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Essential Reading For Future Leaders

     Accomplished women of character and grace
Dear TKGians,

“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.” – W. Fusselman
“It is not enough to simply teach children to read; we have to give them something worth reading.
Something that will stretch their imaginations – something that will help them make sense of their
own lives; and encourage them to reach out toward people whose lives are quite different from their
own.” – Katherine Patterson
In TKGS, we believe that reading is an essential aspect of leadership development. It improves our
command of the English language, stretches our imagination, broadens our perspectives and sharpens
our thinking skills. Reading helps us to make sense of our own lives; and it is a powerful catalyst for
ideas and actions that can transform lives.
Indeed, from history and experience, we know that many life-transforming ideas
that have benefited society have come to leaders through books.
The TKGS Library Board have put together a reading guide of favourite titles for
teenagers. In the following pages you will find all sorts of books from thrilling
adventures to startling mysteries. You can find titles from award-winning authors
as well as hot-picks from favourite movies.
We hope that you will enjoy the recommended books in this guide and continue
to use it time and time again.
Happy reading!
Mrs Phyllis Lim
Principal of TKGS
            Hot Picks
            Award-winning or critically acclaimed titles that should not be missed


            Exciting tales of fantastic journeys and harrowing adventure

            Stories about some of your favourite creatures and critters

            Timeless classics that have been enjoyed by many generations

            Family and Friendships
            Stories about life, love and the bond between friends and family

            Whimsical tales that dive into the fantastic world of the imagination

            Growing Up
            Touching novels that explore the trials and tribulations of being a child

            Intriguing pieces that open the door to the world of facts and knowledge

            Fun stories that will tickle your funny bone along the way

            Puzzling tales full of Secrets, sleuthing and sneaky villains

            Science Fiction
            Gripping narratives that will take you into outer space and beyond

            Stories about sports, recreation and the love of the game

            Thrilling page-turners that are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat
                     "A capacity
                                    "Dream as if you        "The man
                     and taste
                                    will live forever...    who can
                     for reading
                                    live as if you'll die   drive himself
                     gives access   today "
                     to whatever                            further once
                                    ~ James Dean                               "Wheresoever
                     has already                            the effort
                                                            gets painful       you go, go
"When you come       been
                                                            is the man         with all your
to the end of        discovered
                                                            who will           heart."
your rope, tie a     by others. ―
                                                                               ~ Confucius
knot and hang        ~ Abraham                              win."
                     Lincoln                                ~ Roger
on. "                                                       Bannister
~ Franklin D.

                                                            "To acquire
                                    "Reading gives us
                   ―The things I                            the habit of
                                    someplace to go
                   want to know                             reading is to
                                    when we have to
                   are in books;                            construct for    "No matter how
                                    stay where we are "
                   my best friend   ~ Mason Cooley          yourself a       busy you may
                   is the man                               refuge from      think you are ,
"There is more     who‘ll get me                                             you must find time
                                                            almost all the
treasure in        a book I ain‘t                                            for reading, or
                                                            miseries of
books than in      read. "                                  life."           surrender yourself
all the pirate’s   ~ Abraham                                ~ Somerset       to self-chosen
loot on Treasure   Lincoln                                  Maugham          ignorance."
Island. "                                                                    ~ Confucius
~ Walt Disney
Abraham Lincoln
                                           ---- quotes about reading
1.   A capacity and taste for reading gives access to whatever has already
     been discouraged by others.
2.   The things I want to know are in books ; my best friend is the man who'll
     get me a book I haven't read.
3.   The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you
     lean, the more thing you'll go.
4.   We read to know we are not alone.
5.   In a very real sense, people who have read good literature have lived
     more than people who cannot or will not read.
6.   To acquire the habit of reading is not to construct for yourself a refuge
     from almost all of the miseries of life
                            Barack Hussein Obama Jr.
                                   Barack Hussein Obama was born on August
                                4, 1961. Obama is a graduate of Columbia
                                University and Harvard Law School. He is the
                                44th and current President of the United States.
                                He is the first African American to hold the office.
                                He loves reading very much, and he also likes
                                playing basketball. His favorite books are Song
                                of Solomon (Toni Morrison), Moby Dick,
                                Shakespeare's Tragedies, Parting the Waters,
                                Gilead (Robinson), Self-Reliance (Emerson),
                                The Bible, Lincoln's Collected Writings.

  If you're walking down the right path and you're
willing to keep walking, eventually you'll make

Barack Obama
                              The carefully crafted film series is based on the
                               best-selling Harry Potter novels written by J.K.
                               Rowling. The series tells the exciting story of a
                              young boy wizard and his two best friends, and
                                their various adventures, as they enter early
                             teenage years. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's
                              Stone was Emma's first debut into the realms of
Emma Charlotte                               professional acting.
Duerre Watson
is an English actress
and model who rose to
prominence playing one
of three starring roles in                                I wanted to help People
the Harry Potter film                                     Tree produce a younger
series.                                                   range because I was
                                                          excited by the idea of using
From 2001 to 2010, she                                    fashion as a tool to alleviate
starred in seven Harry                                    poverty and knew it was
Potter films alongside                                    something I could help
Daniel Radcliffe and                                      make a difference with.
Rupert Grint                                                               -----Emma
William Shakespeare
 Romeo and Juliet is probably the best known piece of
 literature in the world. Countless movies and books have been
 based on it, and the theme is classic: two star-crossed lovers from
 different backgrounds meeting and falling in love.
 Romeo and Juliet is about two lovers whose families are fighting.
 The title characters meet and fall in love at a dance. They agreed
 to get married secretly the next day. But right after the marriage,
 Romeo gets in a fight and kills Juliet’s cousin. Hence, he is
 banished from the city and be apart from Juliet.
Hot Picks
Award-winning or critically acclaimed titles that
should not be missed
                                          The Five People You Meet In Heaven                            The Wish List
                                          Mitch Albom                                                   Eoin Colfer
                                          Call no : ALB                                                 Call no : COL
                                          The story starts and ends with the death of an 83-year
                                          old man named Eddie, who dies tragically on his               Meg Finn is forced to help criminal Belch
                                          birthday. He is told, as he transitions from life to death,   Brennan rob an old man Lowrie McCall and ends
                                          that heaven is ‗not a destination‘ - ‗it‘s a place where      up dying. But her perfect balance between good
                                          your life is unfolded back to you by five people‘, some       and evil means she gets a chance to redeem
                                          whom he knew, and some strangers. Each soul has a             herself by being sent back to help Lowrie
                                          story to tell, a secret to reveal, and a lesson to share.     complete his ―Wish List‖, things he feels will
                                          Through them, Eddie understands the meaning of his            correct the many mistakes he made in life. Will
                                          own life even as his arrival brings a closure to theirs.      Meg be able to get to Heaven?

The Time Traveler’s Wife
Audrey Niffenegger
Call no : NIF

Henry DeTamble wishes he did not travel through
time. He does so involuntarily, and when he does, he
wakes up in another place and time, naked,
nauseous and ravenously hungry. Henry's time travel
drives the story, but is not really what the story is
about. The Time Traveler's Wife is about love. It is
not, however, a romance novel, or anything close to
it. The novel pushes on philosophical questions of
meaning and purpose. Niffenegger describes the
world so realistically that you will find yourself
believing that some people are actually plagued with
involuntary time travel. If you are like me, you'll also
wish Henry and Clare were your friends.
                                                                          Three Cups Of tea
                                                                          Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin
                                                                          Call no : MOR

                                                                          Three Cups of Tea is a truly inspiring story and also a very
                                                                          readable action-adventure! Many climbers have passed through
                                                                          the same areas of Pakistan as Mortenson, and made the same
                                                                          promises to the local people - to help them in some way or
                                                                          another; but the difference between Greg and so many others is
                                                                          that he followed through. He didn't set out to be a hero, he didn't
                                                                          even set out to 'make a difference' - he just set out to fulfill a
                                                                          promise that would have been so easy to forget. Despite the many
                                                                          obstacles in his way he raised the money and returned to
                                                                          Pakistan, but it took a further two-years, more money and many
                                                                          road-blocks, to build that first school.

Tuesdays with Morrie
Mitch Albom
Call no : ALB

This novel tells the true story of retired sociologist professor Morrie
Schwartz and his relationship with his students. On his graduation,
Mitch Albom, the narrator, tells his favorite professor, Morrie
Schwartz, that he will keep in touch. However, Mitch hears nothing
of his old professor until one night on T.V. when he sees Morrie
being interviewed. It turns out that Morrie has developed ALS, a
terminal disease, and is on a wheelchair. Mitch begins to visit his
professor and soon realizes that, though he has grown remarkably,
he still has a lot to learn from Morrie. The book chronicles the
lessons about life that Mitch learns from his professor.

Exciting tales of fantastic journeys and harrowing
                                                                                                 Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator
Dangerous Games                                                                                  Roald Dahl
Joan Aiken                                                                                       Call no : DAH
Call no : AIK
                                                                                                 Charlie and Mr. Willy Wonka, the unforgettable
                                                                                                 heroes of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,"
Dido Twite is needed in London by King Henry to search for a
                                                                                                 return for a second magical adventure. We last
cure for his illness. Dido's search has taken her to Aratu. She
                                                                                                 glimpsed them inside the Glass Elevator, soaring
soon learns of a plot to overthrow the island's king, who lives--
                                                                                                 through the Chocolate Factory. Now, as in all the
deaf and sick--at his palace on the Cliffs of Death. Will Dido and
                                                                                                 best sequels, the action moves into a new orbit
her friends be able to reach him in time?
                                                                                                 (quite literally!) as the Great Glass Elevator zooms
                                                                                                 into Space with Mr. Wonka, Charlie and the entire
                                                                                                 Bucket family inside. A crazy adventure ensues in
                                                                                                 which our travellers encounter Vermicious Knids, the
                                                                                                 President of the United States and some miracle
                                                                                                 reverse-ageing pills.

                                                  The Rainbow Factor
                                                  Raboo Rodgers
                                                  Call no : ROD

                                                  A dead college professor's diary leads two
                                                  students to an uncharted Caribbean island, a
                                                  hidden cache of gold, and a band of ruthless
                                                  treasure hunters
Artemis Fowl Series
Eoin Colfer
Call no : COL

Artemis Fowl is a young-adult adventure novel written by Irish author Eoin Colfer. The first book in the series, Artemis Fowl, followed by Artemis Fowl:
The Arctic Incident, is described by its author as "Die Hard with fairies―, it follows the adventures of its 12-year-old title character, a criminal mastermind,
as he kidnaps a fairy for a large ransom of gold.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Alan Moore
Call no : MOO

In the aftermath of the events of the novel Dracula, a now disgraced and divorced Mina Harker (née
Murray), is recruited by Campion Bond on behalf of British Intelligence and tasked to assemble a league
of other extraordinary individuals to protect the interests of the Empire. Together with Captain Nemo,
Mina travels to Cairo to locate Allan Quatermain, then on to Paris in search of Dr. Jekyll; finally in London
she forcibly recruits Hawley Griffin, The Invisible Man, who completes this incarnation of the League.
Meeting with Professor Cavor, the League are sent against Fu Manchu in his Limehouse lair, who has
stolen the only known example of cavorite and plans to use it to build an offensive airship, against which
Britain would have little defence. Having eventually retrieved the cavorite, the League deliver it into the
hands of their employer — none other than Professor Moriarty (arch nemesis of Sherlock Holmes), who
plans to use it in an airship of his own, with which he will bomb his adversary's Limehouse lair flat, taking
large parts of London and the League themselves with it. An aerial war above London commences, and
the League eventually triumphs. Mycroft Holmes replaces Moriarty as the League's employer, and the
extraordinary individuals are tasked to remain in service to the Crown, awaiting England's call.
Stories about some of your favourite creatures
and critters
                                                   Animal Farm
                                                   George Orwell
                                                   Call no : ORW

                                                   This book is a giant metaphor for the Soviet
                                                   Union and their deadly rule/impact of their
                                                   nation. The story is based on animals who live
                                                   on a farm, who decide to force the humans out
                                                   and rule the farm themselves. The story tells
                                                   the struggles of power hungry rulers, and how
                                                   one simple idea can morph into a complete

Charlotte’s Web
Call no : WHI

Charlotte‘s Web opens the door to a magical
world, which a young girl named Fern finds
herself a part of. Fern spends her free time
with Wilbur the pig, whom she loves, and the
                                                                                   Grasshopper and The Unwise Owl
other barn animals who play a large part in the                                    Jim Slatter
life of Wilbur. Charlotte A. Cavatica, the large                                   Call no : SLA
grey spider, befriends Wilbur and helps him
deal with the shocking news that his life will                                     Magic candy which causes him to shrink and the
end as bacon on someone‘s plate. Charlotte                                         help of new animal friends makes it possible for a
goes as far as coming up with an interesting
plan that only this spider could carry out with
                                                                                   boy called Grasshopper to save his mother's
the help of Templeton the rat (who never does                                      cottage from an unscrupulous landlord.
anything unless there is something in it for
himself) to help Wilbur escape death.
Angel Dogs
Allen and Linda Anderson
Call no : AND

With a well-earned reputation as man's — as well as woman's —
best friend, dogs have an uncanny ability to sense exactly what their
human friends need. Thousands of stories that Allen and Linda
Anderson have received, as well as some of their own experiences,
demonstrate that dogs are not only faithful companions but also
spiritual guides. Stories include the four-legged speech therapist
who helped a scared boy find his voice; the dog who came "special
delivery" through the mail at just the right moment in a family‘s life;
the dog who helped guard Air Force One; dogs from the canine
corps; service dogs; and many others. The book also details new
scientific findings on how dogs can save lives, sniff out cancerous
tumors, and warn epileptics of impending seizures. Each story is
followed by a short meditation that helps readers focus on the
messages of love that dogs bring to their lives.

                                                                          Pig Tale
                                                                          Verlyn Flieger
                                                                          Call no : FLI

                                                                          Grade 8 Up-Mokie, an orphan, lives with a mean-spirited
                                                                          couple and their loutish son, Dommel; her only
                                                                          companionship comes from the pigs she herds, especially
                                                                          from her pet runt, Apple. Mokie's lonely life leaves her
                                                                          vulnerable to a gang of village boys who overpower her while
                                                                          Dommel brutally rapes her. Distraught and horrified, Mokie
                                                                          flees into the forest with Apple and lives off the land until she
                                                                          encounters a strange trio, two men and a woman. She meets
                                                                          them again at the other side of the forest, performing as
                                                                          gypsies at a country fair, and as they befriend her, she learns
                                                                          more about the mystery of her own growing and changing.

Timeless classics that have been enjoyed by
many generations
                                       Around the world in Eighty days
                                       Jules Verne
                                       Call no : VER

                                       The story begins in England. We are introduced to Fogg, a very precise man who regularly goes to the
                                       Reform Club every evening. At one such visit to the club to play cards, he gets into a conversation with his
                                       fellow card players as to whether it is possible to go around the world in eighty days or not. He believes that it
                                       is and is challenged to complete the adventure. This is the beginning of the entire plot and from then on we
                                       see how Fogg goes around the world and we witness the amazing adventures that he has with his
                                       companions. The main plot is based on Fogg‘s travels, while other plots support the central theme, like Fix the
                                       detective following Fogg all over the world, mistaking him to be a bank robber; or a beautiful Lady from India
                                       who joining them mid-travel.

Anne Shirley’s Series
L.M. Montgomery
Call no : MON

The central character, Anne, an orphaned girl, made Montgomery famous in her lifetime and gave her an international following. The first novel was
followed by a series of sequels with Anne as the central character. Montgomery went on to publish 20 novels as well as 500 short stories and poems.
Because many of the novels were set on Prince Edward Island, Canada and the Canadian province became literary landmarks.
The Call of The Wild
Jack London                                     Romeo and Juliet
Call no : LON                                   William Shakespeare
                                                Call no : SHA
The Call of the Wild tells the story of a dog
named Buck. He is stolen from his home in
                                                In William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, a long feud
the Santa Clara Valley of California, and
                                                between the Montague and Capulet families disrupts the
taken to Alaska to be a sled dog. This story
                                                city of Verona and causes tragic results for Romeo and
tells Buck‘s life as he is passed from owner
                                                Juliet. Revenge, love, and a secret marriage force the
to owner. He eventually finds a kind master,
                                                young star-crossed lovers to grow up quickly — and fate
John Thornton. Read The Call of the Wild to
                                                causes them to commit suicide in despair. Contrast and
discover Buck‘s adventure when the master
                                                conflict are running themes throughout Shakespeare's
he loves is killed.
                                                play, Romeo and Juliet — one of the Bard's most popular
                                                romantic tragedies.

                                                                                           The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
                                                                                           Mark Twain
                                                                                           Call no : TWA

                                                                                           Fast-moving and true to life, the story of Huck Finn‘s
                                                                                           voyage down the Mississippi with Jim, a run away
                                                                                           slave, captures all the bustle and excitement of that
                                                                                           mighty river. This book inspired controversy with its
                                                                                           rich local color and often scathing examinations of
                                                                                           racism. The story of Huckleberry Finn abounds with
                                                                                           enduring lessons and images and is one of Mark
                                                                                           Twain's greatest novels.
Family and
Stories about life, love and the bond between
friends and family
                             My Sister’s Keeper
                             Jodi Picoult
                             Call no : PIC
                             My Sister's Keeper tells the story of 13-year-old Anna, who litigates her parents for medical
                             emancipation when she is expected to donate a kidney to her sister Kate, who is dying from
                             leukemia. Like most teenagers, Anna is beginning to question who she truly is. But unlike
                             most teenagers, she has always been defined in terms of her sister - and so Anna makes a
                             decision that for most would be unthinkable. My Sister's Keeper examines what it means to
                             be a good parent, a good sister, a good person.

Kite Runner
Khaled Hosseini
Call no : HOS

Khaled Hosseini's best-selling debut novel is a tale of betrayal and redemption that
rises above me and place while simultaneously remaining firmly anchored against
the tumultuous backdrop of modern Afghanistan. This is a page turner with complex
characters and situations that will make you think hard about friendship, good and
evil, betrayal, and redemption.
The Bone People
Keri Hulme
Call no : HUL                                                                                         Danny, the Champion of the World
                                                                                                      Roald Dahl
Three people who struggle very hard to figure out what                                                CalL no : DAH
love is. The first major, involving the characters
interacting together, and the second half involving their                                             Danny, since his mother's death, has lived
individual travels. Even paired, any pairing, they would                                              with his father in a Gypsy vardo, where the
have been nothing more than people by themselves.                                                     father operated a filling station and
But all together they become the heart of something                                                   Automobile repair shop. This book describes
perilous ,something strange. All together, they are the                                               his relationship with his father and the special
instruments of change.                                                                                adventure they share together.

                                         Kit’s Wilderness
                                         David Almond
                                         Call no : ALM

                                          The Watson family moves to Stoney-gate, an old coal-
                                         mining town, to care for Kit‘s recently windowed
                                         grandfather. When Kit meets John Askew, another boy
                                         whose family has both worked and died in the mines,
                                         Askew invites Kit to join him in a game called Death. As
                                         Kit‘s grandfather tells him stories of the mine‘s past and
                                         the history of the Watson family, Askew takes Kit into the
                                         mines, where the boys look for the childhood ghosts of
                                         their long-gone ancestors.
Whimsical tales that dive into the fantastic world
of the imagination
House of Night
Kristin and P.C. Cast
Call no : CAS

 The House of Night follows the adventures of
Zoey Redbird, a sixteen-year-old girl who has
just become a fledgling Vampyre and is
required to attend the House of Night boarding
school in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

                                        The Awakening
                                        Kelley Armstrong
                                        Call no : ARM

                                        Chloe has been recaptured by The Edison Group, a team of supernatural scientists responsible for
                                        manipulating her DNA, therefore enhancing her necromantic abilities. The novel starts after fifteen year old
                                        Chloe Saunders has been moved to an unknown location. She realizes that her Aunt Lauren, who works as a
                                        doctor for The Edison Group, has betrayed her. She is visited by the spirit of her friend, Liz Delaney, and is
                                        now certain that her belief that Liz was killed by The Edison Group is correct. Liz, who is unaware of her
                                        death, takes the news badly and disappears.
Beauty Sleep
Cameron Dokey
Call no : DOK

Princess Aurore has had an unusual
childhood. Cursed at birth, she is fated to
prick her fingers at age sixteen and sleep for
one hundred years-until a prince awakens
her with a kiss .However she finds out that
her curse will not only harm her but the
                                                 The Borrowers
whole kingdom as well. Thus she embarks
on a quest to end the evil magic.                Mary Norton
                                                 Call no : NOR

                                                 The Borrowers is a series of children's fantasy novels by Mary Norton about tiny people who live in
                                                 the homes of big people and "borrow" things to survive while keeping their existence unknown.

                                                 The Little Mermaid
                                                 Hans Christian Anderson
                                                 Call no : AND

                                                  "The Little Mermaid" is a fairytale by Hans Christian
                                                 Andersen about a young mermaid willing to give up her life
                                                 in the sea and her identity as a mermaid to gain a human
                                                 soul and the love of a human prince.
Growing up
Touching novels that explore the trials and
tribulations of being a child
                                                      Cousins in the Castle
                                                      Barbara Brooks Wallace
                                                      Call no : WAL
Billy Elliot
Melvin Burgess                                        Amelia Fairwick, 11, is a motherless child of comfortable
Call no : BUR                                         means living in Victorian London. When her father
                                                      purportedly dies on a business trip, she must go to
11 year-old second son Billy takes girls-only-        America to live with her closest relatives, distant cousins
attended ballet class. Only one schoolmate,           in New York. The journey is Amelia's first introduction to
encourages Billy's desire, aroused by the             Cousin Charlotte, a cold, strict chaperone who has come
teacher, who judged him talented enough for           to collect her. The shipboard passage is brightened,
private lesson, to train and try out for the world-   however, by Amelia's acquaintance with sprightly
renowned Royal Ballet audition. Will he pursue        Primrose, an orphaned singer in the employ of two
his dream?                                            grasping rogues slated to perform their musical comedy
                                                      routine in New York.

                                                                                            Boy : Tales of Childhood
                                                                                            Roald Dahl
                                                                                            Call no : DA

                                                                                            In Boy, Roald Dahl recounts his days as a child growing up
                                                                                            in England - from his years as a prankster at boarding school
                                                                                            to his envious position as a chocolate tester for Cadbury's,
                                                                                            from the public school system at the time, to how his
                                                                                            childhood journey led him to writing as a career.
                                                                          A Child Called “It”
                                                                          Dave Pelzer
                                                                          Call no : 362.76 PEL

                                                                          One of the worst child abuse cases in California's history came to an
                                                                          end on March 5, 1973 when Dave Pelzer entered foster care. Dave
                                                                          begins his incredible story as an abused child with his rescue in part
                                                                          one of a series, A Child Called "It". Calling this book a "page turner"
                                                                          doesn't give it justice. Easy to read, but difficult to comprehend how
                                                                          any mother could treat her child this way.

Angela’s Ashes
Frank McCourt
Call no : MAC

Born in New York, Frank McCourt was the eldest son of Malachy and
Angela McCourt. His family moved back to Ireland, where the twin
brothers, Oliver and Eugene, died within a year of the family's arrival
and where Frank's youngest brothers, Michael and Alphie were born.
The family lived in a dilapidated, unpaved lane. Although Frank
McCourt's father taught the children Irish stories and songs, he was an
alcoholic and seldom found work. The father would often pick up and
spend the welfare payment before Angela could get her hands on it to
feed the starving children. For years, the family was always living in
anticipation of when the next real meal would be. Frank's father
eventually found a job at a defense plant in Coventry, England, yet he
sent money back to his struggling family in Ireland only once. As there
were few jobs for women at the time, their mother was forced to ask for
help from the Church and the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul. Frank
spent most of his life without his father to teach him about the real
world and everything a young boy needs to know in order to succeed in
life. The story ends with Frank's sailing into Poughkeepsie, New York,
ready to begin a new life at age nineteen.
Intriguing pieces that open the door to the world
of facts and knowledge
The Fall of Singapore
Frank Owen
Call no : OWE
The searing truth of Britain‘s most crushing military disaster-
inadequate defences, undertrained troops, and unprepared leaders.
Yet the tragic is redeemed by superb examples of gallantry-among
the doomed rearguards, in the self-sacrifice of many brave British,
Australian, and Indian fighting-men, and the conduct of the men and
women who suffered the hell of Japanese prison camps.

                                                                      Lee Kuan Yew : The Man and His Idea
                                                                      Han Fook Kwang
                                                                      Call no : R959.5 HAN

                                                                      Based on 13 fresh and exclusive interviews with Lee, this book
                                                                      chronicles Lee‘s life and ideas, and tells the story of his life. It
                                                                      also delves into the choices that he made, the political turnings
                                                                      he took, the insights gained and lessons learnt. Those who
                                                                      want to understand what makes this country tick should find
                                                                      this book an invaluable guide.
                                               Hitler and The Nazis
                                               David F. Crew
                                               Call no : R943 CRE

                                               This book presents a history of the rise and fall of
                                               Hitler and Nazism through original source
                                               documents, including Nazi party records and
                                               propaganda and documents from witnesses,
                                               Holocaust survivors, and individuals who resisted
                                               the Nazi regime.

Memoirs of Lee Kuan Yew : The                                                                Impressions of the Goh Chok Tong Years
Singapore Story                                                                              in Singapore
Lee Kuan Yew                                                                                 Goh Chok Tong
Call no : R959.5 LEE                                                                         Call no : R959.5 IMP

Lee Kuan Yew, the long-time leader of                                                        Coming after a long period of growth and stability, the
Singapore, has been called, Visionary,                                                       years 1990-2004 brought to office a new generation of
authoritarian model for the West and more.                                                   political leaders who faced the task of sustaining and
In this book, Lee takes a look back at the                                                   building upon the previous policies. There were social
events that led to Singapore's independence                                                  and cultural initiatives and challenges to the economy
and shaped its struggle for success. And, as                                                 from the 1998 Asian crisis and SARS outbreak. This
always, he lets the chips fall where they                                                    book examines the changes that took place during the
may.                                                                                         Goh premiership and assesses its legacy.
Fun stories that will tickle your funny bone along
the way
Garfield Gains Weight
Jim Davis
Call no : 741.5 DAV

He sleeps late and wakes up grouchy. He hates joggers, beats up dogs, and shreds his owner. He's
cynical, witty, urbane, and sometimes downright mean. But best of all, he's back, better than ever, to
delight cat-lovers and cat-haters alike. This is probably the best Garfield collection.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Jeff Kinney
Call no : KIN

A popular humour series about a boy named Greg who is going through a hard time in school and his
life, and how he deals with his older brother, Rodrick, who has made his life miserable.
                                                                                          James and The Giant Peach
                                                                                          Roald Dahl
                                                                                          Call no : DAH

                                                                                          James‘s aunts, Spiker and Sponge, are always
                                                                                          mistreating James. They beat him, starve him, and
                                                                                          make him do all their dirty work. But one day he meets
                                                                                          a queer little man who gives him a bag of magical
                                                                                          crocodile tongues that will grant him just about any
                                                                                          wish. But he drops the bag in front of a miserable tree
                                                                                          and the tongues disappear into the Earth. James feels
                                                                                          devastated, but his adventures have just begun!

Title: Tintin in Tibet
Call no : 741.5 HER

The plot of the book revolves around the boy
reporter Tintin who, aided by his faithful dog
Snowy, friend Captain Haddock and the            Asterix and The Goths
sherpa Tharkey, treks across the Himalayan       René Goscinny
mountains in the Chinese province of Tibet       Call no : GOS
in order to look for Tintin's friend Chang
Chong-Chen whom the authorities claim had
                                                 Asterix and obelix, nervous about Getafix traveling
been killed in a plane crash flying over the
                                                 alone to the annual druid' conference in the Forest of
mountains. Convinced that Chang has
                                                 the Carnutes, decide to accompany him on his journey,
somehow survived, Tintin continues to
                                                 provided that, as non-druids, they remain outside the
search for him despite the odds, along the
                                                 forest during the conference. Meanwhile, two
way encountering the giant Himalayan ape,
                                                 legionaries are ambushed by a band of Goths.
the Yeti.
Puzzling tales full of Secrets, sleuthing and
sneaky villains
                                     Hercule Poirot’s Christmas
                                     Agatha Christie
                                     Call no : CHR

                                     Christmas, the time of good will and of family reunion-
                                     except for the Lee family. This year will be different.
                                     Millionaire twice over, tyrannical and ruthless- has
                                     Simeon Lee become sentimental about his children in
                                     his old age? Or does he have a more sinister motive for
                                     bringing them together?
                                     In a brilliantly created atmosphere, a brutal murder is
                                     committed. Hercule Poirot will need all his mastery and
                                     his brilliant mind to solve this audacious crime.

                                                                                               In the Middle of the Night
                                                                                               Robert Cormier
The Outsiders                                                                                  Call no : COR
S.E. Hinton                                                                                    On Halloween, eight years before Denny
Call no : HIN                                                                                  Colbert was born, his father was involved in a
                                                                                               terrible accident. And somebody out there can‘t
The Socs‘ idea of having a good time is beating up                                             forget. The phone calls start every October.
Greasers like Ponyboy, the rough, tough, long-haired kids                                      But this year, Denny does something his father
from the ‗other‘ side of town. Ponyboy knows what to                                           has forbidden him to do: He answers the
expect and knows he can count on his brothers and on his                                       phone. Soon Denny finds himself drawn into a
friends-until the night someone takes things too far.                                          potentially deadly relationship with the mystery
                                                                                               caller, who haunts his days and nights.
                                               The Da Vinci Code
                                               Dan Brown
                                               Call no : BRO

                                               Investigating the murder of a Louvre curator, Harvard
                                               symbologist Robert Langdon and French cryptologist Sophie
                                               Neveu find clues painted into a Da Vinci work, inadvertently
                                               uncovering a plot involving the Holy Grail and the secret
                                               society known as the Priory of Sion.

                                                                                       Angels and Demons
                                                                                       Dan Brown
The Headless Cupid                                                                     Call no : BRO
Zilpha Keattey Snyder                                                                  In a breathtaking race against time, Harvard professor
Call no : SNY                                                                          Robert Langdon must decipher a labyrinthine trail of
                                                                                       ancient symbols if he is to defeat those responsible-the
When the four Stanley children meet                                                    Illuminati, a secret brotherhood presumed extinct for
Amanda, their new stepsister, they‘re                                                  nearly four hundred years, reborn to continue their deadly
amazed to learn that she studies witchcraft.                                           vendetta against their most hated enemy, the Catholic
When strange things start happening in their                                           Church. An explosive international thriller, Angels &
old house, David suspects Amanda of                                                    Demons careens from enlightening epiphanies to dark
causing mischief, until they learn that the                                            truths as the battle between science and religion turns to
house really was haunted a long time ago.                                              war.
Science Fiction
Gripping narratives that will take you into outer
space and beyond
                                                           Star Trek – The Next Generation
                                                           Gene Deweese
                                                           Call no : DEW

                                                           The Next Generation (TNG) focuses on the 24th century adventures of Captain Jean-Luc
                                                           Picard aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC-1701-D). This incarnation of the famous starship
                                                           is much larger than the one captained by James T. Kirk a century earlier, and, accordingly, it
                                                           carries a larger crew complement: 1,012 men, women…and, surprisingly, children. This
                                                           era‘s Starfleet Command believes that men and women are more likely to sign up for long-
                                                           term exploratory missions if they think of their ship as home.

Citizen of the Galaxy
Robert A. Heinlein
Call no : HEI

Thorby is a slave, who is bought by a handicapped beggar, Baslim. Baslim starts Thorby on the path to
determining who he is and what he wants to do even as Thorby is willing to accept his lack of a past and
live for the present. Thorby travels throughout the galaxy. As Thorby moves from one society to another
to escape his slave past and make his own way in a galaxy. As Thorby's position changes, his
understanding of ethics also changesThorby's guidance.
Star Sapphire                                       The Invisible Man
Han May                                             H.G Wells
Call no : MAY                                       Call no : GRE
Set in the 23rd century, Star Sapphire is about a
young Asiatic scientist and her adventures as a     It describes the events surrounding a mad scientist,
crew member of a massive intergalactic              Jack Griffin who develops a procedure that will render a
passenger starship called the Star Sapphire.        person invisible. In an unfortunate series of events,
                                                    Griffin‘s scientific notes and papers are damaged or
                                                    lost. He was able to develop a potion to become
                                                    invisible, but until he could produce a cure, he was to
                                                    be permanently invisible.

                                                                                                Robot Vision
                                                                                                Isaac Asimov
                                                                                                Call no : ASI

                                                                                                 The earliest tales here, written from 1940 to 1960,
                                                                                                remain among the most-loved in the field, the best
                                                                                                being "Little Lost Robot," about a robot who obeys an
                                                                                                order to "get lost." "The Bicentennial Man" about one
                                                                                                robot's desires and efforts to be first free, then equal,
                                                                                                is the quintessential robot-as-man's-mirror story.
Stories about sports, recreation and the love of
the game
                                                                                            Deeper Than Blue
                                                                                            Jill Hucklesby
                                                                                            Call no : HUC

                                                                                            Amy is a champion swimmer who has just broken the
                                                                                            800 meter freestyle record for her county but when a
                                                                                            terrible accident happens and she loses her best friend
                                                                                            and a leg, her life takes a turn for the worst. Deeper Than
                                                                                            Blue tells Amy's story through her eyes after the accident
                                                                                            to coming to terms with what has happened and realising
                                                                                            that she can still fulfill her dreams.

Table Tennis – Steps to Success
Larry Hodges
Call no : 796.3 HOD

The book combines the knowledge and              The Winner’s Guide to Optimist Sailing
experience of master teacher Larry Hodges
with the latest developments in learning how
                                                 Gary Jobson
to become a proficient player. It is a unique    Call no : 796.1 JOB
guide designed to maximize your table
tennis progress. It is a breakthrough in sport   The book introduces the complete training manual
skill instruction through its development of     for young sailors, and the step-by-step information
complete learning progressions—the steps         they need to rig, sail, and race their boats safely.
to success. As you approach the top of your      Written by two of sailing‘s foremost authorities, this
climb to success you will have gained            book covers every aspect of beginning sailing and
confidence in your table tennis ability and      offers useful tips and winning tactics for
experienced the satisfaction of becoming an      competitive racing-an important part of most
accomplished player.                             sailing programs.
                                                                          John Grisham
                                                                          Call no : GRI

                                                                          Fifteen years have gone by and Neely has come home to
                                                                          Messina to bury Coach Eddie Rake, the man who molded the
                                                                          Spartans into an unbeatable football dynasty. Now, as Coach
                                                                          Rake‘s ―boys‖ sit in the bleachers, they replay the old games,
                                                                          relive the old glories, and try to decide once and for all whether
                                                                          they love Eddie Rake – or hate him. For Neely Crenshaw, a
                                                                          man who must finally forgive his coach – and himself – before
                                                                          he can get on with his life, the stakes are especially high.

My Favourite Ballet Story
Beryl Grey
Call no : GRE

An anthology of favourite stories from the world of ballet and modern
dance, evoking the lives of the great dancers and the magic of
performance on stage. The great Karsavina looks back to the school-
girl who that night emerged from the long, rigorous training of the
Imperial Ballet School to make her début as a dancer. The story of her
school years, told with characteristic verve and freshness, opens this
splendid selection. Sacheverell Sitwell's glorious evocation of the
Imperial court reflects the lucent world of the Sleeping Princess which
ballet creates on stage; Richard Buckle shows how the crowded
fairground 'set' of Petrouchka reflects in its turn the world of the
theatre's audience, caught up in the puppet's tragedy.
Thrilling page-turners that are sure to keep you
on the edge of your seat
                                                                                                      Jesse Kellerman
                                                                                                      Call no : KEL

Close to a Killer                                                                                     Jonah encounters a man holding a knife over
                                                                                                      a woman who has been repeatedly stabbed.
Marsha Qualey
                                                                                                      Realizing she may die without immediate
Call no : QUA                                                                                         medical attention, he fends off her attacker
                                                                                                      who is accidentally stabbed with the knife and
Two prominent city residents have been murdered, and                                                  dies. Jonah soon finds he's being sued by the
Barrie knew both of them. But does she know their killer?                                             dead man's family. To deal with the stress of
The police have connected both victims to her mother's                                                his medical studies and the pending lawsuit,
hair salon, and the obvious focus has become Barrie's                                                 he turns to Eve Gones, the woman whose life
mom and the other stylists, all of whom happen to be                                                  he saved. But later, he realizes that she can
convicted killers who met in prison vocational school.                                                only complicate his life. When he tries to end
                                                                                                      their relationship, he finds she will do
                                                                                                      anything to prevent him from doing so.

                                             Title: The Pelican Brief
                                             John Grisham
                                             Call no : GRI

                                             Darby Shaw, a law student, wrote a brief explaining
                                             her theory about how a Supreme Court Justice was
                                             murdered. It got into the wrong hands and whoever
                                             killed the Justice was after Darby. Her objective--who
                                             and why?
                                                The Client
                                                John Grisham
                                                Call no : GRI

                                                 Mark Sway, age 11, but years wiser thanks to a drunken dad who abused his mom, is out in the woods
                                                behind his Memphis trailer park teaching his kid brother, Ricky, how to smoke Virginia Slims heisted
                                                from Mom's purse. He's a pretty upright kid--he's determined to protect his brother from drugs, and he
                                                once defended his mom with a baseball bat. But all goes wrong when he witnesses a man, lawyer,
                                                Jerome, comminting suicide. Before he dies he tells Mark a deadly secret about the recent of a
                                                Louisiana senator whose accused killer, a Mafia thug, is about to go to trial. Mark hires a lawyer,
                                                Reggie Love, a 50ish divorcée who has just turned her life around by becoming a lawyer. Does she
                                                have what it takes to help Mark beat the system? The life-or-death chase is on!

Dark Waters
Catherine MacPhail
Call no : MAC

Col McCann's family is notorious in its small Scottish town because both his father and his older
brother, Mungo, have run afoul of the law. So when Col saves wealthy young Dominic Sampson from
drowning, his heroism brings a new sort of fame to the McCanns and he is pleased by the unexpected
positive attention. But why is Mungo so angry about Col's fame? Then Col has nightmares and
remembers the terrifying things he glimpsed underwater while saving Dominic. He finds that his act of
heroism has uncovered Mungo's dark secret. This is a fast-paced, exciting tale with lively characters
and realistic family friction among both the wealthy Sampsons and the impoverished McCanns. A
powerful and moving story about family, friendship, and loyalty, it is a must-read.
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