VIEWS: 222 PAGES: 26


Deborah Abbott                 Carl and Donna Armato
Douglas and Camille Abbott     David and Sandra Arend
David and Camille Abbruzzese   Larry and Diana Armbruster
Walt and Dee Adamczyk          Ray and Patti Armini
David and Ruth Anne Adams      Anne Marie and Darin Asbill Family
Edmund Adams                   Stephen and Susan Auffinger
Jeffrey and Holly Adams        David and Gayle Averill
Stephen and Luanne Adams       Jennifer Averill and Karen Simon
William and Mary Helen Adams   Anne Ayo
Michael and Beth Agejew        Clint and Jolinda Babcock
Mirella Agejew                 Kenneth and Joanne Baker
Angeline S. (Ann) Agresti      Salomon and Ana Bandy
Michael Ahern                  Dolores and Adolph Barauskas
Ross and Audrey Alexander      Adolph Barauskas Memorial†
David and Patty Alfonso        Victor and Carmela Barco
Don and Lindy Allen            Lara Barker
Ronald and Suzanne Alligood    Shannon Barker
Michael and Eileen Anderson    Mary Helen Barnes
Norman and Barbara Andresen    Tommy Barnhardt
Marilyn Ange                   Benedict and Jamie Barras
Dominick and Anh Anggara       Jesus and Maria Barreto
Ken and Margaret Annunziata    Brian and Laurie Barrett

Walter and Vicky Bartnikowski   Dr. Winston A. Bell
Dean and Michelle Bates         Robert and Kerri Bellias
Kenneth and Monica Basehore     Linda Bellotto
Dale and Sarah Bass             Sandra, Gina and John Belmont
John and Donna Bassett          Michael and Patricia Bendig
Stephen and Mary Ann Batsche    Eleanor Bentz
John Bauer                      John and Linda Bertman
Timothy and Lauri Bauer         Alain and Susan Bertoni
Gary and Denise Baugh           Scott, Elizabeth and Andrew Betson
Shirley Bayless                 Bob and Karen Bevan
John and Joan Beam              Michael and Pamela Bevilacqua
Alicia Bean                     Richard and Cheryl Bey
Therese Beatty                  Barbara and Stanley Biedny
Thomas and Pamela Beck          Mary Bilek
Peter and MarySue Beckage       Barry and MaryAnn Billingsley
Michael and Miriam Beckman      Daniel and Lesley Billow
John and Bonita Bees            Richard and Judith Birch
Gregory and Mary Beth Beier     Kevin and Joyce Birmingham
James and Laurie Beiswenger     Christopher and Lorrena Bishop
Tony Bele                       Anthony and Nancy Bivona
Glen and Elizabeth Bell         Christopher and Kimberly Black
Mark and Barbara Bell           Priscilla Black

Stephen and Dorene Blaha         Joseph and Mary Ann Braeckel
Charles and Mildred Blake        Paul and Mary Ellen Brandle
Jean Blanton                     Thomas and Elizabeth Branen
Irene Blazek                     Frank and Marie Bravo
Catherine Blue                   Charlotte Bredensteiner
Evelyn Bogden                    Lisa Brennan
Kevin and Kathleen Bokeno        Arthur and Joan Bretz
Michael and Yvette Boland        William and Michele Brewer
Hubert and Claudia Bonfili       George and Billie Jo Brinsmaid
Bill and Monique Bongaerts       Susan Britt
Keith and Marian Bonin           Richard and Denise Brodeur
Donald and Judith Bonney         Elizabeth and Warren Brooks
Michael and Jean Borden          Warren Brooks Memorial†
Daniel and JoAnn Boucher         Jeff and Susan Brown
Daniel and Dana Bouchey          Larry and Virginia Brown
Vilma and Robert Boulifard       Richard and Joan Brown
The Bowden Family: Don, Ginny,   Robert and Cathy Brown
William, Mary, Stephen and       Robert Brown
                                 Joseph and Tina Brunelli
James and Carol Bower
                                 Albert and Matilda Bruno
Renee Boyd
                                 Gerald and Barbara Bryant
Scott and Kim Boyles
                                 Rich and Michelle Bryant
Charles and Mary Brady
                                 Theresa Ida Buchhloz             3

Daniel and Toni Buckler            Craig and Kathleen Cannon
Thomas and Amy Bull                Anthony and Kristine Capra
Kenneth Burkel                     The Dominick Carbone Family
Fred and Elizabeth Burkey          Thomas and Laureen Carle
Gilbert Burke Memorial†            Michael and Sue Caroon
Marilyn Burke                      Andrew and Madelene Carr
Robert and Virginia Burns          John and Suzanne Carroll
Kathryn Bussolati                  Gerard and Eileen Carter
Gary Michael and Rosemary Bulter   Coletta and Mark Carter Memorial†
Louis and Roma Buttner             William and Susan Casey
Reverend Michael J. Buttner        Michael and Patricia Cassidy
Donald and Margaret Buzzard        Vincent and Cindy Castellano
Barbara Jean, Bob and              Michael, Patricia, Michelle and
Michael Byington                   Melissa Chadzutko
Jong and Peggy Byun                Vincent and Eleanor Chadzutko
Francesca Cafolla                  Lawrence and Jacquelyn Chance
Robert and Judith Cairns           R.J. Childress Memorial†
Anthony and Mary Caldararo         Joseph and Melinda Chiou
Stephen and Jennifer Callaghan     James and Judy Chittick
Thomas and Eileen Callahan         Armand and Anita Choiniere
James and Christine Callahan       Dolores Christian
Thomas and Jeanne Callender        Dean and Cathryn Christy
Betty Campbell                     James and Shirley Christy         4

John and Teresa Cibelli             Kenneth, Victoria and Matthew Cook
Sandra Cieszewski                   Michael and Kathleen Cooper
Frank and Janet Cifrese             Stephen and Christine Cooper
Greg and Michelle Clark             William and Michelle Corbitt
Joseph and Denise Clark             Paul and Janet Corcoran
Louise Clark                        Daniel and Kimberly Corgan
Mary Clark                          Van and Karen Cornatzer
Steven Clark                        Charles and Amy Cornelius
Brian and Heather Clarke            David and Terri Cornelius
Joseph and Mary Lee Clarke          Johnny and Terry Cortesis
Teresa Cochran, Jon and Melissa     Jim and Eileen Courson
Jim and Kathy Coghill               Welford and Patricia Coutts
Dean and Debbie Cognetti            Irene Couturier
Robert and Luise Coley              Alan and Jacqueline Craigue
Daniel, Diane, Maryette, William,   Terry and Joanne Crater
Claire and Charlie Collett          Bryan Crater Memorial†
Kenneth and Mary Collins            Blake and Donna Creasy
Robert and Michelle Collins, Jr.    Robert and Nancy Creel
Timothy and Connie Colt             Barbara Crews
Columbiettes                        James Crisall
Sue Conway                          William and Gayle Cronin
Reverend Brian Cook                 Richard and Susan Cross
Gloria Cook                                                         5
Richard and Carol Crouse       Anne Davis
William and Sheryl Crucian     Larry and Erin Davis
Bernard and Doris Curtiss      Ron and Wanda Davis
Felix and Julia Cruz           Wallace and Lucille Davis
Ray and Bernadette Cruz        Julian Daye
Glenn and Trace' Cundiff       John Deans
Sidney Cundiff                 Shaun and Nancy DeAngelis
Thomas and Patricia Curran     Mary DeCaprio
Richard and Irene Cusato       Brian and Andrea Dee
Adele D'Entremont              Matthew and Luane Deeter
Andrew and Nancy Dale          Milt and Beanie DeJean
Michael and Tamara Daly        Colin, Kathy, Donovan,
Esther Damabakakis             Mia and Brooke deJong

Charles and Nancy Damratoski   Joseph DelGuerico

Catherine D. Dancy             Lisetta DelGuerico

Steven and Janet Danielsen     Daniel DellBrugge

Michele Dapp                   Robert and Ann DellBrugge

Graham and Cheryll Darden      Thomas and Marianne DeLong

Suzanne Datka                  Tom and Mary DeLucia

Elizabeth Daugherty            Kevin and Wendy DeLury

Roy and Patricia Davidson      Robert and Maria Depperschmidt

Bret and Louise Davies         Timothy and Margaret Desmond
                               Chad DeTroye and Alisha Tomlinson

James and Patricia DeTrude          Peter and Kathleen Donofrio
David and Mary DeZellar             Jane Donoghue
Jessica Dezendorf                   Kevin and Mary Donoghue
Brian and Kerry Dickmann            Anne Donohue
Joseph and Cheryl Dickson           David and Joan Doolittle
Margaret Dickson                    Robert and Janice Dorsch
William and Louise Dickson          J. Richard Dosek
Robert and Mary DiMarco             Michael and Kathryn Doub
Maria Dingman                       Mike and Karen Doughan
Robert and Myrtelina Dixon          Barbara and John Dougherty
Gregory and Kathy Dobis             John Dougherty Memorial†
Alfred and Barbara Dockery          Eleanor Dougherty
Michael and Kathy Dodick            Joseph and Ann Dovi
Philip and Carol Doerr              Kevin and Judy Draws
John Doerr Memorial†                John and Deanna Dresher
Kenneth and Anna Dohleman           William and Vickie Driscoll
Jeannie Dolan                       Jon Drum
Mary Ann Dolister                   Connie Drury
Matthew and Janene Dolge            James and Wendy DuBois
Christopher and Susan Domanski      Robert and Gloria Duckworth
Lawrence and Elizabeth Dombrowski   James and Kathleen Dudek
Doris Donnelly Memorial†            Gregory and Megan Duhon

Christine Duncan                  Walter and Stephanie Emery
Gregory and Barbara Dunn          Michael and Karen Estep
Michael and Tiffany Dunn          Rick and Nancy Evans
Jason and Christine Dupre         Kenny and Sheila Evans
Michael and Carol Durham          Michael and Treva Facciolo
Larry and Marina Dushane          Teri Faraizl
Donna Dyer                        Robert and Maryann Farne
Anthony and Luzviminda Dysico     Frank and Linda Fatale
John and Rita Dzierzewski         Harold and Margaret Fergus
James and Belinda Eager           Larry and Evelyn Ferguson
Matthew and Laurin Eastling       Samuel and Mary Ferguson
Esteban and Ana Maria Echeverri   Jeff and Shelly Ferner
Mark and Deborah Edge             Luis and Angela Ferrer
John and Martha Edwards           Margaret Fevola
Mary Edwards                      Ken and Deb Fidali
John and Mary Egan                William and Gretchen Fields
Julia Egan                        Michael and Donna Fina
Debra Elam                        Gerald and Sheryl Finley
Chris and Brenda Elder            Bob and Donna Fiori
Michael and Annette Ellis         Mark and Anna Fisher
Ronald and Tyra Ellis             Mary Lou Fitzgerald
Ernest and Brenda Ellison         Patrick and Beverly FitzGerald

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Fletcher     Anthony and Olga Gajewski
James and Bridget Florack       David and Susan Galasso
Jim and Ruth Flynn              Carl Galie
Richard and Mary Ellen Foley    Theresa Gallagher
Caterina Fontana                Reverend A.J. Gallant
Caterina Fontana Memorial†      Randall and Katherine Galyon
Rick and Martha Ford            Clyde and Sherry Gardner
Stephen and Debra Ford          Karen Garland
Stanley and Brenda Forester     Michael and Jo Gautreaux
Patricia Foskett                Dennis Gayda
Mr. And Mrs. Luke H. Fountain   Richard and Katherine Gaydos
Luke H. Fountain Memorial†      Celina Gburek
Christopher and Michele Fox     Ron and Diane Gburek
F.Patrick and Joette N. Fox     Robert and Joann Gearren
Timothy and Tina Fox            Michael and Cindy Gebbia
Kevin and Susana France         Stephen and Charlene Genaway
George and Regina Franck        Robert and Cecilia Gentile
James and Judith Frank          Caroline Gentleman
Richard and Kelly Fuller        Don and Lois Gerhardt
Roger and Christine Gagnon      Ronald and Jill Geyer
Courtney Gaillard               Mr. & Mrs. Natale Giannini
Ralph and Mary Gaillard         Jeffrey and Christine Gilbert

Patrick and Teresa Gillooly        Ronald, Brenda, Brittany,
Helen Giordano                     Blake and Brooke Griffin

Elsa Giraldo                       Alan and Mary Ann Griffith

Pearl and Robert Gleason           Jeffery and Eileen Grizzle

Michael and René Gleespen          Carl and Jennifer Grocki
                                   Dan and Rosalind Guerrie
Paul and Patricia Gloeker
                                   David and Paula Guidara
Tom and Julie Goco
                                   Robert and Marilyn Guide
Milton and JoAnne Goetz
                                   Kasimira Gumbakis
Jim and Michelle Goldy
                                   Joseph and Elaine Guntner
William and Peggy Golias
                                   Eleanor Gurney
Al Gonzalez-Parra and Anne Parra
                                   Kenneth and Marilyn Haas
Jim and Odessa Good
                                   Dorothy Hadden
Teddy Grabowski
                                   John and Loretta Hagan
Bernard and Mary Grass
                                   Paul and Dana Hammes
Gladys Gravatt
                                   Jerome and Bernice Hamziuk
Bob and Christine Greback
                                   Beirne Harding
Anthony and Dollie Greco
                                   The Hardy Family
Bonnie Greco
                                   Robert and Judith Harmon
Mary, Steve, Emily and
Micah Greeson                      Ben and Anne Harris
Timothy Greiwe                     Celeste Harris
Mary Gries                         Beth Harrison
Robert and Paula Griffin           Gregory Harrison             10

John and Anne Harrison          Fermin Hernandez
Mary Hartung                    Robert and JoAnn Hernandez
Edwin and Jean Hartwig          Randy and Jennifer Herndon
James and Barbara Harvey        David and Terri Hertz
Michael and Deborah Harwood     Michael and Betsy Heruska and Family
Timothy and Lois Hasenour       Gregory and Cassandra Hester
                                and Family
Kelly Hatfield
                                Marylee Hester
Bill and Sharon Hathaway
                                Ralph Hicks
Jerry and Tammy Hauser
                                Terry Hicks
Gray and Megan Hauser
                                Raymond and Amy Higgins
John and Kathleen Hayes
                                Howard and Janice Hill
James and Joanne Heckel
                                Marilyn Hill
Charlotte Helfrich
                                Keith and Carole Hiller
Steven and Melissa Helman
                                Sean and Kelly Hines
Lee and Tamberlyn Hendrix
                                Tom and Donna Hires
Maria Hennequin
                                Hispanic Community
Russell and Margaret Hennings
                                Michael and Carol Hodowansky
Dickey and Gina Henry
                                Colette Hofmann
Margaret Hepp
                                Frank and Mary Louise Hoguet
Dale and Margaret Herbstritt
                                Kathy and Ernie Holley
Paul and Kiki Herin
                                George and Ruthe Hollodick
Christopher and Sandra Herman
                                Jesse and Cherie Holmes         11

Ronald and Carolina Holmes          Richard and Dolores Jeffers
Ann Honbarrier                      John and Ann Jenkins
David and Caron Hood                Bob and Bridget Jennings
Allen and Maureen Hooker            and Family

Paul and Diane Hopgood              Geraldine Jennings

Patty Hoth                          Peter and Janice Jennings

Ron and Katie Hoth                  Joseph and Lisa Jerdon

Robert Howard                       Mr. and Mrs. Mark P. Jira

Ron and Barbarann Hubble            Sharon and Richard Johe

Thomas and Martha Huber             Dennis and Mary Johnson

Kathy Hudgins and Family            Dolores Johnson

Stephen and Diane Huebner           Joe and Kathie Johnson

Richard and Joan Human              Neal and Joyce Johnson

Anna Marie Hundley                  Thomas and Patricia Johnson

Helen Hunt                          Troy Johnson

Robert and Betty Hunt               Mary Jones

Donald and Julia Hunter             Matthew and Holly Jones

Christopher and Juliette Hutchins   John and Eleanor Jordan

Veronica B. Jacinto                 Rita Joseph

Kathryn Jacinto                     William and Lynn Joseph

Jeff and Debbie James               Jack and Sarah Joyner

Bruce and Anne Jaworoski            Robert and Jennifer Kalainikas
                                    Matthew and Claire Kane       12

Carroll, MaryEllen and           Danny and Mary Knesel
Katherine Kanipe                 Harold and Mary Koach
David and Denise Kasper          Kenneth and Elizabeth Koch
Raymond Kattau                   Robert and Kristine Kokoski
Francis and Kelly Kelly          Michael and Sondra Komada
John and Elizabeth Kelly         Patrick and Allison Kopf
Joseph and Regina Kelly          John and Patricia Kostak
George and Gloria Jean Kenney    Dave and Michelle Koster
Richard and Dolores Kern         Matthew and Stacey Koster
Bill and Kathy Ketcham           Mark Kovach
William and Kathleen Kettering   Patrick, Donna, Sara Marie and
Justin and Karen Keys            Caroline Kraft
Bill and Rosemary Killion        Edward and Susan Kreger
Bill Killion Memorial†           JoAnne Kronberg
James and Sally Kimball          Donna Kronner
Charles and Chantal King         Albert, Grace, James and
Teresa King                      Timothy Ku

Richard and Barbara Kinney       Paul and Sarah Kuhl

Marcia Kinsler                   Joseph and Susie Kwolkoski

Carol Kirby                      John and Marie Labarowski

John and Karyn Kliem             Vincent and Allie Labrato

Joseph and Jane Klimczak         The LaBruzzo Family

Kurt and Mary-Ellen Klinepeter   Linda LaBruzzo Memorial†
and Family                       Helen LaFlaur

Juliette Lambert                Bruce and Janet Libke
Reverend Mr. Michael and        Erik and Cindy Lilje
Mary Langsdorf                  Carlos and Katia Lindo
Luis and Kena Lara              Howard Linquist
Mark and Ana Larson             Kevin and Judith Lindquist
Roger and Diane Laudy           Wm.H. and Stephanie Lindquist
Marianne Lavis                  David and Laural Lindsay
William and Jill Lawler         Patrick and Diane Lippiello
Kathryn Lawler and Scott Ball   Steed and Kristin Lobotzke
Patrick and Thomas Lawler       Thomas and Susan Lockwood
Robert and Nancy Lawlor         Mary Loeffler
Matthew and Kathleen Lawrence   Bill and Marcy Loeffler
Jeffrey and Barbara Lawyer      Marieanne and Jerry Long
Jerome and Lynda Lee            Marieanne and Jerry Long
Curtis and Laura LeMay          Anniversary Memorial
Audrey M. Lentz                 Kenneth and Rita Long
Clay and Janice Lentz           Michael and Mary Long
Jim and Deanna Lentz            Gregory and Michele Lord
Brian and Andrea Leon           Paul and Sharon LoRusso
Barry and Tina Leonard          Phillip and Christine Lum
William and Patricia Leonard    John and Diane Lutes
Timothy and Kimberly Lesser     Barry and Martha Lynch and Family
Tom and Catherine Lewis         David and Barbara Lynch         14

Michael Lynch                   Charles and Nancy Marshall
Damon and Paula Lyons           Dale and Kathleen Marshall
David and Heather MacDonald     Dolores Martin
Robert Maciag Memorial†         Raymond and Laura Martin
Roy Mackey                      Oscar and Francesca Martinez
Roy Mackey Memorial†            Arthur and Betty Marzano
Stuart and Cathy MacDonell      Pat Mason
Antonio and Lilia A. Madrinan   Armando and Lena Massaroni
Andrea Maier                    Charles Mathews
Karl and Linda Maier            Carnott and Karen Mathewson
Mary Ellen Majors               Gregory Mathias
John and Patricia Maker         Casey and Doris Matuszak
Michael and Theresa Malawski    Sally Mauney
Memorial†                       Thomas and Jennifer May
Brian and Wendy Malizia         Sanford Maynard
Robert and Linda Malloy         Dean and Karen McAnally
Sean and Susan Maloney          Sandra McAvoy
Linda Maltaghati                Robert and Laurie McCabe
John and Tiena Manypenny        James and Nancy McCaffrey
Glenn and Linda Marceil         Michael and Frances McClurg
Michelle Marcelais              Ed and Pat McCoy
Albert and Elba Marino          Brian and Barbara McCuiston
Greg and Linda Marino                                          15

Nancy McCullers               Robert and Barbara Meislohn
Peter and Virginia McDevitt   Mark and Yvonne Mejias
Colleen and Bill McDonough    Carl and Mary Melin
Hugh and Jeanne McGaffigan    Michael and Lynn Memoli
John and Tira McGee           Jon and Maybel Merlau
John and Elizabeth McGirr     David and Judy Meyer
Constance and Ted McGrath     Leonard and Victoria Meyers
Ted McGrath Memorial†         Maureen and Ken Middaugh
James McGuire                 Alan and Carolyn Miller
William and Judith McGuire    Dale and Patricia Miller
Agnes McHugh                  Donald and Deborah Miller
Frances McHugh Memorial†      Eileen Miller
Arthur and Priscilla McKay    Michael and Janet Miller
James and Nancy McKay         Mitchell and Kristine Miller
Thomas and Susan McKearney    Ray and Elsie Miller
Marla McKenna                 Tim and Lisa Miller
John and Cynthia McNultly     William and Joyce Milner
Thomas McPartland             Johanna B. Mims
Brian and Jennifer Meagher    Jerry and Susan Mitchell
Charles and Marlene Meahl     Joseph Mizzi
Margarita Medina              John P. Modica
William and Debra Meginnis    James and Dorothy Molidor

Allen and Sandra Mollere       Joseph and Deirdre Mullen
Ethna Molloy                   Jevon Munoz
Dennis and Dorothy Monaghan    Paul and Jane Murawski
Dorothy Monaghan Memorial†     James Murphy
Kent and Sharon Money          Phillip Murphy
Brian and Jill Monore          Raymond and Donna Murray
Javier and Nelly Montoya       Gloria Musselwhite
Peter and Danielle Mooney      Mary Musser
Andrew and Jennifer Moore      John and Cindy Mussomeli
Glenn and Cecelia Moore        Nancy and Joe Muster
Jack and Donita Moore          Mimi Musumeci
Robert and Kathryn Moran       Kathryn Myers-Willis
Gary and Cora Moren            Steven and Deborah Nachman
William and Helen Morgan       Frank Naples
Patricio and Allyson Morillo   Tim and Debbie Naulty
John and Karen Morris          John and Linda Neu
John Morrison Memorial†        John and Sandra New
Buz and Pam Moser              Louise Nezelek
Raul and Amparo Mosquera       Jack and Laura Nicholson
Crosby and Nancy Lang Moss     Robert and Pauline Nicolosi
Gregory and Bernadette Mowad   John and Lisa Neithers
John and Susan Mueller         Mark and Barbara Nieters

John and Frances Nigro            Heidi Ogle
John and Sharon Nigro             Page Olive
Bill and Marsi Noah               Melvin and Lucille Olson
David and Karen Noga and Family   Michael and Georgia Olympio
Reverend Brian Nolan              Mike Olympio
Mary Nolder                       Roger and Debra Orden
Peg Norris                        Richard and Kathleen Ordon
Marlene Norton                    Paul and Christine Ouellette
Marlene Norton Memorial†          Walter and DoloRosa Pachao
Bob and Carole Nowak              Jim and Adelaide Palermo
Marion and Cathy Nowicki          Michael Palmer
Kimberly Nunnally                 Chris and Heather Parker
Carl and Melanie Nutt             Donald and Rachael Parker
Mark and Anna Nurzynski-Loth      Julie Parker
Scott and Lisa O'Brien            Marie Parlante
James and Mary O'Connell          Richard Parmalee
Helen O'Connor-Heck               Rodolfo and Lauren Pascual
Thomas and Joanne O'Donnell       Kevin and Beth Pashke
Brian and Janet O'Neil            Kenneth and Rita Paspy
William and Terry Ann O'Neill     James and Monica Passero
Daniel and Victoria Obergfell     Nicholas and Suzanne Passero
Christopher and Della Oberst      James and Jennifer Patella

Carolyn Pawlik                   Tom and Kris Porfiris
Joseph Pazdan                    Reverend Adrian Porras
John and Dianne Pearson          Catherine Powell
Patricia and Ralph Pecore        Douglas and Trisha Powell
Ralph Pecore Memorial†           Dale and Janet Powers
Begonia Pena                     James and Pamela Powers
Joseph and Marthajohn Pencotty   Richard and Judith Powers
John and Mary Ann Petroccia      Kathryn Premo
Earl and Kathy Pfeffer           Sam and Dorothy Prysiazniuk
William and Nancy Pfeiffer       Jonnel and Paz Punsalan
R. Kevin and Susan Phelan        Mary Putney
Charles and Patricia Phillips    Kenneth and Janet Quintal
John and Cynthia Pickles         Edward and Janet Rachlin
Piedmont Medical Research        Brian and Elisa Radatovich
Michael and Shannon Pierle       James and Lisa Rademaker
Mary Pitroowski                  Lisa Raines
Peter and Mary Poehailos         Henry and Dorothy Rakowski
Henrietta Pokorski Memorial†     Peter Ranker
Dr. Josephine Polito             Stephen and Melissa Rareshide
Frank and Janice Pomper          Jeanne Rawding
Robert and Amy Ponton            Jon and Lisa Rebman
Scott and Megan Popowski         Stephen and Patricia Rechinda

Elizabeth Redding              Roy and Deborah Roberts
Vincent and Anne Rega          Terry and Judy Roberts
Richard and Anna Reich         James and Linda Robertson
Olga Reid                      Philip and Eleanor Robideau
Erich and Kathy Reimann        Peter and Joan Robie
Rod and Linda Reish            Jeremy, Linda and Chapin Robinson
Jean Reiss                     Wayne and Lucille Robinson
Walter and Luanne Rejeski      Helen Roche
George Repass                  Burton and Sherry Roeth
Glenn and Alice Reynolds       Mary Rogers
Marta Rhodes                   Joyce Rolando
William and Cynthia Rice       David and Kari Roletter
Raymond and Donna Richard      James and Mary Romano
Marjorie Rickard               Josephine Rosaschi
Robert and Marilyn Rieker      Lawrence and Mary Roscana
Philip and Suzanne Riney       Bruce and Sandy Rose
Jose and Miriam Rios           Steven and Katrina Rose
Gregory and Janet Riser        Charlie and Margaret Roser
Mabel Ritchie                  Anniversary Memorial

Martin and Aurora Rivas        Geoffrey and Patricia Ross

Mercedes Rivers                Jackson and Sara Ross

David and Mary Helen Roberts   Jean Anne Rossire
                               Terri Rowland                 20

Thomas and Kathy Rucker        Charles and Gladys Schaffernoth
Sophia Rudolph and             Maggie Schneider
Florence Tisdale               Carol Schmidlin
John and Debora Ruggiero       Stephen and MaryPat Schneider
Roger and Jane Ruminski        Wayne Schowald
Thomas and Diane Runser        William and Doris Schowald
Tom and Geri Rushing           Peter and Kevin Schroeder
John Rutter                    Daniel and Nora Schuller
Mark and Pamela Ryalls         B.J. Schultheis
Charles and Donna Ryan         Reverend Mr. Gerard Schumacher
C.J. and Karen Sadosky         MaryGrace Schumacher
George and Rheta Samolinski    Norman and MaryEllen Schumaker
                               Henry and Margaret Schurtz
Helen Sanborn
                               Ronald and Carolyn Schwartz, Sr.
Paul and Lynne Sandlin
                               Ronald and Georgia Schwartz
Claire SanGregorio
                               Paul and Betsy Scott
Peter and Rebecca Santago
                               Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Guild
Cesar and Rita Carlos Santos
                               Edward and Ginnie Sedlak
Richard and Marilyn Sargent
                               Robert and Frances Seehausen
Laurence and Linda Sauers
                               Jacqueline Seidler
Annette Savage
                               Peter and Anna Sequeira
Vincent and Joell Scanlon
                               Mark and Sallie Serosky
Dee and Bill Schaffer
Bill Schaffer Memorial†

Jeannette Serwinowski             Jeremy and Christina Sirianni
Jeffrey and Amy Sessoms           Valery Six
John and Agnes Shanks             Milton and Linda Skeeters
James and JoAnn Sharp             Kasey Skinner
John and Dorothy Shaughnessy      John, Lynn, Kasey, Julia, and
Neil, Maria, Justin, Lauren and   Claire Skinner
Matthew Shaw                      Arlene Skurzynski
Thomas Sheck                      John and Linda Slocumb
John and Jamie Sheets             Martin Slominski
Laura and Kevin Sheets            Criss and Flo Smith
Barbara Sheridan                  Elizabeth Smith Memorial
Robert Shields                    Fred Smith Memorial†
Warren and Frances Shinker        Jack and Donna Smith
Thomas Shook                      Marian L. Smith Memorial†
Michael and Mary Showalter        Rick and Lynne Smith
Shugart Enterprises               Robert and Betty Smith
Carl and Laura Shutt              Robert and Gwen Smith
Tomas and Erlinda Siaton          David and Gretchen Solomon
Paul and Linda Sicegnono          Chip and Alison Soucy
Tony and Nichola Simion           Felix and Dolores Spagnola
Alice Simmons                     Alonso Spaugh
Jeff Simmons                      Stephen and Cheryl Spinetti
Joseph and Joyce Simnor           Philip and Karen Spring         22

Dana and Christy St.Claire     Mark and Sara Stukenborg
Mary and Ed Staab              Raymond and Beverly Sulecki
Carey and MarySue Stabler      Edward and Madeline Sullivan
Mark, Theresa, Caitlin         Tom, Karen and T.J. Sullivan
and Ben Stallworth             Ron and Marilyn Summers
Mark Stanek                    William and Karen Swart
Diane Stanley                  Michael and Joni Sweeney
Joan and Alex Stefanowicz      William and Teresa Sweeney
Dave and Charlotte Steinbach   Donald and Barbara Szczepanowski
                               Charles and Carole Tabor
John and Gail Stemper
                               Gerald and Carole Talley
Leo and Lynn Stepansky
                               Jennell Talley
Brian and Kathy Sternecker
                               Keith and Rosalyn Tart
David and Jo Stevens
                               Bonita Taylor
John and Michelle Stevens
                               Walter and Betty Telford
Bryan and Maria Stewart
                               Mary Tellis
Irene Stodolsky
                               Philip and Cara Terveer
John and Tricia Stoetzel
                               Ms. Hoa Vu Teuschler
Mark and Jocelyn Stone
                               Joram and Kathy Thomas
Robert and Audrey Stone
                               Duane and Cathy Thompson
Daniel and Joann Straka
                               Hubert and Ana Thompson
Erlinda Street
                               Christopher Thomsen
Wayne Struzik
                               William and Caroline Thorenz   23

Anne Thornton                    Alice and Tony Usa
Kenneth and Jeanne Thornton      Kenneth and Karen Vaden
Michael and Janet Tierney        Ellicott and Mary Valentine
Timothy and Patricia Tierney     Andrew and Lauren VanDerveer
Carroll Tift                     Keith and Holly VanHulle
Carroll Tifft Memorial†          Arnel and Monina Vargas
Alisha Tomlinson                 David and Laura Varsik
Edward Tomczyk                   Paula Vaughn
Paul and Ellen Tommasi           Israel and Mariela Velez
Edward and Jennifer Toole        Matthew and Kelly Vernon
Michael and Kiera Tracy          Martin and Mary Vicens
Mike and Adrianne Trainor        Jose and Jeanne Villahermosa
Paul and Cathy Ngo Tran          James and June Vitale
Robert and Patricia Travatello   Robert Vitelli
Craig and Cathy Trebatoski       Vogler and Sons Funeral Home
John and Darlene Trenholm        Harvey and Rachael Vogt
Robert and Kay Triplett          Edward and Joanne Voitus
Mary Kay Tucker                  Ron and Monica Voncannon
David and Linda Turley           Mary Lou Voytko and Joe Tobin
Audrey Tuttle                    Michael Vreeland
Eileen Twyman                    Jeffery and Valarie Waddell
Margaret Urbowicz                Louis and Pat Wagner

Amy Wald Memorial†                Roy and Cindy Whitaker
Dorothy Walton Walker             Michael and Bunny Whitehouse
Janet Walton                      Charles and Jacqueline Whitman
John and Mary Walsh               Joseph and Sherry Whitman
Robert and Kathleen Walsh         Paul and Freda Whitson
Thomas and Rose Walsh             William and Susan Whittle
William and Harriet Walters       Kent and Katie Widle
Michael and Carol Warchol         Maria Wiles
Christopher and Maria Warnimont   Margaret Wilkins
Joe and Missy Wassong             Jonathan and Anne Willauer
David and Susanna Weatherholt     David and Linda Wilmesher
Kevin and Lisa Weaver             Andrew and Lois Wilson
Eileen and Lawrence Webb          Frederic and Michelle Wilson
Eileen and Lawrence Webb          Sherri and Jim Wilson
Memorial†                         Clara Windler Memorial†
Catherine Webster                 Stephen and Betty Winter
Mary Webster                      Keith Wiseman
Richard and Elizabeth Weidman     Jerome and Patricia Wisdo
Edward and Catherine Weiss        and Sons
John and Cathy Wendel             William Wiseman
Robert and Lillian West           James Woelfel
Kenny and Diane Weyant            Scott and Laura Wollenweber
Michael Whalen                    James and Patricia Woods       25

Timothy and Helen Wrobel
Denise Wyatt
Michael and Kimberly Yacus
Bryan and JoAnn Yates
Ben and Harriett Yeager
Edgar and Janis Young
Donald and Jennifer Youngren
Karen Yowell
Patricia Zaccardo
Joanna Zakamarek
Kazimierz and Marie Zakamarek
Maria Zakamarek Memorial†
Dick and Cathy Zeitvogel
John and Nina Zeliznak
Lance and Tamria Zertuche
Barbara Ziel
Paul and Carolyn Zifchak
Randall and MaryLee Zigmund
John and Teresa Zimmerman
Andrew and Ann Zinni
Steven and Sandra Zitta

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