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1 October 2010

Monday 11 October 2010 Room 0.02, Ground Floor, Quadrant, The Silverlink North,
Cobalt Business Park, North Tyneside NE27 0BY commencing at 6.00 pm

  Agenda                                                                      Page(s)

    1.     To Receive any Declarations of Interest

           You are invited to declare any personal and/or prejudicial
           interests in matters appearing on the agenda, and the nature of
           that interest.

           You are also requested to complete the Declarations of Interests
           card available at the meeting and return it to the Democratic
           Support Officer before leaving the meeting.

    2.     Apologies for Absence

           To receive apologies for absence from the meeting

    3.     Minutes

           To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 13 September
           2010 (previously circulated)

Members of the public are welcome to attend this meeting and
receive information about it.

North Tyneside Council wants to make it easier for you to get hold of the
information you need. We are able to provide our documents in alternative
formats including Braille, audiotape, large print and alternative languages.

For further information please call 0191 643 5358.

 Contact Officer(s) – David Brown – (0191) 643 5358
                      Yvonne Harrison (0191) 643 5320
Agenda                                                                      Page(s)

  4.     Report of the Young Mayor

         To receive a verbal report on the latest activities of the Young

  5.     Finance Reports:

  (a)    Cabinet response to Finance Sub-Committee                           6 - 10
         recommendations to the 9 August 2010 Cabinet meeting (All

         To consider the proposed action plan that has been prepared in
         response to the recommendations of the Finance Sub

  6.     Reports from Scrutiny Committees:                                   11 - 13

  (a)    To consider a report of the Finance Sub-Committee

  (b)    To consider any other reports submitted by the Overview and
         Scrutiny Committee and any of its Sub-Committees

  7.     Key (and non-key) decisions:

  (a)    North Tyneside Children and Young People’s Plan 2010-14             14 - 68
         (All Wards)

         To consider the initial proposals for the Children and Young
         People’s Plan 2010-14 in accordance with the Council’s
         Budget and Policy Framework Procedure Rules

  (b)    Fairer Contributions Policy (All Wards)                            69 - 100

         To seek approval for a new fairer contributions policy for non-
         residential care services.

  (c)    North Tyneside Joint Action Plan for the delivery of the           101 - 145
         National Dementia Strategy – Progress Report (All Wards)

         To update Cabinet on the progress made in relation to North
         Tyneside’s Joint Action Plan for the delivery of the National
         Dementia Strategy.

  (d)    Wallsend Parks – Heritage Lottery Funding (Northumberland, 146 - 167
         Battle Hill, Howdon and Wallsend Wards)

         To seek approval to accept the offer of grant and associated
         conditions from the Heritage Lottery Fund in support of the
         regeneration of Wallsend Parks.
Agenda                                                                        Page(s)
  (e)    Contract Agreement for the supply of Grounds Maintenance             168 - 171
         Services for Royal Quays (Riverside and Chirton Wards)

         To seek approval to carry out a tendering exercise for the
         provision of a grounds maintenance service within the Royal
         Quays area.

  (f)    Retail Centres Regeneration Strategy (All Wards)                     172 - 213

         To seek approval for the Retail Centres Strategy and its adoption
         as interim planning guidance.

  (g)    Coast Strategic Regeneration Framework (St Mary’s,                   214 - 248
         Monkseaton North, Whitley Bay, Cullercoats and Tynemouth

         To seek approval for the Coast Strategic Regeneration
         Framework and its adoption as interim planning guidance.

  (h)    Core Strategy Preferred Options – Initial Report on                  249 - 274
         Consultations (All Wards)

         To advise Cabinet of the initial analysis of the consultations on
         the Core Strategy Preferred Options document and seek
         approval to a revision of the programme for the preparation of the
         remaining stages of the Core Strategy.

  (i)    Community Safety Strategy 2011-2014 - Initial proposals              275 - 285
         (All Wards)

         To consider the initial proposals for the Community Safety
         Strategy 2011-14 in accordance with the Council’s Budget and
         Policy Framework Procedure Rules.

  (j)    Regional Procurement Governance Framework Review (All                286 - 292

         To seek approval for a revised constitution and shared services
         arrangement for the North Eastern Purchasing Organisation

         *(The revised constitution, shared service agreement and
         executive summary of the NEPO business plan are enclosed with
         the agenda papers under separate cover).
Agenda                                                                           Page(s)

             RESOLVED that under Section 100A(4) of the Local Government
             Act 1972 (as amended) and having applied a public interest test
             as defined in Part 2 of Schedule 12A of the Act, the press and
             public be excluded from the meeting for the following item of
             business on the grounds that it involves the likely disclosure of
             exempt information as defined in Paragraph 3 of Part 1 of
             Schedule 12A to the Act.

   9.        Key (and non-key) decisions:

   (a)       Former Parkside School – Proposed Disposal                          293 - 298
             (Northumberland Ward)

             To seek approval to the future use proposed for the former
             Parkside School site, Mullen Road, Wallsend

  10.        Date and Time of Next Meeting

             6.00 pm on Monday 15 November 2010.

   *     denotes those documents whose circulation has been restricted to Cabinet
         Members, partners and Group Rooms in the interests of economy. However,
         further copies may be obtained on request from Democratic Support (see front of
         agenda for contact details). They have also been published on the Council’s

Circulated to Members of the Cabinet: -

Mrs L Arkley (Mayor)
Councillor G Barrie
Councillor N D Clothier
Councilllor J Goodfellow
Councillor E Hodson
Councillor D Lilly
Councillor P McIntyre
Councillor L Miller
Councillor J Wallace (Deputy Mayor)

Young and Older People’s Representatives and Partners of North Tyneside

John Akinropo, Young Mayor
Alma Caldwell, Age Concern
Chris Reed, NHS North of the Tyne
Gary Calvert, Area Commander, Northumbria Police
Julie Duell, North Tyneside Voluntary Organisations Development Agency
Damian Stephenson, Business Representative

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