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									                                        Responsibility Centres as at January, 2011
Member Name                                          Alias                                                   Level
Responsibility Centres
     RC_MGTREPT                                                                                              RC Status
           50000_DVC_PROVOST                         DVC and Provost (50000_DVC_PROVOST)
              53000_DEANS                            Deans (53000_DEANS)
                 B0000_AGRICULTURE                   Faculty of Agriculture (B0000_AGRICULTURE)
                    B0010_AGR_EXCL_PBI               Agriculture Excluding PBI (B0010_AGR_EXCL_PBI)
                       B1110_AGR_TEACHING            Agriculture Teaching (B1110_AGR_TEACHING)
                         B3100_DEG_AGRI_ECON         Degree Agricultural Economics (B3100_DEG_AGRI_ECON)
                            B3110_AGR_ECON_UOS       Agr Economics Units of Study (B3110_AGR_ECON_UOS)
                              B4110_AGR_ECON_YR1     Agr Economics Teaching Year 1 (B4110_AGR_ECON_YR1)
                              B4120_AGR_ECON_YR2     Agr Economics Teaching Year 2 (B4120_AGR_ECON_YR2)
                              B4130_AGR_ECON_YEAR3   Agr Economics Teaching Year 3 (B4130_AGR_ECON_YEAR3)
                              B4140_AGR_ECON_YEAR4   Agr Economics Teaching Year 4 (B4140_AGR_ECON_YEAR4)
                            B3190_ECON_TEACH_GEN     Agr Economics Teaching General (B3190_ECON_TEACH_GEN)
                              B0601                  Ag Economics Operating (B0601)                          Active
                              B0602                  Executive Officer (B0602)                               Active
                         B3200_DEG_AGR_SCIENC        Degree Agricultural Sciences (B3200_DEG_AGR_SCIENC)
                            B3210_AGR_SCIENC_UOS     Agr Sciences Units of Study (B3210_AGR_SCIENC_UOS)
                              B4210_AGR_SCIENC_Y1    Agr Sciences Teaching Year 1 (B4210_AGR_SCIENC_Y1)
                              B4220_AGR_SCIENC_YR2   Agr Sciences Teaching Year 2 (B4220_AGR_SCIENC_YR2)
                              B4230_AGR_SCIENC_YR3   Agr Sciences Teaching Year 3 (B4230_AGR_SCIENC_YR3)
                              B4240_AGR_SCIENC_YR4   Agr Sciences Teaching Year 4 (B4240_AGR_SCIENC_YR4)
                            B3290_SCI_TEACH_GEN      Agr Sciences Teaching General (B3290_SCI_TEACH_GEN)
                              B1901                  Ag Chem & Soil Sc Oper (B1901)                          Active
                              B1902                  AC Teaching & Research (B1902)                          Active
                              B1903                  SS Teaching & Research (B1903)                          Active
                         B3400_DEG_SUS_ECOSYS        Degree Sustainable Ecosystems (B3400_DEG_SUS_ECOSYS)
                            B3410_SUS_ECOSYS_UOS     Sustain Ecosystems Units Study (B3410_SUS_ECOSYS_UOS)
                              B4410_SUS-ECOSYS_YR1   Sustain Ecosystems Teach Yr 1 (B4410_SUS-ECOSYS_YR1)
                              B4420_SUS_ECOSYS_YR2   Sustain Ecosystems Teach Yr 2 (B4420_SUS_ECOSYS_YR2)
                              B4430_SUSECOSYS_YR3    Sustain Ecosystems Teach Yr 3 (B4430_SUSECOSYS_YR3)
                            B3490_SUS_ECOSYS_GEN     Sustain Ecosystems Teach Gen (B3490_SUS_ECOSYS_GEN)
                         B3500_SHARED_UOS            Agr Teach Shared Unit of Study (B3500_SHARED_UOS)
                         B3590_AGR_TEACH_GEN         Agr Teaching General (B3590_AGR_TEACH_GEN)
                            B0006                    Excursions (B0006)                                      Active
                            B2007                    Sciences Year 4 Projects (B2007)                        Active
                       B1130_AGR_RESEARCH            Agriculture Research (B1130_AGR_RESEARCH)
                         B3310_POSTGRAD_RESCH        Agr Postgraduate Research (B3310_POSTGRAD_RESCH)
                            B0603                    T & R Support (B0603)                                   Active
                            B0903                    Cobbitty Student Service (B0903)                        Active
                            B1905                    Student Support (B1905)                                 Active
                            B2001                    Crop Science Operating (B2001)                          Active
                         B3320_AGR&RES_ECON          Agr Res Agricult&Resource Econ (B3320_AGR&RES_ECON)
                            B0604                    Ahmadi (B0604)                                          Active
                            B0606                    Harris (B0606)                                          Active
                            B0607                    Santos (B0607)                                          Active
                            B0608                    Lynn Henry (B0608)                                      Active
                            B0609                    Macaulay (B0609)                                        Active
                            B0613                    Tihomir (B0613)                                         Active
                            B0614                    Chowdhury (B0614)                                       Active
                            B5320_INACT_A&R_ECON     Inactive Agr & Resource Econ (B5320_INACT_A&R_ECON)
                              B0605                  Batterham (B0605)                                       Active
                              B0611                  Tanner (B0611)                                          Active
                              B0612                  Capon (B0612)                                           Active
                         B3340_CROP_HORT_FOOD        Agr Res Crop Horticltre & Food (B3340_CROP_HORT_FOOD)
                            B0014                    AFNR Landcare (B0014)                                   Active
                            B1908                    Copeland (B1908)                                        Active
                            B1914                    Caldwell (B1914)                                        Active
                            B2004                    Jobling (B2004)                                         Active
                            B2005                    Burgess (B2005)                                         Active
                            B2006                    Campbell (B2006)                                        Active
                            B2011                    Mansfield (B2011)                                       Active
                            B2012                    Tan (B2012)                                             Active
                            B2014                    Wilkes (B2014)                                          Active

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       B2017                  McConchie (B2017)                                       Active
       B2018                  Sutton (B2018)                                          Active
       B2019                  Rose (B2019)                                            Active
       B2025                  David Guest (B2025)                                     Active
       B5340_INACT_CROP_H&F   Inactive Crop Horticltre &Food (B5340_INACT_CROP_H&F)
          B1904               Research Support (B1904)                                Active
          B1911               Deaker (B1911)                                          Active
          B1912               Lees (B1912)                                            Active
          B1915               Ampt (B1915)                                            Active
          B1916               Kertesz (B1916)                                         Active
          B1917               S Burgess (B1917)                                       Active
          B1918               Soil Physics Lab (B1918)                                Inactive
          B2013               Jacobs (B2013)                                          Active
          B2015               Marshall (B2015)                                        Active
          B2016               Martin (B2016)                                          Active
          B2021               Sharp (B2021)                                           Active
          B2022               Thomson (B2022)                                         Active
     B3350_RES_SUS_ECOSYS     Agr Res Sustainable Ecosystems (B3350_RES_SUS_ECOSYS)
       B1909                  Kennedy (B1909)                                         Active
       B1913                  McBratney (B1913)                                       Active
       B1919                  Cattle (B1919)                                          Active
       B1921                  Dr Balwant Singh (B1921)                                Active
       B1922                  W Vervoort (B1922)                                      Active
       B1923                  Al Bakri (B1923)                                        Active
       B1924                  Odeh (B1924)                                            Active
       B2008                  Bishop (B2008)                                          Active
       B2009                  Crawford (B2009)                                        Active
       B6100_CTRE_PRECISION   Agr Res Centre Precisioin Agic (B6100_CTRE_PRECISION)
          B6101               Ctre for Precision (B6101)                              Active
       B6200_CTRE_SUNFIX      Agr Res Centre for Sunfix (B6200_CTRE_SUNFIX)
          B6102               Ctre for Sunfix (B6102)                                 Active
     B3690_RESEARCH_GEN       Agr REsearch General (B3690_RESEARCH_GEN)
       B0002                  Dean's Research (B0002)                                 Active
       B0004                  Res Support - Ctr for Salinity (B0004)                  Active
  B1180_AGR_OPERATIONS        Agricultire Operations (B1180_AGR_OPERATIONS)
     B1906                    Water Lab (B1906)                                       Active
     B1907                    Vehicle (B1907)                                         Active
     B2002                    Executive Officer (B2002)                               Active
     B2023                    Glasshouse (B2023)                                      Active
     B2024                    Vehicle (B2024)                                         Active
     B6910_INACT_OPS_GEN      Inactive Operations General (B6910_INACT_OPS_GEN)
       B0011                  Ag Service Unit Oper (B0011)                            Active
       B0012                  Staff Development Funds (B0012)                         Active
       B0013                  Store Supplies (B0013)                                  Active
  B1190_AGR_SERVICES          Agriculture Services (B1190_AGR_SERVICES)
     B0001                    Agriculture Operating (B0001)                           Active
     B0003                    Promotions (B0003)                                      Active
     B0005                    Student Services (B0005)                                Active
     B0007                    Executive Officer (B0007)                               Active
     B2003                    Student Support (B2003)                                 Active
     B6990_INACT_SERV_GEN     Inactive Services General (B6990_INACT_SERV_GEN)
       B0008                  Finance Officer (B0008)                                 Active
       B0099                  CST Budgets Agriculture (B0099)                         Active
       B1001                  Microbiology Operating (B1001)                          Inactive
       B1002                  T&R Support (B1002)                                     Inactive
       B1003                  Teaching (B1003)                                        Inactive
       B1004                  Carter (B1004)                                          Inactive
       B1005                  Duxbury (B1005)                                         Inactive
       B1006                  Ferenci (B1006)                                         Inactive
       B1007                  Humphery-Smith (B1007)                                  Inactive
       B1008                  Mushroom Growing (B1008)                                Inactive
       B1009                  New (B1009)                                             Inactive
       B1011                  Reeves (B1011)                                          Inactive
       B1012                  Symposium (B1012)                                       Inactive
       B1013                  Murrell (B1013)                                         Inactive
B4010_PBI                     Plant Breeding Institute (B4010_PBI)
  B4020_PBI_COBBITTY          PBI Cobbitty (B4020_PBI_COBBITTY)
     B4710_COBBITY_RESCH      PBI Cobbity Research (B4710_COBBITY_RESCH)

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          B0904                  Richard Trethowan (B0904)                               Active
          B0906                  Darvey (B0906)                                          Active
          B0907                  Peter Sharp (B0907)                                     Active
          B0908                  Robert Park (B0908)                                     Active
          B0911                  Sharp (B0911)                                           Active
          B0914                  Matthew Turner (B0914)                                  Active
          B0915                  Martin - Teaching / Research (B0915)                    Active
          B0916                  P Martin (B0916)                                        Active
          B0917                  Harbans Singh Bariana (B0917)                           Active
          B0918                  N Howes (B0918)                                         Active
          B0921                  Akram Khan (B0921)                                      Active
          B6710_INACT_CBTY_RES   Inactive PBI Cobbity Research (B6710_INACT_CBTY_RES)
            B0806                Darvey (B0806)                                          Inactive
            B0807                Marshall (B0807)                                        Inactive
            B0808                McIntosh (B0808)                                        Inactive
            B0809                Oates (B0809)                                           Inactive
            B0811                Sharp (B0811)                                           Inactive
            B0812                Symposium (B0812)                                       Inactive
            B0922                Nizam Ahmed (B0922)                                     Active
       B4780_COBBITY_OPS         PBI Cobbity Operations (B4780_COBBITY_OPS)
          B0902                  Cobbitty Site Management (B0902)                        Active
          B0905                  Molecular Laboratory (B0905)                            Active
          B0909                  Glass House (B0909)                                     Active
          B0913                  Motor Vehicle (B0913)                                   Active
          B0919                  Fee for Service (B0919)                                 Active
          B6780_INACT_CBTY_OPS   Inactive PBI Cobbity Operatns (B6780_INACT_CBTY_OPS)
            B0804                Workshop (B0804)                                        Inactive
       B4790_CBTY_SERVICES       PBI Cobbity Services (B4790_CBTY_SERVICES)
          B0901                  PBI Cobbity Operating (B0901)                           Active
          B6790_INAC_CBTY_SER    Inactive PBI Cobbity Services (B6790_INAC_CBTY_SER)
            B0801                PBI Cobbity Operating (B0801)                           Inactive
            B0802                Hod (B0802)                                             Inactive
            B0803                Student Services (B0803)                                Inactive
            B0805                Cobbity - Resource Management (B0805)                   Inactive
     B4040_PBI_NARRABRI          PBI Narrabri (B4040_PBI_NARRABRI)
       B4810_NARRABRI_RESCH      PBI Narrabri Research (B4810_NARRABRI_RESCH)
          B0944                  S Moore (B0944)                                         Active
          B6810_INACT_NARR_RES   Inactive PBI Narrabri Research (B6810_INACT_NARR_RES)
            B0843                Mares (B0843)                                           Inactive
            B0844                O'Brian (B0844)                                         Inactive
            B0912                Symposium (B0912)                                       Active
       B4880_NARRABRI_OPS        PBI Narrabri Operations (B4880_NARRABRI_OPS)
          B0942                  Narrabri Site Management (B0942)                        Active
          B0945                  Narrabri Motor Vehicles (B0945)                         Active
          B0947                  Workshop Narrabri (B0947)                               Active
       B4890_NARRABRI_SERV       PBI Narrabri Services (B4890_NARRABRI_SERV)
          B0941                  PBI Narrabri Operating (B0941)                          Active
          B6890_INAC_NARR_SERV   Inactive PBI Narrabri Services (B6890_INAC_NARR_SERV)
            B0841                PBI Narrabri Operating (B0841)                          Inactive
            B0842                Narrabri - Resource Managemnt (B0842)                   Inactive
            B0943                Narrabri Service Centre (B0943)                         Active
            B0946                Narrabri Inhouse Support (B0946)                        Active
C0000_ARCHITECTURE               Faculty of Architecture (C0000_ARCHITECTURE)
  C6000_ARCH_EXCL_FNDN           Architecture Excl Foundations (C6000_ARCH_EXCL_FNDN)
     C0010_ARCH_TEACHING         Architecture Teaching (C0010_ARCH_TEACHING)
       C1100_DESIGN_COMPTNG      Arch Degree Design Computing (C1100_DESIGN_COMPTNG)
          C1110_COMPUTING_YR1    Arch Design Computing Year 1 (C1110_COMPUTING_YR1)
          C1120_COMPUTING_YR2    Arch Design Computing Year 2 (C1120_COMPUTING_YR2)
          C1130_COMPUTING_YR3    Arch Design Computing Year 3 (C1130_COMPUTING_YR3)
       C1200_DEG_ARCH            Arch Deg Design Architecture (C1200_DEG_ARCH)
          C1210_DEG_ARCH_YR1     Arch Design Arch Year 1 (C1210_DEG_ARCH_YR1)
          C1220_DEG_ARCH_YR2     Arch Design Arch Year 2 (C1220_DEG_ARCH_YR2)
          C1230_DEG_ARCH_YR3     Arch Design Arch Year 3 (C1230_DEG_ARCH_YR3)
       C1240_SHARED_UOS          Arch Shared Units of Study (C1240_SHARED_UOS)
       C1400_MASTER_ARCH         Arch Master Architecture (C1400_MASTER_ARCH)
          C1410_MASTER_YR1       Arch Master Arch Year 1 (C1410_MASTER_YR1)
          C1420_MASTER_YR2       Arch Master Arch Year 2 (C1420_MASTER_YR2)
       C1600_ARCH_PROGRAMS       Arch Programs (C1600_ARCH_PROGRAMS)

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     C2003                  Arch & Allied Arts Discipline (C2003)                   Active
     C2004                  Arch & Env Science (C2004)                              Active
     C2005                  Design Lab (C2005)                                      Active
     C2006                  Urban & Regional Plan & Policy (C2006)                  Active
     C2013                  Graduate P/T Teaching (C2013)                           Active
     C2065                  Art Workshop (C2065)                                    Active
  C1690_ARCH_TEACH_GEN      Arch Teaching General (C1690_ARCH_TEACH_GEN)
     C2001                  Teaching & Learning Support (C2001)                     Active
     C2011                  Continuing Professional Dev (C2011)                     Active
     C2012                  Undergraduate P / T Teaching (C2012)                    Active
     C2038                  Profesional Developmnt Courses (C2038)                  Active
     C2062                  Environ Behav & Society Discip (C2062)                  Active
C0030_ARCH_RESEARCH         Architecture Research (C0030_ARCH_RESEARCH)
  C2310_ARCH_RES_GROUP      Arch Research Group (C2310_ARCH_RES_GROUP)
     C3310_DH&T_RESCHERS    Arch Design Hist&Theory Rschrs (C3310_DH&T_RESCHERS)
       C2026                G Hill (C2026)                                          Active
       C2027                T Howells (C2027)                                       Active
       C2032                R Lamb (C2032)                                          Active
       C2033                Duangan Lu (C2033)                                      Active
       C2044                P Armstrong (C2044)                                     Active
       C2053                B Shelton (C2053)                                       Active
       C2054                Sue Rice (C2054)                                        Active
       C2055                T Heneghan (C2055)                                      Active
       C2063                Michael Tawa (C2063)                                    Active
       C2064                Dagmar Reinhardt (C2064)                                Active
       C2069                Ross Anderson (C2069)                                   Active
       C2072                Chris Smith (C2072)                                     Active
       C2076                Sarah Benton (C2076)                                    Active
       C2077                Lee Stickells (C2077)                                   Active
     C3320_DESIGN_RSCHERS   Arch Design Education Reschers (C3320_DESIGN_RSCHERS)
       C2042                A Rubbo (C2042)                                         Active
       C2043                K Sodersten (C2043)                                     Active
  C2410_SCIENCE_GROUP       Arch & Design Science Res Grp (C2410_SCIENCE_GROUP)
     C3410_SCIENCE_RSCHRS   Arch & Design Science Reschers (C3410_SCIENCE_RSCHRS)
       C2022                D Gunaratnam (C2022)                                    Active
       C2024                S Hayman (C2024)                                        Active
       C2048                Zanny Begg (C2048)                                      Active
       C2051                D Leifer (C2051)                                        Active
       C2078                Richard de Dear (C2078)                                 Active
     C3420_AUDIO_RESCHERS   Arch Audio & Acoustic Reschers (C3420_AUDIO_RESCHERS)
       C2019                F Fricke (C2019)                                        Active
       C2039                Michael Bates (C2039)                                   Active
       C2046                D Cabrera (C2046)                                       Active
       C2049                Acoustic Research Laboratory (C2049)                    Active
       C2071                William Martens (C2071)                                 Active
     C3430_LIGHTING_RSCHR   Arch Lighting Researchers (C3430_LIGHTING_RSCHR)
       C2031                Lighting Publications (C2031)                           Active
     C3440_SUSTBLTY_RSCHR   Arch Sustainability Reschers (C3440_SUSTBLTY_RSCHR)
       C0013                Sustainability Institute (C0013)                        Active
       C0812                A Rubbo (C0812)                                         Active
       C2073                Richard Hyde (C2073)                                    Active
     C3450_INAC_ARC_DSN     Inactive Ex Arc & Design (C3450_INAC_ARC_DSN)
       C0401                Arch & Design Oper (C0401)                              Inactive
       C0402                Scholarships (C0402)                                    Inactive
       C0403                Dept Computing (C0403)                                  Inactive
       C0404                Resources Management (C0404)                            Inactive
       C0405                Design Computing (C0405)                                Inactive
       C0406                Chase (C0406)                                           Inactive
       C0407                Fricke (C0407)                                          Inactive
       C0408                Forwood (C0408)                                         Inactive
       C0409                Gero (C0409)                                            Inactive
       C0411                Graham (C0411)                                          Inactive
       C0412                Gunataham (C0412)                                       Inactive
       C0413                Hayman (C0413)                                          Inactive
       C0414                Julian (C0414)                                          Inactive
       C0415                Maher (C0415)                                           Inactive
       C0416                Nelson (C0416)                                          Inactive
       C0417                Purcell (C0417)                                         Inactive

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       C0418                Roseman (C0418)                                         Inactive
       C0419                R Reffat (C0419)                                        Inactive
       C0421                Sudweeks (C0421)                                        Inactive
  C2510_DIGITAL_MEDIA       Arch Comp&Digital Media ResGrp (C2510_DIGITAL_MEDIA)
     C3510_MEDIA_RESCHERS   Arch Comp&Digital Media Rschrs (C3510_MEDIA_RESCHERS)
       C2021                John Redmond (C2021)                                    Active
       C2034                M Maher (C2034)                                         Active
       C2036                P Murty (C2036)                                         Active
       C2041                M Roseman (C2041)                                       Active
       C2045                K Beilharz (C2045)                                      Active
       C2056                A Dong (C2056)                                          Active
       C2058                Lucy Groenhart (C2058)                                  Active
       C2059                S Kaji-Ogrady (C2059)                                   Active
       C2061                A Vande Moere (C2061)                                   Active
       C2066                Xiangy U Wang (C2066)                                   Active
       C2067                Rob Saunders (C2067)                                    Active
       C2068                C De B Wall (C2068)                                     Active
       C2079                Martin Tomitsch (C2079)                                 Active
  C2610_PLANNING_RES        Arch Urban& Region Plan ResGrp (C2610_PLANNING_RES)
     C2017                  Planning Research Unit (C2017)                          Active
     C3610_PLANNING_RSCHR   Arch Urban& Region Plan Rschrs (C3610_PLANNING_RSCHR)
       C0007                Ahuri Research (C0007)                                  Active
       C2023                N Gurran (C2023)                                        Active
       C2025                Daniel Ryan (C2025)                                     Active
       C2037                P Phibbs (C2037)                                        Inactive
       C2052                M Payne (C2052)                                         Active
       C2057                Paul Jones (C2057)                                      Active
       C2074                Krishna Shrestha (C2074)                                Active
       C2075                Professor Alan Peters (C2075)                           Active
     C3620_HOUSING_RSCHRS   Arch Housing Researchers (C3620_HOUSING_RSCHRS)
       C0008                I B Fell Res Centre (C0008)                             Active
       C2028                C James (C2028)                                         Active
     C3630_INACT_ARC_PLAN   Inactive Ex Arc & Plan (C3630_INACT_ARC_PLAN)
       C0801                Architecture Operating (C0801)                          Inactive
       C0802                Publications (C0802)                                    Inactive
       C0803                Art W/Shop/Tin Sheds Gallery (C0803)                    Inactive
       C0804                Heritage Conservation Prog (C0804)                      Inactive
       C0805                Bequests (C0805)                                        Inactive
       C0806                Resource Management (C0806)                             Inactive
       C0808                P Webber (C0808)                                        Inactive
       C0809                K Sodersten (C0809)                                     Inactive
       C0811                J Lea (C0811)                                           Inactive
       C0813                P Phibbs (C0813)                                        Inactive
       C0814                P Droege (C0814)                                        Inactive
       C0815                T Howells (C0815)                                       Inactive
       C0816                C James (C0816)                                         Inactive
       C0817                R Lamb (C0817)                                          Inactive
       C0818                T Kenyon (C0818)                                        Active
  C2630_ALLIED_ART_GRP      Arch Allied Arts Research Grp (C2630_ALLIED_ART_GRP)
     C3640_ALLIED_RSCHRS    Arch Allied Arts Researchers (C3640_ALLIED_RSCHRS)
       C2029                M Jones (C2029)                                         Active
       C2047                J Fieldsend (C2047)                                     Active
  C2680_OTHER_RESCHERS      Arch Other Researchers (C2680_OTHER_RESCHERS)
     C2018                  EBS Projects (C2018)                                    Active
     C2035                  G Moore (C2035)                                         Active
  C2690_RESEARCH_GEN        Arch Research General (C2690_RESEARCH_GEN)
     C2002                  Research Support (C2002)                                Active
     C2014                  ARCH SCI Review (C2014)                                 Active
     C2015                  Arch Theory Review (C2015)                              Active
C0080_ARCH_OPERATNS         Architecture Operations (C0080_ARCH_OPERATNS)
  C0015                     Tin Sheds Gallery Management (C0015)                    Inactive
  C2007                     Audio Visual (C2007)                                    Active
  C2008                     Arch & Tech Services (C2008)                            Active
C0090_ARCH_SERVICES         Architecture Services (C0090_ARCH_SERVICES)
  C0001                     Faculty Operating (C0001)                               Active
  C0002                     Bequests (C0002)                                        Active
  C0003                     Prizes & Scholarship (C0003)                            Active
  C0004                     Wilkinson Building (C0004)                              Active

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       C0005                  Student Admin Centre (C0005)                          Active
       C0006                  Marketing Centre (C0006)                              Active
       C0014                  ARCH Alumni Association (C0014)                       Active
       C0016                  Student Services (C0016)                              Inactive
       C0017                  Alumni & Development Centre (C0017)                   Active
       C2009                  Computing Services (C2009)                            Active
       C2016                  Tin Sheds Gallery (C2016)                             Active
       C3890_INAC_SERVICES    Arch Inactive Services (C3890_INAC_SERVICES)
          C0009               PRC 50 Anniversary Book (C0009)                       Inactive
          C0011               G Moore (C0011)                                       Inactive
          C0012               T Kvan (C0012)                                        Inactive
          C0099               CST Budgets Architecture (C0099)                      Active
  C7000_ARCH_FNDNS            Architecture Foundations (C7000_ARCH_FNDNS)
     C7100_PLAN_RSCH_CTRE     Planning Research Centre (C7100_PLAN_RSCH_CTRE)
       C7101                  PRC- Operating (C7101)                                Inactive
       C7102                  PRC- Seminars / Courses (C7102)                       Inactive
       C7103                  PRC- Metropolitan Strategy (C7103)                    Inactive
       C7104                  PRC- Regional Development (C7104)                     Inactive
       C7105                  PRC- Publications (C7105)                             Inactive
D0000_ARTS                    Faculty of Arts (D0000_ARTS)
  D1000_FAC_ARTS              Faculty Arts Operations (D1000_FAC_ARTS)
     D2000_ARTS_CTRL_FAC      Central Faculty (D2000_ARTS_CTRL_FAC)
       D0010_FACULTY_ADMIN    Faculty Admin (D0010_FACULTY_ADMIN)
          D0001               Arts Administration (D0001)                           Active
          D0002               Arts Digital (D0002)                                  Active
          D0003               Sydney Arts Association (D0003)                       Active
          D0004               Bushell Fdn Grant - Music (D0004)                     Inactive
          D0005               Pre 2002 Faculty Carry fwd (D0005)                    Active
          D0051               Faculty Office (D0051)                                Active
          D0054               Writing Hub Unit (D0054)                              Active
          D0055               Faculty Marketing Unit (D0055)                        Active
          D0056               University Historian (D0056)                          Active
          D0057               Research Only Academics (D0057)                       Active
          D0058               Teaching & Learning Unit (D0058)                      Active
          D0059               E Learning Unit (D0059)                               Active
          D0071               CCANESA (D0071)                                       Active
          D0099               CHASS Budgets Arts (D0099)                            Active
       D0060_DEANS_UNIT       Dean's Unit (D0060_DEANS_UNIT)
          D0061               Dean's Unit Operating (D0061)                         Active
          D0062               Professor Stephen Garton (D0062)                      Active
          D0065               Expense Account (D0065)                               Active
     D2500_CTRE_INST_OTH      Centres, Institutes and Other (D2500_CTRE_INST_OTH)
       D0110_OCEANIA_PUBL     Oceania Publications (D0110_OCEANIA_PUBL)
          D0101               Oceania (D0101)                                       Active
          D0102               Archaeology in Oceania (D0102)                        Active
          D0103               Oceania Monographs (D0103)                            Active
          D0104               Oceania Ethnographics (D0104)                         Inactive
          D0105               Oceania Journal (D0105)                               Active
          D0106               World Arch Cong (D0106)                               Inactive
       D0410_PG_ARC           PG ARC (D0410_PG_ARC)
          D0401               PG ARC (D0401)                                        Active
       D3910_RHISS            EX RHISS (D3910_RHISS)
          D3901               Operating RHISS (D3901)                               Inactive
       D9010_POWER_INST_ADM   Power Institute Admin (D9010_POWER_INST_ADM)
          D5201               Power Gallery Contemp Art-Clo (D5201)                 Active
          D9001               Power Inst-Admin (D9001)                              Inactive
          D9002               Power Inst-Library (D9002)                            Active
          D9003               Power Inst-Cite Studio (D9003)                        Inactive
          D9004               Power Inst-Slide Library (D9004)                      Inactive
          D9005               Power Inst-Public Edu (D9005)                         Inactive
          D9006               Power Inst-Publication (D9006)                        Inactive
          D9007               Alumni & Development (D9007)                          Inactive
     D2700_META_CENTRE        Multimedia & Educ Tech in Arts (D2700_META_CENTRE)
       D2701                  META Centre (D2701)                                   Inactive
       D3710_META_CENTRE      Meta Centre (D3710_META_CENTRE)
          D3701               Meta Centre (D3701)                                   Inactive
          D3702               Computer Lab (D3702)                                  Inactive
          D3703               Meta Centre Elearning (D3703)                         Inactive

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     D3704               Meta Centre - Network (D3704)                         Inactive
     D3705               IT - Support Centre (D3705)                           Inactive
     D3706               Meta Centre Resources (D3706)                         Inactive
  D0510_LANGUAGE_CTRE    Language Centre (D0510_LANGUAGE_CTRE)
     D0501               Language Centre Operations (D0501)                    Inactive
     D5601               Centre for Celtic Studies (D5601)                     Inactive
D9400_SSPS               Sch of Socl and Politicl Scien (D9400_SSPS)
  D9401                  School Admin Operation (D9401)                        Active
  DA300_GRAD_SCH_GOVT    Graduate School of Government (DA300_GRAD_SCH_GOVT)
     DA301               School of Government (DA301)                          Active
     DA302               GSG Executive Program (DA302)                         Active
     DA311               Kelly, Joanne (DA311)                                 Active
     DA312               Ramia, Gaby (DA312)                                   Active
     DA313               Gallop, Geoff (DA313)                                 Active
  DA400_CISS             Cntre for Intntnl Sec Studies (DA400_CISS)
     DA401               CISS Operations (DA401)                               Active
     DA411               Dupont, Alan Res Account (DA411)                      Active
     DA412               Piggott, Leanne (DA412)                               Active
     DA413               Enemark, Christian (DA413)                            Active
     DA414               Wilkins, Tom (DA414)                                  Active
     DA415               Curson, Peter (DA415)                                 Active
     DA416               Phillips, Sarah (DA416)                               Active
     DA417               Yuan, Jindong (DA417)                                 Active
     DA418               Fee, Anthony (DA418)                                  Active
  D0210_ANTHROPOLOGY     Anthropology (D0210_ANTHROPOLOGY)
     D0201               Anthropology (D0201)                                  Active
     D0202               Aboriginal Studies (D0202)                            Inactive
  D4810_SOCIAL_WRK_POL   Social Work & Social Policy (D4810_SOCIAL_WRK_POL)
     D4801               Social Work & Policy (D4801)                          Inactive
     D4802               Aust. Centre for Gay/Leb (D4802)                      Inactive
     D4803               Sociology (D4803)                                     Active
  D5410_PEACE_CONFLICT   Peace & Conflict (D5410_PEACE_CONFLICT)
     D5401               Cntr for Peace & Conflict (D5401)                     Active
     D5402               Graduate Peace&Confict Studies (D5402)                Inactive
     D5403               Refugee Language Program (D5403)                      Active
  D9200_GOVT_INT_REL     Govt & International Relations (D9200_GOVT_INT_REL)
     D9201               Govt & International Relations (D9201)                Active
     D9226               G Gill (D9226)                                        Active
     D9228               D Maguire (D9228)                                     Active
     D9231               L Weiss (D9231)                                       Active
     D9232               Michael Jackson (D9232)                               Active
     D9235               Tiffen (D9235)                                        Active
     D9244               Ramesh (D9244)                                        Active
     D9245               Chappell (D9245)                                      Active
     D9247               Goad / Dauvergne (D9247)                              Active
     D9249               Carson (D9249)                                        Active
     D9253               Vromen (D9253)                                        Active
     D9255               Rodney Smith (D9255)                                  Active
     D9257               Gil Merom (D9257)                                     Active
     D9259               Lily Rahim (D9259)                                    Active
     D9261               Allan McConnell (D9261)                               Active
     D9262               Betsi Beem (D9262)                                    Active
     D9264               John Mikler (D9264)                                   Active
     D9265               Charlotte Epstein (D9265)                             Active
     D9266               Francesca Panzironi (D9266)                           Active
     D9267               Susan Park (D9267)                                    Active
     D9268               Ben Goldsmith (D9268)                                 Active
     D9269               Michael Hogan (D9269)                                 Active
     D9271               Frederick Teiwes (D9271)                              Active
     D9272               Anika Gauja (D9272)                                   Active
     D9273               Peter Chen (D9273)                                    Active
     D9274               Paul Fawcett (D9274)                                  Active
     D9275               James Reilly (D9275)                                  Active
     D9276               John Keane (D9276)                                    Active
     D9277               Colin Wight (D9277)                                   Active
     D9278               David Schlosberg (D9278)                              Active
     D9279               Pippa Norris (D9279)                                  Active
     D9281               Anna Boucher (D9281)                                  Active

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     D9282              Jonathan Sullivan (D9282)                              Active
     D9283              Justin Hastings (D9283)                                Active
     D9284              David Smith (D9284)                                    Active
     D9285              Ryan Griffiths (D9285)                                 Active
  D9300_POL_ECON        Political Economy (D9300_POL_ECON)
     D9301              Poltical Economy (D9301)                               Active
     D9302              Evan Jones (D9302)                                     Active
     D9303              Frank Stilwell (D9303)                                 Active
     D9304              R Bryan (D9304)                                        Active
     D9305              Stuart Rosewarne (D9305)                               Active
     D9307              Tim Anderson (D9307)                                   Active
     D9308              Joseph Halevi (D9308)                                  Active
     D9309              Elizabeth Hill (D9309)                                 Active
     D9311              William Dunn (D9311)                                   Active
     D9312              Damien Cahill (D9312)                                  Active
     D9313              Martijn Konings (D9313)                                Active
     D9314              Susan Schroeder (D9314)                                Active
     D9315              Hans Hendrischke (D9315)                               Active
     D9316              Lynne Chester (D9316)                                  Active
DA100_SCH_ECONOMICS     School of Economics (DA100_SCH_ECONOMICS)
  DA101                 School of Economics Admin Ops (DA101)                  Active
  DA102                 Staff Development (DA102)                              Active
  DA103                 Scholarship & Prizes CPT (DA103)                       Active
  DA111                 Cheung, Stephen (DA111)                                Active
  DA112                 Birulin Oleskii (DA112)                                Active
  DA113                 Alvarez Pablo Guillen (DA113)                          Active
  DA114                 Dutta, Dilip (DA114)                                   Active
  DA115                 Yates, Judith (DA115)                                  Active
  DA116                 Ross, Russell (DA116)                                  Active
  DA117                 Aspromourgos, Anthony (DA117)                          Active
  DA118                 Wright, Don (DA118)                                    Active
  DA119                 White, Graham (DA119)                                  Active
  DA121                 Sengupta, Abhijit (DA121)                              Active
  DA122                 Agastya, Murali (DA122)                                Active
  DA123                 Sengupta, Kunal (DA123)                                Active
  DA124                 Hutchinson, Diane (DA124)                              Active
  DA125                 Whelan, Stephen (DA125)                                Active
  DA126                 Melatos, Mark (DA126)                                  Active
  DA127                 Chakrabarty, Debajyoti (DA127)                         Active
  DA128                 Smirnov, Vladimir (DA128)                              Active
  DA129                 DeRoos, Nicholas (DA129)                               Active
  DA131                 Wait, Andrew (DA131)                                   Active
  DA132                 Kim, David (Deok Ki) (DA132)                           Active
  DA133                 Smith, Matthew (DA133)                                 Active
  DA134                 Fisher, Tim (DA134)                                    Active
  DA135                 Wen, Mei (DA135)                                       Active
  DA136                 Huangfu, Stella (DA136)                                Active
  DA137                 McKenzie, Jordi (DA137)                                Active
  DA138                 Singh, Aarti (DA138)                                   Active
  DA139                 Hong, Jian (DA139)                                     Active
  DA141                 Slonim, Robert (DA141)                                 Active
  DA142                 Stevens, Katrien (DA142)                               Active
  DA143                 Eo, Yunjong (DA143)                                    Active
  DA144                 Lie, Denny (DA144)                                     Active
  DA145                 Barrett, Garry (DA145)                                 Active
  DA191                 South Asian Studies Group (DA191)                      Active
  DA192                 Aust Review of Public Affairs (DA192)                  Active
D9500_SLC               School of Languages & Cultures (D9500_SLC)
  D1310_SPANISH_LATIN   Spanish & Latin American Study (D1310_SPANISH_LATIN)
     D1301              Spanish & Latin American Studs (D1301)                 Active
  D1510_INT_COMP_LIT    Int & Comparative Literary Stu (D1510_INT_COMP_LIT)
     D1501              Int & Comp Literary Studies (D1501)                    Active
  D1710_JAPANESE        Japanese Studies (D1710_JAPANESE)
     D1701              Japanese Studies (D1701)                               Active
     D6201              Japanese Studies (D6201)                               Inactive
  D1910_KOREAN          Korean Studies (D1910_KOREAN)
     D1901              Korean Studies (D1901)                                 Active
     D6251              Korean Studies (D6251)                                 Inactive

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  D9510_SLC_ADMIN        School of Languages & Cultures (D9510_SLC_ADMIN)
     D3101               Institute Languages & Cultures (D3101)             Inactive
     D9501               School Administration-Operatng (D9501)             Active
     D9502               New Professor Stephens (D9502)                     Inactive
     D9503               In-Country Lang Schol (D9503)                      Active
     D9551               SLC - Budget Control (D9551)                       Active
  D4510_DEPT_H_B_J       Dept of H, B&J Studs (D4510_DEPT_H_B_J)
     D4501               Dept Hebrew,Biblical,Jew Study (D4501)             Active
  D4710_DEPT_A_I_STUD    Dept of A&I Studies (D4710_DEPT_A_I_STUD)
     D4701               Dept Arabic & Islamic Studies (D4701)              Active
  D1610_FRENCH_STUDIES   French Studies (D1610_FRENCH_STUDIES)
     D1601               French Studies (D1601)                             Active
     D1602               French Studies - Angus Martin (D1602)              Inactive
     D1603               Conferences (D1603)                                Active
     D1604               Aust Ctr Lesbian & Gay Res (D1604)                 Active
  D1810_GERMANIC_STUD    Germanic Studies (D1810_GERMANIC_STUD)
     D1801               Germanic Studies (D1801)                           Active
     D1802               GSAA Conference (D1802)                            Inactive
  D2110_GREEK_(MODERN)   Greek (Modern) (D2110_GREEK_(MODERN))
     D2101               Modern Greek (D2101)                               Active
     D2102               Department Publications (D2102)                    Inactive
     D2103               Teaching Support (D2103)                           Active
     D2104               Conference Modern Greek (D2104)                    Active
  D2610_ITALIAN          Italian (D2610_ITALIAN)
     D2601               Italian (D2601)                                    Active
     D2602               European Project (D2602)                           Inactive
     D2603               Italian Studies Association (D2603)                Active
  D4610_SEMITIC_STUD     EX Semitic Studies (D4610_SEMITIC_STUD)
     D4601               Semitic Studies (D4601)                            Inactive
     D4602               Henry Roth Jewish Studies (D4602)                  Inactive
     D4603               Open Learn Agency (D4603)                          Inactive
     D4605               Malka Einhorn (D4605)                              Inactive
     D4606               Symposium Syriacum 2000 (D4606)                    Inactive
     D4607               Lectureship-Modern Israel Stud (D4607)             Inactive
  D6050_ASIAN_STUDIES    Asian Studies Program (D6050_ASIAN_STUDIES)
     D6001               Operating (D6001)                                  Inactive
     D6002               Head of Dept Allowances (D6002)                    Inactive
     D6051               Asian Studies (D6051)                              Active
  D6110_CHINESE          Chinese Studies (D6110_CHINESE)
     D6101               Chinese Studies (D6101)                            Active
     D6102               Mabel Lee (D6102)                                  Active
  D9100_BUDDHIST_STUDS   Buddhist Studies (D9100_BUDDHIST_STUDS)
     D9101               Buddhist Studies Program (D9101)                   Active
  D6310_SE_ASIAN         SE Asian (D6310_SE_ASIAN)
     D6301               S.E. Asian Studies (D6301)                         Active
     D6303               Salatiga Program (D6303)                           Active
     D6304               Review Ind & Mal Affirs (D6304)                    Inactive
  D6410_INDIAN_STUDIES   Indian Studies (D6410_INDIAN_STUDIES)
     D6401               Indian Studies (D6401)                             Active
  D8110_EUROPEAN_STUD    EX European Studies (D8110_EUROPEAN_STUD)
     D8101               Cntr for European Studies (D8101)                  Active
D9600_SOPHI              Sch Philosoph and Hist Inquiry (D9600_SOPHI)
  D6710_ARCHAEOLOGY      Archaeology (D6710_ARCHAEOLOGY)
     D6701               Archaeology (D6701)                                Active
     D8401               Operating (D8401)                                  Inactive
     D8501               Prehist/Historical Arch (D8501)                    Inactive
     D8503               Aboriginal Studies (PHA) (D8503)                   Inactive
     D8504               Archae Computing Lab (D8504)                       Active
     D8505               Su Arch Methods Series (D8505)                     Active
     D8506               Conferences & Public Programs (D8506)              Active
     D8601               Classical Archaelogy (D8601)                       Inactive
     D8602               Centre for Cypriot Arch (D8602)                    Inactive
     D8603               Photography Admin (D8603)                          Inactive
     D8604               Monuments New Comedy (D8604)                       Active
     D8605               Richard Green Loading (D8605)                      Active
     D8606               Expendition to Pompeii (D8606)                     Active
     D8607               Meditarch Publications (D8607)                     Active
     D8701               Archaeology (D8701)                                Inactive

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  D5310_HERITAGE          Heritage Studies (D5310_HERITAGE)
     D5301                Heritage Studies (D5301)                             Active
  D5100_MED_HUMANITIES    Medical Humanities (D5100_MED_HUMANITIES)
     D5101                Medical Humanities (D5101)                           Inactive
  D9610_SOPHI_ADMIN       Sch Phil and Hist Inqury Admin (D9610_SOPHI_ADMIN)
     D9601                SOPHI-Admin Operating (D9601)                        Active
     D9602                SPGHAWS Research Travel (D9602)                      Inactive
     D9603                SPGHAWS-Oustide Earnings (D9603)                     Inactive
     D9604                University Historian (D9604)                         Active
     D9651                SOPHI - Budget Control (D9651)                       Active
  D2210_HISTORY           History (D2210_HISTORY)
     D2201                History (D2201)                                      Active
     D2202                Research and Publications (D2202)                    Active
     D2203                Conference & Public Program (D2203)                  Active
     D2204                European Studies Project (D2204)                     Inactive
     D2207                Professor Ros Pesman (D2207)                         Inactive
  D4010_PHILOSOPHY        Philosophy (D4010_PHILOSOPHY)
     D4001                Trad & Modern Philosophy (D4001)                     Active
     D4002                Centre for Time (D4002)                              Active
     D4003                Centre For SCFS (D4003)                              Active
     D4101                General Philosophy (D4101)                           Inactive
     D4201                School Administration (D4201)                        Inactive
  D5810_GENDER_STUDIES    Gender Studies (D5810_GENDER_STUDIES)
     D5801                Gender Studies (D5801)                               Active
     D5802                HOD Allowances (D5802)                               Inactive
  D2910_CLAS_ANCT_HIST    Classic & Ancient History (D2910_CLAS_ANCT_HIST)
     D2911                Classics & Ancient History (D2911)                   Active
     D2912                Classics & Ancient Hist Confer (D2912)               Active
     D6810_CLASSICS       Classics Obsolete (D6810_CLASSICS)
       D6601              Operating (D6601)                                    Inactive
       D6801              Classics and Ancient History (D6801)                 Active
       D6802              Conferences (D6802)                                  Active
       D6803              Research & Publications (D6803)                      Active
     D6910_ANCIENT_HIST   Ancient History Obsolete (D6910_ANCIENT_HIST)
       D6901              Ancient History (D6901)                              Inactive
       D6902              Research and Publications (D6902)                    Inactive
       D6903              Conference & Public Programs (D6903)                 Inactive
D9700_SLAM                Schl of Letters Arts & Medi (D9700_SLAM)
  D5010_MUSEUM_STUDIES    Museum Studies (D5010_MUSEUM_STUDIES)
     D5001                Museum Studies (D5001)                               Active
     D5002                Hong Kong U Space (D5002)                            Active
  D3210_LINGUISTICS       Linguistics (D3210_LINGUISTICS)
     D3201                Linguistics (D3201)                                  Active
  D0710_PERFORM_STUD      Perform Studies (D0710_PERFORM_STUD)
     D0701                Perform Studies Centre (D0701)                       Active
     D0702                Theatre Projects (D0702)                             Active
  D9710_SLAM_ADMIN        Schl of Letters Arts & Media (D9710_SLAM_ADMIN)
     D9701                School Administration-Operatng (D9701)               Active
     D9751                SEAFAM - Budget Control (D9751)                      Active
     D9801                School Administration-Operatng (D9801)               Active
     D9803                Paradisec (D9803)                                    Active
     D9851                SSCP - Budget Control (D9851)                        Active
  D1210_ENGLISH           English (D1210_ENGLISH)
     D1201                English (D1201)                                      Active
     D1202                Kramer Studies (D1202)                               Active
     D1203                Iwabuchi Fund (D1203)                                Active
     D1204                Prof M Harris Res Allows (D1204)                     Active
  D1410_ART_HIS_THEORY    Art History & Theory (D1410_ART_HIS_THEORY)
     D1401                Art History & Theory (D1401)                         Active
     D1402                Art Informatics (D1402)                              Active
  D3510_MEDIEVAL_STUD     Medieval Studies (D3510_MEDIEVAL_STUD)
     D3501                Medieval Studies (D3501)                             Active
     D3502                Medieval Studies Program (D3502)                     Active
     D3503                Australian Lang Usage Centre (D3503)                 Active
  D5710_MEDIA_COMMUNIC    Media and Communications (D5710_MEDIA_COMMUNIC)
     D5701                Media & Communications - Oper (D5701)                Active
  D6510_RELIGIOUS_STUD    Religious Studies (D6510_RELIGIOUS_STUD)
     D6501                Religion Studies (D6501)                             Active

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       D8010_AUST_STUDIES        Australian Studies (D8010_AUST_STUDIES)
          D8001                  Australian Studies (D8001)                             Active
       D8310_SEMIOTICS           Semiotics (D8310_SEMIOTICS)
          D8301                  Semiotics (D8301)                                      Active
  D7000_ARTS_FNDNS               Arts Foundations (D7000_ARTS_FNDNS)
     D7010_JOHN_POWER_FDN        John Power Foundation (D7010_JOHN_POWER_FDN)
       D7011                     Power Foundation Operations (D7011)                    Active
       D7012                     Power Loan Fund (D7012)                                Inactive
       D7021                     Administration (D7021)                                 Active
       D7022                     Schaeffer Library (D7022)                              Active
       D7023                     Cite International (D7023)                             Active
       D7024                     Slide Library (D7024)                                  Active
       D7025                     Public Education (D7025)                               Active
       D7026                     Power Publications (D7026)                             Active
       D7027                     Alumni & Development (D7027)                           Active
     D7100_FRED_MAY_FNDN         EX Fredrick May Foundation (D7100_FRED_MAY_FNDN)
       D7101                     Fredrick May Fndatn Operations (D7101)                 Inactive
     D7200_AAIA                  Aust Arch Institute of Athens (D7200_AAIA)
       D7201                     AAIA - Operating (D7201)                               Active
       D7202                     Sydney Friends Account (D7202)                         Active
       D7203                     AAIA - Scholarships (D7203)                            Active
       D7204                     AAIA - Thessaloni Hotel (D7204)                        Inactive
       D7205                     Athens Office (D7205)                                  Active
       D7206                     Athens Hostel (D7206)                                  Active
       D7207                     Athens - Other (D7207)                                 Active
       D7208                     Sydney University Friends (D7208)                      Active
       D7209                     South Australian Friends (D7209)                       Active
       D7211                     Draw Down Facility (D7211)                             Active
     D7300_NR_EAST_AR_FDN        Near Eastern Archaeology Fndn (D7300_NR_EAST_AR_FDN)
       D7301                     Near East Archaeol Fdn Op (D7301)                      Active
       D7302                     Pella Excavation (D7302)                               Active
       D7303                     Pella Volunteer Scheme (D7303)                         Active
       D7304                     NEAF Publication (D7304)                               Active
     D7500_FDN_CLASS_ARCH        EX Fndn Classical Archaeology (D7500_FDN_CLASS_ARCH)
       D7501                     Fdn for Classic Arch - Op (D7501)                      Inactive
       D7502                     FCA Torone Expenditure (D7502)                         Inactive
       D7503                     FCA Concerts (D7503)                                   Inactive
     D7600_CELTIC_STU_FDN        Celtic Studies Foundation (D7600_CELTIC_STU_FDN)
       D7601                     Celtic Studies Foundation (D7601)                      Active
     D7700_AUS_LANG_CTR          EX Aust Language Research Ctre (D7700_AUS_LANG_CTR)
       D7701                     Aus Language Research Ctr (D7701)                      Inactive
     D7800_SYD_PEACE_FND         Sydney Peace Foundation (D7800_SYD_PEACE_FND)
       D7801                     Sydney Peace Foundation (D7801)                        Active
       D7802                     Youth Peace Initiatives (D7802)                        Active
E0000_DENTISTRY                  Faculty of Dentistry (E0000_DENTISTRY)
  E1100_TCH_PROG                 Teaching Programs (E1100_TCH_PROG)
     E1110_BDENT_AND_PG          Bachelor of Dentistry & Progs (E1110_BDENT_AND_PG)
       E1150_FAC_ADMIN           Faculty Administration (E1150_FAC_ADMIN)
          E0001                  Dentistry - Admin (E0001)                              Active
          E0002                  Deans Office (E0002)                                   Active
          E0003                  Dentistry AdminStudentServices (E0003)                 Active
          E0004                  Dentistry Admin IT & Website (E0004)                   Active
          E0005                  Dentistry Admin Marketing (E0005)                      Active
          E0006                  Dentistry Admin HR (E0006)                             Active
          E0099                  CHS Budgets Dentistry (E0099)                          Active
       E1120_DENT_CLSTR_A        Dentistry Cluster A (E1120_DENT_CLSTR_A)
          E1130_UG_PRG_CLSTR_A   Undergrad Program Cluster A (E1130_UG_PRG_CLSTR_A)
            E1101                Dental Studies (E1101)                                 Active
            E1102                Public Hlth Dentistry (E1102)                          Active
            E1107                Periodontics & Oral Hlth (E1107)                       Active
            E1109                Tooth Conservation (E1109)                             Active
            E1111                Bachelor of Dentistry (E1111)                          Active
            E1114                Removable Prosthodontics (E1114)                       Active
            E1115                Dental Material Science (E1115)                        Inactive
            E1116                Clinical Dentistry 5th Yr (E1116)                      Inactive
            E1118                UDH Pre-Clinical (E1118)                               Active
            E1134                Exodontia (E1134)                                      Active
            E1137                Oral Pathology Medicine (E1137)                        Active

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            E1139                Oral Surgery (E1139)                                 Active
            E1145                Radiology (E1145)                                    Active
          E1140_PG_PRG_CLSTR_A   Postgrad Program Cluster A (E1140_PG_PRG_CLSTR_A)
            E1103                Oral Diagnosis & Radiology (E1103)                   Active
            E1104                Oral Surgery (E1104)                                 Active
            E1106                Oral Biology (E1106)                                 Active
            E1122                Clinical Dip-Sedation (E1122)                        Active
            E1128                Oral Med & Oral Pathology (E1128)                    Active
            E1129                PG Special Care Dentistry (E1129)                    Active
       E1200_DENT_CLSTR_B        Dentistry Cluster B (E1200_DENT_CLSTR_B)
          E1210_UG_PRG_CLSTR_B   Undergrad Program Cluster B (E1210_UG_PRG_CLSTR_B)
            E1133                Endodontics (E1133)                                  Active
            E1135                General Dentistry (E1135)                            Active
            E1138                Oral Rehabilitation (E1138)                          Active
            E1143                Peridontology (E1143)                                Active
            E1146                Tooth Conservation (E1146)                           Active
          E1220_PG_PRG_CLSTR_B   Postgrad Program Cluster B (E1220_PG_PRG_CLSTR_B)
            E1121                Clinical Dip-Implants (E1121)                        Active
            E1123                Mdsc-Prosthodontics (E1123)                          Active
            E1124                Mdsc - Periodontics (E1124)                          Active
            E1125                Grad Dip Clin Dent-Adv Practic (E1125)               Inactive
            E1127                PGJaw Fnction & Oral Face Pain (E1127)               Active
       E1250_DENT_CLSTR_C        Dentistry Cluster C (E1250_DENT_CLSTR_C)
          E1260_UG_PRG_CLSTR_C   Undergrad Program Cluster C (E1260_UG_PRG_CLSTR_C)
            E1113                Clinical Placements (E1113)                          Active
            E1141                Orthodontics (E1141)                                 Active
            E1142                Paedeatrics (E1142)                                  Active
            E1144                Population Oral Health (E1144)                       Active
          E1270_PG_PRG_CLSTR_C   Postgrad Program Cluster C (E1270_PG_PRG_CLSTR_C)
            E1105                Population Oral Health (E1105)                       Active
            E1108                Orthodontics (E1108)                                 Active
            E1117                Paediatric Dentistry (E1117)                         Active
            E1119                PGDental Education & Scholship (E1119)               Active
            E1126                Biomaterials Science (E1126)                         Active
       E1300_DENT_CLSTR_D        Dentistry Cluster D (E1300_DENT_CLSTR_D)
          E1131                  Behavioural Sciences (E1131)                         Active
          E1132                  Biomaterials (E1132)                                 Active
          E1136                  Life Sciences (E1136)                                Active
     E1160_BACH_ORAL_HLTH        Bachelor of Oral Health (E1160_BACH_ORAL_HLTH)
       E1112                     Bachelor of Oral Health (E1112)                      Active
       E1151                     Dental Hygiene (E1151)                               Active
       E1152                     Dental Therapy (E1152)                               Active
       E1153                     Oral Health Promotion (E1153)                        Active
       E1154                     Clinical Placement BOH (E1154)                       Active
  E1400_RSCH_OPS                 Research Operations (E1400_RSCH_OPS)
     E1401                       Research Supprt Infrastructure (E1401)               Active
     E1402                       Neuromusc. Biol/Orofacial (E1402)                    Active
     E1403                       Infection & Cell Biology (E1403)                     Active
     E1404                       Oral Pathology/Medicine (E1404)                      Active
     E1405                       Biomaterials Science (E1405)                         Active
     E1406                       Population OralHealth Research (E1406)               Active
     E1407                       Periodontics Research (E1407)                        Active
     E1408                       Orthodontics Research (E1408)                        Active
     E1409                       Oral Rehabilitation Research (E1409)                 Active
  E1500_DNT_SUP_FNCT             Dentistry Support Functions (E1500_DNT_SUP_FNCT)
     E1510_DENT_ALUM_REL         Dental Alumni Relations (E1510_DENT_ALUM_REL)
       E1511                     Dental Alumni Society (E1511)                        Active
       E1512                     Faculty Fnd Raising Activities (E1512)               Active
  E6100_COMM_OPS                 Commercial Operations (E6100_COMM_OPS)
     E6101                       Comm Contin Edu in (E6101)                           Active
  E7000_DENTISTRY_FNDS           Dentistry Foundations (E7000_DENTISTRY_FNDS)
     E7101                       Dental Hlth Rsrch Fndt (E7101)                       Inactive
     E7201                       Faculty of Dentistry Fndn (E7201)                    Inactive
     E7301                       Oral Health Foundation (E7301)                       Active
     E7401                       Australian Lebanese Foundation (E7401)               Inactive
F0000_ECONOMICS                  Faculty of Economics &Business (F0000_ECONOMICS)
  F3000_DEAN_UNIT_ADMN           Dean's Unit & UsydBS Admin (F3000_DEAN_UNIT_ADMN)
     F0010_DEANS_UNIT            Dean's Unit (F0010_DEANS_UNIT)

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     F0001               Dean's Unit Operating (F0001)                        Active
     F0002               Wolnizer (F0002)                                     Active
     F0004               Labour History Group (F0004)                         Inactive
     F0011               Associate Deans (F0011)                              Active
     F0012               AACSB Accreditation (F0012)                          Active
     F0015               Strategic Planning Unit (F0015)                      Active
     F0017               Burren Street Library (F0017)                        Active
     F0021               Office of Pro Dean (F0021)                           Active
     F0022               MBA & Executive Education (F0022)                    Inactive
     F0025               The Joint Master Program (F0025)                     Inactive
     F0026               Wolnizer (F0026)                                     Inactive
     F0027               Industrial Relations Journal (F0027)                 Inactive
     F0034               Film Unit (F0034)                                    Active
     F0041               Faculty Administration (F0041)                       Active
     F0099               CHASS Budgets Economics (F0099)                      Active
  F0020_STDNT_ACD_SERV   Student & Academic Services (F0020_STDNT_ACD_SERV)
     F0031               Student & Academic Services (F0031)                  Active
     F0038               UG Scolarships & Prizes (F0038)                      Active
     F0073               Career Services Office (F0073)                       Active
  F0030_CAIRO            Corp & Intl Relations Office (F0030_CAIRO)
     F0003               International Relations (F0003)                      Active
     F0035               Domestic Recruitment (F0035)                         Active
     F0036               Maketing & Ext Relations (F0036)                     Active
     F0037               Development & Alumni Relations (F0037)               Active
     F0039               Marketing Unit (F0039)                               Active
     F0071               International Recruitment (F0071)                    Active
  F0040_RSRCH_SCHOLSHP   Research & Scholarships (F0040_RSRCH_SCHOLSHP)
     F0007               Faculty Research Office (F0007)                      Active
     F0008               Local Postgrad Scholarships (F0008)                  Active
     F0009               Intnl Postgrad Scholarships (F0009)                  Active
     F0028               Resrch Events & Doctoral Progs (F0028)               Active
  F0050_HUMAN_RESOURCS   Human Resources (F0050_HUMAN_RESOURCS)
     F0051               Human Resources (F0051)                              Active
  F0060_FIN_&_IT_SERV    Finance and IT Services (F0060_FIN_&_IT_SERV)
     F0061               Faculty Finance (F0061)                              Active
  F0070_INFO_TECHNGLY    Information Technology (F0070_INFO_TECHNGLY)
     F0005               Faculty IT Network Servers (F0005)                   Active
     F0006               Faculty IT Desktops (F0006)                          Active
     F0032               Faculty IT Laptops (F0032)                           Active
     F0033               Faculty IT Software (F0033)                          Active
     F0062               Faculty IT Services (F0062)                          Active
     F0069               Web Services (F0069)                                 Active
  F0080_TEACH_LEARNING   Teaching & Learning (F0080_TEACH_LEARNING)
     F0013               ALTC Discipline Scholar (F0013)                      Active
     F0014               Centre Advance Learning in E&B (F0014)               Active
     F0016               OLT Academic Research (F0016)                        Active
     F0018               Academic Development (F0018)                         Active
     F0019               Student Learning Support (F0019)                     Active
     F0023               eLearning Support (F0023)                            Active
     F0024               Assurance of Learning (F0024)                        Active
  F0090_FACLS_INFRASTC   Facilities & Infrastructure (F0090_FACLS_INFRASTC)
     F0063               Facilities and Infrastructure (F0063)                Active
F5000_DISCP_CENTRES      Disciplines and Centres (F5000_DISCP_CENTRES)
  F2010_RESRCH_GROUPS    Research Groups (F2010_RESRCH_GROUPS)
     F2011               Administration (F2011)                               Inactive
     F2012               South Asian Studies Group (F2012)                    Active
     F2013               APIRA 2010 (F2013)                                   Active
     F2014               Head of School (F2014)                               Active
     F2015               MEAFA (F2015)                                        Active
     F2017               Labour History Group (F2017)                         Active
     F2018               Indusrial Relations Journal (F2018)                  Active
     F2019               Intl Discourse Studies Centre (F2019)                Active
     F2021               Enterprenuer Research Center (F2021)                 Active
     F2022               Corporate Goverance Re Center (F2022)                Active
     F2023               AWG in Financialisation (F2023)                      Active
     F2024               B & E Research Network (F2024)                       Active
     F2025               JNL APP Rsch in Actg & Finance (F2025)               Active
     F2026               Aust Review of Public Affairs (F2026)                Active

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  F2027               Trade Union Research Group (F2027)                   Active
  F2028               Sustain Mgmt of Organ Group (F2028)                  Active
  F2029               USYD South Asia Res'ch Network (F2029)               Active
  F2031               Cooperatives Research Group (F2031)                  Active
  F2032               DOKTOR Research Group (F2032)                        Active
  F2033               EMIRG Emerging Mkt Intnt (F2033)                     Active
  F2034               BPEG Bus & Prof Ethics GP (F2034)                    Active
  F2035               WWRG Women & Work Research GP (F2035)                Active
  F2036               Diversity in Work Research GP (F2036)                Active
  F2037               Job Quality Research Group (F2037)                   Active
  F2038               Journal of Choice Modelling (F2038)                  Active
  F2099               School of Business - Budgets (F2099)                 Active
  F2401               Women & Work Research Group (F2401)                  Active
  F2402               Bus & Prof Ethics GP BPEG (F2402)                    Active
F2300_INT_BUSINESS    International Business (F2300_INT_BUSINESS)
  F2301               Int. Business Operating (F2301)                      Active
  F2302               Ben Tipton (F2302)                                   Active
  F2303               Alex Eapen (F2303)                                   Active
  F2304               Brent Macnab (F2304)                                 Active
  F2305               Richard Seymour (F2305)                              Active
  F2306               Wu Zhan (F2306)                                      Active
  F2307               Gracy Yang (F2307)                                   Active
  F2308               Sid Gray (F2308)                                     Active
  F2311               Chinmay Pattnaik (F2311)                             Active
  F2312               Catherine Welch (F2312)                              Active
  F2313               Amanda Budde (F2313)                                 Active
  F2314               Richard Dunford (F2314)                              Active
  F2315               Dan Lovallo (F2315)                                  Active
  F2316               Sandra Seno Alday (F2316)                            Active
  F2317               Tony Fee (F2317)                                     Inactive
  F2318               Massimo Garbuio (F2318)                              Active
  F2319               Vikas Kumar (F2319)                                  Active
  F2381               Ibus Student Venture (F2381)                         Active
  F2382               Int Entreprenaur Res GP (F2382)                      Inactive
F0100_WRK_ORG_STRCT   Work & Organisational Struct (F0100_WRK_ORG_STRCT)
  F0101               Work & Organisational Structur (F0101)               Active
  F0102               Scholarship/Prizes/CPT (F0102)                       Active
  F0103               Women and Work Research Group (F0103)                Inactive
  F0104               J Shields (F0104)                                    Active
  F0105               Bus & Prof Ethics GP BPEG (F0105)                    Active
  F0121               R. Lansbury (F0121)                                  Active
  F0122               G. Patmore (F0122)                                   Active
  F0123               S. Jamieson (F0123)                                  Active
  F0124               G. Kitay (F0124)                                     Active
  F0125               M. Westcott (F0125)                                  Active
  F0126               McGrath-Champ (F0126)                                Active
  F0127               Michelson (F0127)                                    Inactive
  F0128               Baird M (F0128)                                      Active
  F0129               Industrial Relations-Consultng (F0129)               Active
  F0131               D Grant (F0131)                                      Active
  F0132               Susan Ainsworth (F0132)                              Inactive
  F0133               Rae Cooper (F0133)                                   Active
  F0134               Bradon Ellem (F0134)                                 Active
  F0135               Diane Vandenbroek (F0135)                            Active
  F0136               Harry Knowles (F0136)                                Active
  F0137               Richard Hall (F0137)                                 Active
  F0138               Leanne Cutcher (F0138)                               Active
  F0139               Trade Union Research Group (F0139)                   Inactive
  F0141               Dimitria Groutsis (F0141)                            Active
  F0142               L. Treleaven (F0142)                                 Active
  F0143               K Dery (F0143)                                       Active
  F0144               Susan Ainsworth (F0144)                              Inactive
  F0145               Arlene Harvey (F0145)                                Inactive
  F0146               Nicholas Wailes (F0146)                              Active
  F0147               Christopher Wright (F0147)                           Active
  F0148               Angie Knox (F0148)                                   Active
  F0149               Anja Kirsch (F0149)                                  Active
  F0150               OPENED IN ERROR DO NOT USE (F0150)                   Inactive

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  F0151            Daniel Nyberg (F0151)                   Active
  F0152            Troy Sarina (F0152)                     Active
  F0153            Nick Dyrenfurth (F0153)                 Active
  F0154            Raymond Trau (F0154)                    Active
  F0155            Chris Warhurst (F0155)                  Active
  F0156            Sabine Ludewig (F0156)                  Active
  F0157            William Harvey (F0157)                  Active
  F0158            Jane Le (F0158)                         Active
F0200_ACCOUNTING   Accounting (F0200_ACCOUNTING)
  F0201            Accounting Operating (F0201)            Active
  F0202            Nonna Martinov Bennie (F0202)           Inactive
  F0203            Chang Yuan Loh (F0203)                  Active
  F0204            Sue Newberry (F0204)                    Active
  F0205            Accounting Disipline Research (F0205)   Active
  F0206            Sustain MGT of ORG GP (F0206)           Active
  F0221            Lee (F0221)                             Active
  F0222            P. Edwards (F0222)                      Active
  F0223            Gordon (F0223)                          Active
  F0224            Ron Day (F0224)                         Active
  F0225            Hart (F0225)                            Inactive
  F0226            Jane Andrew (F0226)                     Active
  F0227            G Frost (F0227)                         Active
  F0228            Sue Williams (F0228)                    Inactive
  F0229            G.Dean (F0229)                          Active
  F0231            Chris Poullaos (F0231)                  Active
  F0232            Pickering (F0232)                       Active
  F0233            Anna Young (F0233)                      Active
  F0234            IP Mary (F0234)                         Inactive
  F0235            N. Arthur (F0235)                       Active
  F0236            C. Coleman (F0236)                      Inactive
  F0237            P. Kamvounias (F0237)                   Inactive
  F0238            P. Blayney (F0238)                      Active
  F0239            Pearl Rozenburg (F0239)                 Inactive
  F0241            L. English (F0241)                      Active
  F0242            inactive (F0242)                        Inactive
  F0243            Samantha Lee (F0243)                    Inactive
  F0244            D Christodoulou (F0244)                 Active
  F0245            Stewart Jones (F0245)                   Active
  F0246            Steve Elliot (F0246)                    Inactive
  F0247            Marcus O Connor (F0247)                 Inactive
  F0248            Rosina Mladenovic (F0248)               Active
  F0249            Ravi Seethamraju (F0249)                Active
  F0251            Antony Ting (F0251)                     Inactive
  F0252            Brett Bondfield (F0252)                 Inactive
  F0253            B. Walker (F0253)                       Active
  F0254            Isabelly Susilowati (F0254)             Inactive
  F0255            Jennifer Leonard (F0255)                Inactive
  F0256            James Guthrie (F0256)                   Active
  F0257            Gail Pearson (F0257)                    Inactive
  F0258            Abdul Razeed (F0258)                    Active
  F0259            David Emsley (F0259)                    Inactive
  F0261            Paul Scifleet (F0261)                   Inactive
  F0262            Martine Hardy (F0262)                   Inactive
  F0263            Indra Abeysedera (F0263)                Inactive
  F0264            Nonna Martinov Bennie (F0264)           Active
  F0265            Sharon ONeil (F0265)                    Active
  F0266            Demi Chung (F0266)                      Inactive
  F0267            Trish Strong (F0267)                    Inactive
  F0268            Supriya Eliezer INACTIVE (F0268)        Inactive
  F0269            Rodney Coyte (F0269)                    Active
  F0271            Janice Loftus (F0271)                   Active
  F0272            Sandy Vanderlaan (F0272)                Active
  F0273            Robert Czernkowski INACTIVE (F0273)     Inactive
  F0274            Paul Preda (F0274)                      Active
  F0275            Martin Bugeja INACTIVE (F0275)          Inactive
  F0276            Jane Baxter (F0276)                     Inactive
  F0277            Matthew Egan (F0277)                    Active
  F0278            Resource Room Acctg Group (F0278)       Active

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  F0279           J Roberts (F0279)                 Active
  F0280           Frank Clarke (F0280)              Active
  F0281           Jamal Hor (F0281)                 Inactive
  F0282           Vijaya Murthy (F0282)             Active
  F0283           Hecimovic Angela (F0283)          Active
  F0284           Cornelia Beck (F0284)             Active
  F0285           Gary Oliver (F0285)               Active
  F0286           Susan Greer (F0286)               Active
  F0287           Max Baker (F0287)                 Active
  F0288           Eric Clubb (F0288)                Active
  F0289           Ronita Singh (F0289)              Active
  F0291           James Rooney (F0291)              Active
  F0292           John Dumay (F0292)                Active
  F0293           John Girdwood (F0293)             Inactive
  F0294           Cary Di Lernia (F0294)            Active
  F0295           Wesley Hamilton- Jessop (F0295)   Active
  F0296           Dominic Soh (F0296)               Active
  F0297           Peter Wolnizer (F0297)            Active
  F0298           Nigel Finch (F0298)               Active
F0300_FINANCE     Finance (F0300_FINANCE)
  F0301           Finance Operating (F0301)         Active
  F0321           P. Swan Dept Operating (F0321)    Inactive
  F0322           Aitken (F0322)                    Inactive
  F0323           Richard Coggings (F0323)          Inactive
  F0324           Jarnecic (F0324)                  Active
  F0325           Maurice Peat (F0325)              Active
  F0326           A. Frino (F0326)                  Active
  F0327           J Muthuswamy (F0327)              Active
  F0328           David Johnstone (F0328)           Active
  F0329           Mark Van De Vyver (F0329)         Inactive
  F0330           Joakim Westerholm (F0330)         Inactive
  F0331           Joakim Westerholm (F0331)         Active
  F0332           Graham Partington (F0332)         Active
  F0333           Kerry Pattenden (F0333)           Active
  F0334           Richard Coggins (F0334)           Active
  F0335           Carole Comertonforde (F0335)      Inactive
  F0336           Juan Yao (F0336)                  Active
  F0337           Oh Kwan Kwon (F0337)              Inactive
  F0339           Reuben Segara (F0339)             Active
  F0341           Allister Keller (F0341)           Inactive
  F0342           Tro Kortian (F0342)               Active
  F0343           Andrew Lepone (F0343)             Active
  F0344           Craig Mellare (F0344)             Active
  F0345           Damien Moore (F0345)              Inactive
  F0346           Maurice Peat (F0346)              Inactive
  F0347           Max Stevenson (F0347)             Active
  F0348           Andrew Tan (F0348)                Active
  F0349           Julianne Wright-Bartels (F0349)   Active
  F0352           Joel Fabre (F0352)                Inactive
  F0353           Hui Zhang (F0353)                 Active
  F0354           Rachel Merhebi (F0354)            Inactive
  F0355           JIRI SVEC (F0355)                 Active
  F0356           Andrew Grant (F0356)              Active
  F0357           Michael McKenzie (F0357)          Active
  F0358           Henry Leung (F0358)               Active
  F0359           James Cummings (F0359)            Active
  F0361           Kathy Walsh (F0361)               Active
  F0362           Peter Buchen (F0362)              Active
  F0363           Quan Gan (F0363)                  Active
  F0364           Angelo Aspris (F0364)             Active
  F0365           Abhishek Das (F0365)              Inactive
  F0366           Peter Pham (F0366)                Active
  F0367           Andrew Ainsworth (F0367)          Active
  F0368           Hamish Malloch (F0368)            Active
  F0369           Kathy Walsh (F0369)               Active
  F0371           Suk Joong Kim (F0371)             Active
F0500_MARKETING   Marketing (F0500_MARKETING)
  F0501           Marketing Operating (F0501)       Active

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  F0521                Elizabeth Cowley (F0521)                                Active
  F0522                Rohan Miller (F0522)                                    Active
  F0523                Teresa Davis (F0523)                                    Active
  F0524                Jeaney Yip (F0524)                                      Active
  F0525                Michael Allen (F0525)                                   Active
  F0526                C. Areni (F0526)                                        Active
  F0527                Chris Styles (F0527)                                    Inactive
  F0528                Helene Cherrier (F0528)                                 Inactive
  F0529                Mary Caldwell (F0529)                                   Active
  F0531                Paul Henry (F0531)                                      Active
  F0532                Rachel Merhebi (F0532)                                  Active
  F0533                Qiang Steven Lu (F0533)                                 Active
  F0534                Iain Black (F0534)                                      Inactive
  F0535                Donnel Briley (F0535)                                   Active
  F0536                Video Unit (F0536)                                      Inactive
  F0537                Jeffrey Lim (F0537)                                     Active
  F0538                Rohan Miller (F0538)                                    Inactive
  F0539                Catherine Sutton-Brady (F0539)                          Active
  F0541                Ulku Yuksel (F0541)                                     Active
  F0542                Ranjit Voola (F0542)                                    Active
  F0543                Penny Frow (F0543)                                      Active
  F0544                Christina Anthony (F0544)                               Active
  F0545                Ellen Garbarino (F0545)                                 Active
F0700_TRANSPORT_STUD   Inst Transprt Logistic Studies (F0700_TRANSPORT_STUD)
  F0701                Inst Transprt Logistic Studies (F0701)                  Active
  F0702                Transport Training (F0702)                              Active
  F0703                Int Research Grants Transfer (F0703)                    Active
  F0721                Hensher (F0721)                                         Active
  F0722                Brewer (F0722)                                          Inactive
F6100_WRK_RSCH_CENT    Workplace Research Centre (F6100_WRK_RSCH_CENT)
  F6101                Workplace Research Centre (F6101)                       Active
  F6102                WRC Special Projects (F6102)                            Active
  F6103                WRC Contract Research (F6103)                           Active
  F6104                WRC Events (F6104)                                      Active
  F6105                WRC Training (F6105)                                    Active
F2900_BUS_INFO_SYS     Business Information Systems (F2900_BUS_INFO_SYS)
  F2901                Business Information Systems (F2901)                    Active
  F2902                Paul Scifleet (F2902)                                   Active
  F2903                Philip Seltsika (F2903)                                 Active
  F2904                Olivera Marjanovic (F2904)                              Active
  F2905                Gary Oliver (F2905)                                     Inactive
  F2906                Mark Borman (F2906)                                     Active
  F2907                J Carroll (F2907)                                       Active
  F2908                Robert Gray (F2908)                                     Active
  F2909                Thiruvenkatachari Madhavan (F2909)                      Active
  F2911                Samantha Lee INACTIVE (F2911)                           Inactive
  F2912                Steve Elliot (F2912)                                    Active
  F2913                Marcus O Connor (F2913)                                 Active
  F2914                Ravi Seethamraju (F2914)                                Inactive
  F2915                Jennifer Leonard (F2915)                                Active
  F2916                Catherine Hardy (F2916)                                 Active
  F2918                Sue Williams (F2918)                                    Inactive
  F2919                Steven Sommer (F2919)                                   Active
  F2922                Denise Tolhurst (F2922)                                 Active
  F2923                CRC Rimsol Proposal (F2923)                             Active
  F2924                Kai Riemer (F2924)                                      Active
  F2925                Deborah Bunker (F2925)                                  Active
  F2926                Corina Raduescu (F2926)                                 Active
  F2927                Barney Tan (F2927)                                      Active
  F2928                Uri Gal (F2928)                                         Active
  F2929                BIS Student Association (F2929)                         Active
  F2981                Bus Process Mgt Research GP (F2981)                     Active
F2800_BUSINESS_LAW     Business Law (F2800_BUSINESS_LAW)
  F2801                Business Law (F2801)                                    Active
  F2802                Peter Edmundson (F2802)                                 Active
  F2803                David Chaikin (F2803)                                   Active
  F2804                David Chaikin (F2804)                                   Inactive
  F2805                Wayne Courtney (F2805)                                  Inactive

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  F2806                Giuseppe Carabetta (F2806)                           Active
  F2807                Josephine Coffey (F2807)                             Active
  F2808                Hart (F2808)                                         Inactive
  F2809                Barbara Mescher (F2809)                              Active
  F2811                M Wyburn (F2811)                                     Active
  F2812                Ip Mary (F2812)                                      Active
  F2813                C Coleman (F2813)                                    Inactive
  F2814                P Kamvounias (F2814)                                 Active
  F2815                Pearl Rozenberg (F2815)                              Active
  F2816                Anthony Ting (F2816)                                 Active
  F2817                Bret Bondfield (F2817)                               Active
  F2818                Gail Pearson (F2818)                                 Active
  F2819                Tyrone Carlin (F2819)                                Active
  F2821                Susan Shearing (F2821)                               Active
  F2822                Kym Sheehan (F2822)                                  Inactive
  F2823                Juliette Overland (F2823)                            Active
  F2824                INACTIVE (F2824)                                     Inactive
  F2825                Andrew Terry (F2825)                                 Active
  F2826                Eva Yihua Huang (F2826)                              Active
  F2861                OPENED IN ERROR DO NOT USE (F2861)                   Inactive
F3800_GRAD_SCH_GOV     Graduate School of Government (F3800_GRAD_SCH_GOV)
  F3801                Grad Sch of Government (F3801)                       Active
  F3802                ANZSOG (Chair) (F3802)                               Active
T0800_SCH_GOVT         School of Government (T0800_SCH_GOVT)
  T0801                School of Government (T0801)                         Active
  T0802                ANZSOG Chair (T0802)                                 Active
  T0803                GSG Executive Program (T0803)                        Active
  T0811                Joanne Kelly (T0811)                                 Inactive
  T0812                Gaby Ramia (T0812)                                   Active
  T083                 Incorrect Not Used (T083)                            Inactive
  T0859                Geoff Gallop (T0859)                                 Active
F8000_MNGMT_EDUC_OFF   Management Education Office (F8000_MNGMT_EDUC_OFF)
  F2511                Management Education Office (F2511)                  Active
  F2512                MBA (F2512)                                          Active
  F2513                Executive Education (F2513)                          Active
  F2514                Cems Master of Management (F2514)                    Active
  F2515                Chris Styles Research Account (F2515)                Active
  F2551                South Asian Studies Group (F2551)                    Inactive
  F2599                Dummy RC for Budget (F2599)                          Active
F0400_ECON_HISTORY     Economic History (F0400_ECON_HISTORY)
  F0401                Economic History Oper (F0401)                        Active
  F0402                Diane Hutchinson (F0402)                             Active
  F0421                B. Tipton (F0421)                                    Inactive
  F0422                R. Aldrich (F0422)                                   Inactive
  F0423                L. Rahim (F0423)                                     Active
F0600_ECONOMETRICS     Econometrics (F0600_ECONOMETRICS)
  F0601                Operations Mgmt & Econometrics (F0601)               Active
  F0602                Special Projects (F0602)                             Inactive
  F0603                Statgraphics (F0603)                                 Inactive
  F0604                Jane Toman (F0604)                                   Inactive
  F0605                Dmytro Matsypura (F0605)                             Active
  F0606                Andrey Vasnev (F0606)                                Active
  F0621                A. Woodland (F0621)                                  Active
  F0622                M. Haviv (F0622)                                     Inactive
  F0623                D. Fiebig (F0623)                                    Inactive
  F0624                R. Bartels (F0624)                                   Active
  F0625                J. Goodhew (F0625)                                   Active
  F0626                Houghton (F0626)                                     Inactive
  F0627                D. Dancer (F0627)                                    Active
  F0628                T. Ihnatko (F0628)                                   Active
  F0629                Murray D Smith (F0629)                               Inactive
  F0631                Smith M (F0631)                                      Inactive
  F0632                Hajime Katayama (F0632)                              Active
  F0633                Andrew Tremayne (F0633)                              Active
  F0634                Daniel Oron (F0634)                                  Active
  F0635                Vasilis Sarafidis (F0635)                            Active
  F0636                Richard Gerlach (F0636)                              Active
  F0637                Vadim Timkovsky (F0637)                              Active

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  F0638           Remy Cottet (F0638)                      Active
  F0639           E J Anderson (F0639)                     Active
  F0640           Error do not use (F0640)
  F0641           Boris Choy (F0641)                       Active
  F0642           Erick Li (F0642)                         Active
  F0643           Laurent Pauwels (F0643)                  Active
  F0644           Mohamad Khaled (F0644)                   Active
  F0645           Jinwen Ou (F0645)                        Active
  F0699           Dummy RC for Budget (F0699)              Active
F0800_ECONOMICS   Economics (F0800_ECONOMICS)
  F0801           Economics Operating (F0801)              Active
  F0802           Staff Development (F0802)                Active
  F0803           Visitor - Seminar Programs (F0803)       Inactive
  F0804           Computer Support (F0804)                 Inactive
  F0805           Stephen Cheung (F0805)                   Active
  F0806           Oleskii Birulin (F0806)                  Active
  F0807           Peter Cooper (F0807)                     Active
  F0808           Creina Day (F0808)                       Inactive
  F0809           Scholarship/Prizes/CPT (F0809)           Active
  F0811           HET Centre (F0811)                       Inactive
  F0812           Master of Economics (F0812)              Inactive
  F0813           Master of Econ (Social Sci) (F0813)      Inactive
  F0814           Pablo Guillen Alvarez (F0814)            Active
  F0821           P. Groenwegen (F0821)                    Inactive
  F0822           E Jones (F0822)                          Inactive
  F0823           F. Stilwell (F0823)                      Inactive
  F0824           E. J. Savage (F0824)                     Inactive
  F0825           Dutta (F0825)                            Active
  F0826           Y.Varoufakis (F0826)                     Active
  F0827           J.Yates (F0827)                          Active
  F0828           R. Ross (F0828)                          Active
  F0829           R. Bryan (F0829)                         Inactive
  F0831           F. Gill (F0831)                          Inactive
  F0832           Rosewarne (F0832)                        Inactive
  F0833           Schworm (F0833)                          Inactive
  F0834           Dolron (F0834)                           Inactive
  F0835           Aspromourgos, Tony (F0835)               Active
  F0836           Haddad (F0836)                           Active
  F0837           Don Wright (F0837)                       Active
  F0838           Graham White (F0838)                     Active
  F0839           Nils - Petter Lagerlof (F0839)           Inactive
  F0841           Maitra (F0841)                           Inactive
  F0842           Sheen J (F0842)                          Inactive
  F0843           Joson (F0843)                            Active
  F0844           Appelbaum (F0844)                        Active
  F0845           Abhijit Sengupta (F0845)                 Active
  F0846           Meagher G (F0846)                        Inactive
  F0847           Australia Online Policy Review (F0847)   Inactive
  F0848           AGASTYA (F0848)                          Active
  F0849           K.Sengupta (F0849)                       Active
  F0851           AHURI Research Centre (F0851)            Active
  F0852           Diane Hutchinson (F0852)                 Active
  F0853           Stephen Whelan (F0853)                   Active
  F0854           Mark Melatos (F0854)                     Active
  F0855           Debajyoti Chakrabarty (F0855)            Active
  F0856           Vladimir Smirnov (F0856)                 Active
  F0857           Rohan Pitchford (F0857)                  Inactive
  F0858           Susana Iranzo (F0858)                    Inactive
  F0859           Nicholas deRoos (F0859)                  Active
  F0861           Andrew Wait (F0861)                      Active
  F0862           Anu Rammohan (F0862)                     Inactive
  F0863           David (Deok Ki) Kim (F0863)              Active
  F0864           Matthew Smith (F0864)                    Active
  F0865           Tim Fisher (F0865)                       Active
  F0866           Mei Wen (F0866)                          Active
  F0867           Lutz Hendricks (F0867)                   Inactive
  F0868           Natalia Ponomareva (F0868)               Active
  F0869           Andrew McLennan (F0869)                  Inactive

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  F0871                Shino Takayama (F0871)                                  Inactive
  F0872                Stella Huangfu (F0872)                                  Active
  F0873                Yury Andrienko (F0873)                                  Active
  F0874                Barnsley Paul (F0874)                                   Active
  F0875                McKenzie Jordi (F0875)                                  Active
  F0876                A Singh (F0876)                                         Active
  F0877                Jian Hong (F0877)                                       Active
  F0878                Robert Slonim (F0878)                                   Active
  F0879                Katrien Stevens (F0879)                                 Active
  F0881                Yunjong Eo (F0881)                                      Active
  F0882                Denny Lie (F0882)                                       Active
  F0883                Garry Barrett (F0883)                                   Active
  F0899                Dummy RC for Budget (F0899)                             Active
F0900_POLITICAL_ECON   Political Economy (F0900_POLITICAL_ECON)
  F0901                Political Economy Operating (F0901)                     Active
  F0902                E. Jones (F0902)                                        Inactive
  F0903                F. Stilwell (F0903)                                     Inactive
  F0904                R. Bryan (F0904)                                        Inactive
  F0905                S. Rosewarne (F0905)                                    Inactive
  F0906                G. Meagher (F0906)                                      Inactive
  F0907                Tim Anderson (F0907)                                    Inactive
  F0908                Joseph Halevi (F0908)                                   Inactive
  F0909                Elizabeth Hill (F0909)                                  Inactive
  F0911                William Dunn (F0911)                                    Inactive
  F0912                Damien Cahill (F0912)                                   Inactive
  F0999                Dummy RC for Budget (F0999)                             Active
F1000_GOVT_INT_RLTNS   Govt & International Relations (F1000_GOVT_INT_RLTNS)
  F1001                Govt & Public Admin Oper (F1001)                        Inactive
  F1002                Public Affairs Res Centre (F1002)                       Inactive
  F1003                Overseas Student Fees (F1003)                           Inactive
  F1004                Distance Education (F1004)                              Inactive
  F1005                Special Events (F1005)                                  Inactive
  F1021                M. Hogan (F1021)                                        Inactive
  F1022                P. Springborg (F1022)                                   Inactive
  F1023                F. Teiwes (F1023)                                       Inactive
  F1024                M. Leigh (F1024)                                        Inactive
  F1025                Fitzmaurice (F1025)                                     Inactive
  F1026                G. Gill (F1026)                                         Inactive
  F1027                T. Matthews (F1027)                                     Inactive
  F1028                D. Maguire (F1028)                                      Inactive
  F1029                Roger Markwick (F1029)                                  Inactive
  F1031                L. Weiss (F1031)                                        Inactive
  F1032                M. Jackson (F1032)                                      Inactive
  F1033                H. Nelson (F1033)                                       Inactive
  F1034                John Hobson (F1034)                                     Inactive
  F1035                Tiffen (F1035)                                          Inactive
  F1036                R. Stewart (F1036)                                      Inactive
  F1037                M. Painter (F1037)                                      Inactive
  F1038                Hagerty (F1038)                                         Inactive
  F1039                Patrikeeff (F1039)                                      Inactive
  F1041                Rowse (F1041)                                           Inactive
  F1042                Jarvis (F1042)                                          Inactive
  F1043                Irving (F1043)                                          Inactive
  F1044                Ramesh (F1044)                                          Inactive
  F1045                Chappell (F1045)                                        Inactive
  F1046                Di Francesco (F1046)                                    Inactive
  F1047                Dauvergne (F1047)                                       Inactive
  F1048                Brennan (F1048)                                         Inactive
  F1049                Carson (F1049)                                          Inactive
  F1051                International Public Admin (F1051)                      Inactive
  F1052                Internal Research (F1052)                               Inactive
  F1053                Vromen (F1053)                                          Inactive
  F1054                L. Piggott (F1054)                                      Inactive
  F1055                R.Smith (F1055)                                         Inactive
  F1056                Jason Sharman (F1056)                                   Inactive
  F1057                Gil Merom (F1057)                                       Inactive
  F1058                Joanne Kelly (F1058)                                    Inactive
  F1059                Lily Rahim (F1059)                                      Inactive

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       F1061                Allan McConnell (F1061)                               Inactive
       F1062                Betsi Beem (F1062)                                    Inactive
       F1063                Michelle Savage (F1063)                               Inactive
       F1064                John Mikler (F1064)                                   Inactive
       F1065                Charlotte Epstein (F1065)                             Inactive
       F1066                Francesca Panzironi (F1066)                           Inactive
       F1099                Dummy RC for Budget (F1099)                           Inactive
     F1500_MI_ECON_POL_CT   Micro Econ Policy Anal Ctr (F1500_MI_ECON_POL_CT)
       F1501                CMPA (F1501)                                          Active
     F4000_CISS             Cntr for Intnl Scurity Studies (F4000_CISS)
       F0081                CISS Operations (F0081)                               Active
       F0082                A Dupont Res Ac (F0082)                               Active
       F0083                Biosecurity Project (F0083)                           Active
       F0084                Leanne Piggott (F0084)                                Active
       F4012                Christian Enemark (F4012)                             Active
       F4013                Tom Wilkins (F4013)                                   Active
       F4014                Peter Curson (F4014)                                  Active
       F4015                Maher Itani (F4015)                                   Active
       F4016                Sarah Phillips (F4016)                                Active
       F4017                Jingdong Yuan (F4017)                                 Active
       F4018                Anthony Fee (F4018)                                   Active
  F7000_ECON_FNDNS          Economics Foundations (F7000_ECON_FNDNS)
     F7010_ACCOUNT_FNDN     The Accounting Foundation (F7010_ACCOUNT_FNDN)
       F7011                The Accounting Foundation (F7011)                     Active
       F7012                Acc & Fin SP Publication (F7012)                      Active
       F7013                ARC Publications (F7013)                              Active
       F7014                ASX Collection (F7014)                                Active
     F7100_ASIA_PAC_CM_FN   Asia Pacific Cap Market Fndn (F7100_ASIA_PAC_CM_FN)
       F7101                APCME (F7101)                                         Inactive
       F7102                APCMF (F7102)                                         Inactive
       F7103                APCMF (F7103)                                         Inactive
       F7104                ACMF - Conferences (F7104)                            Active
     F7200_AMSI             AMSI (F7200_AMSI)
       F7201                Amsi (F7201)                                          Inactive
       F7202                Short Courses (F7202)                                 Active
       F7203                Research & Consulting (F7203)                         Active
  W0000_GSB                 Graduate School of Business (W0000_GSB)
     W5000_GSB_DEPT         GSB Department (W5000_GSB_DEPT)
       W0501                Grad School Bus Admin (W0501)                         Active
       W0502                Management Training (W0502)                           Inactive
       W0505                Competitive Tendering (W0505)                         Inactive
       W0506                Penang Program (W0506)                                Inactive
       W0507                GSB Library (W0507)                                   Inactive
       W0508                Cam's Program (W0508)                                 Inactive
       W0509                China Program (W0509)                                 Inactive
       W0511                Adam (W0511)                                          Inactive
       W0512                Computing (W0512)                                     Inactive
       W0513                Marketing (W0513)                                     Inactive
       W0514                Publication (W0514)                                   Inactive
       W0515                Maintenance (W0515)                                   Active
       W0516                Joint Venture -AGSM/GSB (W0516)                       Active
       W0599                CHASS Budgets GSB (W0599)                             Active
     W7000_GSB_FNDNS        GSB Foundations (W7000_GSB_FNDNS)
       W7011                Grad School of Bus Fndt (W7011)                       Active
X0000_EDUCATION             Faculty of Edu & Social Work (X0000_EDUCATION)
  X1000_CENTRL_FACULTY      Central Faculty (X1000_CENTRL_FACULTY)
     X0100_FACULTY_OFFICE   Faculty Admin & Services (X0100_FACULTY_OFFICE)
       X0001                General Admin & Finance (X0001)                       Active
       X0003                Faculty Computer R & M (X0003)                        Inactive
       X0004                Education Faculty Office (X0004)                      Inactive
       X0006                Building Maint & Facilities (X0006)                   Active
       X0007                IT Hub (X0007)                                        Inactive
       X0008                Building Renovations (X0008)                          Inactive
       X0011                Dean's Unit (X0011)                                   Active
       X0012                Local Student Recruitment (X0012)                     Inactive
       X0013                Int'l Student Recruit (X0013)                         Inactive
       X0014                Refugee Program (X0014)                               Inactive
       X0015                Mkt Development & Recruitment (X0015)                 Active

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     X0016                 Student Administration (X0016)                          Active
     X0017                 CPT Priz Sship Bequest & Don (X0017)                    Active
     X0022                 General IT and Equipment (X0022)                        Active
     X0023                 Faculty Events (X0023)                                  Active
     X0052                 International Short Courses (X0052)                     Inactive
     X0990_CHASS_BUDGETS   CHASS Budgets Education (X0990_CHASS_BUDGETS)
       X0099               CHASS Budgets Education (X0099)                         Active
X2000_TEACH_&_LEARN        Teaching & Learning (X2000_TEACH_&_LEARN)
  X0090_TEACHING_DIV       Teaching Division (X0090_TEACHING_DIV)
     X0091                 Teaching & Learning Operations (X0091)                  Active
     X0092                 Information Technology (X0092)                          Inactive
     X0093                 Education & Economics JT Grant (X0093)                  Inactive
X3000_RESEARCH             Research (X3000_RESEARCH)
  X0070_RESEARCH_DIV       Research Division (X0070_RESEARCH_DIV)
     X0071                 Research Operations (X0071)                             Active
     X0076                 ICT Division (X0076)                                    Inactive
X4000_SCH_EDU_&_SW         Sch of Education & Social Work (X4000_SCH_EDU_&_SW)
  X0200_SCH_PROF_STUD      EX Sch of Professional Studies (X0200_SCH_PROF_STUD)
     X0201                 Operating-Sch of Prof. Studies (X0201)                  Inactive
  X0400_SCH_EDU_&_SW       Sch of Education & Social Work (X0400_SCH_EDU_&_SW)
     X0401                 School of Development & Learn (X0401)                   Active
     X0403                 Departmental Consulting (X0403)                         Inactive
     X0404                 Staff Allowances (X0404)                                Active
     X0499                 SDL Dummy Budgets (X0499)                               Active
  X0500_SCH_SOC_WORK       School of Social Work & Policy (X0500_SCH_SOC_WORK)
     X0501                 Sch of Social Work & Policyst (X0501)                   Inactive
     X0599                 SSW & PS Dummy Budgets (X0599)                          Inactive
  X0600_SCH_POL_&_PRAC     School of Policy & Practice (X0600_SCH_POL_&_PRAC)
     X0601                 School of Policy & Practice (X0601)                     Inactive
     X0699                 SPP Dummy Budgets (X0699)                               Inactive
X5000_CENTRES_UNITS        Centres / Units (X5000_CENTRES_UNITS)
  X0030_COCO               Com Suppot Learn Cognition (X0030_COCO)
     X0031                 Computer Sup Learn & Cognitn (X0031)                    Active
  X5210_TEACH_SCI_ENGL     TeachSciencesinEnglishChinaPro (X5210_TEACH_SCI_ENGL)
     X0211                 TeachSciencesinEnglishChinaPro (X0211)                  Active
  X5020_EDUC_TECH_CTRE     EX Edu Technology Centre (X5020_EDUC_TECH_CTRE)
     X0002                 Educational Technology Centre (X0002)                   Inactive
  X5050_PRINCIPAL_INST     Principal's Institute (X5050_PRINCIPAL_INST)
     X0005                 Principal's Institute (X0005)                           Inactive
  X5200_CTR_EARLY_INTE     Centre for Early Interventions (X5200_CTR_EARLY_INTE)
     X0021                 Centre for Early Interventions (X0021)                  Active
  X5220_HLTH_EDUC_UNIT     Health Education Unit (X5220_HLTH_EDUC_UNIT)
     X0202                 Health Education Unit (X0202)                           Inactive
  X5230_TAS_TRUST_FUND     EX TAS Trust Fund (X5230_TAS_TRUST_FUND)
     X0203                 Tas Trust Fund (X0203)                                  Active
  X5250_ROLLINGS_PROG      Rollings Programs (X5250_ROLLINGS_PROG)
     X0205                 Rollins College (X0205)                                 Active
  X5260_JEWISH_STUDIES     Jewish Studies (X5260_JEWISH_STUDIES)
     X0206                 Jewish Studies (X0206)                                  Active
  X5270_PRAC_PROJECT       Practitioner Project (X5270_PRAC_PROJECT)
     X0207                 Practitioner Project (X0207)                            Inactive
  X5280_BED_SCIENC_YR1     EX BEd Science Year 1 (X5280_BED_SCIENC_YR1)
     X0208                 BEd Science Year 1 (X0208)                              Inactive
  X5290_SCI_ED_SEC_PRG     Science Educ Secondary Program (X5290_SCI_ED_SEC_PRG)
     X0209                 Science Edu Secondary Program (X0209)                   Inactive
  X5620_CHINA_EDUC_CTR     China Education Centre (X5620_CHINA_EDUC_CTR)
     X0602                 China Educ Centre (X0602)                               Active
  X5630_AUST_CTR_L_&_G     EX Aust Ctre for Lesbian & Gay (X5630_AUST_CTR_L_&_G)
     X0603                 Aust Centre for Lesbian & Gay (X0603)                   Inactive
  X5640_INT_INST_EDUC      Internat Instit Educ Devt (X5640_INT_INST_EDUC)
     X0604                 Internet Instit Educ Dev (X0604)                        Inactive
  X5650_CIVICS_CENTRE      Civics Centre (X5650_CIVICS_CENTRE)
     X0605                 Civics Centre (X0605)                                   Active
  X5810_CULT_DIVER_PRG     EX Cultural Diversity Program (X5810_CULT_DIVER_PRG)
     X0801                 Cultural Diversity Training (X0801)                     Inactive
X6000_ACADEMIC_PRG         Academic Programs (X6000_ACADEMIC_PRG)
  X0040_PRE_SERV_PRG       Pre Service Programs (X0040_PRE_SERV_PRG)
     X0041                 Div of U/Graduate Studies (X0041)                       Active

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       X0042                        B Ed Primary (X0042)                                    Active
       X0043                        B Ed Secondary (X0043)                                  Active
       X0044                        B Ed Human Movement (X0044)                             Active
       X0045                        BEdSecondary Design&Technology (X0045)                  Active
       X0046                        Education 1,2&3 (X0046)                                 Active
       X0047                        B Ed Combined M Teach (X0047)                           Active
       X0048                        Social Work UG (X0048)                                  Active
       X0049                        Study Abroad Education 1,2&3 (X0049)                    Active
     X0060_GRADUATE_PRG             Graduate Programs (X0060_GRADUATE_PRG)
       X0061                        Div of P/Graduate Studies (X0061)                       Active
       X0062                        M Teach (X0062)                                         Active
       X0063                        B Teach Alt Mode (X0063)                                Inactive
       X0064                        Social Work PG (X0064)                                  Active
       X0065                        Doctoral Division (X0065)                               Active
  X7000_INTERNATIONAL               International (X7000_INTERNATIONAL)
     X0050_INTERNAT_DIV             International Division (X0050_INTERNAT_DIV)
       X0051                        Div for Internat Programs (X0051)                       Active
       X0053                        M ED. Fudan University (X0053)                          Active
       X0054                        M Ed. Nanjing University (X0054)                        Active
       X0055                        M Ed. Central China Normal Uni (X0055)                  Inactive
       X0056                        M Ed. Hubei University (X0056)                          Active
  X8000_PROF_LEARN                  Professional Learning (X8000_PROF_LEARN)
     X0082                          G/Dip in EO ST Lang Diff (X0082)                        Inactive
     X0204                          Short Courses (X0204)                                   Inactive
     X0402                          MSE Operating (X0402)                                   Inactive
     X0080_PROF_EXP_PSHP            Professional Learning Division (X0080_PROF_EXP_PSHP)
       X0081                        Professional Development (X0081)                        Inactive
       X0083                        Professional Experience (X0083)                         Active
       X0084                        PE Practicum in Social Work (X0084)                     Active
       X0085                        Professional Dv. 2004 & Beyond (X0085)                  Active
H0000_ENGINEERING&IT                Engineering& Info Technologies (H0000_ENGINEERING&IT)
  H3000_ENG_EXCL_TWCAE              Eng Excluding The Warren Centr (H3000_ENG_EXCL_TWCAE)
     H9000_ENG_EXCL_FNDNS           Eng Excluding Foundations (H9000_ENG_EXCL_FNDNS)
       H1500_AMME&ACFR              Aero Mech&Mechatronic Eng&ACFR (H1500_AMME&ACFR)
          H1510_AMME                Aerospace Mech&Mechatronic Eng (H1510_AMME)
             H1110_AMME_TEACHING    AMME Teaching (H1110_AMME_TEACHING)
               H1300_SEMESTER_UOS AMME Semester Units of Study (H1300_SEMESTER_UOS)
                                    AMME Teaching Year 1 (H1310_TEACHING_YEAR1)
                                    AMME Teaching Year 2 (H1320_TEACHING YEAR2)
                  H1320_TEACHING YEAR2
                                    AMME Teaching Year 3 (H1330_TEACHING_YEAR3)
                                    AMME Teaching Year 4 (H1340_TEACHING_YEAR4)
               H1390_TEACHING_GEN AMME Teaching General (H1390_TEACHING_GEN)
                  H1502             P/T Teaching (H1502)                                    Active
                  H1503             Contract Teaching (H1503)                               Active
                  H1507             Teaching Expenses (H1507)                               Active
                  H1509             SESQUI2001 (H1509)                                      Active
                  H1514             Lozzi (H1514)                                           Active
                  H1549             Aircraft Construction Project (H1549)                   Active
                  H1555             Clubman Car (H1555)                                     Active
             H1130_AMME_RESEARCH AMME Research (H1130_AMME_RESEARCH)
               H1400_MATERIALS      Materials& Structures Res Grp (H1400_MATERIALS)
                  H1515             Mai (H1515)                                             Active
                  H1522             Ye (H1522)                                              Active
                  H1533             I Tong (H1533)                                          Active
                  H1534             Xiaozhou Liao (H1534)                                   Active
                  H1545             Dr Cheng Yan (H1545)                                    Active
                  H1546             I Zarudi (H1546)                                        Active
                  H1548             Materials Workshop Maintenance (H1548)                  Active
                  H1554             Hong Yuan LIU (H1554)                                   Active
                  H1556             B L WANG (H1556)                                        Active
               H1410_THERMODY&FLUID Thermodynamics&Fluids Res Grp (H1410_THERMODY&FLUID)
                  H1511             Bilger (H1511)                                          Active
                  H1512             Armfield (H1512)                                        Active
                  H1518             Masri (H1518)                                           Active
                  H1528             Kent (H1528)                                            Active
                  H1535             K. Srinivas (H1535)                                     Active
                  H1542             Dr Michael Kirkpatrick (H1542)                          Active
                  H1558             Prof Masud Behina (H1558)                               Active

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  H1420_BIOMEDIC_ENG Biomedic Engineering Res Grp (H1420_BIOMEDIC_ENG)
     H1517             Colin Dunstan (H1517)                                   Active
     H1524             Quing Li (H1524)                                        Active
     H1525             Bilston (H1525)                                         Active
     H1527             Zreiqat (H1527)                                         Active
     H1541             Ruys (H1541)                                            Active
  H1430_UNMAN_VEHICLESSpace Unman Aerial Veh Res Grp (H1430_UNMAN_VEHICLES)
     H1526             Wu (H1526)                                              Active
     H1536             D. Auld (H1536)                                         Active
     H1537             K. Wong (H1537)                                         Active
     H1538             Gibbens (H1538)                                         Active
     H1539             Stone (H1539)                                           Active
  H1440_RHEOLOGY       Rheology Research Group (H1440_RHEOLOGY)
     H1516             Phan-Thien (H1516)                                      Active
     H1521             Tanner (H1521)                                          Active
  H1450_PRECISN&NANO Precisn&Nano Proc Tech Res Grp (H1450_PRECISN&NANO)
     H1523             Zhang (H1523)                                           Active
  H1460_TRANS_MICROSCO Ttansmisn Electrn Micro ResGrp (H1460_TRANS_MICROSCO)
  H1470_OTHER_RESCHERS AMME Other Researchers (H1470_OTHER_RESCHERS)
     H1519             Swain (H1519)                                           Active
     H1529             McHugh (H1529)                                          Active
     H1531             D Verstraete (H1531)                                    Active
     H1544             Outback Challenge Team (H1544)                          Active
     H1559             Dr Zizhen Liu (H1559)                                   Active
                       AMME Inactive Research (H1480_INACT_RESEARCH)
       H1543           Ahmad Jabbarzadeh (H1543)                               Active
       H1547           Dr S Scheding (H1547)                                   Inactive
       H1553           Qing LI (H1553)                                         Inactive
       H1557           Stefan Williams (H1557)                                 Inactive
  H1690_RESEARCH_GEN AMME Research General (H1690_RESEARCH_GEN)
  H1552                Workshop Aero (H1552)                                   Active
  H1571                Workshop (Mech Eng) (H1571)                             Active
  H1501                AMME (H1501)                                            Active
  H1504                Default Purchase Card (H1504)                           Active
  H1505                IT Support (H1505)                                      Active
  H1513                Academic Support Grants (H1513)                         Active
  H1532                Hargrave (H1532)                                        Active
  H1551                Aeronautical Eng Oper (H1551)                           Active
  H1561                Resources Management (H1561)                            Active
  H1780_INACT_SERVICES AMME Inactive Services (H1780_INACT_SERVICES)
     H0201             Aeronautical Eng Oper (H0201)                           Active
     H0202             Centre FEA (H0202)                                      Inactive
     H0203             G. Steven (H0203)                                       Inactive
     H0204             l Tong (H0204)                                          Inactive
     H0205             D Boyle (H0205)                                         Inactive
     H0206             K. Srininas (H0206)                                     Inactive
     H0207             D. Auld (H0207)                                         Inactive
     H0208             K. Wong (H0208)                                         Inactive
     H0209             O. Querin (H0209)                                       Inactive
     H0211             Gibbens (H0211)                                         Inactive
     H0212             Workshop (H0212)                                        Inactive
     H0213             Remote Piloted Vehicle (H0213)                          Inactive
     H1001             Mechanical Eng Oper (H1001)                             Inactive
     H1002             P/T Teaching (H1002)                                    Inactive
     H1003             Contract Teaching (H1003)                               Inactive
     H1004             Workshop (H1004)                                        Inactive
     H1005             IT Support (H1005)                                      Inactive
     H1006             Departmental maintenance (H1006)                        Inactive
     H1007             Teaching Expenses (H1007)                               Inactive
     H1008             Equipment (H1008)                                       Inactive
     H1009             Visitors/Travel (H1009)                                 Inactive
     H1011             Bilger (H1011)                                          Inactive
     H1012             Armfield (H1012)                                        Inactive
     H1013             Dissaanayake (H1013)                                    Inactive
     H1014             Lozzi (H1014)                                           Inactive
     H1015             Mai (H1015)                                             Inactive

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          H1016             Phan-Thien (H1016)                                   Inactive
          H1017             Rye (H1017)                                          Inactive
          H1018             Masri (H1018)                                        Inactive
          H1019             Swain (H1019)                                        Inactive
          H1021             Tanner (H1021)                                       Inactive
          H1022             Ye (H1022)                                           Inactive
          H1023             Zhang (H1023)                                        Inactive
          H1024             Atkinson (H1024)                                     Inactive
          H1025             Bilston (H1025)                                      Inactive
          H1026             Nebot (H1026)                                        Inactive
          H1028             Kent (H1028)                                         Inactive
          H1029             McHugh (H1029)                                       Inactive
          H1031             Durrant-Whyte (H1031)                                Inactive
          H1032             Non DEET Misc (H1032)                                Inactive
          H1034             Marketing and Promotion (H1034)                      Inactive
          H1506             Office Maintenance INACTIVE (H1506)                  Inactive
          H1508             Marketing and Promotion (H1508)                      Inactive
  H1580_ACFR                Aust Centre Field Robotics (H1580_ACFR)
     H1581                  Hugh Durrant Whyte (H1581)                           Active
     H1582                  Eduardo Nebot (H1582)                                Active
     H1583                  Salah Sukkarieh (H1583)                              Active
     H1584                  Steve Scheding (H1584)                               Active
     H1585                  Stefan Williams (H1585)                              Active
     H1586                  David Rye (H1586)                                    Active
     H1587                  Prof Peter Hatherly (H1587)                          Active
     H1591                  ACFR (H1591)                                         Active
     H1592                  Graham Brooker (H1592)                               Active
     H1593                  ACRF Overheads (H1593)                               Active
     H1594                  Patrick Chair (H1594)                                Active
H0400_CHEM&BIOMOLEC         Chemical & Biomolecular Eng (H0400_CHEM&BIOMOLEC)
  H0410_CHEM_ENG_TEACH      Chemical Engineering Teaching (H0410_CHEM_ENG_TEACH)
     H4000_SEMESTER_UOS     Semester Units of Study (H4000_SEMESTER_UOS)
       H4010_TEACHING_YEAR1 Teaching Year 1 (H4010_TEACHING_YEAR1)
       H4020_TEACHING YEAR2 Teaching Year 2 (H4020_TEACHING YEAR2)
       H4030_TEACHING_YEAR3 Teaching Year 3 (H4030_TEACHING_YEAR3)
       H4040_TEACHING_YEAR4 Teaching Year 4 (H4040_TEACHING_YEAR4)
     H4090_TEACHING_GEN     Teaching General (H4090_TEACHING_GEN)
       H4080_INAC_TEACH_GENInactive Teaching General (H4080_INAC_TEACH_GEN)
          H0404             Postgraduate Support (H0404)                         Inactive
          H0416             Part Time Teaching (H0416)                           Inactive
          H0437             Short Courses (H0437)                                Inactive
  H0430_CHEM_ENG_RES        Chemical Engineering Research (H0430_CHEM_ENG_RES)
     H4110_BIOENG&BIOPHYS Bioeng & Biophysics Res Grp (H4110_BIOENG&BIOPHYS)
       H0434                Process Systems Engineering (H0434)                  Active
       H0444                BIO Engineering (H0444)                              Active
       H4210_BIOENG_RSCHERSBioeng & Biophysics Reschers (H4210_BIOENG_RSCHERS)
          H0439             H. Coster (H0439)                                    Active
          H0441             Fariba Dehghani (H0441)                              Active
          H0443             John Kavanagh (H0443)                                Active
          H0445             Ali Abbas (H0445)                                    Active
     H4120_COMBUSTN_ENRGY Combustion Energy&Chem Process (H4120_COMBUSTN_ENRGY)
       H4220_CEP_RSCHERS    Combustn Enrgy&Process Rschers (H4220_CEP_RSCHERS)
          H0411             B. Haynes (H0411)                                    Active
          H0428             Fletcher (H0428)                                     Active
          H0446             Alejandro Montoya (H0446)                            Active
          H4221             Jun Huang (H4221)                                    Active
     H4130_BIOPROCESS       Bioprocess& Wastewater Res Grp (H4130_BIOPROCESS)
       H0431                Bio-Processing Facility (H0431)                      Active
       H4230_BIOPROCESS_RESBioprocess&Wastewater Rschers (H4230_BIOPROCESS_RES)
          H0408             G. Barton (H0408)                                    Active
          H0442             Daniel Ryan (H0442)                                  Active
     H4140_SUSTAINAB_TECH   Sustainable Tech Res Grp (H4140_SUSTAINAB_TECH)
       H4240_SUSTAIN_RSCHRSSustainable Tech Reschers (H4240_SUSTAIN_RSCHRS)
          H0409             Dr Andrew Harris (H0409)                             Active
     H4150_COMPLX&SUSTAIN Complex Sys&Sustain Res Grp (H4150_COMPLX&SUSTAIN)
       H4250_COMPLX_RSCHERS Complex Sys&Sustain Reschers (H4250_COMPLX_RSCHERS)
          H0414             Petrie (H0414)                                       Active
     H4160_DRYING&PROCESS Drying&Process Tech Res Grp (H4160_DRYING&PROCESS)

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       H4260_DRYING_RSCHERSDrying&Process Tech Rschers (H4260_DRYING_RSCHERS)
          H0421             T. Langrish (H0421)                                     Active
     H4170_POLYMER&SYSTEM Integratd Polymer&Sys Res Grp (H4170_POLYMER&SYSTEM)
       H4270_POLYMER_RSCHRS Integratd Polymer&Sys Rschers (H4270_POLYMER_RSCHRS)
          H0413             Gomes (H0413)                                           Active
     H4180_MICRO_FLUIDS     MicroStructured Fluids REs Grp (H4180_MICRO_FLUIDS)
       H4280_FLUIDS_RSCHERS MicroStructured Fluids Rschers (H4280_FLUIDS_RSCHERS)
          H0436             Dr H SEE (H0436)                                        Active
          H4281             C Ekwebelam (H4281)                                     Active
     H4190_MINERAL&MATRLS Mineral&Materials Process Grp (H4190_MINERAL&MATRLS)
       H4290_MINERAL_RSCHRSMineral&Matrls Process Rschers (H4290_MINERAL_RSCHRS)
          H0426             Valix (H0426)                                           Active
     H4300_POWER&ENERGY     Power & Energy Res Grp (H4300_POWER&ENERGY)
       H4310_POWER_RSCHERSPower & Energy Reschers (H4310_POWER_RSCHERS)
          H0447             A. Vassallo (H0447)                                     Active
     H4320_OTHER RSCHERS    Other Researchers (H4320_OTHER RSCHERS)
       H0415                R. Prince (H0415)                                       Active
     H4390_RESEARCH_GEN     Research General (H4390_RESEARCH_GEN)
       H4380_INAC_RESCH_GENInactive Research General (H4380_INAC_RESCH_GEN)
          H0406             Strategic Research Initiative (H0406)                   Inactive
          H0407             J. Barford (H0407)                                      Inactive
          H0410             ARC DP0452447-Coster (H0410)                            Inactive
          H0412             Choy (H0412)                                            Inactive
          H0417             J. Romagnoli (H0417)                                    Inactive
          H0418             McNevin (H0418)                                         Inactive
          H0425             A Cheung (H0425)                                        Inactive
          H0427             Raper (H0427)                                           Inactive
          H0438             Dr Dennis McNevin (H0438)                               Inactive
  H0480_CHEM_ENG_OPS        Chemical Eng Operations (H0480_CHEM_ENG_OPS)
     H0419                  Analytical (H0419)                                      Active
     H0433                  ICP Project (H0433)                                     Active
     H4680_CHEM_INAC_OPS    Chem Eng Inactive Operations (H4680_CHEM_INAC_OPS)
       H0403                Equipment (H0403)                                       Inactive
       H0422                Mechanical (H0422)                                      Inactive
       H0429                Laboratory (H0429)                                      Inactive
  H0490_CHEM_ENG_SERV       Chemical Eng Services (H0490_CHEM_ENG_SERV)
     H0401                  Chem Engineering Oper (H0401)                           Active
     H0448                  C Ekwebelam (H0448)                                     Inactive
     H4780_CHEM_INAC_SERV Chem Eng Inactive Services (H4780_CHEM_INAC_SERV)
       H0405                Computing (H0405)                                       Inactive
       H0423                Services (H0423)                                        Inactive
       H0424                Office (H0424)                                          Inactive
       H0432                Web-Based Marketing (H0432)                             Inactive
       H0435                Rental-Chiu Building (H0435)                            Inactive
H0600_CIVIL_ENG             Civil Engineering (H0600_CIVIL_ENG)
  H0610_CIVIL_TEACHING      Civil Engineering Teaching (H0610_CIVIL_TEACHING)
     H6000_SEMESTER_UOS     Civil Semester Units of Study (H6000_SEMESTER_UOS)
       H6010_TEACHING YEAR1 Civil Teaching Year 1 (H6010_TEACHING YEAR1)
       H6020_TEACHING_YEAR2 Civil Teaching Year 2 (H6020_TEACHING_YEAR2)
       H6030_TEACHING_YEAR3 Civil Teaching Year 3 (H6030_TEACHING_YEAR3)
       H6040_TEACHING_YEAR4 Civil Teaching Year 4 (H6040_TEACHING_YEAR4)
     H6070_SUMMER&BRIDGNG Civil Summer & Bridging Course (H6070_SUMMER&BRIDGNG)
     H6090_TEACHING_GEN     Civil Teaching General (H6090_TEACHING_GEN)
       H6080_INAC_TEACH_GENCivil Inactive Teach General (H6080_INAC_TEACH_GEN)
          H0611             Drafting and Drawing (H0611)                            Inactive
          H0618             Full Fee Paying Students (H0618)                        Inactive
          H0619             Post Graduate Expenses (H0619)                          Inactive
          H0623             Part Time Teaching (H0623)                              Inactive
  H0630_CIVIL_RESEARCH      Civil Engineering Research (H0630_CIVIL_RESEARCH)
     H6110_STRUCTURAL       Civil Srructural Eng Res Grp (H6110_STRUCTURAL)
       H0602                Structural Engineering (H0602)                          Active
       H0624                Structural Steel Research (H0624)                       Active
       H0627                Research in Steel Design (H0627)                        Active
       H0662                GJ Hancock Innovation Fund (H0662)                      Active
       H6210_STRUCTURAL_RSC Civil Structural Eng Reschers (H6210_STRUCTURAL_RSC)
     H6120_GEOTECHNICAL     Civil Geotechnic Eng Res Grp (H6120_GEOTECHNICAL)
       H0603                Geotechnical Engineering (H0603)                        Active
       H0633                Associste Dean - Small (H0633)                          Active

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       H6220_GEOTECH_RSCHRSCivil Geotechnic Eng Reschers (H6220_GEOTECH_RSCHRS)
     H6130_WIND            Civil Wind Eng Res Grp (H6130_WIND)
       H0604               Wind Engineering (H0604)                               Active
       H6230_WIND_RSCHRS   Civil Wind Eng Reschers (H6230_WIND_RSCHRS)
     H6140_OCEAN           Civil Ocean Eng Res Grp (H6140_OCEAN)
       H0606               Ocean Engineering (H0606)                              Active
       H6240_OCEAN_RSCHRS Civil Ocean Eng Reschers (H6240_OCEAN_RSCHRS)
     H6150_FLUID           Civil Fluid Eng Res Grp (H6150_FLUID)
       H0605               Fluids Engineering (H0605)                             Active
       H6250_FLUID_RSCHRS Civil Fluid Eng Reschers (H6250_FLUID_RSCHRS)
     H6160_PART&GR         Civil Part&Grain Eng Res Grp (H6160_PART&GR)
       H6260_PART&GR_RSCHRSCivil Part&Grain Eng Reschers (H6260_PART&GR_RSCHRS)
          H6261            Particles & Grains Laboratory (H6261)                  Active
     H6190_RESEARCH_GEN    Civil Research General (H6190_RESEARCH_GEN)
       H0608               Project Management Group (H0608)                       Active
       H0632               Research (H0632)                                       Active
       H0663               Conference (H0663)                                     Active
       H6180_INACT_RESEARCHCivil Inactive Research (H6180_INACT_RESEARCH)
          H0607            Survey Engineering (H0607)                             Inactive
          H0609            Conference ASSCCA 03 (H0609)                           Inactive
          H0625            Dynamic Per Coated Rebar (H0625)                       Inactive
          H0628            Composite Structure Res (H0628)                        Inactive
          H0629            Seminars (H0629)                                       Inactive
          H0634            PM Outreach (H0634)                                    Inactive
          H0651            PMGT China (H0651)                                     Inactive
          H0652            PMGT Taiwan (H0652)                                    Inactive
          H0653            PMGT Hong Kong (H0653)                                 Inactive
          H0654            PMGT Australia (H0654)                                 Inactive
          H0655            PMGT Europe (H0655)                                    Inactive
          H0656            PMGT North America (H0656)                             Inactive
          H0657            PMGT India (H0657)                                     Inactive
          H0658            PMGT South East Asia (H0658)                           Inactive
          H0659            PMGT Other (H0659)                                     Inactive
  H0680_CIVIL_OPERATNS     Civil Eng Operations (H0680_CIVIL_OPERATNS)
     H0614                 Department Maintenance (H0614)                         Active
     H0661                 Workshop (H0661)                                       Active
     H0664                 USYD Workshop Services (H0664)                         Active
     H6280_INACT_OPERATNS Civil Inactive Operations (H6280_INACT_OPERATNS)
       H0612               Hawkains Computing Lab (H0612)                         Inactive
       H0613               Electronic Workshop (H0613)                            Inactive
       H0621               Indexed Account New Equip (H0621)                      Inactive
       H0622               Electronic WorkShop (CME) (H0622)                      Inactive
       H0626               Structural Lab Services (H0626)                        Inactive
       H0631               Workshop (H0631)                                       Inactive
       H0635               Fluids & Geotechnical W/Shop (H0635)                   Inactive
       H0636               Construction & Management (H0636)                      Inactive
  H0690_CIVIL_SERVICES     Civil Eng Services (H0690_CIVIL_SERVICES)
     H0601                 Civil Engineering Admin (H0601)                        Active
     H6380_INACT_SERVICES  Civil Inactive Services (H6380_INACT_SERVICES)
       H0615               Prime Computing Fees (H0615)                           Inactive
       H0616               Special Donations (H0616)                              Inactive
       H0617               Administration - General (H0617)                       Inactive
H0800_ELECT&INFO_ENG       Electrical & Information Eng (H0800_ELECT&INFO_ENG)
  H0810_EIE_TEACHING       Electrical Eng Teaching (H0810_EIE_TEACHING)
     H8000_SEMESTER_UOS    EIE Semester Units of Study (H8000_SEMESTER_UOS)
       H8010_EIE_TEACH_YR1 EIE Teaching Year 1 (H8010_EIE_TEACH_YR1)
       H8020_EIE_TEACH_YR2 EIE Tteaching Year 2 (H8020_EIE_TEACH_YR2)
       H8030_EIE_TEACH_YR3 EIE Teaching Year 3 (H8030_EIE_TEACH_YR3)
       H8040_EIE_TEACH_YR4 EIE Teaching Year 4 (H8040_EIE_TEACH_YR4)
       H8060_POSTGRAD_CRWSKIE Postgraduate Coursework (H8060_POSTGRAD_CRWSK)
     H8090_EIE_TEACH_GEN   EIE Teaching General (H8090_EIE_TEACH_GEN)
       H0804               P Nickolls Teaching (H0804)                            Active
       H0845               G Lucas CARlab Teaching (H0845)                        Active
  H0830_EIE_RESEARCH       Electrical Eng Research (H0830_EIE_RESEARCH)
     H8110_TELECOMMUNICAT EIE Telecommunicatns Res Grp (H8110_TELECOMMUNICAT)
       H0808               Communication Group (H0808)                            Active
       H8210_TELECOM_RSCHRS Telecommunications Rschrs (H8210_TELECOM_RSCHRS)
          H0807            G Mao (H0807)                                          Active

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          H0811              Alistair McEwan (H0811)                               Active
          H0814              Yonghui Li (H0814)                                    Active
          H0824              Dr James Rathmell (H0824)                             Active
          H0835              B Vucetic (H0835)                                     Active
          H0839              Dr Ian Collings (H0839)                               Active
          H0849              A Jamalipour (H0849)                                  Active
     H8120_POWER&ENERGY      EIE Power & Energy Res Group (H8120_POWER&ENERGY)
        H8220_POWER&EN_RSCHRIE Power & Energy Researchers (H8220_POWER&EN_RSCHR)
          H0818              D LU (H0818)                                          Active
          H0819              Power Engineering (H0819)                             Active
          H0821              A/Prof Stephen W Simpson (H0821)                      Active
          H0827              Swamidoss Sathiakumar (H0827)                         Active
          H0842              Yash Research (H0842)                                 Active
     H8130_FIBRE_OPTICS      EIE Fibre Optic & Photonic Grp (H8130_FIBRE_OPTICS)
        H0812                Fibre optics & Photonics (H0812)                      Active
        H8230_OPTICS_RSCHRS EIE Fibre Optic &Photon Rschrs (H8230_OPTICS_RSCHRS)
          H0805              Yi Xiaoke (H0805)                                     Active
          H0806              R Minasian (H0806)                                    Active
          H0848              J Atai (H0848)                                        Active
     H8140_SOFTWARE_RES      EIE Software Research Group (H8140_SOFTWARE_RES)
        H0813                Software Engineering Group (H0813)                    Active
        H0816                Philip Leong (H0816)                                  Active
        H8240_SOFTWARE_RSCHR Software Researchers (H8240_SOFTWARE_RSCHR)
          H0831              Levy Software Eng Research (H0831)                    Active
          H0846              R Calvo (H0846)                                       Active
     H8150_COMP_AUDIO_RES EIE Computer Audio Res Group (H8150_COMP_AUDIO_RES)
        H0841                Computing Audio Research (H0841)                      Active
        H8250_AUDIO RESCHERS EIE Computer Audio Reschers (H8250_AUDIO RESCHERS)
     H8160_OTHER RESCHERS EIE Other Researchers (H8160_OTHER RESCHERS)
        H0809                Zhendong Kyle Zhou (H0809)                            Active
        H0834                H Yan (H0834)                                         Active
        H0837                Xiheng Hu (H0837)                                     Active
        H8260_INACT_RESCHERSEIE Inactive Researchers (H8260_INACT_RESCHERS)
          H0822              Gregor Verbic (H0822)                                 Active
          H0826              Vojin Oklobdzija INACTIVE (H0826)                     Inactive
          H0828              D. Hill INACTIVE (H0828)                              Inactive
          H0836              Dr Van Schaik INACTIVE (H0836)                        Inactive
          H0838              Electricity Markets Research (H0838)                  Inactive
          H0843              Levy INACTIVE (H0843)                                 Inactive
          H0844              A/Pro Stephen Simpson INACTIVE (H0844)                Inactive
          H0847              B Vucetic INACTIVE (H0847)                            Inactive
     H8190_RESEARCH_GEN      EIE Research General (H8190_RESEARCH_GEN)
  H0880_EIE_OPERATIONS       Electrical Eng Operations (H0880_EIE_OPERATIONS)
     H0823                   Circuits & Power Lab (H0823)                          Active
     H0825                   Communications Lab (H0825)                            Active
     H0829                   Digital Lab (H0829)                                   Active
     H0832                   Electronics Lab (H0832)                               Active
     H0833                   Energy and Control Lab (H0833)                        Active
  H0890_EIE_SERVICES         Electrical Eng Services (H0890_EIE_SERVICES)
     H0801                   Electrical Operating A (H0801)                        Active
     H0803                   School Overheads - A (H0803)                          Active
     H0815                   Vassilios Energy Aust Chair (H0815)                   Active
     H0817                   Computer Maintenance IT (H0817)                       Active
     H8390_INACT_SERVICES    EIE Inactive Services (H8390_INACT_SERVICES)
        H0802                School IT Lease Expense (H0802)                       Inactive
H2800_INFORMATN_TECH         Information Technologies (H2800_INFORMATN_TECH)
  H2810_IT_TEACHING          Information Tech Teaching (H2810_IT_TEACHING)
     H2400_SEMESTER_UOS      IT Semester Units of Study (H2400_SEMESTER_UOS)
        H2410_IT_TEACH_YEAR1 IT Teaching Year 1 (H2410_IT_TEACH_YEAR1)
        H2420_IT_TEACH_YEAR2 IT Teaching Year 2 (H2420_IT_TEACH_YEAR2)
        H2430_IT_TEACH_YEAR3 IT Teaching Year 3 (H2430_IT_TEACH_YEAR3)
        H2440_IT_TEACH_YEAR4 IT Teaching Year 4 (H2440_IT_TEACH_YEAR4)
        H2460_IT_PG_COURSEWKIT Postgraduate Coursework (H2460_IT_PG_COURSEWK)
          H2808              MIT/MIAT (H2808)                                      Active
          H2839              Prog Comp (H2839)                                     Active
     H2470_IT_SUMMER_SCH     IT Summer & Bridging Course (H2470_IT_SUMMER_SCH)
        H2818                J Gudmundsson (H2818)                                 Active
     H2490_IT_TEACH_GEN      IT Teaching General (H2490_IT_TEACH_GEN)

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       H2809                NCSS (H2809)                                        Active
       H2815                Teach Python (H2815)                                Active
       H2819                Julian Mestre (H2819)                               Active
       H2833                Girls Program Network (H2833)                       Active
       H2847                UGrad Expenses (H2847)                              Active
  H2830_IT_RESEARCH         Information Tech Research (H2830_IT_RESEARCH)
     H2500_IT_RESEARCHERS   IT Researchers (H2500_IT_RESEARCHERS)
       H2802                Michael Fry (H2802)                                 Active
       H2803                Joseph Davis (H2803)                                Active
       H2805                B Landfeldt (H2805)                                 Active
       H2806                Irena Koprinska (H2806)                             Active
       H2807                Tom W D Cai (H2807)                                 Active
       H2812                Yacef (H2812)                                       Active
       H2814                Peter Eades (H2814)                                 Active
       H2816                Fekete (H2816)                                      Active
       H2817                Feng (H2817)                                        Active
       H2822                Takatsuka (H2822)                                   Active
       H2823                Kay (H2823)                                         Active
       H2825                Kummerfeld (H2825)                                  Active
       H2826                S. Hong (H2826)                                     Active
       H2828                Poon,Josiah (H2828)                                 Active
       H2829                Patrick J (H2829)                                   Active
       H2831                Chawla (H2831)                                      Active
       H2832                Chung,Vera (H2832)                                  Active
       H2835                Professor Albert Zomaya (H2835)                     Active
       H2836                Poon simon (H2836)                                  Active
       H2838                Zhou (H2838)                                        Active
       H2844                Selvadurai (H2844)                                  Active
       H2845                Ying Zhou (H2845)                                   Active
       H2848                Roehm, Uwe (H2848)                                  Active
       H2849                Scholz, Bernhard (H2849)                            Active
       H2853                Viglas, Anastasios (H2853)                          Active
       H2854                Choi, Byounggu (H2854)                              Active
       H2855                Curran, James (H2855)                               Active
       H2856                Wang, Xiuying (H2856)                               Active
       H2857                Wang, Zhiyong (H2857)                               Active
       H2858                Charleston, Michael (H2858)                         Active
       H2859                Lavi Libman (H2859)                                 Active
       H2861                Tara Murphy (H2861)                                 Active
     H2590_IT_RESERCH_GEN   IT Research General (H2590_IT_RESERCH_GEN)
       H2804                INVIS Research Lab (H2804)                          Active
       H2824                Smart Internet O/Heads (H2824)                      Active
       H2834                Networks Sys Res Lab (H2834)                        Active
       H2837                Postgrad Res Allow (H2837)                          Active
       H2842                School Research Allowance (H2842)                   Active
       H2846                Basser Seminars (H2846)                             Active
       H2851                Research Initiative Fund (H2851)                    Active
       H2852                NICTA (H2852)                                       Active
       H2899                Vislab CLOSED (H2899)                               Inactive
  H2890_IT_SERVICES         Information Tech Services (H2890_IT_SERVICES)
     H2801                  Schl Info tech Operating (H2801)                    Active
     H2811                  Alumni Events (H2811)                               Active
     H2813                  Royalties (H2813)                                   Active
     H2821                  Miscellaneous Events (H2821)                        Active
     H2827                  External Relations (H2827)                          Active
     H2843                  Alltech Leasing (H2843)                             Active
  U0500_IITEKE              Inst for IT & Knowldge Economy (U0500_IITEKE)
     U0501                  IITeKE Operating (U0501)                            Active
  U0400_VISLAB              Vislab (U0400_VISLAB)
     U0401                  VisLab Operating (U0401)                            Inactive
     U0402                  ATP LAB (U0402)                                     Inactive
  H2880_IT_OPERATIONS       Information Tech Operations (H2880_IT_OPERATIONS)
     H2841                  Workshop (H2841)                                    Active
U0800_OFTC                  Optical Fibre Technology Ctre (U0800_OFTC)
  U0801                     OFTC Operating (U0801)                              Inactive
  U0802                     ARC Projects (U0802)                                Inactive
  U0803                     CRC Projects (U0803)                                Inactive
  U0804                     Resolution Account (U0804)                          Inactive

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       U0805                    Experiment-S Fleming (U0805)                           Inactive
       U0806                    Support for Appointments (U0806)                       Inactive
       U0807                    Aust Technology Park (U0807)                           Inactive
       U0808                    Short Courses (U0808)                                  Inactive
       U0809                    Resources Management (U0809)                           Inactive
       U0811                    Fibre Fabrication Facility (U0811)                     Inactive
       U0812                    Gratings Fabrication (U0812)                           Inactive
       U0813                    Contract Research (U0813)                              Inactive
     H0010_ENG_ADMIN            Eng Fac Admin (H0010_ENG_ADMIN)
       H0040_ENG_SERVICES       Eng Fac Services (H0040_ENG_SERVICES)
          H0001                 Operations (H0001)                                     Active
          H0002                 Marketing (H0002)                                      Inactive
          H0003                 Aciic (H0003)                                          Active
          H0006                 Dean (H0006)                                           Active
          H0007                 Advanced Engineering (H0007)                           Inactive
          H0009                 Grad Sch of Engineer'g (H0009)                         Inactive
          H0013                 Publicity (H0013)                                      Active
          H0016                 Computer Management (H0016)                            Inactive
          H0022                 Infrastructure Development (H0022)                     Inactive
          H0026                 Strategic Development (H0026)                          Active
          H0032                 Engineering Sydney (H0032)                             Inactive
          H0034                 Workshop (H0034)                                       Active
          H0035                 Chair Engineering Innovation (H0035)                   Active
       H0050_ENG_INITIATIVE     Eng Fac Strategic Initiatives (H0050_ENG_INITIATIVE)
          H0060_TEACHING        Teaching Strategic Initiatives (H0060_TEACHING)
            H0061               Teaching Strategic Initiatives (H0061)                 Active
          H0070_RESEARCH        Research Strategic Initiatives (H0070_RESEARCH)
            H0071               Research Strategic Initiatives (H0071)                 Active
          H0080_INTERNATIONAL   International Strategic Ints (H0080_INTERNATIONAL)
            H0081               International Strategic Ints (H0081)                   Active
       H0090_INAC_ENG_ADMIN     Inactive Eng Fac Admin (H0090_INAC_ENG_ADMIN)
          H0004                 Engsyd Industry Place S Ship (H0004)                   Active
          H0005                 Computing Laboratory (H0005)                           Active
          H0008                 Professor Mai - GSE (H0008)                            Inactive
          H0011                 Professor Kwok - GSE (H0011)                           Inactive
          H0012                 Motor Vehicles (H0012)                                 Inactive
          H0014                 SSP Travel (H0014)                                     Inactive
          H0015                 Scholarships (H0015)                                   Inactive
          H0017                 Business Development (H0017)                           Inactive
          H0018                 4th World Congress (H0018)                             Inactive
          H0019                 Re-designing Engineering (H0019)                       Inactive
          H0021                 Flexible First Year (H0021)                            Active
          H0023                 OFTC (H0023)                                           Active
          H0024                 Teaching Performance (H0024)                           Active
          H0028                 Strategic Research (H0028)                             Inactive
          H0031                 Bioengineering (H0031)                                 Inactive
          H0099                 CST Budgets Engineering (H0099)                        Active
  H7000_ENG_FOUNDATNS           Eng Foundations (H7000_ENG_FOUNDATNS)
     H7500_AMME_FNDN            AMME Foundation (H7500_AMME_FNDN)
       H7501                    MEF- Operating (H7501)                                 Active
     H7200_CHEMICAL_FNDN        Chemical Eng Foundation (H7200_CHEMICAL_FNDN)
       H7201                    CEF- Operating (H7201)                                 Active
       H7202                    CEF- Courses (H7202)                                   Active
       H7203                    CEF - CRESTA (H7203)                                   Active
     H7100_CIVIL_FNDN           Civil Eng Foundation (H7100_CIVIL_FNDN)
       H7101                    CMF- Opearting (H7101)                                 Active
     H7300_EIE_FNDN             Electrical&Info Eng Foundation (H7300_EIE_FNDN)
       H7301                    EEF- Operating (H7301)                                 Active
       H7302                    EIE Foundation Prizes INACTIVE (H7302)                 Inactive
       H7303                    EIE Fndn Sophia Tecch INACTIVE (H7303)                 Inactive
       H7304                    EEF- Functions INACTIVE (H7304)                        Inactive
       H7305                    EEF- Professional Development (H7305)                  Inactive
       H7306                    EEF - Conferences INACTIVE (H7306)                     Inactive
       H7307                    EEF- Exhibitions INACTIVE (H7307)                      Inactive
       H7308                    EEF- Publications INACTIVE (H7308)                     Inactive
     H7700_SIT_FNDN             Res Foundation Info Technology (H7700_SIT_FNDN)
       H7701                    Fnd - Information Technology (H7701)                   Active
H5000_WARREN CENTRE             The Warren Centre (H5000_WARREN CENTRE)

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H7400_TWCAE                  The Warren Centre Advanced Eng (H7400_TWCAE)
  H7401                      W CTR- Operating (H7401)                           Active
  H7402                      Donated Capital (H7402)                            Active
  H7403                      Events (H7403)                                     Active
  H7404                      Chair Engineering Innovation (H7404)               Active
  H7405                      W CTR- Publications Marketing (H7405)              Active
  H7406                      Bridges Project (H7406)                            Active
  H7407                      W CTR- Publication Commercial (H7407)              Active
  H7408                      LEHR AGO (H7408)                                   Active
  H7409                      LEHR International Ext AGO (H7409)                 Active
  H7411                      W CTR- Commercialisation (H7411)                   Inactive
  H7412                      ICT Committee (H7412)                              Active
  H7413                      W CTR-New Project Development (H7413)              Active
  H7414                      W CTR-Transport(State of Play) (H7414)             Inactive
  H7415                      W CTR-Aust Microelec Network (H7415)               Inactive
  H7416                      W CTR-Transport Comm Values (H7416)                Inactive
  H7417                      W CTR-Enterprise Innov 2000 (H7417)                Inactive
  H7418                      W CTR-Governor's Program (H7418)                   Active
  H7419                      W CTR- Transp Commnty Awarenss (H7419)             Inactive
  H7421                      W CTR- Transport Technology (H7421)                Inactive
  H7422                      W CTR- Transp Land Use Devlpmt (H7422)             Inactive
  H7423                      W CTR- Transpt Decision Making (H7423)             Inactive
  H7424                      AC21 Sustainable Transport Cen (H7424)             Inactive
  H7425                      Transport 10,000 Friends (H7425)                   Inactive
  H7426                      ICT K-12 Project (H7426)                           Active
  H7427                      Engineering Icons (H7427)                          Active
  H7428                      W CTR - Water Project (H7428)                      Inactive
  H7429                      W CTR - Innovation Awareness (H7429)               Active
  H7431                      Steel Project (H7431)                              Active
  H7432                      Innovation Committee (H7432)                       Active
  H7433                      WCTR Energy Committe (H7433)                       Active
  H7434                      Copper Project (H7434)                             Active
  H7435                      Communications Committee (H7435)                   Active
  H7436                      Manufacturing Committee (H7436)                    Active
  H7437                      T&S Committee (H7437)                              Active
  H7438                      Nanotechnlogy Project INACTIVE (H7438)             Inactive
  H7439                      PPIR Project (H7439)                               Active
  H7441                      National Energy Essay Competit (H7441)             Active
  H7442                      Corporate Patrons (H7442)                          Active
  H7443                      LEHR Project Stage 1 (H7443)                       Active
  H7444                      Embedded Systems (H7444)                           Active
H8400_TWCAE_INC_UNI          TWCAE Ltd Including Uni RC (H8400_TWCAE_INC_UNI)
  H8401                      Warren Centre Uni RC (H8401)                       Active
  H8410_TWCAE_LTD            The Warren Ctre Adv Eng Ltd (H8410_TWCAE_LTD)
     H8420_TWCAE_EX_ORC      TWCAE Ltd Excl Offset RC (H8420_TWCAE_EX_ORC)
       H8430_TWCAE_ADMIN     TWCAE Administration (H8430_TWCAE_ADMIN)
          H8431              TWCAE Governors (H8431)                            Active
          H8432              TWCAE Corporate Patrons (H8432)                    Active
          H8433              TWCAE Administration (H8433)                       Active
       H8440_TWCAE_OPS       TWCAE Operations (H8440_TWCAE_OPS)
                             TWCAE Projects (H8450_TWCAE_PROJECTS)
            H8451            TWCAE NEEC (H8451)                                 Active
            H8452            TWCAE PPIR (H8452)                                 Active
            H8453            TWCAE LEHR (H8453)                                 Inactive
            H8454            TWCAE Education (H8454)                            Active
            H8455            TWCAE Embedded (H8455)                             Active
            H8456            TWCAE Engineering Icons (H8456)                    Active
            H8457            TWCAE Rural Infrastructure (H8457)                 Active
            H8458            LEHR2 Base (H8458)                                 Active
            H8459            LEHR2 Green Building Fund (H8459)                  Active
            H8461            TWCAE EPP (H8461)                                  Active
            H8462            Residential Energy Management (H8462)              Active
            H8463            TWCAE Innovation Lecture (H8463)                   Active
          H8470_TWCAE_TEAMS  TWCAE Teams (H8470_TWCAE_TEAMS)
            H8471            TWCAE Major Projects (H8471)                       Active
            H8472            TWCAE FOE Teams (H8472)                            Active
            H8473            TWCAE Pubs Commercial (H8473)                      Active
            H8474            TWCAE Pubs Marketing (H8474)                       Active

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                  H8475               TWCAE Committees (H8475)                            Active
               H8480_TWCAE_ACTIVITI   TWCAE Activities (H8480_TWCAE_ACTIVITI)
                  H8481               TWCAE Chair Fundraising (H8481)                     Active
          H8490_TWCAE_OFFSET          TWCAE Ltd Offset (H8490_TWCAE_OFFSET)
             H8491                    TWCAE Offset RC (H8491)                             Active
S0000_HLTH_SCIENCES                   Faculty of Health Sciences (S0000_HLTH_SCIENCES)
  S1000_FACULTY_OP                    Faculty Operation Exc Yooroang (S1000_FACULTY_OP)
     S0100_UNALLOC_ITEMS              Unallocated Items (S0100_UNALLOC_ITEMS)
       S0101                          Contingency (S0101)                                 Active
       S0102                          Faculty General (S0102)                             Inactive
       S0103                          Faculty Reserve (S0103)                             Active
       S0104                          FHS Clearing Account (S0104)                        Active
       S0199                          Deans Unit (S0199)                                  Active
     S0200_FACULTY_SERV               Faculty Services (S0200_FACULTY_SERV)
       S0211                          Exec Support Recept & Admin (S0211)                 Active
       S0213                          Faculty Operations (S0213)                          Inactive
       S0221                          Community and Development (S0221)                   Active
       S0231                          Campus Finance (S0231)                              Active
       S0241                          Purchasing and Stores (S0241)                       Inactive
       S0251                          Student Central (S0251)                             Active
       S0261                          Printery (S0261)                                    Active
       S0271                          Learning & Teach UG Prog Admin (S0271)              Active
       S0273                          Learning & Teach PG Prog Admin (S0273)              Active
       S0275                          Learning & Teaching Clin Educ (S0275)               Active
       S0281                          Faculty Alumni Activities (S0281)                   Active
       S0285                          IT & Systems (S0285)                                Inactive
       S0291                          Research & Innovation Support (S0291)               Active
     S0300_ACAD_GOVERN                Academic Governance (S0300_ACAD_GOVERN)
       S0311                          Academic Governance - General (S0311)               Active
       S0331                          Ageing, Work & Health Res Unit (S0331)              Active
       S0332                          Pro Dean (S0332)                                    Inactive
       S0341                          Associate Dean - Research (S0341)                   Inactive
       S0342                          Sub Dean - Research Students (S0342)                Active
       S0343                          Sub Dean - Undgrad Cswrk & Stu (S0343)              Active
       S0344                          Associate Dean - Teach & Learn (S0344)              Inactive
       S0345                          Sub Dean -Curric Rvw & Dvlpmnt (S0345)              Inactive
       S0346                          Sub Dean Grad Crsewrk & Stdnts (S0346)              Active
       S0351                          Sub Dean - Clncal & Prof Fldwk (S0351)              Active
       S0352                          Assoc Dean - Staff Development (S0352)              Inactive
       S0353                          Assoc Dean - Intnatnl & Dvelop (S0353)              Inactive
       S0354                          Faculty Exec & HOD Travel (S0354)                   Active
       S0355                          Deputy Chair Of Undergraduate (S0355)               Inactive
       S0359                          Expense of Office Allowance (S0359)                 Inactive
     S0400_INTL_DEVELOP               International Development (S0400_INTL_DEVELOP)
       S0411                          International & Development (S0411)                 Active
       S0451                          Singapore Inst of Management (S0451)                Inactive
     S0500_EDUC_DEVELOP               Education Development (S0500_EDUC_DEVELOP)
       S0511                          Education Connections General (S0511)               Inactive
       S0551                          Undergraduate Reform (S0551)                        Inactive
       S0581                          Continuing Professional Educat (S0581)              Inactive
     S0600_EQUIP_DEVELOP              Equipment Development (S0600_EQUIP_DEVELOP)
       S0611                          Major Equipment (S0611)                             Inactive
       S0621                          Minor Equipment (S0621)                             Inactive
     S0700_RESEARCH                   Research (S0700_RESEARCH)
       S0711                          Research Grants (S0711)                             Inactive
       S0712                          Director of Research (S0712)                        Active
       S0713                          Research Development (S0713)                        Inactive
       S0714                          Med Imaging & Radtn Sci FRG (S0714)                 Active
       S0715                          Ageing and Human Development (S0715)                Active
       S0716                          Disability and Community (S0716)                    Active
       S0717                          Exercise Health & Performance (S0717)               Active
       S0718                          Clinical & Rehabilition Scienc (S0718)              Active
       S0719                          Health & Inform Res&Eval Unit (S0719)               Active
       S0721                          BMRI Health Sciences (S0721)                        Inactive
       S0722                          New Appointments (S0722)                            Inactive
       S0723                          Health Information & Statistic (S0723)              Inactive
       S0724                          Interdisp Com Bas Hlth CA Unit (S0724)              Active
       S0725                          Work and Health (S0725)                             Active

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     S0726               Health Info Steele (S0726)                              Active
     S0727               Ageing Work & Health (S0727)                            Active
     S0731               Distinguished Visitors (S0731)                          Active
     S0741               Campus ITS Enrolments (S0741)                           Inactive
     S0751               Disability Studies (S0751)                              Inactive
     S0791               Scholarships & Prizes (S0791)                           Active
  S3020_HLTH_INFO_MGT    Health Information Management (S3020_HLTH_INFO_MGT)
     S3021               Health Information Management (S3021)                   Inactive
  S3050_COMMUNICAT_SCI   Communication Sci & Disorders (S3050_COMMUNICAT_SCI)
     S3051               Communication Sci & Disorders (S3051)                   Inactive
     S3052               Communictions Clinic Inactive (S3052)                   Inactive
     S3053               Aust Stuttering Research Centr (S3053)                  Inactive
  S3060_MED_RADIA_TECH   Medical Radiation Technology (S3060_MED_RADIA_TECH)
     S3061               Medical Radiation Sciences (S3061)                      Inactive
  S3070_APPLIED_VISION   Applied Vision Sciences (S3070_APPLIED_VISION)
     S3071               Applied Vision Sciences (S3071)                         Inactive
  S3080_OCCUP_LEIS_SCI   Occupation & Leisure Sciences (S3080_OCCUP_LEIS_SCI)
     S3081               Occcuptional &Leisure Sciences (S3081)                  Inactive
     S3082               Driver Rehab & Fleet Safety (S3082)                     Inactive
     S3083               Driver Master Classes (S3083)                           Inactive
     S3084               Functional Assessment (S3084)                           Inactive
  S3110_SCH_COM_HLTH     EX School of Community Health (S3110_SCH_COM_HLTH)
     S3111               School of Comm Health (S3111)                           Inactive
  S3400_BIOMEDICAL_SCI   Biomedical Sciences (S3400_BIOMEDICAL_SCI)
     S3401               Biomed Sci REPLACED BY K1301 (S3401)                    Inactive
     S3402               Anatomy Workshops (S3402)                               Inactive
     S3403               Bridging Courses (S3403)                                Inactive
  S8400_REHAB_RES_CTRE   EX Rehab Research Centre (S8400_REHAB_RES_CTRE)
     S8401               Rehabilitation Rsrch Cntr (S8401)                       Inactive
  S8600_VOICE_CTRE       EX Voice Centre (S8600_VOICE_CTRE)
     S8601               National Voice Centre (S8601)                           Inactive
S2000_LRN_TCH            Learning & Teaching (S2000_LRN_TCH)
  S2100_UG_TCH_SD        UG Teaching Sub Dean (S2100_UG_TCH_SD)
     S2141               UGTeaching (S2141)                                      Active
  S2200_PG_TCH_SD        PG Teaching Sub Dean (S2200_PG_TCH_SD)
     S2201               PG Teaching (S2201)                                     Active
  S2300_PG_GRAD_ENT      PG Graduate Entry (S2300_PG_GRAD_ENT)
     S2321               PG Gem INACTIVE (S2321)                                 Inactive
  S2400_CLN_PROF_FLDWK   Clinical & Professional Fldwrk (S2400_CLN_PROF_FLDWK)
     S2431               Clinical & Professional Fldwk (S2431)                   Inactive
  S2500_CURR_REV_DEV     Curriculum Revue & Development (S2500_CURR_REV_DEV)
     S2581               Curriculum Review & Developmnt (S2581)                  Active
     S2582               IPL (S2582)                                             Active
S3120_YOORANG_GARANG     Yooroang Garang (S3120_YOORANG_GARANG)
  S3121                  Yoorang Garang (S3121)                                  Active
S4000_CUMB_CAMPUS        Cumberland Campus (S4000_CUMB_CAMPUS)
  S4001                  Central Campus Accounts (S4001)                         Inactive
  S4002                  Campus Manager Unit (S4002)                             Inactive
  S4003                  Cumberland Finance INACTIVE (S4003)                     Inactive
  S4004                  Inform Techn Services (S4004)                           Inactive
  S4005                  Student Admin Serv (S4005)                              Inactive
  S4091                  Student Welfare Services (S4091)                        Inactive
  S4020_PROD_SERVICES    Production Services (S4020_PROD_SERVICES)
     S4021               Administration (S4021)                                  Inactive
     S4022               Printery (S4022)                                        Inactive
     S4023               Graphics (S4023)                                        Inactive
     S4024               Photography (S4024)                                     Inactive
     S4025               AV Distribution (S4025)                                 Inactive
     S4026               Purchasing & Stores (S4026)                             Inactive
  S4070_BLDG_GRNDS       EX Building & Grounds (S4070_BLDG_GRNDS)
     S4071               Bldg and Gnds Operating (S4071)                         Inactive
     S4072               Minor Works Projects (S4072)                            Inactive
  S4080_PROPERTY_SERV    Property Services (S4080_PROPERTY_SERV)
     S4081               Property Service Operating (S4081)                      Inactive
     S4082               Student Residences (S4082)                              Inactive
     S4083               Jack Lang Residence (S4083)                             Inactive
     S4084               Parking (S4084)                                         Inactive
     S4085               Student Residences - Input Tax (S4085)                  Inactive

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  S6000_CENTRES              Centres (S6000_CENTRES)
     S3030_BEHAV_SCIENCES    Behavioural Sciences (S3030_BEHAV_SCIENCES)
       S3031                 Behavioural & Comm Hlth (S3031)                        Inactive
       S3032                 Anxiety Disorders Clinic (S3032)                       Active
     S3090_PHYSIOTHERAPY     Physiotherapy (S3090_PHYSIOTHERAPY)
       S3091                 Physiotherapy (S3091)                                  Inactive
       S3092                 CPEA (S3092)                                           Inactive
       S3093                 CEBP (S3093)                                           Inactive
     S4200_SCH_EX_SPRT_SC    School Exercise & Sports Sci (S4200_SCH_EX_SPRT_SC)
       S4201                 Exercise & Sport Sciences (S4201)                      Inactive
       S4202                 Fitability (S4202)                                     Inactive
       S4203                 Fitness Testing (S4203)                                Active
       S4209                 Rehabilitation Research Centre (S4209)                 Inactive
     S8700_AU_STUTTER_CTR    Aust Stuttering Research Ctre (S8700_AU_STUTTER_CTR)
       S8701                 Aust Stuttering Res Ctre (S8701)                       Active
     S6100_CHRC_ADMIN        EX Cumber Hlth Rsrch Ctr Admin (S6100_CHRC_ADMIN)
       S6101                 CHRC Administration (S6101)                            Inactive
       S6102                 Sports Clinic (S6102)                                  Inactive
       S6103                 Occupational Health (S6103)                            Inactive
       S6104                 Continuing Prof Educ (S6104)                           Inactive
       S6150_OCC_HEALTH      EX Occupational Health (S6150_OCC_HEALTH)
          S6151              Occupational Rehabilitation (S6151)                    Inactive
          S6152              Corporate Health (S6152)                               Inactive
          S6153              Driver Rehabilitation (S6153)                          Inactive
          S6154              Hearing Rehabilitation (S6154)                         Inactive
          S6155              Psychology Services (S6155)                            Inactive
          S6156              Exercise Rehabilitation (S6156)                        Inactive
       S6160_HEALTH_CLINIC   EX Health Clinic (S6160_HEALTH_CLINIC)
          S6161              Physiotherapy (S6161)                                  Inactive
          S6162              Medical & Allied Health (S6162)                        Inactive
     S6200_NAT_CODING_CTR    National Coding Centre (S6200_NAT_CODING_CTR)
       S6201                 NCCH Administration Div (S6201)                        Active
       S6202                 NCCH Publication Div (S6202)                           Inactive
       S6203                 NCCH Education Div (S6203)                             Inactive
       S6204                 NCCH Coding Serv Div (S6204)                           Inactive
       S6205                 Quality Division (S6205)                               Inactive
       S6206                 NCCH Brisbane (S6206)                                  Inactive
     S6900_ABORIG_SUPPORT    EX Aboriginal Support (S6900_ABORIG_SUPPORT)
       S6911                 Recruitment/Promotion (S6911)                          Inactive
       S6921                 Direct Financial Supp & S/Ship (S6921)                 Inactive
       S6931                 Cultural Awareness (S6931)                             Inactive
       S6941                 Curriculum Development (S6941)                         Inactive
       S6951                 Indigenous Support General (S6951)                     Inactive
J0000_LAW                    Faculty of Law (J0000_LAW)
  J1000_LAW_FAC_OPS          Law Faculty Operations (J1000_LAW_FAC_OPS)
     J0010_LAW_FAC_ADMIN     Law Faculty Admin (J0010_LAW_FAC_ADMIN)
       J0001                 Operations (J0001)                                     Active
       J0002                 Centre Asian Pac Law (J0002)                           Active
       J0003                 Research Development Fund (J0003)                      Active
       J0004                 Australian Environ Law (J0004)                         Active
       J0005                 UG / PG Course Notes (J0005)                           Active
       J0006                 Law - Alumni Operations (J0006)                        Active
       J0007                 Shanghai Winter Course (J0007)                         Active
       J0008                 Sustainable Development Law (J0008)                    Active
       J0009                 Sydney LLM Europe (SLLME) (J0009)                      Active
       J0011                 Institute of Criminal Rsrch (J0011)                    Active
       J0012                 Legal Professional Development (J0012)                 Active
       J0013                 Conference Seed Funding (J0013)                        Active
       J0014                 Summer School Program (J0014)                          Active
       J0015                 Mooting (J0015)                                        Active
       J0016                 Julius Stone Centre (J0016)                            Active
       J0017                 Parsons Centre Commercial Law (J0017)                  Active
       J0018                 Parsons Centre Taxation Law (J0018)                    Active
       J0019                 Parsons Centre Corporate Law (J0019)                   Active
       J0021                 Nat Conference PG Research STD (J0021)                 Active
       J0022                 Ernst & Young ( Ex A Andersen) (J0022)                 Active
       J0023                 Price Waterhouse Coopers (J0023)                       Active
       J0024                 Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (J0024)                       Active

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       J0025                Parsons Cent Commerc Corp Tax (J0025)                  Active
       J0026                Health Law (J0026)                                     Active
       J0027                ATO Contracts (J0027)                                  Active
       J0028                Redesign / Summer Grant (J0028)                        Active
       J0029                Social Justice Program (J0029)                         Active
       J0031                O/Seas Conf Travel Grants (J0031)                      Active
       J0032                ASIC Contract (J0032)                                  Active
       J0033                Ctr Global & Int'l Law (J0033)                         Active
       J0034                AUST Network Jan Law (J0034)                           Active
       J0035                Associate Dean International (J0035)                   Active
       J0036                Saudi Moot Court Training (J0036)                      Active
       J0037                Early Career Research - ECR (J0037)                    Active
       J0038                Estab Staff R and D Scheme (J0038)                     Active
       J0039                Faculty Visitor Scheme (J0039)                         Active
       J0041                Marketing (J0041)                                      Active
       J0042                Publishing Unit (J0042)                                Active
       J0043                Labour Law Cluster (J0043)                             Active
       J0044                Kyoto Tokyo Seminar Program (J0044)                    Active
       J0045                Himalayan Field School (J0045)                         Active
       J0099                CHASS Budgets Law (J0099)                              Active
     J0200_DEPT_LAW         Department of Law (J0200_DEPT_LAW)
       J0201                Law Operations (J0201)                                 Active
       J0202                Law Dean Operation (J0202)                             Active
       J0221                Prof Res Fellow O'Malley (J0221)                       Active
       J0222                Parkinson (J0222)                                      Active
       J0223                P Butt (J0223)                                         Active
       J0224                J. Carter (J0224)                                      Active
       J0225                Single Unit Enrolment (J0225)                          Active
       J0226                R Magnusson (J0226)                                    Active
       J0227                R.Vann (J0227)                                         Active
       J0228                H. Irving (J0228)                                      Active
       J0229                T.Carney (J0229)                                       Active
       J0231                M. Crock (J0231)                                       Active
       J0232                J. Stubbs (J0232)                                      Active
       J0233                B. Boer (J0233)                                        Active
       J0234                J. Hill (J0234)                                        Active
       J0235                R. Graycar (J0235)                                     Active
       J0236                R. McCallum (J0236)                                    Active
       J0237                P. Apps (J0237)                                        Active
       J0238                E. Peden (J0238)                                       Active
       J0239                M. Allars (J0239)                                      Active
       J0241                B McDonald (J0241)                                     Active
       J0242                R. Lyster (J0242)                                      Active
       J0243                H. Astor (J0243)                                       Active
       J0244                M. Findlay (J0244)                                     Active
       J0245                W.Sadurski (J0245)                                     Active
       J0246                P. Loughlan (J0246)                                    Active
       J0247                Expense of Office Cooper (J0247)                       Active
       J0248                Exp Of Office G. Winterton (J0248)                     Active
       J0249                D Kinley (J0249)                                       Active
       J0251                Belinda Bennett (J0251)                                Active
     J0300_JURISPRUDENCE    EX Dep of Jurisprudence (J0300_JURISPRUDENCE)
       J0301                Jurisprudence Operations (J0301)                       Inactive
       J0321                A. Tay (J0321)                                         Inactive
       J0322                W. Sadurski (J0322)                                    Inactive
       J0323                K. Ziegert (J0323)                                     Inactive
       J0324                Smith (J0324)                                          Inactive
  J7000_LAW_FNDNS           Law Foundations (J7000_LAW_FNDNS)
     J7010_SYD_LAW_SCH_FN   Sydney Law School Foundations (J7010_SYD_LAW_SCH_FN)
       J7011                Sydney Law School Fndts (J7011)                        Active
       J7012                Law School Fdn - Building (J7012)                      Active
       J7013                Foundation - J.Stone Inst Fund (J7013)                 Active
       J7014                Foundation - Sir M Byers Fund (J7014)                  Active
       J7015                Foundation - RW Parsons (J7015)                        Active
       J7016                McWilliam Chair Commerical Law (J7016)                 Active
       J7017                Law Building Campus 2010 (J7017)                       Active
K0000_MEDICINE              Sydney Medical School (K0000_MEDICINE)
  K8520_SUPPORT_UNITS       Support Units (K8520_SUPPORT_UNITS)

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  K0012                  Scholarships (K0012)                                 Active
  K0013                  Information Technology (K0013)                       Active
  K0014                  Syd Prof Master Medicine Prog (K0014)                Active
  K0015                  Research Development Office (K0015)                  Active
  K0016                  Corporate Development (K0016)                        Active
  K0017                  Medical Graduates Association (K0017)                Active
  K0019                  Faculty Development Fund (K0019)                     Active
  K0029                  Medical Deans Australia (K0029)                      Active
  K0044                  USYD COD Executive Funds (K0044)                     Active
  K0046                  BIO3 (K0046)                                         Inactive
  K0051                  Faculty Medicine Holding Acc (K0051)                 Active
  K0101                  Office Of OPME (K0101)                               Active
  K0102                  OPME Projects UG (K0102)                             Active
  K0103                  Office of Medical Education UG (K0103)               Active
  K1417                  Forensic Medicine (K1417)                            Active
  K8601                  T and L Control Medicine (K8601)                     Active
  K8651                  Clinical Trials Office (K8651)                       Active
  K8652                  Nth Coast Medical Educ Collab (K8652)                Active
  K8653                  Fundraising (K8653)                                  Active
  K8655                  Student Services (K8655)                             Active
  K8656                  University Relations (K8656)                         Active
  K8657                  Uni Wide Occupancy Costs (K8657)                     Active
  K8661                  Faculty Contingency Fund (K8661)                     Active
  K8662                  Fac Dev Research Initiatives (K8662)                 Active
  K8663                  Fac Dev Teaching Initiatives (K8663)                 Active
  K8664                  Medicine Fac Office Deanery (K8664)                  Active
  K8721                  Faculty Research Control (K8721)                     Active
  K8722                  Major Equipment Fund (K8722)                         Active
  K8723                  Scholarship Prizes Research (K8723)                  Active
  K8690_GLOBAL HEALTH    Global Health (K8690_GLOBAL HEALTH)
     K0047               Saudi Arabia Project (K0047)                         Active
     K8681               Faculty of Health Intl Office (K8681)                Active
  K8680_MARKETING        Marketing (K8680_MARKETING)
     K8654               Marketing General (K8654)                            Active
     K8682               Faculty History Project (K8682)                      Active
     K8683               Development Office (K8683)                           Active
     K8684               Faculty Alumni Relations (K8684)                     Active
K8530_CENTRES            Centres (K8530_CENTRES)
  K8734                  Poche Centre Indigenous Health (K8734)               Active
  K8735                  IONE Faculty Only (K8735)                            Active
  K8762                  Syd Emerging Infec Biosec Inst (K8762)               Active
  K9260_BMRI             Brain & Mind Rsch Institute (K9260_BMRI)
     K0053               BMRI Precinct (K0053)                                Active
     K2231               Brain & Mind Research Inst (K2231)                   Inactive
     K9261               BMRI Operating (K9261)                               Active
     K9262               Dementia (K9262)                                     Active
     K9263               Basic Developmntl Neuroscience (K9263)               Active
     K9264               Schizophrenia (K9264)                                Active
     K9265               BMRI Development (K9265)                             Active
  K6600_SAVE_SIGHT_INS   Save Sight Institute (K6600_SAVE_SIGHT_INS)
     K6601               Save Sight Institute Operating (K6601)               Active
     K6602               Save Sight Institute Research (K6602)                Active
     K6603               Save Sight Institute Teaching (K6603)                Active
     K6604               Save Sight Institute Clinic (K6604)                  Active
K7090_FOUNDATIONS        Foundations (K7090_FOUNDATIONS)
  K7071                  Melanoma Foundation (K7071)                          Active
  K7081                  Nerve Research Foundation (K7081)                    Active
  K7101                  Ear & Allied Rsrch Fndt (K7101)                      Active
  K7121                  Moran Foundn-Older Australians (K7121)               Active
  K7122                  Moran Foundation (K7122)                             Active
  K7161                  Nepean Med Res Fdn (K7161)                           Active
  K7191                  Hoc Mai Aust -Vietnam med (K7191)                    Active
  K7192                  Brain & Mind Research (K7192)                        Active
  K7999                  CHS Foundations Budget (K7999)                       Active
  K7100_MED_FDN_CONSOL   Med Foundation Consolidated (K7100_MED_FDN_CONSOL)
     K7015               Microsearch Foundation Aust (K7015)                  Active
     K7016               Sydney Burns Foundation (K7016)                      Active
     K7021               Bone & Joint Rsrch Fndt (K7021)                      Active

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     K7041                Ageing & Alzheimers Resrch Fdn (K7041)              Active
     K7051                Endo & Diabts Rsrch Fndt (K7051)                    Active
     K7111                Dermatology Rsrch Fndt (K7111)                      Active
     K7010_MEDICAL_FNDN   The Medical Foundation (K7010_MEDICAL_FNDN)
        K7011             Medical Foundation (K7011)                          Active
        K7012             Med Fd Syd Eye Chair CL Ophth (K7012)               Active
        K7013             Medical Fdn - Specified Res (K7013)                 Active
        K7014             Medical Fdn-Capital Preserved (K7014)               Active
  K8890_SAVE_SIGHT        Save Sight (K8890_SAVE_SIGHT)
     K7091                Save Sight Institute (K7091)                        Active
K8810_CORP_PHLNTHRPY      Corporate Philanthropy (K8810_CORP_PHLNTHRPY)
  K0011                   Faculty Philanthropy Control (K0011)                Active
K8550_INST_FAC_CONT       Institutes Fac Controlled (K8550_INST_FAC_CONT)
  K8731                   Control Acc Institutes/Centres (K8731)              Active
  K8737                   BMRI Faculty Only (K8737)                           Active
  K8738                   BOSCH Faculty Only (K8738)                          Active
  K8742                   Westmead Millennium Fac Only (K8742)                Active
  K8744                   Kolling Faculty Only (K8744)                        Active
  K8745                   Heart Research Faculty Only (K8745)                 Active
K920_SCH_MEDICAL_SCI      School of Medical Sciences (K920_SCH_MEDICAL_SCI)
  K9290_SMS_OPERATING     SMS Operating (K9290_SMS_OPERATING)
     K0028                Biomedical Sciences Oper Acct (K0028)               Active
     K0037                Anderson Stuart Precinct (K0037)                    Active
     K8631                SMS Operating (K8631)                               Active
  K0300_SMS_ANATOMY       SMS Anatomy (K0300_SMS_ANATOMY)
     K0301                Anat & Hist Operating (K0301)                       Active
     K0302                Macquarie Teaching (K0302)                          Active
     K0303                Royal Aust College of Surgeons (K0303)              Active
     K0304                Anatomy Worshops (K0304)                            Active
     K8632                Anatomy and Histology (K8632)                       Active
  K1300_SMS_BIOM_SCI      SMS Biomed Science (K1300_SMS_BIOM_SCI)
     K1301                Discipline Biomedical Science (K1301)               Active
     K8633                Biomedical Science (K8633)                          Active
  K2000_SMS_PATHOLOGY     SMS Pathology (K2000_SMS_PATHOLOGY)
     K2001                Pathology Operating (K2001)                         Active
     K2002                Museum - Pathology (K2002)                          Active
     K8634                Pathology (K8634)                                   Active
  K2100_SMS_PHARMACGLY    SMS Pharmacology (K2100_SMS_PHARMACGLY)
     K2101                Pharmacology Operating (K2101)                      Active
     K8635                Pharmacology (K8635)                                Active
     K2201                Physiology Operating (K2201)                        Active
     K2202                Allen's Team (K2202)                                Active
     K2203                Bennett's Team (K2203)                              Active
     K2204                Cook's Team (K2204)                                 Active
     K2205                Dampney's Team (K2205)                              Active
     K2206                Proti's Team (K2206)                                Active
     K2207                Leamey's Team (K2207)                               Active
     K2208                Hoh's Team (K2208)                                  Active
     K2209                Instit-Biomedical Research (K2209)                  Inactive
     K2211                Burke's Team (K2211)                                Active
     K2212                Carlile's Team (K2212)                              Active
     K2213                Morris's Team (K2213)                               Active
     K2214                Martin's Team (K2214)                               Active
     K2215                Phillips's Team (K2215)                             Active
     K2216                Mason's Team (K2216)                                Active
     K2217                Sefton's Team (K2217)                               Active
     K2218                Others (K2218)                                      Active
     K2219                Davey's Team (K2219)                                Active
     K2221                Ansselin's Team (K2221)                             Inactive
     K2222                O'Neill's Team (K2222)                              Active
     K2223                Day's Team (K2223)                                  Active
     K2224                Dodson Team (K2224)                                 Active
     K2225                Poronik's Team (K2225)                              Active
     K2226                Physiology - Special Project (K2226)                Active
     K2227                Mulcahy's Team (K2227)                              Active
     K2228                Solomon Team (K2228)                                Active
     K2229                Johnson's Team (K2229)                              Active

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     K2230               Alais Team (K2230)                                Inactive
     K2232               Alais Team (K2232)                                Active
     K2233               Atomu's Team (K2233)                              Active
     K2234               McAllan Team (K2234)                              Active
     K2235               Koppl Team (K2235)                                Active
     K2236               Assinder Team (K2236)                             Active
     K2237               Michael Team (K2237)                              Active
     K2238               Allbutt Team (K2238)                              Active
     K2239               Fraser Team (K2239)                               Active
     K2241               Stone Team (K2241)                                Active
     K2242               Iglesias Team (K2242)                             Active
     K2243               Naylor Team (K2243)                               Active
     K8636               Physiology (K8636)                                Active
     K9221               Stone Team (K9221)                                Active
  K9250_INST_CNTRS_SMS   Institutes & Centres SMS (K9250_INST_CNTRS_SMS)
     K0043               Bosch Institute (K0043)                           Active
K930_SCH_PUBLIC_HLTH     School of Public Health (K930_SCH_PUBLIC_HLTH)
  K0036                  Edward Ford Precinct (K0036)                      Active
  K1501                  Comm Medicine Operating (K1501)                   Inactive
  K1803                  Family Medicine Research Centr (K1803)            Active
  K2901                  Public Health Operating (K2901)                   Active
  K2902                  Centre for Hlth Services Resch (K2902)            Active
  K2903                  Rural Health (K2903)                              Inactive
  K2904                  Centre for Effective Health (K2904)               Inactive
  K2905                  Aust Ctre for Health Promotion (K2905)            Active
  K2907                  Health & Media (K2907)                            Active
  K2909                  NSW Ctr Perinatal Res (K2909)                     Active
  K2911                  Quine - Ageing Research (K2911)                   Inactive
  K2912                  Health Projects Group (K2912)                     Active
  K2913                  Indigenous Support Funds (K2913)                  Inactive
  K2914                  Epidemiology - Irwig (K2914)                      Active
  K2916                  Short Course Account SPH (K2916)                  Active
  K2917                  Research Activities SPH (K2917)                   Active
  K2918                  Centre for Overweight & Obese (K2918)             Active
  K2919                  PARC Bauman (K2919)                               Active
  K2921                  Research Committee Allocation (K2921)             Active
  K2922                  Cumming Concord (K2922)                           Active
  K2923                  International Health (K2923)                      Active
  K2924                  Student Education in Envi Hlth (K2924)            Active
  K2925                  Environmental Health Academic (K2925)             Active
  K2926                  Cancer Network Activities (K2926)                 Active
  K2927                  Sydney Health Decision Group (K2927)              Active
  K2928                  Health Economics Grp Activity (K2928)             Active
  K2929                  QHERC Short Courses (K2929)                       Active
  K2930                  Salary Expenses Armstrong (K2930)                 Active
  K2931                  Masters of Public Health (K2931)                  Active
  K2938                  E Learning J Lander (K2938)                       Active
  K9351                  Diabetes Unit (K9351)                             Active
  K9361                  Chapman S (K9361)                                 Active
  K9350_HLT_POL_INST     Aus Health Policy Institue (K9350_HLT_POL_INST)
     K2915               Aust Hlth Policy Institute (K2915)                Active
     K9352               Menzies Centre Health Policy (K9352)              Active
  K5920_NRUDRH           NRUDRH-Lismore (K5920_NRUDRH)
     K5902               NRUDRH (K5902)                                    Active
     K5921               NRUDRH - Administration (K5921)                   Inactive
     K5922               NRUDRH - Research (K5922)                         Inactive
     K5923               NRUDRH - Education (K5923)                        Inactive
  K5930_SPH_RURAL        School of Public Health Rural (K5930_SPH_RURAL)
     K5801               Rural Health - Broken Hill (K5801)                Active
     K5802               Rural Health Broken Hill Dhac (K5802)             Active
     K5803               Research and Development (K5803)                  Active
     K5904               Research Collaboration -SRH (K5904)               Active
  K5940_ACAHS            ACAHS-Moree (K5940_ACAHS)
     K2908               ACAHS (K2908)                                     Active
     K5941               ACAHS - General Operating (K5941)                 Active
     K5942               ACAHS - Services Account (K5942)                  Active
     K5943               ACAHS - Publication Sales (K5943)                 Active
     K5944               ARMHS Study (K5944)                               Active

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     K5945               Safe Play Areas on Farms (K5945)                    Inactive
     K5946               ACAHS - Pesticides (K5946)                          Inactive
     K5947               ACAHS - Farm Safe Australia (K5947)                 Inactive
     K5948               Farmsafe NSW (K5948)                                Active
  K8670_SCH_PUB_HLTH     School of Public Health -SPH (K8670_SCH_PUB_HLTH)
     K8671               Masters of Public Health (K8671)                    Active
     K8672               Masters of Intl Health (K8672)                      Active
     K8673               Clinical Epidemiology (K8673)                       Active
     K8674               Bio Statistics (K8674)                              Active
     K8675               Indigenous Health (K8675)                           Active
     K8676               School of Public Health Admin (K8676)               Active
     K8677               Health Policy (K8677)                               Active
     K8678               Qualitative Health Research (K8678)                 Active
K940_CENTRAL_SCH         Central Clinical School (K940_CENTRAL_SCH)
  K0023                  Central CS - RPAH (K0023)                           Active
  K0026                  Central CS - General Purpose (K0026)                Active
  K0032                  Res Prec - RPAH (K0032)                             Active
  K0035                  Blackburn/Bosch/QEII Prec (K0035)                   Active
  K0042                  Med Foundation Bldg Precinct (K0042)                Active
  K0201                  Anaesthesia R.P.A.H. (K0201)                        Active
  K0601                  Infectious Diseases Oper (K0601)                    Inactive
  K0701                  Behavioural Science Oper (K0701)                    Active
  K1602                  Reproduc Hlth & Human Genetics (K1602)              Active
  K1701                  Opth & Eye Hlth Oper (K1701)                        Active
  K2611                  Surgery Operating (K2611)                           Active
  K9411                  Medicine Dept Operating - CS (K9411)                Active
  K9412                  Aging & Geriatric (K9412)                           Active
  K9413                  Cancer Medicine - CS (K9413)                        Active
  K9414                  Dermatology (K9414)                                 Active
  K9415                  Endocrinology (K9415)                               Active
  K9416                  Department Other (K9416)                            Active
  K9417                  Gastroenterology - CS (K9417)                       Active
  K9418                  Molecular (K9418)                                   Active
  K9419                  Palliative (K9419)                                  Active
  K9421                  Renal - CS (K9421)                                  Active
  K9422                  Scholarships - CS (K9422)                           Active
  K9423                  Cardiology - CS (K9423)                             Active
  K9424                  Infectious Disease Immunology (K9424)               Active
  K9425                  Neurology/General - CS (K9425)                      Active
  K9426                  Neurology (K9426)                                   Active
  K9427                  Neurology - Nicholson (K9427)                       Active
  K9428                  Neuropsychology (K9428)                             Active
  K9429                  Respiratory/General - CS (K9429)                    Active
  K9431                  Respiratory - Sullivan (K9431)                      Active
  K9461                  Surgery Operating - CS (K9461)                      Active
  K9462                  Doctorate of Clinical Surgery (K9462)               Active
  K9471                  Obstetrics & Gyn Oper - CS (K9471)                  Active
  K9481                  General Practice Oper - CS (K9481)                  Active
  K9491                  Psychological Medicine - CS (K9491)                 Active
  K9498                  BIGHPI Research (K9498)                             Active
  K8510_CNT_CLIN_SCH     Central Clinical School (K8510_CNT_CLIN_SCH)
     K8622               Central Clinical Sch Ops CCS (K8622)                Active
     K8642               Infectious Diseases Immun CCS (K8642)               Active
     K8643               Opthalmology Save Sight CCS (K8643)                 Active
  K9430_INSTS_CNTS_CCS   Institutes and Centres CCS (K9430_INSTS_CNTS_CCS)
     K0045               SIHMR Faculty Only (K0045)                          Active
     K0052               Heart Research Institute (K0052)                    Active
     K1901               Ctl Syd Drug & Alcohol SV (K1901)                   Active
     K2621               Centre Values Ethics Law (K2621)                    Active
     K9434               SUPAMC (K9434)                                      Active
     K9441               Stephen Colagiuri (K9441)                           Active
     K9451               Sydney Coclear Implant Centre (K9451)               Active
     K9482               University Health Service (K9482)                   Active
     K9495               USYD - Melanoma (K9495)                             Active
     K9496               Australian Red Cross (K9496)                        Active
     K9497               A&NZ Melanoma Trials Group (K9497)                  Active
     K9460_CENTENARY     Centenary (K9460_CENTENARY)
       K6301             Centenary Faculty Only (K6301)                      Active

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       K6302               CENT INST RESEARCH (K6302)                             Active
     K9480_GEORGE_INSTIT   George Institute (K9480_GEORGE_INSTIT)
       K0041               George Institute Operating (K0041)                     Active
       K8741               George Institute Faculty Only (K8741)                  Active
     K9470_WOOLCOCK        Woolcock (K9470_WOOLCOCK)
       K8743               Woolcock Faculty Only (K8743)                          Active
       K9432               Woolcock Inst of Med Res (K9432)                       Active
K950_NORTHERN_SCH          Northern Clinical School (K950_NORTHERN_SCH)
  K0024                    Clinical School Northern (K0024)                       Active
  K8625                    Northern Clinical School NCS (K8625)                   Active
  K9582                    Northern Ramsay Health (K9582)                         Active
  K9592                    Psychological Medicine Other (K9592)                   Active
  K9520_RSCH_UN_DISCP      Research Units Disciplines NCS (K9520_RSCH_UN_DISCP)
     K0033                 Res Prec - Northern (K0033)                            Active
     K9511                 Medicine Dept Operating - NS (K9511)                   Active
     K9512                 Cancer Medicine - NS (K9512)                           Active
     K9513                 Gastroenterology - NS (K9513)                          Active
     K9514                 Endocrinology - Northern (K9514)                       Active
     K9515                 Renal - NS (K9515)                                     Active
     K9517                 Rehabilitation - NS (K9517)                            Active
     K9518                 Cardiology - NS (K9518)                                Active
     K9519                 Rheumatology - NS (K9519)                              Active
     K9521                 Magnetic Resonance (K9521)                             Inactive
     K9522                 Neurology/General - NS (K9522)                         Active
     K9523                 Respiratory/General - NS (K9523)                       Active
     K9524                 Haemotology (K9524)                                    Active
     K9525                 Human Reproduction Unit (K9525)                        Active
     K9526                 Nuclear Medicine (K9526)                               Active
     K9527                 Intensive Care Unit (K9527)                            Active
     K9528                 Clinical Pharmacology RNSH (K9528)                     Active
     K9529                 Clinical Oncology (K9529)                              Active
     K9541                 Paediatrics (K9541)                                    Active
     K9542                 Dermatology RNSH (K9542)                               Active
     K9543                 Neurophysiology (K9543)                                Active
     K9544                 RRCS Neuropschophysiology (K9544)                      Active
     K9545                 Genetic Medicine Northern (K9545)                      Active
     K9561                 Surgery Operating - NS (K9561)                         Active
     K9571                 Obstetrics & Gyn Oper - NS (K9571)                     Active
     K9581                 General Practice Oper - NS (K9581)                     Active
     K9591                 Psychological Medicine - NS (K9591)                    Active
  K9530_INSTS_CNTS_NCS     Institutes and Centres NCS (K9530_INSTS_CNTS_NCS)
     K0202                 Pain Management (K0202)                                Active
     K0203                 PMRI Clinical Pain Research (K0203)                    Active
     K0204                 PMRI Cellular Pain Research (K0204)                    Active
     K0205                 PMRI Behavioural Pain Research (K0205)                 Active
     K5001                 Molecular Med (Kolling) (K5001)                        Active
     K5002                 Kolling Scholarships (K5002)                           Active
     K5003                 Kolling Startup (K5003)                                Inactive
     K5010                 WRONG NUMBER NEVER USE (K5010)                         Inactive
     K5011                 Obstetrics & Gyno Morris (K5011)                       Active
     K5012                 Perinatal Research Ashton (K5012)                      Active
     K5013                 Perinatal Research Roberts (K5013)                     Active
     K5021                 Bone & Joint Research - Little (K5021)                 Active
     K5022                 Bone & Joint Research Melrose (K5022)                  Active
     K5031                 Cardiac Tech CTR (K5031)                               Active
     K5041                 Sutton Lab (K5041)                                     Active
     K5051                 Translational Breast Cancer (K5051)                    Active
     K5061                 Cardio Hormonal Research Lab (K5061)                   Active
     K5071                 Kolling Flow Lab (K5071)                               Active
     K5081                 Kolling Melanoma Biology (K5081)                       Active
     K9516                 Scholarships - NS (K9516)                              Active
     K9572                 NCS Perinatal (K9572)                                  Active
K960_WESTMEAD_SCH          Westmead Clinical School (K960_WESTMEAD_SCH)
  K9610_LRN_TCH_WCS        Learning and Teaching WCS (K9610_LRN_TCH_WCS)
     K0027                 Western CS - Westmead (K0027)                          Active
     K2402                 Psychotherapy (K2402)                                  Active
     K2906                 Sexual Health (K2906)                                  Active
     K8623                 Western Clinical School WCS (K8623)                    Active

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     K9611               Medicine Dept Operating - WS (K9611)                    Active
     K9617               Scholarships - WS (K9617)                               Active
  K9620_RSCH_UN_DISCP    Research Units Discipline WCS (K9620_RSCH_UN_DISCP)
     K0034               Res Prec - Western (K0034)                              Active
     K8733               Westmead Millenium Institute (K8733)                    Active
     K9612               Gastroenterology - WS (K9612)                           Active
     K9613               Haematology (K9613)                                     Active
     K9614               Oncology (K9614)                                        Active
     K9615               Liver (K9615)                                           Active
     K9616               Renal - WS (K9616)                                      Active
     K9618               Cardiology - WS (K9618)                                 Active
     K9619               Rheumatology - WS (K9619)                               Active
     K9621               Immunology - WS (K9621)                                 Active
     K9622               Neurology/General - WS (K9622)                          Active
     K9623               Respiratory/General - WS (K9623)                        Active
     K9624               Infectious Diseases - General (K9624)                   Active
     K9625               Infectious Diseases - Sorrell (K9625)                   Active
     K9626               Infect Diseases - Cunningham (K9626)                    Active
     K9627               Opthalmology - WS (K9627)                               Active
     K9628               Imaging WS (K9628)                                      Active
     K9629               Dermatology WS (K9629)                                  Active
     K9661               Surgery Operating - WS (K9661)                          Active
     K9671               Obstetrics & Gyn Oper - WS (K9671)                      Active
     K9681               General Practice Oper - WS (K9681)                      Active
     K9691               Psychological Medicine - WS (K9691)                     Active
     K9692               Geriatric - WS (K9692)                                  Active
     K9693               Medical Radiation Sciences WCS (K9693)                  Active
K980_CHILD_HOSP_WEST     Childrens Hospital at Westmead (K980_CHILD_HOSP_WEST)
  K9810_LRN_TCH_CHW      Learning and Teaching CHW (K9810_LRN_TCH_CHW)
     K2702               Masters Paediatric Medicine (K2702)                     Active
     K8624               Childrens Hosp Westmead CHW (K8624)                     Active
  K9820_INST_CNTRS_CHW   Institutes & Centres CHW (K9820_INST_CNTRS_CHW)
     K8732               CMRI (K8732)                                            Active
     K8739               CMRI Faculty Only (K8739)                               Active
  K9830_RSCH_UD_CHW      Research Units Discipline CHW (K9830_RSCH_UD_CHW)
     K0038               Childrens' Hospital Precinct (K0038)                    Active
     K2701               Paediatrics & Child Oper (K2701)                        Active
K8100_CONCORD_CL_SCH     Concord Clinical School (K8100_CONCORD_CL_SCH)
  K0022                  Central CS - Concord (K0022)                            Inactive
  K0031                  Res Prec - Concord Hospital (K0031)                     Active
  K8101                  Concord CS Operating (K8101)                            Active
  K8102                  Concord CS Electives (K8102)                            Active
  K8103                  Concord Burns Research (K8103)                          Active
  K8627                  Concord Clinical School CON (K8627)                     Active
  K8560_INST_CONCORD     Institutes Concord (K8560_INST_CONCORD)
     K8736               Anzac Faculty Only (K8736)                              Active
     K8761               Asbestos Rsch Inst Faculty (K8761)                      Active
     K8881               Asbestos Disease Res inst (K8881)                       Active
     K9433               Anzac Research Foundation (K9433)                       Inactive
     K9492               ANZAC Research Institute (K9492)                        Active
K8200_NEPEAN_CL_SCH      Nepean Clinical School (K8200_NEPEAN_CL_SCH)
  K8209                  Surgery Nepean Campus (K8209)                           Active
  K8211                  Ophthalmology Nepean Campus (K8211)                     Active
  K8212                  Intensive Care Nepean Campus (K8212)                    Active
  K8213                  Neurology Nepean Campus (K8213)                         Active
  K8210_LRN_TCH_NEP      Learning and Teaching NEP (K8210_LRN_TCH_NEP)
     K0025               Western CS - Nepean (K0025)                             Active
     K8201               Nepean Centre Perinatal Care (K8201)                    Active
     K8621               Nepean Clinical School NEP (K8621)                      Active
  K8220_RSCH_UN_DISCP    Research Units Discipline NEP (K8220_RSCH_UN_DISCP)
     K0039               Nepean Hospital Precinct (K0039)                        Active
     K8202               Haematology Nepean Campus (K8202)                       Active
     K8203               Obstetrics & Gyn Nepean Campus (K8203)                  Active
     K8204               Endocrinology Nepean Campus (K8204)                     Active
     K8205               Gastroenterology Nepean Campus (K8205)                  Active
     K8206               Geriatric Medicine Nepean Camp (K8206)                  Active
     K8207               Psychological Medicine Nepean (K8207)                   Active
     K8208               Paediatric Medicine Nepean Cam (K8208)                  Active

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K850_SYD_ADV_HOSP_CS     Syd Advnts Hosp Clinic School (K850_SYD_ADV_HOSP_CS)
  K8641                  Syd Advntists Hospital Project (K8641)                 Active
K590_SCH_RURAL_HLTH      School of Rural Health (K590_SCH_RURAL_HLTH)
  K5901                  School of Rural Hlth Operating (K5901)                 Active
  K5903                  SCHL Rural Health Operating (K5903)                    Active
  K8626                  School of Rural Health (K8626)                         Active
K9330_CTC                Clinical Trials Centre (K9330_CTC)
  K3010_CLINICAL_TRIAL   Clinical Trials (K3010_CLINICAL_TRIAL)
     K3079               Field Biomarkers (K3079)                               Active
  K3090_OTHER_PROJECTS   Other Projects (K3090_OTHER_PROJECTS)
     K3093               Systematic Review Projects (K3093)                     Active
     K3094               Clinical Trials Masters Course (K3094)                 Active
     K3095               Data System Consulting (K3095)                         Active
  K3120_RSCH_UN_DISCP    Research Units Discipline CTC (K3120_RSCH_UN_DISCP)
     K3001               NHMRC Trials Operating (K3001)                         Active
     K3002               LFSCA Field Study (K3002)                              Active
     K3003               Training program (K3003)                               Active
     K3004               Clinical Trials CTR - MV (K3004)                       Active
     K3005               CTC Edu & Training (K3005)                             Active
     K3008               CTD&IN (K3008)                                         Active
     K3012               INIS (K3012)                                           Active
     K3013               ASPIRE (K3013)                                         Active
     K3014               Lipid Studies (K3014)                                  Active
     K3015               Cancer Co-Operative Group (K3015)                      Active
     K3016               Boost II (K3016)                                       Active
     K3018               External Groups Activities (K3018)                     Active
     K3019               CTC RTS (K3019)                                        Active
     K3021               AGITG Core (K3021)                                     Active
     K3022               QUASAR (K3022)                                         Active
     K3023               NSABP C06 (K3023)                                      Active
     K3024               NSABP C07 (K3024)                                      Active
     K3025               AGITG Fed Gov Grant (K3025)                            Active
     K3026               DECO (K3026)                                           Active
     K3027               Register Study (K3027)                                 Active
     K3028               AGITG Trials 1 (K3028)                                 Active
     K3029               Biliary Tract (K3029)                                  Active
     K3031               EORTC 40983 Liver Mets (K3031)                         Active
     K3032               AG0102 GIST (K3032)                                    Active
     K3033               ESPAC 3 (K3033)                                        Active
     K3034               CSSANZ GRANT (K3034)                                   Active
     K3035               AGITG Development (K3035)                              Active
     K3036               AGITG Trials 2 (K3036)                                 Active
     K3037               NCIC CTG CO-17 (K3037)                                 Active
     K3038               AG0603G Oesopho-Gastric (K3038)                        Active
     K3039               Davinci Study AG0103CR (K3039)                         Active
     K3041               ANZ Breast Cancer (K3041)                              Active
     K3042               SNAC (K3042)                                           Active
     K3043               Oncology Operating (K3043)                             Active
     K3044               SNAC 2 (K3044)                                         Active
     K3045               ZEST (K3045)                                           Active
     K3046               Whole Brain Radiotherapy Trial (K3046)                 Active
     K3047               Consultancies & Developments (K3047)                   Active
     K3051               GOG (K3051)                                            Active
     K3052               Portec 3 (K3052)                                       Active
     K3053               US GOG Study 182 (K3053)                               Active
     K3054               US GOG Study 199 (K3054)                               Active
     K3055               Calypso Study (K3055)                                  Active
     K3056               SCOTROC (K3056)                                        Active
     K3057               Symptoms Benefit (K3057)                               Active
     K3058               Tarceva Study (K3058)                                  Active
     K3059               Tripod (K3059)                                         Active
     K3061               AGN 9302 Germ Cell Registry (K3061)                    Active
     K3062               AGN 9301 Germ Cell Study (K3062)                       Active
     K3063               APUG (K3063)                                           Active
     K3064               Bronchus (K3064)                                       Active
     K3065               Mates Study (K3065)                                    Active
     K3066               ALTG Development (K3066)                               Active
     K3067               COGNO (K3067)                                          Active

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     K3068               Other ANZGOG Trials (K3068)                        Active
     K3069               ICON Trials (K3069)                                Active
     K3071               Pancreas Study (K3071)                             Active
     K3072               Max Study (K3072)                                  Active
     K3073               NCIC CTG CO 20 (K3073)                             Active
     K3074               Gastric (K3074)                                    Active
     K3075               PETACC 6 (K3075)                                   Active
     K3076               ANZUP (K3076)                                      Active
     K3091               Patient Preferences (K3091)                        Active
     K3097               Old & Long Term F/U Projects (K3097)               Active
     K3099               CTC Operating (K3099)                              Active
  K3150_SPEC_UNITS_CTC   Special Units CTC (K3150_SPEC_UNITS_CTC)
     K3007               Clinical Trials Symposium (K3007)                  Active
     K3011               Systematic Review (K3011)                          Active
     K3017               Start Up (K3017)                                   Active
     K3009               Health Economics Projects (K3009)                  Active
  K3170_CORPORATE_CTC    Corporate CTC (K3170_CORPORATE_CTC)
     K3092               BCA Post Graduate Courses (K3092)                  Active
  K3190_ACC_ALLOC_CTC    Accounting Allocations CTC (K3190_ACC_ALLOC_CTC)
     K3006               Salary Clearing Account (K3006)                    Active
     K3081               Salaries-Mgmt,Planning & devt (K3081)              Active
     K3082               Salaries - Data Mgmt (K3082)                       Active
     K3083               Salaries - Site Mgmt (K3083)                       Active
     K3084               Salaries-Clinical Trials Admin (K3084)             Active
     K3085               Salaries - Stats (K3085)                           Active
     K3086               Salaries - Audit (K3086)                           Active
     K3087               Salaries - Inform System (K3087)                   Active
     K3088               Salaries - Economics (K3088)                       Active
     K3089               Salaries - Admin (K3089)                           Active
     K3096               Salary Contingency (K3096)                         Active
     K3098               Travel Operating (K3098)                           Active
K8540_CONTROL ACC        Control Account (K8540_CONTROL ACC)
  K0099                  CHS Budgets Medicine (K0099)                       Active
  K8629                  Direct Core Cost Budget Contrl (K8629)             Active
  K9999                  Accounting Control (K9999)                         Inactive
K9980_DEFUNCT_ACCTS      Defunct Accounts (K9980_DEFUNCT_ACCTS)
  K0801                  Institute of Biomed Research (K0801)               Active
  K1405                  Dermatology (K1405)                                Inactive
  K1408                  Gastroenterology (K1408)                           Inactive
  K1425                  Immunology (K1425)                                 Inactive
  K1431                  Neurology - General (K1431)                        Inactive
  K1441                  Respiratory - General (K1441)                      Inactive
  K1443                  Respiratory - Woolcock (K1443)                     Inactive
  K1601                  Obstetrics & Gyn Oper (K1601)                      Inactive
  K1611                  NSW Ctre Per Hlth Servic (K1611)                   Inactive
  K1702                  Infrastructure Grant (K1702)                       Active
  K1802                  Western Clinical School (K1802)                    Active
  K2210                  Stone Team DO NOT USE (K2210)                      Inactive
  K3201                  Menzies Sch Hlth Oper-Closed (K3201)               Inactive
  K3901                  Dept Of Occ Hlth Oper (K3901)                      Inactive
  K4201                  Child Med Rsrch Operatg-Closed (K4201)             Inactive
  K5601                  Breast Cancer Inst Operating (K5601)               Inactive
  K9635                  Incorrect Available for reuse (K9635)              Inactive
  K9641                  Incorrect Available to Reuse (K9641)               Inactive
  K970_CANB_CLIN_SCH     Canberra Clinical School (K970_CANB_CLIN_SCH)
     K2801               Canberra Clinical School (K2801)                   Active
     K2802               Radiology-Postgraduate Course (K2802)              Inactive
     K2803               Radiology-Canberra CS (K2803)                      Inactive
  K1400_EX_DEPT_MED      Ex Dept Medicine (K1400_EX_DEPT_MED)
     K1401               Medicine Dept Operating (K1401)                    Inactive
     K1402               Aging & Geriatric (K1402)                          Inactive
     K1404               Cancer Medicine (K1404)                            Inactive
     K1406               Endocrinology (K1406)                              Inactive
     K1407               Deptartment Other (K1407)                          Inactive
     K1409               Haematology (K1409)                                Inactive
     K1411               Onclology (K1411)                                  Inactive
     K1412               Endocrinology - Northern (K1412)                   Inactive

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       K1413                     Liver (K1413)                                           Inactive
       K1414                     Molecular (K1414)                                       Inactive
       K1416                     Palliative (K1416)                                      Inactive
       K1419                     Scholarships (K1419)                                    Inactive
       K1421                     Rehabilitation (K1421)                                  Inactive
       K1422                     Malaria (K1422)                                         Inactive
       K1423                     Cardiology (K1423)                                      Inactive
       K1424                     Rheumatology (K1424)                                    Inactive
       K1426                     Magnetic Resonance (K1426)                              Inactive
       K1432                     Neurology - Pollard (K1432)                             Inactive
       K1433                     Neurology - Nicholson (K1433)                           Inactive
       K1434                     Neuropsychology (K1434)                                 Inactive
       K1442                     Respiratory - Sullivan (K1442)                          Inactive
       K1451                     Infectious Diseases - General (K1451)                   Inactive
       K1452                     Infectious Diseases - Sorrell (K1452)                   Inactive
       K1453                     Infect Diseases - Cunningham (K1453)                    Inactive
     K1800_EX_GEN_PRACTIC        Ex General Practice (K1800_EX_GEN_PRACTIC)
       K1801                     General Practice Oper (K1801)                           Inactive
     K2400_EX_PSYCHIATRY         Ex Psychiatry (K2400_EX_PSYCHIATRY)
       K2401                     Psychiatry Operating (K2401)                            Inactive
     K3200_MENZIES_SCH           EX Menzies School Health Rsrch (K3200_MENZIES_SCH)
     K3900_OCCUPATL_HLTH         EX of Occupational Health (K3900_OCCUPATL_HLTH)
     K4200_CHDRN_MED_FNDN        EX Children's Med Rsrch Fndn (K4200_CHDRN_MED_FNDN)
     K4600_HEART_RES_INST        EX Heart Research Institute (K4600_HEART_RES_INST)
       K4601                     Heart Rsrch Inst Oper (K4601)                           Inactive
     K4700_INST_CLIN_NEUR        EX Inst of Clinical Neurosci (K4700_INST_CLIN_NEUR)
       K4701                     Inst Clinical Neur Oper-Closed (K4701)                  Inactive
     K4900_KANEMATSU_LAB         EX Kanematsu Laboratories (K4900_KANEMATSU_LAB)
       K4901                     Kanematsu Lab Oper (K4901)                              Inactive
     K5200_NAT_PERINATAL         EX Nat. Perinatal Stat Unit (K5200_NAT_PERINATAL)
       K5201                     Nat. Perinatal Stat Oper (K5201)                        Inactive
     K5400_CTR_HLTH_ECON         EX Ctr Hlth Econ Rsrch & Eval (K5400_CTR_HLTH_ECON)
       K5401                     Cntr Hlth Econ Rsrch Oper (K5401)                       Inactive
     K5600_BREAST_CANCER         EX Breast Cancer Institute (K5600_BREAST_CANCER)
     K6100_PG_COMMIT_MED         EX PG Committee in Medicine (K6100_PG_COMMIT_MED)
       K6101                     Vic Coppleson Inst Oper (K6101)                         Inactive
     K6200_NEUROBIO_CTRE         EX Neurobiology Res Centre (K6200_NEUROBIO_CTRE)
       K6201                     Neuro Rsrch Cntr Oper-Closed (K6201)                    Inactive
     K6300_CENTENARY_INST        EX Centenary Inst. Cancer&Cell (K6300_CENTENARY_INST)
     K7000_MEDICINE_FNDNS        Medicine Foundations (K7000_MEDICINE_FNDNS)
       K7031                     Fndt Paediatric Surgery (K7031)                         Inactive
       K7151                     CHERE Foundation (K7151)                                Inactive
       K7171                     Mascri Grant (K7171)                                    Inactive
       K7181                     Aust Leban Fdn trfed to E7401 (K7181)                   Active
       K7020_DEANERY_FNDN        Deanery Medical Foundation (K7020_DEANERY_FNDN)
       K7040_CENTRAL_FNDN        Central Med Foundations (K7040_CENTRAL_FNDN)
          K7061                  Birth Defects Foundation (K7061)                        Inactive
       K7050_NORTHERN_FNDN       Northern Med Foundations (K7050_NORTHERN_FNDN)
       K7060_WESTERN_FNDN        Western Med Foundations (K7060_WESTERN_FNDN)
       K7070_NEPEAN_FNDN         Nepean CS Foundations (K7070_NEPEAN_FNDN)
     K8500_FACULTY_OPS           Faculty Operations (K8500_FACULTY_OPS)
       K8600_CORE_OPS_MED        Core Operations Medicine (K8600_CORE_OPS_MED)
          K8620_CORE_CST_MED     Direct Core Costs Medicine (K8620_CORE_CST_MED)
             K8630_SCH_MED_SCI   School of Medical Sciences SMS (K8630_SCH_MED_SCI)
          K8640_DIR_OH_MED       Direct Overheads Medicine (K8640_DIR_OH_MED)
       K8700_SUPP_UNITS_MED      Support Units Medicine (K8700_SUPP_UNITS_MED)
          K8710_L_AND_T_SUPP_U   L and T Support Units (K8710_L_AND_T_SUPP_U)
          K8730_INSTUTS_CNTRES   Institutes and Centres (K8730_INSTUTS_CNTRES)
          K8740_SPEC_UNITS       Special Units (K8740_SPEC_UNITS)
          K8750_COMMERCIAL       Commercial (K8750_COMMERCIAL)
     K910_ERDSU                  Faculty Office (K910_ERDSU)
       K0018                     Dent/Pharm/Elective Admin (K0018)                       Inactive
       K0021                     Radiology (K0021)                                       Active
     K9210_ANATOMY               Anatomy (K9210_ANATOMY)
       K0305                     Anatomy Quarantined Deficit (K0305)                     Active
     K9310_SPH_EX_CTC            School of Public Health-Ex CTC (K9310_SPH_EX_CTC)
G0000_NURSING                    Faculty of Nursing (G0000_NURSING)
  G3000_LRN_TCH_OPS              Learning & Teaching Operations (G3000_LRN_TCH_OPS)

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     G3010_LRN_TCH_PROGMS   Learning & Teaching Programs (G3010_LRN_TCH_PROGMS)
       G0001                Faculty Management (G0001)                              Active
       G0002                L & T Programs (G0002)                                  Active
       G0003                Deans Office - Fac of Nursing (G0003)                   Active
       G0004                L & T Support & Infrastucture (G0004)                   Active
       G0006                Nursing History Research Unit (G0006)                   Inactive
       G0009                Reprofiling (G0009)                                     Active
       G0011                Academic (G0011)                                        Active
       G0015                Information Technology (G0015)                          Active
       G0016                Marketing (G0016)                                       Active
       G0017                Student Services (G0017)                                Active
       G0018                Cancer Institute NSW (G0018)                            Active
       G0028                Undergraduate Programs (G0028)                          Active
       G0031                Facility Management (G0031)                             Active
       G0041                Clinical Education (G0041)                              Active
       G0051                B N Indigenous (G0051)                                  Active
       G0099                CHS Budgets Nursing (G0099)                             Inactive
       G3011                Teaching Research Related (G3011)                       Active
  G3200_RSCH_OPS            Research Operations (G3200_RSCH_OPS)
     G3210_RSCH_SUP_INFRS   Research Support & Innfrasture (G3210_RSCH_SUP_INFRS)
       G0005                Research Support & Infrstructr (G0005)                  Active
       G0007                Other Research (G0007)                                  Active
       G0019                Discipline Research (G0019)                             Active
       G0021                Research Operations (G0021)                             Active
     G3220_DISCP_RSCH       Discipline Research (G3220_DISCP_RSCH)
       G0022                Kate White Research (G0022)                             Active
       G0023                Kwok Research (G0023)                                   Active
       G0024                West Research (G0024)                                   Active
       G0025                Gething Research (G0025)                                Active
       G0026                McKenzie Research (G0026)                               Active
       G0027                Elliot King Research (G0027)                            Active
       G3221                Research Kath Natress (G3221)                           Active
       G3222                Research Mary Ryan (G3222)                              Active
       G3223                Research Sue Ronaldson (G3223)                          Active
       G3224                Sally Tracey NHMRC Grant (G3224)                        Active
       G3225                Research Yun Hee Jeon (G3225)                           Active
       G3226                K Curtis (G3226)                                        Active
       G3227                Kim Forster Research (G3227)                            Active
  G3400_COMM_FND_RSNG       Commercial Fund Raising Activ (G3400_COMM_FND_RSNG)
     G3410_LOC_INT_COM_OP   Local & Intnl Commercial Ops (G3410_LOC_INT_COM_OP)
       G0012                Assunta Malaysia (G0012)                                Active
       G0013                SIM Singapore (G0013)                                   Active
       G0014                International (G0014)                                   Active
       G0032                HA No 1 Medical University (G0032)                      Active
       G3411                Consulting & External Activity (G3411)                  Active
     G3420_FND_PHIL         Fund Raising & Philantropy (G3420_FND_PHIL)
       G0008                Alumni and Prof Relations Offi (G0008)                  Active
       G0029                Prizes Donations Scholarships (G0029)                   Active
       G3421                Fund Raising Operations (G3421)                         Active
  G7000_NURS_FNDS           Nursing Foundations (G7000_NURS_FNDS)
  G0010_FAC_NURS_OLD        Faculty of Nursing OLD (G0010_FAC_NURS_OLD)
     G0201                  Prof Nurs Studies Operating (G0201)                     Inactive
     G0401                  Clinical Nursing Oper (G0401)                           Inactive
     G0601                  Life Sciences Operating (G0601)                         Inactive
     G0801                  Fam & Comm Hlth Operating (G0801)                       Inactive
     G2001                  Dept Nursing Practice (G2001)                           Inactive
     G2201                  NRCAHI (G2201)                                          Inactive
Q0000_PHARMACY              Faculty of Pharmacy (Q0000_PHARMACY)
  Q1000_FAC_PHARMCY         Faculty Pharmacy (Q1000_FAC_PHARMCY)
     Q1100_PHARM_T_F        Teaching and Fund Raising (Q1100_PHARM_T_F)
       Q1110_TEACHING_OPS   Teaching Operations (Q1110_TEACHING_OPS)
          Q0001             Primary Pharmacy Operating (Q0001)                      Active
          Q0004             Discipline Teaching Support (Q0004)                     Active
          Q0031             Ingrid Gelissen (Q0031)                                 Active
          Q0069             Herbal Medicine Teaching (Q0069)                        Active
          Q0072             Faculty Development (Q0072)                             Active
          Q0073             Marketing (Q0073)                                       Active
          Q0099             CHS Budgets Pharmacy (Q0099)                            Active

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  Q1120_FND_RAISE_ACT   Fund Raising Activities (Q1120_FND_RAISE_ACT)
     Q1001              Dean's Office (Q1001)                              Active
Q2000_RSCH_COMM         Rsearch & Commercal Operations (Q2000_RSCH_COMM)
  Q2100_RSCH_SUPP       Research Support (Q2100_RSCH_SUPP)
     Q0002              Secondary Pharmacy Operating (Q0002)               Active
     Q0005              Pharmaceutics INACTIVE (Q0005)                     Inactive
     Q0007              Maintenance For Orange Campus (Q0007)              Inactive
     Q0008              Gsms/Nmr (Q0008)                                   Active
     Q0013              Cheung INACTIVE (Q0013)                            Inactive
     Q0027              Bruce Tattam (Q0027)                               Active
     Q0029              PG Scholarship Support (Q0029)                     Active
     Q0042              Greg Ryan (Q0042)                                  Active
     Q0050              INACTIVE NOT TO BE USED (Q0050)                    Inactive
     Q0051              Erica Sainsbury (Q0051)                            Active
     Q0053              Coombes INACTIVE (Q0053)                           Inactive
     Q0055              Maria Sukkar (Q0055)                               Active
     Q0057              Sean Mcateer (Q0057)                               Active
     Q0062              Greg Ryan (Q0062)                                  Active
     Q0068              Kelvin Chan (Q0068)                                Active
  Q2110_PHARMS_CHEM     Pharmaceuticals Chemistry (Q2110_PHARMS_CHEM)
     Q0003              Groundwater (Q0003)                                Active
     Q0014              George Quan Li (Q0014)                             Active
     Q0015              Duke (Q0015)                                       Active
     Q0018              Ammit (Q0018)                                      Active
     Q0021              Moore (Q0021)                                      Active
     Q0023              Roufogalis (Q0023)                                 Active
     Q0026              David Hibbs Pharmacy (Q0026)                       Active
     Q0036              Dr Bret Church (Q0036)                             Active
     Q0039              Dr Mary Collins (Q0039)                            Active
     Q0048              Dr D Sze (Q0048)                                   Active
     Q0049              Jane Hanrahan (Q0049)                              Active
     Q0058              Pharmaceutical Chemistry Resch (Q0058)             Active
     Q0064              Rebecca Roubin (Q0064)                             Active
     Q0067              Lenka Munoz (Q0067)                                Active
  Q2120_PHARMCTCS       Pharmaceutics (Q2120_PHARMCTCS)
     Q0012              Paul Young (Q0012)                                 Active
     Q0022              Ramzan (Q0022)                                     Active
     Q0024              Chan (Q0024)                                       Active
     Q0028              Betty Chaar (Q0028)                                Active
     Q0035              Mary Bebawy (Q0035)                                Active
     Q0043              Thomas Grewal (Q0043)                              Active
     Q0047              Chrzanowski Wojciech (Q0047)                       Active
     Q0054              Michael Murray (Q0054)                             Active
     Q0059              Pharmaceutics Research Dev (Q0059)                 Inactive
     Q0063              Daniela Traini (Q0063)                             Active
     Q0065              Rohanizadeh (Q0065)                                Active
     Q0066              Romano Fois (Q0066)                                Active
     Q0071              Fan Fan Zhou (Q0071)                               Active
Q3000_PHARM_PRACT       Pharmacy Practice (Q3000_PHARM_PRACT)
  Q0006                 Pharmacy Practice (Q0006)                          Active
  Q0009                 Armour (Q0009)                                     Active
  Q0011                 Benrimoj (Q0011)                                   Active
  Q0016                 Lesley White (Q0016)                               Active
  Q0017                 Vicky Kritikos (Q0017)                             Active
  Q0019                 Krass (Q0019)                                      Active
  Q0025                 McLachlan (Q0025)                                  Active
  Q0032                 Taylor (Q0032)                                     Active
  Q0033                 Chen (Q0033)                                       Active
  Q0034                 Consulting Williams (Q0034)                        Active
  Q0037                 Aslani (Q0037)                                     Active
  Q0038                 Jo-Anne Brien (Q0038)                              Active
  Q0041                 Beata Bajorek (Q0041)                              Active
  Q0044                 Margaret Hughes (Q0044)                            Active
  Q0045                 Sinthia Bosnic-Anticevich (Q0045)                  Active
  Q0046                 Rebekah Moles (Q0046)                              Active
  Q0052                 Saini,Bandana (Q0052)                              Active
  Q0056                 Lorraine Smith (Q0056)                             Active
  Q0061                 Lisa Pont (Q0061)                                  Active

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  Q7000_PHARMACY_FNDNS              Pharmacy Foundations (Q7000_PHARMACY_FNDNS)
     Q7101                          Faculty of Pharmacy Foundation (Q7101)                Active
     Q7102                          Pharmacy Alumni Association (Q7102)                   Active
     Q7111                          Secondary Operating Account (Q7111)                   Active
L0000_SCIENCE                       Faculty of Science (L0000_SCIENCE)
  L9000_SCHOOLS_INC_IT              Science Schools Including IT (L9000_SCHOOLS_INC_IT)
     L5000_SCHOOLS_EXC_IT           Science Shools Excluding IT (L5000_SCHOOLS_EXC_IT)
       L2600_PHYSICS                Physics (L2600_PHYSICS)
          L2610_PHYS_TEACHING       Physics Teaching (L2610_PHYS_TEACHING)
            L1100_SEMESTER UOS      Phys Semester Units of Study (L1100_SEMESTER UOS)
               L2662                PGR_Research (L2662)                                  Active
               L1110_TEACHING YEAR1 Phys Teaching Year 1 (L1110_TEACHING YEAR1)
                 L2611              1st Year (L2611)                                      Active
               L1120_TEACHING_YEAR2 Phys Teaching Year 2 (L1120_TEACHING_YEAR2)
                 L2622              2nd Year (L2622)                                      Active
               L1130_TEACHING_YEAR3 Phys Teaching Year 3 (L1130_TEACHING_YEAR3)
                 L2633              3rd Year (L2633)                                      Active
               L1150_HONOURS        Phys Honours (L1150_HONOURS)
                 L2644              4th Year (L2644)                                      Active
               L1160_POSTGRAD_CRSWKhys Postgraduate Coursework (L1160_POSTGRAD_CRSWK)
                 L1161              PGC Environmental Science (L1161)                     Active
                 L2658              PGC Medical Physics (L2658)                           Active
                 L2673              PGC_Nuclear Science (L2673)                           Active
                 L2675              PGC_Photonics (L2675)                                 Active
            L1190_TEACHING_GEN      Phys Teaching General (L1190_TEACHING_GEN)
               L2607                Colloquia (L2607)                                     Active
               L2613                Lecture Demonstrations (L2613)                        Active
          L2630_PHYS_RESEARCH       Physics Research (L2630_PHYS_RESEARCH)
            L2110_SIFA_RES_GRP      Phys Syd Institute Astronomy (L2110_SIFA_RES_GRP)
               L2652                SIfA (L2652)                                          Active
               L2696                Astronomy (L2696)                                     Active
               L2699                Astrophysics (L2699)                                  Active
               L2310_SIFA_RESCHERS Phys SIFA Researchers (L2310_SIFA_RESCHERS)
                 L2604              Helen Johnston (L2604)                                Active
                 L2609              Michael Ireland (L2609)                               Active
                 L2617              Tara Murphy (L2617)                                   Active
                 L2624              A Green (L2624)                                       Active
                 L2663              Bland Hawthorn (L2663)                                Active
                 L2665              Dennis Stello (L2665)                                 Active
                 L2667              P Tuthill (L2667)                                     Active
                 L2668              G Lewis (L2668)                                       Active
                 L2669              T Bedding (L2669)                                     Active
                 L2671              R Hunstead (L2671)                                    Active
                 L2672              E Sadler (L2672)                                      Active
                 L2674              B Gaensler (L2674)                                    Active
                 L2677              Greg Madsen (L2677)                                   Active
                 L2694              G Robertson (L2694)                                   Active
                 L2695              Laszlo Kiss (L2695)                                   Active
                 L2697              S Croom (L2697)                                       Active
            L2120_APPLIED_RES_GR    Phys Applied Research Group (L2120_APPLIED_RES_GR)
               L2655                Applied (L2655)                                       Active
               L2320_APPLIED_RSCHRS Phys Applied Researchers (L2320_APPLIED_RSCHRS)
                 L2625              M Bilek (L2625)                                       Active
                 L2626              D McKenzie (L2626)                                    Active
                 L2634              N Suchowerska (L2634)                                 Active
                 L2637              Plasma (L2637)                                        Active
                 L2676              Sunnie Lim (L2676)                                    Active
            L2130_CUDOS             Phys CUDOS Centre Excellence (L2130_CUDOS)
               L2683                CUDOS Centre of Excellence (L2683)                    Active
            L2140_IPOS              Phys Instit Photonic&Optic Sci (L2140_IPOS)
               L2681                IPOS (L2681)                                          Active
               L2340_IPOS_RESCHERS Phys IPOS Researchers (L2340_IPOS_RESCHERS)
                 L2618              M De Sterke (L2618)                                   Active
                 L2629              S Jackson (L2629)                                     Active
                 L2638              M Large (L2638)                                       Active
                 L2639              C Karnutsch (L2639)                                   Active
                 L2641              B Kuhlmey (L2641)                                     Active
                 L2642              C Grillet (L2642)                                     Active

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       L2647             D Moss (L2647)                                         Active
       L2664             Simon Fleming (L2664)                                  Active
       L2678             A Argyros (L2678)                                      Active
       L2682             Eggleton (L2682)                                       Active
       L2684             R Mcphedran (L2684)                                    Active
       L2685             Christelle Monat (L2685)                               Active
       L2687             Peter Domachuk (L2687)                                 Active
       L2689             Sergio Leon-Saval (L2689)                              Active
       L2691             F Luan (L2691)                                         Active
  L2150_BIOMED_RES_GRP Phys Bio-Medic Res Grp (L2150_BIOMED_RES_GRP)
     L2657               Bio Medical (L2657)                                    Active
     L2704               Institute Medical Physics (L2704)                      Active
     L2350_BIOMED_RESCHRSPhys Bio-Medic Reschers (L2350_BIOMED_RESCHRS)
       L2631             C Baldock (L2631)                                      Active
       L2632             R Fulton (L2632)                                       Active
       L2635             Z Kuncic (L2635)                                       Active
       L2656             S Kuyucak (L2656)                                      Active
  L2160_THEORY_RES_GRP Phys Theory Research Group (L2160_THEORY_RES_GRP)
     L2654               Theory (L2654)                                         Active
     L2360_THEORY_RESCHRSPhys Theory Researchers (L2360_THEORY_RESCHRS)
       L2648             D Melrose (L2648)                                      Active
       L2653             Cathy Stampfl (L2653)                                  Active
       L2661             M Wheatland (L2661)                                    Active
  L2170_ISA              Pys Integrated Sustain Analys (L2170_ISA)
     L2623               ISA (L2623)                                            Active
     L2370_ISA_RESCHERS  Phys ISA Researchers (L2370_ISA_RESCHERS)
       L2627             C Dey (L2627)                                          Active
       L2628             Manfred Lenzen (L2628)                                 Active
  L2180_COMPLX_RES_GRP Phys Complex Systems Res Grp (L2180_COMPLX_RES_GRP)
     L2659               Complex Systems (L2659)                                Active
     L2688               Complex Plasma (L2688)                                 Active
     L2703               CTR for Waves &Complex Systems (L2703)                 Active
     L2380_COMPLX_RESCHRSPhys Complex Sydtems Reschers (L2380_COMPLX_RESCHRS)
       L2608             Pulin Gong (L2608)                                     Active
       L2643             P Robinson (L2643)                                     Active
       L2645             I Cairns (L2645)                                       Active
       L2646             Serguei Vladimirov (L2646)                             Active
       L2666             A Samarian (L2666)                                     Active
  L2190_NP&F_RES_GRP     Phys Nuclear Part&Fusn Res Grp (L2190_NP&F_RES_GRP)
     L2686               Nuclear Particle and Fusion (L2686)                    Active
     L2693               High Energy (L2693)                                    Active
     L2390_NP&F_RESCHERS Phys Nuclear Part&Fusn Rescher (L2390_NP&F_RESCHERS)
       L2603             Bruce Yabsley (L2603)                                  Active
       L2636             Joe Khachan (L2636)                                    Active
       L2679             Kevin Varvell (L2679)                                  Active
  L2510_QUANTUM_SCIENC Phys Quantum Science Res Grp (L2510_QUANTUM_SCIENC)
     L2698               Quantum Science (L2698)                                Active
     L2710_QUANTM_RESCHRSPhys Quantum Science Reschers (L2710_QUANTM_RESCHRS)
       L2649             S Bartlett (L2649)                                     Active
       L2692             D Reilly (L2692)                                       Active
       L2701             Dane McCamey (L2701)                                   Active
       L2702             Doherty Future Fellowship (L2702)                      Active
       L2705             Michael Biercuk (L2705)                                Active
       L2706             INACTIVED FOR FUTURE USE (L2706)                       Inactive
  L2520_SUPER_GRP        Phys Syd Uni Phys Edu Res GRp (L2520_SUPER_GRP)
     L2612               SUPER (L2612)                                          Active
     L2720_SUPER_RESCHERSPhys SUPER Researchers (L2720_SUPER_RESCHERS)
       L2616             John O'Byrne (L2616)                                   Active
       L2619             M Sharma (L2619)                                       Active
  L2590_RESEARCH_GEN     Phys Research General (L2590_RESEARCH_GEN)
L2680_PHYS_OPERATNS      Physics Operation (L2680_PHYS_OPERATNS)
  L2606                  Workshop (L2606)                                       Active
  L2651                  General Maintenance (L2651)                            Active
L2690_PHYS_SERVICES      Physics Services (L2690_PHYS_SERVICES)
  L2601                  Physics Operating (L2601)                              Active
  L2602                  Head of School Support (L2602)                         Active
  L2605                  Computing (L2605)                                      Active
  L2614                  Kickstart on the Road (L2614)                          Active

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     L2615                  Outreach (L2615)                                     Active
     L2621                  Student Admin (L2621)                                Active
L0900_CHEMISTRY             Chemistry (L0900_CHEMISTRY)
  L0910_CHEM_TEACHING       Chemistry Teaching (L0910_CHEM_TEACHING)
     L8100_SEMESTER_UOS     Chem Semester Units of Study (L8100_SEMESTER_UOS)
       L8110_TEACHING YEAR1 Chem Teaching Year1 (L8110_TEACHING YEAR1)
          L1921             Chemistry year 1 operating (L1921)                   Active
       L8120_TEACHING YEAR2 Chem Teaching Year 2 (L8120_TEACHING YEAR2)
          L1922             Chemistry year 2 operating (L1922)                   Active
       L8130_TEACHING YEAR3 Chem Teaching Year 3 (L8130_TEACHING YEAR3)
          L1923             Chemistry year 3 operating (L1923)                   Active
       L8150_HONOURS        Chem Honours (L8150_HONOURS)
       L8160_POSTGRAD_CRSWK hem Postgraduate Coursework (L8160_POSTGRAD_CRSWK)
          L1928             Post Graduate Course Work (L1928)                    Active
     L8170_SUMMER_SCHOOL Chem Summer School (L8170_SUMMER_SCHOOL)
       L1927                Summer School Program (L1927)                        Active
     L8180_BRIDGING_COURS Chem Bridging Course (L8180_BRIDGING_COURS)
       L1925                Bridging course (L1925)                              Active
     L8190_TEACHING_GEN     Chem Teaching General (L8190_TEACHING_GEN)
       L1908                Lecturer Startup & Relocation (L1908)                Active
       L1909                General Staff Training (L1909)                       Active
       L1911                Scholarships and Prizes (L1911)                      Active
       L1913                Short Courses Computer Marking (L1913)               Active
       L1924                High School Liaison Program (L1924)                  Active
       L1929                Teaching Equipment Project (L1929)                   Active
  L0930_CHEM_RESEARCH       Chemistry Research (L0930_CHEM_RESEARCH)
     L8210_CHEM_RESCHERS    Chem Researchers (L8210_CHEM_RESCHERS)
       L0907                Inorganic (L0907)                                    Inactive
       L0908                C Marshall (L0908)                                   Active
       L0909                Sebastien Perrier (L0909)                            Active
       L0911                Christppher MCErilean (L0911)                        Active
       L0912                Richard Payne (L0912)                                Active
       L0913                Widmer Cooper (L0913)                                Active
       L0914                J Beattie (L0914)                                    Active
       L0915                Amir Karton (L0915)                                  Active
       L0916                Adam Bridgeman (L0916)                               Active
       L0917                H Freeman (L0917)                                    Active
       L0918                T Hambley (L0918)                                    Active
       L0919                J James (L0919)                                      Active
       L0921                B Kennedy (L0921)                                    Active
       L0922                P Lay (L0922)                                        Active
       L0923                L Lindoy (L0923)                                     Active
       L0924                A Masters (L0924)                                    Active
       L0925                Organic (L0925)                                      Inactive
       L0926                Physical (L0926)                                     Active
       L0927                Theoretical (L0927)                                  Active
       L0929                Hugh Harris (L0929)                                  Active
       L0931                R Gilbert KCPC (L0931)                               Active
       L0932                C Kepert (L0932)                                     Active
       L0933                T Maschmeyer (L0933)                                 Active
       L0939                R Baker (L0939)                                      Active
       L0941                Lindoy (L0941)                                       Active
       L0952                Swedish Bilateral Exchange (L0952)                   Active
       L0953                G.Bacskay (L0953)                                    Active
       L0955                R Codd (L0955)                                       Active
       L0956                R.Clarke (L0956)                                     Active
       L0957                M.Crossley (L0957)                                   Active
       L0958                Peter Rutledge (L0958)                               Active
       L0959                Chiara Neto (L0959)                                  Active
       L0961                Mathew Todd (L0961)                                  Active
       L0963                Angus Gray-Weale (L0963)                             Active
       L0964                A.George (L0964)                                     Active
       L0965                D'Alessandro (L0965)                                 Active
       L0966                Brian Hawkett (L0966)                                Active
       L0967                P.Harrowell (L0967)                                  Active
       L0968                D.Hibbs (L0968)                                      Active
       L0969                Christopher Sumby 26/10/06 (L0969)                   Active
       L0971                K.Jolliffe (L0971)                                   Active

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     L0972               M.Jordan (L0972)                                        Active
     L0973               S.Kable (L0973)                                         Active
     L0974               A.Lacey (L0974)                                         Active
     L0975               J.Mackie (L0975)                                        Active
     L0976               M.McLeod (L0976)                                        Active
     L0977               J.Reimers (L0977)                                       Active
     L0978               Surajc Sharma (L0978)                                   Active
     L0979               Gregory Giles (L0979)                                   Active
     L0981               G.Warr (L0981)                                          Active
     L0982               Michael Kassiou (L0982)                                 Active
     L0983               S Schmid (L0983)                                        Active
     L0984               N Hungerford (L0984)                                    Active
     L0985               Nigel Lucas (L0985)                                     Active
     L0986               Toby Hudson (L0986)                                     Active
     L0987               Klaas Nauta (L0987)                                     Active
     L0988               Chris Ling (L0988)                                      Active
     L0989               Leo Radom (L0989)                                       Active
     L0991               Lou Rendina (L0991)                                     Active
     L0993               Pall Thordarson (L0993)                                 Active
     L0994               P Attard (L0994)                                        Active
     L0995               Mark Coster (L0995)                                     Active
     L0996               Luke Hunter (L0996)                                     Active
     L0997               Tim Schmidt (L0997)                                     Active
     L0999               John Canning (L0999)                                    Active
  L8270_RES_LABORATORY   Chem Research Laboratories (L8270_RES_LABORATORY)
     L0905               Bulk Solvent and Chemicals (L0905)                      Active
     L0938               Diffrac Lab (L0938)                                     Active
     L0943               HPLC Lab (L0943)                                        Active
     L0944               Alkaloid (L0944)                                        Active
     L0945               Mass Spec Lab (L0945)                                   Active
     L0946               NMR Lab (L0946)                                         Active
     L0949               ESR Lab (L0949)                                         Active
     L1903               Gases (L1903)                                           Active
     L1904               Lab Glassware & Service Rm Ex (L1904)                   Active
  L8280_RES_PLNT&EQUIP   Chem Research Plant& Equipment (L8280_RES_PLNT&EQUIP)
     L0928               Vib Spec Facility (L0928)                               Active
     L0934               TGA DSC Facility (L0934)                                Active
     L0935               Mass Spec Facility (L0935)                              Active
     L0936               PPMS Physical Property Facilit (L0936)                  Active
     L0937               PXRD Power Xray Facility (L0937)                        Active
     L0942               Sustainable Molecular Sci&Tech (L0942)                  Active
     L0947               ASAP2020 Facility (L0947)                               Active
     L0948               Electrochem Users (L0948)                               Active
     L0951               Mossbauer Users (L0951)                                 Active
     L0954               Heavy Metal Centre-Lindoy (L0954)                       Active
     L0992               IGA Facility (L0992)                                    Active
     L0998               Organic Synthesis Centre (L0998)                        Active
     L1916               Stores Safety (L1916)                                   Active
     L1917               Stores Stationery (L1917)                               Active
     L1935               Research Pro Minor Equipment (L1935)                    Active
  L8290_RESEARCH_GEN     Chem Research General (L8290_RESEARCH_GEN)
     L0903               Dir of 1st Year Studies (L0903)                         Active
     L0904               T & R Support (L0904)                                   Inactive
     L0906               Seminars (L0906)                                        Inactive
     L0962               N Hush Symposium (L0962)                                Active
     L1931               Staff Conference Travel (L1931)                         Active
     L1932               Research Grants Bounty (L1932)                          Active
     L1933               Seminar/Visitors Program (L1933)                        Active
     L1934               Student Conference Travel (L1934)                       Active
L0980_CHEM_OPERATNS      Chemistry Operations (L0980_CHEM_OPERATNS)
  L1902                  Building Refurbmnt & Maint (L1902)                      Active
  L1905                  Mchncl & Elctrcl Work Shops (L1905)                     Active
  L1914                  External Work Shops Projects (L1914)                    Active
L0990_CHEM_SERVICES      Chemistry Services (L0990_CHEM_SERVICES)
  L0901                  Chemistry Operating (L0901)                             Active
  L0902                  Head of School (L0902)                                  Active
  L1906                  General Administration Costs (L1906)                    Active
  L1907                  School Computing (L1907)                                Active

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     L1912                  Advertising and Publicity (L1912)                       Active
     L1915                  Insurance Claims (L1915)                                Active
     L1918                  Poster Printing Project (L1918)                         Active
     L1926                  IT Development (L1926)                                  Active
L9400_BIO&MARINE_SCI        Biological and Marine Sciences (L9400_BIO&MARINE_SCI)
  L0400_BIOLOGICAL_SCI      Biological Sciences (L0400_BIOLOGICAL_SCI)
     L0410_BIO_TEACHING     Biological Sciences Teaching (L0410_BIO_TEACHING)
       L4100_SEMESTER_UOS Bio Semester Units of Study (L4100_SEMESTER_UOS)
          L4110_TEACHING_YEAR1 Teaching Year 1 (L4110_TEACHING_YEAR1)
            L0407           1st Year Biology (L0407)                                Active
            L0417           1 Talented Student Program (L0417)                      Active
            L4111           Concepts in Biology (L4111)                             Active
            L4112           Living Systems (L4112)                                  Active
            L4113           Human Biology (L4113)                                   Active
            L4114           Science Foundations 1 (L4114)                           Active
            L4115           Molecular Biology and Genetics (L4115)                  Active
          L4120_TEACHING_YEAR2 Teaching Year 2 (L4120_TEACHING_YEAR2)
            L0409           Entomology (L0409)                                      Active
            L0411           Invertebrate Zoology (L0411)                            Active
            L0413           Plant Form and Function (L0413)                         Active
            L0414           Aust Flora: Ecology & Conserv (L0414)                   Active
            L0415           Molecular Bio and Genetics B (L0415)                    Active
            L0416           Cell Biology (L0416)                                    Active
            L0494           Molecular Basis of Medical Sc (L0494)                   Active
            L4121           Vertebrates and their Origins (L4121)                   Active
            L4122           Microbes in the Environment (L4122)                     Active
            L4123           Plant Biochem & Molecular Bio (L4123)                   Active
          L4130_TEACHING_YEAR3 Teaching Year 3 (L4130_TEACHING_YEAR3)
            L0412           Animal Physiology (L0412)                               Active
            L0418           Introduction to Marine Biology (L0418)                  Active
            L0419           Ecophysiology (L0419)                                   Active
            L0421           3 Terre Verts & Plant Syst (L0421)                      Active
            L0422           Appl of Recombinant DNA Tech (L0422)                    Active
            L0423           Plant, Cell and Environment (L0423)                     Active
            L0424           Ecological Methods (L0424)                              Active
            L0425           Evolu Genetics & Animal Behvr (L0425)                   Active
            L0438           3 Plant Physiology (L0438)                              Active
            L0443           Marine Field Ecology (L0443)                            Active
            L0447           3 Marine Science (L0447)                                Active
            L0448           Tropical Wildlife Bio & Mgmt (L0448)                    Active
            L0488           Bioinformatics and Genomics (L0488)                     Active
            L0495           Fungi in the Environment (L0495)                        Active
            L4131           Ecology (L4131)                                         Active
            L4132           Terrestrial Field Ecology (L4132)                       Active
            L4133           Marine Biology (L4133)                                  Active
            L4134           Coral Reef Biology (L4134)                              Active
            L4135           Developmental Genetics (L4135)                          Active
            L4136           Molecular Biotechnology (L4136)                         Active
            L4137           Plant Growth and Development (L4137)                    Active
            L4138           Systematic & Evolutn of Plants (L4138)                  Active
          L4150_HONOURS     Bio Honours (L4150_HONOURS)
            L0427           4 Honour & Graduate Diploma (L0427)                     Active
            L4151           Biology Honours (L4151)                                 Active
            L4152           Scientific Research in Biology (L4152)                  Active
          L4160_POSTGRAD_CRSWKpostgraduate Coursework (L4160_POSTGRAD_CRSWK)
            L0426           Conservation Bio & App Ecolgy (L0426)                   Active
            L0462           Australasian Wildlife: Intro (L0462)                    Active
            L0496           Mol Gen & Inh (L0496)                                   Active
            L4161           Molecular Genetics & Inheritn (L4161)                   Active
            L4162           Bioinformatics Res Project A (L4162)                    Active
            L4163           Bioinfo:Sequences & Genomes (L4163)                     Active
            L4164           Ecolog Princ for Environ Scnts (L4164)                  Active
            L4165           App Ecology for Environ Scntst (L4165)                  Active
            L4166           App Molecular Biotech A (L4166)                         Active
            L4167           App Molecular Biotech A (Thry) (L4167)                  Active
            L4168           App Molecular Biotech C (Proj) (L4168)                  Active
            L4169           App Molecular Biotech D (Proj) (L4169)                  Active
       L4170_SUMMER&BRIDGNG Summer & Bridging Course (L4170_SUMMER&BRIDGNG)

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     L0466             Summer School (L0466)                                 Active
     L0467             Bridging Course (L0467)                               Active
     L4171             Concepts in Biology SS (L4171)                        Active
     L4172             Human Biology SS (L4172)                              Active
     L4173             Australasian Wildlife: Field S (L4173)                Active
     L4174             Vertebrate Pest Management (L4174)                    Active
     L4175             In Situ Wildlife Management (L4175)                   Active
     L4176             Research Project (L4176)                              Active
  L4180_RIBET          Bio Res Education Training (L4180_RIBET)
     L0486             Research Biology Teaching (L0486)                     Active
       L0471           Lilje (L0471)                                         Active
       L0472           May (L0472)                                           Active
       L0475           Taylor (L0475)                                        Active
  L4290_TEACHING_GEN Bio Teaching General (L4290_TEACHING_GEN)
     L0405             Teaching Committee (L0405)                            Active
L0430_BIO_RESEARCH     Biological Science Research (L0430_BIO_RESEARCH)
  L4310_CMBS_RES_GRP Bio Res Cell&Molecular Bio Sys (L4310_CMBS_RES_GRP)
     L0481             Cell & Molec Bio-Systems CMBS (L0481)                 Active
     L4410_CMBS_RESCHERS researchers CMBS (L4410_CMBS_RESCHERS)
       L0435           Dr B Lyon (L0435)                                     Active
       L0452           Dr J Marc (L0452)                                     Active
       L0454           Dr Penelope Smith (L0454)                             Active
       L0458           Dr R Overall (L0458)                                  Active
       L0474           Saleeba (L0474)                                       Active
       L0482           Parker (L0482)                                        Active
       L0498           Prof D Day (L0498)                                    Active
       L0499           Warren (L0499)                                        Active
       L4411           Dr Mary Byrne (L4411)                                 Active
  L4320_APIG_RES_GRP   Bio Res Animal Plant Interactn (L4320_APIG_RES_GRP)
     L0479             Animal Plant Interactions APIG (L0479)                Active
     L4420_APIG_RESCHERS io Researchers APIG (L4420_APIG_RESCHERS)
       L0439           Dr D Hochuli (L0439)                                  Active
       L0445           WARD (L0445)                                          Active
       L0446           Pile (L0446)                                          Active
       L0476           Simpson (L0476)                                       Active
       L0485           Sword (L0485)                                         Active
       L0487           Coleman (L0487)                                       Active
  L4330_MEG_RES_GRP    Bio Res Molec&Evoltnry Genetic (L4330_MEG_RES_GRP)
     L0484             Molec & Evol Genetics MEG (L0484)                     Active
     L4430_MEG_RESCHERS Researchers MEG (L4430_MEG_RESCHERS)
       L0432           Prof R Skurray (L0432)                                Active
       L0468           Jermiin (L0468)                                       Active
       L0469           Firth (L0469)                                         Active
       L4431           Dr Simon Ho (L4431)                                   Active
  L4340_IP_RES_GRP     Bio Res Integrative Physiology (L4340_IP_RES_GRP)
     L0457             Integrative Physiology IP (L0457)                     Active
     L4440_IP_RESCHERS Bio Researchers IP (L4440_IP_RESCHERS)
       L0429           Prof I Hume (L0429)                                   Active
       L0434           Raphael (L0434)                                       Active
       L0449           Prof A Larkum (L0449)                                 Active
       L0455           A/Prof R Hinde (L0455)                                Active
       L0456           Dr M Thompson (L0456)                                 Active
       L0461           V. Morris (L0461)                                     Active
       L0463           Seebacher (L0463)                                     Active
       L0473           Quinnell (L0473)                                      Active
       L0478           Murray Thomson (L0478)                                Active
       L0483           Min Chen (L0483)                                      Active
       L4441           Dr Rudolf A Raff (L4441)                              Active
       L4444           INCORRECT NUMBER REUSE LATER (L4444)                  Inactive
  L4350_DEERG_RES_GRP Bio Res Diversity Ecology&Evol (L4350_DEERG_RES_GRP)
     L0465             Diversity Ecol & Evol DEERG (L0465)                   Active
       L0436           Dr P McGee (L0436)                                    Active
       L0441           Dr M Henwood (L0441)                                  Active
       L0442           Dr C Dickman (L0442)                                  Active
       L0459           Dr G Wardle (L0459)                                   Active
       L0464           Mcarthur (L0464)                                      Active

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       L4360_BEG_RES_GRP    Bio Res Behavioural Ecology (L4360_BEG_RES_GRP)
          L0477             Behavioural Ecology Group BEG (L0477)                   Active
          L4460_BEG_RESCHERSBio Researchers BEG (L4460_BEG_RESCHERS)
            L0431           Prof R Shine (L0431)                                    Active
            L0437           Dr B Oldroyd (L0437)                                    Active
            L0451           Beekman (L0451)                                         Active
            L0497           Radder (L0497)                                          Active
            L4461           Dr Nathan Lo Research (L4461)                           Active
            L4462           Prof Mats Olsson (L4462)                                Active
            L4463           Dr Tanya Latty (L4463)                                  Active
       L4370_EICC_RES_GRP   Bio Ecol Impact Coastal Cities (L4370_EICC_RES_GRP)
          L0433             Ecol Impacts Coastal Cities (L0433)                     Active
       L4380_MARINE_RES_GRPBio Res Marine Biology (L4380_MARINE_RES_GRP)
          L4480_MARINE_RSCHERS Researchers Marine Biology (L4480_MARINE_RSCHERS)
            L0453           Dr William Figueira Marine AB (L0453)                   Active
       L4500_RESCHERS_OTHER Bio Researchers Other (L4500_RESCHERS_OTHER)
          L0444             Fruit Fly Research Centre (L0444)                       Active
       L4680_RES_PLNT&EQUIP Bio Research Plant & Equipment (L4680_RES_PLNT&EQUIP)
       L4690_RESEARCH_GEN Bio Research General (L4690_RESEARCH_GEN)
          L0428             Research Committee (L0428)                              Active
     L0480_BIO_OPERATIONS   Biological Sciences Operations (L0480_BIO_OPERATIONS)
       L0402                Resources Committee (L0402)                             Active
       L0406                Vehicles Replacement (L0406)                            Active
       L0489                Animal House (L0489)                                    Active
       L0491                Technical Support (L0491)                               Active
       L0492                Photography (L0492)                                     Active
     L0490_BIO_SERVICES     Biological Sciences Services (L0490_BIO_SERVICES)
       L0401                Bio Sciences Operating (L0401)                          Active
       L0403                Computing (L0403)                                       Active
       L0404                Head of Dept (L0404)                                    Active
       L0408                School Office (L0408)                                   Active
       L0493                Bio Sci Publicity (L0493)                               Active
  L6500_CORALREEF_INST      Coral Reef Research Institute (L6500_CORALREEF_INST)
     L6501                  Coral Reef Res Institute (L6501)                        Inactive
     L6502                  One Tree Island (L6502)                                 Active
  L6600_EICC                Ecological Impact Coast Cities (L6600_EICC)
     L6601                  Ecol Impacts Centre (L6601)                             Inactive
L3000_SCH_MOLEC_BIOS        School of Molecular Bioscience (L3000_SCH_MOLEC_BIOS)
  L3010_MB_TEACHING         MB Teaching (L3010_MB_TEACHING)
     L3100_SEMESTER_UOS     MB Semester Units of Study (L3100_SEMESTER_UOS)
       L3110_TEACHING_YEAR1 MB Teaching Year 1 (L3110_TEACHING_YEAR1)
       L3120_TEACHING_YEAR2 MB Teaching Year 2 (L3120_TEACHING_YEAR2)
       L3130_TEACHING_YEAR3 MB Teaching Year 3 (L3130_TEACHING_YEAR3)
       L3150_HONOURS        MB Honours (L3150_HONOURS)
       L3160_POSTGRAD_CRSWK B Postgraduate Coursework (L3160_POSTGRAD_CRSWK)
     L3170_SUMMER&BRIDGNG MB Summer & Bridging Course (L3170_SUMMER&BRIDGNG)
     L3190_TEACHING_GEN     MB Teaching General (L3190_TEACHING_GEN)
       L3002                Other Teaching (L3002)                                  Active
       L3003                Biochemistry Teaching (L3003)                           Active
       L3004                Microbiology Teaching (L3004)                           Active
       L3005                Human Nutrition Unit (L3005)                            Active
       L3008                Molecular Biotechnology (L3008)                         Active
       L3021                Prac Teaching Maintenance (L3021)                       Active
       L3076                ELATE (L3076)                                           Active
  L3030_MB_RESEARCH         MB Research (L3030_MB_RESEARCH)
     L3210_NUTRITN&METABO MB Res Nutrition & Metabolism (L3210_NUTRITN&METABO)
       L3014                Margaret Sunde (L3014)                                  Active
       L3016                Brand Miller (L3016)                                    Active
       L3019                Caterson (L3019)                                        Active
       L3036                Jones (L3036)                                           Active
       L3044                Rae (L3044)                                             Active
       L3046                Samman (L3046)                                          Active
       L3055                Kim Bell-Anderson (L3055)                               Active
       L3056                Hancock (L3056)                                         Active
       L3062                Dr Bing Wang (L3062)                                    Active
       L3064                Stuart Cordwell (L3064)                                 Active
       L3071                M Allman (L3071)                                        Active
       L3073                Jukic (L3073)                                           Active

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       L3077                Cubeddu (L3077)                                    Active
       L3078                Stuart Smith (L3078)                               Active
     L3220_MICROBIOLOGY     MB Res Microbiology (L3220_MICROBIOLOGY)
       L3012                Newsome (L3012)                                    Active
       L3018                Carter (L3018)                                     Active
       L3024                Collyer (L3024)                                    Active
       L3029                Downard (L3029)                                    Active
       L3032                Ferenci (L3032)                                    Active
       L3043                New (L3043)                                        Active
       L3045                Reeves (L3045)                                     Active
       L3054                Andrew Holmes (L3054)                              Active
       L3068                Nicholas Coleman (L3068)                           Active
       L3081                Microbiology Division Operatin (L3081)             Active
     L3230_CELL_BIOLOGY     MB Res Cell Biology (L3230_CELL_BIOLOGY)
       L3025                Conigrave (L3025)                                  Active
       L3026                Crossley (L3026)                                   Active
       L3031                Easterbrook-Smith (L3031)                          Active
       L3052                Weiss (L3052)                                      Active
       L3059                Prof Iain Campbell (L3059)                         Active
     L3240_NMR_SPECTRSCPY   MB Res NMR Spectroscopy (L3240_NMR_SPECTRSCPY)
       L3013                David Gell (L3013)                                 Active
       L3017                NMR Facility (L3017)                               Active
       L3037                Kuchel (L3037)                                     Active
       L3038                Mackay (L3038)                                     Active
     L3250_MOLECULAR_BIO    MB Res Molecular Biology (L3250_MOLECULAR_BIO)
       L3041                Matthews (L3041)                                   Active
       L3067                Hanna Nicholas (L3067)                             Active
       L3069                Waterhouse (L3069)                                 Active
     L3260_MOLEC_GENETICS   MB Res Molecular Genetics (L3260_MOLEC_GENETICS)
       L3022                Christopherson (L3022)                             Active
       L3028                Denyer (L3028)                                     Active
     L3270_STRUCTURAL_BIO   MB Res Structural Biology (L3270_STRUCTURAL_BIO)
       L3034                Guss (L3034)                                       Active
       L3066                Jill Trewhella (L3066)                             Active
     L3280_BIOINFORMATICS   MB Res Bioinformatics (L3280_BIOINFORMATICS)
       L3057                Ruth Hall (L3057)                                  Active
     L3290_BIOTECHNOLOGY    MB Res Biotechnology (L3290_BIOTECHNOLOGY)
     L3300_RESCHERS_OTHER   MB Res Other Researchers (L3300_RESCHERS_OTHER)
       L3011                Rohrlach (L3011)                                   Active
       L3015                Agus (L3015)                                       Active
       L3023                RCPT Infrastructure Support (L3023)                Active
       L3027                Gysbers (L3027)                                    Active
       L3033                Fields (L3033)                                     Active
       L3035                Kant (L3035)                                       Active
       L3039                Maher (L3039)                                      Active
       L3042                M Nicholson (L3042)                                Active
       L3047                Thomas (L3047)                                     Active
       L3048                Thompson (L3048)                                   Active
       L3049                Volker (L3049)                                     Active
       L3051                Wake (L3051)                                       Active
       L3053                Whitelaw (L3053)                                   Active
       L3058                Dr Jill Johnston (L3058)                           Active
       L3061                Dr Adrian Adams (L3061)                            Active
       L3072                Blackenberg (L3072)                                Active
       L3074                Gifford (L3074)                                    Active
       L3075                Hush Energy Transduction (L3075)                   Active
       L3079                Diversi (L3079)                                    Active
     L3380_RES_PLNT&EQUIP   MB Res Plant & Equipment (L3380_RES_PLNT&EQUIP)
       L3063                Spectropolarimeter (L3063)                         Active
       L3065                APAF (L3065)                                       Active
     L3390_RESEARCH_GEN     MB Research General (L3390_RESEARCH_GEN)
  L3080_MB_OPERATIONS       MB Operations (L3080_MB_OPERATIONS)
     L3006                  Store (L3006)                                      Active
     L3007                  Service Centre (L3007)                             Active
  L3090_MB_SERVICES         MB Services (L3090_MB_SERVICES)
     L3001                  Molecular & Microbial Biosci (L3001)               Active
     L3009                  Head of School (L3009)                             Active
L2900_SCH_PSYCHOLOGY        School of Psychology (L2900_SCH_PSYCHOLOGY)

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L2910_PSYC_TEACHING       Psychology Teaching (L2910_PSYC_TEACHING)
  L5100_SEMESTER_UOS      Psyc Semester Units of Study (L5100_SEMESTER_UOS)
     L5110_TEACHING_YEAR1 Psyc Teaching Year 1 (L5110_TEACHING_YEAR1)
       L5111              Psyc1001 Casual Acad (L5111)                        Active
       L5112              Psyc1002 Casual Acad (L5112)                        Active
       L5113              AHTK1001 Casual Acad (L5113)                        Active
     L5120_TEACHING_YEAR2 Psyc teaching Year 2 (L5120_TEACHING_YEAR2)
       L5121              Psyc2011 Casual Acad (L5121)                        Active
       L5122              Psyc2012 Casual Acad (L5122)                        Active
       L5123              Psyc2013 Casual Acad (L5123)                        Active
       L5124              Psyc2014 Casual Acad (L5124)                        Active
     L5130_TEACHING_YEAR3 Psyc teaching Year 3 (L5130_TEACHING_YEAR3)
       L5131              Psyc3010 Casual Acad (L5131)                        Active
       L5132              Psyc3011 Casual Acad (L5132)                        Active
       L5133              Psyc3012 Casual Acad (L5133)                        Active
       L5134              Psyc3013 Casual Acad (L5134)                        Active
       L5135              Psyc3014 Casual Acad (L5135)                        Active
       L5136              Psyc3015 Casual Acad (L5136)                        Active
       L5137              Psyc3016 Casual Acad (L5137)                        Active
       L5138              Psyc3017 Casual Acad (L5138)                        Active
       L5139              Psyc3018 Casual Acad (L5139)                        Active
       L5141              Psyc3020 Casual Acad (L5141)                        Active
       L5142              HPSC3023 Casual Acad (L5142)                        Active
     L5150_HONOURS        Psyc Honours (L5150_HONOURS)
       L5151              Psyc4011a Casual Acad (L5151)                       Active
       L5152              Psyc4011b Casual Acad (L5152)                       Active
       L5153              Psyc4722 Casual Acad (L5153)                        Active
       L5154              Psyc4724 Casual Acad (L5154)                        Active
       L5155              Psyc4727 Casual Acad (L5155)                        Active
       L5156              Psyc4729 Casual Acad (L5156)                        Active
       L5157              Psyc4730 Casual Acad (L5157)                        Active
       L5158              Psyc4731 Casual Acad (L5158)                        Active
     L5160_POSTGRAD_CRSWKsyc Postgraduate Coursework (L5160_POSTGRAD_CRSWK)
  L5170_SUMMER&BRIDGNG Psyc Summer & Bridging Course (L5170_SUMMER&BRIDGNG)
  L5180_PSYC_CLINICS      Psyc Clinics (L5180_PSYC_CLINICS)
     L2916                Psychology Clinic (L2916)                           Active
  L5190_TEACHING_GEN      Psyc Teaching General (L5190_TEACHING_GEN)
     L2903                Teaching Support (L2903)                            Active
L2930_PSYC_RESEARCH       Psychology Research (L2930_PSYC_RESEARCH)
  L5330_PSYC_RESCHERS     Psyc Researchers (L5330_PSYC_RESCHERS)
     L2905                Blaszczynski (L2905)                                Active
     L2907                Curthoys (L2907)                                    Active
     L2908                Dr Abbott (L2908)                                   Active
     L2911                Cavanagh/Grant (L2911)                              Active
     L2912                Job & Alais (L2912)                                 Active
     L2913                Clinical (L2913)                                    Active
     L2914                McGregor (L2914)                                    Active
     L2915                Dr Ian Johnston (L2915)                             Active
     L2917                Clifford (L2917)                                    Active
     L2918                Research Gambling Funds (L2918)                     Active
     L2919                Burns (L2919)                                       Active
     L2921                Howie (L2921)                                       Active
     L2922                Hesketh Paterson (L2922)                            Active
     L2923                Charles/Zadro (L2923)                               Active
     L2924                Niko Tiliopoulos&Fiona Hibberd (L2924)              Active
     L2925                Karen Croot (L2925)                                 Active
     L2927                Harris (L2927)                                      Active
     L2928                S Andrews (L2928)                                   Active
     L2929                Dr Louise Sharpe (L2929)                            Active
     L2931                Dr White (L2931)                                    Active
     L2932                Phyllis Butow (L2932)                               Active
     L2933                Dr Damian Birney (L2933)                            Active
     L2934                Ilona Juraskova (L2934)                             Active
     L2935                Dr Kleitman (L2935)                                 Active
     L2936                Holcombe (L2936)                                    Active
     L2937                de Rosnay (L2937)                                   Active
     L2938                L2938 - Hawes (L2938)                               Active
     L2939                MPEBDM Centre Butow (L2939)                         Active

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       L2941                Barton Anderson (L2941)                               Active
       L2942                Madeleine King (L2942)                                Active
       L2943                Karen Gonsalkorale (L2943)                            Active
       L2944                Catalina Lawsin (L2944)                               Active
       L2945                Dr Andrew Kemp (L2945)                                Active
       L2946                POCOG (L2946)                                         Active
       L2947                Carolyn MacCann (L2947)                               Active
       L2948                Evan Livesey (L2948)                                  Active
       L2949                Laura Corbit (L2949)                                  Active
     L5390_RESEARCH_GEN     Psyc Research General (L5390_RESEARCH_GEN)
       L2902                Research Support (L2902)                              Active
       L2909                Coaching Conference (L2909)                           Active
  L2980_PSYC_OPERATNS       Psychology Operations (L2980_PSYC_OPERATNS)
     L2904                  Animal House Facility (L2904)                         Active
  L2990_PSYC_SERVICES       Psychology Services (L2990_PSYC_SERVICES)
     L2901                  Psychology Operating (L2901)                          Active
     L2906                  Boakes (L2906)                                        Active
     L2926                  Head of School Support Funds (L2926)                  Active
     L2951                  Coaching and Mentoring Alumni (L2951)                 Active
     L2952                  Dr Marianna Szabo (L2952)                             Active
L3800_MATHS_STATS           Mathematics and Statistics (L3800_MATHS_STATS)
  L3810_M&S_TEACHING        Maths & Stats Teaching (L3810_M&S_TEACHING)
     L3804                  Part Time Teaching (L3804)                            Active
     L8670_SUMMER_SCHOOL M&S Summer School (L8670_SUMMER_SCHOOL)
     L8680_BRIDGING_COURS M&S Bridging Course (L8680_BRIDGING_COURS)
       L3802                Maths Bridge Course (L3802)                           Active
     L8690_TEACHING_GEN     M&S Teaching General (L8690_TEACHING_GEN)
       L3805                Support Services (L3805)                              Active
       L3817                CASR Fund (L3817)                                     Active
       L3819                Prof Brown Research Projects (L3819)                  Active
  L3830_M&S_RESEARCH        Maths & Stats Research (L3830_M&S_RESEARCH)
     L8710_APPLIED          M&S Applied Research Group (L8710_APPLIED)
       L3808                Applied Research Group (L3808)                        Active
       L9010_APPLIED_RSCHRS M&S Applied Researchers (L9010_APPLIED_RSCHRS)
          L3821             Gottwald George (L3821)                               Active
     L8720_NONLINEAR_ANLY   M&S Nonlinear Research Group (L8720_NONLINEAR_ANLY)
       L3811                Non-Linear Research Group (L3811)                     Active
       L9020_NONLINR_RSCHRSM&S Nonlinear Researchers (L9020_NONLINR_RSCHRS)
     L8730_PURE             M&S Pure Research Group (L8730_PURE)
       L3812                Pure Research Group (L3812)                           Active
       L9030_ALGEBRA        M&S Algebra Research Group (L9030_ALGEBRA)
       L9040_COMPUTATIONAL M&S Computation Research Grp (L9040_COMPUTATIONAL)
          L3813             Computational Algebra Group (L3813)                   Active
       L9050_ANALYSIS       M&S Analysis Research Group (L9050_ANALYSIS)
       L9060_GEOM&TOPOLOGYM&S Geometry& Topology Res Grp (L9060_GEOM&TOPOLOGY)
     L8740_STATISTICS       M&S Statistics Research Group (L8740_STATISTICS)
       L3809                Statistics Research Group (L3809)                     Active
       L9070_STATS_RESCHERSM&S Statistics Researchers (L9070_STATS_RESCHERS)
          L3822             Yang Yee Hwa (Jean) (L3822)                           Active
     L8750_OTHER_RESCHERS M&S Other Researchers (L8750_OTHER_RESCHERS)
       L3816                Centre Mathamatical Biology (L3816)                   Active
     L8790_RESEARCH_GEN     M&S Research General (L8790_RESEARCH_GEN)
       L3806                Research (L3806)                                      Active
       L3815                Anziam 08 (L3815)                                     Active
       L3818                Head of School (L3818)                                Active
  L3880_M&S_OPERATIONS      Maths & Stats Operations (L3880_M&S_OPERATIONS)
     L3803                  School Computer Labs (L3803)                          Active
     L3807                  Minor Equipment (L3807)                               Active
  L3890_M&S_SERVICES        Maths & Stats Services (L3890_M&S_SERVICES)
     L3801                  Maths & Stats Operating (L3801)                       Active
     L3814                  N Joshi (L3814)                                       Active
L1700_GEOSCIENCES           Geosciences (L1700_GEOSCIENCES)
  L1710_GEO_TEACHING        Geosciences Teaching (L1710_GEO_TEACHING)
     L4700_SEMESTER_UOS     Geo Semester Units of Study (L4700_SEMESTER_UOS)
       L4710_TEACHING_YEAR1 Geo Teaching Year 1 (L4710_TEACHING_YEAR1)
       L4720_TEACHING_YEAR2 Geo Teaching Year 2 (L4720_TEACHING_YEAR2)
       L4730_TEACHING_YEAR3 Geo Teaching Year 3 (L4730_TEACHING_YEAR3)
       L4750_HONOURS        Geo Honours (L4750_HONOURS)

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     L4760_POSTGRAD_CRSWK eo Postgraduate Coursework (L4760_POSTGRAD_CRSWK)
  L4770_SUMMER&BRIDGNG Geo Summer & Bridging Course (L4770_SUMMER&BRIDGNG)
  L4780_FIELD_SCHOOLS    Geo Field Schools (L4780_FIELD_SCHOOLS)
     L5710_FIELD_SCH_YR1 Geo Field Schools Year 1 (L5710_FIELD_SCH_YR1)
       L1718             Geog 1001 Narabeen (L1718)                             Active
       L1719             GEOS1002 Newtown (L1719)                               Active
       L1723             Geol 2001 Lithgow (L1723)                              Active
     L5720_FIELD_SCH_YR2 Geo Field Schools Year 2 (L5720_FIELD_SCH_YR2)
       L1716             Geog 3202 Orange (L1716)                               Active
       L1721             GEOS2111 St Ives (L1721)                               Active
       L1722             GEOS2124 Yass (L1722)                                  Active
       L1725             GEOS2321 Orphan School Creek (L1725)                   Active
       L1726             MARS 2002 Pittwater (L1726)                            Active
       L1727             Geol 1002 Hunter Valley (L1727)                        Active
       L1733             New Zealand Excursion (L1733)                          Active
     L5730_FIELD_SCH_YR3 Geo Field Schools Year 3 (L5730_FIELD_SCH_YR3)
       L1712             South Pacific Field School (L1712)                     Active
       L1714             Geos3008 - Field Work (L1714)                          Active
       L1715             Geol 3101 South Coast (L1715)                          Inactive
       L1717             GEOS3009 One Tree Island (L1717)                       Active
       L1724             GEOS3009 Hawks Nest (L1724)                            Active
       L1728             GEOS3015 Sydney Basin (L1728)                          Active
       L1732             David Mitchell (L1732)                                 Active
       L1737             Sth East Asian Field School (L1737)                    Active
     L5760_FIELD_SCH_PG  Geo Field Schools Postgraduate (L5760_FIELD_SCH_PG)
       L1729             Geol 3102 Sth Cst NSW/Batemans (L1729)                 Active
       L1731             ENV15708 Pearl Beach (L1731)                           Active
       L1735             GEOG5004 Chowder Bay (L1735)                           Active
     L5790_FIELD_SCH_GEN Geo Field Schools General (L5790_FIELD_SCH_GEN)
       L1711             Excursions / Field Trips (L1711)                       Active
       L1713             Marine Science Excursions (L1713)                      Active
       L1734             General Excursions (L1734)                             Inactive
  L4790_TEACHING_GEN     Geo Teaching General (L4790_TEACHING_GEN)
     L1776               SUCOGG (L1776)                                         Active
L1730_GEO_RESEARCH       Geosciences Research (L1730_GEO_RESEARCH)
  L5800_EERFE_RES_GRP    Earth Evoln Resource Form&Expl (L5800_EERFE_RES_GRP)
       L1742             A Dutkiewicz (L1742)                                   Active
       L1744             Clarke (L1744)                                         Active
       L1755             Wyman (L1755)                                          Active
       L1759             Mueller (L1759)                                        Active
       L1763             Rey (L1763)                                            Active
       L1782             Hale (L1782)                                           Active
       L1785             SETON (L1785)                                          Active
       L1786             Jonathan Aitchison (L1786)                             Active
     L5820_GEOPHYS_IMAGNGGeo Geophysical Imaging (L5820_GEOPHYS_IMAGNG)
       L1758             Mason (L1758)                                          Active
     L5830_EERFE_OTHR_RESGeo EERFE Other Research (L5830_EERFE_OTHR_RES)
       L1709             Ocean Drilling Program (L1709)                         Active
       L1757             G. Doyle (L1757)                                       Active
       L1772             Dr Julie Dickinson (L1772)                             Active
       L1774             P Hatherly (L1774)                                     Active
       L1775             John You (L1775)                                       Active
  L5900_CCCS_RES_GRP     Catchmnt Coast&Continent Shelf (L5900_CCCS_RES_GRP)
     L5840_CCCS_RESCHERS Geo CCCS Researchers (L5840_CCCS_RESCHERS)
       L1738             E Bruce (L1738)                                        Active
       L1739             M Neave (L1739)                                        Active
       L1741             Birch (L1741)                                          Active
       L1746             Cowell (L1746)                                         Active
       L1751             Gale (L1751)                                           Active
       L1753             Hubble (L1753)                                         Active
       L1761             Short (L1761)                                          Active
       L1769             Dr Baker (L1769)                                       Active
       L1781             Webster (L1781)                                        Active
       L1501             USYD Institute of Marine Scien (L1501)                 Active
       L1502             USIMS Biology UG Closed (L1502)                        Inactive
       L1503             USIMS Geosciences UG - Closed (L1503)                  Inactive

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            L1504              USIMS Postgrad (L1504)                                  Active
            L1505              USIMS Marine Studies (L1505)                            Active
            L1511              Doug Cato (L1511)                                       Active
            L1512              Ian F S Jones (L1512)                                   Active
          L4000_SSIU           Spatial Science Innovatn Unit (L4000_SSIU)
            L1778              Spatial Science Inovation Unit (L1778)                  Active
            L4001              SSIU Operating (L4001)                                  Active
          L5850_CCCS_PLNT&EQUI Geo CCCS Research Plant&Equip (L5850_CCCS_PLNT&EQUI)
            L1736              Big Boat (L1736)                                        Active
          L5860_CCCS_OTHR_RES Geo CCCS Other Research (L5860_CCCS_OTHR_RES)
            L1743              Chapman (L1743)                                         Active
            L1748              Davies (L1748)                                          Active
            L1754              Hughes (L1754)                                          Active
            L1756              Keene (L1756)                                           Active
            L1762              Dr Jenkins (L1762)                                      Active
            L1766              Roy (L1766)                                             Active
       L6000_HPES_RES_GRP      Human Popn Environ&Sustainblty (L6000_HPES_RES_GRP)
          L5910_HPES_RESCHERS Geo HPES Researchers (L5910_HPES_RESCHERS)
            L1752              Hirsch (L1752)                                          Active
            L1764              Pritchard (L1764)                                       Active
            L1765              Penny (L1765)                                           Active
            L1771              McManus (L1771)                                         Active
            L1773              Vila Concejo (L1773)                                    Active
            L1777              Iveson (L1777)                                          Active
            L1779              Neilson (L1779)                                         Active
            L1783              Robert Fisher (L1783)                                   Active
          L5920_HPES_OTHR_RES Geo HPES Other Research (L5920_HPES_OTHR_RES)
            L1745              Connell (L1745)                                         Active
            L1747              Crough (L1747)                                          Active
            L1749              Dragovich (L1749)                                       Active
            L1784              Australian Geographer (L1784)                           Active
       L6090_RESEARCH_GEN      Geo Research General (L6090_RESEARCH_GEN)
     L1780_GEO_OPERATIONS      Geosciences Operations (L1780_GEO_OPERATIONS)
       L1704                   MV Fleet (L1704)                                        Active
       L1705                   Cartographic Services (L1705)                           Inactive
       L1707                   Audiovisual/Computing (L1707)                           Active
       L1708                   Laboratory Services (L1708)                             Active
       L1767                   Thin Sections (L1767)                                   Active
       L1768                   Field Services (L1768)                                  Active
     L1790_GEO_SERVICES        Geosciences Services (L1790_GEO_SERVICES)
       L1701                   Geosciences Operating (L1701)                           Active
       L1702                   Strategic Support (L1702)                               Active
       L1703                   Head of School (L1703)                                  Active
       L1706                   Promotions-Geosci (L1706)                               Active
  L0100_HIST_PHILO_SCI         History and Philosophy Science (L0100_HIST_PHILO_SCI)
     L0101                     Hist & Phil Sc Operating (L0101)                        Active
     L0102                     Director of Unit Support (L0102)                        Active
     L0103                     Bioethics PG Program (L0103)                            Active
  L0010_SCIENCE_ADMIN          Science Faculty Admin (L0010_SCIENCE_ADMIN)
     L0001                     Student Administration (L0001)                          Active
     L0002                     Executive Services (L0002)                              Active
     L0003                     Science Strategic Funding (L0003)                       Active
     L0004                     HOS Support Closed (L0004)                              Inactive
     L0005                     L & T Support (L0005)                                   Active
     L0006                     Resource Management (L0006)                             Active
     L0007                     Marketing Communicn Ext Relatn (L0007)                  Active
     L0008                     Old Colleg S &T SDF Closed (L0008)                      Inactive
     L0011                     Uniserve (L0011)                                        Active
     L0012                     Innovative Science & Maths Edu (L0012)                  Active
     L0013                     J S Miller Fellow (L0013)                               Active
     L0014                     Dean of Science (L0014)                                 Active
     L0015                     National Tropical Marne Netwrk (L0015)                  Inactive
     L0099                     Science Budgets (L0099)                                 Active
L2800_SCH_INFO_TECH            Sch of Information Technolgies (L2800_SCH_INFO_TECH)
  L2801                        Schl Info tech Operating (L2801)                        Inactive
  L2802                        Jesse Jin (L2802)                                       Inactive
  L2803                        Joseph Davis (L2803)                                    Inactive
  L2804                        INVIS Research Lab (L2804)                              Inactive

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     L2805                B Landfeldt (L2805)                              Inactive
     L2806                Irena Koprinska (L2806)                          Inactive
     L2807                Tom W D Cai (L2807)                              Inactive
     L2808                MIT/MIAT (L2808)                                 Inactive
     L2809                David Everitt (L2809)                            Inactive
     L2811                Alumni Events (L2811)                            Inactive
     L2812                Yacef (L2812)                                    Inactive
     L2813                Royalties (L2813)                                Inactive
     L2814                Peter Eades (L2814)                              Inactive
     L2815                Course Fees for Cont Educ (L2815)                Inactive
     L2816                Fekete (L2816)                                   Inactive
     L2817                Feng (L2817)                                     Inactive
     L2818                Summer School (L2818)                            Inactive
     L2819                SILLIAC 2006 (L2819)                             Inactive
     L2821                Kennedy (L2821)                                  Inactive
     L2822                Takatsuka (L2822)                                Inactive
     L2823                Kay (L2823)                                      Inactive
     L2824                Smart Internet O/Heads (L2824)                   Inactive
     L2825                Kummerfeld (L2825)                               Inactive
     L2826                S. Hong (L2826)                                  Inactive
     L2827                External Relations (L2827)                       Inactive
     L2828                Poon,Josiah (L2828)                              Inactive
     L2829                Patrick J (L2829)                                Inactive
     L2831                Chawla (L2831)                                   Inactive
     L2832                Chung,Vera (L2832)                               Inactive
     L2833                Lang & Knowledge Mgt Lab (L2833)                 Inactive
     L2834                Networks Sys Res Lab (L2834)                     Inactive
     L2835                Professor Albert Zomaya (L2835)                  Inactive
     L2836                Simon Poon (L2836)                               Inactive
     L2837                Purchase Card Default (L2837)                    Inactive
     L2838                Zhou (L2838)                                     Inactive
     L2839                Jonathan Gray (L2839)                            Inactive
     L2841                Workshop (L2841)                                 Inactive
     L2842                School Research Allowance (L2842)                Inactive
     L2843                Capital Campaign New Bldg (L2843)                Inactive
     L2844                Selvadurai INACTIVE (L2844)                      Inactive
     L2845                Ying Zhou (L2845)                                Inactive
     L2846                Basser Seminars (L2846)                          Inactive
     L2847                UGrad Expenses (L2847)                           Inactive
     L2848                Roehm, Uwe (L2848)                               Inactive
     L2849                Scholz, Bernhard (L2849)                         Inactive
     L2851                Hossain, Liaquat (L2851)                         Inactive
     L2852                NICTA (L2852)                                    Inactive
     L2853                Viglas, Anastasios (L2853)                       Inactive
     L2854                Choi, Byounggu (L2854)                           Inactive
     L2855                Curran, James (L2855)                            Inactive
     L2856                Wang, Xiuying (L2856)                            Inactive
     L2857                Wang, Zhiyong (L2857)                            Inactive
     L2858                Charleston, Michael (L2858)                      Inactive
     L2899                Vislab (L2899)                                   Inactive
L8000_SCIENCE_OTHERS      Science Others (L8000_SCIENCE_OTHERS)
  L6100_CHAST             Centre Human Aspects Sci& Tech (L6100_CHAST)
     L6101                CHAST Operating (L6101)                          Active
  L6700_CSBSC             Ctre Structural Bio&Struc Chem (L6700_CSBSC)
     L6701                CSBSC Operating (L6701)                          Active
  L8500_INAC_SCI_OTHRS    Inactive Science Others (L8500_INAC_SCI_OTHRS)
     L0200_BIOCHEMISTRY   Biochemistry (L0200_BIOCHEMISTRY)
       L0201              Biochemistry Operating (L0201)                   Inactive
       L0202              Science2 (L0202)                                 Inactive
       L0203              Science3 (L0203)                                 Inactive
       L0204              T & R Support (L0204)                            Inactive
       L0205              Human Nutrition Unit (L0205)                     Inactive
       L0206              Kuchel (L0206)                                   Active
       L0207              Wake (L0207)                                     Inactive
       L0208              Christopherson (L0208)                           Inactive
       L0209              Weiss (L0209)                                    Inactive
       L0211              King (L0211)                                     Inactive
       L0212              Guss (L0212)                                     Active

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       L0213                Bubb (L0213)                                            Inactive
       L0214                Caterson (L0214)                                        Active
       L0215                Allman (L0215)                                          Inactive
       L0216                Brand Miller (L0216)                                    Inactive
       L0217                Conigrave (L0217)                                       Inactive
       L0218                Crossley (L0218)                                        Inactive
       L0219                Samman (L0219)                                          Inactive
       L0220                Whitelaw (L0220)                                        Inactive
       L0221                Whitelaw (L0221)                                        Inactive
       L0222                Mackay (L0222)                                          Inactive
       L0223                Easterbrook-Smith (L0223)                               Inactive
       L0225                Molecular Biotechnology (L0225)                         Inactive
       L0226                Biochemistry Workshop (L0226)                           Inactive
       L0227                Biochemistry Store (L0227)                              Inactive
       L0228                Douglas Chappell (L0228)                                Inactive
       L0229                Charles Collyer (L0229)                                 Inactive
       L0231                Gareth Denyer (L0231)                                   Inactive
       L0232                Barry Fields (L0232)                                    Inactive
       L0233                Elizabeth Harry (L0233)                                 Inactive
       L0234                Alan Jones (L0234)                                      Inactive
       L0235                Dianne Volker (L0235)                                   Inactive
       L0236                Megan Maher (L0236)                                     Inactive
       L0237                Jackie Matthews (L0237)                                 Inactive
       L0238                Carolyn Rae (L0238)                                     Inactive
       L0239                Michael Thomas (L0239)                                  Inactive
       L0241                Campbell Thompson (L0241)                               Inactive
       L0242                Kevin Downard (L0242)                                   Inactive
     L1300_ENVIR_SCI_CTRE   Environmental Science Centre (L1300_ENVIR_SCI_CTRE)
       L1301                Environmntal Sci Ctre Closed (L1301)                    Inactive
       L1302                Environmntal Sci Prizes Closed (L1302)                  Inactive
     L6300_OCEAN_SCI_INST   EX Ocean Sciences Institute (L6300_OCEAN_SCI_INST)
       L6301                OSI - Jenkins (L6301)                                   Inactive
       L6302                OSI - Cole (L6302)                                      Inactive
       L6303                OSI - Consulting (L6303)                                Inactive
       L6304                OSI - Baker (L6304)                                     Inactive
     L6400_INST_MARINE_EC   Institute of Marine Ecology (L6400_INST_MARINE_EC)
       L6401                Marine Ecology Operating (L6401)                        Inactive
       L6402                Kingsford (L6402)                                       Inactive
       L6403                Hoegh-Guldberg CLOSED (L6403)                           Inactive
       L6404                Intertidal Ecology (L6404)                              Inactive
       L6405                P/G Support CLOSED (L6405)                              Inactive
L7000_SCIENCE_FNDNS         Science Foundations (L7000_SCIENCE_FNDNS)
  L7500_SCI_FND_PHYSIC      Science Foundation for Physics (L7500_SCI_FND_PHYSIC)
     L7501                  SFP- Operating (L7501)                                  Active
     L7502                  SFP- International Sci School (L7502)                   Active
     L7503                  SFP- Applied Physics (L7503)                            Inactive
     L7504                  NAWAF- Solar Energy (L7504)                             Inactive
     L7505                  The Messel Endowment (L7505)                            Active
     L7506                  SFP-Science Teachers' Workshop (L7506)                  Active
     L7537                  Capital Campaign INACTIVE (L7537)                       Inactive
     L7586                  Collins Book (L7586)                                    Inactive
  L7600_FND_INORG_CHEM      Foundn for Inorganic Chemistry (L7600_FND_INORG_CHEM)
     L7601                  Fndt for Inorganic Chem (L7601)                         Active
  L7800_CORNFORTH_FNDN      Cornforth Foundn for Chemistry (L7800_CORNFORTH_FNDN)
     L7801                  Cornforth Foundn for Chemistry (L7801)                  Active
  L7200_NUTRIT_RSH_FND      Nutrition Research Foundation (L7200_NUTRIT_RSH_FND)
     L7201                  NRF- Operating (L7201)                                  Active
     L7202                  NRF- Kellogg Lectureship (L7202)                        Active
     L7203                  NRF_DOM (L7203)                                         Active
     L7204                  NRF- CO Morbidity Study (L7204)                         Active
     L7205                  NRF- IOTF Working Group (L7205)                         Active
     L7206                  NRF- Research Scholarships (L7206)                      Active
     L7207                  NRF- Magnetic Resonance (L7207)                         Active
     L7208                  ICO 2006 (L7208)                                        Active
     L7209                  NRF Telstra Foundation (L7209)                          Active
     L7211                  NRF - Isoflavone Studies (L7211)                        Active
     L7212                  NRF - CNOA (L7212)                                      Active
     L7213                  NRF - Symposium (L7213)                                 Active

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       L7214               NRF-Public Health (L7214)                               Active
     L7100_EARTH_RES_FND   Earth Resource Foundation (L7100_EARTH_RES_FND)
       L7101               ERF- Operating (L7101)                                  Active
       L7102               ERF- Workshop (L7102)                                   Active
       L7103               ERF- School Teacher Course (L7103)                      Active
       L7104               ERF- Distinguished Lecturer (L7104)                     Active
       L7105               ERF- Sedimentary Basin (L7105)                          Active
       L7106               PESA Lecturers (L7106)                                  Active
       L7107               ERF- Mine Structural Studies (L7107)                    Active
       L7108               ERF- Environmental Studies (L7108)                      Active
       L7109               ERF-Nat Netwrk Sci & Engin Lrn (L7109)                  Active
       L7111               Indian Ocean Geophysics (L7111)                         Active
     L7700_RSCH_FND_IT     Rsch Fnd Information Technol. (L7700_RSCH_FND_IT)
       L7701               Fdn - Information Technology (L7701)                    Active
V0000_COLLEGE_ARTS         Sydney College of Arts (V0000_COLLEGE_ARTS)
  V0100_COL_ARTS_ADMIN     College of Arts Administration (V0100_COL_ARTS_ADMIN)
     V0101                 Operation Admin (V0101)                                 Active
     V0102                 Prof Newman Research Allow (V0102)                      Active
     V0103                 Gallery Operating (V0103)                               Active
     V0104                 Arthur Res Allowance (V0104)                            Active
     V0105                 Weary Res Allowance (V0105)                             Active
     V0106                 Dr Baily Res Allowance (V0106)                          Active
     V0107                 Fitzgerald Res Allowance (V0107)                        Active
     V0108                 Elias Research (V0108)                                  Active
     V0109                 Goldberg Research (V0109)                               Active
     V0111                 Lojewski Research (V0111)                               Active
     V0112                 Fairskye Research (V0112)                               Active
     V0113                 Starrs Research (V0113)                                 Active
     V0114                 Conomos Research (V0114)                                Active
     V0115                 Marketing (V0115)                                       Active
     V0116                 Facilities MGMT (V0116)                                 Active
     V0117                 ICT Research (V0117)                                    Active
     V0118                 Speirs Research (V0118)                                 Active
     V0119                 B Buckley Research Account (V0119)                      Active
     V0121                 J Gavan Research Account (V0121)                        Active
     V0122                 M Seymour Research Account (V0122)                      Active
     V0123                 USYD COD Executive Funds (V0123)                        Active
     V0124                 M Shoji Research Account (V0124)                        Active
     V0125                 2DLAB (V0125)                                           Active
     V0126                 Equipment Loan (V0126)                                  Active
     V0127                 Ferran Res Allowance (V0127)                            Active
     V0128                 DABEK Research Allowance (V0128)                        Active
     V0129                 Honorary Professor (V0129)                              Active
     V0131                 C Rhodes Research Account (V0131)                       Active
     V0132                 R. Dunn Research Account (V0132)                        Active
     V0133                 Gen Research Account (V0133)                            Active
     V0135                 Gallery Development ZS (V0135)                          Active
     V0136                 Ross Gibson Research Account (V0136)                    Active
     V0137                 Andrew Lavery Research (V0137)                          Active
     V0138                 K Findeis Research (V0138)                              Active
     V0199                 CHASS Budgets College of Arts (V0199)                   Active
  V0200_INFO_RSRCE_CTR     Information/Resource Centre (V0200_INFO_RSRCE_CTR)
     V0201                 Operat-Info/Resource Ctr (V0201)                        Active
     V0211                 IRC Copying Centre (V0211)                              Active
  V0300_ACAD_PROGRAMS      Academic Programs (V0300_ACAD_PROGRAMS)
     V0301                 Operation Acad Program (V0301)                          Active
     V0311                 Short Courses (V0311)                                   Active
     V0321                 Facilities (V0321)                                      Active
     V0331                 Ceramics (V0331)                                        Active
     V0332                 Computer Lab (V0332)                                    Active
     V0333                 ETA (V0333)                                             Active
     V0334                 Foundation (V0334)                                      Active
     V0335                 Glass (V0335)                                           Active
     V0336                 Jewellery (V0336)                                       Active
     V0337                 MFDI (V0337)                                            Active
     V0338                 MCAE (V0338)                                            Active
     V0339                 MMD (V0339)                                             Active
     V0340                 MSA (V0340)                                             Active

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     V0341                    Painting (V0341)                                        Active
     V0342                    Photomedia (V0342)                                      Active
     V0343                    Printmedia (V0343)                                      Active
     V0344                    Sculpture (V0344)                                       Active
     V0345                    Thap (V0345)                                            Active
     V0346                    Workshop (V0346)                                        Active
     V0347                    WS Gas (V0347)                                          Active
     V0348                    Contingency (V0348)                                     Active
     V0349                    2D Lab (V0349)                                          Active
     V0351                    Degree Show (V0351)                                     Active
     V0352                    MDP Course (V0352)                                      Active
Y0000_CONSERVATORIUM          Sydney Conservatorium (Y0000_CONSERVATORIUM)
  Y1000_CONSERV_DEPTS         Conservatorium Departments (Y1000_CONSERV_DEPTS)
     Y0100_CONSERV_ADMIN      Conservatorium Admin (Y0100_CONSERV_ADMIN)
       Y0010_DEANS_UNIT       Deans Unit (Y0010_DEANS_UNIT)
          Y1003               Technical Services (Y1003)                              Inactive
          Y1005               Redevelopment (Y1005)                                   Inactive
          Y1011               Library-General-Closed (Y1011)                          Inactive
          Y1031               International Development (Y1031)                       Inactive
          Y1041               Dean's Unit (Y1041)                                     Active
          Y1042               Scholarship (Y1042)                                     Active
          Y1043               Artistic Director (Y1043)                               Inactive
          Y1045               Tech & Infrastructure Devn (Y1045)                      Active
          Y1046               ACARMP Director Discret Funds (Y1046)                   Inactive
          Y1047               HD Con (Y1047)                                          Active
          Y1099               CHASS Budgets Conservatorium (Y1099)                    Inactive
          Y1102               Strategic Development INACTIVE (Y1102)                  Inactive
          Y1103               Special Projects INACTIVE (Y1103)                       Inactive
          Y1104               Dean's Research Funds (Y1104)                           Active
       Y0030_FAC_OPERATIONS   Faculty Operations (Y0030_FAC_OPERATIONS)
          Y1001               Admin-General (Y1001)                                   Active
          Y1002               Facilities Management (Y1002)                           Active
          Y1004               Piano Management (Y1004)                                Active
          Y1302               Student Admin (Y1302)                                   Active
          Y1303               Budget Control (Y1303)                                  Active
          Y1304               Information Technology (Y1304)                          Active
          Y1305               Campus & Facilities Management (Y1305)                  Active
       Y0040_MARKETING_COMM   Marketing Communications (Y0040_MARKETING_COMM)
          Y1021               Staff & Professional Recitals (Y1021)                   Inactive
          Y1022               Cond Concert Prog (Y1022)                               Active
          Y1023               Concerts Performances INACTIVE (Y1023)                  Inactive
          Y1024               Con Chamber Orchestra (Y1024)                           Inactive
          Y1025               Master Classes (Y1025)                                  Active
          Y1026               Sydney Symphonic Winds INACTIV (Y1026)                  Active
          Y1027               Videoconferencing INACTIVE (Y1027)                      Active
          Y1028               Symphonic Winds 2000 Tour (Y1028)                       Inactive
          Y1029               Developments High School (Y1029)                        Inactive
          Y1032               Venue Management - External (Y1032)                     Active
          Y1401               Mark&Comm Operating (Y1401)                             Active
          Y1402               Communications INACTIVE (Y1402)                         Inactive
          Y1403               Education Recruitment (Y1403)                           Active
          Y1404               Corporate Communictions (Y1404)                         Inactive
          Y1405               SCM Advancement (Y1405)                                 Active
       Y0070_LIBRARY          Library (Y0070_LIBRARY)
          Y1006               Library General (Y1006)                                 Active
     Y0200_CONS_PERFRM_ST     Performance & Academic Studies (Y0200_CONS_PERFRM_ST)
       D3401                  Music (D3401)                                           Active
       D3402                  Studio Exp Music (D3402)                                Inactive
       D3403                  Concert Production (D3403)                              Inactive
       D3404                  Peart Book Fund (D3404)                                 Inactive
       D3405                  White Music Fund (D3405)                                Inactive
       D3406                  Concerts (D3406)                                        Inactive
       D3407                  Asian Pacific Music (D3407)                             Inactive
       D9802                  Bushell Foundation (D9802)                              Active
       Y0201                  Operating-Perform Studies (Y0201)                       Active
       Y0202                  Jazz Studies (Y0202)                                    Active
       Y0203                  Piano (Y0203)                                           Active
       Y0204                  Con High School (Y0204)                                 Active

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       Y0205                     Accompaniment & Chamber Music (Y0205)                 Active
       Y0206                     Organ (Y0206)                                         Active
       Y0207                     Strings (Y0207)                                       Active
       Y0208                     Vocal/Opera Studeis (Y0208)                           Active
       Y0209                     Woodwind (Y0209)                                      Active
       Y0211                     Brass (Y0211)                                         Active
       Y0212                     Conducting (Y0212)                                    Active
       Y0213                     Percussion (Y0213)                                    Active
       Y0214                     Music & Cultural Inquiry (Y0214)                      Active
       Y0215                     Music Education (Y0215)                               Active
       Y0216                     Musicology (Y0216)                                    Active
       Y0217                     Practice Teaching (Y0217)                             Active
       Y0218                     Composition (Y0218)                                   Active
       Y0219                     Con Chorale INACTIVE (Y0219)                          Inactive
       Y0221                     Strategic Development INACTIVE (Y0221)                Inactive
       Y0222                     Music Tech Lab INACTIVE (Y0222)                       Inactive
       Y0223                     Opera Production (Y0223)                              Active
       Y0224                     Research & Development INACTIV (Y0224)                Active
       Y0225                     Opera Studies (Y0225)                                 Inactive
       Y0226                     Perf Outreach & Communication (Y0226)                 Inactive
       Y0227                     Special Projects - Academic (Y0227)                   Inactive
       Y0228                     Early Music Studies (Y0228)                           Active
       Y0229                     Pedagogy (Y0229)                                      Active
       Y0241                     Music - Arts (Y0241)                                  Active
       Y1044                     ACARMP (Y1044)                                        Active
       Y0230_ARTS_MUSIC          Arts Music (Y0230_ARTS_MUSIC)
     Y0300_NON_TERT_PRGM         Non Tertiary Program (Y0300_NON_TERT_PRGM)
       Y0310_HIGH_SCHOOL         High School (Y0310_HIGH_SCHOOL)
          Y0311                  High School Operating (Y0311)                         Active
       Y0330_OPEN_ACAD_ACCS      Open Academy Access (Y0330_OPEN_ACAD_ACCS)
          Y0331                  Non Tertiary Operating (Y0331)                        Active
          Y0332                  Rising Stars (Y0332)                                  Active
          Y0333                  Community Open Program (Y0333)                        Active
          Y0334                  Introducing Music (Y0334)                             Active
          Y0335                  Other Open Academy Program (Y0335)                    Active
          Y0336                  Non Tertiary Outreach (Y0336)                         Active
       Y0350_AMEB                AMEB (Y0350_AMEB)
          Y0351                  AMEB (Y0351)                                          Active
     Y0600_ACCESS_CTRE           Access Centre (Y0600_ACCESS_CTRE)
       Y0601                     Access Centre Operating (Y0601)                       Inactive
       Y0602                     Access Introducing Music (Y0602)                      Inactive
       Y0603                     Access Junior Training (Y0603)                        Inactive
       Y0604                     Access Youth (Y0604)                                  Inactive
       Y0605                     Access HSC Revision (Y0605)                           Inactive
       Y0606                     Access Jazz Outreach (Y0606)                          Inactive
       Y0607                     Music Skills (Y0607)                                  Inactive
       Y0608                     Access Perf & Vocal (Y0608)                           Inactive
       Y0609                     Prof Development (Y0609)                              Inactive
       Y0611                     Major Centres (Y0611)                                 Inactive
       Y0612                     Vocational Academy (Y0612)                            Inactive
       Y0613                     Access Music Technology (Y0613)                       Inactive
       Y0614                     AXS Professional (Y0614)                              Inactive
       Y0615                     AXS Community (Y0615)                                 Inactive
       Y0616                     AXS Stage Course (Y0616)                              Inactive
       Y0617                     AXS Youth (Y0617)                                     Inactive
  Y7000_CONSERV_FNDNS            Conservatorium Foundations (Y7000_CONSERV_FNDNS)
     Y7010_SYD_CON_MUS_FN        Sydney Conserv Music Fndn (Y7010_SYD_CON_MUS_FN)
       Y7011                     Syd Conserv Music Fdn (Y7011)                         Active
       Y7012                     Von Karajan Academy (Y7012)                           Inactive
N0000_VET_SCIENCE                Faculty of Vet Science (N0000_VET_SCIENCE)
  N1000_FAC_EX_PGF_CTR           Fac Incl Fnds Excl PGF Ctr (N1000_FAC_EX_PGF_CTR)
     N1500_FAC_EX_FND_PGF        Faculty Excl Fnds & PGF Ctr (N1500_FAC_EX_FND_PGF)
       N2000_FAC_EXC_THOSP       Faculty Excl Teaching Hosptls (N2000_FAC_EXC_THOSP)
          N3000_VET_TEACHING     Vet Science Teaching (N3000_VET_TEACHING)
            N3010_TEACHING_GEN   Teaching General (N3010_TEACHING_GEN)
               N3011             Teaching Operating Account (N3011)                    Active
               N3012             Ass Dean Teach & Learn Supp (N3012)                   Active
               N3013             Animal Desexing Program (N3013)                       Active

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  N3014               Higher Education Innovation (N3014)      Active
N3100_TEACHING_YR_1   Teaching Year 1 (N3100_TEACHING_YR_1)
  N3101               Animal Husbandry 1A (N3101)              Active
  N3102               Cell Biology 1A (N3102)                  Active
  N3103               Chemistry (N3103)                        Active
  N3104               Vet Anatomy & Physiology 1A (N3104)      Active
  N3105               Professional Practice 1A (N3105)         Active
  N3106               Professional Practice 1B (N3106)         Active
  N3107               Cell Biology 1B (N3107)                  Active
  N3108               Animal Husbandry 1B (N3108)              Active
  N3109               Vet Anatomy & Physiology 1B (N3109)      Active
N3200_TEACHING_YR_2   Teaching Year 2 (N3200_TEACHING_YR_2)
  N3201               Professional Practice 2 (N3201)          Active
  N3202               Genetics & Biometry (N3202)              Active
  N3203               Animal Digestion & Nutrition (N3203)     Active
  N3204               Vet Anatomy & Physiology 2A (N3204)      Active
  N3205               Equine Anatomy (N3205)                   Active
  N3206               Principles of Disease (N3206)            Active
  N3207               Vet Conservation Biology (N3207)         Active
  N3208               Vet Anatomy & Physiology 2B (N3208)      Active
  N3209               VETS2017 Veterinary Genetics (N3209)     Active
  N3211               VETS2018 Veterinary Biometry (N3211)     Active
N3300_TEACHING_YR_3   Teaching Year 3 (N3300_TEACHING_YR_3)
  N3301               Veterinary Microbiology (N3301)          Active
  N3302               Veterinary Pathology (N3302)             Active
  N3303               Animal Beh & Animal Welfare (N3303)      Active
  N3304               Veterinary Parasitology (N3304)          Active
  N3305               Veterinary Pharm & Toxicology (N3305)    Active
  N3306               Professional Practice 3A (N3306)         Inactive
  N3307               Animal Disease (N3307)                   Active
  N3308               Public Health (N3308)                    Active
  N3309               Professional Practice 3B (N3309)         Active
  N3311               Veterinary Clinical Science 3 (N3311)    Active
  N3312               VETS 3031 (N3312)                        Inactive
  N3313               VETS 3034 (N3313)                        Inactive
  N3314               Vet Clinical Pathology V 3243 (N3314)    Active
  N3315               Small Animal Medicine Vet 3244 (N3315)   Active
N3400_TEACHING_YR_4   Teaching Year 4 (N3400_TEACHING_YR_4)
  N3406               Animal Husbandry Prac Report (N3406)     Active
  N3407               VETS 4014 (N3407)                        Inactive
  N3408               VETS 4012 (N3408)                        Inactive
  N3409               VETS 4018 (N3409)                        Inactive
  N3411               VETS 4023 (N3411)                        Inactive
  N3412               VETS 4015 (N3412)                        Inactive
  N3413               Preparation for Vet Practice (N3413)     Inactive
  N3414               Bird Health & Production (N3414)         Active
  N3416               Pig Health & Production (N3416)          Active
  N3417               Ruminant Health & Production (N3417)     Active
N3500_TEACHING_YR_5   Teaching Year 5 (N3500_TEACHING_YR_5)
  N3501               Extramural (N3501)                       Active
  N3502               Partner Practice Support (N3502)         Active
  N3503               VETS 5017 (N3503)                        Inactive
  N3504               VETS 5030 (N3504)                        Inactive
  N3505               VETS 5009 (N3505)                        Inactive
  N3506               VETS 5014 (N3506)                        Inactive
  N3507               VETS 5002 (N3507)                        Inactive
  N3508               VETS 5004 (N3508)                        Inactive
  N3509               VETS 5016 (N3509)                        Inactive
  N3511               Preparation for Vet Practice (N3511)     Active
  N3512               Small Animal Pract 1 (N3512)             Inactive
  N3513               Small Animal Practc Extramural (N3513)   Active
  N3514               S Animal Pract & Critical care (N3514)   Inactive
  N3516               Small Animal Pract 4 (N3516)             Inactive
  N3517               Mixed Rural Pract 2 (N3517)              Active
  N3518               Rural Public Practice (N3518)            Active
  N3519               Elective rotation 1 (N3519)              Active
  N3521               Elective rotation 2 (N3521)              Active
  N3522               Elective rotation 3 (N3522)              Inactive

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     N3527                Honours Elective Vets 5355 (N3527)                      Active
  N3700_TEACH_VET_AGR     Teaching Vet and Agriculture (N3700_TEACH_VET_AGR)
     N3701                Animal Science 2 (N3701)                                Active
     N3702                Animal Science 2B (N3702)                               Inactive
     N3703                Animal Structure & Function (N3703)                     Active
     N3704                Animal Structure & Function 3B (N3704)                  Active
     N3705                Animal Nutrition 3 (N3705)                              Active
     N3706                Animal Reproduction (N3706)                             Active
     N3707                Animal Production 4A (N3707)                            Inactive
     N3708                Animal Production 4B (N3708)                            Inactive
     N3709                Animal Biotechnology (N3709)                            Active
     N3711                Animal Science2 Agric Economic (N3711)                  Inactive
     N3712                Animal Conservation Biology (N3712)                     Active
     N3713                Biosci Professional Experience (N3713)                  Active
     N3714                Microbes Animal Hlth MICR2026 (N3714)                   Active
     N3715                Animal Behaviour & Welfare Sci (N3715)                  Active
     N3716                Animal Genetic 3 (N3716)                                Active
     N3717                Animal Health & Disease (N3717)                         Active
     N3718                Dairy Production & Technology (N3718)                   Active
     N3719                Wildlife & Evolutionary Geneti (N3719)                  Active
     N3721                Intensive Animal Industries (N3721)                     Active
     N3722                Extensive Animal Industries (N3722)                     Active
     N3723                Research Project AVBS4015 - 18 (N3723)                  Active
     N3724                Aquaculture AVBS4009 (N3724)                            Active
     N3725                Feed Technology AVBS4005 (N3725)                        Active
     N3726                Plant Cytogenetics Gene 4011 (N3726)                    Active
     N3727                Food Safety AVBS4004 (N3727)                            Active
     N3728                Intro VetpathogenesisAVBS 2001 (N3728)                  Active
     N3729                Agents of Disease AVBS3001 (N3729)                      Active
     N3731                AVBS3002 Lab Disease (N3731)                            Active
  N3800_TCH_YR4_5_VH      Teach Yrs 4 & 5 in Vet Hosptls (N3800_TCH_YR4_5_VH)
     N3870_TCH_YR4_5_UTHS Teach Yrs 4 & 5 Vet Hsp Sydney (N3870_TCH_YR4_5_UTHS)
       N3401              Veterainary Anaesthesia (N3401)                         Active
       N3402              Veterainary Radiology (N3402)                           Active
       N3403              VETS 4010 (N3403)                                       Inactive
       N3404              Vet Medicine & Clinical Path (N3404)                    Active
       N3405              Veterinary Surgery (N3405)                              Active
       N3523              Primary Accession Medicine (N3523)                      Active
       N3524              Referral Medicine UVCS (N3524)                          Active
       N3525              Anaesthesia & Intensive Care (N3525)                    Active
       N3526              Small Animal Surgery UVS (N3526)                        Active
     N3850_TCH_YR4_5_UTHC Teach Yrs 4 & 5 Vet Hsp Camden (N3850_TCH_YR4_5_UTHC)
       N3415              Horse Medicine & Surgery (N3415)                        Active
       N3418              SML ANIMED & Therap2 Vets 4132 (N3418)                  Active
       N3419              Vet Anaest&Surgery1 Vets 4133 (N3419)                   Active
       N3421              Vet Diagnostic IMG Vets 4134 (N3421)                    Active
       N3422              La Health & Prod 1 Vets 4135 (N3422)                    Active
       N3423              Vets Pub Health Vets 4232 (N3423)                       Active
       N3424              La Health & Prod2 Vets 4233 (N3424)                     Active
       N3425              Vet Anaest&Surgery2 Vets 4234 (N3425)                   Active
       N3426              Inten Ani Hlth Prod Vets 4235 (N3426)                   Active
       N3427              Prep Vet Practice Vets 4236 (N3427)                     Active
       N3515              Mixed Rural Pract 1 (N3515)                             Active
  N3900_EXTRA_MURAL       Extra Mural (N3900_EXTRA_MURAL)
     N1941                Extra Mural (N1941)                                     Active
N2200_VET_RESEARCH        Vet Science Research (N2200_VET_RESEARCH)
  N2250_POST_GRAD_RSCH Post Graduate Research (N2250_POST_GRAD_RSCH)
     N2251                PHD (N2251)                                             Active
     N2252                MScVS (N2252)                                           Active
     N2253                MVCSt (N2253)                                           Active
     N2254                MVSc (N2254)                                            Active
     N2255                MVSt (N2255)                                            Active
     N2256                GDVCS (N2256)                                           Active
     N2257                Vet Public Health Mgmt (N2257)                          Active
     N2258                Animal Breeding MGT (N2258)                             Active
     N2259                Animal Science (N2259)                                  Active
     N2261                Wildlife Masters (N2261)                                Active
     N2266                BSc(Vet) (N2266)                                        Active

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     N2277              MAgSc (N2277)                                          Active
     N2278              MAg (N2278)                                            Active
     N2298              PG Coursework General (N2298)                          Active
     N2299              A/Dean P/G Studies Support (N2299)                     Active
  N2210_RESEARCH_GEN    Research General (N2210_RESEARCH_GEN)
     N2201              Research Operating Acct (N2201)                        Active
     N2202              Assoc Dean Research Support (N2202)                    Active
  N2260_RESEARCH_GROUP Research Groups (N2260_RESEARCH_GROUP)
     N2203              Small Animal Research (N2203)                          Active
     N2204              Aust Biosecurity CRC (N2204)                           Active
     N2205              MLA / AWI Sheep Genomics Prog (N2205)                  Active
     N2206              Research Incentive Scheme Dair (N2206)                 Active
                        Centre Reprogen (N6100_CENTR_REPROGEN)
       N6101            Centre - Reprogen Operating (N6101)                    Active
       N6102            Dairy CRC (N6102)                                      Active
       N6103            Research Incentive Scheme Repr (N6103)                 Active
       N6104            HRSS Reprogen (N6104)                                  Active
N2300_VET_COMMERCIAL    Vet Commercial (N2300_VET_COMMERCIAL)
  N2321                 Diagnostic Services (N2321)                            Active
  N2310_CONSULTING_GEN Vet Consulting General (N2310_CONSULTING_GEN)
     N2301              O/Seas Conf & Res Travel (N2301)                       Active
     N2302              Assoc Dean Staff & Stud Supp (N2302)                   Active
     N2303              Staff Devt Operating Account (N2303)                   Active
     N2303.             Staff Devt Operating Account (N2303.)                  Inactive
     N2311              Consulting (N2311)                                     Active
     N2315              Wool Website (N2315)                                   Active
     N2316              New Professor Vote (N2316)                             Active
     N2317              Chair, Animal Ethics Comm (N2317)                      Inactive
     N2318              Cornell Program (N2318)                                Active
     N2319              Chair Diary Science (N2319)                            Inactive
     N2322              Endocrine (N2322)                                      Active
     N2323              Guinea Pig House (N2323)                               Inactive
     N2325              Experimental Surgery-Camden (N2325)                    Active
     N2327              Animal Health (N2327)                                  Active
     N2328              Animal House (N2328)                                   Active
     N2329              Chair Poultry Science (N2329)                          Active
     N2332              Intl Journal for Parasitology (N2332)                  Inactive
     N2333              Veterinary Clinical Trials (N2333)                     Inactive
     N2334              Dr Hopwood (N2334)                                     Active
     N2335              Microbiology Culture Group (N2335)                     Active
  N2320_ANIMAL_UNITS    Animal Units (N2320_ANIMAL_UNITS)
     N2125              Horse Unit Operating (N2125)                           Active
     N2312              Western Piggery (N2312)                                Active
     N2313              Piggery Operating (N2313)                              Active
     N2314              Sheep Operating (N2314)                                Active
     N2324              Poultry Unit (N2324)                                   Active
  N2330_FARM_ANML_HLTH Farm animal Health (N2330_FARM_ANML_HLTH)
     N2326              Chair-Farm Animal Health (N2326)                       Active
     N2331              Farm Animal Health Services (N2331)                    Active
     N2341              Livestock Health & Production (N2341)                  Active
N2400_VET_OPERATIONS    Vet Operations (N2400_VET_OPERATIONS)
  N2410_OPERATIONS_GEN Operations General (N2410_OPERATIONS_GEN)
     N2102              Communications (N2102)                                 Active
     N2105              Resources Management (N2105)                           Active
     N2106              Incinerator (N2106)                                    Active
     N2117              Vehicles (N2117)                                       Active
     N2121              Workshop (N2121)                                       Active
     N2122              Equipment (N2122)                                      Active
  N2430_SHARED_OPS_PBI  Camden Shared Ops with PBI (N2430_SHARED_OPS_PBI)
N2150_PHILANTHROPY      Vet Philanthropy Bequest & Don (N2150_PHILANTHROPY)
  N2151                 Beq/Don/Sship (N2151)                                  Active
N2800_VET_ACAD_OTHER    Vet Academic Operations Other (N2800_VET_ACAD_OTHER)
  N0500_ANIMAL_SCIENCE  Animal Science (N0500_ANIMAL_SCIENCE)
     N0501              Operating (N0501)                                      Inactive
     N0502              Animal Nutrition - Sydney (N0502)                      Inactive
     N0503              Sydney General Maintenance (N0503)                     Inactive
     N0504              Camden General Maintenance (N0504)                     Inactive
     N0505              Animal Reprod - Sydney (N0505)                         Inactive

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     N0506              Resource Management (N0506)                        Inactive
     N0507              Animal Genetics - Sydney (N0507)                   Inactive
     N0508              Animal Reprod - Camden (N0508)                     Inactive
     N0509              Dairy Unit (N0509)                                 Inactive
     N0511              Franklin (N0511)                                   Inactive
     N0512              Poultry Unit (N0512)                               Inactive
     N0513              Physiology (N0513)                                 Inactive
     N0514              T & R EQUIPMENT DEPT (N0514)                       Inactive
     N0515              T&R EQUIPMENT Physiology (N0515)                   Inactive
     N0516              OFFICE EQUIPMENT (N0516)                           Inactive
     N0517              PUBLICATIONS (N0517)                               Inactive
     N0518              Chair, Animal Ethics Committee (N0518)             Inactive
  N1800_VET_ANAT_PATH   Vet Anatomy and Pathology (N1800_VET_ANAT_PATH)
     N1801              Vet Anatomy & Pathology (N1801)                    Inactive
     N1802              Husband (N1802)                                    Inactive
     N1803              Workshop (N1803)                                   Inactive
     N1804              Resources Management (N1804)                       Inactive
     N1805              Bryden (N1805)                                     Inactive
     N1806              Canfield (N1806)                                   Inactive
     N1807              Collins (N1807)                                    Inactive
     N1808              Museum Preparation (N1808)                         Inactive
     N1809              Reeve (N1809)                                      Inactive
     N1811              Grohmann (N1811)                                   Inactive
     N1812              Hopwood (N1812)                                    Inactive
     N1813              Art Work (N1813)                                   Inactive
     N1814              GMáShea (N1814)                                    Inactive
     N1815              Love (N1815)                                       Inactive
     N1816              RB Canfield (N1816)                                Inactive
     N1817              Rothwell (N1817)                                   Inactive
     N1818              Sangster (N1818)                                   Inactive
     N1819              Dr Sue Hemsley (N1819)                             Inactive
N2100_SUPPORT_SERVIC    Vet Support Services (N2100_SUPPORT_SERVIC)
  N2101                 Vet Science Operating (N2101)                      Active
  N2103                 Special Study Program (N2103)                      Active
  N2107                 Community & External Relations (N2107)             Active
  N2109                 Vet Science Confer Centre (N2109)                  Active
  N2111                 Dean Support (N2111)                               Active
  N2112                 Pro Dean Support (N2112)                           Active
  N2114                 Strategic Planning (N2114)                         Active
  N2115                 Marketing (N2115)                                  Active
  N2116                 IT Support (N2116)                                 Active
  N2118                 Museum Preparation (N2118)                         Active
  N2119                 Publications Unit (N2119)                          Active
  N2123                 V C Award (N2123)                                  Active
  N2124                 Deans Support (N2124)                              Active
  N2126                 Start up funds (N2126)                             Active
  N2127                 Vet Biosciences Proposal (N2127)                   Active
  N2128                 A T Reid Teaching Innovation (N2128)               Active
  N2129                 Web Services (N2129)                               Active
  N2131                 ICT & E Learning (N2131)                           Active
  N0010_INACT_VET_SCI   Inactive Vet Science Admin (N0010_INACT_VET_SCI)
     N0001              Operating (N0001)                                  Active
     N0002              Dean (N0002)                                       Inactive
     N0003              Research Support (N0003)                           Inactive
     N0004              Horse Unit (N0004)                                 Inactive
     N0005              Executive Officer (N0005)                          Inactive
     N0006              Crematorium (N0006)                                Inactive
     N0007              Community & External Relations (N0007)             Inactive
     N0008              Student Support (N0008)                            Inactive
     N0009              Vet Science Confer Centre (N0009)                  Inactive
     N0011              Staff Support (N0011)                              Inactive
     N0012              Finance Officer (N0012)                            Inactive
     N0013              Equine Research (N0013)                            Inactive
     N0014              Strategic Planning (N0014)                         Inactive
     N0015              Marketing (N0015)                                  Inactive
     N0016              IT Support (N0016)                                 Inactive
     N0017              Professional Practice (N0017)                      Inactive
     N0099              CST Budgets Vet Science (N0099)                    Active

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  N1900_TEACH_HOSPITAL        Teaching Hospitals (N1900_TEACH_HOSPITAL)
     N1970_UVTH_SYDNEY        Uni Vet Teach Hospital Sydney (N1970_UVTH_SYDNEY)
       N1903                  Sydney Shared Clinical Srv OLD (N1903)                  Active
       N1971                  Sydney Clinic Admin (N1971)                             Active
       N1973                  Medicine - Sydney (N1973)                               Active
       N1974                  Surgery - Sydney (N1974)                                Active
       N1975                  Primary Accession (N1975)                               Active
       N1976                  Consultant Specialist Services (N1976)                  Active
       N1977                  VTHS Iincinerator (N1977)                               Active
       N1982                  Anaesthesia - Sydney (N1982)                            Active
       N1983                  Pharmacy - Sydney (N1983)                               Active
       N1984                  Radiology - Sydney (N1984)                              Active
       N1985                  Laboratory - Sydney (N1985)                             Active
       N1986                  24 Hour Emergency Services (N1986)                      Active
     N1960_CAMDEN_LVESTK      Camden Teaching Hosps Ex WHCC (N1960_CAMDEN_LVESTK)
       N1950_UVTH_CAMDEN      Uni Vet Teach Hospital Camden (N1950_UVTH_CAMDEN)
          N1902               Camden Shared Clinical Srv OLD (N1902)                  Active
          N1951               Camden Clinic Admin (N1951)                             Active
          N1953               Bovine - Camden (N1953)                                 Active
          N1954               Equine - Camden (N1954)                                 Active
          N1955               Equine Reproduction (N1955)                             Active
          N1957               VTHC Incinerator (N1957)                                Active
          N1962               Anaesthesia - Camden (N1962)                            Active
          N1963               Diagnostic Imaging - Camden (N1963)                     Active
          N1964               Laboratory - Camden (N1964)                             Active
          N1965               Anaesthesia Workshop (N1965)                            Active
          N1967               Pharmacy - Camden (N1967)                               Active
          N1968               Biomedical Research Unit (N1968)                        Active
          N1991               Small Animals General - Camden (N1991)                  Active
          N1992               Dermatology - Camden (N1992)                            Active
          N1993               Ophthamology - Camden (N1993)                           Active
          N1994               Small Animal Spey Clinic (N1994)                        Active
       N1990_LIVESTOCK_SERV   Livestock Management Services (N1990_LIVESTOCK_SERV)
          N2337               Ruminant Production Group (N2337)                       Active
     N1980_WHCC               Wildlife Health & Conserv Ctr (N1980_WHCC)
       N2336                  Wildlife Health & Conservation (N2336)                  Active
       N2338                  Avian Reptile & Exotic Pet Hos (N2338)                  Active
       N2339                  WHCC Research (N2339)                                   Active
     N1910_VET_HOSP_GEN       Vet Hospitals General (N1910_VET_HOSP_GEN)
       N1933                  Vet Hospitals General (N1933)                           Active
       N1930_HOSP_EQUIP_SUP   Teach Hospitals Equip Support (N1930_HOSP_EQUIP_SUP)
          N1931               UVCS Equipment Support Funds (N1931)                    Active
          N1932               UVCC Equipment Support Funds (N1932)                    Active
       N1920_INACT_VCS_EXTH   Inact Vet Clin Sci Ex Tch Hosp (N1920_INACT_VCS_EXTH)
          N1901               Operating (N1901)                                       Inactive
          N1904               Superintendants (N1904)                                 Inactive
          N1905               Executive Officer (N1905)                               Inactive
          N1906               Courses (N1906)                                         Inactive
          N1907               Abbott (N1907)                                          Inactive
          N1908               Cross (N1908)                                           Inactive
          N1909               Church (N1909)                                          Inactive
          N1911               Davis (N1911)                                           Inactive
          N1912               Egerton (N1912)                                         Inactive
          N1913               Farrow (N1913)                                          Inactive
          N1914               Hunt (N1914)                                            Inactive
          N1915               Hodgson (N1915)                                         Inactive
          N1916               Dixon (N1916)                                           Inactive
          N1917               Mt Pleas Sheep Res Station (N1917)                      Inactive
          N1918               Love (N1918)                                            Inactive
          N1919               Malik (N1919)                                           Inactive
          N1921               Porges (N1921)                                          Inactive
          N1922               Rose (N1922)                                            Inactive
          N1923               English (N1923)                                         Inactive
          N1924               Watson (N1924)                                          Inactive
          N1925               Wood (N1925)                                            Inactive
          N1926               Vet Centres Equipment (N1926)                           Inactive
N7000_VET_SCI_FNDNS           Vet Science Foundations (N7000_VET_SCI_FNDNS)
  N7200_POULTRY_RSH_FN        Poultry Research Foundation (N7200_POULTRY_RSH_FN)

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             N7201                  PRF-Operating (N7201)                                   Active
             N7202                  PRF-Symposiums (N7202)                                  Active
          N7300_DAIRY_RSCH_FND      Dairy Research Foundation (N7300_DAIRY_RSCH_FND)
             N7301                  DRF-Operating (N7301)                                   Active
             N7302                  DRF-Symposiums (N7302)                                  Active
             N7303                  DRF-Subscriptions (N7303)                               Active
             N7304                  DRF-May Farm Research (N7304)                           Active
             N7305                  DRF-Chair of Dairy Science (N7305)                      Active
             N7306                  DRF-Internal Loan (N7306)                               Active
          N7400_VET_SCI_FOUND       Veterinary Science Foundation (N7400_VET_SCI_FOUND)
             N7404                  Sydney Clinic Capital Campaign (N7404)                  Active
             N7405                  Vincent Fairfax Family Fellow (N7405)                   Active
             N7406                  Wildlife Health & Conservation (N7406)                  Active
             N7407                  Centenary (N7407)                                       Active
             N7410_VET_SC_FD_OPER   Vet Science Fdn Operating (N7410_VET_SC_FD_OPER)
               N7401                Veterinary Science Foundation (N7401)                   Active
               N7402                Special Activities (N7402)                              Active
               N7403                General Donations (N7403)                               Active
     N7100_CNTRE_VET_EDUC           Centre for Vet Education (CVE) (N7100_CNTRE_VET_EDUC)
       N7101                        CVE-Admin (N7101)                                       Active
       N7102                        CVE-Distance Education (N7102)                          Active
       N7103                        CVE-Events (N7103)                                      Active
       N7104                        CVE- Publications (N7104)                               Active
       N7105                        CVE- Membership (N7105)                                 Active
       N7106                        CVE- Investment (N7106)                                 Active
       N7107                        CVE Marketing (N7107)                                   Active
       N7108                        CVE IT (N7108)                                          Active
       N7109                        CVE FINANCE (N7109)                                     Active
       N7111                        CVE Time On Line (N7111)                                Active
  FACULTY_UNALLOCATED               Faculty Unallocated/Adjustment (FACULTY_UNALLOCATED)
     A0004                          Uni Oper Income Alloc (A0004)                           Active
     A0006                          DEST Funding Allocation (A0006)                         Active
51000_OFFICE_PROVOST                Office of Provost (51000_OFFICE_PROVOST)
  51001                             Office of Provost Operating (51001)                     Active
  51003                             New Appointment Scheme (51003)                          Active
  51004                             Strategic Development Fund (51004)                      Active
  51005                             Academic Initiatives (51005)                            Inactive
23000_PLAN_INFO_OFF                 Planning & Information Office (23000_PLAN_INFO_OFF)
  23001                             Planning & Information (23001)                          Active
  23003                             Business Intelligence (23003)                           Active
  23006                             Triple Bottom Line (23006)                              Active
  23008                             Student Plan & Rev Capability (23008)                   Active
62400_SUMMER_SCHOOL                 Summer School (62400_SUMMER_SCHOOL)
  A3311                             Summer School (A3311)                                   Active
  A3312                             Summer School Non Operating (A3312)                     Inactive
36000_MUS_CULT_ENGN                 Museums & Cultural Engagement (36000_MUS_CULT_ENGN)
  43112                             Information Centre (43112)                              Active
  43400_UNIV_MUSEUMS                University Museums (43400_UNIV_MUSEUMS)
     43410_IND_PROJECT              Indigenous Project (43410_IND_PROJECT)
       43411                        Macleay Museum (43411)                                  Inactive
       43412                        Indigenous Repatn & Collection (43412)                  Active
       43413                        AUMOL (43413)                                           Active
     43440_UNI_MSM_OPER             University Museums Operating (43440_UNI_MSM_OPER)
       43441                        University Museums Operating (43441)                    Active
     43450_COL_MGMT_&_CON           Collection Mgmt & Conservation (43450_COL_MGMT_&_CON)
       43423                        Sesqui- C Nicholson Exhibition (43423)                  Active
       43451                        Collection Mgt & Conservation (43451)                   Active
       43452                        Conservation Projects (43452)                           Active
     43460_EX_DEV_&_PROM            Exibition Development & Promo (43460_EX_DEV_&_PROM)
       43461                        Exhibition Developmt & Promotn (43461)                  Active
       43462                        2010 Chinese Poster Exhibition (43462)                  Active
     43470_PRGRMS_MKT_MCH           Progrms, Mkting & Merchandise (43470_PRGRMS_MKT_MCH)
       43414                        Macleay Museum-Univers'y Tours (43414)                  Active
       43431                        Education Program (43431)                               Active
       43471                        Merchandise (43471)                                     Active
       43472                        Public Programs & Promotion (43472)                     Active
  43500_SEYMOUR_CTRE                Seymour Centre (43500_SEYMOUR_CTRE)
     43501                          Seymour Theatre Ctr Operating (43501)                   Active

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       43502                  Front House & Catering Operatn (43502)                  Active
       43503                  Alex Buzo Co Auspice (43503)                            Active
     43600_ORGN_&_CRILLON     Organ and Carillon (43600_ORGN_&_CRILLON)
       26513                  Organ & Carillon (26513)                                Active
     43480_CPT_&_SP_ACCTS     CPT & Special Purpose Accounts (43480_CPT_&_SP_ACCTS)
       43481                  Museums Specific Projects (43481)                       Active
     43490_UWC_MUSEUMS        UWC Museums (43490_UWC_MUSEUMS)
       43124                  Publication Books Univ History (43124)                  Active
  32000_MKTG_STRAT_COM        Marketing & Strategic Comms (32000_MKTG_STRAT_COM)
     30100_M_S_COMMS_OFF      Mktg & Strategic Comms Office (30100_M_S_COMMS_OFF)
       30101                  Mktg & Strategic Comms Office (30101)                   Active
       31001                  Office of COO Community (31001)                         Inactive
     31400_COMM_PRJCTS        Community Projects (31400_COMM_PRJCTS)
       30102                  Sponsorships (30102)                                    Active
       30104                  Sydney Festival Sponsorship (30104)                     Active
       31301                  Student Development (31301)                             Active
       31401                  Community ICT Partnership (31401)                       Inactive
       43101                  Communicatns Community Affairs (43101)                  Inactive
     37000_COMM_FNDNS         Community Foundations (37000_COMM_FNDNS)
       37101                  Australian Lebanese Foundation (37101)                  Active
     43700_WEB_PRNT_PRODN     Web and Print Productions (43700_WEB_PRNT_PRODN)
       43106                  Publications Office (43106)                             Inactive
       43171                  Publications Clients Projects (43171)                   Inactive
       43701                  Web and Print Production (43701)                        Active
       43711                  Web Services (43711)                                    Inactive
     48100_MARKETING          Marketing (48100_MARKETING)
       48101                  Head of Marketing (48101)                               Active
       48102                  Brand Management (48102)                                Active
       48103                  University Branding Project (48103)                     Active
     48200_COMM               Media and Communications (48200_COMM)
       32101                  Internal Communicatons Office (32101)                   Active
       32102                  Staff Communications (32102)                            Active
       32103                  Intranets (32103)                                       Active
       32104                  Student Communications (32104)                          Active
       32105                  Uninews Operating (32105)                               Inactive
       43107                  Media & Communications Office (43107)                   Active
     43120_MRKT_COMM_UWC      Marketing and Comms UWC (43120_MRKT_COMM_UWC)
       43121                  Publications Overheads (43121)                          Active
       43125                  Media Monitoring Overhead (43125)                       Active
  54000_CENTRES               Centres (54000_CENTRES)
     54100_US_STUD_CENTRE     United States Studies Centre (54100_US_STUD_CENTRE)
       54110_USSC_EX_OFFSET   USSC Excluding Offset RCs (54110_USSC_EX_OFFSET)
          54010_CEO           CEO (54010_CEO)
            54001             CEO Operations (54001)                                  Active
            54002             CEO Academic Courses Develop't (54002)                  Active
          54020_PROF_CHAIRS   Professorial Chairs (54020_PROF_CHAIRS)
            54021             Chairs Operations (54021)                               Active
          54040_OPERATIONS    Operations (54040_OPERATIONS)
            54041             Operations Office (54041)                               Active
       54120_USSC_OFFSET      USSC Offset RCs (54120_USSC_OFFSET)
          54121               USSC Offset RC (54121)                                  Active
     54200_CHINA_STUD_CTR     China Studies Centre (54200_CHINA_STUD_CTR)
       54011                  INACTIVE (54011)                                        Inactive
       54201                  China Studies Centre Operation (54201)                  Active
       54202                  China Studies Centre Events (54202)                     Active
     54300_OTHER_CENTRES      Other Centres (54300_OTHER_CENTRES)
       51006                  United States Study Centre (51006)                      Active
       51007                  OFTC Wind Up (51007)                                    Active
40000_DVC_RESEARCH            DVC Research (40000_DVC_RESEARCH)
  44800_DVC_RSCH_ALLOC        DVC Research Allocation (44800_DVC_RSCH_ALLOC)
     44820_SCHEMES_GRANTS     Academic Schemes and Grants (44820_SCHEMES_GRANTS)
       44831                  Federation Fellowship Support (44831)                   Active
       44832                  Senior Research Fellowship (44832)                      Active
       44833                  Internat Professorial Fellow (44833)                    Active
       44834                  Post Doctoral Fellowships (44834)                       Active
       44835                  Visiting Scholar Fellowships (44835)                    Active
       44836                  Bridging Support Fellowships (44836)                    Active
       44837                  PDF Start Up (44837)                                    Active

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     44839                 USYD Bridging Near Miss (44839)                    Active
     44841                 Thomson Fellowships (44841)                        Active
     44842                 Indigenous Fellowships (44842)                     Active
     44843                 Brown Fellowships (44843)                          Active
     44844                 Laffan Fellowships (44844)                         Active
     44845                 Super Science Fellowships (44845)                  Active
  44830_COCONTRIBUTION     Co Contributions (44830_COCONTRIBUTION)
     44851                 ARC Networks (44851)                               Active
     44852                 ARC Centres of Excellence (44852)                  Active
     44853                 CRCs (44853)                                       Active
     44873                 DEST Internat Science Linkage (44873)              Active
  44840_OTHER_SUPPORT      Other Research Support (44840_OTHER_SUPPORT)
     44861                 SERG (44861)                                       Active
     44862                 Major Equipment (44862)                            Active
     44871                 Department Support (44871)                         Active
     44872                 Salary and Research Support (44872)                Active
     44874                 Other Initiatives (44874)                          Active
     44875                 Discontinued Schemes (44875)                       Active
     44876                 Contributions to Govt Projects (44876)             Active
     44892                 Non Specified Bequests (44892)                     Active
44020_FND_FOR_DIST         Funding for Distribution (44020_FND_FOR_DIST)
  44022                    Non Scholarship Beq/Donation (44022)               Active
  44105                    Cancer Research Fund Bequests (44105)              Active
  44891                    RIBG (44891)                                       Active
44030_RSCH_OP              Research Operating (44030_RSCH_OP)
  44560_DVC_RESEARCH       DVC Research (44560_DVC_RESEARCH)
     44561                 Office of the DVC Research (44561)                 Active
     44562                 DVC Office Expense (44562)                         Inactive
  44400_RSCH_DEVT          Research Development (44400_RSCH_DEVT)
     44002                 Director Research Development (44002)              Active
     44009                 NHMRC Strategists (44009)                          Active
  44100_RSRCH_OFFICE       Research Office (44100_RSRCH_OFFICE)
     44101                 Grants Management (44101)                          Active
  44540_RADS               Rsch Analytics & Data Strategy (44540_RADS)
     44004                 Research Analytics (44004)                         Active
     44005                 RQF & ERA (44005)                                  Active
     44011                 RIMS Costs (44011)                                 Active
  44200_SYDNOVATE          Sydnovate (44200_SYDNOVATE)
     44201                 Sydnovate Office Operating (44201)                 Active
     44202                 Sydnovate Patents (44202)                          Active
     44203                 Sydnovate Spin-Off Scheme 1 (44203)                Active
     44204                 Sydnovate Legal (44204)                            Active
  44550_RSCH_INTEGRITY     Research Integrity (44550_RSCH_INTEGRITY)
     44530_ETHICS_ADMIN    Ethics Administration (44530_ETHICS_ADMIN)
       44003               Ethics (44003)                                     Active
       44104               Complaint Investigation (44104)                    Active
       44551               IBC Chair (44551)                                  Active
     P0000_LAB_ANIMAL_SV   Lab Animal Services (P0000_LAB_ANIMAL_SV)
       P0001               Lab Animal Service Admin (P0001)                   Active
       P0002               Blackburn Animal House (P0002)                     Active
       P0003               Bosch Animal House (P0003)                         Active
       P0004               A27a Animal House (P0004)                          Inactive
       P0005               Psychology Animal House (P0005)                    Active
       P0006               Sheep Animal House (P0006)                         Active
       P0007               Cattery (P0007)                                    Active
       P0008               MMB Animal House (P0008)                           Active
       P0009               Gunn Animal House (P0009)                          Active
       P0011               BMRI Animal House (P0011)                          Active
       P0012               Medical Foundation Animalhouse (P0012)             Active
       P0099               CHS Budgets LAS (P0099)                            Active
44040_CROSS_FAC_DEPT       Cross Faculty Departments (44040_CROSS_FAC_DEPT)
  44006                    Bioinformatics (44006)                             Inactive
  44007                    Synchrotron (44007)                                Active
  44008                    USYD SIHMR Cytometry Facility (44008)              Inactive
  44041                    CODCD Operations (44041)                           Active
  44055                    Institute of Social Sciences (44055)               Active
  51008                    Inst for Sustainable Solutions (51008)             Active
44050_MICROSC_UNIT         Microscopy Unit (44050_MICROSC_UNIT)

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U0200_ACMM             AusCenMicroscopyMicroanalysis (U0200_ACMM)
  U0201                Administrative (U0201)                            Active
  U0202                Photography INACTIVE (U0202)                      Inactive
  U0204                Laboratory (U0204)                                Active
  U0205                Engineering Services INACTIVE (U0205)             Inactive
  U0206                Instruments INACTIVE (U0206)                      Inactive
  U0208                Information Technology (U0208)                    Active
  U0209                Library INACTIVE (U0209)                          Inactive
  U0212                Barbetti INACTIVE (U0212)                         Inactive
  U0213                SUN (U0213)                                       Active
U1200_NAT_MMRF         Natnl Mscopy & Mcanyls Res Fac (U1200_NAT_MMRF)
  U1231                AMMRF HQ (U1231)                                  Active
  U1232                AMMRF USYD (U1232)                                Active
U0300_KEY_CT_MICROSC   Key Centre Microscopy (U0300_KEY_CT_MICROSC)
  U0311                Ringer (U0311)                                    Active
  U0314                Jones (U0314)                                     Active
  U0316                Cox (U0316)                                       Active
  U0324                Braet (U0324)                                     Active
  U0325                J Field (U0325)                                   Active
  U0326                Lilian Soon (U0326)                               Active
  U0327                Zongwen LIU (U0327)                               Active
  U0328                Research Ac - Julie Cairney (U0328)               Active
  U0329                Research Ac - Michael Moody (U0329)               Active
  U0332                Research Ac - Rongkuk Zheng (U0332)               Active
  U0333                Tim Petersen (U0333)                              Active
  U0334                Wenrong Yang (U0334)                              Active
  U0335                Research Gwenaelle Proust (U0335)                 Active
  U0336                Research Accnt Melanie Fillios (U0336)            Active
  U0345                Special Research Fund (U0345)                     Active
  U0399                Research Budget (U0399)                           Active
U1100_NANO_MNRF        Key Centre - NANO MNRF (U1100_NANO_MNRF)
  U1110_NANO_ADMIN     NANO MNRF - Administration (U1110_NANO_ADMIN)
     U1101             NANO MNRF Administration (U1101)                  Inactive
  U1120_NANO_OTHER     NANO MNRF - Other (U1120_NANO_OTHER)
     U1102             Uni.of Sydney - Administration (U1102)            Inactive
     U1103             Uni.NSW_Electron Micros Unit (U1103)              Inactive
     U1104             Uni.of WA_Micros & Microanlsis (U1104)            Inactive
     U1105             Uni.of QLD_Micros&Microanlsis (U1105)             Inactive
     U1106             Uni.of Melb_Microalyt Rsearch (U1106)             Inactive
     U1107             Imago Corporation (U1107)                         Inactive
     U1108             Sialon Ceramics (U1108)                           Inactive
  U0203                Staff Development INACTIVE (U0203)                Inactive
  U0207                Equipment INACTIVE (U0207)                        Active
  U0211                NWG Macintosh (U0211)                             Active
  U0214                Goringe INACTIVE (U0214)                          Inactive
  U0215                Zou INACTIVE (U0215)                              Inactive
  U0216                N Marks INACTIVE (U0216)                          Inactive
  U0221                Laboratory INACTIVE (U0221)                       Inactive
  U0222                Workshops INACTIVE (U0222)                        Inactive
  U0223                Instruments INACTIVE (U0223)                      Inactive
  U0224                Equipment INACTIVE (U0224)                        Inactive
  U0225                Computers INACTIVE (U0225)                        Inactive
  U0226                Library INACTIVE (U0226)                          Inactive
  U0299                EMU Budgets INACTIVE (U0299)                      Inactive
  U0301                Administration (U0301)                            Active
  U0302                Teaching (U0302)                                  Active
  U0303                Industry (U0303)                                  Active
  U0304                Schools (U0304)                                   Active
  U0305                Workshops & Short Courses (U0305)                 Active
  U0306                Research (U0306)                                  Active
  U0307                Visiting Fellows (U0307)                          Active
  U0308                Equipment (U0308)                                 Active
  U0309                BioRad Confocal Workshops (U0309)                 Active
  U0312                Salih INACTIVE (U0312)                            Inactive
  U0313                Keast (U0313)                                     Active
  U0315                Zou (U0315)                                       Active
  U0317                Barbetti (U0317)                                  Active

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       U0318                Zhu INACTIVE (U0318)                                   Inactive
       U0319                Dillon,Dr C (U0319)                                    Active
       U0321                Dr Han (U0321)                                         Active
       U0322                Thordarson (U0322)                                     Active
       U0323                Wang (U0323)                                           Active
  44600_INSTITUTES          Institutes (44600_INSTITUTES)
     44601                  Clinical Trials Centre (44601)                         Active
     44602                  Woolcock Institute (44602)                             Active
     44603                  Centenary Institute (44603)                            Active
     44604                  George Institute (44604)                               Active
     44605                  Millennium Institute (44605)                           Active
  44000_RES_INNOV_OPER      Rsch & Innovation Operating (44000_RES_INNOV_OPER)
     44010_DVC_RES          DVC Research & Innovation (44010_DVC_RES)
       44021                Holding Accnt Unallocate Fund (44021)                  Inactive
       44031                Research Innovation (44031)                            Active
       44099                A & I Budgets PVC R (44099)                            Active
       47001                Aust Ctre for American Studies (47001)                 Inactive
20000_DVC_EDUCATION         DVC Education and Registrar (20000_DVC_EDUCATION)
  62050_OFFICE_DVC_EDU      Office of DVC Education (62050_OFFICE_DVC_EDU)
     61003                  Academic Board Consultancy (61003)                     Inactive
     61006                  DVCE Administration (61006)                            Active
     61007                  TIES and Scholarships Index (61007)                    Active
     61008                  Summer School DIV - QA Expense (61008)                 Inactive
     61009                  QA Salaries & SurveysINACTIVE (61009)                  Inactive
     61012                  T&L Projects (IPL) INACTIVE (61012)                    Inactive
     61013                  IPL Clinical Placemnt INACTIVE (61013)                 Inactive
     63011                  Grants & Fellowships (63011)                           Inactive
     63201                  Teach Excell & Innovation (63201)                      Active
     63202                  DEST ITAS (63202)                                      Active
     63203                  Indigenous Support Program (63203)                     Active
     44500_OFF_GRAD_STUD    Office of Graduate Studies (44500_OFF_GRAD_STUD)
       44501                Dean of Graduate Studies (44501)                       Inactive
       44502                Post Grad Marketing (44502)                            Inactive
       44503                APRU (44503)                                           Inactive
       44504                Dogs Research (44504)                                  Inactive
       44505                Office of Graduate Studies (44505)                     Active
     64590_STUDNT_AFFAIRS   Student Affairs (64590_STUDNT_AFFAIRS)
       64591                Student Affairs (64591)                                Active
     64920_SENATE           Senate (64920_SENATE)
       64921                Senate (64921)                                         Active
  62000_LEARN_TEACH         Learning and Teaching (62000_LEARN_TEACH)
     62070_ELEARNING        ELearning (62070_ELEARNING)
       61011                USYD ELearning (61011)                                 Active
     62080_EDU_VENT_FUND    Education Ventures Fund (62080_EDU_VENT_FUND)
       62081                Education Ventures Fund (62081)                        Active
     62200_INST_TEACH_LRN   Institute Teaching & Learning (62200_INST_TEACH_LRN)
       63001                Nettl (63001)                                          Inactive
       63002                Nat Teach'g & Learn'g D/Base (63002)                   Inactive
       63003                Inst T&L Administration (63003)                        Active
       63004                Higher Ed Innovation Prog (63004)                      Inactive
       63005                Carrick INACTIVE (63005)                               Inactive
       63008                Unit of Study Evaluation (63008)                       Active
       63009                Graduate Destination Survey (63009)                    Active
       63010                Consultancy & Grants (63010)                           Inactive
       63012                Consultancy and Grants (63012)                         Active
       63013                Scholarship of Tch INACTIVE (63013)                    Inactive
       63014                Discovery (63014)                                      Inactive
       63015                Research Trigwell (63015)                              Active
       63016                Carrick Grants P E I (63016)                           Active
       63017                ITL TIES Grants (63017)                                Active
       63018                Ties Grant Aufflick (63018)                            Active
       63019                Ties Grant Gerzuia (63019)                             Active
       63021                Discovery - Ellis (63021)                              Active
       63022                Promo Support Indigenous Study (63022)                 Active
     64520_LEARNING_CENTR   Learning Centre (64520_LEARNING_CENTR)
       64521                Learning Centre (64521)                                Active
       64523                LAC Publications (64523)                               Inactive
       64524                LC CBLS (64524)                                        Inactive

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     64525                  Learning Centre ITC Project (64525)                     Inactive
     64526                  LC SWOT (64526)                                         Active
  64580_MATH_LEARN_CTR      Mathematics Learning Centre (64580_MATH_LEARN_CTR)
     64522                  Mathematics Learning Centre (64522)                     Inactive
     64581                  Mathematics Learning Centre (64581)                     Active
     L3501                  Maths Operating INACTIVE (L3501)                        Inactive
     L3502                  Commercial Courses INACTIVE (L3502)                     Inactive
  62060_CREO                Centre Reg Edu Orange (62060_CREO)
     21005                  CREO - ORANGE (21005)                                   Inactive
45200_CTRE_ENG_TEACH        Centre for English Teaching (45200_CTRE_ENG_TEACH)
  45201                     Centre for Eng Teaching (45201)                         Active
62700_SOCIAL_INCL           Social Inclusion Unit (62700_SOCIAL_INCL)
  39116                     Social Inclusion Project (39116)                        Active
  39117                     Social Inclusion Office (39117)                         Active
20600_INDIGENOUS_ED         Indigenous Education (20600_INDIGENOUS_ED)
  62300_KOORI_CENTRE        Koori Centre (62300_KOORI_CENTRE)
     63101                  Research & Scholarships (63101)                         Active
     63102                  Koori Centre Adminstration (63102)                      Active
     63103                  Enhance Flex Delivery DIP ED (63103)                    Active
     63104                  DEST Funding (63104)                                    Active
     63105                  Student Support Funds (63105)                           Active
     63199                  Acad/Staff Budgets Koori Cntr (63199)                   Inactive
  62500_INST_INDIG_STD      Institute Indigenous Studies (62500_INST_INDIG_STD)
     62401                  Institute Indigenous Studies (62401)                    Active
64410_SECRETARIAT           Secretariat (64410_SECRETARIAT)
  64411                     Secretariat (64411)                                     Active
62600_CAREER_SSHIPSR        Career Sship Stud Recruitment (62600_CAREER_SSHIPSR)
  62100_SSHIPS_PRIZES       Scholarships & Prize Admin (62100_SSHIPS_PRIZES)
     43204                  Scholarships Administration (43204)                     Active
     44111                  Scholarships (44111)                                    Active
  43140_CAREERS_CNTRE       Careers Centre (43140_CAREERS_CNTRE)
     43201                  Careers Centre Office (43201)                           Active
     43205                  Employers Services (43205)                              Active
  32200_STUD_MRKT_RECR      Student Markting & Recruitment (32200_STUD_MRKT_RECR)
     32201                  Mktng & Stud Recrtmnt Ops (32201)                       Active
     32210_POST_GRAD_MRKT   Postgraduate Marketing (32210_POST_GRAD_MRKT)
        32211               P/Grad Student Recruitment (32211)                      Active
        32212               Post Graduate Research (32212)                          Active
        32213               Post Graduate Coursework (32213)                        Active
        32214               Post Graduate Others (32214)                            Active
        32215               Honours (32215)                                         Active
     32230_UNDR_GRAD_MRKT   Undergraduate Marketing (32230_UNDR_GRAD_MRKT)
        32231               U/Grad Student Recruitment (32231)                      Active
        32232               Undergraduate Marketing Admin (32232)                   Active
        32233               Outreach - Markets & Visits (32233)                     Active
        32234               On-Campus Exp - Tours/Events (32234)                    Active
        32235               Special Projects (32235)                                Active
        32236               Selective High School (32236)                           Active
        32237               Interstate Recrutment Campaign (32237)                  Active
     32250_MRKT_SERV_MNG    Mrktng Services & Mngmnt Admin (32250_MRKT_SERV_MNG)
        32251               Mktng Services & Mnagmnt Admin (32251)                  Active
        32252               Events Management (32252)                               Active
        32253               Markrting Communication (32253)                         Active
        32254               Information Day (32254)                                 Active
        32255               Sydney Uni Live (32255)                                 Active
        32256               Help Line (32256)                                       Active
        32257               Marketing Research & Surveys (32257)                    Active
     48300_MKT_PG_OLD       Mktng Post Graduate Old (48300_MKT_PG_OLD)
        48301               Post Graduate Marketing (48301)                         Inactive
     64800_MRKT_STUD_OLD    Marketing & Student Recrut Old (64800_MRKT_STUD_OLD)
        64811               Student Recruitment INACTIVE (64811)                    Inactive
        64812               Student Ambassador (64812)                              Inactive
        64813               Quality Students (64813)                                Inactive
        64814               Market Research (64814)                                 Inactive
        64815               Selective High School Comm (64815)                      Inactive
        64816               Interstate Recruitment Campaig (64816)                  Inactive
10060_SYDTAL_INC_UNI        Sydney Talent Inc Uni RC (10060_SYDTAL_INC_UNI)
  10061                     Sydney Talent Uni RC (10061)                            Active

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  36100_SYDNEY_TALENT         Sydney Talent (36100_SYDNEY_TALENT)
     36110_SYD_TAL_EX_ORC     Sydney Talent Excl Offset RC (36110_SYD_TAL_EX_ORC)
       36120_SYD_STUD_DEV     Sydney Student Development (36120_SYD_STUD_DEV)
          36112               USYD Placement (36112)                                  Active
          36113               Others Placement (36113)                                Active
          36114               Overseas Placement (36114)                              Active
          36115               Fees Only Placement (36115)                             Active
          36116               Assist USYD (36116)                                     Active
          36117               Assist Other (36117)                                    Active
       36130_OFFICE_SYD_TAL   Office of Sydney Talent (36130_OFFICE_SYD_TAL)
          36101               Office of Sydney Talent (36101)                         Inactive
          36131               Sydney Talent (36131)                                   Active
     36190_SYD_TAL_OFFSET     Sydney Talent Offset (36190_SYD_TAL_OFFSET)
       36121                  Sydney Talent Offset RC (36121)                         Inactive
       36191                  Sydney Talent Offset RC (36191)                         Active
33000_SLM                     Student Lifecyle Management (33000_SLM)
  64540_OFFICE_DIR_SLM        Office Dir Stud Lifecycle Mgn (64540_OFFICE_DIR_SLM)
     20301                    Equality Of Opportunity (20301)                         Inactive
     64541                    Central Services (64541)                                Active
     64543                    Cumberland Student Services (64543)                     Inactive
  64300_STUDENT_CTRE          Student Centre (64300_STUDENT_CTRE)
     64311                    Enrolment (64311)                                       Active
     64321                    Student Records (64321)                                 Active
     64331                    Exams & Exclus (64331)                                  Active
     64341                    Admissions U/Grad (64341)                               Active
     64351                    Grad'ns/Conferr'gs (64351)                              Active
     64361                    Timetable Unit (64361)                                  Active
     64371                    Student Adm Main (64371)                                Active
     64381                    Systems Management (64381)                              Inactive
     64382                    HECS and Fees (64382)                                   Active
     64391                    Flexis User Training & Support (64391)                  Active
  64000_ARMS_REGISTRAR        ARMS and Registrar (64000_ARMS_REGISTRAR)
     64100_REGISTRARS_OP      Registrar's Operations (64100_REGISTRARS_OP)
       64101                  Registrar Budgets INACTIVE (64101)                      Inactive
     64200_REGISTRAR          Registrar (64200_REGISTRAR)
       64201                  Registrar (64201)                                       Active
       64299                  Budgets Registrar's (64299)                             Inactive
     64400_CORP_INFO_UNIT     Corporate Information Unit (64400_CORP_INFO_UNIT)
       64420_CHAIR_ACAD_BD    EX Chair Academic Board (64420_CHAIR_ACAD_BD)
          64421               Exp of Office (64421)                                   Inactive
          64422               Chair Acad Board (64422)                                Inactive
       64440_ARCHIVES_FOI     EX Archives FOI & Privacy (64440_ARCHIVES_FOI)
          64441               Arch FOI Privacy (64441)                                Inactive
     64700_REGISTRAR_OTH      Registrar Other (64700_REGISTRAR_OTH)
       61001                  Student Ombudsman (61001)                               Inactive
       64711                  Student Ombudsman (64711)                               Inactive
33100_STUD_SUPP_SERV          Student Support Services (33100_STUD_SUPP_SERV)
  64500_STUD_SUP_SERV         Student Support Services (64500_STUD_SUP_SERV)
     64501                    Student Support Office (64501)                          Active
     64510_COUNSEL_SERV       Counselling Service (64510_COUNSEL_SERV)
       64511                  Counselling Service (64511)                             Active
       64513                  Counselling Symposium (64513)                           Active
     64550_EQUITY_SUPPORT     Equity Support Services (64550_EQUITY_SUPPORT)
       64551                  Equity Support Services (64551)                         Active
       64552                  Disability Direct Support (64552)                       Inactive
       64553                  Data Base/Intranet (64553)                              Inactive
       64554                  Access Map (64554)                                      Inactive
     64900_SWOT_PROG          Swot Program (64900_SWOT_PROG)
       64512                  Counselling SWOT (64512)                                Active
       64542                  SWOT (64542)                                            Active
  64530_INTL_STUD_SUPP        Intnatnal Student Support Unit (64530_INTL_STUD_SUPP)
     64531                    Int Student Support (64531)                             Active
     64532                    Student Travel (64532)                                  Inactive
39100_EQUITY_SUPPORT          Equity Support (39100_EQUITY_SUPPORT)
  64712                       Equality of Opportunity (64712)                         Active
  39110_EQ_STU_SUP_SRV        Equity Support Student Sup Srv (39110_EQ_STU_SUP_SRV)
     39112                    Counselling Equity (39112)                              Active
     39113                    Equity Support (39113)                                  Active

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     39114                  Disability Support (39114)                              Active
  39130_EQUTY_STUD_CTR      Equity Student Centre (39130_EQUTY_STUD_CTR)
     39115                  Exams Equity (39115)                                    Active
  39140_EQ_CAREER_MKT       Equity Support Career Mkting (39140_EQ_CAREER_MKT)
     39111                  Careers Equity (39111)                                  Inactive
     39121                  Student Recruit Equity (39121)                          Active
     39122                  Student Ambassador Equity (39122)                       Inactive
     39123                  Quality Student Equity (39123)                          Inactive
62020_SSP_PROJECT           Sydney Student Project (62020_SSP_PROJECT)
  61041                     Graduation Statement AHEGS (61041)                      Active
  A0108                     DVC Education Capital WIP (A0108)                       Active
  62090_SYDNEY_STUDENT      Sydney Student (62090_SYDNEY_STUDENT)
     61014                  FSAP EX ICT (61014)                                     Active
     62190_SYD_STUD_DVCE    Sydney Student DVCE (62190_SYD_STUD_DVCE)
       61015                Office of Director SS (61015)                           Active
       61016                System Readiness (61016)                                Active
       61017                Program Management (61017)                              Active
       61018                Information Quality (61018)                             Active
       61019                Communication Support (61019)                           Active
       61021                Business Process Re-engineer (61021)                    Active
       61022                Cutover Management (61022)                              Active
       61023                Testing (61023)                                         Active
     62030_SSE              Student Services Excellence (62030_SSE)
       61031                SSE Transformation (61031)                              Active
       61032                SSE Change Management (61032)                           Active
20800_LOANS_SS_BURS         Loans, Scholarships, Bursaries (20800_LOANS_SS_BURS)
  20810_SCHOLARSHIPS        Scholarships (20810_SCHOLARSHIPS)
     20830_EXT_SSHIPS       External Scholarships (20830_EXT_SSHIPS)
       62007                C'wealth Educ Costs Sship (62007)                       Active
       62008                C'wealth Accom Sship (62008)                            Active
       62019                DEEWR Indigenous Access Sship (62019)                   Active
       62021                DEEWR National Accommoda Sship (62021)                  Active
       62022                DEEWR National Priority Sship (62022)                   Active
     20840_USYD_UG_SSHIPS   USYD UG Scholarships (20840_USYD_UG_SSHIPS)
       62001                University Undergraduate Sship (62001)                  Active
       62002                Alumni Awards (62002)                                   Inactive
       62003                DVC Teaching Awards (62003)                             Inactive
       62004                Elite Student Support (62004)                           Inactive
       62006                Non-Research Awards & Prizes (62006)                    Active
       62009                Group of 8 Access Scholarships (62009)                  Active
       62011                USyd Scholarshp Entry (62011)                           Active
       62012                USyd Scholshp Ongoing (62012)                           Active
       62013                Undergraduate Sship Continuing (62013)                  Active
       62014                USYD National Scholarship (62014)                       Active
       62015                USyd Sshp Grad Entry (62015)                            Active
       62016                Honours Scholarships (62016)                            Active
       62017                Access Scholarships (62017)                             Active
       62018                Outstanding Achievement (62018)                         Active
  20820_RESEARCH_SCHOL      Research Scholarships (20820_RESEARCH_SCHOL)
     44810_PG_STUDENTS      PGScholarships and Support (44810_PG_STUDENTS)
       44811                International Post Grad Award (44811)                   Active
       44812                USYD International Scholarship (44812)                  Active
       44813                USYD Post Grad Award UPA (44813)                        Active
       44814                Merit & VC Awards (44814)                               Active
       44815                USYD PG Perpetual Scholarship (44815)                   Active
       44838                PGrad Research Support PRSS (44838)                     Active
     44060_EXT_RSCH_SCHIP   External Research Scholarships (44060_EXT_RSCH_SCHIP)
       44001                External Schemes (44001)                                Active
       44102                CPT Bequests (44102)                                    Active
       44103                Other Bequests (44103)                                  Active
       44106                NHMRC Stipends (44106)                                  Active
       44107                Alzheimer's Bequests (44107)                            Active
       44108                ARC Linkage Stipends (44108)                            Active
       44109                Fellowships CLOSED (44109)                              Inactive
  64560_STUDENT_LOANS       Student Loans (64560_STUDENT_LOANS)
     64561                  Student Loans (64561)                                   Active
     64562                  Student Loans - Input Tax (64562)                       Inactive
  64570_BURSARIES           Bursaries (64570_BURSARIES)

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     64571                  Bursaries (64571)                                      Active
     64572                  Bursaries - Input Tax INACTIVE (64572)                 Inactive
     64573                  Uni of Sydney Cont Stud Burs (64573)                   Inactive
     64574                  Uni of Sydney First Yr Burs (64574)                    Inactive
31000_VSU                   Voluntary Students Union (31000_VSU)
  31100_POST_VSU_SUPP       Post-VSU Student Act Support (31100_POST_VSU_SUPP)
     31101                  SRC VSU Support (31101)                                Active
     31102                  SUPRA VSU Support (31102)                              Active
     31103                  CSG VSU Support (31103)                                Active
     31104                  SUS VSU Support (31104)                                Active
     31105                  USU VSU Support (31105)                                Active
     31106                  SASCA VSU Support (31106)                              Inactive
     31107                  SUS Executive Salary Support (31107)                   Inactive
  31200_POST_VSU_GRNTS      Post VSU Grants (31200_POST_VSU_GRNTS)
     31201                  SRC Supra Grants (31201)                               Active
45300_INTL_HOUSE            International House (45300_INTL_HOUSE)
  45301                     Intern House Operating (45301)                         Active
  45302                     International House-Input Tax (45302)                  Inactive
  45305                     Int House-Joint Rego Apps Fees (45305)                 Inactive
45100_INTL_OFFICE           International Office (45100_INTL_OFFICE)
  45110_INT_OPS_SUMM        Internation Operations Summary (45110_INT_OPS_SUMM)
     45101                  International Managing Direct (45101)                  Active
     45102                  IO Overheads (45102)                                   Inactive
     45103                  Ausaid Stipends (45103)                                Active
     45104                  AUSAID Management Fund (45104)                         Active
     45106                  IO Scholarships (45106)                                Active
     45107                  Study in Sydney (45107)                                Inactive
     45111                  International Finance (45111)                          Active
     45130_INT_MRK_ADMISN   Int Marketing and Admissions (45130_INT_MRK_ADMISN)
        45112               International Marketing (45112)                        Inactive
        45113               International Admissions (45113)                       Active
        45114               International Reception (45114)                        Inactive
     45150_INT_GOV_STD_AB   Int Governance & Study Abroad (45150_INT_GOV_STD_AB)
        45115               International Governance (45115)                       Active
        45116               International Study Abroad (45116)                     Active
  61510_UWC_IO_OHDS         Uni Wide Internat Offce Oheads (61510_UWC_IO_OHDS)
     45108                  International Agents Commissio (45108)                 Active
     61501                  UWC Study Abroad Scholarships (61501)                  Active
     61503                  UWC Commissions (61503)                                Inactive
     61504                  UWC Cricos Registration Fee (61504)                    Active
     61505                  UWC Publications (61505)                               Active
     61506                  UWC Service Centre (61506)                             Active
20700_DVCE_FNDNS            DVC Education Foundations (20700_DVCE_FNDNS)
  47300_UNI_SPRT_FND        Uni of Sydney Sport Foundation (47300_UNI_SPRT_FND)
     47301                  General Sport Division (47301)                         Active
     47302                  Capital Works Division (47302)                         Active
     47303                  Women in Sport Division (47303)                        Inactive
     47304                  Sporting Scholarships Division (47304)                 Active
     47311                  Rowing Division (47311)                                Active
     47312                  Soccer Football Division (47312)                       Active
     47313                  Athletics Division (47313)                             Active
     47314                  Hockey Division (47314)                                Active
     47315                  Aust Rules Football Division (47315)                   Active
     47316                  Cricket Division (47316)                               Active
  47400_DVCE_OTH_FNDNS      DVC Education Oth Foundations (47400_DVCE_OTH_FNDNS)
     47101                  Cricket Club Fnd (47101)                               Active
     47171                  Set up in Error INACTIVE (47171)                       Inactive
20500_DVCE_UWC              DVC Education Uni Wide Costs (20500_DVCE_UWC)
  43122                     Publications Student Recruitmt (43122)                 Active
  43126                     Publications Post Grad Recruit (43126)                 Active
  39210_UWC_SAS             UWC SAS (39210_UWC_SAS)
     39211                  Equity Support Exam Supervisn (39211)                  Inactive
     64903                  Child Care (64903)                                     Active
     64930_UWC_STUD_CTRE    UWC Student Centre (64930_UWC_STUD_CTRE)
        64905               Student Records - Printing (64905)                     Active
        64906               Student Adminstration (64906)                          Active
  64910_UWC_REGISTRAR       UWC Registrar (64910_UWC_REGISTRAR)
     64901                  Cont to Other Organisations (64901)                    Active

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       64902                Elections (64902)                                      Active
       64904                Thesis Examinations (64904)                            Inactive
       64907                Chair of Academic Board (64907)                        Active
60000_DVC_INTERNATNL        DVC International (60000_DVC_INTERNATNL)
  61100_DVC_INTNTL_OFF      DVC International Office (61100_DVC_INTNTL_OFF)
     41001                  Management Support Unit (41001)                        Active
     41009                  Development Fund (41009)                               Active
     41011                  World Fellows Program (41011)                          Active
     43102                  International Initiatives (43102)                      Active
     45601                  PVC (45601)                                            Inactive
     61110_STRAT_INI_FUND   Strategic Initiatives Fund (61110_STRAT_INI_FUND)
       41002                Sesquicentennial Project (41002)                       Inactive
       41003                Academic & International Proj. (41003)                 Inactive
       41007                Assistant PVC-Acad, Plan & Dev (41007)                 Inactive
       41008                Beijing Presentation Ceremony (41008)                  Inactive
       45400_USFP           Foundation Program (45400_USFP)
          41005             SGA Joint Venture (41005)                              Inactive
          45105             USFP Operation (45105)                                 Inactive
  61200_INTNTL_DEVELOP      International Development (61200_INTNTL_DEVELOP)
     41052                  International Proj (India Me) (41052)                  Active
     41053                  Europe Office (41053)                                  Active
     41054                  Intl Relations Canberra (41054)                        Active
     41055                  International Scholarship Dev (41055)                  Active
     41057                  Americas Office (41057)                                Active
     41058                  International Representatives (41058)                  Active
     41059                  China Office (41059)                                   Active
     41064                  International Resources Devel (41064)                  Active
     41065                  Regional Programs (41065)                              Active
     41072                  Sport Knowledge Aust - Temp RC (41072)                 Inactive
  44300_CONFU_INST          Confuscius Institute (44300_CONFU_INST)
     44301                  RIAP Operating (44301)                                 Inactive
     44302                  Confuscius Intsitute Operation (44302)                 Active
     44303                  RIAP Briefings (44303)                                 Inactive
     44304                  RIAP Lectures (44304)                                  Inactive
  61210_WORLD PROGRAM       World Program (61210_WORLD PROGRAM)
     41051                  World Program Office (41051)                           Active
     41071                  International Forum (41071)                            Active
     61211                  International Leadership Devel (61211)                 Active
     61212                  World Program Faculty Support (61212)                  Active
  61220_STRAT_SCLSHPS       Strategic Scholarships (61220_STRAT_SCLSHPS)
     41061                  Usyd World Scholarships (41061)                        Active
     41062                  Professorial & Expert Exchange (41062)                 Active
     41063                  Usyd Ldrshp Trning Scholarship (41063)                 Active
  61300_INT_NTWKS           International Networks (61300_INT_NTWKS)
     45501                  APRU (45501)                                           Active
     45502                  WUN (45502)                                            Active
     45503                  AC21 (45503)                                           Active
     45504                  International Assoc Membership (45504)                 Active
     45505                  OECD (45505)                                           Active
     45506                  Association Cwealth Uni (45506)                        Active
  61500_DVC_INT_UWC         International Uni Wide Costs (61500_DVC_INT_UWC)
     41056                  UWC Sydney World Events (41056)                        Active
     41073                  Int Programs Development Fund (41073)                  Inactive
     61502                  UWC Intnl Prog Development Fnd (61502)                 Active
  42000_INACT_INT           Inactive International (42000_INACT_INT)
     42001                  International College Penang (42001)                   Inactive
     42099                  Int/Dev Budgets Kole/ Antarab (42099)                  Inactive
     42202                  Patents-Closed (42202)                                 Inactive
     60099                  Acad/Staffing Budgets (60099)                          Inactive
70000_DVC_OVC               DVC Office of the VC (70000_DVC_OVC)
  71000_PRIVATE_COLL        The Private College (71000_PRIVATE_COLL)
     71100_PC_STAFF         Private College Staff (71100_PC_STAFF)
       71101                Teaching (71101)                                       Active
       71102                Administrative (71102)                                 Active
       71103                Staff Related Costs (71103)                            Active
     71200_PC_BUS_OPS_DEV   Priv Coll Business & Ops Devt (71200_PC_BUS_OPS_DEV)
       71201                Marketing (71201)                                      Active
       71202                Communications (71202)                                 Active

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     71203                       Systems (71203)                                       Active
     71204                       Registration & Compliance (71204)                     Active
     71205                       Legal (71205)                                         Active
     71206                       Student Recruitment & Services (71206)                Active
  71300_PC_ACAD_PLAN             Private Coll Academic Planning (71300_PC_ACAD_PLAN)
     71301                       Accreditation (71301)                                 Active
     71302                       Academic Development (71302)                          Active
72000_SEN_STF_DEV                Senior Staff Development (72000_SEN_STF_DEV)
  72100_UNI_STAFF_DEV            University Staff Development (72100_UNI_STAFF_DEV)
     41006                       University Staff Development (41006)                  Active
     72101                       Delloite (72101)                                      Active
  72110_AUST_CO_DIR              Aust Institute of Company Dir (72110_AUST_CO_DIR)
     24801                       Govn Protocols-Directors Trng (24801)                 Active
     72111                       Australian Inst of Company Dir (72111)                Active
73000_QUALITY_ASSUR              Quality Assurance (73000_QUALITY_ASSUR)
  73100_PROG DEV                 Program Development (73100_PROG DEV)
  73200_QUALTY_ AUDITS           Quality Audits (73200_QUALTY_ AUDITS)
     73201                       AQUA (73201)                                          Active
74000_OFFICE_DVC                 Office of the DVC (74000_OFFICE_DVC)
  74010_OFFCE_DVC_OPS            Office of DVC Operations (74010_OFFCE_DVC_OPS)
     74001                       Office of DVC Operations (74001)                      Active
  74100_DVC_PROJECTS             DVC Projects (74100_DVC_PROJECTS)
     74070_DVC_MISC_PROJS        DVC Miscellaneous Projects (74070_DVC_MISC_PROJS)
       74071                     DVC Miscellneous Projects (74071)                     Active
     72200_ENT_BARGNG            Enterprise Bargaining (72200_ENT_BARGNG)
       72201                     Enterprise Bargaining (72201)                         Active
     74020_DELEGATIONS           Delegations (74020_DELEGATIONS)
       74021                     Delegations (74021)                                   Active
     74030_COMPLAINT_HAND        Complaint Handling (74030_COMPLAINT_HAND)
       74031                     Complaint Handling (74031)                            Active
     74040_VC_CONSULT            VC Consultation (74040_VC_CONSULT)
       74041                     VC Consultation (74041)                               Active
     74050_FNDATION_PLUS         Foundation Plus (74050_FNDATION_PLUS)
       74051                     Foundation Plus (74051)                               Active
     74060_VC_WORK_SLATE         VC Work Slate (74060_VC_WORK_SLATE)
       74061                     VC Work Slate (74061)                                 Active
       74062                     Policy Management (74062)                             Active
     74080_STRATEGIC_PLAN        Strategic Plan (74080_STRATEGIC_PLAN)
       74081                     Strategic Plan Operating (74081)                      Active
75000_DVC_BUS_UNTS               DVC Business Units (75000_DVC_BUS_UNTS)
  75100_SYDLRN_INC_UNI           SydneyLearning Inc Uni RC (75100_SYDLRN_INC_UNI)
     75101                       SydneyLearning Uni RC (75101)                         Active
     75110_SYDNEYLEARNING        SydneyLearning (75110_SYDNEYLEARNING)
       75120_SYDLRN_EX_ORC       SydneyLearning Excl Offset RC (75120_SYDLRN_EX_ORC)
          75130_SYDLRN_OPER      SydneyLearning Operating (75130_SYDLRN_OPER)
             75131               SydneyLearning Administrative (75131)                 Active
          75140_SYDLRN_COURSES   Sydney Learning Courses (75140_SYDLRN_COURSES)
             75141               SydneyLearning Admissions (75141)                     Active
             75142               SydneyLearning Academic Devt (75142)                  Active
             75151               Enterprise Uni (75151)                                Active
             75152               Enterprise Non Uni (75152)                            Inactive
             75153               Diploma of Project Management (75153)                 Active
             75161               Diploma of Management (75161)                         Active
             75171               Diploma of Project Management (75171)                 Active
       75190_SYDLRN_OFFSET       SydneyLearning Offset (75190_SYDLRN_OFFSET)
          75191                  SydneyLearning Offset RC (75191)                      Active
76000_COST_REC_SERV              Cost Recovery Services (76000_COST_REC_SERV)
  76001                          Foundation Plus (76001)                               Active
43300_CTRE_CONT_EDU              Ctre for Continuing Education (43300_CTRE_CONT_EDU)
  43310_CCE_ADMIN                CCE Administration (43310_CCE_ADMIN)
     43810_CCE_CENTRAL           CCE Central (43810_CCE_CENTRAL)
       43301                     Administration (43301)                                Active
     43820_PROGS_EDU             Programs and Education (43820_PROGS_EDU)
       43302                     Programs Operating (43302)                            Active
       43303                     Support Operating (43303)                             Active
       43304                     Award Courses (43304)                                 Active
     43830_FIN_HR                Finance and Human Resources (43830_FIN_HR)
       43305                     Finance and HR (43305)                                Active

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       43840_CCE_OPS             CCE Operations (43840_CCE_OPS)
          43309                  CCE Operations Operating (43309)                     Active
       43360_CCE_CLIENT_SER      CCE Client Services (43360_CCE_CLIENT_SER)
          43361                  Client Services (43361)                              Active
     43850_CCE_COU               CCE Courses (43850_CCE_COU)
       43800_CPD                 Continuous Profsnl Development (43800_CPD)
          43350_BUSNS_MNGMNT     Business & Management (43350_BUSNS_MNGMNT)
             43306               Customised Programs (43306)                          Active
             43312               Accounting (43312)                                   Active
             43322               Business & Management (43322)                        Active
             43324               Information Technology (43324)                       Active
          43370_COMPLE_STUDIES   Complementary Studies (43370_COMPLE_STUDIES)
             43307               Complimentary Studies (43307)                        Active
             43319               Personal Development (43319)                         Active
             43331               Study Skills (43331)                                 Active
       43330_SYD_GTWAY_UNI       Sydney Gateway to University (43330_SYD_GTWAY_UNI)
          43332                  University Preparation Course (43332)                Active
          43333                  HSC Preparation (43333)                              Active
          43334                  International Baccalaureate (43334)                  Active
       43390_COMMUNITY           Community Centre for Cont Educ (43390_COMMUNITY)
          43340_ARTS_HUMNITIES   Arts & Humanities (43340_ARTS_HUMNITIES)
             43315               Creative Arts (43315)                                Active
             43318               Social Sciences (43318)                              Active
             43321               Humanities (43321)                                   Active
             43323               Creative & Profsnl Wrtg & Lit (43323)                Active
             43325               Language & Culture (43325)                           Active
             43326               Politics & Social Sciences (43326)                   Active
             43328               Creative Arts & Media (43328)                        Active
             43329               Lifestyle (43329)                                    Active
          43320_CCE_SCIEN_TECH   CCE Science & Technology (43320_CCE_SCIEN_TECH)
             43327               Science (43327)                                      Active
       43380_TRAVEL              Travel (43380_TRAVEL)
          43308                  Study Tours (43308)                                  Active
     43860_CCE_INACT             CCE Inactive (43860_CCE_INACT)
       43311                     HSC Enrichment Program (43311)                       Inactive
       43313                     History and Culture (43313)                          Inactive
       43314                     Business (43314)                                     Inactive
       43316                     Information Communication Tech (43316)               Inactive
       43317                     Languages (43317)                                    Inactive
       43371                     New Initiatives (43371)                              Active
  66000_LAW_EXT_COMMIT           Law Extension Committee (66000_LAW_EXT_COMMIT)
     66001                       Law Extension Committee (66001)                      Active
68000_UNI_LIBRARY                University Library (68000_UNI_LIBRARY)
  A0109                          Library Capital (A0109)                              Active
  68040_LIBRARY_EX_CAP           Library (Excluding A0109) (68040_LIBRARY_EX_CAP)
     68010_LIB_OPERATIONS        Library Operations (68010_LIB_OPERATIONS)
       68100_COLLECT_ACCESS      Collections and Access (68100_COLLECT_ACCESS)
          68111                  Monographs (68111)                                   Active
          68121                  Subscrip and Electronic Access (68121)               Active
          68131                  Document Delivery (68131)                            Inactive
          68141                  Collections and Access Other (68141)                 Active
          68151                  Document Delivery Operations (68151)                 Active
       68200_LIBRARY_ENTERP      Library Enterprises & Other (68200_LIBRARY_ENTERP)
          68199                  Acad Staff Budgets Library (68199)                   Inactive
          68211                  Donations/Trusts/Projects (68211)                    Active
          68221                  Photocopying and Printing (68221)                    Active
          68231                  Borrower Fees (68231)                                Active
          68241                  Interlibrary Loans (68241)                           Active
          68251                  Library Projects (68251)                             Active
          68252                  SciTech Library Bldg Project (68252)                 Active
          68253                  Law Library Bldg Project (68253)                     Active
          68254                  Fisher Library Bldg Project (68254)                  Active
          68255                  Collection Projects (68255)                          Active
          68256                  Burki Ford Library Closure Prj (68256)               Active
          68257                  Law Extension Committee (68257)                      Active
          68261                  Lost Books (68261)                                   Active
          68271                  Library Fines (68271)                                Active
          68281                  Crse Online Read (INACTIVE) (68281)                  Inactive

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  68291                  IT - Infrastructure (68291)                            Active
68300_DASS               University Librarian Division (68300_DASS)
  68301                  Branch Operating (68301)                               Inactive
  68302                  Syd Coll Arts Library (68302)                          Inactive
  68303                  Orange Library (68303)                                 Inactive
  68304                  Alex Mackie Curr (68304)                               Inactive
  68305                  Architecture (68305)                                   Inactive
  68306                  Badham (68306)                                         Inactive
  68307                  Burkitt (68307)                                        Inactive
  68308                  Camden (68308)                                         Inactive
  68309                  Dentistry (68309)                                      Inactive
  68311                  Executive (68311)                                      Active
  68313                  Geosciences (68313)                                    Inactive
  68314                  Law (68314)                                            Inactive
  68315                  Mathematics (68315)                                    Inactive
  68316                  Medical (68316)                                        Inactive
  68317                  Music (68317)                                          Inactive
  68318                  Nursing (68318)                                        Inactive
  68319                  Physics (68319)                                        Inactive
  68321                  Administration (68321)                                 Active
  68322                  Restructuring (68322)                                  Inactive
  68323                  Biochemistry Library (68323)                           Inactive
  68324                  Chemistry Library (68324)                              Inactive
  68325                  Pharmacy Library (68325)                               Inactive
  68331                  Library Operating (68331)                              Active
  68341                  Executive (68341)                                      Active
  68351                  IT - Infrastructure (INACTIVE) (68351)                 Inactive
  68381                  Personnel Services (68381)                             Inactive
  68391                  Administration Support (68391)                         Inactive
  68395                  Staff Development (68395)                              Active
  68360_CROSS_LIB_SERV   Cross Library Services (68360_CROSS_LIB_SERV)
     68361               Admin & Loan Enquiries (68361)                         Active
     68362               Shelving / Attendants (68362)                          Active
68370_SYD_ESCHLRSHIP     Sydney eScholarship (68370_SYD_ESCHLRSHIP)
  68371                  Sydney eScholarship (68371)                            Active
  68372                  Sydney Digital Library (68372)                         Active
  68373                  Sydney University Press (68373)                        Active
  68374                  e-Scholarship Projects (68374)                         Active
68400_HLTH_LAW_MEDSC     Health Law & Medical Sciences (68400_HLTH_LAW_MEDSC)
  68401                  Hlth Sciences Library (68401)                          Inactive
  68402                  Hlth Info Mgt Resources (68402)                        Inactive
  68403                  Behavioural Sciences (68403)                           Inactive
  68404                  Biomedical Sciences (68404)                            Inactive
  68405                  Communicat'n Disorders (68405)                         Inactive
  68406                  Medical Radiation Tech (68406)                         Inactive
  68407                  Orthoptics (68407)                                     Inactive
  68408                  Occupational Therapy (68408)                           Inactive
  68409                  Physiogherphy (68409)                                  Inactive
  68411                  Health Sciences Library (68411)                        Active
  68412                  Yooroang Garang (68412)                                Inactive
  68413                  Library Resources (68413)                              Inactive
  68414                  Nursing (68414)                                        Inactive
  68415                  Exercise & Sports Sci (68415)                          Inactive
  68416                  Photocopying & Printing (68416)                        Inactive
  68417                  Fines (68417)                                          Inactive
  68421                  Admin - Life Sci (INACTIVE) (68421)                    Inactive
  68422                  Badham Library (INACTIVE) (68422)                      Inactive
  68423                  Camden Library (INACTIVE) (68423)                      Inactive
  68424                  Orange Library (INACTIVE) (68424)                      Inactive
  68425                  Vet Ed & Info Sv Com(INACTIVE) (68425)                 Inactive
  68431                  Medical Sciences (68431)                               Active
  68432                  Burkitt Ford Library (68432)                           Active
  68433                  Public Health Support (68433)                          Inactive
  68434                  Dentistry Library (68434)                              Active
  68435                  Medical Library (68435)                                Active
  68436                  Pharmacy (68436)                                       Inactive
  68441                  Admin - SciTech Grp (INACTIVE) (68441)                 Inactive
  68442                  Biochemistry (68442)                                   Inactive

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         68443                Chemistry (68443)                                       Inactive
         68444                Madsen Library (68444)                                  Inactive
         68445                Mathematics (68445)                                     Inactive
         68446                Physical Sciences Lib (68446)                           Inactive
         68451                Architectre Library (INACTIVE) (68451)                  Inactive
         68452                Engineering Library (INACTIVE) (68452)                  Inactive
         68461                Administration-Hlth & Med Scie (68461)                  Active
         68462                Relief (68462)                                          Inactive
         68463                Nursing (68463)                                         Active
         68464                Sciences & Technolgy Resources (68464)                  Inactive
         68465                Health Resources (68465)                                Inactive
         68571                Law Library (68571)                                     Active
       68500_HASS             Humanities & Social Sciences (68500_HASS)
         68511                Administration - H&SS (68511)                           Active
         68521                Fisher Library (68521)                                  Active
         68531                Rare Books & Special Collect'n (68531)                  Active
         68532                Agriculture & Vet Science (68532)                       Active
         68533                Architecture & Engineering (68533)                      Active
         68534                Arts (68534)                                            Active
         68535                Conservatorium (68535)                                  Active
         68536                Economics & Business (68536)                            Active
         68537                Education (68537)                                       Active
         68538                Sciences (68538)                                        Active
         68541                Lending & Media Services (68541)                        Active
         68542                Reserve (INACTIVE) (68542)                              Inactive
         68543                Attendants (68543)                                      Inactive
         68551                AMCRL (68551)                                           Inactive
         68561                HumNities Resource (INACTIVE) (68561)                   Inactive
         68581                Conservatorium Library (68581)                          Active
         68582                Con Music Lib Restructure (68582)                       Active
         68585                Social Sciences Resources (68585)                       Inactive
         68591                Sydney College of Arts Library (68591)                  Active
         68592                East Asian Collections (68592)                          Active
       68700_DIG_TECH_SERV    Digital & Tech Services Div (68700_DIG_TECH_SERV)
         68701                Admin Digital & Technical (68701)                       Active
         68721                Library IT Services (68721)                             Active
         68731                Collection Services (68731)                             Active
       68800_HAST_LIBRARIES   Humanities Arts Sci & Tech Lib (68800_HAST_LIBRARIES)
         68801                Hast Admin (68801)                                      Active
         68821                Life Sciences Libraries (68821)                         Active
         68831                Sci Tech Libraries (68831)                              Active
         68841                Humanities & Arts Libraries (68841)                     Active
         68851                Sciences & TechnologyLibraries (68851)                  Active
         68861                Hast Collections Access Teams (68861)                   Active
    68030_LIB_OVERHEADS       Library Overheads (68030_LIB_OVERHEADS)
       68031                  Copyright (68031)                                       Active
       68032                  Course Online Readings Svc (68032)                      Active
    68900_EX_LIBRARY_RCS      Ex Library RCs (68900_EX_LIBRARY_RCS)
       68601                  Depty Uni Librarian (INACTIVE) (68601)                  Inactive
       68602                  Cross Library Serv (INACTIVE) (68602)                   Inactive
       68603                  Admin and Loan Enq (INACTIVE) (68603)                   Inactive
       68604                  ShelviCourier/Attnd (INACTIVE) (68604)                  Inactive
       68611                  Technical Services (68611)                              Inactive
       68621                  Collection Management (68621)                           Inactive
       68631                  Serials (68631)                                         Inactive
       68641                  Cataloguing (68641)                                     Inactive
       68651                  Acquisitions (68651)                                    Inactive
ADMINISTRATION                Administration (ADMINISTRATION)
  25000_GEN_COUNSEL           Office of General Counsel (25000_GEN_COUNSEL)
    25010_OGC_OPS             OGC Operations (25010_OGC_OPS)
       25001                  Office of General Counsel (25001)                       Active
       25004                  Policy Management Unit (25004)                          Active
       25005                  Gift Register Project (25005)                           Active
       25006                  Trust Office (25006)                                    Active
       25030_GRP_S&R_MNGMNT   Group Secrtrl & Records Mngmnt (25030_GRP_S&R_MNGMNT)
         25003                Group Secretarial Office (25003)                        Active
         64430_CTRL_RECORDS   Records Management Services (64430_CTRL_RECORDS)
            64431             Archives & Records Mgt Serv (64431)                     Active

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          64432               Freedom of Information (64432)                         Active
  25020_UWC_LGL_COSTS         UWC Legal Costs (25020_UWC_LGL_COSTS)
     25002                    General Counsel-UWC Legal (25002)                      Active
  20100_AUDIT_RISK_MGT        Audit, Risk Mgt and Assurance (20100_AUDIT_RISK_MGT)
     20110_ARM_OPS            AR&M Operations (20110_ARM_OPS)
       20001                  Risk Management & Assurance Op (20001)                 Active
       20003                  Audit Risk Mgmnt & Assure Pro (20003)                  Inactive
       20099                  Plan/Resources Budgets IA (20099)                      Inactive
       24301                  Risk Mgt Operatng (Historical) (24301)                 Inactive
       24303                  Risk Mgt Programs (Historical) (24303)                 Inactive
       24307                  AURIMS Conference 2003 (24307)                         Inactive
     20120_ARM_UWCS           AR&M UWCs (20120_ARM_UWCS)
       24302                  Risk Mgt General Insurance (24302)                     Active
       24304                  Risk Mgt Motor Veh Insurance (24304)                   Inactive
69000_HR                      Human Resources (69000_HR)
  69100_HR_OPERATIONS         HR Operations (69100_HR_OPERATIONS)
     69191                    Sydney People Deficit Clearing (69191)                 Active
     69199                    Budgets HR (69199)                                     Inactive
     20200_EEO                Staff & Student Eq Opportunity (20200_EEO)
       20201                  Staff & Student Eq Opportunity (20201)                 Active
       20202                  Women In Leadership-SSEO (20202)                       Active
       20203                  Special Projects-SSEO (20203)                          Active
       20204                  SSEO-Syd Uni Network for Women (20204)                 Active
       20206                  Indigenous Employment (20206)                          Active
       20207                  Indigenous Employment Program (20207)                  Active
     69110_CASE_MANAGMNT      Case Management (69110_CASE_MANAGMNT)
       69111                  Case Management Operatons (69111)                      Active
       69112                  Award Restructuring (69112)                            Inactive
       69113                  Enterprise Bargain (69113)                             Inactive
       69114                  AIRC (69114)                                           Inactive
       69123                  Staff Assistance Services (69123)                      Active
     69130_HR_SERV_CNTRE      HR Service Centre (69130_HR_SERV_CNTRE)
       69131                  HR Service CTR Management (69131)                      Active
       69132                  Remuneration Serv Susp (69132)                         Active
       69133                  HR Service CTR Operations (69133)                      Active
       69134                  HR Service CTR Staff Card (69134)                      Active
       69135                  ECMS Project (69135)                                   Active
       69136                  E Filing Project (69136)                               Active
     69140_SYD_REC            Sydney Recruitment (69140_SYD_REC)
       24704                  Unistaff (24704)                                       Active
       69141                  Sydney Recruitment (69141)                             Active
       69142                  Staff Assist Srv (69142)                               Inactive
       69143                  Performance Management (69143)                         Inactive
       69144                  Reward & Benefits (69144)                              Active
     69150_HR_DIRECTOR        HR Directors Office (69150_HR_DIRECTOR)
       69151                  HR Operations (69151)                                  Active
       69152                  HR Special Projects (69152)                            Inactive
       69153                  HR Staff Development (69153)                           Inactive
     69160_OHS_&_WORK_COM     OHS & Workers Compensation (69160_OHS_&_WORK_COM)
       24305                  Biosafety Support (24305)                              Active
       69161                  OHS & Workers Comp Operations (69161)                  Active
       69162                  OHS & Workers Comp Projects (69162)                    Active
       69163                  Radiation Safety Support (69163)                       Active
     69170_REL_MANAGEMENT     Relationship Management (69170_REL_MANAGEMENT)
       69171                  Relationship Management Op (69171)                     Active
       69172                  Faculties of Health (69172)                            Inactive
       69173                  Fac of Eng'ing, Archtect & IT (69173)                  Inactive
       69174                  Faculties of Science (69174)                           Inactive
       69175                  Fac of Arts, Education & SCA (69175)                   Inactive
       69176                  Faculties of Law, Music, E&B (69176)                   Inactive
     69180_LEARN_SOL          Learning Solutions (69180_LEARN_SOL)
       69181                  Learning Solutions Operations (69181)                  Active
       69120_STF_SUPP_&_DVT   Staff Development (69120_STF_SUPP_&_DVT)
          69121               Learning Program (69121)                               Active
          69122               Acad Leadership & Devt (69122)                         Inactive
          69124               Perform Management (69124)                             Inactive
          69125               IT Development Courses (69125)                         Active
          69126               General Training & Devt (69126)                        Active

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          69127                  OE Project Management (69127)                           Active
          69128                  Talent Management (69128)                               Inactive
     69190_REMUN_STRATEGY        Remuneration Strategy (69190_REMUN_STRATEGY)
       69154                     Remuneration and Benefits (69154)                       Active
       69192                     Superannuation Project (69192)                          Active
       69193                     WPP Merit Project (69193)                               Active
       69205                     Australian Workplace Agreement (69205)                  Active
     69310_INJURY MNGMNT         Injury Management (69310_INJURY MNGMNT)
       69311                     Injury Management Operations (69311)                    Active
  69200_HR_OVERHEADS             HR Overheads (69200_HR_OVERHEADS)
     24306                       Risk Mgt Workers Compensation (24306)                   Active
     69201                       Superannuation (69201)                                  Inactive
     69202                       Prof Pension (69202)                                    Active
     69203                       Maternity Leave (69203)                                 Active
     69204                       Performance Bonus (69204)                               Active
     69206                       Superannuation Shortfall (69206)                        Active
24010_CFO                        Chief Financial Officer (24010_CFO)
  24020_CFO_FIN_OPS              CFO Finance Operations (24020_CFO_FIN_OPS)
     24011                       Office of Chief Fin Officer (24011)                     Active
     24040_STRAT_MGT_ACCT        Strategic Mgt Accounting (24040_STRAT_MGT_ACCT)
       23005                     Strategic Mgt Accounting (23005)                        Active
       23011                     SMA Balanced Scorecard (23011)                          Active
       23012                     SRE TC Implementation (23012)                           Active
     24060_FIN_MGT_ANALYS        Financial Mgt and Analysis (24060_FIN_MGT_ANALYS)
       23004                     Financial Mgt and Analysis (23004)                      Active
     24200_FIN_CTRL_TREAS        Financial Control and Treasury (24200_FIN_CTRL_TREAS)
       24402                     Financial Integrity & Support (24402)                   Inactive
       24411                     Financial Control Unit (24411)                          Active
       24412                     Management Accounts (24412)                             Inactive
       24220_FIN_CONTROLLER      Financial Controller (24220_FIN_CONTROLLER)
          24401                  Financial Control Unit (24401)                          Inactive
          24404                  Asset Management (24404)                                Inactive
          24409                  OCA Budget Adjustments (24409)                          Inactive
     24100_CORP_FINANCE          Corporate Finance (24100_CORP_FINANCE)
       21004                     ICT and Sydney People Finance (21004)                   Active
       24101                     Deputy CFO & Dir Corp Finance (24101)                   Active
       24111                     Corporate Finance (Research) (24111)                    Inactive
       24112                     Corporate Finance (Intntional) (24112)                  Inactive
       24113                     Corporate Finance (L&T) (24113)                         Inactive
       24114                     Corporate Finance (Library) (24114)                     Inactive
       24115                     Corporate Finance Community (24115)                     Inactive
       24199                     Plan/Resources Budget FS (24199)                        Inactive
       24352                     ICT and Sydney People Finance (24352)                   Active
       24350_INFRA_CAP_FIN       Infrastrcture & Capablty Fince (24350_INFRA_CAP_FIN)
          24351                  CIS Finance (24351)                                     Active
     24050_FACULTIES_FIN         Faculties Finance (24050_FACULTIES_FIN)
       24051                     Faculties of Health Finance (24051)                     Active
       24052                     Faculties of Science Finance (24052)                    Active
       24053                     Faculties Eng & Arch Finance (24053)                    Active
       24054                     Faclties of Econ & Bus Finance (24054)                  Active
       24055                     Faculties of Arts Finance (24055)                       Active
     24500_FIN_OPS_SERV          Financial Operations &Services (24500_FIN_OPS_SERV)
       24501                     Financial Operations Developmt (24501)                  Active
       24502                     FO & S Capital Other Projects (24502)                   Active
       24511                     Training and Support (24511)                            Active
       24550_FIN_TRANS_SERV      Financial Transaction Services (24550_FIN_TRANS_SERV)
          24403                  Cashiers (24403)                                        Active
          24405                  Accts Pay/Purchasing (24405)                            Active
          24406                  Revenue Services (24406)                                Active
          24551                  FTS Staff General (24551)                               Active
     24900_INV_CAP_MGT           Investment and Capital Mgt (24900_INV_CAP_MGT)
       24910_INVESTMENTS         Investments (24910_INVESTMENTS)
          24210_ICM_ADMIN        ICM Admin (24210_ICM_ADMIN)
             24201               ICM Office (24201)                                      Active
             24207               USYD Companies (24207)                                  Inactive
             24931               Short Term Funds NCS (24931)                            Active
             24932               Short Term Funds Non NCS (24932)                        Active
          24290_ICM_OPERATIONS   ICM Operations (24290_ICM_OPERATIONS)

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       24202                Investment (24202)                                   Active
       24203                Investments Non NCS (24203)                          Active
       24204                Acquisition Work Safe Building (24204)               Inactive
     24280_MED_QUARANTINE   Medical Quarantined Loan (24280_MED_QUARANTINE)
       24281                Medical Quarantined Loan (24281)                     Active
     24260_CPT              Capital Preserved Trusts (24260_CPT)
       24261                Scholarships (24261)                                 Active
       24262                Fellowships (24262)                                  Active
       24263                Prizes (24263)                                       Active
       24264                Bursaries & Loans (24264)                            Active
       24265                Research (24265)                                     Active
       24266                Other (24266)                                        Active
     24760_PHOTOWISE        Photowise (24760_PHOTOWISE)
       24703                PhotoWise Imaging (24703)                            Inactive
  27400_PORT_SERV           Portfolio Services (OPEX) (27400_PORT_SERV)
     27401                  Portfolio Management (27401)                         Inactive
     A0002                  Discretionary Funds (A0002)                          Active
     27410_PROPS_COMM       Properties Commercial (27410_PROPS_COMM)
       24221                Comm/Resident Property (24221)                       Active
       24224                Housing-Ancillary Grp (24224)                        Active
       24228                Rent - Telecommunication (24228)                     Inactive
       24229                Carillon AvenueOSM Reserve Fnd (24229)               Active
       27414                Comm/Residential Property (27414)                    Inactive
       27415                Housing-Ancillary Group (27415)                      Inactive
     27430_STUD_ACCOM       Student Accommodation (27430_STUD_ACCOM)
       24222                Student House Invest (24222)                         Active
       24223                Student House Kingswood (24223)                      Active
       24232                Yannadah Residences (24232)                          Inactive
       24241                Camden Properties Office (24241)                     Inactive
       24242                Nepean Loan/Suspense Account (24242)                 Active
       24245                Nepean Hall Operating (24245)                        Active
       24247                Nepean Hall Security Dep (24247)                     Inactive
       24248                Nepean Hall Sports Facs (24248)                      Inactive
       24249                Nepean Lodge (Townhouses) (24249)                    Active
       24251                Residences Camden (24251)                            Inactive
       24267                Yannadah Residences (24267)                          Inactive
       27421                CPS Camden Campus (27421)                            Inactive
       27422                Nepean Hall Operating (27422)                        Inactive
       27431                Campus Student Housing (27431)                       Inactive
       27432                Camden Residential Properties (27432)                Inactive
       27433                Yannadah Residences (27433)                          Active
     27440_RUR_ENT          Rural Enterprises (27440_RUR_ENT)
       24205                Fleurs Development/Sale (24205)                      Inactive
       24206                McGarvie Smith Developmnt/Sale (24206)               Active
       24243                Arthursleigh Farms (24243)                           Active
       24244                Livingston Farms (24244)                             Inactive
       24252                Camden Farms-General (24252)                         Inactive
       24253                Camden Farms-Corstorphine (24253)                    Active
       24254                Holtsbaum Farm - Nowley (24254)                      Active
       24259                Camden New Dairy (24259)                             Inactive
       27441                Arthursleigh Farms (27441)                           Inactive
       27442                Livingston Farm (27442)                              Inactive
       27443                El Holtsbaum ARI-Nowley (27443)                      Inactive
       27444                Camden Farms - General (27444)                       Inactive
       27445                Camden Farms-Corstorphine (27445)                    Inactive
       27446                Camden New Dairy (27446)                             Inactive
     27450_POR_UNI_COSTS    Portfolio Uni Wide Costs (27450_POR_UNI_COSTS)
       27452                Rent-Kirkbride (27452)                               Inactive
29000_PROC_SHRD_SERV        Procurement Shared Services (29000_PROC_SHRD_SERV)
  29010_STRATEGIC_PROC      Strategic Procurement (29010_STRATEGIC_PROC)
     29011                  Strategic Procurement (29011)                        Active
  24470_TRAVEL_CORPCAD      Travel and Corporate Card (24470_TRAVEL_CORPCAD)
     24471                  Travel/Spendvision (24471)                           Active
  24460_FLEET_MGT           Fleet Management (24460_FLEET_MGT)
     24461                  Fleet Management (24461)                             Active
  24700_UPS_UCC             UPS & UCC (24700_UPS_UCC)
     24720_UPS              UPS (24720_UPS)
       24701                UPS Management Office (24701)                        Active

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            24702                UPS Overheads (24702)                               Active
            24721                UPS B & W Copying - Internal (24721)                Active
            24722                UPS Scanning / Forms (24722)                        Active
            24725                Student Notes - with risk (24725)                   Active
            24726                UPS Kyocera Clicks (24726)                          Active
            24727                SETIS UPS (24727)                                   Active
            24728                Consumables (24728)                                 Active
            24731                UPS External Printing (24731)                       Active
            24733                UPS Internal Offset Printing (24733)                Active
            24734                UPS Finishing (24734)                               Active
            24735                Pre- Press Design (24735)                           Active
            24736                Law (24736)                                         Active
            24738                Marketing (24738)                                   Active
            24739                Suspense Account (24739)                            Active
            24742                UPS Colour Copying (24742)                          Active
            24744                UPS Merchandising (24744)                           Active
          24740_UCC              UCC (24740_UCC)
            24705                UCC Overheads (24705)                               Active
            24723                UCC Consumables / Finishing (24723)                 Active
            24724                UCC Cost Master Jobs (24724)                        Active
            24729                UCC Language Centre Sales (24729)                   Active
            24732                UCC Colour Printing (24732)                         Active
            24741                UCC B & W Copying POD & POD C (24741)               Active
            24743                UCC Thesis (24743)                                  Active
  24030_CFO_OTH_ACTIVS           CFO Other Activities (24030_CFO_OTH_ACTIVS)
     24520_CARD_SERVICES         Card Services (24520_CARD_SERVICES)
       24804                     University Smartcard (24804)                        Active
       24806                     Smart Card Capital Project (24806)                  Active
     24600_ASSOC_BODIES          Associated Bodies (24600_ASSOC_BODIES)
       24407                     Union Body Clearing (24407)                         Inactive
       24601                     Aust Tech Park - Recoveries (24601)                 Active
       24602                     USAP (24602)                                        Active
       24611                     UAC Operating (24611)                               Active
       24612                     Bandwidth Payroll (24612)                           Active
       24641                     Candip (24641)                                      Active
       24651                     London School (24651)                               Active
       24661                     Ldn Goodenough Assoc Aus (24661)                    Active
       24620_BOUNDARY_LANE       Boundary Lane (24620_BOUNDARY_LANE)
          24621                  Boundary Lane Children's Cntre (24621)              Active
       24630_CLUBS_ASSOC         Clubs & Associations (24630_CLUBS_ASSOC)
          24631                  SU Sports Union (24631)                             Inactive
          24632                  SU Womens Row Club (24632)                          Inactive
          24633                  Centenary S/Ships (24633)                           Inactive
       24670_UNIMUTUAL           EX UniMutual (24670_UNIMUTUAL)
          24671                  UniMutual (24671)                                   Inactive
  24800_FINANCE_UWC              Finance Uni Wide Costs (24800_FINANCE_UWC)
     20002                       Corruption Prevention O/Hs (20002)                  Active
     24102                       Audit & Accounting Services (24102)                 Active
     24103                       Bank Charges (24103)                                Active
     24104                       Difference on Exchange OS (24104)                   Active
     24225                       Rent-Lease of College Premises (24225)              Inactive
     24408                       Credit Management Charges (24408)                   Active
     24802                       External Taxation (24802)                           Active
     24803                       Campus Property Project (24803)                     Active
     24805                       Foundations (24805)                                 Active
     61004                       Syd-U-Tech Closed (INACTIVE) (61004)                Inactive
     61005                       Management Office-Closed (61005)                    Inactive
  24000_OFF_OF_DVC_COO           Office of DVC and COO (24000_OFF_OF_DVC_COO)
     11001                       Restruct Initiat Support Fund (11001)               Active
     11002                       University Contingency (11002)                      Active
     24001                       Office of DVC and COO (24001)                       Active
  10020_PMO                      Project Management Office (10020_PMO)
     10021                       PMO (10021)                                         Active
27000_CPS                        Campus Property and Services (27000_CPS)
  27100_CPS_OP_COC               Operating Comm & Occupncy Cost (27100_CPS_OP_COC)
     27190_CPS_OCA               Ops & Commercial Activities (27190_CPS_OCA)
       27200_CPS_OPEX            CPS Operating (OPEX) (27200_CPS_OPEX)
          27210_CPS_MANAGEMENT   CPS - Management (27210_CPS_MANAGEMENT)

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          27211                 Office of Director (27211)                             Active
          27213                 Corporate Serv Sal & Non Sal (27213)                   Active
          27215                 Business Applications Support (27215)                  Active
          27216                 Safety CLOSED (27216)                                  Inactive
       27300_CAMPUS_SERVICE     Campus Services (27300_CAMPUS_SERVICE)
          27221                 Fac Services (INACTIVE) (27221)                        Inactive
          27301                 Services Management (27301)                            Active
          27310_MAINTEN_SERV    Maintenance Services (27310_MAINTEN_SERV)
            27231               Bldings & Serv Mnt (INACTIVE) (27231)                  Active
            27232               Grnds & Infrstr Mnt (INACTIVE) (27232)                 Inactive
            27315               Grounds & Infrastructure Maint (27315)                 Inactive
            27316               Repairs & Maint Cumberland (27316)                     Inactive
            27317               Repairs & Maint Camperdown (27317)                     Inactive
            27318               Building & Services Mntnce Cam (27318)                 Inactive
            27511               Bld Mnt Use Fnd (INACTIVE) (27511)                     Inactive
            27512               Grds Mnt Use Fnd (INACTIVE) (27512)                    Inactive
          27320_CENTRAL_SERV    Central Services (27320_CENTRAL_SERV)
            27241               Venue Mngmnt (INACTIVE) (27241)                        Inactive
            27242               Mail Admin (INACTIVE) (27242)                          Inactive
            27323               Venue Management (27323)                               Active
            27324               Mail Administration (27324)                            Active
            27522               Post Rec Costs (INACTIVE) (27522)                      Inactive
          27330_SECURITY_SERV   Security Services (27330_SECURITY_SERV)
            27251               Sec Admin (INACTIVE) (27251)                           Active
            27254               Traffic (INACTIVE) (27254)                             Inactive
            27255               Secy Systms (INACTIVE) (27255)                         Inactive
            27331               Security Administration (27331)                        Active
            27333               Traffic CLOSED (27333)                                 Inactive
            27334               Security Systems (27334)                               Active
            27519               Secy Sys Rec (INACTIVE) (27519)                        Inactive
            27521               Cumb Camp Rec (27521)                                  Inactive
          27340_PRECINCT_MGRS   Precinct Managers (27340_PRECINCT_MGRS)
            27253               Attendants (INACTIVE) (27253)                          Inactive
            27256               Yeoman Bedell (INACTIVE) (27256)                       Inactive
            27341               Precinct Officers (27341)                              Active
            27342               Yeoman Bedell (27342)                                  Active
       27500_ASSET MNG (OP)     Asset Management (OPEX) (27500_ASSET MNG (OP))
          27501                 Facility Mgment Sal & Non Sal (27501)                  Active
       27600_DEV_MAN (OPEX)     Development ManagementOPEX) (27600_DEV_MAN (OPEX))
     27360_COMMERC_ACT          Commercial Activities (27360_COMMERC_ACT)
       27361                    University Garage (27361)                              Active
       27362                    Darlington Centre (27362)                              Active
       27363                    Nicholson Museum (27363)                               Inactive
       27365                    Yannadah Residences (27365)                            Inactive
       27366                    Venue Revenue (27366)                                  Active
       27513                    Uny Garage (INACTIVE) (27513)                          Inactive
       27515                    Darlo Centre (INACTIVE) (27515)                        Inactive
       27516                    Nicholson Museum (INACTIVE) (27516)                    Inactive
       27517                    Venue Rvnue (INACTIVE) (27517)                         Inactive
  27350_OCC_COSTS               Occupancy Costs (27350_OCC_COSTS)
     27313                      Utilities (INACTIVE) (27313)                           Inactive
     27314                      Conserv Music Op (INACTIVE) (27314)                    Inactive
     27321                      Cleaning (INACTIVE) (27321)                            Inactive
     27322                      Environ Strat (INACTIVE) (27322)                       Inactive
     27351                      Utilities (27351)                                      Active
     27352                      Cleaning (27352)                                       Active
     27353                      Environmental Strategies (27353)                       Active
     27413                      Leased Properties (27413)                              Active
     27451                      Conservatorium of Music Operat (27451)                 Active
     27370_PARKING_PATROL       Parking and Patrol (27370_PARKING_PATROL)
       27252                    Sec Patrol & Emerg (INACTIVE) (27252)                  Active
       27332                    Security Patrol & Emergency (27332)                    Active
       27364                    Fines, Fees, Permits (27364)                           Active
       27518                    Fines/Fees/Perms (INACTIVE) (27518)                    Inactive
27700_REP_MNT_(OPEX)            Repairs & Mntnce Other (OPEX) (27700_REP_MNT_(OPEX))
  27212                         Heritage (27212)                                       Active
  27214                         Quality & Safety (27214)                               Active
  27217                         Project Governance (27217)                             Active

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  27601                      Capital Works Salaries (27601)                         Active
  27710_ASSET_MNGMNT         Asset Management (27710_ASSET_MNGMNT)
     27711                   Building Service Rehab/Upgrade (27711)                 Active
     27712                   Routine & Planned Maintenance (27712)                  Active
     27713                   Fund for Surplus CDP (27713)                           Active
     27714                   Reactive Maintenance (27714)                           Active
     27715                   Non Capital Upgrades (27715)                           Active
     27716                   Maintenance Grounds (27716)                            Active
     27717                   Maintenance Security (27717)                           Active
     27718                   CAD (27718)                                            Active
     27719                   Environmental Initiatives OPEX (27719)                 Active
     27741                   Quality Control & Safety (27741)                       Active
     27742                   R & M Projects (27742)                                 Active
     27743                   Project Mgmt Recoveries (27743)                        Active
     27744                   R & M Consultants Fees (27744)                         Active
     27745                   R & M OH & S Projects (27745)                          Active
     27746                   R & M Decanting Projects (27746)                       Active
     27747                   Asset Mgmt Non Proj Expenditur (27747)                 Active
  27720_DEV_MNG (OPEX)       Development Management (OPEX) (27720_DEV_MNG (OPEX))
     27721                   New Build & Addtns- Large Proj (27721)                 Active
     27722                   New Bld & Add -Med & Small Pro (27722)                 Active
     27723                   New Infrastrt & Add Lrge Proj (27723)                  Active
     27724                   New Infra & Adds -Med & Sml Pr (27724)                 Active
     27727                   Campus Planning (27727)                                Active
     27761                   Teaching Hospital Program Opex (27761)                 Active
  27730_PORT_SERV (OP)       Portfolio Services (OPEX) (27730_PORT_SERV (OP))
     27731                   Lease of Premises (27731)                              Active
     27732                   Capital Cont's to Extnl Org's (27732)                  Active
27800_CAP_PROJ_CAPEX         Capital Projects (CAPEX) (27800_CAP_PROJ_CAPEX)
  A0104                      Buildings & Grounds (A0104)                            Active
  26600_CAMPUS_2010          Campus 2010 and Beyond (CAPEX) (26600_CAMPUS_2010)
     26601                   Land and Buildings (26601)                             Inactive
     26611                   Campus 2010 Planning (26611)                           Active
     26612                   2010 Reconciliation Account (26612)                    Inactive
  27810_PORT_SERV_CAP        Portfolio Services CAPEX (27810_PORT_SERV_CAP)
     27811                   External Organisations (27811)                         Active
     27812                   Property Acquisitions (27812)                          Active
     27816                   Grounds Rehabilitation (27816)                         Active
     27817                   Security Upgrades Programs (27817)                     Active
  27820_DEV_MNG_CAPEX        Development Management (CAPEX) (27820_DEV_MNG_CAPEX)
     27821                   New Bld & Add (Large Projects) (27821)                 Active
     27822                   New Bld & Add Med & Small Proj (27822)                 Active
     27823                   New Infrast & Adds (Lrge Proj) (27823)                 Active
     27824                   New Infrst & Adds Med & Sml Pr (27824)                 Active
     27825                   Cap Programme Reconciliation (27825)                   Inactive
  27830_ASSET_MNG_CAP        Asset Management (CAPEX) (27830_ASSET_MNG_CAP)
     27831                   Buillding Refurb/Rehab/Upgrade (27831)                 Active
     27832                   Capital Upgrades-DEEWR 2008-11 (27832)                 Active
     27833                   Teaching and Learning Centres (27833)                  Active
     27834                   EIF 3 (27834)                                          Active
     27835                   Reid Capital Dev Pool (27835)                          Active
  27850_CAMPUS_2025          Campus 2025 and Beyond (CAPEX) (27850_CAMPUS_2025)
     27851                   Campus 2025 (27851)                                    Active
     27852                   Campus 2025 Reconciliation (27852)                     Inactive
  27860_TCH_HOSP_DEV         Tching Hosptl Dvlopment(CAPEX) (27860_TCH_HOSP_DEV)
     27861                   Teaching Hospital Development (27861)                  Active
     27862                   Teaching Hospital Reconciliati (27862)                 Inactive
27900_CLEAR_ACCTS            Clearing Accounts (27900_CLEAR_ACCTS)
  27901                      CIS Clearing Account (27901)                           Active
27990_EX_FMO                 Old RCs (27990_EX_FMO)
  26000_FMO                  Facilities Management Office (26000_FMO)
     26100_FMO_OPERATING     FMO Operating Consolidated (26100_FMO_OPERATING)
       26101                 FMO Off Op Acct (26101)                                Inactive
       26102                 FMO Clear Acccs (26102)                                Inactive
       26199                 Plan/Res Bud FMO (INACTIVE) (26199)                    Inactive
     26200_CAP_DEVT_PROGM    Capital Development Program (26200_CAP_DEVT_PROGM)
       26210_CAP_DEVT_PROG   Capital Development Program (26210_CAP_DEVT_PROG)
          26211              CDP Reconciliation Account (26211)                     Inactive

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     26212               Reps, Maint & Oth (INACTIVE) (26212)                    Inactive
  26220_FAC_STRAT_PLAN   Facilities Strategic Planning (26220_FAC_STRAT_PLAN)
     26201               FMO Planning (INACTIVE) (26201)                         Inactive
     26221               FMO Planning (INACTIVE) (26221)                         Inactive
  26230_CAP_REHAB_WRKS   Capital & Rehabilitation Works (26230_CAP_REHAB_WRKS)
     26231               New Buildings and Additions (26231)                     Active
     26232               Landscaping & Site Works (26232)                        Inactive
     26233               Bldg Refurb/Rehab/Upgrade (26233)                       Active
     26234               Bldg Service Rehab/Upgrade (26234)                      Active
     26235               Site Services Rehab/Upgrade (26235)                     Active
     26236               Management InformationINACTIVE (26236)                  Inactive
     26237               Miscellaneous (26237)                                   Active
     26239               Capital Program Reconciliation (26239)                  Inactive
     26301               FMO New Cons (INACTIVE) (26301)                         Inactive
     26302               FMO Alts & Adds (INACTIVE) (26302)                      Inactive
     26303               FMO Rehab & Upgrds(INACTIVE) (26303)                    Inactive
  26240_MAINTENANCE      Maintenance (26240_MAINTENANCE)
     26241               Preventative Maint (INACTIVE) (26241)                   Inactive
     26242               Corrective Maint (INACTIVE) (26242)                     Inactive
     26243               Planning Funds (INACTIVE) (26243)                       Inactive
     26244               External Expend (INACTIVE) (26244)                      Inactive
     26245               Build Reps & Maint (INACTIVE) (26245)                   Inactive
     26246               Build Serv Maint (INACTIVE) (26246)                     Inactive
     26247               Site Serv Maint (INACTIVE) (26247)                      Inactive
     26248               Mgmnt Info Sys Mant (INACTIVE) (26248)                  Inactive
     26249               Miscell Maint (INACTIVE) (26249)                        Inactive
     26401               FMO Buildings (INACTIVE) (26401)                        Inactive
     26402               FMO Services (INACTIVE) (26402)                         Inactive
  26250_OTH_ACTIVITIES   Other Activities (26250_OTH_ACTIVITIES)
     26202               FMO Mngt Info Sys (INACTIVE) (26202)                    Inactive
     26251               M'ment Information Systems (26251)                      Inactive
     26252               Cap Contributions to Assoc Org (26252)                  Inactive
     26253               Miscellaneous (26253)                                   Inactive
26300_MAINT_GROUP        Maintenance Group (Non CDP) (26300_MAINT_GROUP)
  26311                  Trade Servi Grp (INACTIVE) (26311)                      Inactive
  26312                  Garage (INACTIVE) (26312)                               Inactive
  26313                  FMO Grounds (INACTIVE) (26313)                          Inactive
  26314                  Elec Tst & Tag Serv (INACTIVE) (26314)                  Inactive
  26315                  CC Maint Serv (INACTIVE) (26315)                        Inactive
  26316                  CC Grds Maint (INACTIVE) (26316)                        Inactive
  26403                  FMO Grounds (26403)                                     Inactive
  26404                  FMO Trade Services (INACTIVE) (26404)                   Inactive
  26405                  FMO Garage (INACTIVE) (26405)                           Inactive
26400_UNI_WIDE_COSTS     University Wide Costs (26400_UNI_WIDE_COSTS)
  26406                  FMO Utilities (INACTIVE) (26406)                        Inactive
  26411                  Audio Visual (INACTIVE) (26411)                         Inactive
  26412                  Cleaning - Contract (INACTIVE) (26412)                  Inactive
  26413                  Cleaning - Internal (INACTIVE) (26413)                  Inactive
  26414                  Utilities (INACTIVE) (26414)                            Inactive
  26415                  Cons Music Oper (INACTIVE) (26415)                      Inactive
  26416                  CC Audio Visual (INACTIVE) (26416)                      Inactive
  26417                  CC Utilities (INACTIVE) (26417)                         Inactive
  26523                  Audio Visual (INACTIVE) (26523)                         Inactive
  26544                  Clean Ops-Contract (INACTIVE) (26544)                   Inactive
  26545                  Clean Op-Internal (INACTIVE) (26545)                    Inactive
  26420_ENVIR_SERVICES   Environmental Services (26420_ENVIR_SERVICES)
     26421               Cleaning In-House (26421)                               Inactive
     26422               Cleaning - Contract (26422)                             Inactive
     26424               Environmental Strategies (26424)                        Inactive
     26425               CC Cleaning (26425)                                     Inactive
26500_FAC_SERVICES       Facilities Services (26500_FAC_SERVICES)
  26510_CTRL_SERVICES    Central Services (26510_CTRL_SERVICES)
     26511               Venue Management (26511)                                Active
     26512               Duplicating ServIces (26512)                            Active
     26514               Venue Revenue (26514)                                   Active
     26515               Darlington Centre (26515)                               Active
     26516               Nicolson Museum Venue Mgt (26516)                       Active
     26517               CC Prop Serv (INACTIVE) (26517)                         Inactive

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       26518                  Yandah Residence (INACTIVE) (26518)                    Inactive
       26599                  Plan/Res Budts FMO (INACTIVE) (26599)                  Inactive
     26520_AUDIO_VISUAL       Audio Visual (26520_AUDIO_VISUAL)
       26521                  Clean Ops - Contct (INACTIVE) (26521)                  Inactive
       26522                  Clean Ops - Int (INACTIVE) (26522)                     Inactive
     26530_SECURITY           Security (26530_SECURITY)
       26531                  Security Admin (INACTIVE) (26531)                      Active
       26532                  Fees/Fines/ Perms (INACTIVE) (26532)                   Inactive
       26533                  Sec Patrol & Emgy (INACTIVE) (26533)                   Inactive
       26534                  Attendants (INACTIVE) (26534)                          Inactive
       26535                  Traffic (INACTIVE) (26535)                             Inactive
       26536                  Security Systems (INACTIVE) (26536)                    Inactive
       26537                  CC Parking (INACTIVE) (26537)                          Inactive
       26538                  Campdn Sec Info Cnt (INACTIVE) (26538)                 Inactive
       26539                  CC Sec Services (INACTIVE) (26539)                     Inactive
     26540_MAIL_CLEANING      Mail and Cleaning (26540_MAIL_CLEANING)
       26541                  Mail Services (INACTIVE) (26541)                       Inactive
       26542                  Postage (INACTIVE) (26542)                             Inactive
       26543                  CC Mail Service (INACTIVE) (26543)                     Inactive
     26550_PROP_MGT_OPER      Facilities Management Operate (26550_PROP_MGT_OPER)
       26551                  Fac Manage Admin (INACTIVE) (26551)                    Inactive
       26552                  Fac Serv,Extraord'y (INACTIVE) (26552)                 Inactive
  26700_CUMBERLAND_CAM        Cumberland Campus (26700_CUMBERLAND_CAM)
     26453                    CC Mail Services (INACTIVE) (26453)                    Inactive
     26711                    CC Mnt Build & Grds (INACTIVE) (26711)                 Inactive
     26712                    CC Proprty Services (INACTIVE) (26712)                 Inactive
     26713                    CC Parking (INACTIVE) (26713)                          Inactive
27000_FMO                     Facilities Management Office (27000_FMO)
  27010_OPER_UNI_WIDE         FMO Operating & Uni Wide Costs (27010_OPER_UNI_WIDE)
     27020_OPER_&_MAINT       Operating & Maintenance (27020_OPER_&_MAINT)
       27100_REPAIR_MAINT     Repairs and Maintenance (27100_REPAIR_MAINT)
          27111               RM & O Reconciliation INACTIVE (27111)                 Inactive
          27112               Site Services INACTIVE (27112)                         Inactive
          27113               Building Serv Maj Plant & Equ (27113)                  Inactive
          27114               Preventive Maintenance (27114)                         Active
          27115               Corrective Maintance INACTIVE (27115)                  Inactive
          27116               Miscellaneous INACTIVE (27116)                         Inactive
          27117               Building Repairs & Maintenance (27117)                 Inactive
          27118               Miscell Maint (INACTIVE) (27118)                       Inactive
       27300_UNI_WIDE_COSTS   University Wide Costs (27300_UNI_WIDE_COSTS)
          27310_OVERHEADS     Overheads (27310_OVERHEADS)
             27311            AV-Teaching Venues ICT (27311)                         Inactive
             27312            Learning & Teaching Support (27312)                    Inactive
     27400_OTHER_SERVICES     Other Services (27400_OTHER_SERVICES)
       27411                  External Expenditure (27411)                           Active
       27412                  Miscellaneous Other (27412)                            Inactive
     27500_COM_ACTIVITIES     Commercial Activities (27500_COM_ACTIVITIES)
       27514                  Duplicating Services INACTIVE (27514)                  Inactive
       27520                  Post Rec Costs (INACTIVE) (27520)                      Inactive
     27600_INV_PROPERTY       Investment Property (27600_INV_PROPERTY)
       27610_PROPERTY_SERV    Property Services (27610_PROPERTY_SERV)
          24226               Student House Invest-Input Tax (24226)                 Inactive
          24227               Stud House Non-Inv - Input Tax (24227)                 Inactive
          24231               Carillon Village Building 6 (24231)                    Inactive
          27611               Comm/Residential Property (27611)                      Inactive
          27612               Housing-Amcillary Group (27612)                        Inactive
          27613               Rent-Telecommunication (27613)                         Inactive
          27614               Carillon Avenue rent (27614)                           Inactive
       27620_STUDNT_HOUSING   Student Housing (27620_STUDNT_HOUSING)
          24246               Tallimba (24246)                                       Inactive
          27621               Student House Investment (27621)                       Inactive
          27622               Student House Non Investment (27622)                   Inactive
          27623               Nepean Loan-Suspense Account (27623)                   Inactive
          27624               Nepean Hall Operating Account (27624)                  Inactive
          27625               Nepean Hall security Deposit (27625)                   Inactive
          27626               Nepean Hall Sports Facilities (27626)                  Inactive
          27627               Nepean Lodge (Townhouses) (27627)                      Inactive
          27628               Camden Residential Properties (27628)                  Inactive

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                27629            Yannadah Cumberland (27629)                             Inactive
             27640_RURAL_ENTER   Rural Enterprises (27640_RURAL_ENTER)
                24255            Camden Farms-Wolverton (24255)                          Inactive
                24256            Camden Farms-JB Pye Farm (24256)                        Inactive
                24257            Nepean Townhouses (24257)                               Inactive
                24258            Nepean Hall - Input Tax (24258)                         Inactive
                27641            Arthursleigh farms (27641)                              Inactive
                27642            Camden Farms-Corstorphine (27642)                       Inactive
                27643            Camden Farms - General (27643)                          Inactive
                27644            Camden New Dairy (27644)                                Inactive
                27645            EJ Holtrbaum ARI-Nowley (27645)                         Inactive
                27647            Livingston Farm (27647)                                 Inactive
65000_ICT_INF_CM_TCH             ICT Inform & Comms Technology (65000_ICT_INF_CM_TCH)
  65010_ICT_OPEX                 ICT Opex (65010_ICT_OPEX)
     65200_ICT_UWC               ICT University Wide Costs (65200_ICT_UWC)
        65390_INFO_SERV_OHDS     Information Services Overheads (65390_INFO_SERV_OHDS)
          65391                  PABX Maintenance Inactive (65391)                       Inactive
        65500_DETYA_CAP_DEVT     DETYA Capital Development (65500_DETYA_CAP_DEVT)
          65501                  Capital Pool Program (65501)                            Inactive
        65900_IT_UNI_WIDE_CO     IT University Wide Costs (65900_IT_UNI_WIDE_CO)
          63006                  Data Centre UWC (63006)                                 Active
          63007                  Communications UWC (63007)                              Active
          65331                  Software UWC (65331)                                    Active
          65343                  Access Lab UWC (65343)                                  Active
          65344                  Extro Accounts - chg-back (65344)                       Active
          65347                  Tel Operatings : cost recovery (65347)                  Active
          65348                  Work Orders : cost recovery (65348)                     Active
          65351                  Infrastructure UWC (65351)                              Active
          65901                  I.T.C. Software Licence (65901)                         Inactive
          65902                  Software Licenses (65902)                               Inactive
          65903                  Software Licenses Maint (65903)                         Inactive
          65904                  Computers & Peripherals UWC (65904)                     Active
          65905                  Audio Visual (65905)                                    Active
          65921                  Server And Storage L & M (65921)                        Inactive
          65922                  Desktop L (65922)                                       Inactive
          65923                  Other Equipment L & M (65923)                           Inactive
          65924                  Fixed Lines (65924)                                     Inactive
          65925                  Mobiles (65925)                                         Inactive
          65926                  Security Devices (65926)                                Inactive
          65927                  AARNET Internet Traffic (65927)                         Inactive
     65910_ICT_OPS_CS            ICT Operations - Core Services (65910_ICT_OPS_CS)
        65100_NON_ICT_OPEX       Non ICT Opex Cost (65100_NON_ICT_OPEX)
          65110_UNI_ADM_SYS_SC   EX Uni Admin Systems Sub-Com (65110_UNI_ADM_SYS_SC)
             65112               Srs Y2K Remediation (65112)                             Inactive
             65113               Executive Inform System (65113)                         Inactive
             65114               Non Unipower/CASMAC (65114)                             Inactive
             65115               Hardware (65115)                                        Inactive
             65116               SIS Implementation (65116)                              Inactive
             65117               Alfred Development (65117)                              Inactive
             65118               IT Research Sys Proj (65118)                            Inactive
             65119               Student Information Sys (65119)                         Inactive
          65120_FED_IT_PROVIDE   Federation of I.T. Providers (65120_FED_IT_PROVIDE)
             65121               I.T. Support Activities (65121)                         Inactive
          65130_INFR_WKG_PARTY   Infrastructure Working Party (65130_INFR_WKG_PARTY)
             65135               Year 2000 Project (65135)                               Inactive
             65136               ATP Link (65136)                                        Inactive
             65137               Internet Connection (65137)                             Inactive
             65139               Archive Official Email Records (65139)                  Inactive
          65150_EDUCATION_SC     Education Sub-Committee (65150_EDUCATION_SC)
             65151               Science/HSC Syllabus Resource (65151)                   Inactive
             65152               Comp Literacy Students (65152)                          Inactive
             65153               LRX Learning Resources XChange (65153)                  Inactive
             65154               Staff Development - non ICT (65154)                     Inactive
             65155               Curriculum Development (65155)                          Inactive
             65157               IT Access Program (65157)                               Inactive
             65158               IT in Education (65158)                                 Inactive
             65159               Education Action Group (65159)                          Inactive
             65161               Uniserve Science Projects (65161)                       Inactive

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     65162                  Web Teaching Delivery System (65162)                  Inactive
     65163                  IT Projects Funded External (65163)                   Active
  65170_EX_INF_TFR_ARC      Ex Info Transfer & Archiving (65170_EX_INF_TFR_ARC)
     65171                  Uwis (65171)                                          Inactive
  65180_HIGH_PERF_COMP      High Performance Computing (65180_HIGH_PERF_COMP)
     65181                  Centre for Computing & Commun (65181)                 Inactive
  65190_ITC_OP_COSTS        ITC Operating Costs (65190_ITC_OP_COSTS)
     65191                  Operations (65191)                                    Inactive
     65192                  Administration (65192)                                Inactive
     65193                  Special Projects - non ICT (65193)                    Inactive
     65194                  NTLD Project (65194)                                  Inactive
     65199                  Budget Resp Centre ITC (65199)                        Inactive
65300_INFO_SERVICES         Information Services (65300_INFO_SERVICES)
  65308                     Audio Visual (65308)                                  Inactive
  65399                     Budget Resp Centre (65399)                            Active
  65310_INFO_SERV_OP        Information Serv Operations (65310_INFO_SERV_OP)
     65320_INFO_SERVICES    Application Services (65320_INFO_SERVICES)
        62005               Software Licencing (62005)                            Inactive
     65330_CONSULT_SERV     Consulting Services (65330_CONSULT_SERV)
     65370_PROG_MGMT        Program Management Office (65370_PROG_MGMT)
        65371               Desktop Systems (65371)                               Inactive
     65380_REL_MGMT         Relationship Management (65380_REL_MGMT)
65600_ICT_SERV_DOMS         ICT Service Domains (65600_ICT_SERV_DOMS)
  65610_CHIEF_INFO_OFF      Chief Information Office (65610_CHIEF_INFO_OFF)
     65212                  ICT CIO & Administration (65212)                      Active
     65349                  INFRA Directors Inactive (65349)                      Inactive
     65359                  Office of the Director (65359)                        Inactive
     65361                  Financial Analysis & Reporting (65361)                Inactive
     65363                  Special Projects (65363)                              Inactive
     65364                  Software (65364)                                      Inactive
     65369                  BPO - Managers of Fice (65369)                        Inactive
     65376                  Program Management Office (65376)                     Inactive
     65383                  RM's Director's Office (65383)                        Inactive
     65452                  Director's Office INACTIVE (65452)                    Inactive
  65710_FAC_SERVICES        Faculty Services (65710_FAC_SERVICES)
     65385                  Faculty Services (65385)                              Active
  65720_ACADEMIC_SERV       Academic Services (65720_ACADEMIC_SERV)
     65322                  Student Experience (65322)                            Active
     65326                  eResearch (65326)                                     Active
     65329                  Research Learning and Teaching (65329)                Active
     65384                  Business Integration (65384)                          Inactive
  65730_PROF_SERV           Professional Services (65730_PROF_SERV)
     65323                  Professional Serv Ops Budget (65323)                  Active
     65324                  Professional Services PSUs (65324)                    Active
     65325                  External Relations (65325)                            Active
     65454                  Project Management Office (65454)                     Active
  65740_IIS                 Intergration & Info Services (65740_IIS)
     65211                  Architecture & Technology (65211)                     Active
     65328                  Agile Solutions (65328)                               Active
  65670__TRAINING           ICT Training (65670__TRAINING)
     65701                  ICT Training Courses (65701)                          Inactive
  65680_SERV_MNGMNT         Service Management (65680_SERV_MNGMNT)
     65020_SUPP_SERV        Support Services (65020_SUPP_SERV)
        65641               Support Services (65641)                              Active
     65030_DR_DATA_CNTR     DR Data Centre (65030_DR_DATA_CNTR)
        65631               Disaster Recovery & Data Centr (65631)                Active
     65040_IT_SECURITY      IT Security (65040_IT_SECURITY)
        65635               IT Securities (65635)                                 Active
     65050_SERV_DEL_MNGMT   Service Delivery Management (65050_SERV_DEL_MNGMT)
        65634               Service Delivery Management (65634)                   Active
     65630_INFRASTRUCTURE   Infrastructure (65630_INFRASTRUCTURE)
        65321               Operations (65321)                                    Inactive
        65345               Svrs Storage&Maint-Enterp Sysm (65345)                Inactive
        65346               Network Services (65346)                              Inactive
        65636               Svr & stg Hosting Enterp Sysm (65636)                 Active
     65640_COMM_SERV        Communication Services (65640_COMM_SERV)
        65101               Infra-Standards & Quality (65101)                     Inactive
        65341               Telecommunications INACTIVE (65341)                   Inactive

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             65342               Communications Services (65342)                        Active
             65355               Network Support (65355)                                Inactive
             65633               Voice Network- SM&E INACTIVE (65633)                   Inactive
          65650_FIELD_SERVICES   Field Services (65650_FIELD_SERVICES)
             65141               Access Centre Training/Support (65141)                 Inactive
             65142               Access Centre Implementation (65142)                   Inactive
             65143               Access Centre Security (65143)                         Inactive
             65144               Disability Access INACTIVE (65144)                     Inactive
             65145               Access Centre Operations (65145)                       Inactive
             65146               Universal Email Operations (65146)                     Inactive
             65354               Desktop Support (65354)                                Active
             65357               Cumberland Access Lab INACTIVE (65357)                 Inactive
             65358               Support Services DTS (65358)                           Inactive
             65643               Data&Voice Network Projects (65643)                    Inactive
             65801               Audio Visual Services (65801)                          Active
          65660_HPS              Help Desk Services (65660_HPS)
             65147               Helpdesk Extension (65147)                             Inactive
             65327               Student Centre INACTIVE (65327)                        Inactive
             65352               Help Desks Operatings (65352)                          Active
             65353               Access Centre Support (65353)                          Active
             65356               Telephony (65356)                                      Inactive
       65690_SS                  ICT Shared Services (65690_SS)
          65651                  ICT Shared Services (65651)                            Active
     65800_OPEX PRE_2007         OPEX Accounts Pre 2007 Old RCs (65800_OPEX PRE_2007)
       65131                     Build Rewire/Dept Net (65131)                          Inactive
       65132                     Modems (65132)                                         Inactive
       65133                     Pabx (65133)                                           Inactive
       65134                     Sydnet Backbone (65134)                                Inactive
       65138                     Software Licensing - non ICT (65138)                   Inactive
       65148                     ACC. LAB - Recurrent Leasing (65148)                   Inactive
       65149                     Audio & Visual Upgrade (65149)                         Inactive
       65182                     Internet2 Network - Inactive (65182)                   Inactive
       65332                     Multi-Media Services (65332)                           Inactive
       65335                     Web Services (65335)                                   Inactive
       65336                     Web Services Previous CDPIT (65336)                    Inactive
       65362                     Seminars & Courses (65362)                             Inactive
       65365                     Policy (65365)                                         Inactive
       65372                     Computer Sales Inactive (65372)                        Inactive
       65373                     Apple Business Devlp Fund (65373)                      Inactive
       65374                     Apple Uni Devlp Fund (65374)                           Inactive
       65375                     Access Centres (65375)                                 Inactive
       65377                     PMO Previous CDPIT (65377)                             Inactive
       65381                     Mainframe System Maint (65381)                         Inactive
       65382                     Data Entry Services (65382)                            Inactive
       65386                     Rel Mgr Previous CDPIT (65386)                         Inactive
65160_NON_CAP_IT                 Non Capital IT (65160_NON_CAP_IT)
  65111                          Non Capital IT Projects (65111)                        Active
  65165                          ICT Repairs & MMaintenance (65165)                     Inactive
65400_CDP_IT                     Capital Development Plan (IT) (65400_CDP_IT)
  A0102                          ICT Capital WIP (A0102)                                Active
  65480_CDPIT_PRE_NOV            CDPIT Accounts Pre Nov 2006 (65480_CDPIT_PRE_NOV)
     65451                       BPR CBUS Process Re-Engineerin (65451)                 Inactive
     65410_FINANCE_PROJ          Finance Projects (65410_FINANCE_PROJ)
       65411                     Finance Projects_C/T INACTIVE (65411)                  Inactive
       65412                     Finance Satellite Projects (65412)                     Active
       65413                     Peoplesoft System (65413)                              Active
       65414                     SUHRF 2000 IT Support (65414)                          Inactive
       65415                     Receipting/Sem/Sales/Systems (65415)                   Inactive
       65416                     Procurement INACTIVE (65416)                           Inactive
       65417                     Fin. Program Overheads (65417)                         Active
       65418                     Fin. Prod. Support Costs INACT (65418)                 Inactive
       65419                     Finance Projects_Startup INACT (65419)                 Inactive
     65420_STUDENT_ADMIN         Student Administration (65420_STUDENT_ADMIN)
       65421                     Student Admin Projs_C/T (65421)                        Inactive
       65422                     Flexsis Development (65422)                            Active
       65423                     Flexsis Web Development INACTI (65423)                 Inactive
       65424                     SIS IT Support (65424)                                 Inactive
       65425                     SRS Maintenance INACTIVE (65425)                       Inactive

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            65426               SRS Maintenance (65426)                             Inactive
            65427               Stu. Admin. Program O/Hs (65427)                    Active
            65428               Stu. Admin. Prod Support Costs (65428)              Inactive
            65429               Student Admin Projs_Startup (65429)                 Inactive
         65430_ONLINE_SERVICE   Online Services Delivery (65430_ONLINE_SERVICE)
            65172               USYDnet & Minor Projects (65172)                    Inactive
            65431               E Tech. Projs_C/T (65431)                           Active
            65432               E-Strategy Projects (65432)                         Inactive
            65433               E Applications INACTIVE (65433)                     Inactive
            65434               Web Portal Infrastructure INAC (65434)              Inactive
            65435               Minor Systems INACTIVE (65435)                      Inactive
            65436               E Learning (65436)                                  Active
            65437               E Tech. Program Overheads (65437)                   Active
            65438               E Tech. Prod Support Costs (65438)                  Inactive
            65439               E Tech. Projs_Startup INACTIVE (65439)              Inactive
         65440_ENTERP_SYSTEMS   Enterprise Systems (65440_ENTERP_SYSTEMS)
            65441               Enterprise Projects_C/T (65441)                     Active
            65442               Research Office Admin (65442)                       Active
            65443               Knowledge Mgmt INACTIVE (65443)                     Inactive
            65444               Advance Systems INACTIVE (65444)                    Inactive
            65445               AAR (65445)                                         Inactive
            65447               Ent Sys Program Overheads INAC (65447)              Inactive
            65448               Ent Sys Prod Support Costs (65448)                  Inactive
            65449               Enterprise Projects_C/T INACTI (65449)              Inactive
         65450_MANAGEMENT       Management (65450_MANAGEMENT)
            65453               Strategic Projects (65453)                          Active
            65455               Transfer to FMO INACTIVE (65455)                    Inactive
            65456               Strategic Protects (65456)                          Inactive
            65457               Project MGMT Office INACTIVE (65457)                Inactive
            65458               Infrastructure (65458)                              Active
            65459               Other System Projects INACTIVE (65459)              Inactive
         65460_ER_HRMS          ER/HRMS (65460_ER_HRMS)
            65461               ER/HRMS Projs_C/T INACTIVE (65461)                  Inactive
            65462               Peoplesoft System (65462)                           Inactive
            65463               HRMS Reporting (65463)                              Inactive
            65464               ESSI (65464)                                        Inactive
            65465               PPB Archiving (65465)                               Inactive
            65466               Restrispectivity (65466)                            Inactive
            65467               ER/HRMS Program Overheads (65467)                   Active
            65468               ER/HRMS Prod Support Costs (65468)                  Inactive
            65469               ER/HRMS Projs_Startup INACTIVE (65469)              Inactive
         65470_EX_EMG_TECH      Ex MPG Various RCs (65470_EX_EMG_TECH)
            65471               Other Systems Projects INACTIV (65471)              Inactive
            65472               Reconciliation - CDP/IT (65472)                     Inactive
            65481               Strategic Projects (65481)                          Inactive
       65490_CDPIT_PN06         CDPIT Post November 2006 (65490_CDPIT_PN06)
         65401                  Capital Dev Programs - IT (65401)                   Active
         65491                  Student Fees Income (65491)                         Active
         65492                  Strategic Development Income (65492)                Active
         65493                  Other Income (65493)                                Active
         65494                  Internal Charging-Non ITS (65494)                   Active
         65495                  Cost Pool-ITS (65495)                               Active
         65499                  Budget Resp Centre CDP-IT (65499)                   Active
  10010_DVC_INF_EX              DVC Infrastrcture 2006 & Prior (10010_DVC_INF_EX)
    20205                       SSEO - Anti-Harassment (20205)                      Active
    21001                       DVC Infrastructure Inactive (21001)                 Inactive
    21002                       Infrastructure Expense (Inact) (21002)              Inactive
    21003                       DVC Infrastructure Devel Funds (21003)              Active
VC_OFFICE                       Vice Chancellor's Office (VC_OFFICE)
  28000_VC_&_SE                 VC and Senior Exec (28000_VC_&_SE)
    22001                       Contingency Gen Reviews (22001)                     Active
    22002                       SES Conf & Staff Deve (22002)                       Active
    22003                       Universities Australia (22003)                      Active
    22004                       New Professors Reserve (22004)                      Active
    22005                       University Historian (22005)                        Active
    22006                       VC Nursing Rsch Initiative Fnd (22006)              Active
    22007                       VC Operating (22007)                                Active
    22008                       Senior Executive Rsch Projects (22008)              Active

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    22099                  Plan/Resources Budgets AVC (22099)                    Active
    28001                  VC and Senior Exec Portfolio (28001)                  Active
    28002                  VC Contingency (28002)                                Active
    28003                  VC Research Projects (28003)                          Active
    28004                  Secretary to Senate Operating (28004)                 Active
    28005                  Chancellor's Operating (28005)                        Active
    28006                  Chancellors Committee (28006)                         Active
    28007                  VC's Innovative Develop (28007)                       Active
    28008                  Directors to the VC (28008)                           Active
    28009                  GO8 Contributions (28009)                             Active
    28011                  DVC Exter Rel Office Operating (28011)                Active
    28012                  DVC Education Office Operating (28012)                Active
    28013                  DVC International Office Oper (28013)                 Active
    28014                  DVC Brewer Office Operating (28014)                   Active
    28015                  Hirst Research Projects (28015)                       Active
    28016                  DVC Research Office Operating (28016)                 Active
    28021                  Strategic Development Fund (28021)                    Active
  28040_DIR_GOVT_REL       Director Goverment Relations (28040_DIR_GOVT_REL)
  28050_SPO                Strategic Planning Office (28050_SPO)
    23002                  Strategy & Development (23002)                        Active
    23007                  Secondment Program (23007)                            Active
  28060_VC_MEDIA           Media Manager (28060_VC_MEDIA)
  28070_SECR_SENATE        Secretary to the Senate (28070_SECR_SENATE)
ALUMNI_&_DEVT              Alumni and Development (ALUMNI_&_DEVT)
  34000_ALUM_COMM_ENG      Alumni & Community Engagement (34000_ALUM_COMM_ENG)
    34100_ALUMNI_RELATNS   Alumni Relations (34100_ALUMNI_RELATNS)
       28131               Alumni Relations Operating (28131)                    Inactive
       28132               Uni of Sydney Alumni Council (28132)                  Inactive
       28134               Sydney Alumni Magazine (28134)                        Inactive
       34101               Alumni Relations-Operating (34101)                    Active
       34102               Sydney Alumni Council-Operatin (34102)                Active
       34103               Sydney Alumni Magazine-Opg (34103)                    Active
       34104               On Line Community Encompass (34104)                   Active
    34200_EVENTS_OFFICE    Events Office (34200_EVENTS_OFFICE)
       28133               Events Operating (28133)                              Inactive
       28151               Events Operating (28151)                              Inactive
       34201               Event Management Office-Opg (34201)                   Active
       34202               VC Alumni & Friends Xmas Recpn (34202)                Active
       34203               Charles Perkins Oration (34203)                       Active
       34204               Vice-Chancellor Events (34204)                        Active
       34205               DVC Community Events (34205)                          Active
       34206               SRC Annual Reception (34206)                          Active
       34207               Sydney Review of Ideas (34207)                        Inactive
       34208               VC Staff Christmas Party (34208)                      Active
       34209               Foundations Recognition (34209)                       Active
       34211               Reconciliation Week (34211)                           Active
       43111               Sydney Ideas Lectures & Forums (43111)                Active
    34300_ALUMNI_PRGRAMS   Alumni Programmes (34300_ALUMNI_PRGRAMS)
       34301               Alumni Reunions (34301)                               Active
       34302               Graduate Breakfast Series (34302)                     Active
       34303               Alumni Engagement Program (34303)                     Active
       34304               Alumni Awards presentations (34304)                   Active
       34305               Annual Alumni Forums (34305)                          Active
       34306               Graduation Ceremonies (34306)                         Active
    34400_INT_ASSOC_CHAP   Intl Association & Chapters (34400_INT_ASSOC_CHAP)
       30103               UK Office (30103)                                     Active
       34401               International Events (34401)                          Active
       34402               International Chapter (34402)                         Active
       34403               Hong Kong Alumni (34403)                              Inactive
       34404               Singapore Alumni (34404)                              Inactive
       34405               Malaysia Alumni (34405)                               Inactive
       34406               Japan Alumni (34406)                                  Active
       34407               Vietnam Alumni (34407)                                Active
       34408               European Alumni (34408)                               Inactive
       34409               China Alumni (34409)                                  Inactive
       34410               Do not use (34410)                                    Inactive
       34411               Indonesia Alumni (34411)                              Active
       34412               Middle East Alumni (34412)                            Active

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     34413               Visiting Academics Programs (34413)                     Active
  34500_DOM_ASSOC_CHAP   Domestic Assoc & Chapters (34500_DOM_ASSOC_CHAP)
     34501               Domestic Chapter Development (34501)                    Active
     34502               Canberra Alumni (34502)                                 Active
     34503               NSW Regional Alumni (34503)                             Active
     34504               Victoria Alumni (34504)                                 Active
     34505               Western NSW Alumni (34505)                              Active
  34600_OTHER_NEW_INIT   Other Project &New Initiatives (34600_OTHER_NEW_INIT)
     34601               Lost Alumni Project (34601)                             Active
     34602               Alumni Survey (34602)                                   Active
     34603               Program & Web Development (34603)                       Active
     34604               Volunteer Recruitn & Training (34604)                   Active
     34605               Fac Alumni & Developn Staffing (34605)                  Active
     34606               Alumni Center Resourcing (34606)                        Active
  34700_NON_PROGRAMMED   Non Prog Events & One Off Proj (34700_NON_PROGRAMMED)
     34701               Non programmed events/projects (34701)                  Active
34900_ALUM_UWV_OTH       UWC & Specific Accounts (34900_ALUM_UWV_OTH)
  34901                  Alumni Scholarship (34901)                              Active
  34902                  Public Event Mini Mag (34902)                           Active
  41004                  Sydney Uni Graduate Choir (41004)                       Active
  43123                  Sydney Alumni Magazine (43123)                          Active
  34910_UOS_UNI_FRI      Union Alumni & Friends Assoc (34910_UOS_UNI_FRI)
     34506               UOS Union Alumni&Friends Assoc (34506)                  Active
     47201               UOS Union Alumni&Friends Assoc (47201)                  Inactive
35000_DEVELOPMENT        Development (35000_DEVELOPMENT)
  28144                  Research & Prospecting (28144)                          Inactive
  28171                  Dir of Development Op (28171)                           Active
  28172                  University Development Fund (28172)                     Active
  28173                  Bequest & Planned Giving Oper (28173)                   Active
  28174                  Major Gifts Operating (28174)                           Active
  28175                  Research & Prospecting (28175)                          Active
  28176                  Donor Relations (28176)                                 Active
  28177                  Faculty Based Devt Officers (28177)                     Active
  28178                  External Trusts & Foundations (28178)                   Active
  28179                  Research & Education (28179)                            Active
  28181                  University Campaigns Office (28181)                     Active
  28182                  Corporate Support (28182)                               Active
  28183                  International Development (28183)                       Active
  28140_DEVT_SERV        Advancement Services (28140_DEVT_SERV)
     28141               Dir of Advancement Services Op (28141)                  Active
     28142               Finance Admin Op (28142)                                Inactive
     28143               Systems & Accts Mgt Operating (28143)                   Active
     28145               Database Operations (28145)                             Active
     28146               Data Input Team (28146)                                 Active
     28147               Data Reporting Team (28147)                             Active
     28148               Training & Quality Assurance (28148)                    Active
39000_CAMPAIGN_FUND      Campaign Fund (39000_CAMPAIGN_FUND)
  28106                  Annual Giving (28106)                                   Inactive
  28109                  Devt Services Clearing Account (28109)                  Inactive
  28191                  Anuual Giving (28191)                                   Inactive
  28192                  Campaign Holding (28192)                                Inactive
  28193                  Campaign Building (28193)                               Inactive
  28211                  University Development Fund (28211)                     Active
  28212                  Holding (Bequest) (28212)                               Active
  28213                  USA Foundation (28213)                                  Active
  28214                  Alumni Scholarships (28214)                             Inactive
  28215                  Holding (Miscellaneous) (28215)                         Active
  28216                  UK Trust (28216)                                        Active
  28217                  FR Charles Fraser SJ Scholarsh (28217)                  Active
  28218                  University Priorities Fund (28218)                      Active
  28219                  Hong Kong Foundation (28219)                            Active
  28221                  Law Campaign (28221)                                    Active
  28231                  SIT Campaign (28231)                                    Active
39900_EX_COMM            Ex Community (39900_EX_COMM)
  28300_UNI_REL          University Relations (28300_UNI_REL)
     28100_EXCL_CPGN     Excl Gift Revenue Holding (28100_EXCL_CPGN)
       28110_PRINCIPAL   Vice Principal (28110_PRINCIPAL)
          28101          Director Devt and Ext Affairs (28101)                   Inactive

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           28102              Fundraising (28102)                                 Inactive
           28103              Alumni Relations (28103)                            Inactive
           28104              Development Services (28104)                        Inactive
           28105              Events (28105)                                      Inactive
           28107              Convocation (28107)                                 Inactive
           28108              Semmler Consulting (28108)                          Inactive
           28111              Vice Principal Operating (28111)                    Inactive
           28112              Semmler Consulting (28112)                          Inactive
           28113              USA Foundation (28113)                              Inactive
           43109              USA Foundation (Devt Office) (43109)                Inactive
         28120_FINANCE        Univ. Relations Finance (28120_FINANCE)
           28121              Finance Admin Operating (28121)                     Inactive
         28160_SYS_ACCT_MGT   EX Systems and Account Mgt (28160_SYS_ACCT_MGT)
           28161              Systems/Account Mgt Operating (28161)               Inactive
    31300_STUD_DEV            Student Development (31300_STUD_DEV)
      31321                   Internal Placement (31321)                          Active
      31322                   External Placement INACTIVE (31322)                 Inactive
      31323                   Overseas Placement INACTIVE (31323)                 Inactive
      31324                   Fees Only Placement INACTIVE (31324)                Inactive
    43000_COMM                Community Engagement (43000_COMM)
      43099                   Int/Develop Budgets (43099)                         Active
      43103                   Alumni Relations (43103)                            Inactive
      43104                   Standing Committee Convocation (43104)              Inactive
      43105                   Development Office (43105)                          Inactive
      43108                   Yvonne Kenny Function Proceeds (43108)              Inactive
      43119                   CCA Budget Adjustment (43119)                       Active
      43202                   Prospective Students (43202)                        Inactive
      43203                   Publications (43203)                                Inactive
      43421                   Uni Collection Operating (43421)                    Inactive
      43422                   University Art Collection Devt (43422)              Inactive
      43432                   Friends of Nicholson Museum (43432)                 Inactive
      43433                   Cambitoglou Endowment (43433)                       Inactive
      43434                   Treasures Nicholson Museum BK (43434)               Inactive
      D4604                   Mandelbaum House (D4604)                            Inactive
    64600_UNI_HLTH_SERV       University Health Service (64600_UNI_HLTH_SERV)
      64610_UNI_HLTH_SERV     University Health Service (64610_UNI_HLTH_SERV)
         64611                University Health INACTIVE (64611)                  Inactive
CENTRAL_AND_ADJS              Central Accounts & Adjustments (CENTRAL_AND_ADJS)
  CENTRAL_ACCOUNTS            Central Accounts (CENTRAL_ACCOUNTS)
    A0001                     University Balance Sheet (A0001)                    Active
    A0003                     VC Unallocated (A0003)                              Active
    A0005                     Prov For LSL -Investment (A0005)                    Inactive
    A0007                     Alltech Finance (A0007)                             Active
    A0008                     Joint Venture Projects (A0008)                      Active
    A0011                     Discontinuing Operatns-Orange (A0011)               Active
    A0012                     Discontinuing Operatns-Nursing (A0012)              Inactive
    A0101                     Academic Activities (A0101)                         Inactive
    A0103                     Academic Support Services (A0103)                   Inactive
    A0105                     Libraries (A0105)                                   Inactive
    A0106                     Public Services (A0106)                             Inactive
    A0107                     Student Services (A0107)                            Inactive
    FORMER_COLLEGE            Former College (FORMER_COLLEGE)
      A1100_CST_ADMIN         Coll Sciences & Tech Admin (A1100_CST_ADMIN)
         A1101                CST - Personnel INACTIVE (A1101)                    Inactive
         A1102                CST-Finance INACTIVE (A1102)                        Inactive
         A1103                CST-SDG (A1103)                                     Inactive
         A1104                CST-Admin (A1104)                                   Inactive
         A1105                CST-IT (A1105)                                      Inactive
         A1106                CST-Marketing (A1106)                               Inactive
         A1107                CST-Teaching & Learning (A1107)                     Inactive
         A1108                CST-Workshops (A1108)                               Inactive
         A1199                CST Budgets (A1199)                                 Inactive
      A2100_CHS_ADMIN         College Health Sciences Admin (A2100_CHS_ADMIN)
         A2101                Finance (A2101)                                     Inactive
         A2102                Cumberland Finance (A2102)                          Inactive
         A2103                Personnel (A2103)                                   Inactive
         A2104                Pvc INACTIVE (A2104)                                Inactive
         A2105                Human Resources INACTIVE (A2105)                    Inactive

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  A2106                  CHS International Development (A2106)                   Inactive
  A2107                  PVC's Research (A2107)                                  Inactive
  A2108                  College Development Fund (A2108)                        Inactive
  A2109                  Health Policy Unit (A2109)                              Inactive
  A2110                  College Conferences (A2110)                             Inactive
  A2111                  Merit Loading (A2111)                                   Inactive
  A2112                  CHS Research Conference (A2112)                         Inactive
  A2113                  CHS Holding Account (A2113)                             Inactive
  A2115                  Externally Funded Positions (A2115)                     Inactive
  A2116                  Student Fees International (A2116)                      Inactive
  A2117                  Student Fees Local (A2117)                              Inactive
  A2118                  Outside Earnings Holding Acct (A2118)                   Active
  A2119                  Institute of Dental Research (A2119)                    Inactive
  A2121                  Preserved Bequests - Medicine (A2121)                   Active
  A2122                  R & D Project Account INACTIVE (A2122)                  Inactive
  A2123                  Research & Development Office (A2123)                   Inactive
  A2124                  College Conferences (A2124)                             Inactive
  A2125                  IGS / RTS Funds (A2125)                                 Inactive
  A2126                  Anderson Stuart Refurb (A2126)                          Inactive
  A2127                  CHS Disrectionary Funds (A2127)                         Inactive
  A2128                  Dermatology Laboratory (A2128)                          Inactive
  A2129                  Indigenous Health (A2129)                               Inactive
  A2131                  Nursing Strategic Development (A2131)                   Inactive
  A2132                  Assistant PVC's Office INACTIV (A2132)                  Inactive
  A2133                  Saudi Arabia Project INACTIVE (A2133)                   Inactive
  A2134                  Indigenous Support (A2134)                              Inactive
  A2135                  T & L Projects (A2135)                                  Inactive
  A2136                  IPL Clinical Placement (A2136)                          Inactive
  A2137                  International Marketing (A2137)                         Inactive
  A2199                  CHS Budgets (A2199)                                     Inactive
  A2110_ANZAC_INST       Anzac Institute (A2110_ANZAC_INST)
     A2114               Anzac Research Institute (A2114)                        Inactive
A3100_CHASS_ADMIN        Coll Human & Social Sci Admin (A3100_CHASS_ADMIN)
  A3110_CHASS_ADMIN      College Administration (A3110_CHASS_ADMIN)
     A3111               Coll Hum & Soc Sciences Admin (A3111)                   Inactive
     A3112               Coll Hum & Soc Sci Finance (A3112)                      Inactive
     A3113               Coll Hum & Soc Sci Personnel (A3113)                    Inactive
     A3114               Professor Ros Pesman (A3114)                            Inactive
     A3115               Prof. Sinclair (A3115)                                  Inactive
     A3116               ICT T&L Inactive (A3116)                                Inactive
     A3118               Newman Research Assistant (A3118)                       Inactive
     A3199               CHASS Budgets (A3199)                                   Inactive
  A3120_CHASS_INT_DEVT   EX International Development (A3120_CHASS_INT_DEVT)
     A3121               International Development (A3121)                       Inactive
  A3130_CHASS_PVC_DISC   PVC's Discretionary Funds (A3130_CHASS_PVC_DISC)
     A3131               PVC's Discretionary Funds (A3131)                       Inactive
     A3132               Teaching Improvement Fund (A3132)                       Inactive
     A3133               Indigenous Support Fund (A3133)                         Inactive
     A3134               Scholarship Index (A3134)                               Inactive
  A3140_CHASS_DISTRIB    CHASS Distribution (A3140_CHASS_DISTRIB)
     A3141               CHaSS Distribution (A3141)                              Inactive
  A3170_RIHSS            Res Inst Human & Soc Sciences (A3170_RIHSS)
     A3171               RIHSS Operating (A3171)                                 Inactive
A3200_EQUIP_GRT_KIRK     Equipment Grant Kirkbride (A3200_EQUIP_GRT_KIRK)
  A3211                  Equipment Grant Kirkbride (A3211)                       Inactive
U0000_RSCH_TCH_FAC       CST Research & Tch Facilities (U0000_RSCH_TCH_FAC)
  U0600_GENOMIC_CTRE     Genomic Information Centre (U0600_GENOMIC_CTRE)
     U0601               Genomic Info CntrOper INACTIVE (U0601)                  Inactive
     U0602               VC'S Innovative Develop (U0602)                         Inactive
  U0900_CNTRE_FOR_MIND   Centre for the Mind (U0900_CNTRE_FOR_MIND)
     U0901               CTR for the Mind Operating (U0901)                      Active
     U0902               CTR for the Mind Research (U0902)                       Active
     U0903               CTR for the Mind Internt Forum (U0903)                  Active
     U0904               Developt-What Makes A Champion (U0904)                  Active
     U0905               Developt-Geniuses Prodigies (U0905)                     Active
     U0906               Products-What Makes A Champion (U0906)                  Active
     U0907               PR and Marketing (U0907)                                Active
  U1000_INST_MAR_OC_SC   Inst fr Marine & Ocean Science (U1000_INST_MAR_OC_SC)

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          U1001                IMOS - Operating (U1001)                                Inactive
     U0700_SUPAMAC             Supamac (U0700_SUPAMAC)
        U0701                  Supamac Oper (U0701)                                    Inactive
     M0000_RURAL_MGT           Faculty of Rural Management (M0000_RURAL_MGT)
        M0001                  F.R.M. - Corporate (M0001)                              Inactive
        M0002                  F.R.M. - Acad Activities (M0002)                        Inactive
        M0003                  F.R.M. - Libraries (M0003)                              Inactive
        M0004                  F.R.M. - Acad Support Serv (M0004)                      Inactive
        M0005                  F.R.M. - Student Services (M0005)                       Inactive
        M0006                  F.R.M. - Public Services (M0006)                        Inactive
        M0007                  F.R.M. - Buildings/Grounds (M0007)                      Inactive
        M0008                  F.R.M. - Administration (M0008)                         Inactive
        M0009                  F.R.M. - Input Tax (M0009)                              Inactive
        M0011                  Faculty Initiatives (M0011)                             Inactive
        M0012                  Research (M0012)                                        Inactive
        M0013                  Teaching & Learning (M0013)                             Inactive
        M0019                  FRM (M0019)                                             Inactive
        M0021                  CREO - Corporate (M0021)                                Inactive
        M0022                  CREO - Pharmacy (M0022)                                 Inactive
        M0023                  CREO - Liberal Studies (M0023)                          Inactive
        M0024                  CREO - Computer Science (M0024)                         Inactive
        M0025                  Biology (M0025)                                         Inactive
        M0026                  Psychology (M0026)                                      Inactive
        M0027                  CREO - Capital (M0027)                                  Inactive
        M0029                  Library (M0029)                                         Inactive
        M0031                  Horse Unit (M0031)                                      Inactive
        M0032                  Vineyard (M0032)                                        Inactive
        M0039                  Farm (M0039)                                            Inactive
        M0041                  Stu loans, Prizes & Bequests (M0041)                    Inactive
        M0045                  Residences (M0045)                                      Inactive
        M0049                  Client Services (M0049)                                 Inactive
        M0059                  Professional Services (M0059)                           Inactive
        M0062                  Enterprise Review (M0062)                               Inactive
        M0069                  Facilities (M0069)                                      Inactive
        M0071                  Finance (M0071)                                         Inactive
        M0072                  IT (M0072)                                              Inactive
        M0073                  Marketing (M0073)                                       Inactive
        M0074                  Wine Business (M0074)                                   Inactive
        M0079                  Dean's Office (M0079)                                   Inactive
        M0099                  CST Budgets F.R.M. (M0099)                              Inactive
        M0100_FRM_ACADEMIC     F.R.M. Academic (M0100_FRM_ACADEMIC)
          M0101                Faculty of Rural Management (M0101)                     Active
          M0102                Teaching & Learning (M0102)                             Inactive
          M0104                Asian Agribus Research Centre (M0104)                   Active
          M0105                Rural Mgmt Research Institute (M0105)                   Active
          M0111                Farm (M0111)                                            Inactive
          M0112                Equine Centre (M0112)                                   Inactive
          M0113                Vineyard (M0113)                                        Inactive
          M0121                Dean's Office (M0121)                                   Inactive
        M0200_FRM_LIBRARY      F.R.M. Library (M0200_FRM_LIBRARY)
          M0201                Finance (M0201)                                         Inactive
          M0202                Student Services (M0202)                                Active
          M0203                Facilities (M0203)                                      Inactive
          M0204                Information Technology (M0204)                          Inactive
          M0205                Marketing (M0205)                                       Inactive
          M0211                Residences (M0211)                                      Inactive
          M0212                Wine Business (M0212)                                   Inactive
        M0300_FRM_ACAD_SUPP    EX F.R.M. Academic Support (M0300_FRM_ACAD_SUPP)
        M0400_FRM_STUD_SERV    EX F.R.M. Student Services (M0400_FRM_STUD_SERV)
        M0500_FRM_PUBL_SERV    EX F.R.M. Public Services (M0500_FRM_PUBL_SERV)
        M0600_FRM_PUBL_GRNDS   EX F.R.M. Properties & Grounds (M0600_FRM_PUBL_GRNDS)
        M0700_FRM_ADMIN        EX F.R.M. Admin and General (M0700_FRM_ADMIN)
COST_RECOVERY                  Cost Recovery (COST_RECOVERY)
  A0201                        Cost Recovery RC (A0201)                                Active
STR_INI_REALIGN_FUND           Strategic Init Realign Funding (STR_INI_REALIGN_FUND)
  A8201                        Strategic Realign Funding RC (A8201)                    Active
RESERVED_REINVEST.             Reserved Re-Investment Surplus (RESERVED_REINVEST.)
  A5001                        Reserved Re-Investment RC (A5001)                       Active

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  A8101                 Consolidation Adjustment RC (A8101)               Active
ENDOWMENT_FUND.         Endowment Fund (ENDOWMENT_FUND.)
  A6300_PROTECTED_BEQ   Protected Bequests (A6300_PROTECTED_BEQ)
    A6301               Protected Bequest (A6301)                         Active
    A6399               Protected Bequest Budgets (A6399)                 Active
FUTURE_FUND.            Future Fund (FUTURE_FUND.)
  A4100_ASSETS          Future Fund Assets (A4100_ASSETS)
    A4001               Discretionary Future Fund (A4001)                 Active

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