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					                                                                                                spring      2010 • VOL.               9,    nO.      2

                                                    A newsLetter fOr HOusing And fOOd serVices empLOyees

A Very Fond Farewell
Looking back in celebration at John Sautter’s career
 By Bob Heitert

             hen Vice President John             as RA training aids in housing systems at
             Sautter retires in June, he will    many other universities.
             have completed 39 years of              John moved to Smalley for a one-year
service to HFS, Purdue University, and his       training position as assistant director of
community, although it could actually have       administration for residence halls in the
been 41 years. He intended to begin his          summer of 1980, and remained there,
career at Purdue in July 1969, but the U.S.      with increasing degrees of responsibility
Army intervened. He was inducted in May          thereafter. He became assistant director
1969, and reported to Fort Riley, Kansas.        of student programs and counseling for
After training, he became an M.P., and           residence halls in the summer of 1981, and
served as a counselor attached to the post       replaced Ron Fruitt as director of residence
stockade. He was a member of the honor           halls and graduate houses in April 1983,
team that practiced constantly to serve as       when Ron became vice president. John
the ceremonial guard in the event of the         then followed Ron as vice president in July
death of a president.                            1996.
    In July 1971, John took his first position       John’s service and influence extend
at Purdue, as assistant manager of Wiley         well beyond HFS. Throughout his
Hall, working for Lanny Wilson — who             career, he has been actively involved,
later became director of administration for      serving as both mentor and advisor
residence halls, and was a mentor to John        to such groups as Occupational
throughout his career. In June 1973, he          Outlook, ODK, the Reamer
became assistant manager at Shreve Hall,         Club, Tomahawk, Mortarboard,
and remained there until June 1974, when         Old Masters, and Iron Key.
he became manager of Harrison Hall.              These contributions have
During his six years there, he developed         been recognized with the
and refined the concepts of programming          Tip of The Hat Award,
and counseling that became his trademark.        the Leather Medal,
He also published two booklets that              the Special
embodied those ideas in practical ways:
Understanding Your Residents and Alcohol
And Your Residents. Thousands of copies
were printed, and they were used

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              around the corner
I remember …
I remember attending Board of Trustees                        be launched. As I spoke, we would have a
meetings in the Anniversary Dining Room                       “hold” where each hall manager checked in
of the Purdue Memorial Union. All the vice                    with “McCutcheon Hall is ready … go for
presidents sat around the edge of the room                    launch.” The Hall of Music folks brought
at assigned places with nameplates. The                       in huge speakers and as the shuttle lifted
visitor section offered about 20 seats.                       off the launch pad, the table silverware,
    I remember having lunch in the PMU                        china and glasses shook … and we launched
director’s dining room. This small dining                     another school year. Terrific moment!
area, off the Sagamore room, was where                            I remember linen exchange day when
Fred Ford, former executive vice president                    students exchanged their bed linen weekly,
and treasurer, gathered his senior staff                      televisions available only in the date lounges
several times a semester to informally keep                   and students walked to all their classes (no         John Sautter
us informed on issues. In this same room                      buses).
President Fred Hovde used to meet with his                        I remember decisions … adding MTV as                       staff
cabinet and discuss campus happenings.                        a channel, offering soft drinks as beverage
    I remember having to purchase a tuxedo                    choices in our dining rooms, increasing
to attend the many formal events on                           visitation hours, eliminating linen service,                           Spring 2010            Vol. 9, no. 2
campus including the trustees dinner dance                    saving gold Nehru waiter jackets (still
and the various dinner dances in the halls                    in storage), signing the requisition for a                     editor
                                                                                                                                   Barbara leonard, purdue Marketing
… Snowflake Fantasy, Scotia, and Winter                       $100,000 telephoto lens for Hall of Music                               and Media

Wonderland. It was here I learned to eat                      Productions and encouraging the concept                        associate editor
                                                                                                                                  lisa Kochert, HFS Marketing and
lobster … quite a change for a boy from a                     of First Street Towers.                                                 Communications, interim director
small farming town in Illinois.                                   I will long remember these and many                        editorial Board
                                                                                                                                   annette Benson, purdue Village
    I remember attending annual hall awards                   other occurrences from my days in Housing                            liz Morris, pMU
banquets. Here the various school deans                       and Food Services.                                                   robin Shanks, Hall of Music productions
                                                                                                                                   Scott McCollum, Food Stores
would attend to award the top scholars their                                                                                       Kathy Vill, University residences
                                                                                               - John Sautter                      Jessica able, purdue Marketing and Media
6.0 plaques … (perfect GPAs).
                                                                                                                             Contributing Writers
    I remember seeing Jack Benny perform                                                                                          Joe Bennett, Bob Heitert, John Sautter
in the Hall of Music for five dollars. I also                                                                                Designer
                                                                                                                                  Julie Sadler, purdue Marketing and Media
remember taking my kids to see Barbara
Mandrell (they fell asleep). Other shows                                                                                          Mark Simons, purdue Marketing and Media
include Barry Manilow, Bill Cosby, Brad                                                                                           andy Hancock, purdue Marketing and
Paisley, and many other productions … my                                                                                     Copy editor
                                                                                                                                  Dan Howell, purdue Marketing and Media
wife and I both slept through “Evita.”
    I remember creating themes every year                                                                                    Connections is published quarterly for employees of the
                                                                                                                             division of Housing and Food Services. We welcome your
to help motivate the housing staff. My best                                                                                  comments and suggestions for future issues; contact
                                                                                                                             Barbara Leonard, editor, by campus mail at Marketing and
memory is the theme, “Launching another                                                                                      Media, SCC-D; 494-2972; or
Year.” We gathered in the West Faculty                                                                                       Connections is produced by Purdue Marketing and Media
Lounge, had a countdown clock and a video                                                                                    09.HFS.7.015.b

screen of a shuttle on the pad, ready to                                                                                     Purdue is an equal access/equal opportunity university.

  Housing and Food Services Basic Principles                                                      Housing and Food Services

         n   Focus on the situation, issue, or behavior, not on the person.                      n   Hall of Music Productions             n   HFS information
                                                                                                     Food Stores                               Technology
         n   Maintain the self-confidence and self-esteem of others.                             n

                                                                                                     Purdue Memorial Union                 n   HFS Facilities
         n   Maintain constructive relationships with your employees, peers, and managers.       n

                                                                                                     University residences                 n   HFS Human resources
         n   Take initiative to make things better.                                              n

         n   Lead by example.                                                                    n   HFS Business Office

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                                                                                                        PUrDUE   UNiVErSiTy

          global communities
From Thailand to Purdue
Earhart staff member marches to her own beat
By Annette Benson                                                                               N
Life had a steady rhythm for Wasina              day, Wasina found herself newly married,
Tansarawiput. At the end of each week she        unemployed, living in a new country, and
and her father drove the hour and a half         speaking a new language.
from Bangkok to Nakhon Pathom province               Wasina’s life rhythm was altered,
to spend the weekend with her mother, and        but she quickly found a new beat.
at the end of the weekend they returned to       Her days now were filled with
Bangkok, where Wasina’s father, a career         taking care of her apartment in              nAKHOn pAtHOm
naval officer, worked in a Thai Navy office.     Purdue Village, taking English
Wasina attended school in Bangkok, while         classes at ESOL, and enjoying W                                              E
living with her father in a Navy-supplied        time with her husband that
apartment, from the time she was in sixth        didn’t involve thousands of
grade until she graduated from college.          miles distance between them or               BAngKOK
    After graduating with a four-year            a telephone bill chronicling their
degree in law, Wasina’s life continued in        every minute.
its regular pattern. Qualified in Thailand           After a few months Wasina added
to practice general law, Wasina took a job       a full-time job at Earhart Dining Court
as a lawyer in Bangkok and continued             to her days, and now the rhythm of her
traveling homeward to see her mother             life includes working weekdays and every
on the weekends. But one visit home              third weekend, trying out all the desserts     S
was destined to change her life. That was        at Earhart (especially the cookies), and
the day she brought a young man to her           learning English the most practical way
childhood home for her mother’s approval.        — by having authentic conversations
Her mother said that she “liked him very         with people who speak English as a first
much,” and, although she would not realize       language.
it at the time, life would be forever altered
for Wasina.
    Only four short months later, the
young man, named Chookiat, left to
begin a PhD in electrical engineering at
Purdue University on a scholarship from
the government of Thailand, with the
agreement that he would return five to six
years later to marry Wasina. So Wasina
went back to her Bangkok-Nakhon Pathom
routine each week and dreamed of the day
that he would return from someplace called
Indiana in the United States.
    But as she traveled to the law office each
morning and back again to her apartment
she began musing about the telephone calls
from Indiana to Thailand; they seemed to
be coming more frequently, lasting longer,
and were usually full of plans — plans
involving five to six months, not five to six
years. After only six months of separation,
Chookiat returned to Thailand to marry
Wasina. Two weeks after her wedding              Wasina Tansarawiput

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          a day in the life

Do You Know Where to Find Tikka Paste?
For one staff member, knowledge, planning and an eye for detail go a long way
 By robin Shanks

                                                                                                 called upon to procure, including octopus,
                                                                                                 shark, eel, and ostrich, which she kindly
                                                                “Customers mean                  forwards to the meat buyer.
                                                                                                     But it’s not all exotic foods for Alma,
                                                                everything to me.”               who mentions she focuses a lot on
                                                                        — Joannie Alma           obtaining various types of produce to fill
                                                                                                 Purdue’s needs. “A little trick I’ve learned
                                                                                                 over the years is to be aware of the weather
                                                                                                 in growing areas, so I won’t be surprised if
                                                                                                 a particular item might be in short supply
                                                                                                 due, say, to a freeze.” Keeping ahead of
                                                                                                 things is a hallmark for her, including
                                                                                                 making sure there is plenty of milk and the
                                                                                                 ever important ice cream available! When
                                                                                                 asked how much milk might typically be
                                                                                                 in an order, her response was an amazing
                                                                                                 1050 gallons per week … for Earhart alone.
                                                                                                     It’s not all work in Alma’s life. Family
                                                                                                 is also high on her list of priorities,
                                                                                                 she has four grown children, and two
                                                                                                 grandchildren with two more on the way.
                                                                                                 When she’s not spending time with her
                                                                                                 children and grandchildren, she and her
                                                                                                 husband participate in the White County
Joannie alma, who grew up west of purdue in otterbein, indiana, graduated from high              Antique Power Association. “That’s antique
school on a Sunday and began work the next day in the accounting office in Freehafer             tractors, threshers, and the like,” She says.
Hall. in addition to time spent with her family, she enjoys gardening and craft shows.           “Reminder of days gone by.”
Joannie Alma, procurement analyst                the dining halls, PMU, HTM, or special
with HFS Food Stores, never, she says,           events like Boiler Gold Rush — for which                  Did you know…?
                                                                                                           Did you know…?
has a “typical day.” After 23 years with         she coordinates the purchase and delivery
Food Stores, she has obviously seen a lot;       around campus of mountains of bottled
including the staff grow from 13 to 20           water and soft drinks — her eye for detail
team members. And in her daily walk              serves her, and HFS, well. Her organized
she interacts with them all, always with         workspace at Food Stores is indicative of
a smile and a calm demeanor that belies          the precision evident in her work.
the pressures of her position. “We all help         On the day of her interview for
each other,” she relates, “we’re a close-knit    this article, a co-worker interrupted,
team.”                                           mentioning difficulty related to finding
   Alma says that the introduction of            something called “tikka paste.” Though
technologies such as computers and               only a small quantity was needed, it was
online ordering systems has made her             nonetheless a crucial ingredient for an
job better, particularly when it comes to        HTM project! Undeterred, Alma guided
details. “If a food order is incorrect, it can   her associate to possible resources in the
affect the operations of our customers.          form of specialty markets in the Greater
And customers mean everything to me,”            Lafayette area. But tikka paste is merely one                      a week for
Alma notes. Whether it’s ordering for            example of unusual edibles she has been                          Earhart alone

page 4
                                                                                                                                    PUrDUE   UNiVErSiTy

         culinary corner

Mushroom Madness
Big Ten recipe contest showcases cooking talent
By Kathy Vill
Earhart Dining Court hosted Mushroom                                                                    mushroom stir fry, gluten-free mushroom
                                                         cpK: Vivian Scott, Dorothy Moore,
Madness in early January, the first culinary                                                            lasagna, Italian tuxedo pasta, basil hill
                                                          Cindy Albertson, Andy Wright
contest held in University Residences                                                                   portabella, Assisi mushroom chicken, and
Dining Services. Chefs and their teams                   ford: Asia Noori, rebecca Williams,           grilled mushroom quesadilla.
from Athletic Dining Room, Central                        Howard Dushane, Muoi Phung, Ha Tran              Judging was based on creativity/
Production Kitchen, Ford, Hillenbrand,                   earhart: Peggy Marvin, Christina Cheng,       uniqueness (25 percent), flavor (50
retail (Cary Knight Spot Grill and Harrison               Sue Stutler, Cara Powell                      percent), and visual appearance (25
Grillé), Wiley, and Windsor competed to                                                                 percent). Teams presented their dishes to
                                                         Adr: Gene Shaw, Kevin Brand,
create the best new mushroom recipe to                    Tina Bowman, Beth Fosnaugh
                                                                                                        the judges, giving a brief explanation of
represent Purdue in the Big Ten mushroom                                                                the dish and its origin, before the tasting
recipe contest. Entry requirements involved              retail: Jacob Garis, Erik Kurdelak            began. According to Irvin, the judges were
the use of fresh commercially cultivated                 Hillenbrand: Matt Hoon, Juanita Hoskins,      “impressed by every entry and would
mushrooms, white button, portabella,                      James Tremmel, Grace Brutsman                 have given everyone medals, if we could.”
crimini, shiitake, oyster, enoki, maitake, or                                                           After much deliberation, nine medals were
                                                         wiley: Don rhine, Julie Zarse, Phil Wenzel,
beech, and needed to fall into one of three                                                             awarded.
                                                          Nelly Farmer
categories: pizza, sandwich, or entrée.
   Judges were Barb Frazee, director of                  windsor: Angel Grey, Mercy DeVault,               NeWSFLaSH:
University Residences; Jill Irvin, director of            Lini Guo, Stephanie McAllister
                                                                                                         As Connections went to press, it
dining services; Larry Sommers, director of                                                              was announced that Ford Dining
HFS development; Bruce Haumesser, PMU               vegan mushroom burger, an earth burger,              Court’s recipe for Vegetarian
executive chef; and Cassie Hutcherson,              and the “purely ridiculous mushroom                  Mushroom Stir Fry received the
Wiley resident assistant. “The event was            sandwich.” Roasted portabella pizza,                 grand prize, selected as the best
a wonderful opportunity to showcase the             grilled portabella mushroom pizza,                   overall recipe. Congratulations
talent in University Residences,” Frazee            the fungus among us veggie pizza on                  on another Big Ten victory!
says. “I am proud to know we have so                naan bread, garden pizza, and an east
many creative individuals and teams on              Asian mushroom pizza presented the
                                                                                                        (left to right) Ha Tran, production chef, is
our staff.”                                         judges with tough choices. Entrée entries           pictured with food service workers Muoi
   Sandwiches included an Italian                   included cous-cous, roasted vegetable               phung, rebecca Williams, asia noori, and
mushroom sandwich, Tasmanian wrap,                  with mushroom salad entrée, vegetarian              Howard Dushane, all of Ford Dining Court.

  Bronze: Wiley, Purely ridiculous Mushroom Sandwich
  silver: Hillenbrand, The Earth Burger
  gold: Earhart, The italian Mushroom Sandwich
  Bronze: Ford, Grilled Portabella Mushroom Pizza
  silver: Earhart, The Fungus Among Us Veggie Pizza on Naan Bread
  gold: CPK, roasted Portabella Pizza
  Bronze: Ford, Gluten-free Mushroom Lasagna
  silver: Wiley, Assisi Mushroom Chicken
  gold: Ford, Vegetarian Mushroom Stir Fry

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In Our Spare Time                                           sHare YOUr PHOTOs WiTH COnneCTiOns
                                                            We’d like to see how you spend your time out-
                                                            side of work. Send your hi-res digital images to

                    ABOVe Left
                    in December a group of HFS
                    employees volunteered for the
                    Salvation army, assisting with
                    Christmas basket deliveries to local
                    homebound individuals. The HFS
                    volunteers, many of whom partici-
                    pate every year, make up the largest
                    group this program has each year.
                                                            ABOVe rigHt
                    Left                                    Tim gennett, director of facilities for HFS, at his
                    annette Brown, general manager,         ham radio station in his home. Using ham radios
                    and erik Kurdelak, operations man-      and a wire antenna hanging in trees around his
                    ager, made snow angels during a         house, gennett has spoken to other ham radio
                    recent wintry lunch hour at Harrison    operators in over 200 countries around the globe.
                                                            BeLOw rigHt
                    BeLOw Left                              Kyla Houston (left), general manager at
                    rebecca ross-Field, HFS human           McCutcheon, teaches clogging to a group of
                    resources, leads a hula hoop class in   Wabash area lifetime learning association
                    the fitness room in Hillenbrand Hall.   (Walla) participants.

page 6
                                                                                                                   PUrDUE   UNiVErSiTy

A Very Fond Farewell                                  (continued)

                                                                                          tOp Left:
                                                                                          Sautter holds his first paycheck from
                                                                                          purdue, 1971.
Boilermaker Award (1982), and                                                             tOp rigHt:
appointment as Honorary Old Master                                                        John Sautter (upper right, seated) is
in 1989. He has been active in the John                                                   pictured with former president arthur
Purdue Club, and has served as the host                                                   Hansen and students in the Wiley Hall lobby
for the visiting men’s basketball coach and                                               in the early 1970s. Hansen made a habit
                                                                                          of dropping by to eat in the dining halls
team at home games since 1982.                                                            and would then stop in the lobby to chat
   Beyond Purdue, he has served as a                                                      and work out homework problems with
member of the executive board of the                                                      residents.
Association of College and University                                                     Left:
Housing Officers-International — just one                                                 Back from the army, 1971.
of many contributions to the organization.                                                BOttOm:
Within the Lafayette community, he has                                                    John and Dianne Sautter, celebrating a
served on the board of directors of the                                                   wedding anniversary, 1973.
Greater Lafayette Volunteer Bureau, the
West Lafayette Council of Parents, and
as president of the West Lafayette Little
   Among John’s contributions to HFS,
two within University Residences stand
out. He was a member of the Housing
For The ’90s Steering Committee, which
eventually resulted in the design of          a hallmark phrase, but represented what
Hillenbrand Hall. That interest in and        he truly wanted every staff member and
concern for future generations of students    resident to experience, and he has worked
was also a determining factor in the design   continuously to make it happen.
of First Street Towers. Less concretely but      Please take the opportunity to talk
more fundamentally, John has always           with John sometime between now
wanted HFS to be an organization where        and the end of June. Don’t wait for a
people not only worked well together, but     retirement reception, but pick a relaxed
cared about and helped take care of each      and unexpected time to say thanks and
other. “Climate of Caring” became not just    congratulations.

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SPriNG   2010

Growing Green and Global at Purdue
 By Joe Bennett

“From July till the end of October, I don’t       OrgAnic prOduce                                 cOmmunity initiAtiVe
buy vegetables,” Aloka Bera says, gazing          He says his gardens help exercise his body      Because the gardens started informally as a
happily at his garden full of Asian veggies       and give him peace of mind because              tenant initiative, no one is sure of the exact
near the Purdue University Airport in West        of the environmental benefits. “I try to        history, but Andy Robison, residential life
Lafayette.                                        grow my vegetables organically without          manager for Purdue Village, believes they
    Bera is one of about 125 people who           pesticides, which improves the quality of       go back to the late 1950s. “The gardens’
grow vegetables for their families and            the environment for wildlife, especially bees   success is in the community they foster and
friends on garden plots Purdue makes              and butterflies. I have my own composting       the local food production value. Because
available to anyone who wants to take             system, and I use horse manure from a local     Purdue Village has many international
advantage of Indiana’s rich soil, keep food       farm for fertilizer.”                           students, many of the gardeners grow
production local, and reduce stress on the            Purdue devotes about 150,000 square         unique vegetables that are hard to find in
environment.                                      feet of land, divided into 172 plots, to the    North America.”
    Vegetables from Bera’s native India and       garden program administered by Purdue               Carlos Iglesias grows a dizzying array
other nations dominate his Purdue garden.         Village, a student residential complex where    of vegetable crops, including some that
He particularly likes to grow bitter melon        married students and their families, as well    are common in his native Uruguay. He
(Momordica charantia), which not only is a        as other students, live. Plots range from       especially looks forward to harvesting a
staple of stir-fry cooking, but also helps ease   300 to 1,380 square feet, and gardeners pay     small, round summer squash (Cucurbita
the effects of diabetes and other illnesses. An   $25 to $50 a year, depending on size. The       pepo) that is related to zucchini and that
assistant research scientist at Purdue, Bera      fees help pay for plotting supplies, garden     Iglesias says is delicious when stuffed with a
grows tomatoes, cucumbers, and okra in                            events, mowing, tilling,        ground beef mixture and baked.
another garden behind his West Lafayette                                and maintenance of            “Friends start calling me in July, wanting
home.                                                                       water lines, which    to know when the squash will be ready,” he
 rigHt pHOtO: a view of purdue Village                                         the University     says. A geneticist for a popcorn producer,
 garden plots in full bloom.                                                     provides for     Iglesias is not affiliated with Purdue, but is
 BOttOm pHOtO: irrigation is provided by the
                                                                                   irrigation.    grateful for the garden program. Familiar
 University as part of the garden program.                                          The program   crops like corn, soybeans and cucumbers
                                                                                    is open to    flourish in his plot, alongside grass peas
                                                                                    the public,   (Lathyrus sativus), grown from Uruguayan
                                                                                    as well as    seed, blue potatoes, varieties of hot and
                                                                                    Purdue        mild peppers, and even peanuts, which
                                                                                  students and    Iglesias says do fine in Indiana.
                                                                                                  sustAinABLe, LOcAL fOOd
                                                                                                  “Growing more food locally has a
                                                                                                    tremendous economic, nutritional and
                                                                                                                environmental impact,” he
                                                                                                                       says. “Foods imported
                                                                                                                        from distances greater
                                                                                                                 than 40 miles, use five to 15
                                                                                                                   times more energy than
                                                                                                                     locally grown food.”
                                                                                                                          Like Iglesias,
                                                                                                                      Mohamed Abdelwah
                                                                                                                      finds Indiana soil climate
                                                                                                                    friendly. The Egyptian
                                                                                                                 veterinarian works as a
                                                                                                       research assistant at Purdue while his
                                                                                                     wife completes her degree program. He
                                                                                                   grows lettuce, peppers, eggplant, okra and
                                                                                                  other vegetables for his family and friends.

page 8
                                                                                                                                PUrDUE     UNiVErSiTy

                                                  “In my country, when you have something,
                                                                                                    A longer version of this article first appeared in
        Did you know…?
        Did you know…?                               you share,” he says with a smile. “We will
                                                                                                    indiana Living Green magazine. Visit them on the
                                                       enjoy these all summer.”                     web at
•	Purdue	Village	Gardens	are	scheduled	to	be	              Robison says administering the
  relocated to the west side of Airport road             garden is one of the most satisfying
  once the new u.s. route 231 is built.                                                            Joe Bennett is a former journalist and retired
                                                         things about his job, and he admires      Purdue administrator, who teaches writing at the
•	One	long-time	gardener	at	Purdue	Village	              the gardeners who are more skilled        University and works as a freelance editor and
  gardens is John sautter, departing vice                than he is. “I administer the gardens     writer.
  president of Hfs.                                     but I am not a good gardener myself,”
•	With	an	80%	international	student	population	        he says. “I have a garden here, but only
  at purdue Village, the gardens are home to         a few tomato plants and some squash. I
  many international vegetables not commonly       tried to grow cilantro and basil, but most of
          found in north America.
                                                  it burned up in the hot sun!”

ESOL Offers Tools for Fluency, Confidence                                                           John Sautter,
                                                                                                    on eSOL at Purdue:
By Annette Benson
                                                                                                    i’ve always believed the ESOL offering at Purdue
                                                                                                    Village is a valued and important residential life
                                                  use English to the test. The spouse of a          program for our unique population of scholars
                                                  Romanian doctoral student in international        there. With a population of around 80 percent
                                                  economics who was already fluent in               international students from over 50 different
                                                  English, Nicolae was in a tremendous              countries, ESOL brings cultures together as
                                                  hurry to better his English and to become a       they pursue learning the English language.
                                                  student himself.                                  The program is a terrific example of reinforcing
                                                     Nicolae took everything that ESOL could        Purdue’s emphasis on student success coupled
                                                  offer him in both the fall of 2005 and the        with recruiting international students. ESOL
                                                                                                    encourages student success by making
                                                  spring of 2006.
                                                                                                    international students feel comfortable, their
                                                     Five years later, I am sitting across from
                                                                                                    spouses feel grounded, and parents, in their
                                                  Nicolae Morar, soon-to-be PhD candidate           homeland, view Purdue University as a caring
                                                  in philosophy, at lunch in Wiley Dining           institution.
                                                  Court, as he tells me that his wife has
                                                  just accepted a tenure-track position in
                                                  economics in Eugene, Oregon. He speaks           heart how difficult it is to live outside your
                                                  with the same gentle Romanian accent I           own culture and language.”
nicolae Morar                                     remember from five years ago, but with a             Each semester HFS invests personnel
                                                  fluency that makes it hard to believe that       and resources into the language-learning
“The first impression of America is the           English is his third language.                   goals of at least 100 people who enroll
first people you meet,” says Nicolae Morar.          As the subject changes to the value ESOL      in an ESOL class. Some are students at
For Morar the first U.S. citizens he ever         played in his education, he reminisces about     Purdue who realize that they need more
knew well were the staff at the English for       his ESOL instructors: “You know, I have to       training in academic writing. Others are
Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) at             write a lot because my subject is philosophy.    visiting scholars who spend many hours in
Purdue Village. Unlike other places Morar         When I write I can always hear Heather           a laboratory but want more time having
had been, he says, “When I was at ESOL, I         [Day’s] voice in the back of my mind: ‘use       authentic English conversations. Still others
never had the feeling I wasn’t ‘part of the       short sentences …, don’t use a lot of words      are stay-at-home moms who want to be
family’ … because I didn’t speak English          when a few will do,’ and because of Eileen       able to communicate with the doctor, the
perfectly.”                                       [Arthur] I am much more confident in my          teacher, or the grocer. And many are like
    Nicolae arrived in the U.S. in the fall of    use of English grammar. Each teacher I had       Nicolae Morar: the trailing spouse who
2005, fluent in both Romanian and French,         there had spent time outside of their home       wants to transition to Purdue student.
and just beginning to put his abilities to        country. They really understood from the             The investment is well worth it.

                                                                                                                                                 page 9
SPriNG    2010

            making a difference each day
                                                           Received by Michael Kaufman, manager for lighting               Received by Kari Glebe, dining court manager, Wiley
                                                           and live video, Hall of Music Operations                        Residence Hall
                                                           Re: Chemical Engineering of the Future Symposium                Today when I arrived at the dining court for lunch a
                                                           I want to thank you and your crew for the wonderful             man and his wife stopped me to see if “I was in charge.”
                                                           performance on Thursday and Friday. Everything was              I assured him I was not, but knew who was and asked
                                                           impeccable. The chair arrangement and the screen were           if he wanted to speak to you. He said he was in a hurry,
 On January 6, 2010, HFS held its annual Celebration       beyond my expectations. Please pass on my thanks to             but did not want to miss a chance to share how pleased
 Event where the year’s theme of “The Magic of             Geoff Gooch, Dallas Johnson, Emily Carter, Greg                 he and his wife were with the atmosphere and the
 HFS” was introduced. According to Dave Jones,             Rufus, and Ron Shoemaker.                                       quality of the food. It was the first time they had eaten
 organizational effectiveness specialist for HFS, the                                                Cristina Farmus       at a dining court on campus. They were going to an
 theme is about creating magical moments for our              Administrative director, School of Chemical Engineering      afternoon appointment close by and thought they would
 customers …                                                                                                               try it out since they had recently learned they were open
                                                           Received by Scott Horton, creative director, Hall of            to the public. He assured me that they would be back,
 “We were not going for the ‘how did they do that’         Music Operations                                                and planned to bring friends soon. Just thought you
 aspect of magic, because there really is no mystery       A big thanks to you and your team for being such                would want to know.
 to what we do. It’s not that cleaning a floor,            gracious hosts and tour guides. I continue to be
 preparing a meal, interacting with students, or                                                                                                                         Nancy Bolt
                                                           impressed by everything Hall of Music Productions is
 any of the other tasks our employees perform are                                                                                                     Clerk IV, Wiley Residence Hall
                                                           capable of as well as by the team spirit.
 in and of themselves magical activities,” he says.
 “It’s about how doing something a little extra can                                                       Suzanne Shaw
 have a big impact. It makes those we interact with        Director of creative services, Office of Marketing and Media
 feel special.”                                                                                                              sHare YOUr sTaff kUdOs!
                                                           Received by Ally Hodge, director of conferences and
 The Celebration Event was just that, celebrating and      community relations, University Residences                        Do you know of a staff member who
 thanking HFS employees for the magical moments            The recreational sports staff would like to thank the             has gone above and beyond in their
 they create every day.                                    Central Production Kitchen (CPK) for their hard work              position? Have you received a note
                                                           and dedication in making all our events a huge success.
                                                                                                                             from a visitor or parent thanking
                                                           They are always friendly and easy to work with. Tish
Received by Robin Shanks and Timothy Todd, Hall of                                                                           your staff for their help? We’d like to
                                                           Powell and Andy Wright especially work hard to make
Music Operations                                                                                                             share them in Connections. Send your
                                                           sure everything is perfect for our event. They really go
Re: Science Journalism Laureates Event at Lawson Hall                                                                        ‘kudos’ letters to staff to bhleonard@
                                                           above and beyond our expectations. We would like to
Your guys were AWESOME. I know it is always a                                                                      
                                                           thank the entire CPK staff for all the work they do. Our
challenge to work in that location because of setup time   events would not be a success without you!
restrictions. They were troopers and got it all done in
plenty of time.                                                                                           Becky Knepp
                                                                   Assistant director of student leadership, Division of
                                       Kathryn Walters                                              Recreational Sports
             Conference coordinator, Conference Division

  Margie Longfellow
  Service worker
  Hawkins Hall                      January 4, 2010

 Welcome                                                                                                                    Hfs wins diversity Award
                            HFS is happy to                                                                                 Housing and Food Services was awarded with the
                            welcome danielle                                                                                first “Partners in Diversity — Extra Mile Award”
                            fawbush, the new                                                                                at the university-wide celebration honoring Martin
                            director of Ur marketing                                                                        Luther King, Jr. on January 21. Given by the Diversity
                            and communications.                                                                             Resource Office, the award recognizes the generous
                            Stay tuned for more                                                                             contribution of time, talent, and inspiration by the
                            on Danielle in the next                                                                         staff of HFS for the work they do each year to make
                            issue of Connections.                                                                           Purdue’s Day of Service a success.
                                                                                                                            Each year Purdue hosts the Day of Service where
                                                                                                                            faculty, staff, and students are invited to volunteer to
                                                                                                                            help area nonprofit agencies with various needs.

                                                                                                                            ally Hodge, director of conferences and
                                                                                                                            community relations, with James Foster,
                                                                                                                            assistant director of community and
                                                                                                                            cultural outreach, at the award ceremony.

page 10
                                                                                                                            PUrDUE    UNiVErSiTy

         employee applause

Staff Member Leads National Honor Society
By Barbara Leonard

Susan Huffman knows the value of the
Alpha Lambda Delta national honor
society firsthand. The general manager
of Owen Hall and an employee with
more than twenty-eight years of service
to Purdue, Huffman was initiated into
ALD as a freshman student. Fast forward
a quarter century and Huffman found
herself both humbled and honored late
last year to be elected national president of
the organization.

   “It is my duty to work with
the executive director to provide
direction to the council and be
forward-looking and to make sure
we keep in touch with today’s
                                                Susan Huffman
students and their interests.”
                 – Susan Huffman                several committees, as well as leading the    value the work we do together and the
                                                fall and spring executive meetings. The       relationships I have formed over the past
   Huffman’s tenure with ALD, a national        president also oversees the supervision       several years,” she says. “I am also proud
honor society for first-year students, has      and annual evaluation of the executive        to represent Purdue and to give back to
spanned much of her career with Purdue.         director, installation of new chapters, and   an organization that made me feel more
Asked by then-Dean of Students Barbara          presentation of national chapter awards.      confident when I was a freshman here.”
Cook to advise the Purdue chapter as part           Alpha Lambda Delta annually invites
of her duties as assistant dean of students,    students earning a 3.5 GPA or higher               Did you know…?
                                                                                                   Did you know…?
Huffman says the assignment held special        during their first semester or year at
meaning because of her own involvement          Purdue. Meant as a vehicle for building        Each year, Alpha Lambda Delta completes a
as a student.                                   confidence and character, the organization     national service project as part of its annual
   As president, Huffman is responsible         rewards hard work and gives students the       National Leadership workshop. Some recent
for a host of events, which include             opportunity to get involved on campus          projects have included:
presiding over the annual meeting of the        and in the community.
national council each June, serving on              “The recognition provides students         	  fighting hunger in Kansas City.
                                                with increased confidence and affirms          	  rebuilding libraries in the wake of
                                                the hard work and discipline that leads to         Hurricane Katrina.
  a LegaCY Of serviCe
                                                good grades,” says Huffman. “Students          	  developing stronger schools through
  Huffman has served, variously, as             also have the opportunity to apply for             debate in inner-city Boston.
  resident assistant, staff resident,           officer positions and participate in           	  encouraging after-school athletics in urban
  and faculty fellow in the following           monthly service projects.”                         Louisville.
  University Residences facilities:                 Being elected national president is a      	  providing a happier holiday season for
  	  Meredith Hall                             particularly meaningful experience for             one Southern California family.
  	  Hawkins Graduate House                    Huffman because of the caliber of the
                                                members — professors, honors college           This year’s National Leadership Workshop will be
  	  Terry Courts
                                                                                               held October 15 – 17 in Orlando, Florida.
  	  Earhart Hall                              administrators, deans, students — who
                                                have entrusted her with the position. “I

                                                                                                                                           page 11
1225 THIRD ST.
WeST LafayeTTe, IN 47907-2008

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SPriNG   2010

          where are they now?
Every Day is Saturday for Retiree
By Jessica Able

Fresh out of high school and ready to get           Her passion for NASCAR and racing
to work, Marilyn Yoder began her career         continues to this day. Yoder has had Indy
at Purdue in 1957. Little did she know, she     500 tickets since the late 60s.
would retire over four decades later in the         Yoder still keeps in contact with many
highest-ranking clerical staff position in      of the people she worked with in University
University Residences.                          Residences.
   She began as a clerk typist in the men’s         “The thing I miss the most is the
residence hall (now Owen Hall). Repeatedly      people. I love to come back to visit and see
promoted, she retired as the administrative     everyone,” says Yoder.
assistant to the director of University             Since her retirement 11 years ago, Yoder
Residences in 1999.                             has been able to do a great deal of traveling.
   Yoder grew up on a farm on McCarty           She’s been to Florida, Alaska, Alabama,          Marilyn Yoder
Lane in Lafayette, next to Bennett’s            Colorado, South Carolina, Nevada,
Greenhouse. She is the oldest of six children   Louisiana, Wisconsin, and North Carolina.        Church, Yoder likes to go to Purdue
and enjoyed watching the races at the old       She recently went on a trip to Oregon to         basketball games. She has both men’s and
Lafayette Speedway, which was located           watch the football team with a group of          women’s season tickets. She also enjoys
adjacent to her parents’ farm.                  Purdue retirees.                                 participating in activities for the University
   “As a kid, we would climb up the trees to        When she is not attending church             Residences retirees and the Purdue
see the races,” recounts Yoder.                 activities at Dayton Memorial Presbyterian       University Retirees Association (PURA).

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