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									    BRIGHT IDEAS
    The newest illuminating devices
    make their debut during Lightfair
    International, May 8-10 at the
    Jacob K. Javits Convention
    Center in New York City.

                                                                                 TECH LIGHTING / Booth #1621
                                                                                 Composed of multi-layered glass with a black glass
                                                                                 outer layer and colored or white interior, the Mini Noir
                                                                                 pendants supply a wash of tinted or white light. The line
                                                                                 comes in Black/Red, Black/White, and Black/Yellow
                                                                                        Element is the company’s foray into recessed
                                                                                 downlighting. Two options are a bevel
                                                                                 round with flangeless trim, and a
                                                                                 flat square with a flanged
                                                                                 trim. The lights are
                                                                                 small and
                                                                                 can easily
                                                                                 be fine-tuned
                                                                                 to tilt and pan as
                                                                                 needed. Four finishes
                                                                                 may be specified: Antique
                                                                                 Bronze, Black, Satin Nickel, and
                                                                                 (847) 410-4400
    SEA GULL LIGHTING / Booth #2233
    The Centra family of fixtures is proportioned for home or light commercial
    spaces. Satin white glass diffuses the light, while the Brushed Stainless
    or Polished Brass finishes add a dressy touch. Energy Star® versions are
    (800) 347-5483

                                                                       LITETRONICS™ / Booth #2827
                                                                       The Neolite T2 CFL is made with a premium coating to boost
                                                                       efficiency 10 percent, yielding up to 75 lumens per watt. Besides
                                                                       being Energy Star®-compliant, it also meets RoHS European
             CAL LIGHTING / Booth #1975                                standards on hazardous substances, incorporating lead-free
             Decorative art glass distinguishes the Model #PN-982      glass and solder and containing only one milligram of mercury
             line-voltage pendant. Lamped with a medium-base E27,      compared to 4 milligrams in standard models.
             60-watt bulb, the fixture can be mounted to a track or          The bulbs are offered in three color temperatures – 2700K,
             independently to the ceiling with a special canopy. The   4100K, and 5000K – and in 10-, 13-, 15-, 20-, and 23-watt
             collection includes 60+ designs.                          versions.
             (800) 321-6677                                            (800) 860-3392

                                                                                                             AMERICAN BALLAST /
                                                                                                             Booth #875
                                                                                                             A full range of energy-
                                                                                                             efficient electronic ballasts
                                                                                                             for compact fluorescent
                                                                                                             lamp applications features
                                                                                                             universal input voltage
                                                                                                             of 108-305 volts and
                                                                                                             compatibility with most
                                                                                                             infrared-based remote
                                                                                                             control applications. The
                                                                                                             line can be used in Energy
                                                                                                             Star®-compliant fixtures
                                                                                                             and with most occupancy
                                                                                                             (888) 313-8188

       Booth #1621
       This newly launched division of the Encompass Lighting
       Group specializes in architectural period lighting inspired
       by Craftsman, Mission, Victorian, and Schoolhouse
       designs. Period finishes include Antique Brass, Antique
       Bronze, Polished Nickel, and Satin Nickel.
            Pictured from left to right are: Randolph, Pullman, Acorn, Adler,
       Dearborn, Tavern, and Parker, seven of 56 low-voltage incandescent
       models that feature Holophane® prismatic and art glass shades.
       (847) 410-4400

                                                                                      MAXLITE / Booth #1731
                                                                                      The GU24 SpiraMax and SquatMax employ Energy
                                                                                      Star®-qualified technology, and are available in 13-,
                                                                                      18-, and 26-watt sizes. They are instant-on, flicker-free,
                                                                                      and available in a warm white color temperature.
                                                                                           Snap several MaxLite self-driven, LED light bars
              LIGHT WAVES CONCEPT / Booth #103                                        together for continuous runs to eliminate any dead
              The PAR30 LED offers 990 lumens and is the equivalent of a generic      spots. The 12"-long bars are dimmable with any
              75-watt incandescent, but the similarities end there. This bulb has a   incandescent control, and come in three intensities: 12,
              lifespan of 50,000 hours and consumes only 22 watts. With a screw-      18, or 33 LEDs per foot.
              base, installation is simple and no special fixtures are required.      (800) 555-5629
              (800) 670-8137                                                

             ECLIPSE LIGHTING / Booth #2356
             The Model #CR235 wall sconce, based on the Gemini Series and inspired by the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, features a Bronze
             finish, custom-cut Perfex
             inserts, a white shield, and
             a unique bar configuration.
             The design complements both
             contemporary and traditional
             architecture. For interiors
             or outdoors, the fixture may
             be ordered in custom sizes,
             lamping, and brightness
             control panels.
                   The Gravura option for
             the Galileo sconce allows
             logos, information signage,
             or artwork to be replicated
             for entrance, façade, and
             concourse applications. The
             painted finish and diffuser
             can be matched to corporate
             or retail color schemes.
             (847) 260-0333

                                                                                            NORA LIGHTING / Booth #2709
                                                                                            This low-voltage Mini Rail system carries
                                                                                            300 watts and 25 amps on a circumference
                                                                                            just half the size of a dime. It is field-
                                                                                            bendable and cuttable and accommodates
                                                                                            an assortment of solid brass fixtures using
                                                                                            MR11, MR8, and xelogen bulbs. Specify
                                                                                            Chrome, Bronze, Matte Gold, or Matte
                                                                                            Nickel finishes.

                                                                                        SURE-LITES /
                                                                                      Booth #2209
                                                                           An energy-saving fixture
                                                                     that meets stairwell illumination
                                                               requirements, the StairLite 2 has an
                                                      ultrasonic motion sensor that will only turn on
                                             the fluorescent bulbs when needed. A battery backup
                                            is included.
                                                  Sure-Lites is a brand of Cooper Lighting.

                                                 IRiS LIGHTING / Booth #2209
                                                 This recessed luminaire has a four-inch square
                                                 aperture, modular design, and a two-stage
                                                 optical system. The platform can be reconfigured
                                                 from below, allowing the fixture’s function to
                                                 be determined after rough-in or changed in the
                                                 future. It accepts a range of modules and optical
                                                 elements for open downlight, adjustable accent,
                                                 wall-wash, and lens/shower applications, as
                                                 well as halogen, CFL, and ceramic metal halide
                                                 bulbs. The series also features two-inch square
                                                 aperture pinhole trims when minimal ceiling
                                                 presence is desired.
                                                      IRiS Lighting Systems is a brand of Cooper
                                                 (770) 486-4800

                                                                 LEVITON MFG. /
                                                                 Booth #2431
                                                                 The Vizia RF™ lighting and
                                                                 home control system utilizes Z-
                                                                 Wave® technology and is easy
                                                                 to install and operate. It includes
                                                                 digital dimmers and switches,
                                                                 full-function scene and zone
                                                                 controllers, appliance and lamp
                                                                 modules, plus remote controls.
                                                                 The devices can be stand-alone
                                                                 or become part of Z-Wave’s
                                                                 network for HVAC access control,
                                                                 intruder and fire detection, and
                                                                 appliance control. A two-way
                                                                 protocol indicates whether loads
                                                                 on the network are ON or OFF;
                                                                 the plug-in modules provide load
                                                                 sensing so that a lamp plugged
                                                                 into a Vizia module can also be
                                                                 operated manually.
                                                                 (800) 323-8920

LITE SOURCE / Booth #2671
The Bryce (Model #LS-1846SILV)                      NUVO™ LIGHTING / Booth #2633
pendant measures 65 inches wide. It is              Dark ebony wood accents are paired
lamped with two 32-watt T8 fluorescents             with a Brushed Nickel finish in the
with a color temperature of 2700K.                  Keen five-light chandelier (Model
(909) 597-8892                                      #60-1742). Underbody-mounted arms
(909) 393-4161 fax                                  curve upward to hold the frosted glass
                                                    shades. The series includes matching
                                                    flush-mounts, vanity lights, and
                                                         Nuvo Lighting is a division of Satco
                                                    (800) 43-SATCO

                                          PURESPECTRUM / Booth #3239
                                          A new electronic ballast technology that produces a purified waveform during the transfer of electric
                                          current results in a reduction in disharmony while achieving efficiency. In independent tests, a T4
                                          fluorescent powered by the PureSpectrum mechanism exceeded Energy Star® requirements for light
                                          output and color rendering. The company holds 13 patents and patent applications related to the
                                          (912) 961-4980

                                                            CREE / Booth #2721
                                                            The Xlamp XR-C LED delivers luminous flux of 60 lumens per watt and
                                                            is available in production quantities. The model shares the same form
                                                            factors as the company’s flagship XR-E LED, allowing customers to reuse
                                                            design elements. The XR-C has the same durability and surface-mount
                                                            characteristics as its other Xlamp LEDs and is an alternative for situations
                                                            that do not require the highest brightness.
                                                            (800) 533-2583

                                                               GLASS + GLASS / Booth #2257
                                                               The Murano collection of chandeliers and sconces presents a choice
                                                               of fashion colors in updated shapes and styles. Depicted is a black
                                                               glass model with Polished Chrome accents and black voile plisset
                                                               shades. The company’s engineers will assist with specifications and
                                                               wiring concerns.
                                                               (212) 288- 3300

                                             LIGHT EMITTING DESIGNS / Booth #3156
                                                 This relatively new company is introducing LEDs in standard bulb sizes for retrofit
                                                     applications. Choose from 12- and 120-volt MR16s in bi-pin and GU-pin
                                                        bases respectively; JDR medium-base PAR16, 20, 30 and 38, R20, 30 and
                                                        40, A15, 19 and 21, and S11 and 14; candelabra and C7; and G16.5,
                                                          25 and 40 – all in 5000K and 3500K color temperatures. Many models
                                                          can also be ordered in blue, green, red, and yellow.
                                                             Also preview LED-based outdoor security, undercabinet, cove, and
                                                      recessed lighting.
                                       (818) 407-4050
                                       (818) 407-1450 fax

   A new design commemorates GRAFIK Eye’s 20th anniversary. The GRAFIK Eye® GS controls
   both lighting and shades. Rounded backlit buttons that resemble Lutron’s seeTouch™-style        CON-TECH LIGHTING / Booth #1357
   keypads are visible in the dark and can be custom-engraved. An optional column of buttons       Decorative metal faceplate sconces are
   controls shades independently of the lights, and a new information display makes it easier to   available in seven standard designs and
   read energy savings, lighting levels, and time clock data. The new unit also provides power     in four finishes. ADA-compliant and wet
   and communication for occupancy sensors.                                                        location-listed, the fixtures can be lamped
        In addition to technology upgrades, the system is offered in 30 colors and finishes.       with CFL or incandescent bulbs.
   (877) 258-8766                                                                                  (800) 728-0312                                                                            

                                                                                                          HALO LIGHTING /
                                                                                                          Booth #2209
                                                                                                          The Halo H3 small aperture line is
                                                                                                          dual-listed for use with low-voltage
                                                                                                          50-watt MR16 and line-voltage
                                                                                                          50-watt GU10 bulbs. In adjustable,
                                                                                                          adjustable gimbal, and recessed
                                                                                                          lens/adjustable shower light styles,
                                                                                                          the group of square trims can be
                                                                                                          specified in Satin Nickel, Antique
                                                                                                          Copper, or Tuscan Bronze finishes
                                                                                                          as well as White with a Black
                                                                                                          baffle, White with a White baffle,
                                                                                                          or Black with a Black baffle.
                                                                                                               The trims may be installed with
                                                                                                          Halo’s existing H3 IC/Air-Tite™ and
                                                                                                          Non-IC Air-Tite™, round-aperture
                                                                                                               Halo Lighting is a brand of
                                                                                                          Cooper Lighting.
                                                                                                          talktous@cooperlighting .com

                                                                  SUNLITE™ MANUFACTURING / Booth #2621
                                                                  If it’s color you need, then inspect this assortment of halogens and CFLs.
                                                                  Ideal for theme, display, accent, and decorative functions, the array
                                                                  includes PAR 20s and 30s, MR11s and 16s, PL9s, and screw-based CFLs
                                                                  including twists, BR40 floods, and G25 globes.
                                                                  (800) 605-BULB
                                                                  (718) 768-0970 fax

  SHAPER LIGHTING / Booth #2209
  The 601 Mirror Luminaire series features a choice of
  two integrated vertical T8 lamp extrusions or one top
  horizontal mount. Available with or without a four- or
  six-inch shelf, the fixture comes in a choice of 14
  finishes, but custom colors and a dimmable ballast       HI-LITE MFG. / Booth #2157
  are options. Sizes include 24" high x 24" wide, 36"      A variety of options makes the Vaportight wall bracket customizable. Shown in a
  high x 30" wide, and 48" high x 30" wide in the          Galvanized finish – one of several dozen – with a cast guard and glass, it may also
  vertical orientation, plus 34" high x 24" wide in the    be ordered with a thinner wire guard. Mounting options include pole or gooseneck
  horizontal version.                                      and glass choices are Clear, Frost, Ribbed, Green, Red, or Blue. Incandescent is
        Shaper Lighting is a brand of Cooper Lighting.     standard, but other lamping may be specified.
  (770) 486-4800                                           (800) 465-0211                             

                                                                                                               WATT STOPPER/
                                                                                                               LEGRAND /
                                                                                                               Booth #857
                                                                                                               These wall-switch sensors,
                                                                                                               in an array of five
                                                                                                               finishes, supply lighting
                                                                                                               control and energy
                                                                                                               savings in a low-profile,
                                                                                                               contemporary design. The
                                                                                                               models include passive
                                                                                                               infrared, ultrasonic, or
                                                                                                               dual technology.
                                                                                                               (800) 879-8585

    PURE LIGHTING® / Booth #2375                                          EDGE LIGHTING / Booth #2175
    The Stratus LED wall-grazer system for surface or recessed mounting   The Night Owl reading lamp features a generous 17-inch
    imparts uniform illumination to vertical areas by producing an        gooseneck arm that permits easy positioning in any direction.
    asymmetric 4 x 140 degree beam. Using Nichia warm or cool             The warm white LED is cool to the touch and uses one watt. It
    white LEDs, the system achieves 250 lumens at only 7 watts per foot   can be mounted to the wall or attached to the back of a book
    (a high-output version offers 500 lumens at 14 watts per foot). The   with the accompanying clamp. It comes with a 12'-long, low-
    remote 600-watt power supply is dimmable.                             voltage cord and has a Satin Nickel finish.
    (773) 770-1196                                                        (773) 770-1195                                            

                                                                                                                         LIGHTING /
                                                                                                                         Booth #2269
                                                                                                                         The Avanti 9100
                                                                                                                         series of miniature
                                                                                                                         flush-mounted trimless
                                                                                                                         steplights creates
                                                                                                                         an understated
                                                                                                                         ambiance while
                                                                                                                         illuminating stairways
                                                                                                                         and interior
                                                                                                                         pedestrian areas.
                                                                                                                         Wall-, ceiling-,
                                                                                                                         and floor-mount
                                                                                                                         configurations are
                                                                                                                         (323) 933-5760

                                                                                 DAK LIGHTING / Booth #1780
                                                                                 Part of a full line of fixtures from this company, this flexi-
                                                                                 ble rail system is accompanied by a variety of decorative
                                                                                 and utilitarian heads. Also find a collection of HID and
            TREND LIGHTING / Booth #2081                                         LED bulbs as well as recessed and undercabinet fixtures.
            The Park Avenue chandelier (Model #TP7934) is inspired by            (201) 641-0827
            vintage Hollywood décor. The light from 12 60-watt type B            (201) 336-0068 fax
            incandescent bulbs is diffused through the almost prismatic glass.
            The pendant measures 22 inches in diameter.
            (626) 480-8880

                                                                                          CritiCal in leD
                                                                                          The drive for efficient light-
                                                                                          ing is bringing fixture man-
                                                                                          ufacturers to the doorstep
                                                                                          of LED makers, but working
             W.A.C. LIGHTING /                                                            with these solid-state light
             Booth #521                                                                   sources may require addi-
             Crystal Solitaires                                                           tional considerations than
             are diminutive                                                               with conventional lamps.
             Quick-Connect pendants,                                                           In a recent article in its
             crafted with multifaceted optical crystal that has                           Lightrays newsletter, Ameri-
             been hand-cut and polished. They easily adapt                                can Lighting Association
             to low-voltage monorail, monopoints, multipoints,                            (ALA) director/engineer-
             and line-voltage single-circuit Flexrail systems.                            ing Terry McGowan suggests
             (800) 526-2588                                                               companies view the latest
                                                            draft requirements on the
                                                                                          Department of Energy Web
                                                                                          site at
                                                                                               The new specifications
                                                                                          call for photometric testing
                                                                                          to measure efficacy in the
                                                                                          fixture itself (total lumi-
                                                                                          naire output in lumens di-
                                                                                          vided by total input watts).
                                                                  FC LIGHTING /           According to McGowan,
                                                                  Booth #1469             LEDs are very sensitive to
                                                                  The J.K. Yao            temperature and must be
                                                                  Visions line of LED     addressed in the design
                                                                  steplights includes     stage.
                                                                  15 square slot               “Heat management is
                                                                  and rectangular         critical if LEDs are to oper-
                                                                  slope configura-        ate efficiently over their
                                                                  tions that can be       rated life, so they must be
                                                                  customized in           tested in the luminaire it-
                                                                  color and finish.       self, according to the DOE
                                                                  The fixtures pro-       and the industry group
                                                                  vide glare-free illu-   Next Generation Lighting
                                                                  mination and were       Industry Alliance (NGLIA),
                                                                  created by the          which is coordinating the
                                                                  noted Taiwanese
                                                                                          new standards for LED test-
                                                                  lighting designer.
                                                                                          ing and measurement,” he
                                                                  This is his first
                                                                  commission with a
                                                                                               The NGLIA is adminis-
                                                                                          tered through the National
                                                                  (800) 900-
                                                                                          Electrical Manufacturers

 Booth #922
 The XB luminaires use Luxeon® I,
 III, and K2 LEDs in wall-washer,
 liner, and spotlight configura-
 tions. Five different beam angles
 ranging from 6 to 110° can be
 obtained using high-precision
 optics and non-optic versions. The         NATIONAL SPECIALTY LIGHTING / Booth #2115
 wall-washer series caters to large-        Learn what LEDs can do for a room, patio, or pathway with MiniDisc
 surface illumination, while the liner      lights. Ideal for driveways, landscapes, stairs, and accent applica-
 version is applicable to slim pro-         tions, the miniscule fixtures can be specified in Aluminum, White,
 files and grazing. The spot acts           Bronze, and Black finishes. The LEDs have a rated life of 60,000
 as an MR16-sized enhancement               hours, consume only .54 watt per fixture, and are offered in White,
 for downlighting.                          Blue, Green, Amber, and Red.
 (212) 736-2286                             (800) 527-2923             

                                                                         RENAISSANCE LIGHTING /
                                                                         Booth #2869
                                                                         The four-inch evo™ downlight is avail-
                                                                         able as a color-changing version with
                                                                         RGB LEDs producing 400+ maintained
                                                                         lumens. A high-brightness, all-white
                                                                         model offers 700+ maintained lumens
                                                                         in 3000K or 4100K. A frame-in kit
                                                                         makes installation easy.
                                                                              A recent addition is the evo Color
                                                                         Manager software program, which
                                                                         can be used on Bluetooth® PDAs and
                                                                         laptops to control the LED fixtures.
                                                                         (703) 707-9000

                      TMS LIGHTING /
                      Booth #1857
                      The Radial wall-mount in a
                      Sunshine finish has a 19"-
                      diameter shade and ex-
                      tends 40 inches. It can be
                      ordered with an electronic
                      direct or remote-mount
                      ballast and in fluorescent,
                      metal halide, or incandes-
                                                    LEDTRONICS / Booth #2644
                      cent lamping. Optional
                                                    The EXL-W series white exit light LED is maintenance-free and offers a long-life
                      wire guards and globes
                                                    alternative to conventional 15T6 or 20T6 incandescents. The bulb requires no
                      are available.
                                                    extra wiring to install and has a five-year warranty. It comes in base options of S6
                      (905) 793-1174
                                                    candelabra, 15mm intermediate screw, and 15mm DC bayonet styles.
                                                    (800) 579-4875

                                                        JESCO LIGHTING GROUP / Booth #629
                                                        The 12-volt monorail bends around corners, columns, or up and down stairs.
                                                        Produced in four- and eight-foot segments, the rail can be mounted from rigid
                                                        supports 3 to 48 inches long or a 12-foot aircraft-grade cable suspension sys-
                                                        tem. Part of the Quick Adapt Lighting System, the monorail accommodates a
                                                        range of small-scale pendants and spots.
                                                             The Quattro single- or multiple-unit, ADA-compliant wall-mount is charac-
                                                                                                                    terized by a thick
                                                                                                                    clear glass lens. A
                                                                                                                    frosted center panel
                                                                                                                    diffuses the light,
                                                                                                                    which comes from
                                                                                                                    a bi-pin halogen.
                                                                                                                    Glass, Chrome, and
                                                                                                                    Birchwood (for cus-
                                                                                                                    tom staining) trims
                                                                                                                    may be specified.
                                                                                                                    (800) 527-7796

             ACCESS LIGHTING / Booth #1969
             Inspired by snowy slopes, Models #31004 and 31005 from the Aspen series are designed with sleek, curved and frosted glass
             lenses that are accented with Brushed Steel trim. Each uses an energy-efficient T5 warm white bulb.
             (800) 828-5483

                Help for Marketing
                pin-BaseD Cfl fixtures
                In effort to drive the use of energy-efficient light-
                ing nationwide, the American Lighting Association
                (ALA), working in conjunction with the Environ-
                mental Protection Agency, is encouraging its mem-
                bers to step up promotion of the new standard in
                compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs).
                     With Energy Star®-qualified models gaining in
                popularity, the prevalence of the GU24 line-voltage
                socket is more widespread, but consumer confu-
                sion could delay universal acceptance. In a recent
                article published in its Lightrays newsletter, the
                ALA outlines the standard and its two versions – a
                one-piece unit with a combined lamp and ballast,
                and the two-piece model with a ballast that accepts
                a standard four-pin plug-in CFL. There are three
                sizes available: 13 watts (equivalent to a 60-watt in-
                candescent),18 watts (similar to the 75-watt bulb),
                and 26 watts (comparable to a 100-watt tungsten).
                     The article also cites manufacturers that are
                adapting the GU24 socket to their lines, includ-
                ing American Fluorescent, Dolan Designs, Maxim
                Lighting, Progress Lighting, Satco Products, Sea
                                                                               COLOR KINETICS / Booth #944
                Gull Lighting, Thomas Lighting, and Westing-
                                                                               The eW™ Flex SLX strand of 50 individually addressable
                house Lighting, with a total of 1,148 GU24-based,
                                                                               white LED nodes permits dynamic points of white light to
                Energy Star-qualified fixtures from 21 manufactur-
                                                                               be installed across nearly any interior or exterior surface,
                ers now in the marketplace.
                                                                               including three-dimensional sculptures. Suited for small
                     It also cautions that GU24 fixture and replace-
                                                                               niches, alcoves, and handrails, the nodes have a color
                ment units are now appearing in big-box retailers.
                                                                               temperature of 2700K and 4200K, and are spaced in
                Lighting showrooms that stock them can gain ad-
                                                                               4- or 12-inch increments.
                ditional marketing assistance from Energy Star. For
                                                                               (888) FULL-RGB
                more general information, visit For
                details on the GU24, e-mail Meghan Hoye of ICF
                International at


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