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					                                      Job Description

Position Title:         Assistant Director/Vision Rehabilitation/Orientation and
                        Mobility Instructor

Reports to:             Director of Guild for the Blind

Department:             Guild for the Blind

Office:                 Catholic Center, Poughkeepsie

Status:                 Full Time (Exempt)

Administer the Guild for the Blind program in the Upper Hudson Valley. Conduct
outreach and community relations in the Upper Hudson Valley. Hire and monitor
contractors working for the Guild for the Blind program in the Upper Hudson Valley.
Assists blind and visually impaired clients to achieve personal adjustment and maximum
independence through training in techniques of daily living: Interviews clients, analyzes
client’s lifestyle, and administers assessment tests to determine present and required or
desired orientation and mobility skills. Train consumers in awareness of physical
environment through sense of smell, hearing and touch, and to travel alone, with or
without cane, through use of variety of actual or simulated travel situation and exercises.
Teach consumer personal and home management skills and communication skills. Teach
client to protect their body. Develop and implement individualized orientation and
mobility instructional programs for blind and visually impaired individuals.

Duties and Responsibilities:


   1.     Work cooperatively with the administration and staff of the Poughkeepsie office.
   2.     Coordinate the development, implementation and oversight of the program.
   3.     Conduct outreach to identify consumers and inform agencies and government.
   4.     Maintain regular contact with the New York State Commission for the Blind and
          Visually Handicapped.
   5.     Coordinate all referrals, intakes and discharges of consumers.
   6.     Utilize the CIS (Consumer Information System) computer system.
   7.     Attend conferences, meetings and other gatherings as instructed.
   8.     Other duties as required.

Orientation and Mobility:

   1. Assess consumers and prepare written reports plus progress reports.
   2. Assist consumers to relate their body image and spatial, directional, and
      orientation skills to their environment.
   3. Assist consumers to develop their maximum safe travel potential; and functional
      independence in a variety of environments (including the public transit system)
      using appropriate techniques.
   4. Train low-vision consumers to make maximum use of low vision and tools in all

Vision Rehabilitation:

   1. Provide instruction in meal, home and financial management and adaptive
      communication methods.
   2. Select and purchase household and low-tech adaptive equipment as needed.
   3. Document and submit reports on all cases to be opened and closed.
   4. Conduct intakes and assessments and close cases.
   5. Write assessment and progress reports.
   6. Close cases with the approval of the Director and CBVH counselor.
   7. Report to Director on progress of consumers and provide statistics.
   8. Other duties assigned by Director.


   1. Master of Special Education plus Certification in Orientation and Mobility.
   2. Bilingual, English-Spanish preferred.
   3. Three years experience working with visually impaired children and adults.
   4. Ability to work well in a team environment.
   5. Computer proficient in MS Word and Internet.
   6. High stress tolerance, fast pace, multiple deadlines, and flexibility in schedule
      including nights or on weekends.
   7. Able to work in different environments.
   8. High physical stamina.

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