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Public Library Strategic Plan - PowerPoint


Public Library Strategic Plan document sample

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									Haldimand County Public Library Board 2001

• Municipal amalgamation

• Why do a Strategic Plan?
   • concentration of resources on key areas
    • ability to deal with and manage change
    • improved decision-making and management effectiveness

• Benefits of Strategic Planning:
    • renewed sense of purpose (vision, goals, priorities)
    • enhanced communication and leadership
    • enhanced perception of the library’s value
    • positioned to play a significant role in community
                  Source: dmA Planning & Management Services
Current Situation (as of 2001):
• based on service review conducted by SOLS
• examined branch service levels and branch activity/performance
  with a view to realigning resources to better serve the community
• review identified need to develop system approach to library
  service based on a service delivery model that rationized service
  levels in alignment with population distribution and community
                                                 Circs Per Hour Open
Sample data:
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S.W.O.T. Analysis
• Strengths
• Weaknesses
• Opportunities
• Threats

Visioning the Future
 what will remain true for the public library over the
  next 15 years?
• what will be different?

Force Field Analysis
• identifying the major forces which work in the library’s
Defining Ourselves:

Five adjectives to be associated with the library and its

•Responsive (community-focused)
•Accessible (referring to physical, intellectual and
   electronic accessibility as well as convenience)
Vision Statement

Mission Statement

Library Service Commitment:

The Library will build an innovative, efficient and accountable organization to
better serve the public. User satisfaction is our primary focus, and this can best be
achieved in an organization that:

We plan to fulfill our service commitment through:
Strategic Plan
Plan structure:

•Four strategic directions

•Each direction has a number of goals

•Each goal has a number of actions

•Who will do what, when
Goal 1: Provide a service-oriented staff trained and equipped to meet
 the needs of library customers, with a focus on making customer
 service our top priority

Example action:
2005    Management Team
•Develop and administer performance excellence (“competency”)
Goal 1: Library facilities will be adapted/built to better support their social role
 as community meeting places … and their emerging role as the community’s
 “living room”

Sample actions:
•Building of new branch in Caledonia; renovations to Hagersville branch
•Library to participate on County Accessibility Committee and prepare an
• Accessibility Plan
Goal 3: Increase awareness of Library services by improving public
 communication regarding available library resources and services

Sample actions:

•Develop a marketing strategy and branding plan that make library promotions
 instantly recognizable
•Publish a quarterly newsletter
Goal 1: Establish policies that will optimize Library Board performance

Goal 2: Ensure accountability to Haldimand County Council and Haldimand
 County Taxpayers

Goal 3: Provide quality library service …
Is each strategic direction consistent with the mission statement?

Are the directions consistent with one another? Are they distinct
enough from each other?

Is anything missing?

Source: The Centre for Public Skills Training, Frank Martinelli
The plan is done. Now what?

• to the staff, public and Council
• accomplish stated actions
• review at quarterly management team meetings
• in January, present to Board and Council what was done
  and what was deferred and, if deferred, why
• apply the plan wherever possible (e.g. reports to Council,
  budget variance reports, work plans)
Specific examples of Strategic Plan Integration:

Reports to Council include links to specific goals and actions
within our strategic plan (e.g. a report for funding to renovate the
Hagersville branch is linked to Direction 2, Goal 1, Action 2)

Budget submissions include service issues identified in
strategic planning process and service outcomes as a result of
implementing the plan

3-Year Work Plan identifies staffing requirements for
ongoing activities and recurring and special projects. These
activities and projects are then linked back to the Strategic Plan.
Work Plan Example Outline:

Project Type: Special
Project Name: New Caledonia Library Facility
Lead Department/Lead Division: Library
Other Divisions: Support Services
Project Objectives:…..
Project Description:…
Budget Implications:…
Time Frame:….
Strategic Fit: (e.g. Action 2.1.8
                       Action 1.5.1
                       Action 1.2.1
                       Action 1.2.2 )
The Board’s role in planning

Strategic planning is a partnership between Board and staff –
failure to involve the right people in the process can result in weak
commitment to the plan
The Board has to ensure that the strategic plan is translated into
concrete action plans on an annual basis: “It is reasonable for
elected officials to expect the library to be well run and effectively
managed. No amount of preparation, advocating, communication,
planning or community goodwill can garner much support unless
the library board can demonstrate that it has achieved what it set
out to achieve. (Trustee Tips, No. 20)
Planning is an important board role because it:
•Ensures that the community and the library understand why the
library is there and what it is trying to achieve
•Investigates the needs of the community and ensures that the
library responds to those needs without unnecessary duplication
of services available elsewhere in the community.
•Ensures continuity of services
•Ensures long-term commitment to library services among key
decision makers in the community
•Ensures the library’s ability to respond to changing needs and
trends in the community
•Affirms to council that library funds are being spent in a
deliberate and responsible manner

•Source: Library Board Orientation Kit – 2004 – Module 8: Planning 3
A full version of the Haldimand County Public Library
Board’s Strategic Plan is available at:
(follow the Annual Reports link)


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