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Buyer Information                                 Juell Collies (Seller) Information

Buyer Name:                                       Sellers: Russell Dyke & Julie Hinrichsen
Address:                                          Address:
City:                   State:    Zip:            City: Topeka State: KS        Zip:
Telephone Number: (       )       -               Telephone Number: (785) 221-4654
                                                  E-Mail Address: rdyke@collieworks.com
Recommended By:                                   Date of sale:           Purchase Price: $600+

Dog Information

Breed of Dog: Collie         Variety: Rough      Preferred Color:
Date of Birth:                                   Preferred Sex: F/M
AKC Litter Registration Number:                  Place of Birth: Topeka, Kansas
Sire:                                            Sire AKC Registration Number:
Dam:                                             Dam AKC Registration Number:

Conditions of Sale
Buyer and seller must initial conditions agreed upon.

                The above collie is being purchased as a show quality animal that includes AKC
                registration for breeding purposes. The initial purchase price is the same as a pet
                quality animal as at the time of purchase the animal has not accumulated any AKC
                points toward its championship. Should the animal achieve a AKC “Major” in confor-
                mation, an additional $200 for the first major and $200 for the second major is due
                the seller as this establishes the show quality of the animal.

                If at any time the buyer can no longer retain possession of this dog, the seller is to
                be notified and given FIRST OPTION of resuming full ownership at no more than
                50% of the purchase price unless otherwise negotiated. The dog will be returned
                with the AKC papers and any medical records.

                Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES is the dog to be placed in a pet shop, animal shelter, or
                similar establishment, neither is the dog to be abandoned, neglected, or abused,
                nor can any of its offspring be placed in a puppy mill or sold to a pet store. Failure
                to comply with the above restrictions within this paragraph will result in immedi-
                ate forfeiture of all ownership rights of the buyer with immediate transfer of own-
                ership back to the seller at no cost to the seller.
Health Guarantee

The initial health of the puppy is guaranteed for three working days as determined by a certified vet-
erinarian. It is highly recommended to have the puppy examined by a certified veterinarian within the
first three days of ownership. If the puppy is found to be in unsatisfactory health resulting from condi-
tions present at the time of purchase, the seller shall refund 100% of purchase price provided puppy
and registration papers are returned to seller within three working days.

The puppy is guaranteed to be free of hereditary crippling/disabling defects visible by 12 months of
age. Determination of what constitutes a hereditary defect is to be by the unanimous agreement of
two (2) veterinarians agreeable to both parties. One of these veterinarians to be a tenured faculty
member of an accredited university veterinary teaching hospital or Board Certified in the applicable
specialty. Cost of the opinions are to be assumed by the buyer.

                 Guarantee is limited to either refund or replacement of the puppy with the next like
                 available prospect or mutually agreeable animal provided the living dog and its reg-
                 istration papers are returned to seller within one month after discovery of said de-

Prior to delivery, Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF) eye checks will have been performed
on the puppies when they were between the ages of 6-8 weeks old. These checks will have been
performed by a tenured faculty member of an accredited university veterinary teaching hospital. Any
findings will be noted in the CERF check. Choroidal Hypoplasia is not considered a crippling/
disabling defect as it will not impair the vision of the dog and will often become impossible to diag-
nose after the dog matures beyond three months of age. Cases like this are referred to as Go-
Normal. While the eye check will appear normal, it is likely the choroidal hypoplasia is still there, it is
just no longer visible through the retina.

                 We have read and received a copy of the CERF examination. Any questions as to
                 its findings are understood and acceptable to the buyer.

                 The buyer agrees to: Annual veterinary checkups, including heartworm check if
                 needed; to keep all immunizations current according to AVMA Guidelines; to prop-
                 erly administer heartworm preventatives; to provided adequate housing according to
                 State law; to confine the animal in a fenced yard or kennel run and not kept on a
                 chain. Should all these conditions not be met, all guarantees are void.

           Seller:                                       Buyer:

           Dated:                                        Dated:

Juell Collies Contract and Bill of Sale

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