Psychological Management of Childs Behaviour

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					                                  University of Adelaide
                                   School of Psychology
                          Phd Research & Masters Research theses

Year   Last Name           Title                                   Supervisor 1        Supervisor 2
1966   Richardson,         The effects of reduced                  Dr P.H. Glow
       Alan                cholinesterase activity on
                           discriminative behaviour in the rat
1967   Holloway, Irene     Some psychological concomitants         Dr G. Mulligan
                           of addiction
1968   Court, John         Psychomotor concomitants of             Dr R.M Mowbray      Professor M.A.
       Hugh                psychological disorder                                      Jeeves

1969   Sosula, Leo         The structure and function of a rat     Dr P.H. Glow
                           retina with particular reference to
                           the acetylcholinesterase system in
                           the inner plexiform layer. Volume 1

1969   Sosula, Leo         The structure and function of a rat     Dr P.H. Glow
                           retina with particular reference to
                           the acetylcholinesterase system in
                           the inner plexiform layer. Volume 2

1971   Glencross, D.J.     Effector organisation in a motor        Professor A.T.
                           skill                                   Welford
1971   Russell, Alan       An analysis of response-contingent      Dr P.H. Glow
                           light change reinforcement
1972   Lack, Lean          Experiments in the control of           Professor Malcom    Dr. Don McNicol
       Colburn             binocular rivalry                       Jeeves
1972   Proske, Inara       Aspects of cognitive and linguistic     Dr Frank Dalziel
                           development of bilingual children:
                           A study of English-Latvian
1973   Kirby, Neil H.      Sequential effects in serial reaction   Professor A.T.
                           time                                    Welford

1973   Nettelbeck, Ted     An experimental investegation of        Dr D. McNicol       Dr Doug. Vickers
                           some parameters affecting
                           individual differences in perception
1973   Porter, Jeanette    Conditioning Techniques applied to      Dr Frank Dalziel    Dr Ian. John
       F                   the behaviour of stuttering
1973   Winefield, Helen    Operant remedial techniques with        Dr Frank Dalziel
       Russell             reading retardation in children

1974   Cairney, Peter      Selective attention, order              Dr John Brebner
       T.                  judgement and the prior entry

1974   Mullins, Gerald     The effect of frustration and           Dr Anthony H.
       Patrick             uncertainty on discrimination and       Winefield
1975   Rigby, Kenneth      Attitudes towards authority amoung
                           tertiary students in South Australia
1976   Brewer, N.          Intellectual retardation and            Dr Ted Nettelbeck
                           parameters of choice reaction time
1976   Lind, Pamela        An examination of the inverted-u        Professor Ken
                           curve: A behavioural and                Provins
                           psychological approach
1978   Hornsby, Peter      Factors affecting the realism of
       E.                 proir expectations amongst British
                          migrants coming to Australia
1978   Johnston, Brian    The relationship between               Mr Eric Rump          Dr John. Brebner
                          understanding the other's point of
                          view and effectiveness in
                          educational groups
1978   Smith, Glen A.     Studies of compatibility and           Professor A.T.        Dr John. Brebner
                          investigations of a model of           Welford
                          reaction time

1979   Bowey, Judith A    Aspects of language processing in      Professor Ian. John
                          the oral reading of third, forth and
                          fifth grade children
1979   Cowling, J.D.      Training Parents of retarded           Dr Helen Winefield    Dr Frank Dalziel
                          children, in the use of behavioural
                          techniques- An evaluation
1979   Glow, Roslyn A.    The measurement of teacher and         Professor Peter       Mr Eric Rump
                          parent perceived hyperkinetic          Glow
                          impulse disorder
1979   Rump, Eric         Divergent thinking, aesthetic          Professor A.T.        Dr Anthony H.
       Edward             preferences, and orientations          Welford               Winefield
                          towards arts and science
1979   White, Jason M.    Operant Behaviour: Interactions in     Dr Frank Dalziel
                          multi-operant schedules

1980   Quealey,           An experimental study of mental        Dr Peter Delin
       Patricia Anne      imagery
1980   Tiggemann,         An experimental inverstergation of     Dr Tony Winefield
       Marika             the learned helplessness effect in

1980   Waters, Leonie     Social reinforcement of the work       Dr Frank Dalziel
                          behaviour of retards and normals

1982   Bettison,          A comparison of toilet training        Dr Ted Nettelbeck     Dr Eric. Rump
       Suzanne            strategies for the retarded
1982   Bollard, Jeffrey   A systematic modification of dry-      Dr Ted Nettelbeck
                          bed training for the treatment of
                          nocturnal enuresis
1982   Campbell,          The comprehension of spartio-          Dr J. Ingram          Mrs I. Proske
       Lynette            temporal terms by children of
                          primary school age

1982   Childs, Garry H.   Social cognition skills and their      Mr Ronald Penny       Dr Peter S. Delin
                          behavioural correlates in school
                          age children

1982   Lange, Robert      Cognitive and Behavioural              Professor Peter       Dr Michael Innes
       V.                 impulsivity among prisoners and        Glow
                          comparison groups
1982   Salagaras,         Adaptive behaviour of mentally         Dr Ted Nettelbeck
       Stanley            retarded persons within education
                          and activity settings
1983   Jardine,           Psychological and                      Dr Anthony H.
       Elizabeth          psychosocialogical aspects of          Winefield
1984   Guerin, Bernard    Mere Presence and conformity           Dr Michael Innes
                          effects in social facilitation
1984   Smith, Philip      Cognitive control in human             Associate
                          information processing                 Professor Douglas
1984   Wilson,            Developmental studies in timed         Associate
                           preformance                               Professor Ted
1985   Olekalns, Mara      The representation of places:             Dr John Brebner
                           idiographic and nomothetic
                           explorations of environmental
                           perception and behaviour
1985   White, Leonard      Coding and processing numerical           Dr Peter Delin      Dr Christopher
       Jack                information                                                   Cooper

1988   Delin, Catherine    An investigation into the differential    Dr Frank Dalziel    Dr Michael Innes
       R.                  effects of varieties of praise
1988   Holubwycz,          An Australian study of alcohol            Dr Michael Innes
       Oksana Tamara       dependence in women: The
                           significance of sex role identity, life
                           event stress, social support, and
                           other factors
1988   Kenner, Andrew      Consistencies in body-focused             Dr Peter Delin      Dr Frank Dalziel
       N.                  hand movements
1991   Augoustinos,        Social representations and social         Dr Michael Innes
       Martha              cognation: the covergence of
                           different traditions
1991   Foreman,            Individual differences in expanded        Associate
       Elizabeth           judgment tasks                            Professor Douglas
1991   Smyth, T.R.         Impaired motor skills and                 Associate           Professor Ian John
                           perception in children                    Professor Ted
1992   Forster, Felicity   Exploration in the rat and the            Dr Frank Dalziel
       C.                  marmoset: relationships between
                           learning and object novelty in an
                           open field
1992   Soyland, Anders     Describing psychological objects:         John Forrester
       John                Metaphor and rhetoric in theories
                           of psychology
1993   Brown, Stephen      Reducing community prevalence: A          Dr Neville Owen     Dr Frank Dalziel
       Lloyd               behavioural epidemiologic
1993   Mohr, Philip B.     Reconciling the roles of status and       Dr Peter Delin
                           behaviour in group influence:
                           Towards a status-confirmation

1994   Evans, Greg         Concurrent processing of visual           Associate
                           and auditory information: An              Professor. Ted
                           assessment of parallel versus             Nettelbeck
                           sequential processing models
1994   Hejka, Eugene       The effects of stimulus intensity         Dr Anthony H.
                           and task complexity on learned            Winefield
                           helplessness in humans
1994   Stough, Con         Analysis of methodological                Associate           Dr Christopher
       K.K.                variables underlying correlations         Professor Ted       Cooper
                           between elementry cognative tasks         Nettelbeck
                           and IQ
1994   Ward, Lyn           Changes in the elderly in speed of        Associate
                           processing, internal noise and            Professor Ted
                           cognitive functions                       Nettelbeck

1995   Young, Robyn        Savant syndrome: process                  Associate
                           underlying extraordinary abilities        Professor Ted
1996   Clark, Michael      Psychological determinants of             Associate
       S.                  outcome following rehabilitation          Professor Ted
                         from stroke                             Nettelbeck

1996   Dollard,          Work stress: Conceptualism and          Dr Anthony H.
       Maureen F.        implications for research               Winefield
                         methyodology and workplace
1996   Le Couteur,       Indirectness and politness in           Dr Peter Delin
       Amanda            requesting: An analysis of
                         sociolinguistic and paramatic
                         aspect in an Australian context
1997   Beck, Karen       The development of affective            Dr Carlene Wilson
                         organisational commitment
1997   Lee, Michael      The connectionist learning of           Associate
       David             mental representation                   Professor Douglas

1997   Mashhadi, Reza    Prediction of later intelligence        Associate            Dr Neil Kirby
       Tasbihsazan       beyond 2 years of age from              Professor Ted
                         preference for novelty during           Nettelbeck

1997   Mensforth,        An examination of different             Professor Ian John   Dr Don Pritchard
       Helen             explanations of gender differences
                         in depression using sample midlife

1998   Burns, Nicholas   Inspection time and cognitive           Associate            Dr Christopher
       R.                abilities: An event-related potential   Professor Ted        Cooper
                         study                                   Nettelbeck
1998   Mills, Vanessa    Applying ecological learning theory     Dr Frank Dalziel
                         to the conservation of behaviour in
                         species housed in a zoo
                         environment: an empirical

1999   Ask, Alexander    To kill or not to kill: Competition,    Dr Martha            Dr Tony Winefield
                         aggression, and videogames, in          Augoustinos
1999   Chittleborough,   Psychological perspectives on the       Dr Peter Delin
       Philip            perception, appraisal and
                         production of everyday arguments

1999   Dyer, Kyle R.     Determiants of opioid effects and       Professor Jason      Dr Frank Dalziel
                         withdrawal among methadone              White
                         maintenance patients

1999   Ewing, Gary       Studies on the salient properties of    Associate
       John              digital imagery that impact on          Professor Douglas
                         human target acquisition and the        Vickers
                         implications for image measures

1999   Kardos,           A study in behaviour conservation:      Dr Frank Dalziel     Dr Anthony
       Monique           Applying ecological learning theory                          Winefield
                         to the maintenance of species-
                         typical behaviour in small
                         carnivores in a zoo environment

1999   McDowell,         The relationship between research       Professor Ian John
       Andrew James      and practice in conflict resolution

2000   Dandy, Justine    IQ and academic achievement             Associate
                         among Australian studeents from         Professor Ted
                         Chinese and Vietnamese                  Nettelbeck
2000   Kummerow,         Towards the measurement of              Dr Neil Kirby
       Elizabeth H.      organisational culture
2000   Ziaian, Tahereh   The Psychological effects of            Dr Martha
                         migration on persian women              Augoustinos
                         immigrants in Australia

2001   Beaumont-         Cultural, social and individual         Tony Worsley        Dr Martha
       Smith, Natalie    aspects of food cognations                                  Augoustinos
2001   Connell, Tim      The role of Basal Ganglia in            Dr Peter Delin      Dr Jo Wale
                         cognition and language

2001   Storm, Lance      A parapsychological investigation       Dr Micheal A.       Dr Peter S. Delin
                         of the theory of psychopaxia:           Thalbourne
                         Experimental and theoretical
                         researches into an alternative
                         theory explaining normal and
                         paranormal phenomena

2002   Butavicius,       The recognition of planar rotated       Associate
       Marcus A          and scaler forms: normalization         Professor Douglas
                         verses invariant features               Vickers

2002   Grindlay,         Missing the point: The effect of        Dr Peter Delin
       Benjamin J.W.     punctuation on reading
2002   Hordacre, Ann-    Anxiety and depression in               Don Pritchard
       Louise            postpartum women
2002   Lampard,          The effects of moveble novel            Dr Frank Dalziel    Dr Vanessa Mills
       Kathryn           objects, novel olfactory stimuli and
                         novel auditory stimuli on the
                         exploratory, play and sterotypical
                         behaviour of captive species: A
                         comparative study

2002   Navarro, Daniel   Representing Stimulus Similarity        Dr Micheal Lee      Associate
       J.                                                                            Professor Douglas
2002   Sarris, Aspa      Australians in Antarctica: A study of   Dr Neil Kirby       Joan Russell
                         organizational culture
2002   Welsh, Matthew    Of Mice and Men: the structure and      Professor Ted
       Brian             bases of murine cognitive abilities     Nettelbeck

2003   Kettler, Lisa     Psychological determinants of           Associate           Dr Hugh Greville
                         treatment Adherence in adults with      Professor Helen
                         cystic fibrosis                         Winefield
2003   Pearson, Sue      Surgical Stress: The Role of            Professor Guy       Dr John Brebner
                         Psychological Factors in the            Maddern
                         Determination of Stress Responses
                         and Recovery from Surgery
2003   Peckham,          Organisational Factors that can         Dr Neil Kirby
       Janine J          affect employee acceptance of new
                         information technology
2003   Steen, Della      Chronic Back Pain and                   Don Pritchard       Eric Rump
       Marie             Depression: A cognitive-
                         behavioural approach
2003   Wilson, Leah      Resident and Resident-Related           Dr Neil Kirby
       Ruth              Committes and Meetings in South
                         Australian Aged Care Hostels
2005   Bastian, Veneta    Are the claims for emotional             Professor Ted       Dr Nick Burns
       A.                 intelligence justified? Emotional        Nettelbeck
                          intelligence predicts life skills, but
                          not as well as personality and
                          cognitive abilities
2005   Bate, Andrew J.    The Nature and Assessment of             Associate           Professor John
                          Attentional Function Following           Professor Jane      Crawford
                          Severe Traumatic Brain Injury            Mathias
2005   Munro, Gemma       I Sing, Therefore I am                   Dr Amanda
2005   O'Doherty,         Risk Communication in Familial           Professor Martha    Dr Amanda
       Kieran             Cancer: The Discursive                   Augoustinos         LeCouteur
                          Management of Uncertainty in
                          Genetic Counselling
2005   Pomagalska,        The reification of self-steem:           Martha
       Dorota             grammatical investigations into          Augoustinos
                          scientific and popular texts
2005   Riggs, Damien      Benevolence, belonging and the           Professor Martha
       W                  repression of white violence             Augoustinos
2006   Burns, Robert A.   Scientific Knowledge-Production          Dr Peter Delin      Professor Ian John
                          And Progress: Neuropsychological
                          Knowledge and the Contemporary
                          Speciality of Clinical Neuro

2006   Crabb, Shona       A discursive analysisof accounts of      Associate           Professor Deborah
                          breast screening, risk and               Professor Amanda    Turnbull
                          prevention                               LeCouteur
2006   Denson, Linley     Values and Long term care                Associate
                          decision-making for frail elderly        Professor Helen
                          people                                   Winefield

2006   Dry, Matthew       Comparing models of symmetry             Professor Douglas
       James              perception                               Vickers
2006   Eliott, Jaklin A   The do-not-resuscitate decision: A       Professor Ian N
                          discursive analysis of cancer            Oliver
                          patients' talk

2006   Elliott, Taryn     An exploration of unit commander         Professor Ted       Dr Vanessa Mills
                          Decision-Making in the Australian        Nettelbeck

2006   Every, Danielle    The politics of representation: a        Professor Martha    Associate
                          discursive analysis of refugee           Augoustinos         Professor Amanda
                          advocacy in the Australian                                   LeCouteur
2006   Gregory, Tess      Inspection time as a biological          Professor Ted       Dr Carlene Wilson
       A.                 marker for functional age                Nettelbeck
2006   Hodgetts,          Gendering Achievement: a                 Professor Martha    Dr Amanda
       Katherine          Discoursive Investigation of The         Augoustinos         LeCouteur
                          House Of Representatives Inquiry
                          Into The Education Of Boys
2006   Osborn,            A National profile and review of         Dr Paul Delfabbro   Professor Helen
       Alexandra L.       services and interventions for                               Winefield
                          children and young people with
                          high support needs in Australian
                          out-of-home care

2006   Preiss, Adrian     A Theoretical and Computational          Professor Douglas   Dr Nick Burns
                          Investigation into Aspects of            Vickers
                          Human Visual Perception
2007   Bentham,           The influence of parenting goals on
       Yvonne             adolescent psychological
2007   Davies, Matthew    The Development and Validation of         Professor John    Professor Helen
                          a Cognitive-Behavioural Measure           Taplin            Winefield
                          of Psychological Mindedness
2007   Sara Howard        Predicting Independent Functioning        Professor Ted     Dr Carlene Wilson
                          in an Elderly Population: The             Nettelbeck
                          Evaluation of Working Memory
                          Capacity as a Biomaker of Ageing.
2007   Mackay, Mark       Compartmental Flow Modeling of            Dr Simon Dennis   Dr Michael Lee
                          Acute Care Hospital Bed
                          Occupancy fir Strategic Decision
2007   Panozzo, Stacy     Lessons to be learnt: Evaluating          Dr Neil Kirby     Professor Helen
       J.                 aspects of patient safety culture                           Winefield
                          and quality improvement within an
                          intensive care unit
2007   White, Nancy       Parental repsonsibility for the illicit   Professor John    Professor Martha
                          acts of their children                    Taplin            Augoustinos
2007   Wundersitz, Lisa   Characteristics Identifying Young         Dr Nick Burns
                          Drivers at a Higher Risk of

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