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         Utilizing Public                                                                       contacts the sender for further information. Another solid pub-
                                                                                                lic relations strategy is to participate on a regular basis as a
                                                                                                guest on a community based show. Our CVB here in Greenville
         Relations in Your                                                                      has several regular monthly television and radio slots that are
                                                                                                community based that reach from Greenville to the coast. In

         Organization                                                                           summary, it adds up to almost thirty minutes of free media air
                                                                                                time per month to talk about what we want and more important-
                                                                                                ly, it builds a solid relationship with media personalities in our
                              By Andrew D. Schmidt, CHME                                        community. These relationships are imperative in being suc-
                              Greenville-Pitt County CVB/                                       cessful with a third type of public relations opportunities which
                              ECU Hospitality Management Dept                                   is known as the news or press conference. A press conference
                                                                                                on a certain topic or initiative can pay dividends if the proper
                              With the amount of competition increasing                         media shows for the conference itself. That’s why a positive
                              in the hospitality industry and shrinking                         relationship with the press is important. If you have that rela-
                              advertising budgets, many organizations                           tionship, a phone call to the proper person will usually bring that
                              are turning to utilizing public relations as a                    person to cover the press conference itself. Finally a non-tradi-
         form of communication with prospective customers and                                   tional way to generate media exposure simply for the purpose of
         clients. These efforts, if done correctly, should be able to bring                     creating a positive perception of your organization is to partici-
         benefits to the organization such as increased awareness of                            pate in a public service activity. If your organization can spear-
         the organization itself, credibility, a favorable perception of the                    head a project that will benefit the community people will take
         organization, and of course increased sales. Many think that                           note and remember that you are care about the community and
         this can only be accomplished by hiring a high priced public                           take in interest in those who might be less fortunate. Of course,
         relations firm. For larger campaigns this may be helpful but for                       here the media relationships are again very important. The
         smaller and more targeted efforts, this could be further from                          activity that your organization and its employees participate in
         the truth. Smaller public relations efforts only require staff time                    needs to be covered by the media so that others can see and
         and nothing else.                                                                      appreciate your efforts. This obviously leads to a favorable per-
                                                                                                ception about the organization.
         By definition, public relations are the planned management of
         the media and community’s perception of your organization.                             Public relations can be an effective way to promote your orga-
         Remember that public relations are the most believable forms of                        nization to prospective clients and individual customers.
         communications for the customer simply because the informa-                            Remember that each public relations effort should have two
         tion that the receiver of the information digests is coming from                       essential components in order to have a chance to be success-
         an “independent source” such as a newspaper, television sta-                           ful. The first is that the public relations effort should have a
         tion, public service announcement and the like. Because the                            clear purpose with a way to track the success of the effort. In
         information is coming from a source that is not “paid” to say the                      other words, know what you are trying to accomplish by engag-
         things they are saying, it is more believable. Remember, public                        ing in the public relations effort. The second is the selection of
         relations are not advertising because those who engage in pub-                         the right media vehicle to send the message to. A statewide
         lic relations are not paying for the publicity that they receive.                      public relations effort needs media that can reach throughout
         They in essence are convincing the media to cover their activi-                        the state and is not limited in its scope or capacity. Also con-
         ties or community efforts as part of their day to day reporting to                     sider demographics as well. If you are trying to attract a
         the community.                                                                         younger audience with your public relations effort, print media
                                                                                                would be a waste of time since 90% of those 25 and younger
         There are a number of ways to generate public relations oppor-                         receive their information electronically.
         tunities and the most common is the simple press release. The
         press release is information released to the media that can be                         Public relations are an increasingly effective way to promote
         about products, services, events, or community outreach                                hospitality and other organizations at virtually no cost. Start by
         efforts. Press releases are usually kept to a page or less and                         generating some positive press about your organization and
         their goal is to generate enough interest that the media source                        contact your local media today!

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   Welcome                                                               Carolina litz
   New Members...                                                               B
                                                                        The Carolina Blitz is the official publication of the Carolina Chapter of
                                                                        Meeting Professionals International and is published every other month.
   Cristina-Marie Abboud                Carrie McKesson
   210-232-5505                         Winthrop University              All contributions, articles, and photographs should be submitted to the                Conference Center                   editor or appropriate associate prior to the next MPI-CC meeting.
                                        803-323-2518                                          Lori Hedrick, CMP • Phone 336-732-4688
   Philip Bockley                                         
   Daufuskie Island Club & Resort
   843-341-4845                         Angela Miller   Ruth's Chris Steak House             EDITORIAL AND NEWSLETTER COMMITTEE
                                        919-677-0033                                                     Editor-in-Chief
   Shana Brown                                          Lori Hedrick, CMP • Wachovia Corporation
   Hampton Inn                                                                                  Contributing Writers
   910-692-9266                         Michelle Mitchell                             Michele Decker • Daniel Entertainment               AICPA                                        Sally Gomez, CHME • Litchfield Plantation
                                        919-402-4802                           Andrew D. Schmidt, CHME • Greenville-Pitt County CVB/
   Jennifer Buckley                                 ECU Hospitality Management Dept
   Richard Petty Driving Experience                                                         Jean Travers • Helms Briscoe
   704-454-6266                         Susan Pike                                                  Photographers             Brunswick City                                  Myron Jones • Fayetteville Area CVB
                                        Association of REALTORS               David Perez • Sea Trail Golf Resort and Conference Center
   Abby Byland                          910-754-5700
   Signal Inc.                
                                                                                                  Vince Chelena • Affinity Plus, Inc.
   919-474-0330                                                                                   704-377-5648 • Fax 704-333-6927                Sabrena Reinhardt                               
                                        Brunswick County
   Stephanie Decatur                    Association of REALTORS
                                                                                     Scott Moore • Disney Cruise Lines • 407-566-4854
   Sands Ocean Club/                    910-754-7050
   Sands Beach Club Resort                                                 Printing/Design
   843-449-6461                                                                              Spectrum Graphics, Inc. • 704-339-0956        Laura Rosell                                             MPI-CC Web Site:
                                        The Westin Charlotte                                      MPI Web Site:
   Mary Catherine Dolphens              704-335-2115
   Rose Chauffeured Transportation
                                                                                  ADVERTISING RATES AND DEADLINES
   704-522-8258          Amy Rowell                      AD SIZE                        FREQUENCY                  MEMBER                NON-MEMBER
                                                                                                                                  RATE                  RATE
                                        Roush Fenway Racing             Quarter Page                   1X                         $247                  $320
   Carol Duggins                        704-720-4637                    (3 1/2”W x 4 3/4”H)            3X                         $215/issue            $284/issue
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                                                                          published as of July 2003 and are subject to change without notice. All published rates are not non-
                                                                                   commissionable. Computer generated artwork is preferred. Please supply a Mac CD
   Laurie Kovarik                                                       or Zip disc with artwork created in Quark, Photoshop, Freehand or Illustrator. Any cost incurred by the
   Cisco                                                                 BLITZ for art that is not fully camera ready (e.g. reductions, scans) will be billed to the advertiser, or
                                                                         art that is not camera ready may be refused. Camera ready art is due to the publisher within 10 days
   919-392-8632                                                                 after deadline for space reservations (i.e. by the 15th of the month prior to publication).                                                               For more information and order form contact: Scott Moore at 407-566-4854.
 Carolina Blitz                                                                                                                               Page 3

President’s                                                                        MPI-CC           MPI-CC
                                                                                        2007-2008 BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                                                                                   2007-2008 BOARD OF DIRECTORS
Message                                                                            President:
                                                                                   Ginny Fountain, CMP
                                                                                   NC Association of Electric Cooperatives
                                                                                   Scott Crotty                                                 336-992-0772

                   Ginny Fountain, CMP                                             Renaissance Asheville Hotel
                                                                                   Immediate Past President:
                                                                                   Andrew Schmidt, CHME

                                                                                   Greenville-Pitt County CVB       
                   By Ginny Fountain, CMP                                          Vice President of Finance:
                   2007-2008 MPI-CC President                                      Heidi Walters, CHME                                          919-715-6702
                                                                                   NC Division of Tourism             
                                                                                   Vice President of Administration:
                    If you missed the September chapter meeting at the             Michele Decker                                               336-384-2371
                   Embassy Suites in Concord, you missed a great time and          Daniel Entertainment Group    
                   excellent education. For those who were there, we enjoyed       Vice President of Communications:
                   gracious hospitality from the Embassy Suites staff—please       Barbara Dragan                                               704-358-6578
                                                                                   Charlotte Marriott City Center    
                   make sure to thank them if you haven’t already. We also
                                                                                   Vice President of Education:
enjoyed a fun and profitable golf tournament at the Rocky River Golf Club—         Wendy Mooneyham, CMP                                         803-753-2460
a special thank you to Karolyn Stone and the golf committee. We doubled the        AgFirst Farm Credit Bank             
number of golfers from last year and had several meeting planners playing.         Vice President of Membership:
Many sponsors supported our chapter with funds and with their fun displays         Marla Amann, CMP                                             919-815-7932
                                                                                   Innovative Meeting Resources, Inc.             
on the course. A special thank you to Lori Hedrick, CMP, and Karen Knox,
CMP, CMM, two meeting planners, who sponsored a hole and had a                     Directors:
teRRRRRRRiffic display of Pirate fun. RRRRRRRRn’t you sorry you missed it?         Dianne Brice                                                 704-331-2730
                                                                                   Visit Charlotte                
Exciting things are happening with the chapter this year and I hope you’ll try     Kathy Flowe, CMP                                             843-272-5758
                                                                                   Alabama Theatre                  
to learn more about them. The board approved the publication of a chapter
                                                                                   Lori Hedrick, CMP                                            336-732-4688
membership directory at the September board meeting. Naylor will be han-           Wachovia                            
dling the whole process, including selling the advertising, so please take their   Vicki Hiatt                                                  336-852-1443
calls and listen to the benefits of advertising in our directory. The November     Hyatt Place                         
chapter meeting opening reception will include opportunities for you to learn      Molly Johnson                                                910-343-6173
                                                                                   Hilton Wilmington Riverside       
more about the committees that need your help. Please take time to talk to
                                                                                   Tim Miron                                                    704-714-4422
the committee chairs and members and decide where your talents can be              The Duke Mansion                      
used. Remember, you only get out of your membership what you put into it!          Scott Moore                                                  407-566-4854
In addition to organizing the Committee Fair, our membership team is work-         Disney Cruise Lines                    
ing on a plan to involve student members in our chapter. New faces and new         Erin Moye                                                    919-313-2160
ideas will help keep our chapter strong and successful. Scott Crotty is working    Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club              
                                                                                   Kathy Norris, CMP                                            919-765-2100
hard on getting our Volunteer program established—your involvement in a
                                                                                   Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC          
committee would help push this process along. Kathy Norris, CMP, and our
management company are working hard to find new chapter partners to                Management Office:
keep our chapter financially viable and we have a task force working on new        Amanda DeHaven                                         704-377-5648
programs to attract partners who are not typical hospitality suppliers.            Affinity Plus              

Some of you have noticed that we no longer provide printed attendee lists at
our chapter meetings. There are several reasons for this: we want to save                          2007-2008 COMMITTEES
money on printing expenses, we want to be more “green” and not use our                               If you wish to work on a committee,
                                                                                               please contact any of the Board Liaisons below.
resources unnecessarily, and we want you to visit our chapter website. You
will read more in future issues about our chapter’s commitment to being            Advertising Sales:                                           407-566-4854
environmentally aware and our role in keeping our planet green. I hope you         Scott Moore                            
                                                                                   Awards/Recognition:                                          919-313-2160
will make every effort to support your chapter in this initiative.
                                                                                   Erin Moye                                    
                                                                                   Community Outreach:                                          919-765-3817
Thank you for choosing to be a member of MPI Carolinas Chapter. I hope             Annette Zarriello, CMP           
you’ll choose to get involved if you aren’t. You’ll be glad you did! I             Education:                                                   704-331-2730
                                                                                   Dianne Brice                   
                                                                                   Fundraising:                                                 843-272-5758
                                                                                   Kathy Flowe, CMP                 
                      Register Now!                                                Marketing:                                                   704-714-4422
                                                                                   Tim Miron                              
                    MPI-CC Meeting                                                 Meeting Planning:                                            336-852-1443
                November 15-16, 2007                                               Vicki Hiatt                         
                                                                                   Member Care:                                                 910-343-6173
              Hilton Charlotte Center City                                         Molly Johnson                     
                                                                                   Publications:                                                336-732-4688
               Charlotte, North Carolina                                           Lori Hedrick, CMP                   
                   at                                               Strategic Alliances:                                         919-765-2100
                                                                                   Kathy Norris, CMP                     
Page 4   Carolina Blitz
  Carolina Blitz                                                                                                                             Page 5

MPI-CC                                                                          Amanda DeHaven reported that the chapter office is in the process of a

Board of Directors                                                              financial review and will have taxes turned into Dallas by the October 1
                                                                                deadline. Amanda also announced that we have a new silver sponsor –

Meeting Highlights                                                              Palm Beach County CVB.

                                                                                Kathy Flowe, CMP and her committee were recognized for all their hard
Date: September 19th, 2007                                                      work on the golf tournament.

Cary, North Carolina                                                            VP of Communications, Barbara Dragan announced that consideration is
                                                                                being given to coming out with a membership directory in conjunction
By Michele Decker                                                               with Naylor and made a motion to accept their proposal to produce the
Daniel Entertainment                                                            directory. After discussion, Barbara’s motion was voted upon and passed.
MPI-CC VP of Administration
                                                                                VP of Education Wendy Mooneyham, CMP discussed upcoming educa-
                                                                                tion topics and why many are geared to the planners. She explained that
President Ginny Fountain, CMP called the meeting to order at 6pm at the         her committee is choosing topics for planners to help increase planner
Embassy Suites Charlotte-Concord.                                               attendance.

VP of Finance, Heidi Walters, CHME reported on the financial status of the      Director of Advertising, Scott Moore reported that he would like to
chapter for the first two months of the fiscal year. Total revenue is $50,044   increase advertising on The BLITZ by 10% as well as offer an incentive for
and total expenses are $37,799. Total assets are $133,043 with $32,469 in       those that advertise on the website. Scott passed out the proposal and
accounts receivable and $9,000 owed to the chapter over 90 days. It was         an electronic vote will be taken once complete.
noted that we have outstanding meeting registrations from individuals
that currently attend our chapter meetings. Heidi Walters, CHME made a          Barbara Dragan announced that she and Debra Furr are stepping down
motion that if individuals come to a chapter meeting and have outstand-         as the Charlotte Dream Team Chairs. They are currently searching for
ing invoices from the chapter they will need to pay their balance at the        new chairs and have a couple of interested individuals. Ginny Fountain
registration desk with a credit card or check. If they note that a check is     thanked Barbara Dragan for all her hard work. The meeting adjourned
in the mail, then the chapter office will take a credit card as a guarantee     at 8pm.
method of payment. If the check does not come in the mail 15 days later
than that credit card will be charged. The motion was seconded and              The next board meeting will be at 1:00pm on Thursday, November 15th at
approved by vote.                                                               the HiltonCharlotte Center City in Charlotte, NC. I
Page 6                                               Carolina Blitz

     Thanks Our Golf
   Tournament Sponsors
    We Appreciate Your Support!
                     Alabama Theatre
            By Design Event Production Group
                   Charleston Area CVB
                    Charlotte Bobcats
                    Coral Beach Resort
                   Greater Raleigh CVB
                Greenville-Pitt County CVB
               Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa
                       Hyatt Place
            Innovative Meeting Resources, Inc.
               Instant Imprints of Charlotte
                     Kingsmill Resort
                   Kingston Plantation
                  Lori Hedrick, CMP and
         Karen Knox, CMP, CMM, Meeting Planners
                    Marriott Columbia
                 Myrtle Beach Area CVB
                       Norfolk CVB
                     Palmetto Dunes
                    Pawleys Plantation
                     Pinehurst Resort
            Renaissance Charlotte Suites Hotel
                  Reynolds American Inc.
             Richard Petty Driving Experience
         Sea Trail Golf Resort & Conference Center
                  Sheraton Myrtle Beach
                      Sterling Events
                     The Carolina Inn
                    The Carolina Opry
                    The Duke Mansion
                     The Siena Hotel
                      Visit Charlotte
             Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club
Carolina Blitz   Page 7
Page 8   Carolina Blitz
 Carolina Blitz                                                                                                                                     Page 9

         Coming Attractions
                                              Join MPI-CC in January at the
                         Marina Inn at Grande Dunes
FLANKED BY SOUTH CAROLINA'S                                                                                             spaces range in size from over 5,000
Intra-coastal Waterway and two                                                                                          square feet to 490, though all offer air-
championship golf courses, Marina                                                                                       wall soundproofing and latest high-
Inn at Grande Dunes offers an atmos-                                                                                    tech amenities. Even the decor con-
phere of privileged seclusion for                                                                                       tributes to efficiency and comfort. The
groups seeking first-class accommo-                                                                                     Sand Dollar Boardroom's domed
dations, service, and meeting and                                                                                       acoustic ceiling, for instance, guaran-
oceanfront catering venues.                                                                                             tees that every voice carries across
                                                                                                                        the room, even in conversational
In 2006, The Marina Inn joined the                                                                                      tones. The mild climate encourages
2,200-acre master- planned community                                                                                    groups to gather at the open-sided
of Grande Dunes, which stretches from                             Marina Inn at Grande Dunes                            Loggia for breakfast or breaks and on
the Intracoastal Waterway to the beachfront. It brought a new level of hos-        the Grande Lawn for cocktails or cookouts. At Waterscapes, guests enjoy
pitality to Myrtle Beach-a level of hospitality befitting its membership with      casual restaurant dining for breakfast, casually elegant lunches, and
Small Luxury Hotels of the World. Mediterranean themed architecture and            gourmet dinners accompanied by sunsets over the waterway. Anchor
decor meld Southern charm with southern European style.                            Cafe offers a pub environment, serving cocktails in the open air on the
Million-dollar views of the waterway and marina line the balconies of 230
luxurious rooms and suites. Two- and three-bedroom suites add fireplaces,          Golfers claim preferred tee times at two golf courses on-site, which lend
kitchens, and spacious living areas. T-1 Internet lines augment wireless           themselves to private tournaments managed by the resort. The Marina
connectivity throughout The Marina Inn, while complimentary work-sta-              Inn's relationships with several other courses nearby make other rounds
tions at the 24-hour business center mean laptops can be left at home.             easily available as well. The free-time options a full range of in-room spa
                                                                                   services, tennis on ten Har-Tru courts, and visits to a fitness center with
Personalized service begins at check-in, with guests seated at small               sauna, whirlpools, and indoor and outdoor pools. Frequent shuttles to the
tables, and extends to dedicated meeting support. A convention service             private beach make catching sun and surf between meetings a breeze.
manager assigned to each group and full-time audiovisual manager ensure
prompt, proactive attention to every detail. Planners often stage their            The Marina Inn lies mere minutes from the world famous shopping, dining,
grandest functions in the Nautilus Ballroom. Or, for evening receptions            and shows of Myrtle Beach. Yet most groups find everything needed with-
and private dining, they utilize the Members Club or Ocean Club. Meeting           in the privileged confines of Grande Dunes. I

   Hilton Charlotte City Center Welcomes MPI-CC for November Meeting
    Located in the heart of uptown Charlotte, the Hilton Charlotte Center          The guest rooms are the centerpiece of the hotel’s grand transforma-
    City has recently reinvented itself with a $25 million renovation incorpo-     tion, featuring rooms equipped with a revolutionary new hardware that
    rating a sophisticated cosmopolitan design with bold colors and high           will delight the most technologically savvy travelers. In addition to all
    technology.                                                                    new furnishings and soft goods, each guest room now features a 42”
                                                                                   plasma screen television equipped with wireless Bluetooth technology
    All meeting and banquet rooms have been equipped with new lighting             and a first-of-its kind GuestLink™ system. This allows travelers to link
    and sound systems. Each room has a 19” color LCD monitor outside to            laptop computers, game consoles, digital video/camera and portable
    display event names, company logos and the ability to scroll information       DVD players directly to the new 42” plasma screen, as well as, listen to
    such as weather forecasts. Public event signage has been upgraded to           Mp3 audio through the TV’s surround-sound speakers. For further com-
    50” color LCD displays with connections to the hotel’s cable system,           fort, the hotel has installed sleek marble-tiled showers with glass doors
    allowing groups the opportunity to show sporting events or televised           in 300 guest rooms. All rooms feature Hilton’s fabulous Serenity custom
    network/cable broadcasts to attendees.                                         designed beds.

    The hotel’s beautifully decorated new Grand Ballroom also has received         Make plans now to attend the MPI Carolinas Chapter Meeting on
    a enhanced lighting package and chandeliers, improved sound proofing           November 15-16 and experience for yourself their extreme makeover!
    and new banquet chairs to match the new color scheme.                          See you there!!! I
Page 10                                                       Carolina Blitz

          Meet the Member
          Debbie Taylor
          Sales Manager,
          The Marina Inn at Grande Dunes
          Myrtle Beach, SC

          By Sally Gomez, CHME
          Manager of Events,
          Brookgreen Gardens, Pawleys Island, SC

          If you don’t already know Debbie Taylor, whom I had the pleasure of
          introducing to our chapter several years ago, you might as well meet
          her now, because she will be “in your face”…… a nice way, that’s
          her job……….. when MPI-CC holds its January meeting at her hotel.
          Debbie is one of the sales team members at The Marina Inn at Grande
          Dunes. For those of you who wonder about Grande this and Grande
          that, let’s just say that the major player in the Myrtle Beach area,
          Burroughs and Chapin company, has developed quite a few Grande
          properties, The Marina Inn at Grande Dunes being one of them. Coastal
          Grande Mall, for your shoppers, is a definite if you have any free time in

          Debbie moved ‘to the beach’ about 4 years ago to be closer to family
          and friends, and because she’s a dedicated beach lover. Her other
          (geographic) love is the Colorado mountains where she worked at
          Keystone Resort, one of the Vail Resorts. She has also held the position
          of sales manager at Omni Hotels and The Jefferson.

          Although Debbie is single, she has a brother, 2 sisters, and ‘tons of
          nieces and nephews.’ In her spare time, she loves to travel (even
          though she does a lot of it for her job) and also to play golf. The
          Colorado mountains in the summer is still a favorite, the beaches in and
          around the Grand Strand are always enjoyable. If you ever need a 4th
          for your MPI-CC golf tournament, call Debbie!

          Debbie participates in our chapter meetings to remain current about our
          industry, to network, meet new clients, and stay connected to her active
          client base. Representing a new property provides many challenges,
          and The Marina Inn opened November 9, 2006. Debbie, however, was
          the first sales manager and ‘fondly’ remembers her days working from
          the construction trailer. As you will all see in January, The Marina Inn is
          an elegant, almost European in flavor, hotel that overlooks the
          Intracoastal Waterway at the north end of Myrtle Beach. A member of
          Small Luxury Hotels of the World, The Inn will wow you with its beautiful
          public areas and sleeping rooms, and its fine attention to quality ser-
          vice. With Debbie and her team’s enthusiasm, it’s sure to be a winner.

                         Committee Fair
             Interested in joining a committee but your not sure which is the
               right one for you? Please join us at the November Meeting in
              Charlotte where we will be having a Committee Fair during the
                reception, November 15th from 7pm to 9pm. Talk with fellow
             volunteers on how you can make the most of your membership.

                             For more information contact:
                       Molly Johnson, Director of Member Care
             or 910-343-6173
Carolina Blitz   Page 11
 Page 12                                                                                                                    Carolina Blitz

Scholarship Winner Sally Gomez
Attends MPI-WEC
Of course, I’m very grateful to the Carolinas Chapter for making it       garage for a particular function. Brand the waitstaff to suit the event
possible for me to attend WEC in Montreal recently, thanks to the         (often the customer will pay for the branding, such as tee shirts or
generous scholarship. Personally, I had to re-think my educational        aprons that name and explain the hors d’oeuvre that that person is
goals because I had just recently left a long-term hotel sales position   passing). Seek unusual rentals, such as triangular shaped tables
to become Manager of Events for Brookgreen Gardens, a non-profit          instead of rounds, squares or rectangles.
attraction in Pawleys Island. Naturally, the Opening General Session
was terrific, with Don Tapscott speaking about the various ‘genera-       The networking events were, of course, memorable. Although I didn’t
tions’ that make up the meetings community. He provided us with           exhibit at the Trade Show this year, I spent time on the floor and
numerous ‘hot’ websites to visit, touched on green meetings, and          observed that Sunday was busier than Monday. It will be interesting
more.                                                                     to see if the two day trade show format will be continuing.

The seminar that turned out to be the most relevant to my job was         Thanks again to the chapter for making it possible for me to attend
presented by Richard Aaron, the president of BizBash and a former         WEC!
International Supplier of the Year recipient. He was both entertaining
and full of pertinent knowledge. Making the guest experience memo-        Sincerely,

                                                                          Sally Gomez
rable, whether at a meeting or event, is the ultimate goal. We are
now in the ‘experience economy’ where attendees like touch points,
like to help create the environment, and be really involved.
                                                                          Sally Gomez, CHME
He discussed fads (short lived) versus trends (that change behavior).     Manager of Events for Brookgreen Gardens
Green meetings and events are becoming a trend, and of course, a
good one. Branding is very important, and he pointed out that events
are actually a very serious form of marketing. Consider having your
meeting or event in an unusual venue, such as taking over a parking
Carolina Blitz                                                                                     Page 13


                                                                          Thanks Our
 The following MPI-CC members
                                                                         Meeting Hosts!
 celebrated anniversaries during
 the months of August and
 September of 2007. They are:                                         Embassy Suites Charlotte-Concord Golf
                                                                                  Resort & Spa
 Nancy Bracalento, CMP - 15 years
                                                                                   Justin Nels
 Kathleen McCasland with Your Conference Connection - 10 years            5400 John Q Hammons Drive
                                                                               Concord, NC 28027
 Tarshi McCoy with New Bern/Craven County CVB - 5 years                           704-455-8200
 Myron Jones with Fayetteville Area CVB - 5 years
 Dixie Smith with Duke Energy - 5 years                                       Cabarrus County CVB
 Mary-Margaret Armstrong, CMP - 5 years                                            Erin Ploplis
 Jennifer Brown, CMP with Marriott Spartanburg - 5 years                    3003 Dale Earnhardt Blvd.
                                                                              Kannapolis, NC 28083
 Congratulations to each of you for reaching this milestone in MPI!               704-782-4340
Page 14                                                               Carolina Blitz

 Carolina’s Grapevine
 Send us your news, announcements, and
 suggestions toshare...we need your input!
                                                 By Jean Travers,
                                                  Helms Briscoe

 Congratulations to the Inn on Biltmore in Asheville, NC.
 The September issue of Travel + Leisure Family ranked it as one
 of its Family 50, the best family-friendly resorts for parents and
 kids in the U.S. and Canada. Ranked #10, the magazine notes of
 the property, “Kid magnet: the on-site River Bend Farm, which re-
 creates rural life in the 1890s.” Representing both the Inn and
 Biltmore Estate for MPI-CC are Sarah Bainbridge, Martha
 Howard, and Lyn Gleasure.

                               Also in the September issue of
                               Travel + Leisure Golf’s Magazine,
                               Pinehurst Resort won the title of
                               Best U.S. Golf Resort, according to
                               their readers’ survey. John Atwood,
                               editor-in-chief of Travel + Leisure
                               Golf, says, “It is no surprise to me
                               that Pinehurst has reclaimed the
                               number one ranking it held in 2005.
  Pinehurst Resort and Spa
                               In addition to the outstanding golf
 and recent announcement that it will host the 2014 U.S. Open, the
 resort has expanded and enhanced its golf school, spa services
 and accommodations.” Pinehurst President and COO Don Padgett
 acknowledged the accolade on Wednesday. “It is always an
 honor when the readers, golfers who play on our courses every
 day, choose the best in the world. To our Members, Guests and
 Employee Partners, it is recognition that we continue to deliver
 the best golf experience in the nation. It is a tremendous feeling
 of success.” Kimberly Bryan shows us it pays to work at
 Pinehurst every year at the MPI-CC Golf Tournament!

 Kiawah Island Golf Resort, South Carolina, should be very proud
 to come in Second Best U.S. Golf Resort in this same survey!
 Martin E. Couch, Hope Johnston, and Spencer Hux all represent
 Kaiwah in MPI-CC.

 Not past its prime yet, the Robert Trent Jones Golf Course at the
 Washington Duke Inn and Golf Club celebrated its 50th
 Anniversary last week! The course is actually older than the hotel
 itself. Congrats to Lenore Donaldson and Erin Moye for success-
 ful careers at this fantastic venue.

 She’s getting married! Patty Hamm, Meeting Planner for the
 Charlotte Federal Reserve Bank, became engaged this summer
 and will be tying the knot on March 29, 2008 in Charlotte. Her
 lucky new husband-to-be is Michael Daly, also of Charlotte.
Carolina Blitz   Page 15
 Page 16                                                                                                             Carolina Blitz

                                                                 Question: Does anyone have any ideas about ways to GET the atten-
                                                                 dees into the Exhibit hall and then KEEP them there to the very end?
                                                                 We already utilize the traditional raffles, bingo card and drawings for

                                                                 Answer: We do a welcome reception. We allow different exhibitors’
                                                                 to sponsor food/drink stations throughout the hall. We also have a
                                                                 band that strolls and balloons that show attendees where food sta-
                         Edited By Jean Travers,                 tions are. The exhibitors really like it because it drives attendees to
                         HelmsBriscoe Regional                   their booth and attendees like it because it is a variety of free food.
                                                                 Answer: There's no way to force an exhibitor to stay in the exhibit
                                                                 hall. As others have said, exhibitors will usually stay if there is traffic.
                                                                 The problem is sometimes that booth staff may be local sales reps
                                                                 and may not have seen all the correspondence sent to the HQ con-
How to Get and Keep the                                          tact. In a perfect world, the HQ contact sends all pertinent info to the
                                                                 sales staff, but we all know the HQ contact probably reads less than
attendees in the Exhibit Hall                                    half of what you send. There are some things that will help.

Meetings Community (MeCo) is an online home where vibrant,       (1) Send a separate exhibitor bulletin to exhibitors approx one month
dedicated and motivated meeting professionals converge to        prior to the show advising exhibitor contacts at the HQ office that
                                                                 booths must be staffed until closing time and that points/booth
learn, job search, network, discuss and exchange ideas about     assignment will suffer if the exhibitor leaves early (in bold or under-
our fascinating industry. This cyber community acts as a         lined text). Do not bury the information among other general informa-
resource for individuals involved in all aspects of meeting      tion because it is important enough to send on its own. Tell the HQ
planning, including meeting, convention, incentive and trade     recipient to pass the information to onsite staff.
show professionals and suppliers. The answers provided below
                                                                 (2) Hand deliver the same bulletin to every booth on the night before
are personal opinions by online contributors and do no reflect   the show opens.
the views of the MPI-CC organization.
                                                                 Continued on page 17
  Carolina Blitz                                                                                                Page 17

Continued from page 16

You will hear some of the same excuses: I have a flight, why should I
pay for an extra night's stay, no one told me what the exhibit hours are
(my favorite). That's life in the exhibit hall.

Answer: I put all food & refreshments & water bottles in the back cor-
ner of the exhibit hall... and hold prize drawings at EVERY single break
to get people in there. It also has helped in the past to have a well-
known author/keynote speaker do a book signing, and hold poster
presentations in there as well. This year I am going to open up the
prize drawings as a sponsorship opportunity to raise more funding for
the meeting. You can encourage your exhibitors to offer prize draw-
ings and tell them that you will announce their company, the prize,
and the winner during the closing break. We give away autographed
books, specialty nursing items, a round-trip airfare voucher and free
registration to the next annual meeting, all of which are very popular.
The key is finding what prizes will attract your group. We sneak this
in by asking it on the evaluation every year.

Answer: I have seen the exhibit hall combined with the general ses-
sion seating area - so delegates have to walk past the trade show
exhibitors to get to the seating for the G/S - presentations or what
ever. That seems to work. You can't avoid the exhibit hall if you have
to pass through it to get to where you want to go. Much like any
retailer does with the check out lines - you have to run the gauntlet of
candy and gum...

Disclaimer: These comments are personal, individual comments, found on
and they should in no way, shape or form be considered a good substitute for legal or professional advice.
About Meetings Community: The Meetings Community was launched on January 6th, 2006. This is a com-
munity site, it is not owned by anyone, but the community. If you have a suggestion or comment on how we
can do something different or better please let us know. Also please let your colleagues know about the site.
We welcome all who want to join as long as they can follow the policy of no soliciting or mining of the list.
The site address again is

         Karolyn Stone, CHSP,
         CMP receives the
         September MPI-CC
         “Pat On The Back Award”
         By Kathy B. Flowe, CMP
         National Sales Manager, The Alabama Theatre

                                         Karolyn Stone, CHSP, CMP with the
                                         Marriott in Columbia, SC was the
                                         recipient of the Pat on the Back
                                         Award at our September meeting in
                                         Concord, NC. As noted in the pre-
                                         sentation, Karolyn is always willing
                                         to help in anyway for MPI-CC as
                                         shown in her successful two years
                                         as Chairperson of the MPI-CC Golf
                                         Tournament. Karolyn demonstrates
           Karolyn Stone,                true leadership through delegating
            CHSP, CMP                    to achieve success for the team
                                         of volunteers.
                                         CONGRATULATIONS, Karolyn.
 Page 18                                                                                    Carolina Blitz

Meeting Auction                                      Marina Inn at Grande Dunes, Myrtle Beach, SC
Items for                                           From: Debbie Taylor, Sales Manager
                                                     Two night stay in Grande Guest Room
November                                             Value: $375

15 & 16                                             Hilton Oceanfront Resort, Myrtle Beach, SC
                                                     From: Vicky Richter, Sales Manager,
                                                     Kingston Plantation
Take a look at the list of items that are up
                                                     Two night stay for two
for bid at our November 2007 meeting. The
                                                     Value: $400
Meeting Auction items are one of the
fundraisers for our Scholarship Programs.
                                                     Carolina Opry, Myrtle Beach, SC
Of course the more money we receive at
the Meeting Auction the more scholar-               From: Theresa Krieg, Group Sales Director
ships MPI-CC will be able to give. Our Bi-           4 sets of two tickets for Carolina Opry and
Monthly Meeting Auction has been given               4 sets of two to Good Vibrations
the task of raising at least $600.00 per             Value: $623
meeting to achieve our budget for 2007-
2008. We are currently on target and with
                                                     Duke Mansion, Charlotte, NC
the continued support of the membership
our Scholarship Program will be very suc-
                                                    From: Tim Miron, General Manager,
cessful. This is an opportunity for the              Two 3-ft vases - hand thrown pottery
membership to give back to themselves                Value: $190
because every member has an opportunity
to apply for a scholarship.                    Get your pens ready and talk with your office staff and
                                               friends – they may want you to bid for them.
Carolina Blitz   Page 19
Page 20   Carolina Blitz
Carolina Blitz   Page 21
Page 22                                                                                                                     Carolina Blitz

  MPI-CC Third Annual Golf Tou
  The competition was stiff this year at the third annual golf
  tournament hosted by the Rocky River Golf Club in Concord,
  NC on September 20, 2007. Congratulations go to the
  following teams:

                          FIRST PLACE
                          Larry Adams
                          Kathy Flowe
                           John Patton
                           Kathi Kelly

                        SECOND PLACE
                           John Cruz
                       Lisa Chamberlain
                                                                                                                        a Feeney, Hilton Greenville,
                          Justin Nels                                                       & Bistro (left) and Rebecc
                                                                   Brett Morgan, City Hotel           the Gre enville, NC sponsored hol
                           Mason Ivy                                        “cheer” on golfers from

                         THIRD PLACE
                          Jerry Lotich
                         Alan Skipper
                           Don Blake
                          Harry Kirby

                 HONORABLE MENTION
          Best Decorations on Sponsored Hole
      Karen Knox, CMP, CMM and Lori Hedrick, CMP
             Pirates of the Caribbean Theme                                                                                                      a Dragan,
                                                                                                                                OK with Barbar
                                                                                                                Everything is A-          Center (left) an
                                                                                                                                  tt City
                                                                                                                 Charlotte Marrio             oration while
  Also, a great big THANK YOU goes out to all of our sponsors.                                                                 achovia Corp
                                                                                                                Amy Ewing, W                urse.
  Everyone stepped to the table this year as both suppliers and                                                            cruising the co
  planners sponsored players, holes, contests and raffle prizes.
  Because of you, we surpassed our goal and raised
  $17,000.00!!! Please mark your calendars (and your
  budgets) for the 4th Annual Golf Tournament scheduled
  for September 2008. Our player numbers doubled
  this year and we challenge the chapter
  to double it again next year.

            4th Annual Golf
         Tournament scheduled                                                                                            JoAnne Oncea, CH
          for September 2008.                                                                                           HelmsBriscoe, “sw
                                                                                                                             into action.

              Photographs by Dana Lilly and David Perez
    Carolina Blitz                                                                                                                                    Page 23

urnament a “Swinging” Success!

                                                         Dianne Brice, Visit
                                                                             Charlotte, is ready
                                                                                                 to greet   golfers at the Visit
                                                                                                                                 Charlotte sponsored
                                            and Lori                                                                                                 hole.
                         Knox, CMM, CMP
       Scallywags Karen                         hole
                           ly sponsored the 7th
       Hedrick, CMP proud               MPI-CC.
                                ort for
             showing their supp

      Kay Grant, CMP, Pawleys
      Plantation Golf & Country
           Club is hard at work
        registering tournament
            players and selling
                   raffle tickets.

                                                                                                  Kimberly Bryan, Pin
                                                                                                                     ehurst Resort and
                                                                                                 Linda Ekeland, Chap                      Spa (left) and
                                                                                                                     el Hill/Orange Coun
                                                                                                         smiles as they trave              ty VB, are all
                                                                                                                              l to the next tee.

                                                         Heidi Walters, CHME, NC
                                                        Division of Tourism, Film and                        Michelle Cooper (le
                                                                                                                                  ft) and Stacy Shatt
                                                       Sports Development, gets into                        proudly represent                        erly
                         Park Inn Resort and Spa                                                                               the Renaissance Ch
  Terry Bemis, The Grove                                the “swing” of things at the                          Suites Hotel with sc                 arlotte
                                                                                                                                   rumptious ice cream
           is on links and ready to play.                        tournament.                                                                            .
Page 24                                                                                                                 Carolina Blitz

                                              Monthly Meeting P
                                                                                                  Asheville, NC
                                                                           May 18-19, 2008
                                   Charlotte, NC                                                  Annual Meeting
              November 15-16, 2007                                         (Sun.& Mon. Pattern
                                   Hilton Charlotte Center                                        Asheville Renaissance
                                             Myrtle Beach, SC
               January 17-18, 2008
                                             Marina Inn at Grande                                  Charlotte, NC
                                                                            July 17-18, 2008
                                                                                                   Marriott Charlotte
                                             Houston, TX
                   February 2-5, 2008                                                              City Center
                                             Professional Education
                                             Conference                                             Las Vegas, NV
                                                                             August 9-12, 2008
                                                                                                    World Education
                                              Columbia, SC                                          Conference
                   March 19-20, 2008
                                         )    Radisson Columbia
                   (Wed. & Thurs. Pattern

                                                                              s go to our Web Site: ww
                             For additional inform ation on Chapter happening                                     2007.
                                                                                          a Blitz is December 1,
                                                      submiss ions for the next Carolin               publication to
                           Reminder: Deadline for                           s to be considered for
                             Please submit any     articles or photograph                
                                                                        at lori.hedrick@wachov
                                         Ed itor-In-Chief Lori Hedrick

                                                                                                                           First-Class Mail
                                                                                                                            U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                            Charlotte, NC
                                                                                                                            Permit #3103

 Meeting Professionals International
 Carolinas Chapter
 1800 Camden Road
 Suite 107, #213
 Charlotte, NC 28203

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