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									                                  Regina Guthrie Faridnia, LCSW
                                 Dept of Family and Children‟s Services
                                         County of Santa Clara
                                           373 W. Julian St.,
                                          San Jose, Ca. 95110

Credentials and Licenses: Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Louisiana -License # 4526
                                                           California LCSW # 26712
                 Chair of the American Indian Committee at Social Services Agency (2003-2011)
                 Diversity Day Celebration Planning Committee (2003-2011)

Education: Santa Barbara Graduate Institute, 1 yr. graduate study in Somatic Psychology (2009-10)
           Master of Social Work, University of Washington, June 1997
           Bachelor of Arts in Sociology (Minor in Psychology), University of New Orleans, May 1994

Qualitative Research regarding Cultural Diversity was published in „What‟s News‟ (UW School of Social
Work Newsletter)

Professional Experience:
Indigena Counseling and Wellness Center, Campbell, Ca.                                   9/2010 to present
Private Practice Psychotherapy and Group Facilitation- Director/Founder

Social Worker III, Continuing Unit - D.F.C.S.
Santa Clara County Social Services Agency                                               6/2001 to present
San Jose, CA
 Provide Case Management Services for children and their families
 Provide referrals and link children and their families to local services
 Make assessments to determine if children are at risk for continued abuse if returned home
 Assist families/parents in reunifying with children
 Assist children in adjustment between home, foster care, and adoptive placement
 Monitor case plan compliance and progress
 Providing written reports, documentation and recommendations to the court

Social Worker/Therapist, Ruach Restorative Services                                      10/99 to 3/01
New Orleans, La.
(Outpatient substance abuse program for juveniles in Orleans Parish – under Harry Connick Sr., D. A.)
 Conducted substance abuse prevention, psychoeducational and process groups
 Arranged for outside service providers to conduct appropriate training for clients related to substance
    abuse, sexuality, family issues)
 Provided case management for court-referred (substance abuse) diversion clients
 Provided individual and family counseling for assigned clients

Social Worker/Therapist, Odyssey House                                                   9/97 to 9/99
1125 N. Tonti St., New Orleans, La.
(Residential substance abuse treatment program)
 Conducted process and individual therapy sessions
 Provided case management for clients in residential program
 Conducted Relapse Prevention group
 Facilitated individual‟s verbal autobiographical history session (where individual discusses history of
    family and substance abuse)
 Conducted psychosocial assessment and evaluation
 Created curriculum and facilitated Relapse Prevention group

Social Work Intern, VA Medical Center, Addictions Treatment Center                    10/96 to 6/97
Beacon Hill, Seattle, WA.
 Conducted process, psychoeducational and individual therapy sessions
 Provided case management, intake and assessment for clients in Outpatient treatment
 Created curriculum and facilitated HIV/AIDS health education program for clients
 Conducted research - “Family of Origin of Clients Seeking Outpatient Addiction Treatment at the VA”
 Participated in/presented clients to a multidisciplinary team

Independent Social Service Provider, State of Washington                                 8/96 to 1/97
King County, Washington
 Provided supervised visitation and transportation of DCFS clients
 Documented significant behavioral observations and maintained case records

Community Advocacy Program Intern, Domestic Abuse Women‟s Network                         12/95 to 6/96
South King County, Washington.
 Accompanied and prepared clients for court & Conducted intakes and assessments
 Assisted clients to obtain appropriate resources (ex. Housing, public assistance, legal, food)
 Provided advocacy and information regarding Domestic Violence

Case Aide/Work Study (Child Protection), Dept. of Child and Family Services              12/95 to 6/96
Kent, WA.
 Supervised visitations between natural parents and children in foster care
 Interviewed families and assessed family case plan adherence
 Provide referrals and link children and their families to local services
 Provided Case Management Services for children and their families

Certificates and Training:
Child Abuse Symposium- 2005, 2006, 2007, & 2009
Annual Conference for American Indian Women- 2003, 2005, 2006, 2009, 2010
ICWA Conference- 2008, 2009 & Am. Indian Film Festival 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
Beyond the Bench- 2008, 2010
Family Support Principles – 1 hr., Self-Care & Personal Safety – 2 hrs., Communication/Boundaries – 2
hrs., Child Development – 2 hrs., Cultural Diversity – 2 hrs., Children‟s Sexual Abuse – 2 hrs.
Community Resources & Crisis – 1 hr., Child Abuse & Neglect – 2 hrs., Alcohol & the Family – 2 hrs.
Full Domestic Violence Crisis Intervention Training through Domestic Abuse Women‟s Network
Victim Issues in Domestic Violence: Part I and Part II – 30 hrs.
Chemical Dependency and Domestic Violence Working Together – 2.5 hrs.
The Prevention and Management of Disruptive Behavior – 8 hrs.
Adult Presentations of ADD/ADHD- 1hr.
Domestic Violence: Working with the Perpetrator/ Assessment & Crisis Intervention Strategies – 15 hrs.
Domestic Violence: Interventions with Batterers Using the Duluth Model – 15 hrs.
HIV Prevention Counseling and Partner Notification – 16 hrs.
Empowerment ‟97- HIV/AIDS Conference – 7.75 hrs.
The Relationship between Substance Abuse and Domestic Violence – 6.5 hrs.
Empowerment ‟98- HIV/AIDS Conference- 7.75 hrs.
Children & Responsibility – 4 hrs, Cocaine, Crack, Heroin, & LSD – 2 hrs.
Training Dogs/Raising Kids is there really a difference?- 2 hrs.
Advanced Multicultural Counseling – 6 hrs. & Legal and Ethical Issues in Counseling – 6 hrs.
Aspects of Mental Health Treatment for OCS (equivalent of DFCS) Clients – 4 hrs.
The Process of Play Therapy: How to Apply Techniques and Interventions – 6 hrs.

Separation and Divorce: How They Affect Kids – 2 hrs.
Family Therapy: In the Mainstream or at the Margins – 1.5 hrs.
Treatment Profiles in Working with Batterers – 1.5 hrs.
Using Systems Concepts from Family Therapy- 6 hrs., Working w/ African Am. Families
Court Appointed Special Advocate Training
The Art of Interviewing Children- 6 hrs.
DFCS Child Abuse Training- 6 weeks
Drawing Out Feelings: Art Intervention with Survivors of Trauma & Loss- 6 hrs.
Using & Understanding the DSM-IV- 6 hrs.
Human Sexuality- 12 hrs., Youth Suicide- 6 hours, How to Decipher Rap Sheets- 1.5 hrs.
The Effects of Drugs and Alcohol on the Prenatal and Postnatal Child- 6 hrs.
Ages & Stages- Child Development Training- 12 hrs.
29th Annual Child Protective Services Conference- DV, FASD- 15 hrs
A Matter of the Heart: Finding the Path- (Native Am. Culture) 6 hrs. Terry Tafoya
18th Annual California Indian Conference &Gathering of Nat. Am. Conf.- 6/2003 & 10/2003
Attendance at South Bay Indian Organization Quarterly Meetings
Brain Dysfunction & Challenging Behaviors- 5 hrs.
Bradley Method: Childbirth Educator Training
Child Abuse Symposium- Childhood Exposure to Violence & Brain Dvpmnt., FASD, Gangs & Children
Effective Strategies for Working with Child Victims of Sexual Abuse- 1.5 hrs.
Motivational Interviewing with Child Welfare Clients- 3.5 hrs.
Methamphetamine: Current Trends and Advances in Treatment and Recovery- 10/20/05
Gathering of Native Americans Conference- June 2005
The Nature of Nurture: Biol. Envir. & the Drug-Exposed Child- 6 hrs.
Maximizing Your Team Decision-Making Meetings- 4 hrs.
18th Annual Conference for American Indian Women
         Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders in Native Communities
         Preparing a Healthy Path: The Impact of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome upon Tribal Justice Systems
Addressing Hist. & Intergenerational Trauma in Native Am. Families- 6 hrs.
Nine-Zero Conference: Zero Alcohol and Drugs during Pregnancy- 5.5 hours
Domestic Violence Conference of Santa Clara County
Sexualized Children & Children Who Molest: Causology & Response- 6 hrs.
Status of African Americans in Santa Clara County & Iran/Persian Cultural Training – 4 hours
Achieving Success with Impossible Children- Part 1 & 2- 14 hrs.
Cultural Awareness Training: Ethopia & Somalia – 2 hours, Afghanistan -2 hours
Wellness Court Conference (included Attachment and Trauma focus)- 6 hrs.
White Bison Firestarter Training re: Medicine Wheel, Wellbriety & 12 Steps -24 hrs.
Mending the Sacred Hoop: Lakota Spirituality- 6 hrs.
Reactive Attachment Disorder: Helping Children Heal -6 hrs.
Intensive Attachment Retreat -24 hrs.
Mind-Body Medicine Professional Training- 32.5 hrs
Advanced Mindfulness – 8 hrs.
The Clinician‟s Crash Course in the DSM IV- TR- 8 hrs. & HIPAA- 4 hrs.
RAD: How to Facilitate Healing for the Attachment Disordered Child- 8 hrs.
Effective Strategies for Attachment Disorder & Oppositional Defiance- 8 hrs.
Understanding Evaluations, Psychopharmacology, & Case Management Issues- 2.5 hrs.
Confidentiality & Abuse Reporting/HIPAA- 3.5 hrs.

Mindfulness for Healthcare Professionals: Principles & Applications- 6 hrs.
Art Therapy Basics- 6 hrs.
Core Change Through Heart-To-Heart Connection: AEDP for Individuals & Couples- 7 hrs.
Ethical & Legal Issues for Mental Health Professionals-6 hrs.
60 Second Strategies to Create Calm in Chaos-7 hrs. & Adv. Assessment Skills in Child Welfare-3.5 hrs.
Advanced Mind-Body Medicine Professional Training- 32.5 hrs.
Historical Trauma & Impact on Self & Community- 2 hrs.
How to Use Mindfulness in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy- 4 hrs.
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Mindfulness- 6.25 hrs.
State of Mind- Part I: The Principles- 2 ½ days
Trauma Release Exercises- 12 hrs.
Professional Training in Somatic Psychotherapy - 111 hrs.
Stress Trauma and Somatic Psychotherapy- 6.5 hrs. & Somatic Patterns of Stress and Trauma- 6.5 hrs.
Science-based Approaches to Achieving Success with the Most Difficult Children- 14 hrs.
Trauma, Triggers & De-escalation Strategies- 2 hrs.
Men & Trauma- 2 hrs
Motivational Interviewing- Advanced- 7 hrs.
Beyond the Bench 2010: Parents, Kids & Us- 6.25 hrs. -Trauma in Children, Engaging Fathers, Enneagram
The EMDR 8 Stage Protocol for Reprocessing Traumatic Memories- 12.5 hrs.
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Mindfulness- 6.25 hrs.
Getting the Picture: Advanced Assessment Skills- 3.5 hrs.
Self Care & the Impact of Trauma- 3 hrs.
Trauma, PTSD & Grief- 6.5 hrs.
Applied Mindfulness- 6.5 hrs.
Child Trauma & Native Children, Youth & Their Families – 4 hrs.


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