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					                 Merchant Agreement /Insertion Order
This agreement (“Agreement”) executed on the date below between City Sampler (“Publisher”) and the below named Advertiser (“Advertiser”) is binding
to the terms and conditions stated below. In consideration of the advertising and other goodwill and valuable benefits received, Advertiser hereby
authorizes Publisher to publish and distribute the coupons set forth below in the Baton Rouge City Sampler book at no charge to Advertiser. The Baton
Rouge City Sampler Book will be offered for sale by fundraising organizations and Publisher in the market areas.

                    Advertiser Information                                                                   Coupon Placement

  Business Name___________________________                                             Book Year __________
                                                                                       Category (circle all that apply)
  Address ________________________________
                                                                                       Dining         Entertainment Shopping                         Services
  City _____________ State ___ Zip _______
  Phone _____________ Fax _____________                                                Locations           (circle all that apply)

  E Mail _______________________________                                               Gonzalez Baker Hammond E. Baton Rouge
  Website______________________________                                                       W. Baton Rouge                  Denham Springs

                                                                 Coupon Information

 No.                         Description                                             Valid Days                  Valid with Other             $ Value
                                                                                                                 Offers? (Y or N)
 1                                                                                   SMTWTFS
 2                                                                                   SMTWTFS
 3                                                                                   SMTWTFS
 Additional Information:
 The terms and conditions of this agreement are as follows:
 • Advertiser agrees to honor all savings coupons published in the designated websites listed above during all business hours unless otherwise stated
 • Advertiser agrees to notify Publisher in the event Advertiser ceases to do business or changes their name or location.
 • Advertiser acknowledges Publisher in its sole discretion reserves the right to reject coupons or coupon language to maintain consistency within the
 coupon format. If rejected, Publisher will give the Advertiser the option of revising the coupon or coupon language to make it acceptable to Publisher.
 • Advertiser assumes responsibility and liability for the content of any advertising and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Publisher and its
 Licensees for any and all loss, cost, liability, or expense either may incur as the result of any claim, suit or proceeding against either arising from the
 • Publisher has sole discretion on placement of coupons within the book, unless other prior arrangements have been made.
 • Advertiser understands coupons are valid until December 31st of the following year the book was printed.
 • Advertiser will supply Publisher with a Logo or Photo to be used on the coupon in JPG or GIF format and grants Publisher the right and license to
 use, reproduce, transmit and distribute creative materials supplied by or on behalf of Advertiser.
 • Advertiser cannot change, cancel, deactivate, or reactivate coupons once book has been published. If Advertiser wishes to withdraw advertising
 written notice must be given to publisher seven days prior to print. (July 1)
 • By signing the Agreement, Advertiser agrees to all terms and conditions stated in this Insertion Order. The individuals signing on behalf of Advertiser
 and Publisher represent and warrant that they are authorized to enter into this Agreement.

 Advertiser                                                                   Publisher
 Print Name _________________________                                         Print Name ____________________________
 Signature __________________________                                         Signature ______________________________
 Date _______________________________                                         Date ___________________________________

                                                         337-529-6420 cell 225-610-8689
                                             Email completed form and logo to

                                                                                                                                                               V 1.2

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