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Emotional Intelligence Self Awareness


									Emotional Intelligence:
 • Comprehend the concept of “Self-
 Awareness” as one of the Emotional
 Intelligence scales.
 • Learn what it means to become self-aware.
               Everybody Up!
► Let’s   hear our I-POSSESS song/ cheer!
  What do you think Self-Awareness means?
► It’shaving an understanding about who you really
  are. To be self-aware, we have to stop long
  enough to reflect on ourselves.

► Thisis different from stopping and thinking about
  what other say about us.

► Thisis thinking about what we know about
  ourselves and in the process, trying to become
  more self-aware.

► We  need to know what is causing what is going on
  and also be aware of what we can do about what
  is going on.
  Self-awareness…just think about it.
► We   all have things about ourselves that we need to
  be aware of.
► For instance, some people talk too much and some
  talk too loudly, some interrupt while others are
► Some people are shy, while others tend to dominate
► Some are almost always late.
► Also, some people are considerate of others, some
  people are always happy, and some are quick to
  offer an encouraging word.
► The big question is…how do we become self-aware?
          Looking at Ourselves
1- Let’s think for a minute about something we do
  well. It doesn’t really matter what it is, and it’s not
  important that you be the very best in the world at
  doing it. What matters is that you be able to
  identify something that you do well.

Write it down in your manual.

Now pair up with your neighbor and share what you
  wrote down. Tell your neighbor something about
  when, where, and how you do the thing you wrote
2- Now, let’s do the same thing with
  something negative – something that you
  feel you need to change or do differently or
  maybe not at all. But this time, don’t share
  it with anyone. Just keep it for yourself.

Write this down in your manual.
3- Think for a minute about yourself physically
  and think of something that you like about

Again, don’t tell anyone, just write it in your
  The goal is for all of us to become
          more self-aware.
► If I asked you to think of many things in
  lots of different areas of your life, could you
  do it and would you be right in what you
  were thinking?
  Self-awareness. Each of us must go
 through this process if we are to grow.
► Thinkof some of the things you would get
 from developing self-awareness and how it
 can make a difference in your life.

► Thinkof people who are not self-aware and
 what this has done in their life.

      of people who have self-awareness
► Think
 and what it has done for them.
    Being self-aware is the first step to
              personal growth.

► It’s   as they say, “If you keep doing what
  you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what
  you’ve always gotten.”

► That’s why we say that in order to grow we
  must first… “Get a clue!”

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