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									                 Title                                  Author/s
         Singular and Plural                      Jeannette Cardona
        Year                Subject             Topic            Duration
4                        English           Plurals           45 mins.

Instructional Objectives
This lesson will help the children practise the singular and plural of nouns.
They will revise the simple plurals ending with ‘s’ and practise the irregular
ones ending in ‘es’, ‘ies’ and ‘ves’.

Educational Objectives
• Consolidation of skills already learnt
• Communicative skills
• Collaborative skills

ICT Objectives
Children will make use of the typing tool to complete the variety of on-screen
activities prepared for this lesson.

                               Teaching Aids
        ICT-based               Printed Material               Others
Power Point Presentation Worksheet
- plurals.pps
On-Screen Activities with Card Game
Kid Pix Deluxe –
Print Shop Premier 5.0       Extra Work Card
Exposition X Whole class            X     Pairwork      X   Individual    X
Introduction                                                Resources /Links
The lesson will start with the Power Point presentation.      Click on the link
This presentation starts by introducing the plural for       below to view the
simple words that only add ‘s’.                                presentation


Step 1
1. Then we will pass on to the ‘es’ ending, ‘ies’ ending
   and ‘ves’ ending.                                       plurals chart.PDS
2. At each example I will ask the children to give me
   more examples that take that ending.
3. At the end of the presentation there is an exercise
   which will be worked out as a whole class exercise.
4. The chart is also put up on the whiteboard so it may
   be used as reference.

The next part of the lesson is where the children will have to work out
activities using plurals, so each activity will be explained.

Computer Activities: These activities are worked on Kid Pix Deluxe and are
found in the Folder On-Screen Activities.
   • On-Screen 1:Write the plurals of these words          On-Screens

Plurals Activity 1 – plurals1.bmp                            plurals.bmp
The pair on computer 1 will have to write the plural for
the word the pictures represent.

   •   On-Screen 2: Write the plurals of these words
Plurals Activity 2 – plurals2.bmp
The pair on computer 2 and 4 will have to write the
plural for the words given.

   •   On-Screen 3: Which words take these ending
       for the plurals                                      plurals3.bmp

Plurals Activity 3 – plurals3.bmp
The pair on computer 3 have to move words to the
bubbles with the correct ending.

Work away from the computers: These activities are found in the Folder
Off-Screen Activities and are to be printed with Print Shop Premier 5.0
Pair Work
    • Off-Screen Activity 1:Game                               Pair Game
Plurals Card Game – plurals 1-4.PDP. Each file consists
of 9 pairs of words in singular and plural format. When
printing, first print Back and Front only then print the
Inside. There should be 36 cards in all (18 pairs).
Some pairs of children are given a copy of this pair
game. They will have to put the cards, face down on the
table, then take turns to pick a card and ask their partner
to spell the plural of the given noun. If they get it correct,
they win the card as a point, if not, the card is put at the
bottom of the pack to serve as an extra try after
completing all the cards.

Individual Work
   • Off-Screen Activity 2:Worksheet                           Worksheet
Plurals Handout – plurals.PDS
In the handout the children will have an exercise to fill in
the missing singulars and plurals in a table.

   •   Off-Screen Activity 3: Work Cards                       Workcards

Plurals Activity – workcard.PDG                                Workcard.PDG
When printing out this card, choose Front and Back.
This will print two copies of the same work card.

When the children finish the handout, they will take the
extra work card. They will copy out the sentences on a
paper and instead of the pictures write the words.

A recapitulation of the lesson is made orally by asking the students what they
have learnt and asking them to give out various examples of each grammar

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