.I. the F.S.K. Engineering and Engineering tensairity; load-bearing2010-10-20 structural co
A comparison of speed skating with normal and reduced Den Braver, O.Materials Engineering
                         Bovy, M. Van der Helm, F.C.T.; BMechE and
                                                  Mechanical, Maritime
                                                                 ankle eversion           speed skating Purpose: Executing the sideward ska
                           in underactuated hand prostheses Maritime and Materials Engineering prostheses underactuation is incr
                                                  Mechanical,   BioMechanical Engineering
The effect of joint locksPape, R. Van der Helm, F.C.T.; Plettenburg, D.H.                               The
                                                                                          underactuated concept of    2011-01-24
                                      Van Rhee, C.; Van de Schrieck, Engineering equalizing; A way to equalize granular rockfill du
                         Kranendonk, W.J.         Civil with a Hydraulic Geosciences transport plough; rockfill; cutting;
                                                                 plough: subsea cut and
Modelling the equalizing process of rockfill dumps Engineering andG.L.M.; Verhagen, H.J. processes 2011-06-17 coarse ; discr
                         Maas, G.P.Vrijling, J.K.; De Gijt, J.G.; DudokEngineering quay wall; concrete; steel; wood; composites; CO
                                                   steel, wood and and Geosciences Haas, the
                                                                Hydraulic van Heel, D.;                 This thesis 2011-02-18 quay Cycle A
                                                                                                                      focuses on
Comparison of quay wall designs in concrete,Civil Engineering composites with regard toE.M.CO2-emission and the Lifewall stru
                         Maleki, A. Structure H.; De Jong,Policy Analysis and participatory this research, public participation;
                                                  Technology,M.; Bots, P.Management
                                                                   Policy and                                         2010-09-28
The Effect of Culture and Political De Bruijn,on Participatory Policy Analysis Management Inpolicy analysis;the central objective
                           dynamic change tracking and resolution: helping developers toComputer Science clone management
                                      Van         Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and copeclonechanging
                                                                                          code clone; with tracking;  2009-02-24
Managing clones usingDe Wit, M.C. Deursen, A. (senior mentor); Zaidman, A. (mentor) By many, code cloning is nowadays r            fragments
                           for improved lesion diagnosis in (senior colonoscopy F.M., ir. ComputerTruyen, R., ir. (mentor); Botha,
                                          virtual mentor); Post, visualization; medical; colon; polyp; virtual; colon
                                                                                                        The Science   2008-11-27
Enhanced visualizationPols, E.J. Jansen, E.,Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and (mentor);risk of developing colon cancer iC
                         Mao, Y.
FMCW radar receiver front-end design               L. (senior mentor); Long, J. (mentor); Vaucher, conversion architecture; lna mixer c
                                                                                          94ghz; direct C.main focus of this thesis is the de
                                                                                                        The Science   2009-02-28
                                      De Vreede,Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer(mentor); NXP Netherlands (com
                         Jacobs C.E.J.; Dekker Civil Engineering and effects of grading sediment thesis 2000-08-01 result of mea
                                      Van Rijn, L.C.,
                                                    Irregular Waves: mentor); Van de Graaf, J., This material:
                                                                                          f               bed         presents the
Sediment Concentrations due to Currents andS. prof.dr. (seniorthe Geoscienceslume; of thedr. (mentor) measurement report
                         Raghunathan, S.B.N.V., dr. (senior mentor) Mathematics and Computer Science
                                      Budko,      Electrical Engineering,
On the effective permittivity of finite inhomogeneous objects                                           In colloidal chemistry, composite (me
                                                                                          effective inversion; inhomogeneous; effective pe
                         Lennon, B. Morshuis, P., dr. (senior mentor) DC Cables of the Computer Sciencean in-depth
                                                  Electrical High Voltage                 hvdc; Mass Impregnated Type dielectric relaxa
                                                                                                         impregnated cables;
Dielectric Relaxation Analysis to Assess the Integrity of Engineering, Mathematics andmassThis thesis 2009-02-27 research on
                         automated video surveillance
                                                   L.J.M.,(senior mentor); Yang, Z.,(mentor); Van der Mast,2009-04-03
                                                                                          ideo surveillance; Man Machine Interaction Geers
                                                                                                        At the emotion  C.A.P.G.,(mentor); resea
Intelligent methods for Keur, A. Rothkrantz,Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science recognition; human be
                         de Ruijter, R.
                                      Battjes, J.A., Prof. dr. ir.; Booij, R., Drs.; Hofland, B., Ir.; Verhagen, H.J., man-made hydraulic
                                                   in backward-facing step flow: experiments by stone; stability; step flow; structure
                                                                                          t              means of Particle
Turbulence structures affecting stone stabilityCivil Engineering and Geosciencesurbulence; Downstream ofIr. Image Velocimetry


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                       Hu, Z.     Stassen, M. (mentor); Kapoor, A. in MB-OFDM UWB System (senior
                                              Electrical Engineering, Mathematics der Computer the WiMedia
                                                          Microelectronics & Computer Engineering
                                                                                           In 2005, 2009-03-01
Receiver Windowing Design for Narrowband Interference Mitigation(mentor); Van and Veen, A.-J.Science mentor)Alliance workin
Design of a DistributedWan, J.                                                             Modern
                                                          Microelectronics & Computer Engineering system-on-chip IC designs sh
                                  Long, for Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
                        Clock Generator J. Multiple Power Domain System-on-Chip Integrated Circuits    2008-10-28
                       Zhang Xin, Zhou Jing Long, Estimation In M.E.; Niemegeers, I.Computer Science
                                  X.          Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and
                                                          Telecommunications                           energy saving for wireles
Transmission Power Adaptation Using Link Quality J.; Jacobsson,IEEE802.11 link quality Nowadays, 2009-05-26
                       Abbasfard, Bertels, K.L.M.
                                  M.          Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and image watermarking, ; Image processing,
                                                           Study                LaboratoryWatermarking 2009-07-07
Digital Image Watermarking Robustness: A ComparativeComputer EngineeringDigital Computer Science is the process of inser
                       Egon, A. Verhagen, Civil Van Prooijen, B.C.; Stive, M.J.F.
                                               Reef       Hydraulic Geosciences            Coral reefs 2009-07-03 time; water
                                                                                                       are residence
Hydrodynamics of Lagoon Fringed by a CoralH.J.; Engineering andEngineering coral reef; hydrodynamics; highly diverse ecosys
                       Zhang, T. De Vreede,Electrical Engineering, Mathematics andwithJ;Conventional RF power amplifiers are
                                               L.C.N.; Alavi, S.M.
                                                           Applications Using LDMOS Computer Science station; LDMOS
Wideband Hybrid-Class Power Amplifier for Base StationHi-Tech group                         wideband;2009-07-23
                                                                                PA; class Envelope Tracking System
                                               deploying computationally bounded optimization strategies.
                                                                                multi-agents systems; non-cooperative savings a
                                                                                           The project2009-08-21 cost bargainin
Phoenix – Non-cooperative bargaining agentsElectrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
                       De Bakker, Rothkrantz, L.J.M.
                                  F.F.                    Man-machine interaction                      addresses


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                     Master thesis
(c) 2009 De Bakker, F.F.                                 uuid:9eb6ed7d-2ba9-4332-9d62-73ce72689685


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