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 1 yr after accident

 Paralyzed NC
 woman to wed
       By Martha Waggoner

 A    year after she was paralyzed
      in poolside horseplay at her
 bachelorette party, Rachelle
 Friedman knows one thing she
 would change about her life before
 the injury.
    “I wish we had danced together
 more because I love dancing so
 much, and we didn’t do it
 enough,” she says of her soon-to-
 be husband. “Looking back, I
 would have done it every night.”
    Friedman will finally make it
                        down the aisle
                        on       Friday,
                        marrying the
                        man who has
                        waited with
                        her           to
                        vows       since
                        the accident.
                        She is wear-
                        ing the same
                        gown         she
      Friedman          chose for the
                        first ceremony
 but with her father pushing her
 wheelchair down the aisle instead
 of walking her down it, arm in
    Also joining her will be the
 bridesmaid who shoved her into
 the shallow end of a pool on May
 23, 2010 — causing a freak acci-
 dent that changed their lives. The
 25-year-old from Knightdale has
 stuck with her friend and refused
 to reveal her identity even as
 newspapers,       television        and   In this photo taken recently, a replica Chinese junk named after the mother of park resident Frank Quan (inset) sits docked at China Camp State Park, Calif. This former 19th Century Chinese
 Internet sites carried the story                                                  shrimping village on the northern shores of San Francisco Bay is one of 70 state parks slated for closure next year. (AP)
 around the world.
    “She was tragically hurt, men-
 tally and emotionally. And I was
 tragically     hurt,      physically,”
 Friedman says on a day that a tai-
 lor is altering her strapless, simple
 wedding dress to fit her new, thin-
 ner, less muscular body. “It’s hard-
 er to deal with when you’re hurt                                                                                                                         Process a ‘trial & error’
 emotionally sometimes than when
 you’re hurt physically.”
    Friedman was celebrating with
 her girlfriends in Virginia Beach,
                                                                                             Closing parks presents conundrum
 Virginia, about a month before she                                                          CHINA CAMP STATE PARK,
 was supposed to be married last
 year when she was injured. After
                                                                                             California, July 18, (AP): Floating
                                                                                             in the bay just outside 85-year-old
                                                                                                                                                                Affordability, proximity drive boomlet
 being pushed into the pool, she                                                             Frank Quan’s house, a replica
 awkwardly hit the cement bottom.
 She knew immediately something
 was wrong.
    “I instantly just stopped mov-
                                                                                             Chinese junk named after his moth-
                                                                                             er rocks in the waters where genera-
                                                                                             tions of Quans once caught delec-
                                                                                                                                        ‘Amish population grows, migrates into NY’
 ing,” Friedman says. She floated                                                            table shrimp by the ton before dry-        HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania, July             effect in which families report back      largest net gain in Amish house-
 to the top, face up. Her friends                                                            ing, sorting and shipping them back        18, (AP): Affordable rural farmland        on finding productive and under-          holds since 2006, the study found.
 were already in the water to help.                                                          to their ancestral homeland.               and proximity to traditional popula-       priced land, and other factors that          The largest net losers were
 This isn’t a joke, she told them.                                                              Quan and his rickety wooden             tion centers are driving a recent          are conducive to the way they live        Pennsylvania,            Wisconsin,
                                                                                             shack heated by a wood stove are           boomlet in new Amish colonies in           such as weather, growing season           Delaware and Ohio, although
 Call 911.                                 In this recent photo, an Amish boy                                                           New York state, according to a             and congenial neighbors and local         states with large Amish populations
    The horseplay was no different                                                           some of the few remnants left from
                                           rides home for lunch after a morn-                                                           study by Elizabethtown College             officials.                                can grow in total numbers even if
 from the way her friends had              ing of hauling hay in Centerville,                one of the Chinese fishing villages
                                                                                             that dotted the shores of San              researchers.                                  In the 1980s and ‘90 Kentucky          they lose households because
 goofed around many times.                 NY. Centerville, a town south of                                                                The Amish, many of them from            played that role for the Amish,           existing families normally have
 Friedman could have just as easily        Buffalo, has an established Amish                 Francisco Bay in the late 19th and         Ohio or Pennsylvania, have estab-          while more recently it was                many children.
 pushed her friend in the water, she                  community. (AP)                        early 20th centuries.                      lished 10 new settlements in New           Wisconsin, Kraybill said. The                The Amish began arriving in
 says. She refuses to even call the                                                             The house and the small diner           York since the start of 2010 —             Amish are currently in 28 states          Pennsylvania from Switzerland and
 act a prank because that would                                                              Quan runs just a few feet away are         growth that doubles any other US           and the Canadian province of              Germany nearly 400 years ago,
 imply some devious intent.                                                                  now part of China Camp State Park,         state. Total population there has          Ontario.                                  and nearly all descend from a
    “People look at it like this is                Variety                                   one of 70 parks California plans to        grown by nearly a third in the past                          Prices                  group of about 5,000 a century
 something that happened to me,                                                              shut down to shave $22 million from        two years, to 13,000.                        New York has lower land prices          ago. While their Christian beliefs
 but it happened to both of us,”                                                             the budget. Now Quan’s fate is also           The first Amish districts in New        in rural areas than Pennsylvania          and practices can vary from settle-
 Friedman said of her friend.                                                                hanging in the balance while offi-         York were established in the               and Ohio, states that together            ment to settlement, or from church
                                           NEW YORK: In his new romantic com-                                                           Conewango Valley in 1949, but in-          account for nearly half of the            to church, they were defined for
    Friedman is moving on with her         edy “Crazy, Stupid, Love.,” Ryan                  cials and parks advocates scramble
                                                                                             to find a way to save the beloved site     migration amounted to a trickle            nationwide Amish population of            study purposes as people who use
 life, learning how to play wheel-         Gosling plays Jacob, the ultimate                                                            until about a decade ago. As               about 261,000. New York also has          horse-and-buggy      transportation,
 chair rugby and using her knuckles        ladies’ man, who can get women into               near San Rafael in Marin County.           recently as 1991, there were just                                                    and      speak     a    dialect   of
                                                                                                                                                                                   more areas of rural isolation,
 instead of her fingers for tasks such     bed faster than it takes him to flash that           “We used to pull out 3 million          3,900 Amish in the state.                  Kraybill said.                            Pennsylvania German or Swiss
 as texting and responding to email.       winning smile and sparkling baby blue             pounds (1.35 million kilograms) of            Elizabethtown professor Don               “If you want to get away from the       German.
    Neither she nor her fiance,            eyes.                                             shrimp a year around here. One boat        Kraybill, who directed the study by        suburbs and the high-tech world,             “It’s remarkable that a horse-
 Chris Chapman, ever considered               In real life, the Canadian actor started       could bring in two tons a day,” Quan       the Young Center for Anabaptist            there are more places to hide in          and-buggy people like the Amish
 deserting the other. They’d been          out as quite a romantic, entering a local         said Friday, as he walked through          and Pietist Studies, said Amish            New York,” he said.                       are thriving in the midst of high-
 together for almost five years            air band contest to win the heart of his          ramshackle wooden buildings hold-          movement into New York has been              New York, Kentucky, Illinois and        tech, Twitter America,” Kraybill
 when the accident happened.               childhood crush, Melanie.                         ing some of the old shrimping              partially fueled by a contagion            Kansas have experienced the               said.
    “You have to know me and Chris            “We did a duet and we did ‘Uptown              equipment that has been restored as
 to understand,” Friedman says.            Girl.’ At the end she had to kiss me, and         part of the fishing village’s historic
                                           we won. I won a Max Headroom towel                                                              If nothing is done by next July, the    to protect the parks could be a solu-     effort to organize volunteers from
    Chapman, a 28-year-old middle                                                            renovation. “It’s hard to see this all     state will pull out park staff and         tion.” said Clark Blanchard, a parks      the state’s hundreds of local parks
                                           and I won that experience of getting to           go to hell in a lifetime.”
 school science teacher in Spring          work with her. So it worked out,” the                                                        greatly reduce maintenance at China        spokesman, in an e-mail. “If that         groups to volunteer to provide some
 Hope, echoes her.                         30-year-old Gosling says. “That was
                                                                                                Quan’s story represents a dilem-        Camp and 69 other of its 278 parks         doesn’t work, we will have to look        presence in the parks slated for clo-
    “It was not, ‘What am I going to       probably pretty stupid. I got a lot of heat       ma that California faces in its plans      from beaches and groves of coastal         for a Plan B.”                            sure. Rodriguez said Sonoma and
 do?’” he says. “It was, ‘what are         from it at school. But it was worth it.”          to shutter sprawling, popular state        redwoods to writer Jack London’s              As for Quan’s unique situation?        Marin counties are currently trying
 we doing to do?’ ... I just didn’t           In the film, opening July 29, Gosling          parks next year: each one has a            former ranchlands. It’s an idea that’s        “There is no final plan as of yet.     to form groups who can fundraise
 know what to do next. It was one          mentors hapless, recently separated Cal           unique set of features and historic        never been executed and presents a         State Parks is working to try to find     and oversee volunteer staff to take
 step at a time.”                          (played by Steve Carell) in the ways of           importance that will need to be han-       major conundrum: most parks can-           a solution,” Blanchard said.              over parks in there.
    The two will exchange vows in          picking up women at bars, giving him a            dled carefully as the state pulls staff,   not actually be physically sealed off         Despite the bad news, lawmakers,          Another idea gaining traction is
 a ceremony at The Fearrington             trendy new look, a newfound confidence            locks bathrooms and blocks parking         to the public - people will still access   parks officials and nonprofit groups      corporate partnerships - already
 House in Pittsboro, with a recep-         and ultimately a new lease on life.               lots. As for China Camp, officials         them, but their litter will not be col-    are working to find a way to keep as      Coca-Cola,          Stater       Bros
 tion in the village barn. Her                Gosling got his start on “The Mickey           there say they are doing everything        lected and there will be no bathroom       many of the 70 parks open as possi-       Supermarkets and Farmer John have
 favorite flowers, sunflowers, will        Mouse Club,” singing and dancing with             they can to not only save the park,        access. There will be no ranger on         ble through other methods.                agreed to give hundreds of thou-
 take center stage. Wedding plan-          the likes of Christina Aguilera,                  but Quan’s home.                           hand to enforce laws.                         The state Assembly in May unan-        sands of dollars to keep some
 ning company 1-800-REGISTRY               Britney Spears and Justin                                          Stay
                                           Timberlake. He went on to earn criti-                                                           This has led to worries that the        imously approved legislation mak-         Southern California parks open.
 is paying for their ceremony and                                                               “If I have my way Frank is going        sites will become blighted - and as        ing it easier for nonprofit groups to        Officials say these corporate part-
 the honeymoon in Fiji.                    cal acclaim for films including “Half
                                           Nelson” (2006), “Lars and The Real                to stay here,” said Danita Rodriguez,      of now the state has few ideas to          take over operations at some parks.       nerships do not include naming
    “I’ll be happy and relieved to                                                           the superintendent of the Marin            alleviate these concerns other than        The bill, called AB42 and authored        rights: so don’t expect a Coca-Cola
 see her coming down the aisle,”           Girl” (2007) and last year’s indie
                                           favorite “Blue Valentine,” which gar-             District for the state Department of       hoping people who love the parks           by Democratic Assemblyman Jared           State Park anytime soon.
 Chapman says. “It’s something                                                               Parks and Recreation. “I don’t think
 we’ve been working on for quite a         nered him his second Golden Globe                                                            care for them for free or pony up          Huffman of San Rafael, is expected           But even the most optimistic see
                                           nomination.                                       our goal is to close China Camp and        cash to pay for continued service.         to help keep some parks open but is       tough times for state parks, and not
                                              Despite growing up in showbiz, the             move Frank out. But at the end of             “We have never had to close state       not an overall solution. It’s awaiting    only in California. Indeed, budget
    The two grew up in Virginia                                                              the day some other people make that
 Beach, but didn’t meet until they         actor says he’s still not used to being                                                      parks, so this will be a trial and error   action by the state Senate.               woes have led statehouses around
 were both students at East                recognized in public. He says Canadian            decision, but our goal is to keep          process. Not locking the gates and            Also, the California League of         the nation to close parks that have
 Carolina University in Greenville,        fans are the most vocal when they spot            Frank here.”                               letting visitors be our eyes and ears      Parks Associations is making an           been open to the public for decades.
 becoming close friends while each            “The other day I was walking down
 dated other people. Once they             the street and this lady was like, ‘Ryan,
 started dating, he fell in love with      Canada!,’” and gestured to herself.
 her energy and personality.               “She was like, ‘I’m from Canada.’ I
    “She was always positive,                                                              “In interviews they always ask you                                                      to do it.” (AP)                             her daughter via Twitter, sharing that
                                           was like, ‘Oh, OK. Me too.’ It’s like if
 always upbeat, always ready to do         you don’t recognize the Canadian in           why you did things: Why’d you make                                                                    ❑        ❑     ❑                she and husband Jared Kushner “wel-
 something,” he says. Now, he              them they’re upset. It’s like we’re           that movie? Why’d you do that? I                                                                                                      comed a beautiful and healthy little girl
 worries about keeping her active.                                                       don’t really know. And the best way I                                                     NEW YORK: Ivanka Trump, daughter            into the world.’’
                                           Highlanders, you know? We’re all just                                                                                                   of Donald and a judge on his TV show
 He’s learning to referee at wheel-        supposed to know when we’re in the            can describe it is either like dancing —                                                                                                 “We feel incredibly grateful and
 chair rugby, and she’s trying to get      same vicinity.”                               song comes on and you want to dance.                                                      “The Apprentice,’’ has taken on another     blessed. Thank you all for your support
 a hand cycle so they can bicycle             Gosling, who recently moved to New         You don’t know why, you just want to,                                                     role — that of mother — as the former       and well wishes!,’’ read the tweet.
 together. She also wants to learn         York from Los Angeles, says choosing          so you do,” he explains. “I just always                                                   model gave birth Sunday to a baby girl         Trump and Kushner married in
 wheelchair tennis. (AP)                   roles is more like a “compulsion” than        wanted to make movies. And I don’t                                                        in New York City.                           October 2009. The name of the baby
                                           an art.                                       really know why, I’m just compelled               Gosling                Trump               Trump, 29, announced the birth of        has not yet been announced. (RTRS)

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