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									       Fort Worth ISD
                                                              Keeping you informed of
  Council of PTAs                                                   PTA issues!                                                May 2009
           From the President’s Pen

           Well, here it is, the 2008-2009 school
            year is at an end. I would like to thank
            each and everyone one of you for           SE
                                                         PT        VENDOR FAIR

volunteering your time and expertise to make your                   & TRAINING
school and PTA successful. Whether it was one
hour or one hundred hours, I firmly believe each                     FALL 2009
hour was worth it and made a difference in a
student’s life.
As my second year comes to a close, I would
especially like to thank the council board members
who served with me this year. Their hard work has
helped many PTAs in all types of situations. We
have formed, mentored, and trained many PTAs
and their members.
I would like you to welcome Darlene Shue as your
new Council President for next year as well as the
new members of the board. Remember, Council is
here to help support your PTA. If you have any
questions, please feel free to call any board
Good Luck and Best Wishes,
                                                                See page 18
               Lisa Savage
  The 2008-9 Exec Board
President                    817 560-3394
  Lisa Savage
1st VP                                Open
2nd VP, Programs       817 535-1278
 Faye Watson
3rd VP, Legislative       817 560-4309                Please visit us on our website for
  Paula Batts
                                                           information, upcoming
Secretary                    817 361-5744
  Michele Brynell
                                                           events, and to join our
Treasurer                    817 370-5508
                                                                  e-mail list.
  Darlene Shue
Newsletter/Publicity       817-249-1704
 Michelle Nusrallah
Website                     817 249-6951
 Jesse Smith
Middle School Leadership Open
Pyramid Liaison I
 Louis Phillippi
Pyramid Liaison II           Open                     Want to $ave your PTA money?
Pyramid Liaison III          Open                     The FWISD Council of PTAs has a
Pyramid Liaison IV           Open                     bulk mail permit available for each
                                                      local PTA in good standing to use.
                                                      To request the permit stamp, contact the
     Meet the New Board                               Council President to verify that your PTA
                                                      is in good standing and the stamp will be
President                    817 370-5508
  Darlene Shue       forward to you. There is a specific process
                                                      and it takes some extra time, but it will
1st VP, O&C/Scholarship 817 535-1278
  Faye Watson
                                                      save you money and allow you to
                                                      communicate more.
2nd VP, Programs        817-504-8365
  Ana Torres            If you have questions regarding the bulk
3rd VP, Membership     817-919-9022                   mail preparation you can contact the
  Debra Nyul                     Mailing Requirements Office at the Jack D.
Secretary                   817 560-4309              Watson Post Office at 817-317-3629. Plan
  Paula Batts           to attend the Bulk Mail Prep 101 Class
Treasurer                    817 560-3394             given monthly by the FW District’s
  Lisa Savage          Business Mail Entry office. The course is
Newsletter/Website         817-249-1704               free and informal. You can call 817-317-
 Michelle Nusrallah           3637 for more information on the class.
Pyramid Liaison I
 Louis Phillippi           Once you’ve prepared your mail and have
Pyramid Liaison II             Open                   them bundled by zip code then you take the
Pyramid Liaison III          817-564-3761
                                                      mail to the Jack D. Watson Post Office
 Cindi Creswell                 which is located at 4600 Mark IV Parkway.
Pyramid Liaison IV                                    It is open from 9:30 – 8 pm on Mon – Fri.
 LaDonna Rigsby

                      First Day of School Celebration

First Day of School Celebration is Monday, August 24. We invite parents/guardians to
spend time with their students on the opening of the school day.

This celebration serves two purposes: 1) It creates a friendly and welcoming climate
that encourages parents to get involved with the school and 2) it provides an
educational opportunity for parents to learn how to become full partners in the educa-
tion of their children.

Please meet with your principal to see how you can help. This will be a good time to
recruit new members, and you may want to see about helping with refreshments.

          20 Additional Epstein Model Schools for 2009-10

The FWISD Parent Engagement Department will be including 20 additional Epstein
Model schools for a total of 71 schools for the upcoming school year. Through
implementation of the District’s parent engagement initiative, campuses will build on
Dr. Joyce Epstein’s model for school, family and community partnerships. The model
includes the Six Types of Involvement: Parenting, Communicating, Volunteering,
Learning at Home, Decision Making & Collaborating with the

                          Call the TeleLink Hotline

Parents do you have important questions, comments and suggestions? Just dial the
TeleLink hotline at 817-871-2317. The hotline will be in operation this summer to
ensure that parents are heard and receive accurate answers to their questions. The
information is invaluable to the FWISD’s efforts to improve services for parents and
their children.

                        Texas PTA Legislative News and Updates
Want to know more? Email us at to join our legislative mailing list! Members of this list will
                receive regular updates on Texas PTA's legislative priorities and actions.

 Ellen Arnold, of Jim Arnold & Associates, works as a lobbyist for Texas PTA to keep PTA's legislative priorities at the forefront of the
 legislative process. Ellen also is responsible for reporting current events in the legislature along with any other news that may impact
the legislative priorities of Texas PTA. Ellen will write frequent updates during the legislative session, as well as during the interim be-
                                  tween legislative sessions. These updates will be found on the website.

Bylaws                               by Sharon Goldblatt, Texas PTA First Vice President

Bylaws Dilemma?
To amend now or to amend later – is that your question? Let’s think about what you have to consider.

Dues Increase
The $1.00 increase in the Texas PTA portion of your dues that was approved by the delegates at convention in February will take effect July
1. Just how will that affect your PTA? On July 1, the Texas PTA portion of the dues will increase from $1.25 to $2.25 per member. That
amount is one of three numbers that, when added together, equals your total dues amount per member. Each member pays the National PTA
portion, the Texas PTA portion, and the Local PTA portion of the dues.
If today, your total dues are $5.00, then each member is paying:
         $1.75 (National PTA portion) + $1.25 (Texas PTA portion) + $2.00 (Local PTA portion) = $5.00
The National and Texas PTA portions are decided by the delegates at the National and Texas PTA conventions, and those numbers should
be automatically updated in your bylaws whenever an amendment occurs. So, on July 1, you will update your bylaws to state the Texas
PTA portion as $2.25. This change is made without a vote of your membership, and you need not submit your bylaws to Texas PTA as
Beginning July 1, if your total dues had previously been $5.00, they will automatically increase to $6.00, with each member paying:
         $1.75 (National PTA portion) + $2.25 (Texas PTA portion) + $2.00 (Local PTA portion) = $6.00
Your PTA will retain the same amount ($2.00), but your members will be paying one additional dollar ($1.00) to Texas PTA. What if you
want your total dues amount per member to remain the same? You would need to reduce your Local PTA portion of your dues to $1.00:
         $1.75 (National PTA portion) + $2.25 (Texas PTA portion) + $1.00 (Local PTA portion) = $5.00
To retain the original amount, you would have to propose a decrease in the Local PTA portion of your dues to your membership and vote on
that new amount, following the normal amendment process outlined in your bylaws in Article XVII: Amendments.

Updated Bylaws Templates
The Texas PTA Bylaws Committee is constantly reviewing the language in the bylaws template to ensure that it is clear, concise, and cur-
rent with the state and federal regulations we must all follow. However, so that you are not forced to update your bylaws too often, the by-
laws templates for Local and Council PTAs are only updated every two years.
The Local and Council PTA amended templates for 2009 go into effect following the close of Summer Leadership Seminar. However, so
that you may be aware of the changes and have sufficient time to insert your own information into the new templates, the templates are al-
ready posted on the Texas PTA Web site.
Please understand that you may update your bylaws now, using the new templates, and you do not have to submit them for approval unless
you change your PTA’s wording. All changes made to the templates are mandatory and do not require approval of your membership.
You may, if you like, submit your bylaws using these new templates to Texas PTA so that you have a clean, stamped, updated copy for
your membership, but these submissions will not be approved and returned until after July 27 (when the new templates actually take effect).
A document that outlines the individual changes to the templates can be downloaded from the Texas PTA Web site at
One major change you will notice is that there are now separate templates for Local PTAs and PTSAs, since the language differs slightly.
Be sure to select the correct template when updating your bylaws! You should always refer to the “how to” documents when reviewing and
updating your bylaws, so that you don’t miss any required steps. Click on the “2009 Local PTA (or PTSA) Bylaws Checklist” for these
Bylaws (cont.)
Now or Later?
What if you are already in the process of amending your bylaws? Do you continue, or do you wait until the new template is in effect? If you
are amending your bylaws in order to change your information, then continue with the process. You probably need to receive your approved
bylaws before August, so finish what you started. Remember, you can always update to the new template later, and you do not have to re-
submit your bylaws for approval for that reason alone.
If you are simply refining information and not making any major, time-sensitive amendments, then you may want to use the new template
now, understanding that you will not receive the approved copy until August.
Do you wait until the dues increase takes effect?
Remember, the dues amount is an automatic amendment, and you will not have to resubmit your bylaws for approval to Texas PTA. After
July 1, you can simply insert the new amount of $2.25. The only reason that you would need to go through the approval process is if your
membership chooses to amend the Local PTA portion of your dues.
Now or later? The choice is up to you!
If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact Texas PTA Member Services at or any member of the
Texas PTA Bylaws Committee. We are here to help you!

                                                                                                                           An Idea to
                                                                                                                           Run With!!!

                    Okay, so...if dues increase on July 1st,
                    we can still $ave our unit and members
                    an increase this next school year by
                    having our membership drive and get-
                    ting everything processed before leav-
                    ing this school year!!!

                                                                FWISD Council of PTAs is here to
                                                                help you with your Bylaws...if you
                                                                  have any questions please feel
                                                                 free to contact any of the board
                                                                    members listed on Page 2.

FWISD Council of PTAs is here to help you with your Accounting...if you have any
 questions please feel free to contact any of the board members listed on Page 2.

The number one reason to join the Parent Teacher Association is to benefit your child. In doing so,
you also help your school. But there are many more advantages. Here are just a few:

    Get Connected. There’s no better way to know what’s happening in your school.

    Discover Great Resources. The PTA offers a variety of programs designed for parents as well as

    Tap into a Network. Parenting is not easy—it helps to share ideas, concerns and experiences with
    other parents and educators in the community. PTA functions are opportunities to meet other parents and teachers,
    building rapport and discussing issues that are on your mind.

    Watch Yourself Grow. By volunteering with your PTA, you gain valuable experiences. It’s an opportunity to put your
    skills and hobbies to good use for a good cause—your child and all children in the community.

    Speak Up. Because the PTA is a forum for exchanging ideas, you are encouraged to make suggestions. PTA can be a
    way for you to more effectively suggest change at your child’s school.

    Witness Improvement. By getting involved at your child’s school you’ll be part of the solution, helping make positive
    changes. Local PTAs play an important role in fundraising to provide building improvements, curriculum-based pro-
    grams, and social events—all vital to a school’s success.

    Be a Role Model. By becoming a PTA member, you’ll be demonstrating to your child the importance you place on educa-

    Enjoy Substantial Benefits. Individuals and local units can take advantage of a host of benfits from PTa membership
    including discounts and offers from member benefits providers and sponsors, magazine subscriptions, leadership train-
    ing, e-newsletters
    and much more.

                                                                      State Office

For less than 3 cents a                                                 Support

day, you can become a                            Volunteer
                                                  Support                                     Advocacy
PTA member, joining
more than 5 million
other people who share
your interest in issues
affecting children. Eve-
ryone—parents, educa-              501 (c)(3)
                                    Status                                                                Partnerships
tors, students and other
citizens active in their
schools and communi-
ties—are invited to join
our not-for-profit organi-
                                   Awards &                                                                  Services
                                  Scholarships                                                             To Members

                                                 Communications                               Programs


El PTA es una organización de gente común que esta formada por padres de familia, maestros y otras personas en todo
el estado que tienen un interés especial por los niños, las familias y las escuelas. Los miembros que integran el PTA son
tan diversos como lo es Texas en sus culturas, niveles de educación y su habilidad para formar buenos padres de familia.
Al ingresar al PTA, un miembro automáticamente comienza a formar parte de la organización más grande del estado que
lucha por la defensa de los intereses de los niños y que actualmente cuenta con una fuerza de más de 750,000 miem-
bros a lo largo de Texas.

Los PTA trabajan para los niños. Los PTA se reúnen, estudian problemas, soportan a los maestros, hacen trabajos volun-
tarios en las escuelas, asisten a talleres de entrenamiento de como ser mejores padres y se informan de los problemas
que están relacionados con los niños y la juventud. Como resultado, los miembros del PTA llegan a ser mejores padres,
maestros y ciudadanos.

Muchas de las unidades locales del PTA se reúnen en un campo escolar. Con frecuencia, grupos locales de PTA se
unen para formar consejos. Por encima de los consejos hay 18 presidentes de distrito y una Junta Directiva del PTA de
Texas formada de voluntarios. La junta establece las pólizas de los PTA en todo Texas. En Austin, un personal profe-
sional ejerce funciones de soporte a la asociación.

El 17 de Febrero de 1897 en Washington D.C. un grupo de dos mil mujeres y algunos hombres se reunieron para discutir
el futuro de la nación y la necesidad de todos los adultos para movilizarse y actuar en favor de los niños. De esta manera,
fue formado el PTA Nacional y posteriormente en 1,909 se formó el PTA de Texas.

Por sus niños y su comunidad. Los estudios han demostrado que ser miembro del PTA le provee a su niño y a otros al-
rededor de usted, con una mayor posibilidad de completar la escuela. Como miembro del PTA, es más probable que
usted sea un padre envuelto e informado. Esos son unos momentos muy peligrosos para los niños. Más que nunca, es
importante para los padres aprender las maneras de mantener seguro a los niños, libre de problemas y envueltos en la
escuela. El PTA es el mejor lugar para adquirir ese conocimiento.

El PTA provee la oportunidad de conocer y hablar con otros padres que tienen las mismas preocupaciones que usted. Si
comparte las preocupaciones comunes, usted se sentirá más capacitado para hacer el trabajo tan difícil de ser padres.
Siendo parte del PTA usted obtiene más soporte como padre y le resulta más fácil envolverse en la escuela. Usted no se
sentirá más "solo" en la crianza de su niño. El PTA le provee también oportunidades educacionales. Desde reuniones
educacionales de padres a nivel local hasta la Convención Anual del PTA de Texas, el PTA fomenta el aprendizaje y el
compartimiento de los logros. Fundamentalmente, el PTA provee la oportunidad de servir, ser voluntario y contribuir al
bienestar de todos los niños, ya que los niños son nuestro futuro. El PTA lo introducirá a una gran variedad de activi-
dades y oportunidades en donde usted puede compartir sus talentos especiales. El PTA le dará la oportunidad no sola-
mente de impactar a su comunidad local, sino también la de participar en diseño de leyes y pólizas que afectan a los ni-
ños en todo el estado.

Contacte al presidente de su PTA local o la oficina del PTA de Texas al 1-800-TALK-PTA, 512/476-6769 Pregunte por los
recursos del PTA que cumplan con sus necesidades y las de su PTA con respecto a la defensa de los niños. Los recur-
sos incluyen una colección de videos que se prestan gratuitamente, publicaciones, acciones activas en la legislatura, ma-
terial de reclutamiento para miembros, oportunidades para tomar cursos de liderazgo, oradores, ideas del programa, etc.
El PTA le ofrece a usted esos recursos.


                        Membership Cards
Membership cards are sent to each PTA from the Texas PTA Office after                             bersh
August 15 provided the president’s name and address are on file at the Texas                             ip
PTA Office. The number sent is based on the preceding year’s member-
ship.                                                                                            oing!
Distribute cards as members enroll. Issue a membership card for each person en-
rolling upon payment of dues.

Remind each member that membership cards must be signed on the front.

Membership cards are valid until October 14 of the year indicated on the card.

Additional membership cards may be requested from the Texas PTA Office if a Local PTA has submitted dues to the state
office for its initial supply.

Membership cards are issued to members until March 15 and will expire October 14 of the same year.

                                                  Payment of Dues

It is not necessary for members to wait until after the beginning of the school year to join their Local PTA for that year. The
PTA membership year begins April 1 of each year.

The Local PTA treasurer keeps the record of national and state portions of dues separate from the record of the general
funds belonging to the Local PTA.

Lists of members should be typed and given to the treasurer for forwarding to the Texas PTA Office, accompanied by
$3.00 dues per regular member and $1.75 dues per Texas PTA Honorary Life Member (after July 1st…$4.00 dues per
regular member and $2.75 dues per Texas PTA Honorary Life Member). The initial list for the year must include at
least 20 names.

Send names as members enroll.

The Local PTA’s national and state portions of dues, plus names of all members enrolled, must be postmarked by October
15 and received in the Texas PTA Office within five working days to be eligible for voting representation at the state con-

Those Local PTAs who have not paid by October 15 will be sent a certified letter the first week of November stating that
services have been stopped and will not resume until dues are received. If there is no response by March 15, their names
will be removed from the roster and sent to the Internal Revenue Service.

                                                                           Membership Lists

                                            Texas PTA requests that membership lists be alphabetized, if possible.

                                            Prepare at least four copies of each membership list. One copy is to be for-
                                            warded the Texas PTA Office and one copy is for the treasurer’s files. The sec-
                                            retary must keep a copy with the minutes book to check membership when re-
                                            quested and one copy needs to be kept in the Membership Committee file.

                                            PTA membership lists are not to be released to outside interests by National,
                                            Texas, Area, Council or Local PTAs.

        Exciting Ways to
 Recruit New Members!!!

 Start by...sending membership dues
envelopes home with every student annually.

                        FWISD Council of PTAs
                  2009-2010 Council Membership Dues
                Attention PTA Presidents & Treasurers
Per each local unit bylaws -- All local units shall pay annual dues of fifty dollars to
   the Fort Worth ISD Council of PTAs as provided in the Council PTA bylaws.

                PTA Name____________________________________________________
                            2009-2010 Council Dues: $50.00
Date Paid: ______________________ Check Number ________________
                        Retain this top portion for your records

         FWISD Council of PTAs - 2009-10 Membership Information
PTA Name_______________________________________________________________________

Phone Number _____________________________________________________________________

Address/City/Zip ____________________________________________________________________

President’s Name ______________________________________________________________


Email ______________________________________________________________________________

Address/City/Zip ____________________________________________________________________

Council Delegate’s Name______________________________________________________


Email ______________________________________________________________________________

Address/City/Zip ____________________________________________________________________

PTA Website address___________________________________________________________
     (Important, so a link can be made available from Council’s website to your website.)
    Return this bottom portion with a $50.00 check payable to: FWISD Council of PTAs
        Please mail to: FWISD Council of PTAs, Attn: Debra Nyul, VP Membership,
                         2012 Wilshire Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76110

                                                                                                          DUE BY MAY 1
                        2009-2010 LOCAL OFFICER INFORMATION
                             Texas PTA 408 West 11th Street Austin, TX 78701-2113
                                 Fax: 512.476.8152 E-mail:

Please email, mail, or fax your officer submission form to Texas PTA by May 1. An electronic copy of the form is
available on our website at Submit information even if officers are the same as last year. Please submit a
separate form for any future additions or changes. Please provide your Council PTA president with a copy of this form. In
order to receive the Texas PTA Handbook, National back-to-school kit and membership cards, officer information must
be on file with the Texas PTA.

                                           IRS Employer Identification Number

Name of PTA                                                              Local PTA #
ISD                                                                      City
School Name                                                              School Telephone
                                                                         Our gross receipts normally exceed $25,000?                  Yes        No
School Fax #                                                                                             (This information is required by IRS)

Receives communications from Texas PTA)(first name)                                           (last name)

Home Mailing Address (Give street address for UPS delivery) (Home address required)             (City)                        (ZIP)

Telephone Home          (         )    -                   Work      (   )      -                    Cell       (       )        -
E-mail Address

First Vice President (Aide to the President)
                                                      (first name)                            (last name)

Home Mailing Address (Give street address for UPS delivery)                                     (City)                   (ZIP)

Telephone Home          (         )    -                Work         (   )      -                    Cell       (       )        -
E-mail Address

                   (first name)                                                               (last name)

Home Mailing Address (Give street address for UPS delivery)                                     (City)                   (ZIP)

Telephone Home          (         )    -                Work         (   )      -                    Cell       (       )        -
E-mail Address

                        (first name)                                                          (last name)

Home Mailing Address (Give street address for UPS delivery)                                     (City)                   (ZIP)

Telephone Home          (         )    -                Work         (   )      -                    Cell       (       )        -
E-mail Address

                   (first name)                                                     (last name)

Home Mailing Address (Give street address for UPS delivery)                                           (City)         (ZIP)

Telephone Home       (        )        -              Work            (      )        -                   Cell   (   )       -
E-mail Address

                   (first name)                                                     (last name)

Home Mailing Address (Give street address for UPS delivery)                                           (City)         (ZIP)

Telephone Home (          )        -                  Work            (      )        -                   Cell   (   )       -
E-mail Address

Membership Chairman
                                  (first name)                                      (last name)

Home Mailing Address (Give street address for UPS delivery)                                           (City)         (ZIP)

Telephone Home       (        )        -              Work            (      )        -                   Cell   (   )       -
E-mail Address

Legislative Action Chairman
                                       (first name)                                 (last name)

Home Mailing Address (Give street address for UPS delivery)                                           (City)         (ZIP)

Telephone Home       (        )        -              Work            (      )        -                   Cell   (   )       -
E-mail Address

Arts in Education Chairman
                                       (first name)                                 (last name)

Home Mailing Address (Give street address for UPS delivery)                                           (City)         (ZIP)

Telephone Home       (        )        -              Work            (      )        -                   Cell   (   )       -
E-mail Address

Environmental Chairman
                                       (first name)                                 (last name)

Home Mailing Address (Give street address for UPS delivery)                                           (City)         (ZIP)

Telephone Home       (        )        -              Work            (      )        -                   Cell   (   )       -
E-mail Address
                                                             (Continue on blank sheet if necessary)


 Mark      Your Calendars
 Do   NOT Miss Out!!!

September 19, 2009
   FWISD PDC - 3150 McCart Ave

                Officer & Chairman Training
                  & Leadership Orientation
 +PLUS...a terrific Vendor Fair of Fundraisers,
                     Services and Programs!!!
         Upcoming Dates
               CP Training - Dallas
                June 12-14, 2009
National PTA Convention - Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
               June 26-29, 2009
      Summer Leadership Seminar - Austin
              July 24-26, 2009
    Centennial Celebration - Dallas State Fair
               October 18, 2009
Council Training for Officers & Chairman, Leader-
     ship Orientation and a VENDOR FAIR
               September 19, 2009

FWISD Council of PTA’s                             May 2009 Newsletter
100 N. University Drive
Fort Worth, Texas 76107-1360

Please Forward A Copy to Each
Recipient’s Mailbox...
                                                              Have a
          Principal                                        Great Summer!

      PTA President
   Council Delegate

       Council of PTA’s invites the local units to the
               LAST General Meeting of the
                         2008-9 School Year...

                  June 1, 2009
                           6:30 - 9:00pm
      Dinner (sandwich, chips, & drink) provided so arrive a little early
   RSVP Lisa Savage (Council President) at 817-560-3394 or

      Mini Officer & Chairman Training Sessions
         (President, Treasurer, Secretary, Membership and Fundraising)

    FWISD Prof Dev Center3150 McCart Avenue (McCart & Berry, behind Walgreen’s)


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