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									      VASER Enhances Safety and Results
      for Submental Procedures
                                                                      By Desiree Ifft, Contributing Editor
                                   Stephen A. Goldstein, M.D.,
                                                                         Offering unique technology with dual      incisions can be utilized. Furthermore,
                                   Plastic Surgeon
                                                                      mode settings, the VASER Lipo System,        the probes are available with one, two
                                   Denver Face and Body               from Sound Surgical Technologies,            or three tip grooves, or rings.
                                   Englewood, CO                      LLC (Louisville, Colo.), is an ideal tool
                                                                      for procedures involving the delicate          As Dr. Goldstein explained, the
                                                                      tissues of the submental region.             number of rings affects the dispersion
                                                                                                                   of energy. “In more delicate areas
                                   John A. Grossman, M.D.               “Earlier generation ultrasound instru-     such as the face, a three-ring probe
                                   Plastic Surgeon                    ments were simply too powerful for           disperses energy over a wider area,
                                   Denver, CO and Beverly Hills, CA
                                                                      these areas,” said Stephen A.                which is gentler, yet still efficient.”
                                                                      Goldstein, M.D., F.A.C.S., a plastic
                                                                      surgeon at Denver Face and Body in              Skin contraction can be an addi-
                                                                      Englewood, Colo., who has used the           tional benefit provided by the VASER
                                                                      VASER system in more than 100 face           system, according to Dr. Grossman.
                                                                      and neck procedures. “This platform          Since a lower amount of ultrasound
                                                                      is more gentle and predictable,              energy is delivered, the risk of ther-
                                                                      which leads to better outcomes.”             mal complications is minimized.
                                                                                                                   Consequently, the probe can be used
                                                                        According to John A. Grossman,             more extensively in the superficial
                                                                      M.D., a plastic surgeon with practices       fatty layer, producing more skin con-
                                                                      in Denver, Colo., and Beverly Hills,         traction and better contouring.
                                                                      Calif., easy and quick definition of the
                                                                      neck and jawline is one example of              “In cases where there is too much
                                                                      what can be accomplished with                skin or too much muscle laxity to
                                                                      VASER. “Due to the delicate nature of        respond to VASER alone, it can cer-
                                                                      the submental region, it is particularly     tainly be combined with more exten-
    Before Tx                               After Tx
                                                                      important to avoid excessive delivery        sive procedures to reach the desired
    Photos courtesy of Stephen A. Goldstein, M.D., F.A.C.S.
                                                                      of ultrasound energy,” he explained.         endpoint,” Dr. Grossman added. Dr.
                                                                      “In this regard, the VASER Lipo System       Grossman often uses the VASER sys-
                                                                      has several advantages compared              tem for submental shaping and dis-
                                                                      with other lipoplasty platforms.”            section, in conjunction with a tradi-
                                                                                                                   tional face- or neck lift, tightening
                                                                         Dr. Grossman also pointed out that        technique or other procedure. He has
                                                                      compared to other platforms; the             also used the VASER system to har-
                                                                      VASER system uses roughly half of the        vest fat from one area of the body for
                                                                      ultrasound energy to emulsify the same       transplant into another area.
                                                                      amount of fat, thus reducing the risk of
                                                                      thermal complications. In addition, the         Dr. Goldstein also appreciates the
                                                                      surgeon can choose between continu-          versatility of the VASER system. “A nice
           Before Tx                                                  ous and pulsating modes. “Continuous         aspect of this platform is that it incor-
                                                                      mode is appropriate for dealing with         porates all three elements necessary
                                                                      more fibrous tissue and for higher-          for a liposuction procedure into a sin-
                                                                      speed fragmentation. Pulsating mode          gle instrument – fluid infiltration, ultra-
                                                                      is appropriate for softer tissue and situ-   sound emulsification and aspiration.
                                                                      ations in which finer sculpting is the       Furthermore, by altering the power,
                                                                      goal, as in the submental region.”           we can use the system to facilitate fat
                                                                                                                   removal and contouring, as well as dis-
                                                                         The probes designed for use with          section and skin flap elevation. VASER
                                                                      the VASER system also offer specific         is a relatively reasonably priced device
                                                                      advantages for submental procedures,         with a wide-range of applications. It
                                                                      Dr. Grossman added. They deliver             can be incorporated into any surgical
           After Tx                                                   ultrasound energy efficiently, which         approach for any part of the body,
           Photos courtesy of John A. Grossman, M.D.                  means smaller probes and smaller             including the face and neck.”

2        THE Aesthetic Guide January/February 2010

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