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Punctuality Template - DOC


Punctuality Template document sample

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									                         SYLLABUS TEMPLATE
                             College of the Marshall Islands
                            COURSE NUMBER: COURSE TITLE
                                 Days the Course Meets
                                Dates the Course Meets

Office Hours:

Course Description:
This is taken directly from the CMI Catalog (pages 37-47).

General Learning Objectives:
These are taken directly from the Course Outline.

Specific Learning Objectives:
These are taken directly from the Course Outline.

Required Texts:
List the text(s) for the course. Depending on the type of course, it often helps to model
APA, MLA, or other bibliographic styles.

Materials Needed by Students:
Explicitly list the required materials students will need to bring to class, including
notebooks and pens/pencils.

Describe the types of assignments and their point value for grading.

Tests and Quizzes:
List the dates and point values for each test and quiz, including the final exam.

For Credit Courses:
Final course grades are assigned based on a 100-point total as follows:
A = 90-100 B+ = 85-89 C+ = 75-79 D+ = 65-69 F = below 60
               B = 80-84 C = 70-74 D = 60-64
For Non-Credit Courses:
Courses numbered below 101 do not apply toward a degree, are not computed in GPA,
and are graded as Pass / No Pass (P / NP) as follows:
P = 70-100            NP = below 70

Attendance and Punctuality:
Regular attendance and participation is expected. It is professional courtesy to be on time
(or even early) to class and to come prepared.

Students who accumulate unexcused absences totaling 10 percent of the semester’s
classes before the mid-term withdrawal date are administratively dropped from the class
by the instructor and given a “W” (withdrawal) grade. Before students are eligible for a
“W” grade, they are referred to a counselor for advising.

After the mid-term withdrawal date, students with a 10 percent absenteeism rate of
unexcused absences since the beginning of the course will receive an “F” in the course.

Illness is considered an excused absence if the student has a written, signed and dated
doctor’s excuse for the illness. Funerals and business trips are excused only if the student
has arranged with the instructor to make up the work before leaving for the funeral or the
business trip.

Students who have a valid “add” slip to begin class after the first day of instruction will
not be penalized for classes missed during the add-drop period.

Schedule of Topics by Class:
List the topics, readings, and assignments for each day the class meets throughout the
semester. Include tests and quizzes, as well as holidays, in the schedule.

Academic Dishonesty:
Academic dishonesty and plagiarism will not be tolerated. These acts defeat the purpose
of education and carry severe penalties. Do your own work. Whenever you use
information from a printed source – including your textbook and the assigned readings –
always identify the source and the page in the reading where you found the information.
Whenever you use the words of a printed source, always use quotation marks. Penalties
for academic dishonesty and plagiarism may include: 1) failing grades for those
assignments which were plagiarized; 2) a failing grade for the course. See the Student
Handbook for more information.

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