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									Types of Eczema- Decide which type you have Millions of Americans are suffering from chronic skin condition called as eczema. Although each person is experiencing a sensitive and easily irritated skin, there are different types of eczema. Among the most common diagnoses made and are summarized below. Types of eczema Type 1-Atopic dermatitis: which is most common form of eczema. Fortunately, this situation is rarely constant. This type eczema people get experience outbreaks of eczema. reason for this type eczema is certain foods and chemical irritations Type 2-Contact eczema: This is similar to type 1 eczema , but the result is a localized reaction. Main cause for this is direct skin contact with chemicals. Type 3- Seborrheic Eczema This is an inflammation of the skin. Irritation of skin takes place. most Affected areas is face and scalp. Type 4- Nummular Eczema Nummular eczema is another type of diagnosable eczema. The most notable and distinguishable feature patches of irritated skin, which is coin-shaped. It is a chronic condition. Allergies, family history of eczema and asthma lead to an increased risk.

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