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					                                                   Woof World
                                                Doggy Daycare

                                                        Daycare Rules:

    All pets must be spayed /Neutered unless given a "Special Allowance". Exceptions would be dogs under 1 year of age.

       Dogs must be healthy & current shots (Rabies, DHPP, worming). Puppies must have 3 rounds plus a rabies shot.

                            All dogs must be on a veterinarian flea control and heartworm program.

                       Non-aggressive, non-protective, and able to play well with other dogs and people.

                     When coming to get your dog, please wait outside the playroom, to prevent escapes.

                 We recommend you feed your dog prior to coming to daycare. Your pup will need his energy!

Please advise us if you would like to bring your puppy to daycare, as we may need to make special arrangements for that day.

                                               What is a "Special Allowance"?

We reserve the right to waive any of our policies for dogs involved in special activities. Special allowances may be granted after
interviewing the owner & the dog. In other words, we can break our own rules if we want to.

                                                    Payment for Services:

Payment is due no later than the day the service is rendered. We accept cash, personal check, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.
Advance payments are accepted and preferred. Reservations are considered "confirmed" when payment is made.

                                                     Hours of Operation:

                                                 Monday - Friday, 7am to 6 pm

                                               Half day hours: Any 5 hour period

          Saturday Indoor Dogpark hours – Saturdays from 10am to 2pm (subject to change… check with the office)

So that we may also spend time with our family and friends, Woof World is currently closed on weekends. At some point in the
near future (and with enough interest) we may include weekends in our services. We are also closed on major holidays. New
Years day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Please ensure that your dog is on a leash when you drop him/her off and come to pick up. Quick release collars only, no choke
chains. We also recommend (not required though) you have a tag with your dogs name on the collar. We close promptly at
6:00pm. Our staff goes off duty for daycare at 6:00pm. A late charge of $1 per minute will be assessed if your dog is not
picked up by closing time, according to our office clock. Any dog left 15 minutes beyond our closing time (without
special arrangements) will be placed in our overnight boarding facility and will be charged accordingly!!! Dogs
that are placed in overnight boarding cannot be picked up until the following day, and will not be released until
payment is made in full.

Though we discourage eating at the facility, if your dog must eat a meal, please bring a “sack lunch” for your dog and mark the
bag with his/her name along with any special instructions. Your dog will be separated from the group to eat, and allowed back
in when done eating. Absolutely no rawhides, pig ears, hoof’s, bully sticks, or greenies will be allowed in the daycare.
                                                 Reservations & Cancellations:

Reservations are required in most cases. We also recommend you guarantee them with a credit card to ensure the “room” is
still available on the date specified. To provide lots of love and attention, we have to limit and plan staffing for our clients in
daycare. Since your spot has been reserved, another dog may have to sit at home. Cancellations not made 24 hours in
advance will result in owners being charged the full fee as a “no show”.

                                                        Health and Shots:

Owners must submit written verification from their veterinarian that their dogs are current on DHPP & Rabies and have had a
recent negative fecal. Dogs must be healthy and free of signs of disease or other health conditions. Dogs that have had a
communicable disease in the past 30 days will require a release from their vet to return. If your dog has chronic coughing or
sneezing, please bring a note from your vet stating that the dog is well enough to attend. Proof of immunization and health
may also be faxed to our office by your veterinarian. If your dog does not receive booster shots because of allergies, or for
other health reasons, please provide a note from your veterinarian stating that the dog has had a checkup within the past
year, and that titer tests prove immunity. We allow these dogs into daycare on a per case basis if approved by the owners.
Please note that Woof World staff and agents are not responsible for any dogs contracting a communicable disease.

                                           Flea Control and Heartworm Prevention:

Dogs must be on some form of flea control and heartworm prevention. If you're not using a Vet-prescribed flea control,
exceptions may be approved on a case by case basis. Flea collars don't count. We recommend Frontline or Advantage which is
available from your vet. Sentinel & Program act only on fleas that bite your dog, and only prevent those fleas from
reproducing. They do not kill fleas or prevent your dog from bringing fleas into the house to bite you, nor do they prevent the
fleas from transmitting tapeworms, biting your dog, causing flea-allergy dermatitis, etc. If, at any time during care, a dog is
noticed to have fleas or ticks, treatment will be applied and charged to the owner at the minimum rate of $15.00. All dogs will
be examined for signs of fleas and ticks at check in and will not be admitted to daycare if fleas or signs of fleas or ticks are
noticed. This “spot check” is not a foolproof process, therefore, we highly recommends a flea and parasite preventative,
excluding flea\tick collars.

                                                      Illness and Accidents:

Canine Daycare is much like a child daycare in that dogs can pass infections and viruses to each other. Although all dogs are
vaccinated before they come, it would be impossible to vet check every dog every day. Please realize that when dogs come in
contact with other dogs, there is always a chance of passing an unobserved illness.

If your dog is coughing, sneezing, vomiting or has diarrhea, we will call you to pick him up. Dogs who become seriously ill or
injured will be taken to the nearest vet at the owner's expense. Evergreen Animal Hospital is the closest veterinarian.

Also, dogs may get into 'shoving matches' over personal space and toys etc. Even though we screen daycare candidates
thoroughly, accidents may occur during these situations. With a cage-less environment, you give up a certain security that a
traditional kennel can provide. You need to decide if this is an acceptable risk for you & your dog.


Only non-aggressive, non-food and toy possessive dogs who are able to play well with others will be allowed in daycare. Any
initial signs or later discovery of aggression is cause for immediate separation from the “pack” and dismissal. Keep in mind that
your dog will be around other dogs that may be either higher or lower in our pack's hierarchy. Although the dogs are
monitored, your dog may occasionally have a scratch or a nip from playing. We will never spank or use abusive collars. Woof
World will always utilize positive reinforcement training when applicable. We have adopted the “3 counts you’re out” rule at
Woof World. Dogs that exhibit poor play habits (biting to deliberately injure another dog or person) will be placed in “time-out”
for a half hour. If a second incident occurs, the dog will be placed in “time-out” until the owner arrives to pick them up. The
dog can return to daycare the next day, however, if a third incident occurs, the owner will be called to come remove the dog
immediately, and he/she will not be accepted back into daycare. No exceptions, and no refunds. Dogs who are here as
overnight boarders and exhibit aggression will be returned to their kennel, and only allowed in the daycare area when no other
clients are there.

We may recommend training lessons, for dogs that demonstrate aggression/fear potential, prior to admittance on a trial basis.
We recommend half day sessions for these companions.
                                                     Overnight Boarding:

If your dog is being boarded overnight, we can provide pillows/blankets while they are in their kennel, but you are welcome to
bring a bed from home. Items from home can make their stay more pleasant, and a special toy or chew they prefer can make
them feel more at ease. Please make sure items you bring are machine washable in case of an accident or if it gets dirty. It is
a good idea to put your dog’s name or your last name on all the things you bring. We also recommend you bring sufficient
food to last the duration of their stay to avoid stomach upset.

Check-In & Check-out: We prefer you bring your pet at least one hour before we close so we can have time to get to know
them and they can acclimate to their surroundings. Because of this, check-in times are limited from 7am to 5pm Monday thru
Friday. Weekend drop-off's are by special appointment only. Check-out time is noon (or prior). All pets that are picked up
after the noon hour will be charged a half day rate in addition to their overnight boarding rate. If you are scheduled to pick up
your pet at a specified time, we allow one hour past that point for pick-up. If you fail to keep that appointment, your pet will
be placed back into the boarding kennel and they will be unavailable for pickup until the next day. No drop-off's or pick-up's
after 5pm.

Cancellation policy: A credit card guarantee is required to reserve your space, and we require a minimum 24 hour
cancellation notice. No show/no cancel charges will apply to the first night rental.

Damages: At Woof World, we understand that your dog is your family, and that you are your dog’s family. Separation
anxiety issues are very real and can be debilitating to your dog. They do not understand that you will be returning, and are
quite devastated that you have left them! Separation anxiety can be exhibited in many forms. Most often, it is shown by way
of barking, crying, howling, or some other expression of noise. However, should your dog(s) suffer from severe separation
anxiety and/or destructive behavior, you will be expected to reimburse Woof World for any and all repairs to the facility above
and beyond normal “wear & tear” due to this behavior. Normal wear & tear being as example, repairs to fencing, kennels,
crates, etc. that do not exceed $100. All repairs above $100 will be the responsibility of the owner of the dog.

                                                        Facility Rental:

You may be able to rent our facility during, or after, our business hours for birthday parties or other outings for breed groups,
training groups, puppy matches, health clinics, etc. Please call to discuss scheduling and rates.

                                                     Suggestions & Ideas:

      If you have an idea or suggestion, we would love to hear it! All constructive criticism is welcome.
                         If there is a service you would like us to offer, please let us know!

                The Rules and Regulations are subject to change at any time without notification.
                          Check the bulletin board in the main office for any changes.

                                 We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone

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