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									    Setting Up Your Juice Plus+ Business
 After receiving your ‘user name’ and ‘password’ from NSA/Juice Plus log on to your
  Virtual Office at www.nsavirtualoffice.com.

 Once logged on, go to the ‘personal file’ tab on the top left, then the ‘personal profile’
  drop down box and click on ‘my settings’. Then click on ‘NSA Virtual Office tour’ in blue
  letters under ‘My Subscription’ in the first paragraph. Once that page opens, click on
  ‘PLAY ALL’ and sit back and watch this 23 minute tutorial of your Virtual Office.

 After taking the tour of your Virtual Office, go to the ‘personal file’ tab again on the top
  left, then the ‘personal profile’ drop down box, then the ‘my juice plus.com’ tab. This is
  where you will set up your personalized Juice Plus website.

 Once you have your Juice Plus website set up with your personal domain name
  confirmed, and it is working, order your business cards. Go to ‘Promo Plus’ under the
  Quick Links on your Virtual Office Home Page, or you may order generic economical
  cards from www.vistaprint.com or print your own from your computer. Whatever you
  decide, it is important to have a business card.

 On your business card be sure to include in addition to your personal information and
  email address, your personal Juice Plus website, and the following Juice Plus business
  website: www.juiceplusvirtualfranchise.com.

 Go to your personal Juice Plus website and watch the Juice Plus product video on the
  home page under ‘view the video’.

 Then on your Juice Plus website click on the ‘related information’ tab and watch the two
  videos there: Bridging the Gap and The Whole Truth, Revisited.

 Also, on your Juice Plus site click on the ‘what experts say’ tab and get familiar with the
  professionals, bios, and videos on this page.

 Go to Juice Plus business site www.juiceplusvirtualfranchise.com and on the home page
  view both videos by clicking ‘view the video’.

 Go through the Children’s Health Study site so you are familiar with it at:

 Also check out www.juiceplusfacts.com, www.livelifetotheplus.com and

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