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									      Sea Pines Recreational Facilities                              Camp Darby Facilities

    DSN 633-7225 or +39-050-54-7225               •8-lane Bowling Center/Snack Bar
                                                                                                                      CAMP DARBY
         Email:              •Outdoor Swimming Pool
                                                                                                                         I TA LY
                                                  •Fitness Center
Rooms                                                                                                                  EUROPE’S SOUTHERN
                                                                                                                        DESTINATION OF
•   24 Deluxe rooms with Internet hookup          •2 Tennis Courts                                                          CHOICE

•   15 Standard rooms                             •Automotive Skills Center

                                                  •Outdoor Equipment Rental

                                                  •Community Club/Food Operation

    Deluxe                 Standard               •AAFES Facilities: PX, Shoppette, Launderette,

RV—10 Sites
                                                  Gift Shop & Theater
•   Water, utilities and 220v electrical
                                                  •Health Clinic

                                                  •Global Credit Union

                                                  •Community Bank
•   Electricity
•   Picnic tables/grills
•   Restroom/Shower

•   Up to 2 four-man tents per site

Log Cabins
•   Sleeps up to 5                                                                                                                Of
          How to Make Reservations

Reservations for the Sea Pines Recreational Fa-                               Visit us on the web!
cilities are accepted by phone or e-mail. Con-

firm your reservation with Visa, MasterCard,
Military Star Card, American Express and Dis-                       
cover. Full payment is required upon check-in.
                                                        USAG Livorno, DFMWR Marketing, Camp Darby brochure
                                                                                                                 Outdoor Recreation
                       WHAT CAMP
                                                                                                    Camp Darby offers an Outdoor Equipment
                      DARBY OFFERS                                                                  Checkout Center with daily, weekend, and
Looking to be in the center of many famous        Not only do we offer exciting trips to famous     weekly rates
tourist attractions? Then Camp Darby is the       sites and the American Beach but we also have     available. We also
perfect place to stay. Every year, Camp Darby’s   a large carnival on post in June.                 have available
ITR plans trips for Rome, Venice, Florence,                                                         mountain bikes,
Elba Island, Cinque Terre,                                                                          inline skates, golf
Vinci City, Lucca, and                                                                              clubs, tents, sleeping bags and other camping
much more. Not only do                                                                              equipment.
you get to visit famous
                                                                                                    Winter equipment includes: Carving skis and
sites but you can shop for
                                                       Information, Tours, & Recreation             “Grand Tourism”
popular brand items. Flor-
                                                       DSN 633-7589 or +39-050-54-7589              ski boots, snow-
ence is abounded with
                                                                                                    boards and boots.
Gucci, Armani, Fendi, and
                                                                  All skis are waxed
Prada stores. Sound ap-
                                                                                                    and fitted to your
pealing?                                          Visit some of Italy’s most famous sites with
                                                                                                    personal needs.
                                                  Camp Darby’s ITR. With advance notice ITR
Camp Darby is also notorious for its American
                                                  can also set up private trips to meet your spe-
EUROPE! On the 4th of July, there is an aston-    cific requirements. (Minimum of 8 people re-
ishing fireworks display you can’t miss. Come     quired.                                                     CAMP DARBY KENNEL
on over and relax as you
                                                                                                          DSN 633-7775 or +39-050-54-7775
wiggle your toes in the sand.

                                                                                                    Your pet is always welcome at the Camp
                                                                                                    Darby Kennel. The facility offers daily care
                                                                                                    rates. Prices vary based on services required.
                                                                                                    Make reservations at least two working days
                                                                                                    prior to your drop off date.

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