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					Holy Blossom Temple Bulletin
Addressing today’s challenges
by Larry Babins, Temple President               | President’s Message                      Family Service
                   The downturn in the       among us to stay part of our Temple           and Potluck Picnic
                   economy has touched       community.
                   all of us in one way or      We have begun to modernize our             Sat. June 20, 2009,
                   another. That much is     approach to member communications.
                                                                                           at 10.30 a.m.
                   clear and your Temple     Over the next six months, you will
is no exception. But even in these chal-     notice greater and more sophisticated         Our Family Service, held Shabbat
lenging times, I assure you that life        use of email; this year, we sent our tax
                                                                                           mornings throughout the School
will go on at Holy Blossom, in all its       receipts by email and will do so again
richness. It just requires smarter, more     next year. We will do the same for            year, will meet for the final spring
cautious planning and some very care-        Yarzheit reminders and other forms            Service on June 20, 2009. If your
ful implementation. Please allow me to       of Temple communication. The result           family has not yet attended this
give you an update.                          will be better, more timely communica-        Service, you have missed out on
   We are on budget for the fiscal year      tion. It will also be greener and more
                                                                                           one of the Temple’s best-kept se-
we are just completing. That is very         cost effective.
good news and is the result of hard             Despite the obvious financial pres-        crets. It is not too late to join in!
work by our leadership team and              sures, the depth and breadth of our
professional staff.                          programming remain the envy of our            Immediately following the Service
   For this upcoming fiscal year, let        larger community.                             on June 20, all attendees will
me stress that we have taken a highly           We intend to do everything in our
                                                                                           gather for an end-of-year Family
conservative approach to our budget          power to keep it this way. Recent new
due to the uncertainty surrounding us.       initiatives include our Little Blossoms       Services Potluck Picnic. No RSVP
Without getting into individual line         Program, which attracts our pre-              needed. Please pack a dairy, nut-
items here, our overriding philosophy        Pre-School children and their parents         free dish for six-to-eight people.
is we will continue to find ways to do       and grandparents, and the Middle Dor
more with what we have.                      program geared to singles in their 40s
   In the meantime, we continue              and 50s.
to work very hard on our Annual                 Our Social Action Committee is as
Contribution Campaign. Let me say            passionately committed and effective as
that your response to my pre-Passover        ever. These past few months have seen
letter has been nothing short of             a focus on Darfur, with plans underway
wonderful. If you have already made a        to engage the entire congregation to
commitment, I thank you — if you have        help end this genocide.
not yet done so, I urge you to add a gift       We have known such atrocities and
amount to the membership renewal             that makes it all the more important
statement that you will be receiving         that, as a community, we work together
in the next few days. It’s especially        on this issue. We are also very appre-
important this year, as we must do our       ciative of the extraordinary efforts of
very best to assist those less fortunate                             continued on page 3

                                                                                              J u n e 2 0 0 9 | S i v a n / Ta m m u z 5 7 6 9   1
    D A i Ly S e r v i c e S
    Monday to Friday at 7.30 a.m. | Shacharit
    Monday to Friday at 6 p.m. | Mincha
    Sunday at 9 a.m. | Shacharit

    S h A B B AT S e r v i c e S
    Friday 6 p.m. | Kabbalat Shabbat
    Saturday 10.30 a.m. | Shabbat Morning                                                      The Bulletin is published 10 times a year by Holy Blossom Temple,
                                                                                               1950 Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON M5P 3K9. Telephone: (416) 789-3291;
    Saturday 10.30 a.m. | Family Shabbat (The last Service before the summer will              Fax: (416) 789-9697; Email: templemail@holyblossom.org;
    be held on June 20, 2009.)                                                                 Website: www.holyblossom.org. Honorary President: John A. Geller; President:
                                                                                               Larry Babins; Rabbis: John Moscowitz; Yael Splansky; Karen Thomashow;
                                                                                               Edward Goldfarb; Cantor: Benjamin Z. Maissner; Cantorial Soloist: Lindi Rivers;
                                                                                               Director of Education: Deborah K. Spiegel; Rabbi Emeritus: Dow Marmur; Senior
    Tot Shabbat will be held on June 19, 2009. Shabbat Fusion will be held on June 26, 2009.   Scholar: W. Gunther Plaut; Executive Director: Benjamin Applebaum; Holy
    All are welcome at this Service. (For more details, please see page 9.)                    Blossom Temple Foundation Chair: Elliott Jacobson; Bulletin Editor: Judy Nyman;
                                                                                               Design and Production: nymanink.concepts that click

    *Shacharit Services will be held at 9 a.m. on Wed. July 1, 2009 and Mon. Aug. 3, 2009.     Holy Blossom Temple was founded in 1856 and is affiliated with the Union
                                                                                               for Reform Judaism and the Canadian Council for Reform Judaism.

           W. Gunther Plaut Humanitarian Award
           Presented to Craig and Marc Kielburger

                                                    Mon. Nov. 2, 2009, at 7 p.m.

    The 2009 W. Gunther Plaut Humanitarian Award will be presented to
    Craig and Marc Kielburger, the Founder and Chief Executive Director,
    respectively, of Free The Children. Free The Children is the world’s
    largest network of children helping children through education, with
    more than one million youth involved in innovative education and
    development programs in 45 countries. Founded in 1995 by internation-
    al child rights activist Craig Kielburger, the primary goals of the organi-
    zation are to free children from poverty and exploitation and free young
    people from the notion that they are powerless to affect positive change
    in the world.

    This award is bestowed every two years on a person(s) who has made
    an outstanding contribution to the community and to human rights.
    Previous recipients have been Professor Irwin Cotler, Lieutenant-
    General Roméo A. Dallaire, Dr. J. Fraser Mustard, Dr. James Orbinski,
    Rabbi W. Gunther Plaut and Jean Vanier.

                                                                                               Craig Kielburger Marc Kielburger

2    w w w. h o l y b l o s s o m . o r g
Thanks for your gifts | In Perspective
by rabbi John Moscowitz
                    in hebrew, the word        the dreams (and yes, also the needs and      who want to be part of this community
                    for gift (matanah)         vulnerabilities) of our community.           are welcomed. And you — the many
                    derives from the infini-                                                members of this synagogue commu-
                    tive letet, to give. So,   S A Lu T e T o v o Lu n T e e r S            nity — who give so much of your time,
                    the one who provides       This, then, is a salute to those who do so   your talent, your financial resources to
a gift necessarily extends him/herself         much, sometimes in public, and more          ensure that this House of Many Doors
toward someone or something else.              often behind the scenes: you who help        is a religious home for the many who
Generosity, then — of spirit, of time, of      plan programs for our community of           enter within.
talent, of financial resources — is at the     all ages — ranging from Tot Shabbat
core of the will to give; and not surpris-     and other programs for our youngest          G e n e r o S i T y A p p r e c i AT e D
ingly, is also at the centre of a vital        children to Mondays @ the Temple for         So: thank you to all our members, very
religious community.                           our senior members; you who keep up          much including those of you unable
   Now, as our programmatic year               and enhance our house to maintain our        to be with us as often as you might
winds down, here is what we see: despite       public religious home at 1950 Bathurst       like: your belief in us, your belonging
the economic turndown (because of it?),        Street; you who raise money and you          to Holy Blossom Temple, also gives us
more giving of all kinds by our members        who monitor our financial well being;        strength.
to one another and Holy Blossom                you who organize for Festivals and              As summer now beckons, it is our
Temple has led to a more robust reli-          for families and for freilech occasions;     privilege to thank our members — you
gious community. We are fortunate in           you who visit the sick amongst us and        whose generosity makes this a meaning-
the broadest sense of the word.                you who bring music and joy into our         ful and vital religious community. (For
   And, let’s be clear: this is not because    sacred spaces; you who lead prayers          more on our Temple volunteers, please
of we who work at 1950 Bathurst Street.        here in shul as well in the homes of         see page 8.)
While our work is integral to the vital-       our community; you who strategize for           May you enjoy the summer and its
ity of our community, that vitality is         our future as well as you who keep our       gifts of warmth and relaxation.
generated by the energy, the will and          past; you who work to ensure that all        jmoscowitz@holyblossom.org

continued from President’s Message, page 1

our Out of the Cold team for another           Day School, has been hard at work
season of helping the homeless who live        reviewing every option to ensure we
among us. (For more on Social Action,          have the smartest, most fiscally respon-
please see page 10.)                           sible plan for the times — a plan that
    These are but a few examples of the        meets the needs of our Temple commu-           If you would like an opportunity to be
commitment of time and energy that all         nity now and for generations to come.          called to the Torah, weekday Services
our members who volunteer give to our          There will be more details on this
                                                                                              are the perfect setting to practice your
community. We are more than grateful           during the next few months.
                                                                                              reading skills. If you have a milestone
— we are so much the better for it.                May I end by wishing all of you
    And, of course, this brief over-           and your families a healthy and rest-          birthday you would like to celebrate
view would not be complete without             ful summer as we look forward to the           or the yahrzeit of a loved one you
mentioning our Renewal Project. It             beginning of another vibrant year in the       would like to honour, there is no better
is no secret that raising large sums of        life of Holy Blossom Temple.                   way to mark the occasion than by
money in a time of financial uncertainty       lbabins@holyblossom.org                        chanting from the Torah or having an
is a difficult enterprise.
                                                                                              aliyah. For more information, please
    Over the last few months, our
                                                                                              call Rabbi Yael Splansky (ext. 244), at
Renewal Project Steering Committee,
along with our partner, The Leo Baeck                                                         the Temple.

                                                                                                   J u n e 2 0 0 9 | S i v a n / Ta m m u z 5 7 6 9   3
      Selichot — What Do God’s Tefilin Contain?
      The Core Of Selichot
      professor James A. Diamond, Joseph and Wolf Lebovic Chair of Jewish Studies, University of Waterloo
      Sat. Sept. 12, 2009, at 9 p.m.

        The central prayer of the Selichot   The key to its message for
        and the High Holy Days, repeated     Jewish survival lies in what the
        again and again, is the 13 attri­    ancient rabbis tell us is written
        butes, a divine secret revealed to   in God’s tefilin.
        Moses intended to protect and           Please join us afterwards for
        preserve the existence of Israel.    the Service at 11 p.m.

        High Holy Day and Festival Services 2009/5770

       Erev Rosh Hashanah —                  Kol Nidre — Sun. Sept. 27           Sukkot
       Fri. Sept. 18                         First Service 6 p.m.                Erev Sukkot —
       First Service 6 p.m.                  Family Service 6 p.m.               Fri. Oct. 2 at 6 p.m.
       Family Service 6 p.m.                 Second Service 9 p.m.               First Day Sukkot —
       Second Service 8.30 p.m.              Teen Service 9 p.m.                 Sat. Oct. 3 at 10 a.m.

       First Day Rosh Hashanah —             Yom Kippur — Mon. Sept. 28          Shemini Atzeret
       Sat. Sept. 19                         Early Family Service 9 a.m.         Erev Shemini Atzeret —
       First Service 8.30 a.m.               Morning Service 10 a.m.             Fri. Oct. 9 at 6 p.m.
       Early Family Service 9 a.m.           Generation ‫ א‬Service 11 a.m.        Shemini Atzeret/Yizkor —
       Second Service 11.30 a.m.                (for 20 and 30 somethings)       Sat. Oct. 10 at 10 a.m.
       Late Family Service 11.30 a.m.        Late Family Service 11.30 a.m.
       Children’s Service 3.30 p.m.          Children’s Service 2 p.m. (for      Simchat Torah — Sat. Oct. 10
           (for children five years old         children five years old          Service 7 p.m.
           and younger)                         and younger)
                                             Afternoon Service 3.30 p.m.
       Second Day Rosh Hashanah —
       Sun. Sept. 20
       Service 10 a.m.   

4   w w w. h o l y b l o s s o m . o r g
how your support instills Judaism in our children
cAMp SchoLArShipS SupporT JewiSh iDenTiTy

The impact of summer camp on               community are evidenced by this                 what they learn and see at home
youth lasts a lifetime. The friendships,   parent, who told us:                            and at the Temple. Without finan-
values and connections to community                                                        cial assistance, my children would
forged are transformative and encour-          A key priority for me, as a single          not be able to attend camp. We
age campers to develop meaningful              mom, is to provide the children with        are immensely grateful to those in
relationships with Judaism.                    a stable and stimulating environ-           our community who have stepped
   Thanks to the generosity of                 ment so that they have the chance to        forward to help.
donors to the Holy Blossom Temple              grow up in dignity and achieve their
Foundation, 20 Temple youth were               potential. Camp George is, without          Thank you to all donors who make
awarded camp scholarships, enabling            question, a major highlight in their    it possible, through our Foundation, to
them to join their peers at Camp               lives. Whenever my son is feeling       help young members experience another
George this summer.                            down, he says, ‘I wish I was at camp    aspect of Jewish living through the child-
   Many donors have set up funds               right now’. The camp environment        hood experience of camp.
to support campers and regularly               is fun, warm and accepting. It is a         To make a donation or for more
contribute to these funds in honour            great opportunity for them to make      information, please call the Foundation
or in memory of family and friends.            Jewish friends and to live within       office (ext. 265), at the Temple.
   The positive effects of this                a Jewish environment — spiritu-                    — Elliott Jacobson, Chair, Holy
generosity within our Temple                   ally and ethically — to reinforce                      Blossom Temple Foundation,
J e w i S h e D u c AT i o n S u p p o r T S J e w i S h i D e n T i T y

Supporting a variety of Jewish educa-         Studies show strong correlations          our children. Funds pledged to our
tional experiences for our children        between childhood Jewish education           ACC help support these programs
is just one of the ways our Annual         and stronger Jewish identities. Loudly       and instill Jewish values and identity
Contribution Campaign (ACC) helps          and clearly, research proclaims that         among our children.
sustain Holy Blossom Temple. Our           childhood Jewish education is the single        Please give generously to the 2009
Pre-School and Religious School            most influential experience in creating a    Annual Contribution Campaign. To
espouse Jewish values and traditions,      foundation for Jewish living.                make your pledge, or for more infor-
support commitment to Judaism and             Our Temple schools are vital              mation, please call Shannon Tramer
Israel, and promote lifelong learning      components of early childhood Jewish         (ext. 227), at the Temple.
and service to the community.              experience. If we want our Jewish                  —Alison Schwartz, Chair, Annual
    But, does Jewish education make        community to thrive, we must nurture                          Contribution Campaign,
a difference to Jewish identity? Of        and encourage all of these formal and                          alisons18@hotmail.com
course it does.                            informal aspects of Jewish education for

                                                                                              J u n e 2 0 0 9 | S i v a n / Ta m m u z 5 7 6 9   5
Leading our Temple | Annual General Meeting
by Barry Silver, Chair, Nominating Committee
                     holy Blossom              Secretary — Michael Davis                   may be nominated by members of
                     Temple’s Annual           Treasurer — Alison Schwartz                 the Temple. Nominations must be
                     General Meeting                                                       submitted in writing to the admin-
                     will be held on Sun.      BoArD of DirecTorS                          istrative office no later than 60 days
                     Nov. 22, 2009, at         Directors nominated for a two-year          (by Sept. 22, 2009) before the Annual
10 a.m. The meeting provides a chance          term: Pam Albert; Gord Arbess; Bob          General Meeting, signed by at least
for every Temple member to obtain              Cooper; Hugh Furneaux; Gary Posen;          10 members in good standing at
information concerning the affairs of          Susan Stronell; and Lisa Taylor.            the Temple and by the nominated
the congregation. The following slate             In addition to this slate of candi-      member.
of candidates has been prepared by the         dates, the following directors will be         The Nominating Committee
Nominating Committee and will be               continuing the second year of their         acknowledges and thanks the follow-
presented for election at the meeting.         two-year term: David Blinick; Jeff          ing members who will be complet-
                                               Dicker; Jill Hertzman; Fern Lebo;           ing their terms as Officers or
officerS                                       Alberto Quiroz; Lawrence Ritchie; and       Directors: Karen Fisman; Gillian
President — Larry Babins                       Elisabeth Rosenfeld.                        Helfield; and Luke Sklar.
Vice President — Mark S. Anshan                   According to our by-laws, addi-          bsilver@holyblossom.org
Financial Secretary — Earl Lipson              tional candidates for any position

A rich cultural year | Cantor’s Notes
by cantor Benjamin Z. Maissner
                 Looking back on this          Yerushalayim and was filled with               My deep gratitude also goes to our
                 year’s musical events, I      enthusiasm and a feeling of renewal and     Temple Singers, the dedicated group
                 realize that the Musical      hope. Mattan Klein and Seeds of Sun         of choristers who enhance our Shabbat
                 Heritage Concert              filled the room with exuberance and         Services, Festivals and High Holy Days.
                 Series, Shabbat Shira         a spirit of celebration. It was a special   One has only to witness the enthusiasm
and our wonderful Temple Singers have          bonus to have the pleasure of hear-         with which our choir intones the sacred
made an incredible impact on music             ing Mattan’s flute accompanying our         prayers during Worship Services to
at Holy Blossom Temple. I am most              Worship Services on Friday night and        feel uplifted.
fortunate to be surrounded by so many          Shabbat morning.                               And, my thanks to Professor
music lovers at the Temple.                        None of this could have been            Eli Schleifer, who helped make our
                                               possible without the help and support       Shabbat Shira celebration an
Three concerTS                                 of so many.                                 educational, intellectual and emotional
   The Musical Heritage Concert Series             I want to thank all of our donors       musical experience.
covered a wide range of Jewish music.          who contributed to the success of
“Honourable Menschen” brought                  this Musical Series. Special thanks to      new SinGerS neeDeD
charm, warmth and dignity to our               the members of the Musical Heritage            Although we are strong in our
Sanctuary. “Every Mother’s Son: Jewish         Concert Series Committee, who               commitment, we desperately need new
Songs of War and Peace” reminded all           worked so hard to organize all of the       music lovers. If you are interested, please
of us of the misfortune and devastation        events: Fran Goldman and Barry              call me (ext. 251), at the Temple, and I
war brings with it. Adrienne Cooper,           Speigel, Co-Chairs; Joy Cohen;              will be delighted to speak with you.
with her incredible vocal ability, was         Bernard Goldman; Brian Hands;                  I look forward to a new year filled
superbly accompanied by Marilyn                Murray Hart; Lesley Miller; Freda           with wonderful and meaningful music.
Lerner on piano.                               Ariella Muscovitch; Era Ormut; Mary         With warm prayers and regards I wish
   Our final concert, “New Age                 Seldon; Francie Storm; Barb Weisfeld;       everyone a healthy summer.
of Jewish Music,” celebrated Yom               and Phyllis Wintraub.                       bmaissner@holyblossom.org

6   w w w. h o l y b l o s s o m . o r g
The Gerald Schwartz/Heather Reisman Centre for Jewish Learning strives to engage our community to join together for
stimulating lectures, to study Torah and to acquire the skills needed to lead a meaningful Jewish life. For more details, please
call ext. 256, at the Temple, or visit our website at www.holyblossom.org. All programs and lectures are open to the community,
unless otherwise stated. For your convenience, our weekday daytime programs are marked with the following symbol .

Ongoing learning and specialized               All courses are taught by our rabbis     Holocaust Education Week
classes                                     and educators. For more information,        Some Measure of Justice:
                                            please call Debbie Spiegel (ext. 239), at   The Holocaust-Era Restitution
Shabbat Torah Study:                        the Temple.                                 Campaign of the 1990s
The Meaning of Sidra                                                                    Michael Marrus, Chancellor Rose
Rabbi John Moscowitz                        The Meaning and Power of                    and Ray Wolfe Professor Emeritus
Saturdays at 9 a.m., ongoing                Identity Today                              of Holocaust Studies, University of
All are welcome regardless of               Rudyard Griffiths, Co-founder and           Toronto
background.                                 Executive Director of The Dominion          Tue. Nov. 3, 2009, at 7.30 p.m.
                                            Institute and author of Who We Are: A
Sisterhood Torah Study                      Citizen’s Manifesto                         Shabbat Study after Services:
Rabbi Edward Goldfarb                       Amir Gissin, Israeli Consul General in      Study with our Rabbis, Cantor
   Wednesdays at 9.30 a.m., ongoing         Toronto                                     and Educators
New and returning students are              Rabbi Yael Splansky                         Nov. 14 and Dec. 5, 2009, and Jan. 9,
welcome.                                    Thursdays at 7.30 p.m.                      Feb. 6 and Mar. 6, 2010
                                            Oct. 29, Nov. 12 and 19, 2009
Sunday Book Club:                           Three leaders — Canadian, Israeli and       Dead Sea Scrolls at the Royal
The Pleasure of Reading                     Jewish — will explore the topic of iden-    Ontario Museum
Sun. June 21, 2009, at 10.45 a.m.           tity and what it means for us.              Sun. Dec. 6, 2009
Join us as we review Jonathan                                                           Join us at the ROM for this wonder-
Garfinkel’s Ambivalence.                    Jews and Power                              ful opportunity to discover one of the
                                            Ruth Wisse, Martin Peretz Professor         greatest archaeological finds of the 20th
Highlights of Fall 2009 Courses             of Yiddish Literature and Professor of      century. This is a program for all ages
                                            Comparative Literature at Harvard           — see the most talked about exhibit of
Adult Bar/Bar Mitzvah 2009–2011             University                                  the year.
Wednesdays at 7.30 p.m.                     Mon. Nov. 9, 2009, at 8 p.m.
Oct. 21, 2009 to June 2011
For those of you who have never read
from the Torah or would appreciate
a survey course to strengthen your
knowledge of Judaism, the time has
come. The Adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah
Program at Holy Blossom Temple is
for you!
    We promise you will strengthen
your Hebrew, have new experiences
and discover new ways to celebrate
our holidays: how it is possible to be
very modern and very Jewish at the
same time; concepts in prayer and
liturgy; and Jewish history
and theology.

                                                                                              J u n e 2 0 0 9 | S i v a n / Ta m m u z 5 7 6 9   7
The case for leadership at holy Blossom
by Debbie Spiegel, Director of Education                                                                     | Supplementary Schools
                    For many years at                   the skills they have developed through-                 years of fulfilment in learning and a new
                    Holy Blossom Temple,                out the two-year program that we offer                  appreciation of your synagogue. Your
                    we have been fortu-                 our student teachers. We have been                      leadership skills will be honed! (Please see
                    nate to have in our                 fortunate, over the past few years, in                  page 7 for more details.)
                    midst a wonderful                   garnering an active, thoughtful group                      In the coming months, we have the
cadre of participants — in Worship                      of students, many of whom have gradu-                   chance, as a congregation, to show our
Services, holiday and family programs,                  ated to continue to work in our Religious               leadership once again at the Union for
classes and more — dedicated to our                     School either as assistants or regular                  Reform Judaism (URJ) Bienniel and the
synagogue and learning. As a result of                  teachers. We are honoured to have these                 Women of Reform Judaism Assembly
their initial involvement with our shul,                students graduate to the ranks of faculty.              (Nov. 4 to 8, 2009; see page 10 for more
these participants have grown and devel-                This is true leadership.                                details). Members of our congregation
oped into some of our greatest leaders.                    Other students who have graduated                    have taken great steps in the leadership
    Our youngest leaders — student                      from our classes continue on to be our                  of the URJ and need our help. There is
teachers — have consistently shown                      leaders. As a former Hebrew teacher of                  no better time than the present to get
their talents in our Religious School.                  our Adult B’nei Mitzvah program 17 years                involved. When members of our commu-
It is a pleasant surprise to see the                    ago, I am continuously reminded of those                nity call you, knock on your door or see
breadth of their knowledge when they                    who participated in the two-year program                you in shul and ask for your help, be a
work with our students. These young                     and who are now active as leaders of our                part of our community and be a leader!
teachers are role models, on a regular                  congregation.                                              For more information on any of our
basis and through all of their activi-                     In October 2009, we will again offer                 programs, classes or the URJ Bienniel,
ties. Whether on a Sunday morning or                    the Adult B’nei Mitzvah program, where,                 please call me (ext. 239), at the Temple.
Wednesday afternoon, we regularly see                   among other things, we promise you two                  dspiegel@holyblossom.org

    One person’s actions, propelled by generosity of spirit and largesse of mind, can have
    measurable impact on the surrounding world. Multiply the actions of one person by
    those of many, and this is how positive change is brought about.
    Thank you to all members of our synagogue community who give of themselves to the following committees, projects and volunteer
    endeavours: • Acceptance and Acquisition • Annual Contribution Campaign • Archives • Audit • Bar/Bat Mitzvah • Bikur Cholim (visiting
    the sick) • Brotherhood • Budget and Finance • Building our House • Caring Community (for our seniors) • Cemetery • Communications •
    Congregational Hall • Constitutional Review • Daily Service Leaders (morning and evening) • Donor Recognition and Stewardship • Dues
    Relief • Education Task Force • Family Programming • Festivals • Fine Arts • Gabbayim • Generation ‫( א‬for those in their 20s and 30s) • The
    Gerald Schwartz/Heather Reisman Centre for Jewish Learning • Governance • Green (environmental) • Greeters • HABSTY (Senior Youth
    Group) • Holy Blossom Temple Board of Directors • Holy Blossom Temple Foundation Board of Directors • Holy Blossom Temple Singers •
    House • Interfaith • Investment • Israel • Library • Membership • Micah Homes/Plaut Manor • Musical Heritage • Nominating • Office Support
    • Out of the Cold • Planned Giving • Pre-School • Religious Education • Renewal Project/Capital Campaign • Security • Seniors • Shiva
    Service Leaders • Sisterhood • Social Action • Stagecraft (Theatre Group) • Tot Shabbat • Transition • Ushers • Volunteer Appreciation •
    Website • Worship • and Youth
    Whether you have a lot or just a little time to give, you too can make a difference. To get involved, please call Shannon Tramer (ext. 227), at the Temple.

8   w w w. h o l y b l o s s o m . o r g
                                                  H o ly B l o S S o m T e m p l e

                                                 Annual General Meeting
Our programming for 5769 is now                  Tue. June 23, 2009, at 7 p.m.
complete. Brotherhood’s Breakfast                Please join us for Sisterhood’s Annual General Meeting and 2009–2010
Club, Photography Group and Study                Installation of Officers.
Group will all return in 5770.
                                                 Judaica Shop
Our Annual General Meeting and                   Do you have a wedding, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, baby naming or just need a gift
                                                 for another occasion? Why not check out the Sisterhood Judaica Shop? We
Installation of directors and officers
                                                 would be delighted to help you choose the perfect gift for any occasion. We
will be held on Sun. Sept. 13, 2009,
                                                 carry tallitot, challah covers and knives, books and more.
at 10 a.m. All male members of
Holy Blossom Temple, Brotherhood                 Our shop hours for June are Monday to Thursday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.; for
officers, directors and spouses are              July and August, please call to make an appointment. To become a Judaica
invited to attend.                               Shop volunteer or to make an appointment, please call the
                                                 Sisterhood hotline (ext. 514), at the Temple.
For the latest news about Brotherhood,
please visit www.hbtbrotherhood.ca.

 G ENERAT I O N                                            (for 20 and 30 somethings)

 Shabbat Fusion                                                                                   Habitat for Humanity
 Fri. June 26, 2009, at 6.30 p.m. — the last Fusion of the season                                 House Build
 Rabbi Karen Thomashow invites members and non-members of Holy Blossom                            Sun. July 12, 2009, at 8.30 a.m.
 Temple to join her for a unique Kabbalat Shabbat experience of song and prayer.                  Registration required. For more details,
 Aviva Chernick, Aaron Lightstone, Mark Weinstock and their musical colleagues                    please visit www.holyblossom.org or
 will bring the city’s finest fusion of jazz, funk, Ashkenaz and Sepharad to our shul.            email generationaleph@holyblossom.org.
 A Shabbes Tish of sushi and wine will follow. Bring a friend or two or three.
                                                                                 Aviva chernick

                                                                                                                  Jeffrey wilson

                                                                                                                                                           Aaron Lightstone
                        Mark weinstock

                                                    Sundar viswanathan

                                                                                                        J u n e 2 0 0 9 | S i v a n / Ta m m u z 5 7 6 9              9
focus on Darfur | Social Action                                                                 your next simcha
by Gordon Arbess and Gerri richman, Co-Chairs, Social Action Committee                            recently, as i approached my 50th birthday,
                              The Social          community for storytelling and the              I decided to bring together some friends
                              Action              sharing of personal experiences in              for a relaxing Sunday lunch. But then came
                              Committee           Darfur. We learned how easy it is to            that all too familiar question — where
                              has been            make a statement and possibly influ-            should I celebrate this milestone? I chose
                              working             ence our government to voice its                Holy Blossom Temple.
diligently all year to bring social action        objections to the crisis.                          My friends, however, were curious as
activities to the forefront of life at Holy          The Khartoum government is                   to why I would choose to celebrate at my
Blossom.                                          now planning to banish aid groups               place of work. For me, though, it was more
   This year, we participated in a very           and relief agencies, leaving people —           like celebrating my birthday at home. I was
successful mentoring program in the               already suffering from lack of food,            consecrated here, and, in 1999, I became
Lawrence Heights community, orga-                 clean water and disease — completely            an adult Bat Mitzvah at the Temple. My
nized a food drive for the Daily Bread            destitute. Within six months, without           role as Principal of the Pre-School has
Food Bank, led an advocacy station at             support, there may be nothing left              been personally and professionally a most
Family Mitzvah Day and held a lunch               to debate and discuss about Darfur.             gratifying experience.
at Fife House for people living with              Right now, the highest priority is to              Temple members may avail themselves
HIV/AIDS.                                         ensure aid groups and relief agencies           of the many spaces at Holy Blossom. For
   We also hosted an event to raise               are allowed back into Darfur to get             my celebration, I was able to reorganize
awareness and inspire action to stop              supplies moving again.                          the Max E. Enkin Boardroom and work
the genocide in Darfur. This event                   The Social Action Committee                  alongside the caterer. The room not only
helped make a connection between                  needs your involvement. Please email            looked beautiful but, unlike at home, I
Darfur and Yom Ha’Shoah, and gave                 Gordon Arbess at garbess@yahoo.com              was able to be one of the guests and spend
potency and life to the words “Never              or Gerri Richman at gerri.richman@              time with friends. For more details on
Again.” With the help of Ben Fine, a              sympatico.ca to learn how you can               having an event at the Temple, please call
Temple member and founder of Stand                help. In the meantime, please call              Hayley Nuttall (ext. 246), at the Temple.
Canada, we were joined by speak-                  1-800-GENOCIDE to voice your                     — Pam Hamovitch, Principal, Pre-School,
ers and guests from the Darfurian                 concerns to our government.                                    phamovitch@holyblossom.org

     Volunteer now!
     Wed. Nov. 4 to Sun. Nov. 8, 2009
     More than 4,500 Reform Jews are coming to Toronto for both the Union of Reform Judaism Biennial and the Women of Reform
     Judaism Assembly, and we need your help!

     As one of 12 host congregation for both conventions, Holy Blossom Temple has committed to fill 350 volunteer shifts — and the
     coundown is on! Volunteers for one three-hour timeslot may attend any session for free on that day. Both men and women can
     volunteer for the Biennial, while only women can be Assembly volunteers. The Biennial and the Assembly will share some plenary
     sessions and celebrate Shabbat together. Do not miss this exciting opportunity to interact with Reform Jews from across North America.

     To volunteer for the Biennial, please call (416) 789-3291 (ext. 536), or go to www.urj.org/biennial/volunteer. To volunteer for the
     Assembly, please call ext. 514, at the Temple.
                                                   — Phyllis Denaburg and Lesley Miller, Holy Blossom Temple Biennial Representatives, and
                                                          Sara Charney and Janice Babins, Holy Blossom Temple Assembly Representatives

10    w w w. h o l y b l o s s o m . o r g
                                                                                       Tillie Bardikof, Marilyn Hahn and
                                                                                       Joy Wolfson, who oversee regis-
                                                                                       tration; and Ray Moses and Peter
                                                                                       Theimer, who are our photographers.
Mondays @ the Temple, our Temple         T h A n k yo u T o o u r v o Lu n T e e r S      Many of our seniors also pitch in
program designed especially for          Mondays @ the Temple could not                each week to make the program
seniors, will soon conclude its sixth    operate successfully without the help         run smoothly.
year. Our last program for this season   of so many dedicated volunteers.                 Thanks also to Sisterhood and
will take place on June 15, 2009,        Many thanks to Sue Devor, Gail                Brotherhood for their gener-
at 10.30 a.m. Sharon Smith will          Goodman, Kathy Green and Janet                ous financial contributions and to
be back with us, accompanied by          Ryval who make the delicious soup             contributors to the Holy Blossom
Jordan Klapman. Those who were           for which the program has become              Temple Foundation’s Jean Fine
with us last June will remember what     famous.                                       Seniors’ Fund and the Accessibility
a delight it was to have Sharon and         And thank you as well to the               Fund, all of which provide the
Jordan entertain us.                     following wonderful volunteers:               program with the resources needed
                                         Gail Goodman and Sue Joel, who                to thrive.
SuMMer proGrAMMinG                       coordinate the food preparation,                 Finally, many thanks to Sheila
Beginning June 29, 2009, our seniors     with help from Donna Colt, Edith              Smolkin for her dedication to this
will continue to meet each Monday        Kirzner, Terrye Kuper, Linda Neufeld          wonderful program.
morning throughout the summer at         and Julie Noorden; Melanie Nesbitt,
10.30 a.m. to watch a movie. Each        accompanied by her students from              our upcoMinG yeAr
film will be followed by a discussion    ISIS Canada, who lead the exer-               Mondays @ the Temple’s seventh
and lunch (brought from home).           cise component; Sheila Bacher and             season will begin in mid-September.
Cost: $2 for Temple members; $3 for      Ellen Karabanow, who organize the             For more information, watch the
non-members. The first movie will        programs; Paula Warren, who looks             Bulletin or call the Seniors’ hotline
be The Great Zigfield.                   after transportation; Sheila Bacher,          (ext. 517), at the Temple.
                     For more information about our programming or Transportation project,
                               please call the Seniors’ hotline (ext. 517), at the Temple.

                                                                                           J u n e 2 0 0 9 | S i v a n / Ta m m u z 5 7 6 9   11
Spring at holy Blossom
From book talks, to concerts to mitzvah projects, the Temple was filled with energy, enthusiasm and
activity this spring.

                                                        Photograph by Paul Hellen

  Musical heritage concert Series: every                                            family Mitzvah Day — Apr. 26, 2009
Mother’s Son — Apr. 12, 2009                                                        Parents and children participate in Mitzvah projects to help the community. (left photograph) Left to right
(left to right) Cantor Benjamin Z. Maissner is joined                               are: Stephanie Shields, Jonathan Rotstein, Lauren Rotstein, Ethan Rotstein and Jeffrey Rotstein; (right
by singer Adrienne Cooper and pianist Marilyn                                       photograph) Jeffrey Pike
Lerner.                                                                               isadore Sharp Book Launch — Tue. May 19, 2009
                                                                                    Isadore Sharp (left) speaks with Teresa Quiroz following his talk.

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Photography by Henry’s Camera
                                                        Photograph by Paul Helen

 James Diamond
— Apr. 1 2009
Rabbi John Mosco­
witz (left) joins James
Diamond after Prof.
Diamond’s talk on his
book Converts, Heretics
and Lepers: Maimonides
and the Outsider.

yom ha’Atzmaut —
Apr. 1, 2009
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Photograph by Paul Hellen

Temple members head
from Holy Blossom to
a neighbourhood street
party with Beth Tzedec
and Beth Sholom

12   w w w. h o l y b l o s s o m . o r g
  Our Congregational Family

Welcome to Our Temple Family                                     16 Elul 5769/Sept. 5, 2009    We thank our generous donors
                                                                 Adam Fox, son of Rona &
We would like to welcome the following                           Bradley Fox
                                                                                               AcceSSiBiLiTy funD

  people to the Holy Blossom Temple Family:                                                    Sheila & Bob Smolkin, Mazal Tov: Paula & Alan
Cheryl Regehr & Graham Glancy, and                                                                 Warren
  Kaitlyn and Dylan
                                                                 16 Elul 5769/Sept. 5, 2009    wiLLiAM AnShAn youTh AwArD enDowMenT
                                                                 Zoey Fox, daughter of         funD
Mazal Tov                                                        Rona & Bradley Fox            Gizele Fen, Happy Birthday: Jean Anshan
Sandra Chapnik, on being honoured by the
                                                                                               Sydney Magder, In Memory: Jean Anshan
    UJA Federation for her volunteerism.
                                                                                               Fanny Pollishuke, Happy Birthday: Jean Anshan
Jeff Levy, on being honoured by the UJA
                                                                 23 Elul 5769/Sept. 12, 2009
    Federation for his volunteerism.
                                                                 Lucas Mandelbaum, son of      BArry & SuSAn BorDen funD

                                                                 Wendy & Les Mandelbaum        Barry Borden, In Honour: Etta Ginsberg McEwan;
BirThS                                                                                             Eleanor & Hartley Steinberg; Joan & Howard
Nancy-Gay & Maxwell Rotstein, on the birth                                                         Stevens
   of a grandson, Adam Matthew Berk, son                                                       Ethel Solomon, In Honour: Susan & Barry Borden
                                                                 23 Elul 5769/Sept. 12, 2009
   of Tracy Rotstein & Andrew Berk. Other
                                                                 Jennifer Wilson, daughter
   proud grandmother is Frima Berk.                                                            ruTh BorDen MeMoriAL funD
                                                                 of Shari & Michael Wilson
Barry Goldblatt, on the birth of a grandson,                                                   Barry Borden, In Honour: Holy Blossom Temple Staff;
   Kai Goldblatt Warren, son of Tera Gold-                                                         Gloria Wunder
   blatt & Duff Warren. Other proud grand-
   parents are Beatrice & John Warren.                                                         h e n r i e T TA & J o S h u A c h e S n i e e n D o w M e n T
                                                                                               f u n D f o r L e A D e r S h i p D e v e Lo p M e n T
Terri & Ted Schipper, on the birth of a grand-
   son, Jake Corey Schipper, son of Stacey       In Memoriam                                   Gitte Crangle, In Memory: Henrietta Chesnie
                                                                                               Bert Danson, In Memory: Henrietta Chesnie
   Reznick-Schipper & Terry Schipper and
   brother to Kylie. Other proud grandparents    The congregation sympathizes with the         Peter Draimin, In Memory: Henrietta Chesnie

   are Randi & Sidney Reznick and Ava &             recently bereaved families of:             Irving Gerstein, In Honour: Henrietta Chesnie

   Bernie Rubin. Proud great-grandparents        Margaret Albert, wife of Emanuel Albert,      Ada Greenwood, In Memory: Henrietta Chesnie

   are Sam Reznick and Annette Starr.               mother of Barry Albert, Isabel Albert      Ann & Gary Posen, Mazal Tov: Henrietta Chesnie

Lisa Slater & Howard Muchnick, on the birth         and Carol Firestone                        Rhoda Silver, In Memory: Henrietta Chesnie

   of a grandson, Leo Avram Slater Lee, son      Ida Ruth Albright, sister of Scarlat          Rose Slan, In Memory: Henrietta Chesnie

   of Joanna Slater & Joel Guyton Lee. Other        Albright                                   Sheila & Bob Smolkin, Mazal Tov: Henrietta Chesnie

   proud grandparents are Byron Lee and          Judith Burstein, daughter of Jimmy &
                                                    Goldie Burstein, sister of Candy Bur-      SAMi & JAMeS cooper youTh AwArD funD
   Louise & Fritz Temple. Proud great-
                                                    stein and David Burstein                   Emily Rebecca Albert, Mazal Tov: Sami & Jimmy
   grandparents are Elaine & Jim Slater.
                                                 Peter Draimin, father of Barbara Draimin          Cooper

                                                    and Bill Draimin
B’nei MiTZvAh                                    Ida Gold, sister of Jean Lorie
                                                                                               D A n S o n f A M i Ly c A M p S c h o L A r S h i p f u n D
                                                                                               Bert Danson, In Memory: Ruth Acker; Bonnie Birken;
                                                 Sandra Richie, wife of Marvin Richie,
                  28 Sivan 5769/June 20, 2009                                                      Terrie & Doug Davidson and Family; Clare &
                                                    mother of Adam Richie, Beth Richie
                  Evan Freedman, son of                                                            Monte Denaburg; Barry A. Gordon and Family;
                                                    and Jordan Richie, daughter of Issie
                  Joy Rosen & Lawrence                                                             Evette Gutstadt Serota; Robert Jordan; Edith
                                                    Antflick, sister of Zelda Farber &
                  Freedman                                                                         Kirzner; Harianne Kronick and Family; June &
                                                    David Antflick
                                                                                                   Cliff Labbett; Rochelle Luks; Cecile & Fred Metrick;
                                                                                                   North York General 7 North Staff; Plaut Family;
                  9 Elul 5769/Aug. 29, 2009
                                                                                                   Susan Rae; Marjorie & Syd Rosenfield; Mary Ann &
                  Kylie Kessler, daughter of
                                                                                                   Dan Rothstein; Helen & Edward Sheffman; Ann &
                  Marla Shilling & Harvey
                                                                                                   Irving Shendroff; Hanna Shlesinger; Kevin Smith;
                                                                                                   Sara Speigel and Family; Martha Sud; Helen Tizel;

                                                                                                      J u n e 2 0 0 9 | S i v a n / Ta m m u z 5 7 6 9          13
     Janie & Frank Tizel and Family; Shirley & Hy                Lev Maidanik, In Appreciation: Margaret & David                Marion Dack, Happy Mother’s Day: Nancy & Joe
     Wener; Joy & Herb Wolfson                                       Hart                                                           Dack and Family
Gitte Crangle, In Memory: Hanna Shlesinger                       Sandie Richie, In Memory: Millie & Sheldon                     Ida Roslyn Gold, In Memory: Sybil & Jack Geller
Barbara & Stacy Mitchell, Mazal Tov: Hanna                           Goldstein and Walter Massey
     Schlesinger                                                 Nancy Gay & Max Rotstein, Mazal Tov: Toby                      M u S i c A L h e r i TA G e f u n D

                                                                     Dunkelman                                                  Paul Bell, Yahrzeit: Naomi Bell
e A r L A n D M A r i Ly n D A n S o n f A r B e r e n D o w -   Dr. Shia Salem, Happy Birthday: Ida Birnbaum; Paula            Barry Borden, In Honour: Francie & Martin Storm
MenT funD                                                            & Bill Birnbaum                                            Michael Larkin, In Appreciation: Pam & Michael
Earl Farber, Yahrzeit: Marilyn Farber and Family                 Joel Schwartz, In Memory: Fay Greenholtz & Michael                 Albert and Family
                                                                     Rotsztain and Family                                       Cantor Benjamin Z. Maissner, In Honour: Glenda
                                                                 Henry Seldon, In Honour: Alice & George Koralek                    Mindlin
JeAn fine SeniorS funD
                                                                 Sandra Smith & Jeff Dicker, Mazal Tov: Janice &                Daniel Roher, Mazal Tov: Joanne & Kevin Roher
Sheila & Bob Smolkin, Mazal Tov: Annalee & Brian
                                                                     Larry Babins                                               Jennifer Sutton, Yahrzeit: Eva & Edward Borins
                                                                 Sheila & Bob Smolkin, Mazal Tov: Penny Fine &
                                                                                                                                MuSicAL LeGAcy funD
                                                                     Hugh Furneaux
f Lo r A L f u n D
                                                                                                                                Emily Albert, Mazal Tov: Matilda Bigio
Evan Kyle Freedman, Bar Mitzvah: Joy Rosen &
                                                                 h o Ly B L o S S o M T e M p L e r e n e w A L p r o J e c T   Janice Babins, Happy Birthday: Kathy & Maurice
     Lawrence Freedman
                                                                 funD                                                               Green
Sylvia Frohman, Yahrzeit: Amanda Frohman
                                                                 Dr. Harold Stein, Happy Birthday: Beverley & Bernie            Barry Borden, In Honour: Phyllis Wintraub
                                                                     Blackstein                                                 Sandie Richie, In Memory: Gloria Gordon
G A r D n e r f A M i Ly f u n D
                                                                                                                                David Sandler, In Appreciation: Melanie Sischy
Dr. Allen Gardner, Yahrzeit: Zita Gardner and
                                                                 iSrAeL STuDy funD                                              Henry Seldon, In Honour: Phyllis Wintraub
     Family; Dee-Dee & Gary Shiffman and Family
                                                                 General: Seniors’ Yom Ha’Atzmaut Program
Earl Gardner, Yahrzeit: Dee-Dee & Gary Shiffman
                                                                                                                                o L S B e r G r u T S AT Z f u n D
     and Family                                                  JAcoB’S Tower funD                                             Peter Draimin, In Memory: Elke & Melville Olsberg,
Gert Gardner, Yahrzeit: Dee-Dee & Gary Shiffman                  Charlotte Cherlon, In Memory: Marilyn Shesko &                     Simeon Olsberg and Daniel Olsberg and Families
     and Family                                                      David Hertzman
Dr. Harry Palter, In Honour: Zita Gardner                        General: Julie & Peter Andrew Dalton                           ouT of The coLD funD
                                                                                                                                Harry Armel, Yahrzeit: Susan Berman
G e n e r AT i o n   ‫א‬   funD                                    J o A n k e r B e L L e A D e r S h i p D e v e Lo p M e n T   Leo Berman, Yahrzeit: Susan Berman and Family
Sharon Neiss & Gordon Arbess, In Appreciation:                   funD
                                                                                                                                Annette Donnenfield, In Memory: Sally Libman
     Fagi & Rabbi Edward Goldfarb                                Janice Babins, Happy Birthday: Lyn Feldman & Bob               Peter Draimin, In Memory: Ann & Gary Posen;
                                                                     Klotz; Judy Malkin & Elliott Jacobson                          Saundra & Henry Sherman
r A B B i e D w A r D & fA G i G o L D fA r B f u n D f o r      Elana Fehler, Mazal Tov: Holy Blossom Temple                   Stephen Firestone, Happy Birthday: Deborah Zemans
JewiSh LiTerAcy
                                                                     Sisterhood                                                     & Daryl Gelgoot and Family
Rabbi Edward Goldfarb, In Honour: Naomi Bell;
                                                                 Rabbi Edward Goldfarb, In Honour: Holy Blossom                 Jake Hussman, Happy Birthday: Deborah Zemans &
     Etta Ginsberg McEwan; Michelle Katz; Marlene &
                                                                     Temple Sisterhood                                              Daryl Gelgoot and Family
     Robert Ruderman
                                                                 Sheila & Bob Smolkin, Mazal Tov: Holy Blossom                  Dennis Jillson, In Memory: Esther & Cyril Hersh
                                                                     Temple Sisterhood                                          Ethel Koranyi, Yahrzeit: Susan Berman and Family
eSTher hAnDS MeMoriAL funD
Syndey Magder, In Memory: Sharon & Stanley Clavir                                                                               Nicholas Koranyi, Yahrzeit: Susan Berman and
                                                                  kiDDuSh funD
     and Family                                                                                                                     Family
                                                                 Jeff Carroll, Bar Mitzvah: Lisa Ritchie & David Carroll
                                                                                                                                Saul Laskin, In Memory: Adele Laskin and Family
h o Ly B L o S S o M T e M p L e f o u n D AT i o n                                                                             Doreen & Mannie Maresky, Happy Anniversary:
                                                                 LiBrAry Book funD
Pam & Michael Albert, Mazal Tov: Janice & Larry                                                                                     Etienne & Aubrey Kaplan
                                                                 Harold Akler, Yahrzeit: Nonnie & Saul Akler
     Babins                                                                                                                     Roseanne Mason, In Appreciation: Carol & Nolan
                                                                 Henry Akler, Yahrzeit: Nonnie & Saul Akler
Janice Babins, Happy Birthday: Maya & David                                                                                         Grubert and Family
                                                                 Gitte Crangle, In Memory: Joyce & Fred Zemans
     Burkes; Drs. Cathi & John Freedman; Mira                                                                                   Lisa Ritchie & David Carroll, Mazal Tov: Bonnie
                                                                 Arthur Freeman, In Memory: Ida & Ron Tugg
     Goldfarb & Adam Berkowitz; Jane & Rob Herman                                                                                   Kroll & Robert Henry and Family
                                                                 Eleanor Loebel, Happy Birthday: Frances & Paul
Peter Draimin, In Memory: Richard Bennett; Vikki &                                                                              Cyril Rotenberg, In Memory: Muriel Cohen and
     Michael Lyons; Bonnie & Mel Shear                                                                                              Family; Sally Libman
George Fine, Happy Birthday: Mimi Hollenberg                     Dow & freDZiA MArMur proGrAM for
                                                                                                                                Sheila & Bob Smolkin, Mazal Tov: Cynthia Good &
Ida Roslyn Gold, In Memory: Janice & Larry Babins;               e D u c AT i o n A L e x c e L L e n c e                           Dan Aronchick; Bernice & Yitz Penciner; Anne &
     Bonnie & Mel Shear                                          Barry Borden, In Honour: Sybil & Jack Geller                       Gary Posen
Kai Goldblatt Warren, In Honour: Barry Goldblatt                 Sara Charney, Happy Birthday: Ruth Gelber

14    w w w. h o l y b l o s s o m . o r g
hArry & BLAnche poSen MeMoriAL                        Cantor Benjamin Z. Maissner, Happy Birthday: Sybil               Adele & Samuel Silver, Yahrzeits: Myrna Freedman
LecTure funD                                              & Jack Geller; Ellen Karabanow; Pnina Margolese;             Leon E. Weinstein, Yahrzeit: Fran & Bernie Goldman
Joy Cohen, Happy Birthday: Dara & Laurence Cohen          Mary & Henry Seldon
   and Family                                         Cantor Benjamin Z. Maissner: Eleanor Loebel,                     youTh AwArDS funD

                                                          Happy Birthday: Jennifer & Larry Baldachin                   Pam & Michael Albert, Mazal Tov: Etta
p r Ay e r B o o k f u n D                                                                                                Ginsberg McEwan
                                                          and Family
Graham Sattin, In Memory: Francie Bay & Arnold                                                                         Happy Iscove, In Appreciation: Linda Hacker &
                                                      Cantorial Soloist Lindi Rivers, In Appreciation:
   Smith and Family                                                                                                       Marvin Pludwinski and Family
                                                          Pam & Michael Albert and Family; Carol & Nolan
                                                          Grubert and Family; Byron Sonberg                            General: Judy & David Gershon
proJecT TikvAh funD
                                                                                                                       Pearl & Jay Lipsey, Yahrzeits: Helen Lyon
Janice Babins, Happy Birthday: Gail & Barry Silver    n A n c y r u T h e D u c AT i o n A L f u n D                   Isadore Margolese, Yahrzeit: Pnina Margolese
Barry Borden, In Honour: Gail & Barry Silver          Barry Borden, In Honour: Nancy Ruth                              Dobra Penciner, Yahrzeit: Bernice & Yitz Penciner
Judy Burstein, In Memory: Daisy & Sydney Jacobs       Peter Draimin, In Memory: Nancy Ruth                             Leon E. Weinstein, Yahrzeit: Fran & Bernie Goldman
Brenda Saunders, Happy Birthday: Frances & Paul       Rabbi Edward Goldfarb, In Honour: Nancy Ruth
   Hellen                                                                                                                     holy Blossom Temple foundation
Joel Schwartz, In Memory: Helen & David Wm.           Lu L A & i r v i n G S A u n D e r S e n D o w M e n T f u n D
   Brown and Family; Maureen & David Tartick          Dr. Marvin Tile, In Appreciation: Brenda &                          The Holy Blossom Temple Foundation raises funds to
                                                          Fred Saunders                                                   support Temple activities, programs and projects.
rABBiS’ AnD cAnTorS’ DiScreTionAry
                                                                                                                          To make a donation to any of our existing funds,
funDS                                                 ShAchAriT funD
                                                                                                                          please call Tovah Grafstein (ext. 265), at the Temple.
Rabbi John Moscowitz, In Appreciation: Pam            Freda Ash, Yahrzeit: Ruth Gales
   & Michael Albert and Family; Carol & Nolan         George Ash, Yahrzeit: Ruth Gales                                    To establish a new fund or learn more about

   Grubert and Family; Holy Blossom Temple                                                                                philanthropic opportunities, please call Janice
                                                      Stanley Ash, Yahrzeit: Ruth Gales
                                                                                                                          Feuer (ext. 249), at the Temple.
   Sisterhood; Barb & Stacy Mitchell                  Samuel Collins, Yahrzeit: Marcia Schaffran
Rabbi John Moscowitz: Judy Burstein, In Memory:           and Family
   Alice & Ron Charach                                Peter Draimin, In Memory: Janice & Larry Babins;
                                                                                                                          we appreciate your support
Rabbi Yael Splansky, In Appreciation: Pam &               Susan & Barry Borden                                            Holy Blossom Temple appreciates all donations to
   Michael Albert and Family                          Sam Firestone, Yahrzeit: Leigh Eisenberg and Family                 our funds; however, due to rising costs, cards will
Rabbi Karen Thomashow, In Appreciation: Pam           Mollie Hoffman, Yahrzeit: Bernice & Yitz Penciner                   only be sent for donations of $20 or more. We will
   & Michael Albert and Family; Carol & Nolan         Wolf Kampelmacher, Yahrzeit: Judy Druyan                            continue to recognize all donations in the Bulletin.
   Grubert and Family; Barb & Stacy Mitchell; Zelda   Felicia & Herman Knaul, Yahrzeits: Marie Knaul                      Nine percent of all donations and investment income
   Farber                                             Sigmund Knaul, Yahrzeit: Marie Knaul                                is generally set aside to help with administration
Rabbi Edward Goldfarb, In Honour: Sybil & Jack        Rose Langer, Yahrzeit: Sheila & Mel Rubinoff and Family             costs and special initiatives.
   Geller; Ellen Karabanow; Ida & Ron Tugg            Tillie & Walter Levitt, Yahrzeits: Joan & Don
                                                                                                                          We apologize but due to space constraints, not all
Cantor Benjamin Z. Maissner, In Appreciation:             Granatstein and Family                                          donations will appear in the Bulletin issue closest
   Pam & Michael Albert and Family; Carol & Nolan     Pearl & Jay Lipsey, Yahrzeits: Helen Lyon                           to the date on which the contribution was made.
   Grubert and Family; Barb & Stacy Mitchell;         Isadore Margolese, Yahrzeit: Pnina Margolese                        Donations in this issue were received by May 15, 2009.
   Ritchie/Carroll Family                             Dobra Penciner, Yahrzeit: Bernice & Yitz Penciner

                                                                                                                             J u n e 2 0 0 9 | S i v a n / Ta m m u z 5 7 6 9      15
community at its best | The Last Word
by rabbi yael Splansky

                  To be a Jew means         giving them a sense of their own power     leadership, a bright welcome sign has
                  to see your life in       to create ripples of change.               been prepared for next season’s guests.
                  concentric circles.                                                  Thanks to the leadership of our Social
                  To know you belong        QuALiTy                                    Action and Israel committees, thought-
                  to a people beyond        Here’s just one example. One senior        ful letters were written to Canadian
                  your circle of family     congregant, who misses coming to the       government officials concerning Israel
and friends is both reassuring and          Temple each week as he used to, wept       and Darfur, and letters of appreciation
challenging. Reassuring because you         when our children came to visit him in     to Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan.
know you are never alone — people           his residence. Now the handmade card       Thanks to our Junior Youth Group,
are responsible for you. Challenging        and potted flowers they brought sit by     eight big boxes filled with beautiful
because you, in turn, are responsible       his window as a constant reminder of       Judaica are on the way to our younger
for your people.                            the community that he will always be       sister congregations in Eastern Europe.
   Our recent Family Mitzvah Day            a part of. (See page 12 for snapshots of   Thanks to the artistic talent of Beth
is one of the best examples of what         community at its best.)                    Roher and Eva Ormut, one colour-
happens when these concentric circles                                                  ful wall-length mural with images of
start to spin. Every corner of the build-   QuAnTiTy                                   Jerusalem is now enjoyed by those who
ing was buzzing with creative collabo-      Thanks to our Bikur Cholim Commit-         live and work at Baycrest. Thanks to
ration. Holy Blossom Religious School       tee, 44 visits between young and old       Ve’ahavta, 100 care packages were deliv-
families and Leo Baeck Day School           members of the congregation were           ered to the homeless of our city.
families joined forces for eight simul-     arranged. Thanks to Plaut Manor and           Some mitzvot come with endless
taneous hands-on mitzvah projects.          Jewish Family and Child Services, 72       rewards. Community-building is one of
Six other organizations from the great-     tailor-made birthday party kits were       them. Yasher koach to Amy Kaiser and
er Jewish and not-for-profit communi-       delivered to children and teens who        everyone who strengthened the Holy
ties were our partners. Together we         might not otherwise have the means to      Blossom community and beyond.
are training our children in mitzvot,       celebrate. Thanks to our Out of the Cold   ysplansky@holyblossom.org

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